View Full Version : Ideas for Vampire: The Masquerade/The Requiem

2009-10-11, 02:40 PM
My friends and I have dabbled in these two, but tend to have problems coming up with storylines that hold our interest.
Can someone throw me some ideas for quests that are interesting and fun and make the most of the unique setting, but don't have that many moving parts?

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2009-10-12, 09:50 PM
I think it might still be in the wrong forum, but I'll leave that for the mods to sort out.

I never played in the Old World of Darkness, but I've played in the newer version, so let me see if I can think of an interesting idea.

Ok, here's one off the top of my head.

Plot Hook: These Kine Have Horns
All over the city, "young" vampires are getting killed. Now, that's not all that unusual - power struggles within the undead community often lead to a high mortality right among the newly embraced. What IS unusual is that they are getting dusted by mortals - mortals who are smart, organized, equipped with good quality gear, and seem to know the vampires' habits and weaknesses better than the vampires do!

It's becoming enough of a problem that the Elders have temporarily put aside their differences and created a task force (the party, natch) to look into it and deal with it. They, of course, all suspect each other of leaking information to a Hunter organization in some sort of power struggle. Therefore, each faction's agent in the party has orders to spy on the other factions, trying to find the "real threat" - not that mortals with weapons specifically tailored to vampire weaknesses aren't threat enough!

The party has to dodge the backstabbing between the different vampire factions while it tries to track down the leak and find out who these new, dangerous Hunters are. Then it has to drive out or embrace these Hunters before they get the resources and experience to start taking on Elders and driving the vampires out of their secure little fiefs for good!

Hell, if you've got a Vampire group that wants to go the Angel route, they could even team up with the Hunters and turn on their sires, creating a Vampire-free "safe zone." Either way, you've got lots of politics, parties, and good old fashioned horrific violence mixed into the story.

Hope that helps!