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2009-10-19, 12:38 AM
I've heard this mentioned quite often, and seen it tacked onto a few Kobold Sorcerer builds. Where can I find this? Is it a feat? ACF? PrC? All I know is that it increases your Sorcerer casting level beyond your level, including Spells Known.

Thanks for the help!

2009-10-19, 12:41 AM
It's a sovereign archetype from Dragons of Eberron; as True Dragons (defined as Dragons with age categories), Dragonwrought Kobolds qualify for it. It involves lowering your racial HD from d12 to d10 and gives two levels of Sorcerer-casting for it, but given Dragonwrought Kobolds have no racial HD, that's hardly a problem.

2009-10-19, 12:41 AM
It's a template for dragons in Dragons of Eberron. It increases casting by two effective levels by dropping racial HD to d10s.

2009-10-19, 12:49 AM
Thanks for the quick responses! I wonder, does it have a LA? If not... Do people typically allow them in games?

Edit: Dragonwrought Kobolds with Loredrake that is!

2009-10-19, 01:27 AM
The only time I have ever heard of this being allowed in a game is for online Arena matches. I don't know anyone who has used it in an actual party.

2009-10-19, 01:57 AM
Indeed. It's allowable in the gitp Arena, considering that it doesn't break much at level 1. Good luck getting it allowed into anything but the highest powered normal games, though. It has the potential to break a lot of things very easily, especially at level 6 and beyond, when you combine it with web enhancement content to make wizard spell progression look silly.

Edit: And no, there's no associated LA. Dragonwrought is a feat that allows kobolds to age without penalties, and also changes their type to Dragon. Since kobolds age by dragon age categories, they are technically True Dragons, and as such, can take any one of the sovereign archetypes from the Dragons of Eberron book. Loredrake is by far the most powerful (and thus, controversial), but Wyrm of War can be quite useful, too.