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2009-11-02, 04:45 AM
Sun was shining through the windows and the Grand Hall of the Paladin Citadel was bathing it it's light. Shining statues of all deities that existed stood near the walls, from the entrance up to the throne where Hero sit. And in front of the throne were our heroes. Four paladins, four new Shieldcarriers that only recently completed their trials stood before one of the most honored paladin Aridan. They were to get their first real mission in fighting evil.

- I greet you, fellow paladins, - said Aridan, - not long ago you completed your trials and I got reports that everyone of you were perfect in those missions. It's my and other Heroes honor that we succeeded in training you. But now, you'll have to go to a real mission. I don't expect it to be hard for you, but shall the need arise, I and other paladins will be happy to assist you inb what we can.

Yesterday, an exhausted from hunger and fear man got here. He was nearly dead, but our honorable clerics saved his life. And as soon as he got here, he begged for a meeting with us, paladins. He was a messenger from a village of Sturdy Oak and had news dire indeed. According to his words, a village was suffering non-ending attacks from wild animals, from squirrels to bears. It seemed, that the whole forest, and this village is near one of our great forests, decided to attack people. And it's terrible indeed, since animals aren't afraid of weapons or fire or anything. People already died there. Their druids and rangers were unable to find the reason, so they decided to send that brave man here. He is the real hero since he managed to get here through all those mad beasts and I intend to offer him to join our order, when he get's better.

I don't have the slightest idea of what can cause animals to attack people. But if local druids can't help, its nature might be evil in origin and it's our duty to stop it. I hope you can find the source of it and fix everything.

And now, if you have questions, you are free to ask. And I suggest you to know each other since you'll probably fight together.

2009-11-02, 12:35 PM
The athletic paladin wearing only a gleaming chain shirt witha bow and quiver on his back steps forward and introduces himself.

"I am Mardok Velencia, hunter of the undead. I am greatly skilled in archery and will likely serve our group as scout and tracker. Sir, have there been any reports of odd things occuring around this forest before the animals began to attack the town in such large numbers?"

2009-11-02, 12:56 PM
The Hero shook his head.

- Our messenger knows nothing about it, I guess he would tell us, if he knew. Something... unnatural must be behind it, but what exactly? You'll have to find it out yourselves.

2009-11-02, 02:38 PM
Theodric slaps his ample chest, his equally ample bell shaking beneath. Stepping forward he smiles broadly. "We'd be happy to help, though it sounds...odd, to say the least." He let out a quick, booming chuckle. "Don't suppose you know where we should start looking? Ancient ruins or the like? Would make this whole searching thing a damn sight easier."

2009-11-02, 06:30 PM
Griffin McNeil stands solemnly through the briefing, his shining aura of divinity merely offsetting the whiff of brimstone surrounding his black-clad form. Despite his outward appearance, he chagrins at trying to make sense of the briefing, and at the end clamps his spiked gauntlet over the top of his face. "Don't tell us you sent the Rangers on the quest to investigate an unearthed temple to Erythnul again..." he griped, "Well, if we are going to be looking for a source of evil, lets go ask the most powerful cleric we can find to tell us exactly where to go. Surely a prayer of communion would tell us who to smack." Yes, he was bound by his code to follow instructions... but they were Paladins, the weapons of righteous virtue, not detectives like Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

2009-11-02, 10:48 PM

William steps forward and briefly says "I am William Straught." He pauses and it is evident that something is bothering him. He seems to forget about the pleasantries and directly states "...those poor animals! Is there anything we can do to lure them away or not confront them? I'd rather not slaughter innocent critters that are being controlled by an evil source, if possible."

2009-11-03, 04:14 AM
Theodric scoffed. "Quit your pussyfooting. Nothing wrong with a bit of honest hunting. Gets the blood boiling and all." He sighed. "Course, clearly something supernatural is at work. Any blind man could spot it." He sighed, tangling his right hand in his beard. "So, who exactly are these druids who know so much, but can't fix one little curse. Seems the place to start looking for answers."

2009-11-03, 04:54 AM
- I of course would recommend going to the village of Sturdy Oak, - said Hero, - I think that's the best place to start looking, since only that village is being attacked and also villagers need our help! For now, we have no information about cursed ruins or something like that - the forest in that area is supposed to be... just forest with trees and animals. Peaceful, like any other forest. And I am not sure that animals are cursed - that's why I want you to investigate it. I am sure that's evil in nature - I just sence it. And I am sure local druids will help.

