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2009-11-06, 02:34 PM
((EDIT: Other information on this campaign, especially cosmology, may be found HERE (http://forums.ottercomics.us/index.php?showtopic=585).))

Two separate threads in the past, don't want to necro, but play-test data is rarer than hens teeth around here... so going to cut-paste the log of the first session... note that the stuff BEFORE they get Plane-Shifted is important since it establishes a hidden danger of the plane.

Session Start (CFFWolfin:#DracoD&D): Fri Nov 06 09:26:21 2009
[09:26] *** #DracoD&D: @DracoDei
[09:26] *** #DracoD&D was created on Fri Nov 06 09:26:19 2009.
[09:55] *** Remus has joined #DracoD&D.
[10:02] *** Cho has joined #DracoD&D.
[10:02] *** Cho is now known as Pallas.
[10:05] Remus: woops... need to finish preparing spells >.>
[10:05] DracoDei: Ok
[10:05] DracoDei: Just ask me if you need any help.
[10:12] Remus: the +1 in the spells per day indicates my school bonus, correct?
[10:18] DracoDei: Yes.
[10:19] DracoDei: Which you can only prepare spells of that school in.
[10:19] * Remus nods
[10:19] DracoDei: Now I haven't pretyped this stuff unfortunately, so I will have to do everything on the fly...
[10:20] DracoDei: Maybe in future weeks this will not be true, especially once you get on a more set adventure path...
[10:21] *** Spheniscine has joined #DracoD&D.
[10:21] Spheniscine: Hi. :3
[10:22] * Spheniscine checks if Clem is on Skype.
[10:22] Spheniscine: Nope.
[10:22] Remus: he should be here soon...
[10:23] *** Skittles has joined #DracoD&D.
[10:23] * Skittles lurks
[10:24] Spheniscine: Hi.
[10:24] * Remus pounces Skittles!
[10:25] *** Wolfin has joined #DracoD&D.
[10:25] *** clemaxgra-pocketdragon has joined #DracoD&D.
[10:25] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :D
[10:25] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon turns out in time X3
[10:25] Remus: hi Clem
[10:25] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: hihi ^^
[10:25] Spheniscine: Hmm... must an op invite her?
[10:25] *** Mode change "+o Wolfin" for channel #DracoD&D by Red-King.Foxnet.in.
[10:25] *** -irc.wagztail.com- *** Wolfin invited WagzBot into the channel
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[10:25] *** Wolfin has left #DracoD&D.
[10:25] Spheniscine: Hi Wagz.
[10:25] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon just came back from the cyber cafe from gaming with a friend :P
[10:26] Spheniscine: Hi Wagz!
[10:26] WagzBot: Hi there Spheniscine!
[10:26] Spheniscine: ^^
[10:26] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: hi wagz!
[10:26] WagzBot: Hi there clemaxgra-pocketdragon!
[10:26] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :3
[10:26] Remus: Hi wagz?
[10:26] WagzBot: Hi there Remus!
[10:26] DracoDei: !1d20+7
[10:26] Spheniscine: dice 1d20
[10:26] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[10:26] Spheniscine: Don't think it has modifiers.
[10:26] DracoDei: Ah...
[10:27] DracoDei: Need to get Wolfin the code from that other program...
[10:27] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon pokes sphen for a skype too :#
[10:27] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :3*
[10:27] Spheniscine: lol I just quit to focus on the game...
[10:28] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: awwr
[10:28] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon doesnt know what exactly to do yet :P
[10:28] * Spheniscine isn't too good at multitasking
[10:28] DracoDei: I think Robin might have said his attendence may be erratic.
[10:28] Spheniscine: Ah.
[10:28] Spheniscine: Yeah. ._.
[10:29] DracoDei: Having your character sheets open in seperate windows so that both can be seen at once, or at least so rapid switching in possible is good.
[10:30] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon headtilts since he thought he has only one character sheet
[10:30] * Pallas needs the site
[10:30] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: (Link: http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/view_campaign.php?cid=671)http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/view_campaign.php?cid=671
[10:31] DracoDei: Clem: Yes, but since I was talking to everyone, I used the plural.
[10:31] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: oh.. :P
[10:31] Spheniscine: lol
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[10:34] Spheniscine: Wagz will need voice too.
[10:34] DracoDei: Only if I moderate the room really...
[10:34] Spheniscine: Is it?
[10:34] *** Mode change "+v WagzBot" for channel #DracoD&D by DracoDei.
[10:34] DracoDei: I actually don't know...
[10:35] Spheniscine: Didn't you just turn on +m?
[10:35] *** Mode change "-m" for channel #DracoD&D by DracoDei.
[10:35] DracoDei: Yeah, but it was by accident and I might have also turned it off at the same time.
[10:35] Spheniscine: +cm-ctn ... <.<
[10:35] DracoDei: Ok... what are c t an n?
[10:36] DracoDei: *and n?
[10:37] DracoDei: Is anyone wearing an amulet>
[10:37] DracoDei: ?
[10:37] DracoDei: Or anything else magic around their neck?
[10:37] Skittles: soooooooooo.... when... does... erm... the game start?
[10:37] Spheniscine: (Link: http://wiki.inspircd.org/Channel_Modes)http://wiki.inspircd.org/Channel_Modes
[10:37] Remus: Amulet of Natural Armor
[10:37] Remus: (+1)
[10:37] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: no amulet
[10:37] Spheniscine: You probably want to set +n on again.
[10:38] Spheniscine: "No external messages, users must be on channel to talk."
[10:38] *** Mode change "+n" for channel #DracoD&D by DracoDei.
[10:38] DracoDei: Not likely to matter, but sure.
[10:38] Spheniscine: Aw man, I have to go to the bathroom. ._.
[10:39] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ._.
[10:39] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon offers used water bottle to sphen
[10:39] DracoDei: Wagzbot isn't logging this, but I am.
[10:39] DracoDei: I will just be doing scenery descriptions...
[10:40] DracoDei: --Session Start---
[10:40] DracoDei: You all knew eachother previously to this, having spared with eachother at one time or another.
[10:41] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: *gnaws on stick*
[10:42] Spheniscine: Back.
[10:42] DracoDei: You went in together to buy a ticket for a charity raffle that would allow the winner and several of their friends an all expenses paid trip to the Elemental Plane of Candy.
[10:42] DracoDei: Much to your surprise you won@
[10:42] DracoDei: !
[10:42] Spheniscine: Yay!
[10:42] * WagzBot looks up at the exclamation and hopes it means a muffin is coming.
[10:42] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :3
[10:43] *** Remus_ has joined #DracoD&D.
[10:43] *** Remus has left #DracoD&D.
[10:43] DracoDei: You have each been issued a magical pebble (they grumbled greatly about having to make a really small one for Clemaxgra, but the terms of the contract were clear).
[10:43] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((aint cho joining?))
[10:44] Spheniscine: Cho = Pallas.
[10:44] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: o
[10:45] *** Remus_ is now known as Remus.
[10:45] *** Remus has signed off IRC (Changing hosts).
[10:45] *** Remus has joined #DracoD&D.
[10:45] DracoDei: These pebbles have a tooth cleaning and gum stimulating cantrip that activates when sucked on, lasts 5 minutes per use, and can be used up to 3 times per day.
[10:46] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon puts a pebble on his nose and stares at it
[10:47] Pallas: Does Hesiod need one as well?
[10:48] DracoDei: You were instructed to bring enough meat for Hesiod if she(?) isn't going to eat chocolate frogs.
[10:48] DracoDei: Etc.
[10:49] DracoDei: And so the day of your departure arrives!
[10:50] Pallas: (he)
[10:50] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: XD
[10:51] DracoDei: You are in the local transporteer's hall ((so if you want to get in some IC roleplay there or cover some OOC character descriptions, now would be the time.))
[10:51] Remus: ((Draco can you check that i prepared spells right?))
[10:52] DracoDei: ((Sure, just a sec...))
[10:54] DracoDei: ((Yep, you even remembered the house-rule that I had forgotten))
[10:54] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon headtilts
[10:54] Remus: ((Sweet ^^))
[10:54] * Pallas looks around the transporteer's hall and shifts her wings a bit underneath her cloak. Hesiod shifts on her shoulder and tucks his head underneath a wings quietly after a quick look around. Her claws tap the floor lightly as she paces the hall.
[10:55] DracoDei: You have been informed that the plane should be no more dangerous than the one you are on now on the whole.. the guild mage will stay with you until your local guild arrives...
[10:55] * Remus stretches out, makes sure he's got all of his stuff
[10:56] Remus: ((Question, as to the status of my familiar?))
[10:56] * Pallas casts a glance at a small child also in the hall. He stares at her curiously and she stares back stonily. She briefly wonders where the child is going.
[10:57] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon gnaws on the wooden shield on his tail, holding it with his two foreclaws as he watches curiously at everyone else, making sure not to be accidentally left behind
[10:57] * Pallas is used to stares, and amongst her unusual companions, people don't even bother to hide their eyes
[10:57] DracoDei: People vanish from the designated gathering areas in groups, or from where-ever at random in pairs or trios with the transport magi.
[10:58] * Pallas takes a step toward the child and gauges his reaction carefully.
[10:58] Pallas: (OOC: Do I make him react or do you?)
[10:58] DracoDei: Appearances are in rooms.
[10:59] DracoDei: ((Either in general for stuff like that... but usually me...))
[10:59] Pallas: (what would you like in this case?)
[10:59] DracoDei: Customs officials examine the incoming people and goods.
[10:59] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon tugs at sphen's pants, wanting a lift for a better view around him
[10:59] DracoDei: ((I will do it.))
[11:00] *** You are now known as Boy.
[11:00] * Boy half raise his hand, then puts it down abruptly...
[11:01] Boy: Can I pet your leg kitty lady?
[11:01] * Remus pulls his cloak over his head
[11:01] * Pallas looks down at her leg and then moves her cloak back to allow better access
[11:02] Pallas: Where are you going, Child?
[11:02] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon nips sphen at the leg for apparently ignoring clem's request
[11:02] Boy: The moon I think, but whenever I tell my daddy that he says no, we aren't, and uses a lot of big words I don't understand.
[11:03] * Pallas smiles
[11:03] Spheniscine: Hello.
[11:03] WagzBot: nihao
[11:03] Spheniscine: (Grah)
[11:03] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon falsl over
[11:03] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: falls*
[11:03] * Spheniscine lifts Clem
[11:04] * Boy pets Pallas's knee in a nervous sort of way, then becoming more sure of his invitation.
[11:04] Pallas: The moon sounds like a wonderful destination. Sometimes in the woods at night, I can hear wolves singing to the moon. Would you sing back to them from the moon?
