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2009-10-12, 05:26 AM
Hey, I'm suffering from another bout of insomnia, and figured I'd post some random thoughts.

As I'm writing this, I'm watching a little line of ants going by along the corner of my wall. I know I should spray them before they do structural damage, but at the moment I can't bring myself to do it. I've always felt more kinship for ants and bees then with most people, since I share the "FOR THE HIVE!!!" mentality. I actually feel guilty for being in sales because it feels parasitic. And I know the system that I like wouldn't work for human beings at all. But having money still makes me feel dirty inside, like it's some disease I've caught that's eating away at me. And I don't even have much, I literally gave twice as much money as I currently have in the bank to charities last year alone, but I still feel... Wrong.

So tonight, the ants are getting a little longer to live, and I'm staying up thinking of fallen comrades. Updates if and when they come and while I'm awake. If anyone else has been up for 20 hours or more, please share your ramblings as well.

2009-10-12, 05:48 AM
Will the clown eat you if you sleep?

2009-10-12, 05:52 AM
Will the clown eat you if you sleep?

No. I have nightmares. And bad memories. And drink too much coffee in an attempt to stave off the collapsed feeling when I can't sleep, which further prevents me from sleeping.

It's easier when there are other people present (cuz I feel like they'll watch my back), but everyone's off at the moment.

2009-10-12, 06:14 AM
My contact details are in my profile, golentan, if you need somebody to chat with.

2009-10-12, 06:17 AM
Thanks. I'll send you an IM.

2009-10-12, 06:23 AM
Someone collect FlyingWhale, he's feeling a bit giddy, unless he's presently following through on that threat to cut off his friend's snoring with a soft, asphyxiating pillow. Bill of the choking game, Bill of the purple face, Bill of the violet chakra. If the rainbow never reaches to the ground, how can it be corresponded to the body of man?

Too grounded to follow you at present, gentlemen, for the psychedelic rock (Uriah Heep) is leaving me as unmoved as the psychedelic funk (Sun Ra).