View Full Version : those trendy silicone bracelets...

2009-10-28, 04:27 PM
I'm looking for one of those stupid bracelets for a friend who's a big Tolkein fan. Does anyone know if anyone out there makes one with the one ring's elvish script printed on it? It's a random request, but I was wondering if anyone might have seen one before...


Jack Squat
2009-10-28, 04:33 PM
I didn't see anywhere that sold them, but you could maybe look into doing custom printed ones. Here's a site that'll do it (http://24hourwristbands.com/).

2009-10-28, 04:37 PM
it would have to be somewhere that has gotten permission to use the script, since it's copywrited (i believe). no worries, I'll figure something out =P

but thanks :)

Jack Squat
2009-10-28, 04:43 PM
Well, you could always ask the publisher/estate (I don't know who's in control off the top of my head) for permission to use the script.

2009-10-28, 06:12 PM
Or you could just do it because you aren't selling it.
It could even be protected under fair use as parody, if you had a good enough lawyer.