[11:04] * Remus hums to himself
[11:05] Boy: I wouldn
[11:05] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon sits comfortably on sphen's shoulder and can easily see pallas talking to a girl o.o
[11:05] Boy: 't be able to hear them would I?
[11:06] *** You are now known as Father.
[11:06] Father: Come on Thomas, the magic user is here to transport us.
[11:06] *** You are now known as Boy.
[11:06] Pallas: No. But you'd still know they're singing.
[11:06] Pallas: And they'd know you're singing.
[11:07] Boy: I have to go now kitty lady.
[11:07] *** You are now known as GM.
[11:07] Pallas: Good-bye, Thomas. Have a nice trip.
[11:07] GM: The Boy, his father, and the transporteer vanish in a puff of pink smoke that smells slightly of onions.
[11:08] * Remus sneezes at the smell
[11:08] * Pallas wrinkles her nose and Hesiod wakes and gives a squwak
[11:09] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon sniff sniffs a lil and thinks thats an odd smell
[11:09] * Pallas pets Hesiod to calm him down
[11:10] GM: A non-spellcasting employee of the guild that is doing your transport comes over.
[11:10] * Remus nods to the employee as he approaches
[11:10] GM: You are the group that is going to the Elemental Plane of Candy?
[11:10] * Pallas also nods
[11:10] Pallas: Yes.
[11:10] Remus: That we are
[11:11] GM: She looks you over carefully....
[11:11] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon headtilts then answers with a yip
[11:11] GM: ((Anyone interested to know WHAT she is looking at should roll a spot check.))
[11:12] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: (??)
[11:12] Remus: dice 1d20
[11:12] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
[11:12] Remus: +8
[11:12] Pallas: how?
[11:12] Pallas: dice 1d20
[11:12] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[11:12] GM: ((A d20 plus whatever it says on your character sheet for "Spot" in the skills section.))
[11:12] Remus: 23
[11:13] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: dice 1d20
[11:13] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 17; Total: 17.
[11:13] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: 22
[11:13] Pallas: (is having trouble locating)
[11:14] GM: Ok, Remus you note that she is looking at y'alls hand-paws. ((I assume there are no mules etc in the party?))
[11:14] Remus: Pallas: +4
[11:14] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((claws for me))
[11:15] Remus: ((was ooc))
[11:15] Remus: Curious, my friend?
[11:15] Pallas: 20
[11:15] Remus: ((BRB))
[11:16] GM: ((She also seems to be looking at you back-packs, which, by the way, are all a bit patched and worn.))
[11:16] GM: May I see your ticket?
[11:16] *** Mode change "+v Remus" for channel #DracoD&D by GM.
[11:17] GM: ((((We will say Pallas has the ticket.))
[11:17] GM: (((Since I think that Cho has the most RP experience.))
[11:17] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon shows the employee his pebble-thingy
[11:18] * Pallas draws out the ticket and holds it
[11:18] Pallas: *holds it up
[11:18] GM: ((So making her the party "leader" make sense in some situations.... which DOESN'T mean you have to do what she says in any way, shape, or form, thus the quotes.))
[11:18] Pallas: ((not recommended :-P))
[11:19] *** You are now known as Hostess.
[11:19] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon ish too tiny to be party leader :P
[11:19] * Hostess examines it.
[11:19] Hostess: I think...
[11:20] Hostess: My sincere appologies, but your transport may be delayed...
[11:20] Pallas: May I ask why?
[11:20] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon growls in annoyance at the hostess
[11:20] * Pallas puts out a hand to quiet clem
[11:21] * Remus briefly wonders where Saleth got off to, only to have him trot up to him, caught mouse held high.
[11:21] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon flops on his belly, curled up while still on sphen's shoulder
[11:21] Hostess: Your contract is only for a planar transportation, such things are very inaccurate, so we usually offer a fine-tuning teleporation as well.
[11:21] * Remus chuckles and pets the cat
[11:21] Hostess: In this case, however, the transporteer was to wait for a local guide before leaving instead.
[11:22] Pallas: So there has been an error then?
[11:22] Remus: Our local guide running a bit late?
[11:22] Hostess: No no.
[11:22] Hostess: Just that because of that, your transport must be the last done before your transporteer refreshes his spells.
[11:23] Hostess: And with priority transports being arranged, sometimes we have to delay.
[11:23] Pallas: What does that mean in regards to time?
[11:23] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon hopes it doesnt mean for another day >.>
[11:24] Hostess: Perhaps nothing, I shall have to double check.
[11:24] Hostess: If not, then I am very sorry to say it could be a few days... there is just no way of telling.
[11:24] Pallas: This seems a bit...odd. If I may speak to one of your supervisors.
[11:25] Hostess: ((Sense motive checks for whoever is paying attention to this.))
[11:25] Pallas: (Draco, may I do a roll)
[11:25] Hostess: ((Just roll and tell me what for, you don't have to ask first in most cases.))
[11:25] *** You have been disconnected. Fri Nov 06 11:25:41 2009.
[11:26] *** Automatically rejoining channel...
[11:26] *** Hostess_ has joined #DracoD&D.
[11:26] *** #DracoD&D: @Hostess +Pallas +clemaxgra-pocketdragon +Spheniscine Hostess_ Skittles +Remus +WagzBot
[11:26] *** Hostess_ is now known as DracoDei.
[11:26] *** clemaxgra-microdragon_ has joined #DracoD&D.
[11:26] Pallas: (Draco, what do you need to see?)
[11:26] clemaxgra-microdragon_: ((thinks that was scarier than raised paw '~' ))
[11:26] Hostess: ((Just roll and tell me what for, you don't have to ask first in most cases.))
[11:26] Remus: ((we just lost our op... -.-;))
[11:26] Remus: ((I think?))
[11:26] Pallas: dice 1 sd20
[11:27] Remus: dice 1d20
[11:27] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[11:27] Pallas: dice 1d20
[11:27] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[11:27] Pallas: (rolling for diplomacy)
[11:27] Hostess: ((What is your total roll?))
[11:27] *** clemaxgra-pocketdragon has signed off IRC (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).
[11:28] *** clemaxgra-microdragon_ is now known as clemaxgra-pocketdragon.
[11:28] Pallas: (11)
[11:29] Hostess: Certainly if you wish, but I was only warning you of a possibility, let me check with your transporteer...
[11:29] Pallas: Thank you.
[11:29] * Hostess goes off and has a heated discussion in a corner with one of the transporteers.
[11:29] *** DracoDei is now known as Transporteer.
[11:29] Pallas: Clemaxgra
[11:29] Pallas: Please, follow her and listen
[11:30] * Pallas takes Cleam off of Sphen and sets him onto the floor.
[11:30] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon headtilts
[11:30] Pallas: ((Do a hide roll)
[11:30] Pallas: ((Then do a listen roll))
[11:30] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: roll 1d20
[11:31] Pallas: dice 1d20
[11:31] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[11:31] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: dice 1d20
[11:31] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[11:31] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: dice 1d20
[11:31] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
[11:31] Hostess: Well... depending on how he is approaching there Hide roll might not be necessary, or it might not be the only roll being made, or whatever...
[11:31] Hostess: Describe how you are approaching....
[11:31] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: hide27
[11:31] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: listen23
[11:32] Hostess: Ok, you manage to catch the last half of the conversation.
[11:34] Pallas: ping?
[11:34] WagzBot: pong!
[11:35] Hostess: ((Was handling that in PM.))
[11:36] Pallas: ((Just wanted to be sure my Internet didn't die again.))
[11:36] Spheniscine: Prah... I'm so out of this... >.<
[11:36] Spheniscine: I'm having an argument... ._.
[11:36] Remus: ((hmm?))
[11:37] * Hostess comes over, walking quickly, and thus gets ahead of Clemaxgra unless Clem decides to dash for it, and risk getting stepped on.
[11:38] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon decides not to, but decides to stay hidden and return to pallas when transporteer isnt looking
[11:38] Hostess: I am sorry for the confusion. This may sound a bit odd, but could you show me any maps you may have been given, as well as your expense account vouchers?
[11:38] Pallas: That does sound odd. May I ask the reason you need to see them?
[11:39] * Hostess is a female human, wearing the traditional cloak of the transporteers, a patchwork with each patch representing a different continent or plane.
[11:39] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: dice 1d20
[11:39] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 14; Total: 14.
[11:39] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: 19 Move Silently
[11:39] * Remus blinks, coming back to reality with a thud
[11:40] Remus: Expense account vouchers?
[11:40] Hostess: *The overall effect of the cloak is pretty ugly.*
[11:41] Hostess: Because while we are not responsible for such things directly, if we transported you into a less than teniable situation, we could get in trouble.
[11:41] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon sneaks back to pallas?
[11:42] Hostess: So we need to make sure that you have both the means of finding everything you might need, and the where-with-all to obtain it.
[11:43] Hostess: Otherwise, under my oaths, may need a special release from you if you insist on proceeding.
[11:44] Pallas: May I ask where the young man and his father before us went?
[11:44] Hostess: Who was that?
[11:44] WagzBot: I dunno.
[11:44] Pallas: The young man went by the name of Thomas.
[11:45] * Remus digs around in his pack, pulls out a roll of maps, and offers them to Pallas
[11:45] Pallas: Thank you, Remus.
[11:45] Hostess: ((Ok, in context, that is like asking where a random person who got on an airplane went.))
[11:45] Pallas: ((Okay, question withdrawn))
[11:45] Pallas: ((In my mind the halls are uncrowded and quiet))
[11:46] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon whispers something at pallas
[11:46] Hostess: ((They are small enough to be crowded and you have major goods shipments going through))
[11:47] Hostess: ((And really small airports aren't crowded either...))
[11:47] Remus: ((Confused about the Expense account Vouchers? what is meant by that?))
[11:47] Pallas: Remus, could you talk to the Transporteer for a moment. I need to adjust my cloak. It's chafing against my wings.
[11:47] * Pallas hands the maps and ticket to Remus
[11:47] * Remus blinks
[11:48] Hostess: ((All expenses paid trip -> you have documents that you can show to people that they can put it on the charities tab.))
[11:48] Remus: ((ah))
[11:48] Hostess: ((You each have one.))
[11:48] * Pallas looks in Remus' eyes and tries to discern his comfort level, offering to take back the ticket
[11:48] * Remus smiles uncomfortably
[11:49] * Pallas takes back the ticket
[11:49] Pallas: Please speak to the Transporteer. I'll only be a moment
[11:49] Hostess: ((DC 20 Int check to realize on the spur of the moment that those are in the name of the charity, and technically have nothing to do with the transporteers directly.))
