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2009-10-24, 11:53 AM
So I was looking through my dragon compendium for no apparent reason when I saw the battle dancer. It's 3e and has many of the same issues that monks have. I was just wondering if anyone has either seen a 3.5 conversion or knows what partial fixes I could slap on it to present to a DM for use?

Nate the Snake
2009-10-24, 03:16 PM
Personally, I think that the battle dancer is fairly presentable as is. It's better than the monk (not that that's saying much), in that it has full BAB like a melee class should, has class features that synergize, and can even fly on its own. Granted, that doesn't mean it doesn't have problems, but still, it didn't seem that bad to me.

That said, I would give it evasion, dancer's strike as monk's ki strike (continuous and gained at 4, 10, and 16), and maybe d10 HD. Monk fixes would probably be a good place to start for other changes. Also, I think Dragon Compendium is already 3.5, so conversion isn't needed.

Does that help?

2009-10-24, 06:35 PM
Huh you're right. I was just looking at the print date and assuming that WotC hadn't updated it, but it does seem like it is up to date. I guess the speed thing threw me off since it's an untyped bonus (yay). :smallsmile: