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2009-10-19, 11:08 AM
Here's a few exotics for those races who get weapon familarity. Hopefully, they're effective enough to warrant the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat!

Table: Exotic Weapons
{table=head]Exotic Melee Weapon|Cost|Dmg (S)|Dmg (M)|Critical|Range Increment|Weight|Type

Light Melee Weapons

Dwarven Winged Axe|
60 gp|
10 ft.|
3 lb.|

Elven Twist Blade|
90 gp|
2 lb.|

One-Handed Melee Weapons

Gnome Belbratt|
80 gp|
4 lb.|

Two-Handed Melee Weapons

Orc Great Maul|
45 gp|
20 lb.|

Dwarven Winged Axe
Consisting of a lightly-build steel axe with sharp, wing-like blades, the dwarven rorrnam, or winged axe, has a reputation as a perilous weapon. Mechanized semgents of the winged axe contract when thrown, allowing for a greater chance of severe damage. When flung, the critical threat range of the dwarven winged axe increases by one point for each full increment thrown. This increased threat range is unaffected by effects such as keen and improved critical.

Gnome Belbratt
Elegantly crafted, the gnome belbratt shares a design similar to that of a mechanized mace. Several harmonic instruments are within the head of the belbratt, and chime loudly on successful hits, giving the wielder a +4 bonus on sunder checks. On a critical hit, a belbratt deals triple damage on objects.

Elven Twist Blade
Resembling a thin, twisting steel blade, the elven sigome, or twist blade, is a weapon of cruel precision. An elven twist blade gives the wielder a +4 bonus on disarm checks. On a critical hit, the weapon wounds the target, who takes an additional point of damage for a number of rounds equal to half the damage taken. The wounds can be healed with a DC 15 Heal check.

Orc Great Maul
Simply designed as a wooden club studded with inter-lacing veins of steel, the orc akatuul, or great maul, is known for its extraordinary power. The wielder of an orc great maul can initiate a bull rush as part of a standard attack. If the wielder attempts to initiate a bull rush as part of a charge while wielding an orc great maul, they receive a +2 circumstance bonus on their Strength check.

2009-10-19, 11:48 AM
These weapons are all more powerful than other racial exotic weapons are. Some of the mechanics don't make much sense either.

How does the Winged Axe pick up momentum with distance thrown? I know I'm killing catgirls here but there's no way for it to be getting more energy to make it hit harder the further its thrown. I mean seriously, throwing the thing 100' does 5d8 at -8? That's an increase of average damage of 18 point, which is more than double what you can get with Power Throw!

The Belbratt should probably have a save, as even magic weapon special abilities that activate only on critical hits give a save.

The Twist Blade is the most nonsensical, unless it's supposed to be mimicking a bee stinger in ratcheting itself into its victim (which would make it very effective for delivering poison, actually...). Also that it doesn't have the rapier crit mod makes little sense, as you'd think it should be just as effective in finding vital points. Also, considering it's described as having multiple blades, losing one blade and making it a rapier seems odd. Finally, since it's a tricked out rapier, it should probably be similar enough so that it has Weapon Similarity with rapiers and allow carry over with Weapon Focus and the rest of that tree.

The Great Maul is like you combined the best features of a Fullblade and a Ramhammer. Given you probably want to keep the Ramhammer bull rush effect, I'd reduce damage back a step, putting it on par with a Goliath Greathammer.

Them's my 2 coppers. Take as you will.

Baron Corm
2009-10-19, 12:02 PM
I don't think the Belbratt or Twist Blade are worth feats. Their effects only function on a critical hit. Not much more I can say about that. If you're getting them for free as an elf or gnome they would be used, though, just for being slightly better than similar weapons.

The Winged Axe doesn't make sense to me either. I wouldn't mind convoluted physics, it's just the idea that, when it reaches the end of its range increment, it has so much momentum and is going so fast, yet suddenly drops. That needs to be worked out a little more.

2009-10-19, 12:21 PM
Opinions duly noted.

Changes have been enacted!

2009-10-19, 01:59 PM
The twistblade has certainly improved. Having to repair your weapon after a well placed hit seemed odd to me. This version is now more of Gnomish Swordbreaker with added wounding effect, which goes a long ass time, especially since this seems ideal for a Sneak Attacker who doesn't want to deal with Arterial Strike.

The Winged Axe makes a little more sense, I guess, though I'm not sure how crit range increases by reducing the cutting surface of the blade. That's why scimitars and falchions are so deadly, because their curved blade stays in the wound longer than a straight-bladed weapon like a longsword will.

The Belbratt makes even less sense now, as how does a chiming bell make it sunder things more easily? Is it hitting the resonant frequency of the other weapon or something? That seems like it would damage the Belbratt over time, as well.

Overall, decent improvements, though the Belbratt probably needs to go back to the drawing board. Get the Tinker Gnomes on it! Maybe they'll attach a rocket to it or something...

Them's my 2 coppers. Take as you will.