[11:49] * Pallas goes to the corner to adjust her cloak
[11:49] Pallas: dice 1 d20
[11:50] Pallas: dice 1d20
[11:50] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[11:50] Remus: ((For who?))
[11:50] * Hostess examines the map, and pulls out a wand and almost activates it... then puts it back in his pocket.
[11:50] Hostess: ((HAs anyone given him a voucher yet?))
[11:50] * Remus smiles as best he can at the Transporteer
[11:50] * Pallas listens to Clemaxgra as she adjusts her cloak
[11:50] Hostess: ((Anyone who is listening to the conversation can roll the INT check))
[11:51] Remus: ((I have not))
[11:51] Remus: dice 1d20
[11:51] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[11:51] Pallas: ((Which conversation?)
[11:51] Hostess: ((The one between the transporteer and whoever is talking to him at the moment.))
[11:52] Remus: 11
[11:52] Pallas: ((Would a concentration check help with Clem's message or is that all I get?)
[11:53] Hostess: ((Whatever he types to you is what he says, and what you get.))
[11:54] Hostess: ((Unless he is AFK,, in which case I can fill in for him a bit.))
[11:54] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((aint afk o-o))
[11:54] * Pallas returns.
[11:55] * Remus makes way for Pallas
[11:55] * Pallas smiles at Remus
[11:55] Pallas: Transporteer, do you have a name? I feel silly just calling you by your job title.
[11:56] Hostess: Oh, sorry... Susan. (Holds out hand.)
[11:56] Hostess: It is just that we usually work with a group for all of 2 minutes, if that much.
[11:56] * Pallas shakes Susan's hand gently, careful of her claws
[11:57] Hostess: And you are?
[11:57] *** Transporteer is now known as Susan.
[11:57] * Hostess hands the map back.
[11:57] Pallas: My name is Pallas, and my compatriots are Remus, Spheniscine and Clemaxgra.
[11:57] Pallas: ((Is there skunk here too?)
[11:57] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon sneaks to remus and acts as if he was there the whole time
[11:57] * Remus rolls the map back up and places it in his pack
[11:58] Hostess: ((Ah, yes... but he tends to fade into the background... NPC style))
[11:58] * Remus sniffs Clem
[11:58] Pallas: Susan, do you have a concern that I can help you with? I feel you're not being forthcoming.
[11:59] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders if he is smelling different from usual *sniffs self*
[11:59] Hostess: ((Diplomacy check.))
[12:00] Pallas: ((last time I read it wrong. It's a minus - my bad and apologies for that mistake))
[12:00] Pallas: dice 1 d20
[12:00] Pallas: dice 1d20
[12:00] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 12; Total: 12.
[12:00] Pallas: 11
[12:00] Spheniscine: ((Prah... I'm not feeling too good...))
[12:01] Hostess: Oh, nothing too out of the usual. It is just we are worried that you might not be quite prepared... it is easy to get sick to your stomach after a few days on that particular plane, and we wanted to make sure you knew where to find more nurishing fare.
[12:02] Hostess: And that you wouldn't have to pay out of your own pockets for it.
[12:03] Pallas: Yet when the Hostess saw our ticket she would have known we were the winners of the Event so she would have known we would have expense vouchers.
[12:04] Hostess: You could see how we would be cautious when the whole plane is basically made of food, but bread and meat amd greens are in short supply...
[12:04] Remus: ((Wasn't Susan the hostess?))
[12:04] Pallas: ((No, Hostess = no name, Susan = transporteer)
[12:04] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((hostess =/= transporteer))
[12:05] Remus: ((I was thinking that was just Draco not changing his name *read back up*))
[12:05] Pallas: ((Query: Did Remus share his noticing of the Hostess looking at our unusual features?))
[12:06] Hostess: In theory, but we are just hired by the Orphans of the Sea, and we don't necessarily know the TERMS of those vouchers.
[12:06] Remus: ((I did not, should I? >.<))
[12:06] Pallas: ((It would be an appreciated whisper))
[12:06] Hostess: ((I keep trying to change my name... but it still shows to me as "Hostess".))
[12:06] Pallas: ((Or even appreciated comment to all))
[12:07] Pallas: You don't know the terms by which you work?
[12:09] * Remus whispers to Clem about the Hostess and asks him to pass it on
[12:10] Hostess: Our job is basically to get you there and back. What is between is our responsibility only in as much as we are not supposed to leave people in unteniable circumstances, except under very specific circumstances, such as dropping off treasure-seekers outside of the tomb of someone vain and foolish enough to be burried with a sizable fraction of their worldly goods.
[12:11] Hostess: The local guide and the expense vouchers are completely seperate from us.
[12:11] Pallas: I see.
[12:14] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon crawls onto pallas's shoulder and waits for her to stop talking, not wanting to be rude nor wanting Susan to overhear what Remus told clem
[12:14] Pallas: ((Does Susan wear gloves?))
[12:14] Hostess: In all frankness she was checking the ticket for the duration of the stay.
[12:14] Hostess: ((No gloves))
[12:15] * Pallas listens to Clemaxgra
[12:15] Hostess: She was trying to handle things as politely as possible, so you really can't blame her.
[12:15] * Pallas also looks over Susan's hands
[12:15] Pallas: ((Does she have any cuts or scrapes on her hands
[12:15] Pallas: ))
[12:16] Hostess: ((Err... no...))
[12:16] Hostess: ((Why do you ask?))
[12:16] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: roll 1d20
[12:16] Pallas: ((Does she have any cuts or scrapes anywhere visible, or does anyone in the party?))
[12:16] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: dice 1d20
[12:16] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[12:16] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: 7 spot o-o
[12:18] Hostess: ((Ummm.... Spheniscine managed to bump his head on a sharp rock going for a hyperactive swim to burn off some of the excitement of the trip this morning... barely visible under the skin.))
[12:18] Hostess: (I mean fur...))
[12:18] Pallas: Susan...
[12:19] Pallas: My friend here...
[12:19] Pallas: He's injured.
[12:19] Pallas: What would you do for him if I ask your help?
[12:19] * Pallas shows Susan the scratch
[12:20] Hostess: ((Ok, this is spiralling WAY out of control... where are you going with this? I am trying to set up a comparatively minor plot point for later.))
[12:21] Pallas: ((I'm using what Clem told me))
[12:21] Hostess: ((Yes, but for WHAT?))
[12:22] Hostess: ((I have no way of knowing exactly what he told you BTW.))
[12:22] Hostess: ((Since I assume he did it in PM.))
[12:22] Pallas: ((To prove we don't need medicine/meds/to be healed because I'm a healer))
[12:22] Hostess: ((Oy....))
[12:22] * Remus sighs, shows Susan his voucher
[12:22] Pallas: ((...))
[12:23] Pallas: ((sorry))
[12:23] Remus: May we go?
[12:23] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((sorry, count it as clem fell asleep from all the running about. gtg to bed o-o))
[12:23] Hostess: ((Ok))
[12:23] Remus: ((Night Clem))
[12:24] Pallas: ((night Clem))
[12:24] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((nini guys ^^))
[12:24] Hostess: ((Hold on a second...))
[12:24] * Remus picks Clem up and slides him into a pouch on his pack to keep him safe
[12:24] Hostess: ((Got to check the rules on a spell, but Pallas should make a wisdom check...))
[12:25] Pallas: dice 1d20
[12:25] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[12:25] Pallas: 17
[12:27] Pallas: ((Hmmm...I think I did that wrong...
[12:27] Pallas: ))
[12:27] Pallas: ((Is it add the score or add the mod))
[12:27] Hostess: *Pallas completely over-heals the tiny scratch with her nature powers, and then interupts Susan before Susan can point out that that particular spell is completely and utterly useless against the problem in question.))
[12:27] Hostess: ((Add the mod.))
[12:27] Pallas: ((Ok))
[12:28] Hostess: *Pallas points out that she is a druid, and can feed the whole party off of a patch of berries if needs be.*
[12:28] Hostess: Ah!
[12:29] Hostess: Very well then... sorry, it doesn't pay to make assumptions of the preparedness of others when it comes to my job.
[12:30] * Remus nods
[12:30] Hostess: ((For anyone still not clear, the trip is for an undetermined length of time, but long enough that malnutrition or even pure diabetic shock might actually be issues.))
[12:30] Hostess: So you can understand my caution.
[12:30] * Hostess examines the vouchers.
[12:30] Hostess: *voucher
[12:31] Hostess: Well, assuming they are all teh same, which the probably are, then this does indeed cover purchasing food.
[12:32] Hostess: So if I set you up with a enchanted pointer on the map to the closest such off-planar friendly town to wherever we end up, then that should do well...
[12:32] Hostess: Or you can eat magic berries.
[12:33] Remus: I vote for the pointer
[12:33] Hostess: Well, that covers that, and your thinks have already been checked through customs, so, off we go then?
[12:33] Hostess: Certainly sir.
[12:33] Pallas: Thank you, Susan.
[12:34] Hostess: ((Note that the spell lists _Freshly Picked_ so you can't just take along a pot of blueberries.))
[12:35] Pallas: ((What??))
[12:35] Hostess: (( (Link: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/goodberry.htm)http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/goodberry.htm ))
[12:35] Hostess: Casting goodberry upon a handful of freshly picked berries makes 2d4 of them magical.
[12:36] Pallas: ((okay)
[12:37] Hostess: ((Can we do the plane-shift now?))
[12:37] Remus: ((Let's))
[12:37] Hostess: ((And do people want to keep going another hour, or shall we make this a short session?))
[12:38] Remus: ((Hmmm.....))
[12:38] Pallas: ((I'll probably not sleep now anyhow since it's so late))
[12:39] Remus: ((Let's go on?))
[12:40] * Hostess puts on a magic helmet from the supply room, and you all go to the exit platform and vanish with the sound of a great gong, and a flash of purple light mixed with insubstancial glitters in the air at both ends of the transport.
[12:40] * Hostess turns around quickly, checking for wild animals.
[12:41] Hostess: You are standing on top of a small hillock of block dark chocolate., the scene is peaceful, and indeed, idillic.
[12:41] * Remus glances around, slightly amazed
[12:42] Hostess: *Green cotton-candy moss grows here and their on the chocolate boulders.*
[12:43] Remus: Everything is safe to eat, correct?
[12:43] * Pallas watches Hesiod stretch his wings and flutter
[12:43] Hostess: *The grass at the base of the slope looks approximately normal, but subtle off... you can't really tell from here (unless you have telescopic vision.)*
[12:43] Hostess: Yep!
[12:44] * Remus sets Saleth down
[12:44] * Hostess glances at Hesiod.
