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2009-10-22, 08:36 PM
I'm looking for any throwing weapons and the books they are mentioned in. I keep seeing shuriken and daggers mentioned, but I'd like to find something above a d4, simply because the DM for this game is not likely to allow us for a lot of enchants and the like.

If martial and exotic could be seperated that would be nice, since Exotic Weapon Master is a possible prestige.

ex cathedra
2009-10-22, 08:46 PM

Bloodstorm Blades/Anyone with the Throw Anything feat are good at this.

2009-10-22, 09:04 PM
spears(d8, 2h)
short-spears(d6, 1h)
throwing axes(d6, light, martial)

the master thrower (complete warrior or adventurer, i forget which) gets an ability that lets you throw 2 small weapons (like darts), so you could focus on those if you have a low strength.

abandon hope
2009-10-22, 09:09 PM
Somewhere there's an orcish shot put doing 2d6. Probably exotic, but if you're an orc you might be able to convince your DM to allow your proficiency.

EDIT: They weigh something like 15lbs though.

2009-10-22, 09:11 PM
Do you have to be able to use them in melee?

If not what about Javelins? PHB, deal 1d6 damage (which is a tad low), but have a 30-ft range increment.

2009-10-22, 09:27 PM
The annulat from Planar Handbook. An Exotic weapon, though Neraph (also Planar Handbook) treat them as Martial weapons - 1d6 slashing damage (medium sized), 19-20/x2 threat range, 30' range increment, and they ignore 2 points of AC provided by cover. I think they weigh 0.5 lbs, but I can't remember the price.

2009-10-22, 09:40 PM
Javelins are probably going to be your best bet for non exotic thrown weapons. Unless, as was previously mentioned, you take the Throw Anything feat (in Complete Warrior, I believe). Then buy a couple masterwork greatswords and go to town.

2009-10-22, 11:36 PM

Bloodstorm Blades/Anyone with the Throw Anything feat are good at this.

This. Make it a morphing greatsword so you literally have a Swiss-Army Sword.

Inhuman Bot
2009-10-22, 11:41 PM
The boomerangs in the Eberron campaign setting could work, though I can't remember the damage offhand.

Otherwise, try to convince your DM to let you use Iron Kingdom grenades. Gogo 4d4/d6 AoE damage. :smalltongue:

2009-10-23, 09:19 AM
From the Haberdash (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5266526)thread:

The Full List of Potentially Useful Exotic Weapons

Annulat: Planar Handbook pg 68. Thrown weapon that imposes a -2 penalty to AC against it's target. If you're going to throw something, why not make it easier to hit? It's also noteworthy that neraphim (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/iw/20040613a&page=2) treat it as a martial weapon, making a neraphim Master Thrower/Bloodstorm Blade a tempting option.

Boomerang: Eberron Campaign setting pg 119: This weapon actually sucks. It deals less damage then most other thrown weapons. When it misses, you can make an attack roll to catch it. However, proficiency with this weapon qualifies you for the uber Boomerang Daze feat (Races of Eberron pg 108) forces anyone who takes damage from your boomerang to Save or be Dazed (one of the most powerful effects in the game) for 1 round, and Boomerang Ricochet (also RoE pg 108) which lets you hit a second adjacent target with your boomerang (potentially Dazing both) after you hit the first.

Braid Blade: Dungeon 120: 1d3, 18-20, x2. On a full attack, allows you to make an extra attack at -5, or -2 if you have 5 ranks of Tumble.

Collapsing Crescent Fan: Sandstorm, p. 96: +4 to attack any flat-footed foe. Great when combined with Iaijutsu Focus.

Composite Greatbow: Complete Warrior: Does 1d10 damage and has a 130 ft range increment. So this a good long ranged weapon for pure damage dealing.

Elven Courtblade: Races of the Wild: 1d10, 18-20 *2. Slightly less damage then the Jovar. But this two handed weapon can be used for both Power Attack and Weapon Finesse.

Flindbar: Monster Manual III: +2 to Disarm, and when you threaten a crit (19-20 or 17-20 with any Keen effect) you get a free Disarm attempt before you roll to confirm the crit.

Foot Spike: Races of the Wild: Yet another place to hide a weapon, just in case your DM decides to have your party taken prisoner.

Glot: Frostburn: Can be used to make ranged trip attacks, and deals better damage then bolas or barbed bolas.

Goad: Frostburn: Reach weapon that deals non-lethal damage, in case you ever want to capture someone without killing them. Also gives you +2 to Handle Animal checks against Huge or bigger animals.

Greathammer: Monster Manual 4 or Races of Stone: 1d12, 19-20/x4 or just 20/x4, depending on which version you use. Also gives you +2 to Sunder a weapon or shield, but sundering your future treasure is generally a bad idea.

Harpoon: Frostburn: A harpooned creature moves at half speed, cannot charge or run, and if you attach a rope to it you can limit their movement away from you. It can be removed with a full round action, which deals damage again. Occasionally helpful for battlefield control. Or you can enchant it with Returning, and have a double damage ranged attack.

Heavy weapons: Basically a special way of constructing a metal weapon. Increases the damage die of the weapon based on a set chart. Requires Exotic Weapon Proficiency to wield correctly. But this is no problem for Haberdash. So unless your DM is crazy enough to let you use Kaorti, then most of your weapons should be Heavy. Magic of Faerun, pg. 179.

Ice Axe: Frostburn: +4 to Climb checks.

