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2009-10-25, 01:46 PM
So a few days ago my mom and I noticed our Internet (i.e. on both of our computers) got very slow. Not quite like dial-up but almost, streaming videos could take between 10-30 minutes depending on length and just surfing was agonizingly slow. We thought it was a problem with our ISP since the regular stuff I do (checking cables, repairing the connection) didn't help and there was a few issues with some TV-channels (which they also provide).
However, I scanned my computer with Avast (which I also usually do when there's trouble) and it found a rootkit :smalleek:

Now I know just a little about rootkits and that is that they're major bad mojo since one messed up my former computer a few years ago. Back then I had to enlist the help of my father (which I am hesitant to do), but now I'm hoping I could fix this without his help (cuz he's a bit of a condescending d-bag).
I do not really want to format and reinstall XP, because that's a pain and I'll have to check out how to do that since I am a bit unsure. OF COURSE I'll do it if I have to, but I'd rather not.

I was thinking of following the instructions here; http://safecomputing.umn.edu/guides/scan_unhackme.html

I.e. using a program called "UnHackMe" to remove the rootkit which, according to the link and it's own homesite has had some success against common rootkits.

I'm using Windows XP Home, Avast for scanning and Online Armor for firewall and program control. Can't think of what else to say about my specs.

The rootkit was found here

And this is the rootkit
Win32:Alureon-BH [Rtk]

Now, questions.
Have anybody of you used UnHackMe?
Have anybody of you been infected with a rootkit and what did you do?
Could the rootkit and the internet issue be related? (I'm thinking maybe?)
Help please? :smallfrown:

2009-10-25, 08:26 PM
I had some problems with a rootkit several months ago. I used Root Repeal (http://rootrepeal.googlepages.com/) which revealed and allowed me to delete the rootkit itself which then allowed my virus scanners (I use both avast and avg) to get rid of everything else the rootkit had done.

I don't know if it will help for you.