[12:44] * Remus pulls up a bit of the moss and tastes it
[12:45] * Pallas shifs a bit, the warmth of her body heat causing the chocolate to melt under her pawpads
[12:46] * Remus looks over at Susan
[12:46] Hostess: Don't let him go too high... some of the clouds aren't moisture, they are cotton candy *points to a cloud that is a pleasant shade of lilac* the sugar fibers are pretty loose from what I hear, but they still could foul wings in theory.
[12:46] Remus: we waiting here for our guide?
[12:46] Hostess: Yeah, give me a second and I can tell you how long it will be...
[12:47] Hostess: Remus tastes the cotton-candy.
[12:47] * Pallas whistles shrilly and Hesiod comes back down and perches on her shoulder
[12:47] * Hostess focuses as the gems on the helmet glow...
[12:48] Hostess: Pallas party, authorization number six five seven two.
[12:48] Hostess: *Pause*
[12:49] Hostess: One cat, and one owl, probably magically augmented as companions, be advised most of party are carnivores form anthropomorphs.
[12:50] Hostess: *Pause*
[12:50] Hostess: 8 hours, perhaps more, depending on... flowers? Is that supposed to be a joke?
[12:50] Hostess: *Pause*
[12:50] Hostess: Oh, I see. Sorry sir.
[12:51] Hostess: Is that all?
[12:51] *** Skittles has left #DracoD&D.
[12:51] Hostess: *Pause*
[12:51] Hostess: Bye.
[12:51] * Hostess removes helmet.
[12:51] Hostess: Ok...
[12:51] Hostess: Your guide will be here in about 8 hours.
[12:51] Pallas: In meantime...
[12:51] Hostess: The location my spell drops us at is very hard to control.
[12:51] Pallas: ?
[12:52] Hostess: In the mean time, feel free to look around...
[12:52] * Remus pulls out his map
[12:53] Hostess: If you can take care of yourself in the wilds of the world we just came from, then you should be fine here.
[12:53] Hostess: Oh, now that I know where we are, I will need to mark that...
[12:53] * Remus offers the map to Susan
[12:54] Hostess: You will have to hold it horizontally for this to work, otherwise the arrow tries to point through the paper, and ends up as just a dot...
[12:54] * Remus chuckles
[12:54] * Remus holds the map out horizontally
[12:54] Hostess: It will stay in the center rather than matching your position.
[12:54] * Hostess taps the map with the wand twice.
[12:54] Hostess: Biurich!
[12:55] Hostess: It just gives direction too, no distance...
[12:55] Hostess: Anyway, where are right here (points with finger).
[12:55] * Remus nods
[12:55] Hostess: A glowing arrow is now in the center of the map.
[12:56] Remus: where is the arrow pointing us to?
[12:56] Hostess: The nearest place you can get something OTHER than sugary stuff to eat.
[12:56] Hostess: It will be expensive, but the voucher I checked covers it.
[12:57] Hostess: Theoretically, so do the others.
[12:58] Hostess: And Pallas can find some of the local gum-drop bushes and enchant those.
[12:58] Hostess: Or whatever...
[12:58] * Remus nods
[13:00] Hostess: Clemaxgra walks down the hill, and plucks a few peices of grass... and keeps chewing... appears to be gum (mostlikely spearmint or peppermint from the flavor).
[13:00] Hostess: Just be back here by an hour after sunset...
[13:00] Pallas: Is that when our guide appears?
[13:01] Hostess: Oh, and have a care with the who and the cat when the guide arrives... he is not an anthropomorph, but he is intellegent of course, and he is a humming bird...
[13:02] Remus: ah....
[13:02] Hostess: Well, he said that if he has to detour to find a path with a supply of flowers for him to drink the cola from, he might be delayed a bit....
[13:03] Hostess: But I assume he has some way oif getting them open even at night, since he promised it wouldn't be over 12 hours from now.
[13:06] Hostess: ((Ok, my next set item is triggered by your heading to that town after getting tired of 24 hour a day sugar rushes/crashes... so feel frree to free-form... the guide will specify that he has next to NO offensive capabilities so if you run into a sugar-bear or whatever you he can only give advice on non-combat options... but that you look eminantly capable of handling yourself, what with the war-maul on Spheniscines back and all the claws and teeth you have.))
[13:07] Hostess: ((War maul = giant mallet))
[13:08] Hostess: ((I can continue to provide environmental details.))
[13:08] * Pallas has no desire to eat sugary confections and simply watches her compatriots do so
[13:09] * Remus offers Pallas a bit of chocolate
[13:11] Pallas: No thank you
[13:11] Hostess: A flock of peeps flies by in the middle distance.
[13:13] * Remus looks around for any trees
[13:13] Hostess: You see many trees.
[13:14] Hostess: Will you examine them closer?
[13:14] * Remus nods
[13:14] Remus: ((brb)
[13:14] Remus: ((back))
[13:15] * Remus walks over to the trees
[13:15] * Pallas idly walks behind Remus examining the trees as well
[13:15] * Pallas watches for signs of life
[13:17] Hostess: *Remus finds twizzler willows, broad-leafed fruit-roll-up magnolias (except not rolled up), and many variety of cola flowering trees.... most of the bodies of the trees seem ordinary enough (IE wood, not candy).
[13:18] Hostess: A gummipillar noms one of the fruit-leaves.
[13:18] Hostess: ((Pallas: To quote Spock "Life... but not as we know it."))
[13:18] *** Susan is now known as GM.
[13:20] * Remus climbs up into one of the magnolias
[13:21] Hostess: ((The cola flowers are normal looking flowers, but with much more nectar... except it is carbonated nectar, and often has some other flavor to it...))
[13:21] Hostess: ((Same for the ones growing on the ground.))
[13:22] Hostess: ((I think I will let Cho and Spheniscine get to their rest in about 10 more minutes.))
[13:23] * Pallas goes over to the trees and touches the trunk of one experimentally
[13:23] * Remus tastes the nectar of one of the flowers
[13:23] Hostess: ((Firm bark, definitely not candy.))
[13:23] Hostess: ((Sugary carbonated water... no other flavor to that one.))
[13:24] Remus: bleh
[13:24] * Remus sniffs another
[13:25] * Pallas uses her claws to scrape a few pieces off and takes it with her in a leather pouch
[13:25] * Remus tastes the new flower
[13:25] Hostess: *Remus sniffs around (or later randomly scents) one with a slightly under-flavored lemon-lime taste to it... and one isolated flower with a few sips of really good root-beer.))
[13:26] * Remus climbs down from the tree
[13:26] Remus: mm... tasty ^^
[13:27] * Remus glances at the sky
[13:27] * Pallas picks some of the spearmint gum grass and chews it
[13:29] Hostess: White clouds dot the sky along with more colorful ones. The blue is the same, the sun is the same... but if you had to guess, you woudl say the moon is a giant, chipped surface, jaw-breaker....
[13:30] Hostess: Pallas sees a small rustle in the grass, and uses her animal empathy to attract the mini-muffin mouse to her.
[13:31] * Pallas holds her hand out to the mini-muffin mouse
[13:32] Hostess: ((Ok, officially ending the PL:AY here, but I realized I am not ready to end the SESSION.))
[13:32] Remus: Saleth sneaks over to Pallas and sniffs the mini-muffin mouse
[13:32] Hostess: --------=END PLAY=---------------------
[13:32] Remus: ((hmm?))
[13:32] Remus: explain?
[13:33] Hostess: Well, people who need to go to bed can if they like, but I would like some feedback on my GMing and you can comment on the play of the others too if you like.
[13:33] Hostess: I didn't see any problems.
[13:33] Hostess: You all roleplayed pretty well.
[13:34] Hostess: Suspicion of the situation with the hostess and the transporteer was natural for PCs, although you did seem to miss that it was malnutrition they were worried about, not violent injury....
[13:35] Hostess: That may have been my mistake for not giving you a clue of the length of the visit, but I wanted to leave that open to stretch to exactly whatever lenght suited your interest level/the plot the most.
[13:35] Pallas: Because the message I got was that they were worried about them falling sick and dying
[13:35] Pallas: Literally those words exactly
[13:36] Hostess: Ah...
[13:36] Hostess: "telephone" clemaxgra only heard half the conversation, and then didn't remember it word for word.... good RP actually.
[13:37] Pallas: And with the combination of them looking at their claws I thought it was because of them begin anthros. We had to be a weird mix. Perhaps they were worried about the way the transporters would affect us
[13:37] Hostess: They were looking for rings of sustenence.
[13:37] * Pallas shrugs
[13:37] Remus: aha
[13:37] Pallas: It worked out in the end
[13:37] Hostess: Yep...
[13:38] Remus: hmm...
[13:38] Hostess: Did you feel like it was slowed down a lot, or undervivid?
[13:39] Hostess: In other words, how sure do I have to be to try to type up paragraphs in advance for next week?
[13:40] Remus: i think it was good on that aspect, though some pre-typed stuff may help
[13:40] * Pallas agrees with Remus
[13:40] Hostess: Ok.
[13:41] *** You're not a channel operator!
[13:41] Hostess: What about you clemaxgra?
[13:41] Remus: Clem isn't here anymore? O.o
[13:41] Hostess: Oh...
[13:42] Hostess: Spheniscine isn't either?
[13:42] Remus: Spheniscine kinda is
[13:42] Hostess: Ok
[13:43] Hostess: Any further comments?
[13:44] Hostess: I am thinking that NOT having the dice-roller do everything is a good teaching tool....
[13:44] Remus: hmm?
[13:44] Hostess: Well, in the IRC based game I am playing I can type
[13:45] Hostess: !SprayFlurry
[13:45] Hostess: And it will do 5 attacks with my wereskunk's spray, all at the correct attack bonuses.
[13:45] Remus: ah...
[13:48] Hostess: Any guesses how long this plane could hold your interest?
[13:49] Hostess: I came up with most of the biology on the fly...
[13:50] Hostess: Tbe cotton-candy clouds are from GitP, and the cotton-candy moss on dark-chocolate rocks was something I had a few hours ahead of time...
[13:50] Remus: Not sure, will we perhaps have some sort of objective here at some point?
[13:51] Hostess: As things go on there will be more and more of an objective.
[13:51] * Remus nods
[13:51] Hostess: When you get to the town the arrow points to there will be a one-session combat sequence whenever you are ready for it.
[13:51] Hostess: After that...
[13:52] Hostess: I can modify a pre-printed adventure to fit the setting, or try to make up my own.

2009-11-13, 01:43 PM
This is AWESOME!!!

May I please steal. Pwease? :3

2009-11-13, 02:43 PM
[10:39] DracoDei: ----------Session Start----------
[10:39] DracoDei: Your guide arrives and the transporteer vanishes. Buzzy the Humming Bird is a bit hard to hear, since his rarely heard hum is only slightly softer than his speaking voice, but he is also not afraid of going right up to the ear of someone to talk to them... except Pallas, since he is quite wary of Hesoid. Knowing Saleth to be a sapient, he is less wary.

