View Full Version : A question for my mage built!

2009-10-23, 04:57 AM
Ok , i want to make a high lvl mage so i decided to make him
Abjurer/Master specialist(Abjuration)/Initiate of the sevenfold veil. Master specialist at the very end gets the ability major school esoterica which allows him to cast any abjuration spells which have only personal range as touch spells to others!(this includes globes etc). I think that later on as a initiate of the sevenfold veil i could cast veils on my party members!( think at lvl 10 a double veil on me and another on our party fighter!. Veils are considered abjuration spell so i think this ability applies. Also i think it's one kick-ass built!!:smallcool:)

2009-10-23, 05:42 AM
And.. the question is?

2009-10-23, 05:44 AM
do u think the ability applies with the veils?

2009-10-23, 05:55 AM
No, the veils are not spells, therefor i cant see why the ability should work on them.