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Inhuman Bot
2009-10-22, 11:14 PM
In my weekly IK game, I've been playing an arcane mechanick. Last session he died a rather spectacular death (Well past the point of ressurection in IK), so I decided I would make a Trollkin Cleric or favoured soul (To take advantage of the +2 CHA Trollkin can get. :p)

However, I have NO idea how to build a divine caster.

What I want to end up doing is make a Cleric/Barbarian that worships the concept of battle, preferably with levels in Warcaster.

We're allowed pretty much everything if the DM looks at it, and by default we're allowed Core and the complete series, as well as all the No Quarters and Unearthed Arcana flaws.

Any help would be appreciated. :smallsmile:

2009-10-22, 11:28 PM
Some more details please. Starting level? Starting cash? Equipment/item restrictions? Are you rolling for stats or using a point buy system?

Clerics are pretty easy to build being a naturally powerful class. First make your wisdom as high as possible. Next boost constitution for the HP. Normally I'd recommend dexterity for initiative and AC next but if you want to be a fighter type you want to get your strength up a bit. Charisma is mainly only important for skills that use it and turning undead - so it's not hugely important. Intelligence is just for skills, both for using them and for skill points so have it decent - mainly you want to ensure you have enough points for any prestige class you are looking at.

Buy the best armour you can get (plate if you are at a low level) and a good shield (tower will give you an attack penalty but provides good AC).

Domain choice can be tricky - look through the spells for each domain and decide what appeals to you.

Inhuman Bot
2009-10-22, 11:38 PM
Oh, right.

we're starting off at level 3, but the Trollkin +1 LA starts me off at level 2.
We're using standerd gold for the level, and using 34 point buy.

Our party consists of a skill-monkey "farmer" (Rogue 2/Expert 2), a Gun Mage, a Ranger sniper and a fighter. None of the group is particularly durable, with the fighter only have 24~ HP.

As for equipment, we can use the rather imbalanced greatcoats (DR 5/Bludgeoning and +2 AC, can wear with light armour), and can use mundane equipment, but unless we can craft it ourselves, we can't use any magic items.