[10:40] DracoDei: ((I am fast forwarding through further explorations of the plane, just chime in if there is something you want to RP out.))
[10:40] DracoDei: With the arrival of Buzzy your ability to enjoy the plane increases noticably. It turns out that while almost everything is edible, most of it is hardly gourmet. Buzzy, however, knows where the finest chocolate strata and gram-cacker slate lies, where the best marshmallow bogs are, and, of course, where the best patches of soda flowers lie. As time goes on, your focus shifts from food more towards the scenery.
[10:40] DracoDei: The sights of pink cotton candy tinging towards licorice flavor as a storm starts to brew remain in your memories alongside the crunch of waking along a rainbow-colored M&M beach. You meet a few of the local Pez-Ants, but farming is, remarkably, much the same between planes, and you don't want to be rude by staring at them for the physical novelty.
[10:43] DracoDei: ((Lagged...))
[10:43] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon haz a hard time eating one of the mashmallows he stole :/
[10:43] Spheniscine: X3
[10:44] * Spheniscine sips on a soda flower
[10:44] * Raj watches clemaxgra-pocketdragon trying to eat a marshmallow
[10:45] Foxwolf: Lol
[10:45] DracoDei: Sven Bent-Claw meets some of the local non-sapient equivalent of his small form, and after some sniffing discovers (NOT the hard way) that they almost certainly spray high capcasin hot-sauce.
[10:45] *** Raj is now known as EllieD.
[10:45] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon thinks thats an odd smell o-o
[10:46] DracoDei: ((And it isn't stealing if it is just laying around usually.))
[10:46] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((point of view :P))
[10:46] DracoDei: So, yes, the local licorish and white-chocolate skunks smell very very faintly of Tabasco...
[10:47] Spheniscine: X3
[10:47] * Remus blows a bubble
[10:47] * Direlda wonders if we should find shelter from the brewing storm
[10:47] *** You are now known as Buzzy.
[10:47] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon likes tabasco :3 *noms on skunk-fur*
[10:47] Buzzy: (
[10:47] * Remus hides behind a tree
[10:48] Buzzy: ((So you are hunting a skunk?))
[10:49] *** Foxwolf has signed off IRC (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).
[10:49] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((kinda :P))
[10:49] *** EllieD is now known as Pallas.
[10:49] * Remus watches Clem warily
[10:49] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon noms on the fur of a skunkie, though skunk doesnt realise yet
[10:49] Buzzy: ((Explain... this is the sort of thing that it pays to be precise about...))
[10:50] * Spheniscine hides with Remus
[10:50] Remus: Are you /trying/ to get that thing to spray you, clem?
[10:51] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon ignores >.> thinking spray would just taste either like candy or tabasco :P
[10:51] Buzzy: ((Ok, hold on while I look some stuff up...))
[10:51] * Remus notes it would still smell!
[10:52] Direlda: So, Buzzy, do the weather patterns on this plane work the same way as they do on the plane we came from? Because I don't want to get caught in a storm if I can't help it.
[10:52] * Spheniscine hugs Remus close and watches Clem warily...
[10:52] * Remus nods to Direlda, acks at the hug
[10:53] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon headtilts at the odd sphen and remus
[10:54] Spheniscine: ((Hmmm....
[10:55] * Remus climbs up into the tree and examines the sky
[10:55] * Spheniscine noms on the tree bark... what does it taste like?
[10:56] Buzzy: ((Ok, first off, that would be a Slight of Hand for it not to feel it... technically that is a skill that if you don't have at least one rank in you automatically fail, because it is "trained only"))
[10:56] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon tug tugs the larger-than-clem-skunk, intending to bring back for others to taste
[10:57] Spheniscine: ((My character doesn't like hot sauce... X3))
[10:57] Buzzy: ((No, first you try to nibble it... then... I am trying to find my notes, which is hard because you threw me a curve-ball... which is GOOD.))
[10:58] Spheniscine: :p
[10:58] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :P
[10:58] Spheniscine: ((Congrats Clem. You confused the GM with casual roleplay. X3))
[10:58] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: *is actually nomming on straw which has been nomming for whole day*
[10:58] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: X3
[10:59] Spheniscine: ((IRL? Yeah I have a tendency to do that too... then my teeth hurt and I have to stop. X3)
[10:59] * Remus drops down from the tree
[10:59] Pallas: ((Buzzy treebark is like normal bark you said last time))
[11:00] Spheniscine: ((You mean it's not edible? D:))
[11:00] * Spheniscine spits it out then
[11:00] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((IRL, straw is less hard to chew on that gum :P))
[11:01] Remus: ((Would whether or not the weather operates the same fall under Knowledge: Planes or Knowledge: Nature?))
[11:01] Spheniscine: ((Oh... I meant the hard kind, the one that comes with those little yoghurt drinks... X3))
[11:02] Buzzy: ((Ok, this is completely rediculous... rebooting))
[11:02] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((is doing with yoghurt drink straw :o))
[11:02] Spheniscine: ((But really, do we want to broadcast our weirdness on the GiTP forums? Oops, too late))
[11:02] Remus: ((K Draco))
[11:02] *** You have been disconnected. Fri Nov 13 11:02:28 2009.
Session Close (`): Fri Nov 13 11:02:35 2009

Session Start (CFFWolfin:#DracoD&D): Fri Nov 13 11:22:49 2009
[11:22] *** #DracoD&D: Pallas WagzBot Remus clemaxgra-pocketdragon Direlda DracoDei Spheniscine
[11:22] *** #DracoD&D was created on Fri Nov 13 09:23:54 2009.
[11:22] * Spheniscine glomps Drac
[11:22] Direlda: yay!!!
[11:22] *** You are now known as DracoGM.
[11:23] Spheniscine: ((ahem... back in characters now...))
[11:23] Remus: ((Wb Draco, we were getting worried :P))
[11:23] Direlda: ((GM found - optional sidequest complete))
[11:23] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon gave up on nibblin skunk fur >.>
[11:23] DracoGM: ((Reboot was lagged too... still restarting needed programs. Don't rush me.))
[11:23] Spheniscine: ((lol Dir.))
[11:23] Remus: ((Hehe))
[11:23] DracoGM: ((Ok, WHY did you give up?))
[11:24] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon got bored of tabasco taste :P
[11:24] DracoGM: ((You haven't even tasted it yet....))
[11:24] DracoGM: ((Make me a Move Silently roll...))
[11:25] Remus: ((Who?))
[11:25] Spheniscine: ((Clem.))
[11:25] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((???))
[11:25] Spheniscine: ((Just roll, Clem.))
[11:25] Remus: ((dice 1d20))
[11:25] DracoGM: ((Yes, Clem... everyone else is hiding.))
[11:25] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((o-o))
[11:26] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: dice 1d20
[11:26] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 17; Total: 17.
[11:26] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: 22
[11:26] * Pallas wonders if she still has the muffin-mouse
[11:27] Remus: ((gonna make a survival check for the weather, that alright?))
[11:28] Pallas: ((Is the weather that bad??))
[11:28] Pallas: dice 1d20
[11:28] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[11:29] Direlda: ((Pallas: I believe this is to predict if the weather will get bad))
[11:30] DracoGM: ((You were just saying hello to the muffin I though, not trying to keep it around in the long-term.))
[11:31] *** Foxwolf has joined #DracoD&D.
[11:31] Remus: dice 1d20
[11:31] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[11:31] Remus: 15
[11:32] Pallas: ((I guess so. You brought it out and the game ended.))
[11:33] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon haz no idea whats going on >.<
[11:33] DracoGM: !d20
[11:33] DracoGM: !1d20
[11:33] Spheniscine: dice 1d20
[11:33] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[11:34] DracoGM: Ok, so the skunk got a 20 to hear you trying sneak up behind it to nibble on it.
[11:34] DracoGM: You got a 22 to move silently.
[11:35] DracoGM: So your attempt to close to nomming range worked.
[11:35] Spheniscine: :p
[11:35] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :P
[11:36] DracoGM: You nom successfully.
[11:36] DracoGM: Roll for initiative.
[11:36] Spheniscine: ((Roll, Clem. :p))
[11:36] DracoGM: roll 1d20
[11:36] DracoGM: dice 1d20
[11:36] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[11:37] DracoGM: It got a 3 total.
[11:37] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: dice 1d20
[11:37] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[11:37] DracoGM: Ok...
[11:37] DracoGM: It obviously didn't like that...
[11:37] Spheniscine: ((lol))
[11:37] DracoGM: What are you going to do?
[11:37] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon ignores skunk not liking
[11:37] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: *keeps nommin on fur*
[11:38] DracoGM: Ok, make me a nom attack roll for no damage.
[11:38] Spheniscine: ((lol Clem's gonna get sprayed...))
[11:38] DracoGM: ((Maybe...))
[11:38] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((is that d20?
[11:38] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ))*
[11:38] DracoGM: BTW, it tastes like...
[11:38] Spheniscine: ((Aye.))
[11:38] DracoGM: dice 1d100
[11:38] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[11:39] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: dice 1d20
[11:39] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[11:39] DracoGM: Licorice since you nommed a black part... no hotsauce taste.
[11:39] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: 16
[11:40] DracoGM: !1d100
[11:40] DracoGM: [1d100]
[11:40] DracoGM: ((I KNOW there are supposed to be two modes here...))
[11:40] DracoGM: dice 1d100
[11:40] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 66; Total: 66.
[11:40] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: >.<
[11:40] DracoGM: More licorice.
[11:41] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :P
[11:41] DracoGM: Its turn.
[11:41] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: o-o
[11:41] DracoGM: It attempts to counter-nom you...
[11:41] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: O-O
[11:41] DracoGM: roll 1d20
[11:41] DracoGM: dice 1d20
[11:41] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[11:41] DracoGM: It completely misses.
[11:41] Spheniscine: ((/me is reminded of Pokemon))
[11:42] DracoGM: ((Why?))
[11:42] Spheniscine: ((and he doesn't even play))
[11:42] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :P
[11:42] DracoGM: ((BTW, if anyone else wants to take a non-speaking action, then just say so.))
[11:42] DracoGM: Your go Clem.
[11:43] * Spheniscine shakes his head at Clem's foolhardiness? X3
[11:43] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wants the tabasco taste :P
[11:43] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: dice 1d20
[11:43] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
[11:44] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: 20
[11:44] DracoGM: Skunk is obviously angry BTW... just choosing to bite rather than spray. ((No, I am not being merciful, Clem is noticably smaller than it, so it is especially reluctant to spray.))