Jovar: Planar Handbook: 2d6, 18-20, *2. With high damage and a high threat range, this is your is a respectable pure damage dealing weapon. Buy a Scabbard of Keen Edges.

Kaorti weapons: Fiend Folio web enhancement (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/re/20031014a): *ANY* weapon can be made out of kaorti, which gives it a crit multiplier of x4. You need an EWP for a kaorti version of a weapon (even if it is already exotic), but... hey, no problem for Haberdash! Combine with a Keen Elven Courtblade or something similar for a ridiculous crit. Of course, this is a ridiculously exotic weapon, as you need to convince an Evil Outsider to make it for you (or accept the +4 LA to be a Kaorti yourself). My suggestion is that you invest in Knowledge (Planes), and ask your DM for a side quest to get one.

Lance (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Lance): Not exotic, but everyone who is proficient should keep one on their mount. You never know when double damage from a charge might come in handy.

Lasso: Book of Exalted Deeds, p. 34: Using a lasso is a ranged touch attack that imposes a -2 to attack rolls and -4 on Dex (no Save).

Longstaff: Complete Adventurer: If you fight defensively or use Combat Expertise while using this weapon, you canít be flanked. Screw you Rogues!

Mancatcher: Complete Warrior: Gives you a free Grapple attempt when you hit your enemy. Also, as long as your enemy canít reach you, they canít attack you or do anything other then attempt to move or escape from the grapple.

Net (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Net) (PHB): Using a net is a ranged touch attack (maximum range of 10 feet) that imposes a -2 to attack rolls and -4 to Dex, 1/2 movement, and you canít charge or run (no Save).

Orc Shotput: Sword & Fist, p. 71: One of the best thrown weapons in the game: 2d6 damage, 19-20 crit, x3 multiplier. Add some Master Thrower for extra fun.

Pincer Staff: Underdark: Basically a mancatcher that deals more damage.

Razor Net: Dragon Compendium, p. 115: All the hassle of a regular net, and it does 1d6 damage.

Ritiik: Frostburn: If you successfully hit an enemy, the enemy must make a Reflex Save. If it fails, you get a free Trip Attempt. Basically a weaker version of Knock-Down for free.

Scorpion Claws: +4 to Grapple checks. The bonus is unnamed, so it stacks with Improved Grapple. They're also light weapons, so no Power Attack, but yes for TWF. Sandstorm.

Sharktooth Staff: Savage Species: Gives you a free Grapple attempt when you hit your enemy. Unlike the mancatcher or pincer staff, it has no reach. But it deals the best damage. Itís also worth mentioning that they each have size restrictions.

Spiked Chain: PHB: Useful if you have a ton of reach and a potent magic weapon with an AoO build. But most of the time you can just use a glaive and a 5 ft step. If you're really in a pinch, use armor spikes.

Spinning Sword: Secrets of Sarlona, pg 136. Basically a Spiked Chain that you can only use with one hand. Useful if you want to be a sword and board build, or a TWF build.

Sugliin: Frostburn: Does 2d8 damage, but itís a full round action to make 1 attack. But hey, until you get to +6 BAB, this is your weapon of choice for pure damage dealing when youíre already standing next to your enemy.

Whip Dagger: Drow of the Underdark: 15 feet of reach, which might be helpful on occasion. You can also use it with the Whip Climber Skill Trick to do Indiana Jones-ish swinging.

What exactly do you want to do, what books are allowed, and what level are you?

Sinfire Titan
2009-10-23, 09:46 AM
+1 for the Talenta Boomerang (ESC, Exotic). The base weapon damage is meh, but it can be boosted fairly easily. The real key behind it is Boomerang Daze, a feat from Races of Eberron. It forces creatures struck by your Boomerang attacks to save or be Dazed for 1 round (and the save DC is based on the damage you deal!). Almost as powerful as the Spiked Chain, seeing as no creature type is naturally immune to being Dazed.

2009-10-23, 11:54 AM
I wasn't planning on getting too indepth on character for this(simply because I wanted to see a large range of options), but if it would help, sure.

I picture him using smaller weapons, but that can be easily worked with. I'm looking at fighter/swashbuckler/master thrower class combination and plan to get more indepth with it when I write it out.

I optimize a bit, so the class combination is easily editable. I usually play what looks fun and tweak it to be as good as it can be. But for the concept, I picture the guy sitting in the bar, placing bets for dart board throws and such. Someone putting up a stack of bottles and saying "You can't knock out the one on the bottom row in the middle". Stuff like that.

I was originally going to play a sneak attack-rogueish build for this, but changed my mind. Only so many times you can play a sneak attacker before you get sick of it.

But hte point of all that, I'd prefer smaller weapons, and most of the good ones I noticed here. The Annulat and orc shotput, not really sure what they are/look like, so I can't really judge those.

EDIT: If they can be used in melee, all the better. I'd rather not be useless if something is in my face, etc.

2009-10-23, 12:30 PM
If they can be used in melee, all the better. I'd rather not be useless if something is in my face, etc.

Master Thrower has an ability that lets you throw for a DC 10 + Enemies in melee to avoid AoO with thrown weapons.

Also, the Skiprock from RoW

CrystalKeep's Equipment list has a heck of a long list, too.

2009-10-23, 12:42 PM
About the orcish shotput, there's a rule in Complete Warrior that says you can trade your racial weapon familiarity with double axes for weapon familiarity with orcish shotputs.