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2009-10-25, 08:22 AM
anyone know a source of more Vestages?
Like the ones from Tome of Magic.

I'm particularly intrested in untility, Noncombat ones.

It's for a feeble old man, the oldest man in the world (and NPC in my setting)

Adepts 3,4/Binded 2,3 roughly.

He gets the Veneritable Binder substitution lvl (Homebrew):
Req: Venerable age catagory:
For Binder Lvl 2, replaces Augumented Binding: So long as you bind at least one Vestage per week, you may use the power of those who have starved off death by going beyond life, to starve off your own death. you may not Die of old age, you still take all penalities ascociated with aging.
at levels when you would normally gain an additional benifit from Augumented Binding, you insead begin to Draw more power to perserve your owen life:
2, You can not die of Old Age, you still take full age related penalties
5, You have a limitted sustance effect: food/drink surficent for a normal person for one day, is surfienct for you for 2 (3 at a stretch), if you sleep, then you need half as much as usual.
10, For Purposes of Age related penalties you are treated as Old aged
16, For Purposes of Age related of penalties you are treated as Middle Aged
20, For Purposes of Age related of penalties you are treated as Adult

Anyway his Binder Lvl is 2 or maybe 3, so none of that table matters.
He takes full aging penalties, he's not going out to fight, he's goingto sit back in home and rest,, and tell the future upon request.
And get dragged down from his hut at the far end of the valley, when someone's got really hurt.
(alot of this he can do with Adept 4... He's the most powerful spellcaster in the whole setting)

So he has Vistages lvl 1, Maybe lvl 2.

Now I'm looking divinations. maybe some others along that line

2009-10-25, 09:14 AM
Something along the lines of;

Vistage Lvl 1:

You call up the Vestage, as part of the Binding: you May show the summoned vestage a infant of age less than one month:
He will tell the future of the child, always in a cryptic vague riddle that could mean anything.
the Child is scared by this: (roll 1 d% to determine the scare)
0-30: a patch of Hair always growns Stark White (if in Dark hair) or Stark Black (if in light hair)
31-40: Hair Grow White
41-45: total bald on head.
45-49: On hand/foot, is strangly webs, or twisted
50: Completely Blind, Eyes are Dead White
51-60: covered in Hidious Scars, that show only when it's Cold.
61-70: Animals react strangly to the child roll a d6:
---------1: Hated by Dogs, but adored by Cats
---------2: Hated by Cats, but adored by Dogs
---------3: Hated by Domesticed farm animals: but adored by birds
---------4: Hated by birds, but adored by Domesticed farm animals
---------5: Hated my small Mammels, but adored by small reptiles
---------6: Hated my small reptiles, but adored by small Mammels
Small Mammels do not include dogs or cats.
Animal that hate you in this way will go out of there way to attack you,even if normally would flee from people (or if intelligent enough, eg most cat, then to make your life hard). animals that Adore you may follow you, away from there rightful owners, and be constantly under your feet.
71-80: The Child always has a terrible Haunted look in her eyes.
80-85: The Child is haunted nightly by terrible nightmares, and ocationally
85-91: one of the childs eyes is a strange unusual color
91-95: the child is always under the effect of True Seeing, as per the spell, but is also Haunted by holucinations, which He or she can not tell from reality.
96-99: Reroll again twice, and take both 'scars'
100: The child feels any pain she see's done to others as done to herself:
for every 5 points of lethal damages see shes done, she takes 1 point of nonleathal damage.

Other effects:
on the Binder (wether or a child was show to the vestage)
Cassandra's Sight: You are constantly under the effect of True Seeing as per the spell, however noone will ever believe you. Should you tell anyone of any illusions you see through, they will take a -5 Penalty on the will save to disbelieve, and will normally truely believe the illusion is real.

Knowledge of the Vestage: You gain a insight bonus equal to yopu charisma bonus (min +1) to all knowledge checks. aditionally you my make all knowledge checks as if you were trained in that skill, even iof you have no ranks in it.

Vistage Infuences: DC 20
The Vestage, who you Bind with this, has a pechant for lying with the truth.
You may speak no word that is not true, but may neglect to tell the full truth. the words people hear, may not be the words you say.

2009-10-25, 09:27 AM

This handbook is super useful. As mentioned in it, additional vestiges can be found in Dragon Magic, Dragon #341, Dragon #357, Dungeon #148, the Cityscape Web Enhancement, and from different articles on the wizards website.