2009-11-03, 03:12 PM
Othnielor Oresten rode to the Ledar, the imperial capital on the fastest steeds and on the fastest roads that he could find, eager to attend the summons of one of the great Heroes of the Order. Of course, be he a warrior or a diplomat, pauper or prince, promptness is always a virtue... all the more since this was his first true mission as a Ledarrian Shieldcarrier.

As soon as he received the summons from Aridan, he set off almost immediately, words of farewell to his dear ones, regretfully spare. He packed simply and thundered down the great Royal Road that linked the Empire from end to end, switching horses at every town and making good speed. Full three days he rode like a daemon. On the third night he bathed and meditated, ritually cleansing himself before arriving at the feet of the Grandmasters of the Order, the great Heroes.

Othnielor arrived at the gold-plated gates of Ledar, capital of the Empire and paragon of virtue just as dawn broke. The grey-and-purple half-light of the dying night softened and gave way to a wash of radiant red tones. Pelor's purity arose then from the far East, distant mountains' snowy peaks scintillating. And when those rays fell upon the walls of luminous Ledar, ah... twas a sight of which Oresten would never tire, the marvelous marble masonry topping a solid granite core.

There the guards, dutiful as they were, dutiful as they are, accosted him to demand an accounting. He readily and humble assented, taking no offense at being checked for proof of identification--- because nobody is above the law and prince or pauper, as long as it is for the good of the land, it must be followed.

Past the checkpoint, Prince Oresten onward fared and dismounted with a wince before the Citadel's Great Hall. Using his warhammer as a prop, he limped forward as best he could, through the great redwood doors, carven with religious iconography of many faiths. He grimaced at the noisy, clanking passage that his ironclad heels made, marring the serenity of the Hall. A sigh steamed his mustache as he prayed that he was not disrespecting overmuch the stonemasons who had wroguht such a wonder with the rose-like patterns of the floor.

By the words of servitors and the hands of statues was he led to the throne-room where the great Hero, Aridan, held audience. The two footmen at the doors at first crossed their halberds at him, barring his passage but a swift glance at his accoutrement and they stepped aside and opened the doors for him.

Oresten drew himself to his full height and walked in with as much dignity as his limp would allow. His green cloak of elven weave flowed behind him in his wake. The magicked suit of plate-mail moved as if it were one with his body, more like a second skin than a shell of steel and spell. The sigil of an arm-and-hammer was emblazoned upon the thick wooden panels of his heavy shield. An ardent fire burned in his eyes.

He bowed and said the ancient ritual words of a guest seeking passage into a home, "Milord, I come unto thy hall, seeking succor and fain would thee repay with valour. I, Shieldcarrier Othnielor Oresten, son of Duke Danver of House Eognnan of the fiefdom of Anverin, come" There, he humbly doffed his helm, knelt before the Order's Grandmaster, the Hero Aridan and only rose when he was bidden.

(TBC: ~insert reactions to other Shieldcarriers here~)

He stood in respectful silence as the tale was told and the commission given. Auburn locks seeming copperish in the bright morning light, his fair face furrowed in thought.

((Sorry the below paragraph is like this. Should be split. Too sleepy.))

At that last word of Aridan and in the pregnant silence that followed, Othnielor dares to come forth, holding up his hands to his soon-to-be comrades in this endeavour. "Fellows, comrades all, I pray ye, let us not be divided amongst ourselves. If amongst ourselves we fall out, then we serve naught but the forces of darkness. Aye, undoubtedly there be something uncanny, something supernatural afoot. And assuredly, we must find this evil and purge it. I daresay that 'twould be best if we speak with those local druids and with the townsfolk too. If these accursed beasts come after us, of course, we shall strike them down. And when we do, may it be that we shall waste neither pelt nor meat, aye? And... pardon my saying so, brother McNeil, but the high-priest most probably has a greater task to deal with. If, as you say, some unhallowed horror has been unearthed and it proves beyond out capacity to contain, then by all means, let reinforcements be summoned by one or two of us while the rest serve as rearguard to delay the advance and protect the villagers of Sturdy Oak"

2009-11-03, 04:05 PM
"I vote we delay no longer and head to the village with do haste. The longer we stand about talking, the more damage that will be done to the village. Innocents are at stake and something foudl has corrupted those lands. Let's go."