[11:44] * Direlda tries to climb the tree to get a safer view of Clem and the skunk
[11:45] Direlda: dice 1d20
[11:45] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[11:45] Direlda: 10
[11:46] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :P
[11:46] * Pallas watches with some alarm
[11:46] DracoGM: You fail to climb the tree enough to improve your view any.
[11:47] Spheniscine: :p
[11:47] DracoGM: ((Clem, you say you want the hot-sauce? So you are going to try to get it to spray you?))
[11:48] DracoGM: ((And if so, do you want it to hit, or miss?))
[11:48] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((clem thought white fur might be the hotsauce taste o-o >.> if spray then let be random))
[11:49] Spheniscine: ((I think the white fur is white chocolate...))
[11:49] DracoGM: 3 rounds more rounds of nomming and counter-nomming go by, the skunk starts to look ever so slightly moth-eaten.
[11:49] Foxwolf: :-(
[11:49] DracoGM: Clem gets a bite of white, which is, indeed white chocolate.
[11:49] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: me grins
[11:50] DracoGM: Direlda: Roll me up to 3 more climb checks if you like.
[11:50] * Pallas goes over to the skunk and Clem
[11:50] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon grins* though was hoping for the tabasco-on-fur :P
[11:50] Direlda: ((righto))
[11:50] * Direlda tries to climb again
[11:50] Direlda: dice 1d20
[11:50] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[11:50] Direlda: T.T
[11:50] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: XD
[11:50] * Pallas picks up Clemaxgra
[11:50] Direlda: 2
[11:51] DracoGM: You fall on your butt... but not hard enough to take damage since you were starting from the ground.
[11:51] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon meeps and wiggles in pallas's grasp o-o
[11:51] * Spheniscine laughs
[11:51] DracoGM: Clem: Are you going to allow Pallas to pick you up, or attempt to dodge?
[11:51] * Remus watches Pallas
[11:51] * Direlda decides he wasn't meant to climb trees
[11:51] Spheniscine: :p
[11:51] * Spheniscine hugs Direlda
[11:52] * Remus giggles at Direlda
[11:52] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon allows
[11:52] * Pallas holds onto Clem and walks away from the skunk toward Buzzy
[11:52] * Direlda hugs Spheniscine back
[11:52] * Pallas pets Clem
[11:52] DracoGM: The skunk moves away at maximum speed waddle...
[11:52] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :3
[11:53] * Remus looks up at the sky, tries to predict the weather
[11:53] Spheniscine: ((Does Clem take any damage?))
[11:53] Remus: dice 1d20
[11:53] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[11:53] Remus: 15
[11:53] DracoGM: Remus: It looks like you might get some thin corn-syrup some time soon maybe.
[11:54] Spheniscine: Yum!
[11:54] DracoGM: dice 3d20
[11:54] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 15:4:18; Total: 37.
[11:54] DracoGM: Nope.
[11:54] DracoGM: It would have had to roll a natural 20 to hit him with the bite.
[11:54] Spheniscine: :p
[11:54] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :P
[11:54] DracoGM: Those don't even hit as touch attacks.
[11:55] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: X3
[11:55] Remus: Maybe we should get to some cover? Don't know about you all, but i don't wanna be cleaning corn syrup out of my fur.
[11:55] Direlda: I agree
[11:55] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon nod nods :o *hides in pallas's bag*
[11:55] DracoGM: ((Tell me when you are ready for me to move time forward...))
[11:56] Direlda: Buzzy, is there any good place to shelter from rain around here?
[11:56] *** You are now known as Buzzy.
[11:56] * Pallas agrees
[11:57] * Buzzy goes over to Direlda, DC 15 listen check to hear for anyone BUT Direlda since his voice is so soft.
[11:57] Remus: dice 1d20
[11:57] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 14; Total: 14.
[11:57] Remus: 23
[11:57] Spheniscine: dice 1d20
[11:57] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[11:58] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon is in pallas's bag, but tries to listen anyways
[11:58] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: dice 1d20
[11:58] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[11:58] Spheniscine: 21
[11:58] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: 22
[11:58] Pallas: dice 1d20
[11:58] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 17; Total: 17.
[11:58] Buzzy: Remus, Direlda, Spheniscine, Clem, Pallas, and whoever else makes it: Yes, this way....
[11:58] Pallas: 22
[11:59] Buzzy: You find cover.
[11:59] Pallas: No, 21, I'm looking at the wrong one
[11:59] Spheniscine: lol
[11:59] Remus: ((Go ahead and fast forward now, i think))
[12:00] Spheniscine: ((nods))
[12:00] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon gets a free ride from pallas's bag :P
[12:00] Buzzy: As you look out from your shelter one of you catches sight of a magestic Gummi Wyrm through a break in the clouds and calls out to the others in time for them to catch a glimpse of it.
[12:01] Spheniscine: ((Gummi Dragon? Ooh.))
[12:01] * Pallas takes note of the creature with interest
[12:01] * Remus giggles at the pun
[12:02] Buzzy: A few days later you are growing weary enough of sweats, even augmented by *Good Berry* that Buzzy offers to take you to a village that includes a high percentage of non-native people, both visitors and perminant residents.
[12:03] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :3
[12:03] * Remus pulls out his map and takes a look at the arrow "I think we should"
[12:04] Direlda: that does sound like a good idea
[12:04] Buzzy: Pallas: You are basically going to be casting that once a day, so make sure you have that listed on your spells prepared.
[12:04] Buzzy: Following the arrow you have a rediculously easy time finding the place.
[12:05] Pallas: ((?))
[12:05] Buzzy: No less than three Pez-Ant mounds scattered throughout the village.
[12:05] *** Spheniscine has signed off IRC (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).
[12:05] Remus: ((Good Berry))
[12:05] Buzzy: ((*Good Berry*))
[12:05] *** Spheniscine__ has joined #DracoD&D.
[12:05] Spheniscine__: =/
[12:05] Spheniscine__: What did I miss?
[12:05] WagzBot: You can always ask me.... I mean it's not like I'm here for nothing. *Twiddles her paws*
[12:05] Buzzy: You find a restaurant that your expense accound will cover.
[12:06] Spheniscine__: Last line I saw was:
[12:06] Spheniscine__: <Buzzy> A few days later you are growing weary enough of sweats, even augmented by *GoodBerry* that Buzzy offers to take you to a village that includes a high percentage of non-native people, both visitors and perminant residents.
[12:06] Pallas: ((Draco I don't have a spells list)
[12:06] Buzzy: The dishes are mostly fruit, and very sweat fruit at that, but still you enjoy the food.
[12:06] Buzzy: ((Well, you should, you will need it for next week.))
[12:06] *** Spheniscine__ is now known as Spheniscine.
[12:07] Buzzy: Tables surrounded by chairs are scattered throughout the room, a single private room is availible, but it proves to have good coating of dust when Clem investigates it.
[12:08] Buzzy: The main attraction of the decor is the glass (not clear sugar, but real glass) terrarium housing the Cherry Oozes that are for sale (like a lobster tank in a seafood restaurant).
[12:09] Buzzy: The feedings are interesting to watch, and happen every 6 hours.
[12:09] * Direlda warily avoids the oozes' tank
[12:09] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon eyes curiously at the cherry oozes
[12:09] Remus: Is there somewhere in town where we can get some more...sustaining...food for traveling?
[12:10] Buzzy: Those of you who join the crowd for feeding time watch as the oozes eat their marshmallows with great mindless voracity.
[12:10] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: dice 1d20
[12:10] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[12:10] *** Foxwolf has signed off IRC (Bye bye: jmIrc destroyed by the OS God Bless!).
[12:10] Buzzy: What are you rolling for Clem?
[12:10] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: spot 11 >.>
[12:10] Spheniscine: You don't need to spot what is in plain sight... <.<
[12:10] Buzzy: Ok, what are you looking for?
[12:11] Buzzy: ((Ending in 20 minutes))
[12:11] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: (/me just stares at the oozes more)
[12:11] Buzzy: The oozes are each about the size of a cat.
[12:12] * Pallas pauses momentarily to watch the oozes
[12:12] * Direlda sits down at an empty table and looks around at the patrons
[12:12] Buzzy: Remus: You going to ask Buzzy, or try your luck asking around yourself?
[12:12] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon doesnt think he would wanna go against ooze :/ looks more aggresive and hungry than skunk >.>
[12:12] * Pallas then turns to Buzzy
[12:12] Pallas: Buzzy
[12:12] Buzzy: Yes?
[12:13] Remus: Asking around, i think
[12:13] Pallas: Where can one go for food in this town and how do we use our vouchers to pay for it?
[12:13] Buzzy: ((Remus: Gather Information check...))
[12:13] *** Spheniscine has signed off IRC (Changing hosts).
[12:13] *** Spheniscine has joined #DracoD&D.
[12:13] *** Foxwolf has joined #DracoD&D.
[12:13] Buzzy: Here is the best place if you just want a meal.
[12:14] Remus: dice 1d20
[12:14] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[12:14] Remus: 18
[12:14] Buzzy: If you want meat, the vouchers won't cover that except for those of you who HAVE to eat meat, I can show you to the correct stalls on market day tommorrow.
[12:15] Buzzy: Dried fruit WOULD be under the vouchers, and would be at the market also.
[12:15] Buzzy: Err... does that cover your question or am I zipping to conclusions?
[12:15] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: bread .-.
[12:16] Pallas: I would be satisfied with bread and fruit.
[12:16] Buzzy: ((Clem: Is that something you are saying to someone?))
[12:16] Spheniscine: ((Do I need meat?))
[12:17] Buzzy: Fruit is here, bread... the market, and you would have to pay yourself.
[12:17] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((was open comment :P))
[12:17] Spheniscine: Yeah, bread and fruit would do fine, I guess.
[12:17] Buzzy: ((Your character, with your species design, you tell me...))
[12:17] Pallas: We were told our vouchers covered our meals. Why is that different?
[12:17] Spheniscine: ((lol))
[12:18] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon is tired of sweets '~' *whines in bag*
[12:18] Buzzy: Because it is really hard to get grains to grow here... the plane is somewhat antithetical to them by nature... of course if one brings in the soil from another plane I hear that takes care of it, but that is obviously very expensive.l
[12:19] * Pallas pets her bag
[12:20] * Spheniscine is still giddy from the sugar rush. Sugar rushes and Falling Anvil students are a dangerous combo. :p
[12:20] * Remus takes a step back from Spheniscine
[12:20] Spheniscine: D-d-d-d-d-doi!
[12:20] Pallas: That doesn't answer the diffentiation between what we were promised and what you're telling us, Buzzy.
