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2009-10-26, 07:04 AM
Right, i'm trying to build a template in the +2 CR range that allows the altered creature to rearrange their bones into iron hard weapons and armour. This is based mostly on how outright creepy Kimimaro from Naruto was and the fact that i found the Osteomancer to be too much of a 'spellcaster's holiday' though i would be tempted to duck into it from Duskblade.

Anyway, so far, i've come up with this as a basic mechanic:

Bone Shift: The Boneshifter possesses a number of bone points equal to his Hit Dice plus his Con modifier. As a Move action, the Boneshifter may assign or reassign these points to any of the following areas. At no point may more than half of his points be in any one of these locations, except as noted in the Desperation feature:
Grant himself a 1d4+str claw attack on one hand for one point. This counts as a primary natural weapon. Additional points may be spent to acquire a second claw or to increase the dice size by one.
Add Natural Armour [Deflection in MV] to his defence on a one for one basis
Add +1 to his natural Hardness on a one for one basis [3.5 ignores this]
Grow armour spikes that deal 1d3 damage for two points. Additional points may be spent to increase the damage dice on a two points for one dice size basis.
If at least 5 points are spent on armour spikes, characters attacking with non-reach melee weapons take the damage as well as thoe attacking with Natural ones.
For every point invested, a Boneshifter may fire one bone at a target as part of a Standard action. These bones count as Shuriken with which he is always proficient. Technically, the bone points are there to regrow the bones, not to fire them...
Marrow Poisoning: The boneshifter makes his marrow toxic to others. For 3 points, one of his natural attacks deals +1d6 additional poison damage with a successful hit [Fort save, 10+Con+points for half]. For every 2 additional points added to this ability, the attack deals +1d6 additional damage.

Desperation: When a Boneshifter has dropped below one quarter HP, he gains the ability, or more the willingness, to place an unwise number of bone shift points into single abilities. From this point on, he may place half his limit, plus an additional number of points equal to his Con modifier in to any given power.
Abilities: Strength +2, Dexterity -2, Consititution +2, Wisdom -2

Is this powerful enough to be a full +2 template, does it need more, should it be less powerful for a +2?

Not designed one of these things before so i would definately appreciate the help...

Pie Guy
2009-10-26, 02:01 PM
Well, poisoning ususally only does ability damage.

2009-10-26, 02:12 PM
I've found in general that HP damage is more likely to actually trouble players [ability stuff never seems to be held in mind because it doesn't change the numbers everywhere else on the character sheet and i find it a pain trying to remember it all myself...]

That said, there is precident for hp damage poison. At least one of the basic omes in the DMG does this too.

2009-10-26, 03:01 PM
If you have access to Magic of Incarnum, I might have something of interest to you:

I'm actually playing with a similar idea for my Breakdown setting (although it would involve altering other parts of the creature than just their bones). I plan to re-fluff the totemist class from Magic of Incarnum. It won't require much more than renaming class features.

For example, "essentia points" could become something like "stamina points" or "vitality points". The "Sphinx Claws" soulmeld would become "Bone Claws". "Ankeg Breastplate" could "Bone Armor", and when properly bound. The "Wormtail Belt" has a poison effect, which would become "Marrow Poisoning".

Magic of Incarnum also includes creatures with innate meldshaping ability. With the changes above in place, that would become innate boneshaping ability.

If you're interested, I'd love to combine creative resources to come up with great names for the class features.

2009-10-26, 03:12 PM
Tabletopnuke: Alas, i don't have access to the Magic of Incarnum [looked at it once, couldn't really figure out where it was going and put it back on the shelf]. The other thing being that i'm specifically trying to make a template.

My le Cirque Funeste project has an ability that turns people into template carrying generic freaks and i'm after a +2 CR template for my most powerful freak.

I'd be happy to help with your project, gristly freaks are where its at, but i'm gunning for a template.