View Full Version : 2e Return to the Keep on the borderlands experience question

2009-10-19, 08:18 AM
I've been pulling out a lot of my older stuff and rereading it, and this weekend I pulled out this little gem. Its designed as the first adventure your group will play through, and it's really got a lot in it. My question is what level your characters are expected to be toward the end? I don't have my core 2e books and more, so i can't just add everything up.

Anyone ever play this? And does anyone know of a 3e or 4e conversion?


2009-10-19, 09:15 AM
I do not know of any D20/3e conversions of this, though there was one done of the original (http://www.enworld.org/forum/conversions/115234-looking-conversion-return-keep-borderlands.html). If you are looking for an appropriate level range you probably will not find one by direct comparison between editions, as they are not equivalent. Without seeing it, I cannot imagine that a 64 page adventure for a first level party would expect a party to advance any fourth level, and in all probability that is quite generous.