[12:21] Direlda: I wouldn't mind some meat... I mean, I can survive on fruits, but I would be much happier with some meat ((yay omnivores ^^ , which foxes are))
[12:21] Buzzy: ((Actually it does, there is an expense cap per meal or whatever, and meat and bread are over it.))
[12:21] * Direlda eyes Spheniscine
[12:21] Pallas: ((okay))
[12:22] * Remus nods to Direlda
[12:22] Direlda: you feeling alright, Spheniscine?
[12:22] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: shoulda caught the skunk-meat earlier >.>
[12:22] Remus: ((Was it actually meat?))
[12:22] Spheniscine: Wouldn't have been real meat... probably all sugar.
[12:22] Spheniscine: :p
[12:22] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: '~'
[12:23] * Foxwolf licks his paws
[12:23] Buzzy: ((No meat on that skunk... licorice, white chocolate (molten for the blood), and hot-sauce in the spray-glands))
[12:23] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ._.
[12:24] Spheniscine: I wouldn't mind some meat either, but if we can't afford it... *shrugs*
[12:24] Direlda: well, let's at least check out the market tomorrow
[12:24] Remus: aye
[12:24] Spheniscine: OK.
[12:25] Buzzy: ((Oops, I miscalculated the time... I don't want to advance the main plot for this area (which you don't even know what it is right now), but whatever random RP you want to do for this area is fine, or we can call it a session...))
[12:25] Buzzy: ((YOU can afford it... the vouchers just don't cover it.))
[12:25] Spheniscine: :p
[12:25] Buzzy: ((You are adventuring types... you are loaded compared to most people.))
[12:26] Spheniscine: ((Ah. It's great to be rich! X3))
[12:26] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon sees that he haz 100 GP >.>
[12:27] Spheniscine: ((My char sheet doesn't have anything regarding GP...))
[12:27] Buzzy: ((Grain based stuff is 5 times the prices in the Players Handbook/SRD, meat is x10))
[12:28] Buzzy: ((You each have 5,400 net worth right now, but most of that goes into armor and weapons and miscellanious other gear, including potions and etc.))
[12:29] Buzzy: ((Pallas: You good for another hour?))
[12:29] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon starts gnawing at his tail-shield again from lack of chewy, meaty bits
[12:30] * Remus picks up Saleth and pets him, thinking
[12:31] Spheniscine: ((Who's Saleth?))
[12:31] Buzzy: ((We DO need to get inventories worked out more precisely...))
[12:31] Buzzy: Saleth = Tomcat familiar.
[12:31] Spheniscine: Ah.
[12:31] Remus: ((Maybe we should cut off here and spend the rest of the time taking care of that?))
[12:32] Buzzy: Saleth also = mostly a liability according to the general concensus of D&D players at the moment, but will be turning into a big asset later if he is kept around.
[12:32] Buzzy: ((What do other people think of Remus's suggestion?
[12:32] Buzzy: ))
[12:32] * Foxwolf curls up with Remus and rests his snout on your back
[12:32] Buzzy: ((BTW, I find a spread-sheet makes it a LOT easier.))
[12:32] Direlda: ((I'm fine either way))
[12:32] Spheniscine: ((Sure...))
[12:33] Pallas: ((Shrugs))
[12:33] Buzzy: ((Pallas: I would put spells as being a higher priority... do you see the check-box to open that part of your sheet up?))
[12:33] Remus: Hmm.. well how about we get some sleep for now and go check out the market in the morning?
[12:34] Buzzy: Sure.
[12:34] Direlda: sounds like a plan
[12:34] Direlda: so where's an inn?
[12:34] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon yawns and curls up still in bag after whole time
[12:34] Pallas: ((it's open
[12:35] Spheniscine: Sure Remus.
[12:35] Direlda: Buzzy, where's the inn?
[12:36] Buzzy: ((Eh... it is also an Inn.))

2009-11-13, 02:45 PM
This is AWESOME!!!

May I please steal. Pwease? :3

Certainly. I hybridized and modified it from a few sources (which is why I am posting it here on the excuse that it is play-test data). The original Candy-Land thread posited a noticeably darker world though...

2009-11-19, 10:05 AM
List of Character sheets HERE (http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/view_campaign.php?cid=671).
Spheniscine (http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=30107): Character somehow got removed from campaign membership page.
Pallas (http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=30130)
Sven Bent-Claw (http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=30129)
Clemaxgra (http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=30150)
Direlda (http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=30617)
Remus (http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=30097)
Tybalt (http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=32155)

2009-11-20, 01:40 PM
[10:43] DracoDei: -----------Session Start ------------------------
[10:44] Pallas: ((It's snowing tonight, by the way. First time this year...just thought I'd share.))
[10:44] Remus: ^^
[10:44] DracoDei: The main dining area smells strongly of citrus and other fruits. It is a square approximately 70 feet on a side, the entrance is to the south a pair of double doors made of sturdy peanut brittle. The entrance to the kitchen area is 10 feet short of the bar on the left as one enters, and the stairs up are 10 feet short on the right. Wooden tables are arranged in an orderly pattern, each surrounded by marshmallow cushioned wooden chairs, the floor is also wood.
[10:44] * Spheniscine gets out of bed and yawns.
[10:44] DracoDei: Pex-Ants make up about a quarter of the patrons, and all of the staff. The rest of the patrons are an eclectic mix of humans, halflings, gnomes, and one dwarf. Some of the Pez-Ant waiters wear stilts to reach the tables of the Medium sized patrons, others do not.
[10:45] DracoDei: ((Not unless you took a nap... it is dinner time of the next day))
[10:45] Spheniscine: ((Oops. X3)
[10:45] DracoDei: Any preferences for which table you are sitting at?
[10:45] * Sven is at the bar, looking around. "Huh, nice place, I suppose." Before biting at one of his claws.
[10:46] Spheniscine: Oh, the first line cut off at "each surrounded by marshmallow cushioned woode"
[10:46] Remus: ((my back to the wall?)
[10:46] DracoDei: The entrance to the kitchen area is 10 feet short of the bar on the left as one enters, and the stairs up are 10 feet short on the right. Wooden tables are arranged in an orderly pattern, each surrounded by marshmallow cushioned wooden chairs, the floor is also wood.
[10:47] * Pallas walks over to a table in the a corner that offers a nice view of the surrounding room
[10:47] * Spheniscine joins Pallas
[10:47] * Remus sits down next to Pallas, his back against the wall
[10:47] * Spheniscine reads the menu intently
[10:47] * Pallas also sits with her back to the wall
[10:48] DracoDei: ((Ok, so... GM fiat for reasonability... you are all at the table in one of the corners.))
[10:48] Spheniscine: :p
[10:48] DracoDei: Can anyone make a DC 25 sense motive check?
[10:48] Sven: ((Fair enough))
[10:48] Pallas: roll 1 d25
[10:49] Pallas: roll 1 d20
[10:49] Remus: (dice 1d20)
[10:49] Spheniscine: Pallas: It's "dice 1d20"
[10:49] Pallas: dice 1d20
[10:49] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
[10:49] Pallas: 19
[10:49] Sven: Dice 1D20
[10:49] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[10:50] Spheniscine: ((I always forget to call my charsheet up))
[10:50] Sven: ((D'oh!))
[10:50] Spheniscine: dice 1d20
[10:50] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
[10:50] Spheniscine: 29.
[10:52] * Pallas watches Hesiod as he floofs up
[10:52] * Spheniscine nuzzles Hesoid
[10:52] DracoDei: Ok, Spheniscine, you notice that one of the Pez-Ants closest to the FAR side of the glass tank is fingering his qualterstaff and maybe something on his belt in a suspecious manner.
[10:53] DracoDei: What do you do Spheniscine?
[10:53] * Spheniscine discreetly motions to the party
[10:53] Pallas: *Hesiod climbs onto Sphen's shoulder*
[10:53] Spheniscine: Something gets me about that guy... *discreetly points*
[10:53] * Sven sees the motion and looks at Sphen. "Him?" He motions with his eyes at the guy.
[10:54] * Spheniscine nods
[10:54] Pallas: Lift your menus.
[10:54] * Pallas raises her up like she's reading it.
[10:54] * Spheniscine goes back to reading the menu
[10:54] * Pallas motions for the others to do so.
[10:55] * Sven obeys, though actually thirsty as well. "Can we at least get something to drink, I'm dying."
[10:55] * Remus picks up his menu and pretends to be trying to pick something out to eat
[10:55] * Pallas looks at the others freely as the menus create an effective yet inconspicuous shield
[10:55] *** dragonroo has joined #DracoD&D.
[10:55] * Spheniscine is actually reading the menu intently
[10:56] * dragonroo ish extremely late >.<
[10:56] Pallas: ((Welcome Clem))
[10:56] Spheniscine: ((Oh hai dragonroo))
[10:56] *** dragonroo is now known as clemaxgra-pocketdragon.
[10:56] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :3
[10:56] Sven: ((Whats on the menu, drink wise?))
[10:56] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders what he missed o-o
[10:57] Spheniscine: Hmm... we are in a dining room.
[10:57] DracoDei: Ok, this means that none of you are TOO surprised when he draws two hammers and smashes the corner of the terrarium with his quarterstaff.
[10:57] Pallas: ((Clem, we're seated at a table, a Pez-ant is fingering his staff and we don't know why))
[10:57] * Remus blinks
[10:57] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon acks at the thought of more candy >.<
[10:57] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wants meat :o
[10:57] * Sven hears the noise and peers over his menu. "Crud."
[10:57] * Spheniscine is roused from his menu-trance
[10:57] Pallas: ((Wait, he was INSIDE a terrarium?))
[10:58] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: o.o??
[10:58] Remus: ((How large is the pez-ant?)
[10:58] Pallas: ((Confusion))
[10:58] DracoDei: ((No, he was standing next to it, and smarshed in 2 sections of it, each about 5 wide and which made a right angle with eachother.))
[10:59] DracoDei: ((Pez-Ants are about the size of a halfling.))
[10:59] * Pallas jumps and Hesiod shrieks and flies into the air
[10:59] Sven: ((Is this going to be a bar fight?))
[11:00] * Pallas draws the hood up on her cloak
[11:00] * Spheniscine looks over the menu, waiting to see what he wants
[11:00] DracoDei: ((Well, since there is probably nobody noticably drunk in the room, no, not really.))
[11:00] Remus: ((am i able to cast a spell at him?))
[11:00] DracoDei: It is the dinner hour and the place is crowded, especially around the ooze-tank since a feeding is going to be happening within the next 10 minutes.

[11:00] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders what sorta utensils there use here for eatin o-o
[11:00] * Pallas calls Hesiod over to her
[11:00] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: they*
[11:00] DracoDei: ((We are now in initiative, which, to save time, I rolled ahead of time.)
