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2009-10-12, 10:17 PM
My friend in a 3.5 game another friend of mine is running came up with an item. It's a weapon of sorts, and functions as follows:

Wrist Launcher: This device holds 6 slots for items of the size of Shurikens, Bullets, Vials, and the like (Tiny? Not sure). At the choice of the wearer, he may launch all 6 slots at once, or one slot at once. If the wearer is not proficient with the item being launched (A vial, for instance), he takes a -4 penalty. If even only one of the 6 slots has an item he is not proficient with, he takes a -4 penalty.

When launched, the user makes one attack roll, as if using the feat Manyshot, except without the -4 penalty. If he succeeds, all of the items hit the designated target (Ranged Attack, NOT touch), dealing their appropriate damage, or effect, in the case of vials.

It is a Full Round Action to reload one slot, and according to the DM, a Swift Action to reload a slot if he has the Rapid Reload feat.

I can see this being abused so easily, but my DM can't for some reason. I mean, get magical ammunition (Magical Bullets, Shuriken, etc...), maybe poison on them, and just cast True Strike before using it. Instant hit with 6 items... if they're poisoned, enjoy 6 fortitude saves, or if they're, for instance, magical, enjoy 5d2+5d6 fire damage, or something.

The character is making it using Marvelous Pigments, so we don't really have a cost, though we're relatively sure it would be under 2,000 gold. Do you think he should need something like Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Wrist Launcher or something? I think that would make it at least somewhat more viable...

2009-10-12, 10:23 PM
Launch Item (or was it launch bolt?) is a cantrip that can do most of what you want to do and is something like 2000 gold for at will. The launch all 6 option is a little more questionable, but I suggest figuring out what spell level "Launch Item, mass" would be and go from there.

2009-10-12, 10:31 PM
Launch Item (or was it launch bolt?) is a cantrip that can do most of what you want to do and is something like 2000 gold for at will. The launch all 6 option is a little more questionable, but I suggest figuring out what spell level "Launch Item, mass" would be and go from there.
Would be 1000 for an at-will item.

Anyway, it's not too broken. Manyshot prevents getting Sneak Attack or other precision damage on multiple, and poisons are ridiculously expensive. Honestly, the best use that comes to mind is six Alchemist Fire vials, what with touch attacks and all. Meh.

Just as long as you can't get Dex or Int to damage with it, I think you're fine.

Amros Aldarion
2009-10-12, 10:37 PM
What I like about the item is the material slot limit. You CAN have an uber item, but that all depends on your ammunition. If it's magical or poisonous, it's limited. Sure, you CAN use it, but then it's gone. The wrist launcher cost is only part of the equation. The total cost for an uber launcher would also include the cost of the ammunition, including uber ammunition.

The spoiler here is about guns in DnD:
(It's for this same reason I can see guns working in DnD: in order to make one work, you need powder and bullets which takes time and expertise to get, and once you get them, you only have so many charges before you need to reload. Also, I would say that certain older guns (ones without a groove for bullet spin, for example) would never allow use of Base Attack Bonus to add to their abilities, instead replacing intelligence to increase their attack benefit.)

As it stands, the immediate benefit of a virtual feat does give it quite the boost, I would say. Incorporate the idea of a 'bonus feat' into the cost maybe?

One: I should think that the ranged attacks with an area effect should be touch (however, shields that are large enough to deflect an area effect should apply their armor bonus)

Two: Simply make it so that the magic or mechanics behind the item only allow it to fire one shot at a time, but as the wielder becomes more skilled in the item, they can fire more shots, as per a legendary weapon. Perhaps the item becomes more versatile over time (i.e. at first you must pick one kind of ammunition - vial, shuriken, etc) but as time goes on, the item/owner becomes more skilled with the item and the 'magic' or mechanics of the item increase.

Furthermore, what is the range of the 'weapon?' I can see it having various power modes: you're no longer using 'range' as you have in the past: you no longer your dexterity, I would think, in that you are not the force propelling the object. The springs and/or magic of the wrist launcher is what's firing it. Therefore, perhaps another feature which might limit the item is the spring's range. Maybe a 5 ft, 10 ft, 15 ft, 20ft, etc. version of the wrist launcher is available at various price levels, according to the power of the firing mechanism.

And finally, an alternative use:

The rope launcher: use of the same item, but you switch out one 'slot' for every 10 feet of rope. You may swap out a 'dagger' etc. for a masterwork gnomish grappling hook (price as you deem fit) which fits a slot.

From here, you can eventually form 'web' shooters, etc. at a cost, of course.

2009-10-13, 03:21 PM
The device is non-magical from the get-go, so the cost would immediately go up.

Normally, using this item increases the range of the objects launched by some amount, to like 30 feet, or something (Which is insane for thrown items). By reducing the items to their normal range, you can apply half your strength modifier in damage (if it was an actual thrown item).