View Full Version : Broke my hand.

2009-10-09, 04:36 PM
Yep. now i have this big cast that limits me a lot, and i have to wear it for a while. Has the playground had any big injuries?

2009-10-09, 04:39 PM
I broke one of the bones in my elbow with a 1/2" gap between it and fractured the rest of it into small bits. Ended up with surgery inserting 2 pins and a wire running a figure 8 through it. I still can't straighten my arm and it's been over a year since it happened.

Jack Squat
2009-10-09, 04:40 PM
I had a concussion when I was 10. That's really the only time I've been admitted to a hospital...which is amazing considering how reckless I tend to be.

2009-10-09, 04:43 PM
I have broken my arm three times :smalltongue:
and i have had stitches on my head 3 times...

2009-10-09, 04:47 PM
Broke my left wrist and had a full arm cast on for a while. Sucked, yo.

2009-10-09, 04:53 PM
I also broke my leg when I was around 9. Annoying as heck...

2009-10-09, 05:13 PM
i managed to break my wrist, 3 of my fingers, and the bones immediately behind the knuckles all on one go. it was really fun for the 3 minutes where i wasn't smashing into the ground/tree/solid block of ice.

2009-10-09, 05:33 PM
I broke My brother broke my left arm and shattered my right wrist.:smallannoyed:

2009-10-09, 05:36 PM
Broke my left wrist and had a full arm cast on for a while. Sucked, yo.

I actually still get pain in the wrist and can't do push-ups as a result. Is that a problem?

2009-10-09, 06:15 PM
Broke my foot/ankle 4 times, my right pinky finger twice, broke my nose twice, pulled and almost tore the tendon that runs from my big toe to my knee area, jammed my elbow resulting in my bone being "dented" and pulling some muscles, pulled my hamstring, umm.... I think thats it. :smallsigh:

2009-10-09, 06:38 PM
I actually still get pain in the wrist and can't do push-ups as a result. Is that a problem?

how long ago did the cast come off?

2009-10-09, 07:08 PM
Well luckily I've never had a broken bone of any kind that required a cast. I'm still not sure whether the injury to my foot was a broken toe or just a really really bad mashing of flesh and sinew (accident with a very large, very heavy blunt object upon my right foot). Didn't realize how happy I was to have no feeling in that foot until the feeling came back...owwww

Have a matching pair of scars on my head from where I broke a plastic bowl with my forehead....after taking a swan dive off of the top of a flight of steep stairs. Luckily the bowl was there to break my fall. Hey, I was like three or four, and hadn't mastered the art of closing doors while wearing a backpack. Though I have no idea why I needed it to go into the basement. Have matching dents in my skull to go with the matching scars on my head, but I don't know that there was any breakage, maybe it was just scoring of the bone. I've taken a lot of head shots....

Had my left knee bent 90 degrees sideways, not a direction knees usually go. But the damage was not as bad as all that, I am able to walk again, though I was hobbling around on crutches and one of those metal reinforced things that immobilizes the leg for about a month I think.

Everything else has been miraculously minor scrapes and bang ups, considering the sheer number of them.

2009-10-09, 08:32 PM
I broke my arm when I was 6... I was jumping to catch a zip-line on a playground, and I fell.
Broke my coccyx when I was 12 or so when some dumbass snowboarder decided he would ride right over my skis.
Broke two toes falling down the stairs when I was... 14? 15?
Broke my foot... long story. 17.
Most of my scars go away in a couple years, so nothing too badass in that department.

2009-10-09, 08:41 PM
I've never actually broken a bone or suffered any sort of severe injury. Or anything even enough to be called an injury rather than a scrape or bruise. It's kind of boring.

2009-10-09, 08:47 PM
how long ago did the cast come off?

6 years or so.

2009-10-09, 08:59 PM
@ Faulty
Yeah, that's prolly bad.

As for my injuries, I tripped over some quad tracks while snowboarding when I was 7 or eight, and I hit myself in the back of the head with the board I was wearing. Unpleasant, to say the least.

2009-10-09, 09:35 PM
I actually still get pain in the wrist and can't do push-ups as a result. Is that a problem?

Only if you're in the Army. Bone damage like that... well, it's not like they can really fix that, but it's not a serious problem either.

2009-10-09, 09:39 PM
I've never broken a bone, but I've gashed my head open when it hit it on the corner of a cabinet.

EDIT:Oh and I hurt my wrist so it hurt when something touched it. I count air as smething.

2009-10-09, 09:44 PM
I had a finger wrenched in a grappling tournament last year, and it never did get back to normal.

Edit; Not that its a big injury, just a chronic one.

2009-10-09, 09:45 PM
I've broken my toe, my thumb, and a finger before. Not all at once though.

2009-10-09, 10:23 PM
Why didn't you get a cleric to heal it? :smallconfused:

I broke a bone once. My left wrist. It was the second-to-last day of 1st grade... Stepped backwards off a swingset attachment (elevated treehousish play-thingy) I landed on top of my wrist, breaking it.

2009-10-09, 10:49 PM
The worst injury I've had was a cut on my wrist that I got when I angrily slammed my fist on a door, and instead of hitting the frame like I intended I hit the window part of it.
Luckily it didn't cut any veins so the injury wasn't life threatening.

2009-10-09, 11:24 PM
A pulled a muscle in my neck once after getting hit by a wave, landing on my fave, and my body keeps going forward....
Boy did that hurt for some time.

2009-10-09, 11:49 PM
Only if you're in the Army. Bone damage like that... well, it's not like they can really fix that, but it's not a serious problem either.

yes and no. to some extent that's true, my wrist still bugs me from time to time, but it's worth bringing up with your doctor next time you see him on the off chance it's something else. (no real urgency to it though)

2009-10-10, 02:54 AM
I had a finger wrenched in a grappling tournament last year, and it never did get back to normal.

