View Full Version : What the Frog is up with the CDiv Shugenja??!!

Frog Dragon
2009-10-20, 04:39 AM
It's weird. Why does the CDiv Shugenja gain two spell levels, 7 an 8 at the same time on lvl 14. Why does it follow the Sorcerer spell level progression only to dump it and jump into an even better progression that the wizard getting level 9 spells at level 16. Why this? The OA shugenja just has the Sorc spell level progression.

2009-10-20, 04:41 AM
It's obviously a typo.

2009-10-20, 06:08 AM
I agree with Grumman. I'd link the wizard's errata, but I'm blocked from WotC at work... :smallfrown:

2009-10-20, 07:02 AM
You think that's bad, look at the Vigilante. :smalltongue:

Frog Dragon
2009-10-20, 07:10 AM
That's hilarious.

2009-10-20, 09:35 PM
The Shugenja progression is indeed a misprint, and is noted in the Complete Divine errata:

Page 11: Shugenja Spell Progression
The shugenja’s spell progression chart is misaligned.
The 8th-level and 9th-level columns should shift down
two levels (with 8th-level spells becoming available at
16th level and 9th-level spells at 18th level).

Doc Roc
2009-10-21, 12:34 AM
Given their limited list, you might be able to play them as is. It'd probably be fun. :)

2009-10-21, 12:42 AM
Another good one is the Scorpion-Tail Whip from Sandstorm. It claims that it deals 1d43 damage (1d33 when Small). I strongly doubt a d43 or d33 actually exists, or even could (assuming you wanted each number to be equally likely to work).