2009-11-03, 08:46 PM
Griffin nods in assent, "Then let us be off. And hopefully we can find druids or rangers more knowledgable about the local situation. Godspeed to us all!" As the echo of his demon-tainted voice cut off, he made his way to the stables of the Order's warhorses, to set off for the village with all due haste.

2009-11-03, 10:52 PM
Theodric rubbed his legs theatrically. "I think a bit o' rest wouldn't kill us, we just got here and all, and I'm still saddle sore."
Then, seeing no one was paying attention to him, he straightened with a scowl. "I swear, young people have all forgotten how to take it easy and slow. What good is all this hurrying about doing anyone?" He said, then made his way over to his horse and began fixing the bridle and saddle.

2009-11-04, 01:56 PM
"Sec... on... ded?" the word of agreement has barely gone past Othnielor's lips when his new colleagues leave the Hall in a great blaze of ardour and zealotry.

Looking somewhat flustered, Oresten sighs and scratches his head. He bows quickly to Aridan, saying, "Protocol gives way to Practicality, your honour. We sally forth, by your leave. May Pelor watch over ye"

Bowing again, he turns and hurries after the rest of his stables-bound brothers, his warhammer's long haft going tlank-KLAK-tlank-KLAK on his armour and the floor. Limping along as fast as he could, he catches up to Sir Theodric and said, "I do beg to differ, good sir... I can say indeed that one is not alive who does not stop to breathe the breeze between the trees every so often... then again, certain injuries do tend to force a... slowing-down, so to speak. But in this case, I daresay, there be lives to save and thus, time is of the essence..."

Getting to the stables, he checks on the plain, grey stallion he arrived at Ledar with. Grooming the beast with a common comb while letting him eat and drink at his trough, he then gently tugs the horse away and makes fast the saddle, stirrups, harness and bridle.

2009-11-04, 03:05 PM
Chapter 1: The mysteries of the forest

The travel to the village of Sturdy Oak was calm and fast. Paladins got to their destination in four days. Nothing bothered them while thay were on their way, those parts of Ledaria was peaceful and law obiding.

However everything changed, when paladins got closer to the woods. Even here, on the forest borders paladins could see many tracks - animal tracks which all lead OUT of the forest. And although no beasts were seen from the road, it wasn't hard to understand that there are many of them in the area. Too many. Far more then were supposed to be.

And also, paladins sensed, with their sixth sense, that something isn't good. No one could point a finger on what he felt, it was just the sense of something ugly, dirty and painful. And the source of it was inside the forest, somewhere deep inside it.

Paladins continued forward and soon reached the village of Sturdy Oak. It was surrounded with wooden walls, and a small fort towered above the houses. Our heroes rode straight for the gate.

A young man, wearing leather armor and armed with a spear was guarding it. He was pale from fear and exhaustion and there was sign of bite on his hand. A bite caused by a large dog or possibly wolf.

As soon as paladins came closer to him, he smiled, also that was a sad smile and asked, - Are you warriors from the capital?

2009-11-04, 03:09 PM
Theodric shook his shaggy head. "My point is that as much lives are at stake, charging forward blindly is just going to put our lives at stake too. We can't do anyone any good if we're dead." The old man said.
Coming to the stable, he expertly saddled and bridled his grey stallion, then mounted up with bad grace, and maneuvered it to the gate to wait for the others. Occasionally, he would sip from his waterskin, or fiddle with his harness.
He was wearing a loose robe and pants, it being far to hot to travel in his armor, and his axe was tied to the side of his horse, almost out of reach. Only his bow was close and easy at hand, though it was unstrung.

2009-11-04, 03:16 PM
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2009-11-05, 02:45 PM

Sparing no time for pleasantries or politeness, William quickly barks out "Status report!" while looking around alertly. His expression seems to show he is entrenched within the situation, and preparing himself for battle.

2009-11-05, 03:31 PM
Griffin McNeil

Griffin dismounts from his horse, noting the guard's injuries. Opting to take a less abrupt approach than William, he walked up to the guard, his radiant glow a reminder that despite his fearsome appearance, he was blessed as an exemplar of Pelor. "What happened here?" he asks the guard, trying to regulate his altered voice. While waiting for the man to speak, he extended his arm to the wound, channeling the power vested into him by Pelor to heal the surface wound and any mild infections incurred by the attack on the guard.

