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Alchem Lestrahl
2009-10-11, 12:09 PM
Okay, I'm sorry if this seems a little hazy and not well thought out, but I not even two hours ago awoke from an awesome dream. This, if you had not yet guessed is that dream's main plot.

The Filth Eater, The slime monk.

I really would like to play this, but I haven't the foggiest of how to go about building it. The class's abilities are based on the eating of the waste of the world, by eating the rotten foods, the world remains clean and all life may be given what is fresh. By doing this, the bones grow soft, yet strong, they bend, stretch and twist before they break. I was thinking abilities along the lines of:
-Improve DR but /piercing.
-immunity to poisons.
-loss of the speed bonus for greater flexibility in combat.
-the ability to hit harder, not faster.
-a whole bunch of weird bone softening abilities.
-the higher level granting of Reach.

What are YOUR thoughts?

2009-10-25, 07:02 PM
That must have been a messy dream.

On topic, that would be a weird concept for a class. It seems a lot more like a template-esque thing, or maybe a race.

2009-10-25, 07:12 PM
Sounds like a PrC to me.

2009-10-25, 07:35 PM
I always thought a monk variant could make a better martial adept with his own unique disciplines (focusing on unarmed and monk weapons... also weird abilities, like ie. you can change the location of your heart within your body as an immediate action temporarily; and maybe a lot of stuff to do with fast movement as well (sacrifice move speed for effects, since a monk has lots of fast movement at later levels)).

2009-10-25, 07:58 PM
If you can get it, there's a class called the Oesteomancer in the Dungeon Compendium.

That has a selection of bone alteration powers for your consideration [though i found it rather obsessed with making bone spikes of great enchantment...]

The PHB 2 has an alternate class feature for monks where they deal double damage on strikes [might even go to triple, i forget]

and the Book of Vile Darkness has the Cancer Mage. Not powerful, but it has some freaky, living in a sewer with diseases for company, flavour going on.

Have a look at those [if you can] and i'm happy to help piece it together. While it's definitely specific enough to be a PrC, it makes sense as a base class simply because it's not the sort of thing you aspire to be...