View Full Version : [3.5]Zarus - PrC, feat & relic

2009-10-07, 08:10 PM
Hey all, there are three things I would like to create for my own game for followers of the god Zarus (RoD).

A prestige class, along the lines of Ordained Champion or Sanctified One (CC)
An Initiate feat, similar to those in RoD
A relic (probably a greatsword, inkeeping with his favored weapon) to make the True Believer feat worthwhile for his followers

I haven't done a great deal of hombrewing, si I was looking for advice and suggestions. :smallbiggrin:

So far I'm thinking the sword's relic ability might be something along the line of Bane vs. all humanoid without the human descriptor...

2009-10-07, 08:21 PM
For the PrC, do you want 5 levels or 10? Full BAB? I'd suggest some smites that work on non-humans. Progress divine casting, or grant separate casting? An interesting ability that could stack with the smite would be temporarily dispelling other humanoids racial benefits. For example, you smite a dwarf and he loses his darkvision for... a while. Smite a raptoran and their wings stop working for a bit. Smite an elf so you can paralyze it. Etc. Probably difficult to balance, but an interesting idea that popped into my head.