(2 points of "Lay on Hands")

2009-11-05, 06:18 PM
Theodric does not dismount. His two companions had said what needed to be said, and jumping down and asking for answers was only going to confuse the poor man. Instead he stretches, and thumps his hand against the saddle to ward of bad luck.
The lad they were talking too didn't seem profesional. Probably a militia member or conscript. Desperate times and all that.
Reaching down he reached for his axe and loosened it, then moved it into easy reach.

2009-11-05, 06:22 PM
Mardock stays on his horse, drawing his bow and notching an arrow, looking about. He keeps doesn't pay the others much attention as he looks about. After a moment he slid from his horse and crouched down to look at the tracks.

2009-11-06, 03:30 AM
Griffin's hands shined and blue light risen from them to guard's wound. The wound started to close in front of everyone eyes.

- Paladins, - gasped guard, - you are paladins! Thank you! Thank you!

After a few moments he calmed down enough to answer questions.

- All of the forest seem to come here, noble sirs! All kind of beasts. If squirrels and rats are just trying to get into granaries and deers are eating our grass that we need so much for our cows, wolves, bears and others are attacking us!
Their waves seem to be never ending, they just come out of the forest and attack people. Guards from the local fort are trying to help us, but there a so few of them... We are trying to stop animals, but there are too many of them. I never thought that there are so many beasts in our forest! And people already died... or worse. Yesterday a few soldiers went to the forest trying to find out what's happening. Only three of them returned - all nearly dead, with signs of bite all over them. And not by just wolf, by something more monstrous.

While the guard was talking, Mardock was checking tracks. But here, near the village, they all were mixed. But one thing was certain - all tracks lead out of the forest, some towards village, some to other directions. But Mardock's skill wasn't good enough to specify what beasts exactly were here or something else specific.

2009-11-06, 02:11 PM

William turns to the other paladins, as if too busy to even acknowledge the guard's existence and asserts "We need to go to the source of this immediately. Nothing good will come of checking the village out, and we will achieve little in defending it".

2009-11-06, 02:47 PM
No! - yelled guard to William, - you won't find that source alone, people already tried! This biting monster will kill you!

2009-11-06, 03:25 PM
"Wise words, good sir", Oresten then said
Answering Theodric's sagacity
Ere hammer harnessed, and up he mounted
The saddlebag's fastenings came not free

As they thundered down the Great Royal Road
The limper last to mount, last to follow
'Resten lagged behind, his brains a-racking
Of all memories and readings, thinking
Of Sturdy Oaks, the townsfolk foul and fair,
Mayhap in the past, there, he'd visited
With the local chieftain, terms to declare
Perhaps in their hist'ry, something happened

The journey was a blur, uneventful
There, arriving, in that scene of chaos
Prayed to Pelor for vision insightful
He then checked all his panoply across


Finding all well with his panoply, he comes to the guard and asks him, in as soothing as voice as he could, "Our lord Pelor's light shine on you, good man. Now, please, we know, for you, these times are hard... but hold together, man. For the good of Ledar, for the good of your people. How many more guards do you have? How are those who are too weak to defend themselves hidden away? Can you tell us who we can ask to take us to your leaders?"

Turning to Sir William, Oresten says, "How can we be sure of that, Sir Straught? You are an archer, are you not? And you depend on your bow and arrows almost as much as you do on your skill and faith, right? If so, then how well do you shoot if you have no arrows? How well do you hit your quarry in the dead of dark without even knowing what it is you are shooting at? I do not mean to impinge upon your honour, just saying that information is ammunition. We would be fools not to heed the wisdom of Sir Theodric. The more we know about what we are about to face, the more we can prepare for it"

2009-11-06, 03:51 PM
Griffin turned to William to rebuke him. "Hold fast, brother. Rushing off blindly in search of the cause will get us nowhere, and possibly put more people at risk from further attacks from the animals."

After waiting for the the guard to answer Oresten's questions, he begins to question the guard himself, trying to keep his voice as amiable as possible, despite his 'voice of the Legion'-like vobulations. "Sir, what is you're name?[/B]" He begins, then continues after the response, "Thank you, [guard's name]."

, Griffin proceeds to ask a series of questions, waiting for a response before asking the next.

"About how often do the attacks come, or more importantly, how long do you expect before the next assault?"

