View Full Version : Cool Homemade Halloween Costumes..

2009-10-30, 11:06 AM
My favorite costume by far is Zorro (really easy to do once you figure out the hat), and I make a real mean devil as well (complete with breathing actual fireballs), but this year I was walking by a paint and hardware shop and saw an outdoor broom with thick stiff red bristles, and aha!

One broom, one can of silver spray paint, one roll of duct tape, and five empty pizza boxes later, and I am King Leonidas, leader of Sparta! My costume actually looks pretty convincing, I will try to get a pic up later.

So what are you going as??

2009-10-30, 11:22 AM
just get a graduation robe, a staff, and some twigs, and voila!!! your'e a necromancer!!!

Jack Squat
2009-10-30, 03:12 PM

If I've got some free-time this weekend, I'll get a picture up. If not, I'll get it up Wednesday.