View Full Version : Having technical difficulties

2009-10-15, 05:12 PM
So I'm having a bit of a problem with my computer.

If I do a Google search in Firefox and click a link, it does not open. Sometimes it opens if I open it in a new tab Also, I cannot browse Facebook with Firefox; it'll open, but other pages won't load. Also, when I close Firefox, sometimes the program will still be running some how and take up 100% of my CPU power, making me lag incredibly until I open up the task manager and manually end firefox.exe. I can browse Facebook and use Google in Internet Explorer, and have no issues closing IE. I also have uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox. Yesterday I ran a virus scan (with AVG Free Edition), so I'm not really sure it's a virus. This happened before, a while ago. I defragged and ran some virus scans and nothing changed, until I left for three days, came back, turned on my computer and found it was working. It's broken again now, obviously.

I'm also having issues with my computer trying to run programs that aren't there when it starts up. I'll get the name of the programs next time I start up my comp.

I'm using Windows XP btw.