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2009-10-14, 11:07 PM
I quick-homebrewed this based on the Duskblade. As I don't own the PHB2, I can't produce a table for the information that I'm using the Duskblade's class info for. Also, while I've titled it under one class, it plays more as two classes in one, depending on alignment.

Arcane Blademaster
Hit Die: d8
Technique Schools: Heaven's Sword (any good alignment) and Hellfire Blade (any evil alignment)
Full BAB
Class Skills: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Craft (all), Diplomacy, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (religion), Knowledge (the Planes), Martial Lore, Move Silently, Ride, Spellcraft, Swim, Tumble.
Skill Points: 2 + Int Modifier (x4 at first level)
Heaven's Sword Saves: Good Reflex and Will, poor Fortitude.
Hellfire Blade Saves: Good Fort and Will, poor Reflex.
Spells/day as Duskblade (PHB2)
Spells Known: 5 0-level spells and 3 1st level spells known at first level. Learn one spell per level. Heaven's Sword chooses from Transmutation, Abjuration, and Illusion schools. Hellfire Blade chooses from Transmutation, Enchantment, and Evocation.
Heaven's Sword Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: Light Armor, Light Shields, all Bladed Weapons (Exotic Weapon Proficiencies included)
Hellfire Blade Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: Light Armor, Medium Armor, Light and Heavy Shields, All Bladed Weapons (Exotic Weapon Proficiencies included), All Martial Axes.
Shared Class Abilities:
Lv 1: Armored Mage (All Armors and Shields initially proficient with, cannot be improved by any means), Weapon Focus (Weapon of Choice);
Lv 2: Improved Initiative
Lv 5: Arcane Boost - Expend any spell as the equivalent of a quickened spell to get one of the following: +5 ft/level move speed bonus, +1/level bonus on a single skill check, +5 ft/level on range of an attack (can allow a melee weapon to have a normal ranged attack, but cannot alter the range of a special attack [cone, line, etc])
Lv 8: Uncanny Dodge (as Rogue)
Lv 12: Bonus Fighter or Metamagic Feat
Lv 16: Bonus Fighter or Metamagic Feat
Heaven's Sword Specific Class Abilities:
Lv 4: Leaping Slash (+1d6 damage when charging)
Lv 6: Heavenly Slice (Ordinary attack as a 15ft cone, cannot charge when using) 2/day
Lv 9: Almighty Slice (Ordinary attack as a 20ft cone, cannot charge when using, replaces Heavenly Slice) 3/day
Lv 10: Celestia Slash (Ordinary attack in a straight line at your run speed, don't have to go the full distance if you don't wish, lose 2 squares of movement for each direction change) 3/day
Lv 14: Dragon of Heaven (Immaterial Dragon appears and allows you a fly move equal to your normal move with perfect maneuverability for 1 min) 1/day
Lv 16: Dragon of Heaven 2/day
Lv 18: Celestial Speed (+2 Dex)
Lv 20: Heaven's Sword (You become an avenging angel. You have all of the Heaven's Sword techniques unlimited times while under Heaven's Sword, plus all attacks you make are holy, flaming burst, and shocking burst. Stacks with any bonuses already on your weapon. Lasts 1 minute. Exhausted after use, and cannot use again for at least one full hour.) 2/day
Hellfire Blade Specific Class Abilities:
Lv 4: Devil's Axe (get both Power Attack and Cleave as bonus feats)
Lv 6: Flames of Hell (+1d6 negative energy damage, +1d6 fire damage. Lasts one round, initiating is the equivalent of a quickened spell.) 2/day
Lv 9: Demon's Horns (+2 damage for every 10 feet moved when charging)
Lv 10: Strength of the Abyss (+2 Strength)
Lv 14: Dragon of Hell (same as Dragon of Heaven, see above) 1/day
Lv 16: Dragon of Hell 2/day
Lv 18: Destroyer's Might (Damage derived from strength is doubled when charging
Lv 20: Hellfire Blade (same as Heaven's Sword, see above)

My guess for balance is about tier 3. I know that it combines alot of abilities and powers, but it doesn't end up in practice being overpowered over all of the magic classes (except the really really bad ones). The biggest advantage is the ability to buff and then actually do something beyond arrows.

So, tell me what I can do better for it, give me suggestions, etc. Thanks.


2009-10-14, 11:20 PM
It seems weak. Half the class abilities of Heaven's Sword involve giving up your full attack to hit enemies in a small area (smaller than you can get with a reach weapon, especially if you get a size booster), and Hellfire Blade gets a little more, but not too much. Then again, they do have casting, but without any quickened casting they're meh in melee and meh at casting spells. They are fast, though, and synergize well with skirmish damage.

2009-10-14, 11:47 PM
Also, a table will help people read this and that improves your chances of getting input.

You can make a table using this:

{table=head]Level|BAB|Fort|Ref|Will|Special|0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8| 9
1|+1|+0|+0|+2|Armored Mage, Weapon Focus|3|2|||||||[/ table](without the space in /table)

{table=head]Level|BAB|Fort|Ref|Will|Special|0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8| 9
1|+1|+0|+0|+2|Armored Mage, Weapon Focus|3|2|||||||[/table]

2009-10-15, 05:04 PM
Milskidasith - Sorry if I wasn't really clear, by ordinary attack I meant a full attack if you are doing a full attack action, etc. I'll have to go back and revise (and make a table - thanks for the code Dragoonwraith) but I really don't have the time at present. By Saturday, I hope at the maximum.

Oh, and as I said before, the other reason I don't have a table is that I don't know the duskblade's spells/day, since I don't own a PHB2.