[insert guard's response]

"Thank you. Where are the wounded, and what is being done to care for them? We can assist in healing the most critical cases."

[insert guard's response]

"Thank you, sir," he replies again, then turns to his compainions if the response is a positive for critical medical needs. "Can any of you please take care of that? I'll be along to help shortly"

Turning back to the guard, he proceeds to begin asking for further clarification or embellishment of the answers.

2009-11-06, 04:01 PM
"I forsake the art of healing, brother. I will be of little assistance in such matters. If one other will go with me, I plan to scout the perimeter. My skills are better suited to that task."

He still had his bow with an arrow notched, and handed the reins of his horse to someone.

"If one of you is heading to the village, take my steed, I can scout better on foot."

2009-11-06, 04:25 PM

A clear show of annoyance on his face, William stands down by placing his lance in a vertical resting position while motioning with the left hand as if to let the others to lead the way.

2009-11-06, 06:22 PM
Theodric at last dismounts, wincing as one of his legs twinges. Sighing in an exaggerated way, he moves over to his companions and stares at the guard beneath hooded eyes.
"I have a few questions. These attacks, is there any rhyme or reason to them? Or do they attack at any time?" Then he stops. "And whats this biting Monster, and if no ones made it back how do you even know it exists?" Aware that he sounded paranoid, he inclined his head. "I don't mean to pressure you lad, but I don't understand your story. Maybe it would be best if you start at the beginning."

2009-11-07, 07:16 AM
There was just one guard before the paladins. There had to be others, but they probably were inside.

The guard looked at each paladin, unsure who to answer first.

He decided to start from Theodric, since he was the last who spoke.

- Good sir, we tried to find a rhyme since the attack, but failed. The beasts seem to attack in random, at any time of the day. And there were survivors from the fight with monstrosity, they are now in the healing tent.

Then he turned to Griffin who asked, - Sir, what is you're name?

- My name is Akeir, noble paladin.

- Thank you, Akeir, - replied Griffin and asked, - About how often do the attacks come, or more importantly, how long do you expect before the next assault?

- Randomly as I said, - answered Akeir, - but every day at least two attacks happen. And we stopped counting rodents getting into our granaries.

- Thank you, - Griffin continued with his questions, - Where are the wounded, and what is being done to care for them? We can assist in healing the most critical cases.

- The healing tent is near the fort entrance, - replied guard, - Those who were bitten by monster are there too.

Then guard turned to Oresten.

- There are about ten soldiers and thirty militia members like me. But we also need to work... All defenseless are already inside the palisade, and we are taking care of them. And if you want to talk to mayor or fort commander, they are easy to find, they are in the fort.

While paladins were speaking, the day was nearing an end. Sun was still visible, and it was about hour or two before the dusk. The village was built very close to the forest, maybe a minute of slow walking. And it had no other defenses except the palisade. A palisade which could be broken by a strong bear paw...

2009-11-07, 11:38 AM
With his questions answered, Griffin considered following up on his second question, but decided against it. Either an attack would come, or it wouldn't. He did take note of the inferior construction of the village palisade, but lacks the skill to improve it himself. "Alright, I'll go treat any critically wounded," he said, turning to head to the camp. "After that, we should stay the night. Trying to find the source of the darkness would be suicidal at night..." With that, Griffin turned to enter the medical tent, to treat up to seven of the most critically wounded with his remaining healing powers.

2009-11-07, 02:36 PM
Beneath his helm, the brow of Othnielor Oresten furrows in worry. He agrees vocably with Griffin's assessment and accompanies him to the tents of healing, intending to aid with the wounded.

Sorry for the lack of quality on this one, chaps. Not feeling in to form. Oresten'll burn 6 points of his healing ability in helping Griffin heal the gravely injured, keeping his remaining healing power in reserve... just in case something else comes up...

2009-11-07, 03:17 PM
Griffin and Oresten quickly found healers tent and entered it. Immediately they understood that poor villagers indeed need their help. There were people with claws marks all over them, people with terrible bite signs, even two guys with their limbs torn off.

An old cleric was tending to one of them. When paladins entered, he turned around and gave them a deadly-tired look.

- Welcome, - he said, - please wait while I finish with those man and I'll check you... wait you aren't wounder, are you? You must be those paladins from the town! Can you please then... help me? I know that you can't regrow someone's arm or leg, but... maybe you know something about diseases? I need to to help this man without a leg, but check three those man at the corner, please. I tried to heal them, but their wounds just won't close... and suffer from some kind of fever, they are so hot.

