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Dragon Elite
2009-10-24, 03:27 PM
Combine an amulet with a substance and be amazed!
Glass: 900gp? Whenever you take more then 1/10 of your hitpoints, you can choose to have the amulet shatter and deal the damage you took to everyone (including you) within 10 feet

Gold:(2000 gp?Gold gives a +1 untyped AC modifier, and +4 to Spot and Listen made against enemies.

Lapis Lazuli:(500 gp?) This give permanent Detect magic and Detect evil

Bone:(400 gp) Bone can give Cure light wounds 1/day. It also has a 1% chance of giving Resurrection once, then crumbling completely

Please give help

2009-10-24, 03:29 PM
Well, costs for these would be nice. I mean, a permanent detect magic for 5 GP is pretty OP, but for more it's fine. Also, why Detect Evil? Not everybody plays good characters.

2009-10-24, 03:47 PM
I'd say the price is a little low for the benefit. +1 to Natural Armor or Deflection bonus to AC is 2000, an untyped one should be more (probably 2,500) on its own and then even more for skill bonuses. 1/day spells are normally 720 GP for 1st level but 1/day CLW is not the best 1st level spell so. Continual detect magic and detect evil should be more than 500 GP (by RAW an item to do continual detect magic should be 1500 or 2000 GP I forget without checking the DMG). If you're having trouble with pricing the DMG does have guides but I'd say while they give a base line look at similar items and consider how powerful of an ability that is within the level. Also I'm assuming that these take up the throat magic item slot, if not are they slotless? In which case they should cost a good bit more.

2009-10-25, 04:21 PM
Gold:(2000 gp?Gold gives a +1 untyped AC modifier, and +4 to Spot and Listen made against enemies.

That item, with say deflection bonus to AC, is worth 5200 already. Probably could be dropped to 5000, as the listen bonuses are restricted, but it would go up to *at least* 10000 after you figure out the bonuses are untyped.

I suggest to make the armor class bonus Sacred, and skill bonuses insight. Then bump them up to +5. Goes for 6500, I'd say.