View Full Version : Dark Heresy - Halo Adaptation

2009-10-16, 04:25 PM
This is a thread for a sort of surprise-project I'm working on for my gaming group, both in RL and in cyberspace(I have an MSN game group, but that's beside the point.). As the title says, it is an adaptation of the Dark Heresy rules to the Halo universe. This will require the following.

Class changes and/or new classes(at least five or six classes for player characters, some of which can easily be adapted from standing Dark Heresy classes)

Weapon and armor stats(not going to be difficult)

Examples of potential enemies, including stats(including enemies only seen in the novels, such as Insurrectionists, as well as Covenant of all sorts, Forerunner constructs, and Flood forms)

Talent changes and/or new talents(To fit both the setting and new classes)

Flavor text for just about everything(Not my forte`)

The project may seem easy enough to handle on the surface, but I'm making this public for several reasons, and am welcoming help from the Playground in making this adaptation not only playable, but enjoyable.

Fire at will, people.