Edit; Not that its a big injury, just a chronic one.I had a shoulder wrenched on my second day of a new martial art that bothered me for three years. I honestly thought it would never be the same again, but it got better eventually.

I also broke a knuckle once. The doctor wanted to know what the other guy looked like, but the "other guy" was actually just a curb. I'm not sure he ever believed that story; a gash on my chin (the scar is still there) and a broken knuckle, and it wasn't a fight? Suuuure.

2009-10-10, 03:52 AM
Had a very sharp knife dropped on my finger last year. And wanged my head real hard on some ice last winter, but...nothing too bad.

2009-10-10, 07:13 AM
Well. I have allready managed to broke both of my wrists (right when I was 10 and left when i was 12) have get my right leg to orthopedic cast (when I was 9) but all other injuries that I've had have mainly been not so seriouse like concussion or wrenches.

2009-10-10, 08:10 AM
I fractured my wrist (sword to the radius) and tore a ligament in my shoulder (overextended), just this year. Before that I've split my shin (tree with a nail in it), fractured my collarbone (hit a rock surfing), and cut my eyelid open (branch flicked into the face) but the worst one was the twisted testicle that went untreated for eighteen months because my doctor misdiagnosed it.

Weirdly, now that I think of it, all of those were to my left side.

Actually, I've got one on the right, two dislocated toes from fight training a few months back, I'm not sure I put them back right, still hurt a little.

2009-10-10, 09:20 AM
It's weird. For pretty much ever, I've been one of the more recl;ess prople I know. And nothing has ever happened to me.:smallconfused:

2009-10-10, 09:29 AM
bones broken on my body: 0. thats kinda surprising.

when i was two my mom was carrying my sister and i and she missed the second step or so on the way down, i was the only injury, needing my skull cut open because i didn't break it open on the doorframe at the bottom.

I've had enough stitches to know my skin's normal, but with the number of times i've taken srious blows i'm starting to suspect my bones refuse to break. I've got "lumps" on bones where I've been hit hard and there seems to be a buildup of extra bone after the fact, but never a break.

My cousin broke his leg at soccer, he's really agressive, and the kid on the other team was really agressive, and they found eachother about three seconds in. The entire game they were almost fouling eachother, till towards the end they both get a shot at the ball with nobody else near them, so they both wind up and try to kick past the ball to "accadently" hurt the other. instead of one kicking the other in the ankle, they wrapped their shins around one another.

My sister broke her foot in a good manner recently. She was on a swing or some sort of swinging device, i'm not really sure, but she hit the ground with her big toe, and instead of breaking it her foot turned sideways and she "chipped" the bone right behind the big toe by the arch of the foot. it broke about halfway through and the break turned back and chipped off a big chunk.

2009-10-10, 12:16 PM
Twisted my knee badly a few years ago when showing off my awesome parkour skills. It actually was a good thing, since I insisted that I was fine, but after being convinced I ended up on the couch belonging to the girl that would become my girlfriend for the next three years :smallcool:
I also had to have surgery, but it was worth every stitch and every step I took with a crutch!

I also broke a rib while practicing Ju-Jutsu (I was too slow when blocking a kick) and later same season I broke my nose while practicing wall flips with twists.

2009-10-10, 04:14 PM
It's weird. For pretty much ever, I've been one of the more recl;ess prople I know. And nothing has ever happened to me.:smallconfused:

I've stopped counting how many times I've almost dismembered myself. Even when something does happen - like a howitzer falling on my foot, for example - I walk away with no injuries. This is handy considering how clumsy and reckless I am in general. I've never had a bone broken, anything lacerated bad enough to require stitches, or any of those other fun injuries. I feel left out.
... Watch, now that I've said this I'm gonna go outside, get squished by a speeding truck, and not just get up, dust myself off, and walk away.

2009-10-11, 05:29 AM
Falling face first on the metal handle of a dumpster (hooray for wounds and garbage!) and almost tearing off my nose did hurt a lot. The falling not in particular, but the 25 stitches on the inside of my nose did. Because of the swelling the anaesthetic didn't really work.

Oh, and I once split open my chin and had a knee the size of a soccer ball by falling of a moped.

No permanent damage though. Just some scars..

2009-10-11, 09:01 PM

A) Back when I did parkour (or was starting to do parkour...) some friends and I were going through a park-area. It'd been watered in areas (pop-up sprinklers) during the day and we didn't know, it was night-time. Landing something (don't remember what, exactly. A vault of some kind?) in which my body was spinning to the right, my right foot planted perfectly on dry ground, my left foot hit wet grass, I twisted about 45 degrees to the right around my right knee. Sucked. Never recieved medical attention.

B) Dislocated both my shoulders, one in an accident, one in a fight. Never recieved medical attention.

C) Had a friend semi-accidently (long story) hit me -very- hard in the boy-parts with his fist. Six months of medication, over two years now of lingering effects, highly increased cancer risk and for a while we thought I was gonna lose one D:

D) As a child I fell off my bike and the blunt handlebar punctured my side, went maybe a third of an inch in or something. Nothing major, but it hurt like a biii- and I've still got the scar.

2009-10-12, 09:21 AM
Well i got hit in the head with a sharp rock when i was younger, have a chip out of my skull and a scar there, can barely feel it anymore but its there. That and my horse tried to kill me 4 times, just about succeeded twice :P But the saddle was hurting him and so when it hurt alot he bucked, the last time i landed on a solid gravel trail and felt like i broke my hip but it was just a massive massive bruise up my entire side. Third time i just about got impaled on a broken branch that would have punctured a lung and or heart, only missed that by an inch. :P I am a lucky one.