Since paladins decided to help the most wounded anyway, they followed cleric's request.

Here, three man were lying on bedrolls. They all were terribly bitten, marks of large teeth were all over them. Almost certainly, those were people that guard talked about. Because of their blood loss they were supposed to be pale, but no, their skin was red and almost burning to the touch. Paladins examined their wounds trying to understand what animal or monster could cause them, but learned nothing. And whatever disease it was, it was terrible.

The paladins laid their hands on them and wounds closed, but poor men still were unconsious. And burning with fever.

Then paladins used their powers to help others in need.

After that was done, cleric spoke to them again.

- I thank you noble warriors , -he said, - lives were saved thanks to you. But as I understand you also failed to understand what monster caused this... and what exactly he caused. Indeed those are grave times. If those animal attacks were not enough, we also have unknown monstrosity nearby! And there are even more rumors about forest. One wounded man, now he is already healed and back to duties told me that he once saw a drow while he was on patrol. A drow! Here, so far from all known entrances to Underdark! Maybe it's him behind all this. Maybe he even brought some deadly beasts from Underdark!

I recommend that other paladins will try to check diseased too. Maybe someone will roll successfully.

2009-11-07, 10:14 PM
Theodric moves among the wounded, offering water, wine, and doing what he can. In cases of critical injuries, he spent some of his power in helping them Anyone Theodric judges particularly injured, he will give a few points of his lay on hands ability too.
As he does so, he asks them about the events that led to their mauling, trying to find a clear picture of the events.

((sorry, exams))

2009-11-08, 08:42 AM
Theodric walked among the wounded, trying to ease their suffering. He laid hands on a few man, healing their bites and even checked on diseased men in the corner. Unfortunately he too learned nothing from their wounds and had no idea how to help them.

He tried talking with those who could speak, and them told about endless animals attacks on the village and the fort, and about few brave men who dared to go deeply into the woods, and in what terrible conditions they returned. Those were men in agony, and whatever hurt them, it did it on his own territory deep in the woods and not near the village.

All others were hurt by normal animals and wounds of most of them, were far less dangerous.

- Thank you for your help, - said cleric, - please talk to fort commander as soon as possible.

2009-11-08, 03:00 PM
After expending his remaining allocation of healing by the grace of Pelor, Griffin nodded to the cleric. "Will do, sir," he says respecfully, then heads to find the commander in the fort.

Upon finding the officer, he bows respectfully to the higher authority. "Greetings, commander. I am Griffin McNeil, Shieldbearer of the Merciful Palm and exalted servant of Pelor," he introduced himself. "My companions and I have been dispatched here to investigate and quell the evil inciting the animals to attack the village."

After his introduction and explaination of purpose, he waited for the commander to respond, assuming that he may have more relevent information on the situation, or at least a strategic plan for handling the catastrophes facing the town.

2009-11-08, 06:59 PM
Theodric lumbers over to join him, looking a little worn. One meaty paw was tangling itself in his beard, the other was hanging limply by his side. " 'M Theodric. Baratheon." He grumbles. "Tell me, do you have a map of the forest? Doesn't need much in the way of detail or anything. I figure if we can figure out the bulk of these attacks, we might be able to deduce where to start."

2009-11-10, 11:37 AM
The commander was soon found inside the fort, in a big room with a large table and a huge Empire map on the wall. He was a mid-aged man, with a small scar on his face and was wearing heavy plate. When the paladins entered he was in the middle of conversation with young elven woman wearing leather armor and with a longbow on her back.

- I scouted the forest, but found nothing specific... there are many tracks which lead deeper into the woods, but I didn't dare going there alone.

Before commander replied, he saw paladins.

- Greetings, commander. I am Griffin McNeil, Shieldbearer of the Merciful Palm and exalted servant of Pelor, - Griffin introduced himself, - My companions and I have been dispatched here to investigate and quell the evil inciting the animals to attack the village.

The commander nodded and looked on second paladin.

- M Theodric. Baratheon, - grumbled Theodric, - Tell me, do you have a map of the forest? Doesn't need much in the way of detail or anything. I figure if we can figure out the bulk of these attacks, we might be able to deduce where to start.

