View Full Version : Help with a race (3.5)

2009-10-11, 09:37 PM
In my campaign, I'm changing halfling traits, but can't come up with anything that isn't covered by some other race.

Here's the requirements: +2 Cha, -2 Str, small sized, +2 climb/jump/swim. The rest is up to whoever can come up with something.

I have one race for every score, meaning that every race except humans and half-elves have a +2/-2, and every score is being covered for each. Elves are Dex, gnomes are int, half elves are socialially skilled. Gnomes are the only other small race. What can I add to halflings to make them viable?

2009-10-11, 09:52 PM
1.It'd help to know what the fluff is for your halflings.

2.It'd help to know the full stats of your other races.

Baron Corm
2009-10-11, 10:49 PM
The +1 to saving throws that they usually come with is a nice bonus.

The +1 to attack and AC and +4 to Hide that small size comes with are also sizable bonuses for any classes that don't care about the penalties, so I'm not sure how much more you need. Without posting the other races it's impossible to really give you any help...

As a sidenote, I really think that elves should be given the Charisma bonus and halflings the Dexterity bonus.