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2009-10-18, 08:27 PM
Total War 2125 was a nation game started by Odin Papsmear a while ago. The game was very popular, and the orginal game went down wonderfully. Since then, TW has grown to encompass at least a dozen or more players and DM's on a variety of off-shoot games.

Some highlights of the first were:
The bloody, bloody fight for Switzerland
Mad Science and Psionics
An Evil God-Emperor, The AntiChrist, and the Space Pope
Giant roboic armies clashing with vast clone legions
zombie plagues
Virus bombs
Terroist groups
Heroic Deaths and villanous betrayls.

We, the players, have decided that we want to make TW 2125 a permanent addition to the gaming world. We want to write down the history, the important characters, the technology all in one place. We want to formulate rules for both the nation game AND a more contemporary character driven game.

New Comers are very welcome to join in on the discussion. Here is the thread if you are so inclined (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91672). Beware, as a lot of this game happened 'behind the scenes' via PM.

2009-10-18, 08:29 PM
Alright, have at it folks!

Doh, Grey, you're supposed to explain what this thread is about, in case a newcomer is curious.

After all, there's a few people on this part of the board that HAVE made their own settings.

2009-10-18, 08:32 PM
Aww, do I hafta do it *pout* fine, goes off to Edit OP.

2009-10-18, 08:38 PM
that sounds like the opening ot a comedy routine.

and yes, you can't exactly to find the link and read through the entire th?ing as well as our OOC thread through sheer happenstance before reading this can you

2009-10-18, 08:39 PM
Well... It's on the JJ's sig...

Oh, and is that better?

2009-10-18, 08:43 PM
Well... It's on the JJ's sig...

Oh, and is that better?

Much better, thanks. All that's needed now is a link to the first Total War in the OP, so that no one will have to search for The_JJ to be able to read the game.

2009-10-18, 08:47 PM
Done and Done sir!

2009-10-18, 08:49 PM
Excellent, now the fun shall begin!

Our first course of action should be to make Han an epic-level demon queen. :smalltongue:

2009-10-18, 08:51 PM
Shona isn't a demon... per say.

Though she would be a fun creature/NPC for a regular DnD game!

2009-10-18, 08:52 PM
more seriously, I believe we were going ot ue D20 future? Anyone want to dig up the SRD for that, or will I have to?

2009-10-18, 08:55 PM
I don't know where to find that, but yeah- I'm thinking we follow the D20 Modern Template.

2009-10-18, 09:00 PM
there ya go (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=d20/article/msrd)

2009-10-18, 09:02 PM
Wow, Wizards actually gave that away for free?

2009-10-18, 09:04 PM
Wow, Wizards actually gave that away for free?

actual every second you look at it they're taking $1.0o from you bank account.

yes yes they dd.

2009-10-18, 09:39 PM
actual every second you look at it they're taking $1.0o from you bank account.

yes yes they did.

Egads! Wizards of the Coast are extortionists!

And to think I trusted them! Bah, I'm going back to TSR's D&D 1st Edition.

Watch as I easily figure out the THACO for a UNE mech!

*head explodes from the effort*

Seriously, if we can't create our own, unique setting, we should probably just use d20 Modern rules.

If we can, then we should partially base it off Modern rules anyway.

2009-10-18, 10:19 PM

2009-10-18, 10:30 PM
If you want me to all take DnD modern, Rip it to pieces and build it up for TW just don't expect over night results, Plus i would need to get copies of the TW for reference, Emperor knows how many rules all have to make, also just for those of you who may not know I have a life outside the computer *gasp LIES LIES YOU LIE*

Oh how the school printer is going to hate me...(*EDITED IN)

(EDIT V2) oh...what did I do taking on all take should be fun let me know, what you guys what so I can start, Gobbles(Pet name for Goblin) I'll need your helps

Don't call me Gobbles, or I'll call you Sporkie. And then I'll get my rickety behind out of bed, go to your house, breathe my nasty sick flu virus on you. I know where you live, you know. :smalltongue: After all, what are friends for?

Oh, and I think it'd be better if we all contributed a little bit, then got a master setting-creator to review our contributions.

2009-10-18, 10:48 PM
Yes story line wise but i was talking more tailoring rules, also Sporkie yes flu no okies gobbles?

2009-10-21, 06:25 PM
This thread certainly shut down quickly... Can't we at least get the regular Nation Game rules in the first post? You know, the stuff about the "+"s and all that. Would be a start at least.

2009-10-21, 09:26 PM
Hey respect the dead, man some people....the nerve


2009-10-23, 12:26 PM
I'm slightly confused about what this is?