View Full Version : Variant System: "Double the Fun!"

Vorpal word
2009-10-19, 09:37 PM
Basic concept: Every character has two scores, Body and Mind. Each of these two is split into two individual sub-scores, as follows:

Body: = Strength and Dexterity
Mind: = Intelligence and Will

Each score (which is valued as a sum of its two sub-scores) is also an hp value. If either your Mind HP or your Body HP drops to 0, you're knocked out. A "death counter" then starts, and without help you die in a number of rounds equal to your level.

Characters are made with a point buy system, with extra points gained every time they level up. No single sub-score may equal more than 50% of the total points a character has received.

Each score has one sub-score (Strength or Will) used to determine damage, defense (essentially DR) and save bonuses. The other sub-score (Dexterity or Intelligence) is used to determine attack bonus, evasion (AC bonus), and how many attacks you get (proportional to the sub-score's value, haven't decided ratio yet).

OK, this definitely needs expansion. Just some things that I might need help with:
- Skills (what are they, which sub-scores they use, etc.)
- Abilities/Feats (you gain these as you level up instead of class levels, they can be defensive or offensive and may have prerequisites).
- Items/Weapons (how armor and AC works, weapons which use the Mind stat, enhancement, etc).
- Crossover Attacks (basically attacking with your Mind score against enemy's Body or with Body against Mind; an excellent way to use a PCs Strengths on higher levels. It may be possible to go even further, with a weapon that can attack anything with anything at user's choice).

This system is meant to be simple and flexible, just think of any strategic RPG--D&D, GURPS, Fire Emblem, etc.--and use any ideas available.