- Hail paladins, - answered commander, - I am Korin, commander of this fort and surroundings. And this elf is Keyla, one of our best rangers. For a week we are trying to find out the source, but so far in vain. You want a map? Here look at this one on the wall, our village is here, a few days travel from the capital, on the very edge of the large forest. The forest covers a pretty large area all the way to sea on the west, and goes a little to the north, close to the city of Anverin. Our attacks come from the north and north-west, and as far as I know, there is nothing there. No ancient ruins, no nearly forgotten ancient fortresses, no crazy mage laboratory. However I know that local druid Jeargin lives somewhere there. Or maybe lives, I doubt he survived those attacks... if of course he isn't behind them.

Keyla tried to find out what CAN be found there, but the woods are dangerous for lone travelers. Maybe if you go with her, you'll find something.
As for reasons... well I'll let Keyla speak.

- Hail paladins, - said Keyla, - I know WHAT happened to the animals, but I don't know HOW it was done. I am sure in one thing - animals are terrified. I don't know what it is, but it frightens the animals so much, that they run from the danger right on our village. The dare to fight with us people, but not to stay in the forest. Something is wrong in the forest. Tainted, evil, I don't know, you feel such things better. And this presence fills the hearts of the beasts with fear they can't control, fear which cause them to attack people - and usually they won't dare it!

- I suspect that this drow is behind that, - said commander, - the drow which our soldiers saw a few days ago.

2009-11-10, 01:43 PM

A passion burning in his eyes, William clearly asserts "We will cleanse the forest of whatever evil taint is there... drow or otherwise," before turning his body and motioning as if to proceed immediately.

2009-11-10, 01:51 PM

Oresten comes around the bend, with the periodic clanking of his armour and knocking of his hammer-cane as he limped along. Across his back is slung his shield and his helmet in the crook of of his arm.

He looks up at the assembly with a face much-lined with scars and worries and eyes as dark pits. His voice, when it comes forth is not the voice of a proud princely paladin... but that of somebody haunted. The only words that escape his suddenly parched lips are, "Damn these drow. Their menace shall be laid low"

And then an almost imperceptible shudder courses through him. Suddenly chastened, Othnielor stands straight and bows. "Forgive my impertinence, milord. I am Othnielor Oresten, Shieldbearer from House Eogn. My counsel is that we should further fortify our position here and hold until the night is past. I do not know about you, brothers, but my eyes cannot see very well in the dark, no matter how bright the moon and stars might be. We are but human, are we not?"

His gaze narrows and his grip upon the head of his hammer tightens. "And the drow are but drow, are they not? Being such, they are most likely to be most vulnerable when the sun is up. That is when we should strike. Is it chivalrous and honourable combat? Some may argue that it is not... But is it not more honourable to give these people and ourselves a better chance by..."

He then gestures out the window into the black expanse of night. "...not literally taking a stab at the dark? We may be the Lightbringers of Ledar, but we are not fools"

2009-11-10, 03:04 PM
((what time of day is it?))

A terrible light came into Theodric's eyes. "Well." He said "That simplifies things quite a bit." He said darkly.

2009-11-11, 05:27 PM
"Thank you, captain," Griffin said to the commander, before turning back to the other Paladins.

"My plan would have been a nightly assault, because, yes, Drow are weaker during the day, but they are also conspicously absent. It would be easier to find them when they are out and about. During the day, we may never find them. In case anyone is blind, Pelor has vested within me his radiance, to be a beacon even when the sun is gone. Brother Oresten, I have more to say to you, but here is not the place," he said, having further words with Oresten's suggestion that he'd rather not be arguing over in the presence of the unordained.

2009-11-11, 06:10 PM

William stands back while the rest of the group work on a strategy. He has never been one for making good plans, but rather executing them with might and potency.

2009-11-12, 08:30 AM
Feeling somewhat chagrined, Oresten replies, "That is a good point that you bring up, brother Griffin. And good it is indeed that the Sunlord has blest ye so, whereas all I have beyond what most paladins have is my gift of gab... And yet alas, I do confess that this talent Pelor gave me, despite drow having been the ones who had nearly slain my beloved and I, should by rights still be used if the chance arises"

He then looks down at the map and racks his memory, from his studies and from all his ambassadorial trips, for anything that he could remember about this forest and the druid Jeargin. Knowing that sometimes, people may not be exactly what they seem and despite the likelihood that there is no deception, Oresten's ambassadorial instincts tell him to look briefly at the faces of the commander and the elfmaid, Keyla, to see whether or not there may be something they are holding back from them. Knowledge: Nature, Local, Geography checks, please. A spot of Sense Motive, too, thank you.

