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2009-10-13, 12:10 PM
Right, less than a month until halloween so for no better reason than to creep each other out (and maybe inspire some horror based campaigns) let's share creepy stories. I've got one to start us off.

So I was young, these things always seem to happen when you're young, and I was in our basement playing some game on my old school style gameboy. I had been playing this for several hours and I was feeling the need for some change so I go upstairs.

All the lights in the house are off, which is odd, it's only like...7 or 8 now so the sun is just setting but it's cloudy outside so it's that depressing shade of dark gray out, the entire house is this gray colour. I call out and nobody answers.

I'm just a kid though, whatever, maybe everyone went out for ice cream or something, maybe they're all taking naps?

I head upstairs, more of the grey darkness, it's completely silent in the house so I'm being all stealthy so as to not wake anyone up.

At the top of the stairs I hear a creak come from behind me.

Turn around, nothing's there, must've been a cat.

I walk past my brother's room and something draws me to look into it.

In the grey-blackness I see a shape speed across the room and THROUGH THE WALL to my room.

I dash to my room and nothing is there.

Then I realise something is up. I can suddenly hear my family again and the lights in the house are all on. Everyone was home the entire time.

The Mute Bard
2009-10-20, 03:20 PM
Earlier this year...

I was sitting in my backyard waiting for my mother and cousin to come out and sit with me to hang out. It was sometime between 11:00pm and 12:00am. It was a warm night and the air was very still.

Suddenly, the air went cold and it felt like something was breathing on the right side of my face. Then there was a menacing growl from the source of the breath.

I jumped from my chair and spun around to see...absolutely nothing...:smallconfused:

2009-10-20, 03:35 PM
Up on the moors of Cornwall is a very ancient megalithic structure called the Men-an-tol (http://www.cornwalltour.co.uk/men_an_tol.htm), one element of which consists of a doughnut-shaped stone sitting on its side. Nobody knows who built it, or why.

Now, my grandfather lived for a time in Cornwall, and I visited him there on a couple of occasions. My grandfather was also a tremendous walker, so we took many hikes over the moors and along the coasts. And one one glorious sunny summer day, we went on a hike that took us past the Men-an-tol, since I had not yet had the chance to see it. While I was looking at it, and taking a picture or two, I made an off-hand, joking comment about crawling through the hole in the middle of the stone...

...and within about 30 seconds, no exaggeration at all, we went from the aforementioned glorious sunniness to a fog so thick we couldn't see more than about 20 feet. I have never seen a fog roll in that fast anywhere in the world.

My grandfather, who was not at all a suspicious man, looked at me and said "Maybe you shouldn't make jokes about what you don't understand."

2009-10-20, 06:27 PM
My family had a cat, Workhog (like calling a seven foot guy "shortie"), who hated our dog Sammy. As soon as we got Sammy, Workhog started living in the basement by choice. This went on for six years, Workhog never leaving the basement except to go outside.

Then one day Sammy is outside, tied to a run. Workhog walks into the living room :smallconfused: . The doorbell rings and it's a trucker in tears, saying that the dog was chasing a motorcycle in front of him and he couldn't stop in time. As near as we can figure, Workhog left the basement and entered the house for the first time in six years, and just a half hour before Sammy died.

That cat gave off some weird vibes.

2009-10-24, 10:45 PM
Since we're going for actual occurences, I'll relay a story my mother told me about her knack for precognition.
Warning though, not for the faint of heart/children.

She knew a girl from work who was quite heavily pregnant (last chance to bow out now), who had a sister or some such also working in the comapny they worked in.
My mother had a dream of her, dead in a pool of her own blood, in the middle of the floor of some room.
The next day her family found her.
She'd had a miscarriage in the night that caused a collosal haemorage.
The details matched up.

2009-10-24, 10:56 PM
I opened the door, and the only thing in the room was Donald Trump.....naked.

2009-10-24, 11:26 PM

Creepiest story I've encountered.