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2009-10-18, 01:41 AM
So who would win Replicators of SG1 war or Replicators of Atlantis?

2009-10-18, 01:52 AM
Replicators of Star Trek, all the way.

2009-10-18, 01:57 AM
The Stargate: Atlantis Replicators were far more advanced and dangerous. They were only defeated because the protagonists had access to the technology of their creators, the Ancients.

2009-10-18, 02:05 AM
From what little I've heard of the Atlantis variety, I vote for the SG-1 replicators. They're evolution on speed *and* crack. According to my web search the atlantis versions are taken out with 'common' tactics(basically a trojan horse), while the SG-1 version required more abuse of physics than pun-pun usually does to RAW.

Emperor Tippy
2009-10-18, 02:05 AM
If the Asurans have access to the anti-replicator tech of the ancients, then they win. If not, then they loose unless the bugs launch a surprise attack and destroy the Asurans before they can respond.

2009-10-18, 02:31 AM
Nevermind the fact that this is in the gaming section...:smallsigh:

2009-10-18, 09:01 PM
This should be in Media Discussions.

Anyway, the Pegasus replicators would easily defeat the Milky Way replicators. They have better tech (like the Ancients used, which the bugs have never assimilated) and way more resources (such as hundreds of warships and could even make Atlantis-style city ships if they wanted), and are more invulnerable than their bug cousins. Even the human-form replicators from the Milky Way wouldn't survive, IMO.

And the only reasons the humans did so well against the Pegasus replicators were because the replicators were so overconfident, and had safety limits in their programming. By the time they were able to reprogram themselves, the SG team was experimenting with ridiculous superweapons. And also, I guess they felt like the show might get cancelled soon, 'cause it seemed like they rushed the resolution of the replicators plot a little so they could get back to Todd, Michael, and the Wraith.

2009-10-18, 09:18 PM
Depends which may the Deus Ex Machina falls... *da dum kish*