Turning to the group as a whole, he propounds, "Shall we vote on it, then, brothers? Shall we hold the fort and help to defend it through the night or shall we sally forth now and strike at the heart of darkness, taking advantage of the element of surprise?"

2009-11-13, 02:41 AM
- You know, I don't like the condition of those wounded in the tent, - said Keyla, - I don't know what beast caused them, but maybe I'll learn something from the tracks. But I won't go alone.

And the commander said, - I think it's better to find the root of the problem, we can't even be sure that beasts will attack tonight. And even if they will, we still can hold out a little longer.

Rolls (no offline dice at this computer):
Nature: [roll0]
Local: [roll1]
Geography: [roll2]
Sense Motive: [roll3] Was mistake here you got +5 more=10

Oresten knows pretty little about the area, yet he knows that druids usually live in the wilderness, but not to far from the city, for cases that people will need their help. Shall the need arise, he will find him, not certainly, but with high chances.

The beast who wounded people is unnatural, but it's impossible to tell what exactly.

Commander and elven ranger aren't lying, but they are somewhat unsure about something, possibly about drow.

2009-11-14, 03:25 PM
Griffin shakes his head, "I vote we don't vote on a plan just yet, and evaluate the situation. From what I can tell, a night assault would be less reliable, as the Drow could see us long before we could see them. On the other hand, a swift strike would end the nightmare for this village swifty. May I suggest a third option?" he rambles, trying to lay out his thoughts. "Keyla, are you able to attempt to scout again? Mardok should escort and assist you, as he is also an accomplished scout as accomplished combatant. The rest of us stay here and defend against the assaults of the animals until you return, and together we can mount a solid assault against the taint. Or you could take William with you as well, and the three of you should have the power to destroy the heart of the evil while we defend."

2009-11-14, 09:27 PM
Theodric has remained quiet. He wasn't a planner, subtly was wasted on him. Instead he excused himself.
"I'm going to the town, perhaps someone else well know something. When you young 'uns agree on something, find me. And be quick, I'm not as young as I used to be, and my back has more kinks then a forest has trees" With that he turned and lumbered out of the room.

Theodric wanders around, most likely eventually making his way to the pub. He makes an effort to get on with everyone he runs into, and tries to determine the feelings of the town.
knowledge local [roll]1d20+5[roll]
Gather information [roll]1d20+5[roll]

2009-11-16, 01:05 PM
Mardok had chosen not to remain witht he others, instead moving along the outside of the village. He searched for any bodies of slain animals, and examined marks to look for any animal tracks that were not made by a natural creature. He has not gone in to see the wounded yet and hasn't seen the marks made upon them. His bow is out with an arrow nocked, ready to aim and let fly should something leap out at him.

2009-11-16, 01:37 PM
Stroking his goatee, Othnielor nods and concurs, "Your counsel is wise, brother Griffin"

The Eognnan scion takes a step back from the table and bows to both the commander and his comrade. "I take my leave, sirs and madam. I go to patrol the perimeter. I shall be at the palisades, should I be needed"

With these words, meets the eyes of his remaining comrades, the commander and Keyla, his gaze locking for a while with Griffin's, and then he turns to leave.

2009-11-17, 06:50 AM
Most of the paladins decided not to leave the village in that late hour, and found things to do inside.

Oresten and Griffin decided to help at the palisades, Theodric was trying to calm the villagers and possibly get some information.

So far, the night was calm and the only one who was seen out of the palisade was Mardok, who was checking the bodies of the animals. No wild beasts were coming to kill... at least now.

Theodric spent time speaking with villagers, calming them, and asking about the last events, but unfortunately, he learned nothing new.

But Mardok did find something. One of the bears who was killed not far from the palisade, had quite unique wounds. One of them wasn't inflicted with a weapon. No, it was caused by bare hand! Nails of the bare human hand. And the wound had pieces of rotten flesh inside - human flesh. There was only one humanoid creature who could hurt bear that deeply and infect him at the same time - Undead. The pain and sickness drove the poor animal mad and caused it to attack people.

So far such a wound was found only on one animal.