[11:01] Sven: ((And who's going when?)
[11:01] * Spheniscine readies his crossbow
[11:01] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon headtilts in confusion
[11:02] * Sven pulls out his cross bow and loads it behind the menu. "Cruddy ant won't even let me get a drink."
[11:02] DracoDei: ((I have simplified initiative for some of the combatants (who you don't even know who they are yet), for the ones you DO know about the order is: Pallas, Sven, Clemaxgra, Remus, Spheniscine, ande the Pez-Ant))
[11:02] * Pallas offers Clem a place on her shoulder opposite of Hesoiod
[11:02] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :3
[11:03] DracoDei: Your go Pallas.
[11:03] Pallas: ...
[11:03] Spheniscine: ((We're not even sure what he wants... X3))
[11:03] *** Direlda has joined #DracoD&D.
[11:04] Spheniscine: ((Hi Direlda))
[11:04] Pallas: Sven, please keep your crossbow out of sight
[11:04] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon thinks that the last time he heard of them, pez ants were nommable o-o
[11:04] Direlda: ((hi - I am teh tired and overslept))
[11:04] Pallas: In such a crowded place it people may get the wrong idea
[11:04] Remus: ((Hey Direlda, right at the beginning of a fight))
[11:05] * Spheniscine loads his crossbow behind the menu shield
[11:05] * Sven looks at Pallas. "Fine!" He shrugs, putting the bow back. "So, whats up with the bug anyway?"
[11:05] Direlda: ((sorry about being late —.—; ))
[11:05] Spheniscine: ((Anyway we're in a dining room, and a Pez-Ant just cause a commotion))
[11:06] DracoDei: ((Ok, Direlda will be going after Remus, before Spheniscine))
[11:06] * Pallas scans the room for anything else unusual
[11:06] * Remus peers over the top of his menu, studying the pez-ant
[11:06] * Sven looks at the bug. "If no one's gonna do something, then I suggest we try to talk to him."
[11:06] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon drools a lil
[11:06] * Spheniscine hides the loaded crossbow and surveys the situation again
[11:06] Pallas: dice 1d20
[11:06] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 17; Total: 17.
[11:07] Pallas: 21 spot check ((if necessary for scanning the room))
[11:08] DracoDei: Well, most of the people are looking RIGHT at Pez-Ant in question, but are still frozen with shock and confusion.
[11:08] Pallas: ((Do Pez-ants speak our language?))
[11:08] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: izit even dangerous? o.o they are food, aren't they? o.o?
[11:08] Spheniscine: ((Clem, you rascal... :p))
[11:09] Pallas: I don't think we're going to be able to get food here with this commotion.
[11:09] DracoDei: ((The Pez-Ants around here tend to have learned Common in addition to Candy-tongue.))
[11:10] DracoDei: Pallas: Looking around was a free action, what are you doing?
[11:11] Pallas: ((Trying to spot anything unusual or noteworthy))
[11:11] Spheniscine: ((Man, we're taking so long to roleplay 6 secs of game time. X3))
[11:12] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :P
[11:14] Spheniscine: DracoDei?
[11:14] WagzBot: DracoDei is a shiny gold dwaggin!
[11:14] Pallas: ((Is it time for our optional side quest again?))
[11:14] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon whacks wagzbot for instantly spoiling the tension
[11:14] DracoDei: The Pez-Ant is weilding two hammers and a quarter-staff.
[11:15] DracoDei: Pallas: You already looked around and I told you what you saw.
[11:15] Direlda: ((ugh - my mind's not working right, I think I may need to fall back asleep - 4.5 hours isn't enough sleep...))
[11:15] Spheniscine: lol
[11:15] Spheniscine: Awr.
[11:15] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: okay.. not for eating.. yet ._.
[11:15] Pallas: ((Then I misunderstood your question))
[11:16] DracoDei: Looking around is a FREE action.
[11:16] Pallas: ((Yes, I understand that.))
[11:16] DracoDei: So you still have a Swift, Move, and Standard left...
[11:16] Spheniscine: ((How about we all skip and see what he wants?))
[11:16] DracoDei: You PROBABLY want to do something with them.
[11:16] Spheniscine: ((Or not... X3))
[11:16] DracoDei: Unless you are delaying or readying.
[11:17] Spheniscine: ((When the GM gives a hint, take it. X3))
[11:17] DracoDei: Dalying to see what he wants is reasonably valid.
[11:17] DracoDei: *Delaying
[11:17] Spheniscine: ((Hmm...))
[11:17] Spheniscine: ((OK with everyone?))
[11:17] DracoDei: Just state what you are doing so QUICKLY.
[11:17] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon walks up to the pez-ant "Me iz hungry. Go get cooked now o-o"
[11:17] Pallas: ((Delaying is the only course of action that suits my character))
[11:18] DracoDei: Combat tends to bog down if people don't have their moves figured out by the time things get around to them, I realize you are first in the combat, but this was getting rediculous.))
[11:18] Pallas: ((That aside, perhaps because I'm tired or because I haven't played in a very long time...I had no idea what you wanted me to do until you stated it about 30 seconds again so don't get so angry at me when you didn't ever EXPLAIN it.
[11:18] DracoDei: SVEN your turn!~
[11:19] Spheniscine: ((Sorry. ._.))
[11:19] * Sven sighs "This is pointless." He said standing up before he makes his way towards the Pez-ant in question, offering excuse me's to the other patrons in common. He stands, a good five feet away from the pez-ant in question and asks. "Whats up Buddy?" In the best common he can, and as friendly as possible.
[11:19] * Pallas watches
[11:19] Sven: ((End Turn))
[11:19] * Spheniscine watches
[11:20] DracoDei: You start to move towards him, but the thick crowds mean you can't run, and he IS about 60 feet away, so you aren't quite next to him.
[11:21] DracoDei: What with having to go around tables and such...
[11:21] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon offers to relay message..
[11:21] Sven: ((True, my bad...))
[11:21] Spheniscine: ((So it's Clem's turn now?))
[11:21] DracoDei: Yes, Clem's turn.
[11:21] * Sven makes as far as he can, cursing the thick crowd.
[11:21] Spheniscine: ((X3))
[11:22] DracoDei: ((Pallas: Not angry, just laying down the way things are to people.))
[11:22] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon nudges sven and offers to help relay the question
[11:22] Spheniscine: ((I thought Clem couldn't fly?))
[11:22] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon can get under tables :P
[11:22] DracoDei: ((Which way are you circling? LEft towards the front door, or right toward the stairs up?))
[11:23] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: o-o
[11:23] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: left
[11:23] DracoDei: Clem has short little legs, but can, indeed go under tables, so does manage to keep up with Sven.
[11:23] * Sven looks at the Dragon. "If you'd be so kind to ask him, that would be good."
[11:23] Spheniscine: ((Remus, your turn))
[11:24] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon headtilts "Ask him what?" since was too noisy to hear the first time
[11:24] * Sven tells clem. "What's the problem, that's what you should ask him."
[11:25] Direlda: ((DracoDei, I'm terribly sorry, but I really need to get a little more sleep - I had planned to get my character background finished and be on time for today, but then ended up talking with Shonsu until very early, which I think was good that I did, but it means I'm too tired to think right —.—; ))
[11:25] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon nod nods, and wonders if he can do the relaying this turn..
[11:25] Spheniscine: ((Bye *hugs Dir*))
[11:25] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((Cyas Direlda :o))
[11:25] Direlda: ((I'm sorry to everyone))
[11:25] Remus: ((one sec, figuring something out))
[11:25] Spheniscine: ((Remus?))
[11:26] DracoDei: ((Direlda: Yeah, he needed help. Sleep well.))
[11:26] Remus: ((Can i take a move action /and/ a standard action?))
[11:27] DracoDei: ((Yes.))
[11:27] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ((is still confused at whose turn it is >.< ))
[11:27] Direlda: ((I'll make myself away, just so I get a log of this))
[11:27] DracoDei: It is currently Remus's turn.
[11:27] Spheniscine: ((OK Dir.))
[11:27] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: oh o.o
[11:27] *** Direlda is now known as Direlda[A].
[11:27] * Direlda[A] is now away - Reason : sleep
[11:28] DracoDei: The turn order is Pallas, Sven, Clemaxgra, Remus, Spheniscine, Pez-Ant who broke glass.
[11:29] Spheniscine: ((Remus?))
[11:29] DracoDei: ((BTW, _IF_ you want to you can draw weapons as part of a move action.))
[11:30] * Remus casts Mage Armor on himself and moves towards the Pez-ant, circling around to the right so he will end up behind him.
[11:32] DracoDei: ((Direlda went off for a walk after an early dinner.))
[11:32] DracoDei: SPHENISCINE, your go.
[11:33] * Spheniscine joins the Sven and Clem. ((seeing that he has high Diplomacy...))
[11:33] DracoDei: ((Shouting names to help people notice when their turn is starting.))
[11:33] Spheniscine: ((cut out the "the" X3))
[11:34] Sven: (( Haha, I am the Sven! *imitates a french accent*))
[11:34] *** You are now known as PezAnt.
[11:36] * PezAnt 5 foot steps east, around the corner from Sven et al, and smashes another 5 foot section of the glass with his hammers before sweeping Cherry Oozes out onto the floor. A patron screams!
[11:37] PezAnt: "Outsiders go home! Candy land for the candy people!"
[11:37] Sven: ((Yep Violent))
[11:37] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: >.< (mixed up pezant for the cherryoozes
[11:38] Sven: ((Hey, Draco, how many of the guys here know Gnomish?))
[11:38] Spheniscine: ((lol))
[11:38] Pallas: ((How high are the ceilings in here)
[11:39] Spheniscine: ((Yeah, I guess it's PALLAS's turn now))
[11:39] *** RobinFiredrake has signed off IRC (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).
[11:39] PezAnt: Everyone but Clem and Sphen can see the oozes. Clem didn't even see what happened because he is on the ground and can't see into the tank.
[11:40] PezAnt: Yes, it is Pallas's turn.
[11:40] Spheniscine: What about me?
[11:40] PezAnt: I had to update the map I have on graph paper.
[11:40] Spheniscine: lol
[11:40] PezAnt: You saw them leave the tank, but now they are on the ground, you can't actually see them.
[11:40] Spheniscine: Ah.
[11:40] PezAnt: The base of the tank is in the way.
[11:40] Spheniscine: Ok.
[11:41] * Pallas gets onto the table and ((can I cast spells??))
[11:41] PezAnt: The ceiling is about 12' high.
[11:42] PezAnt: ((Yep, you can see 6 of the oozes, but you don't have a clear line of effect to the Pez-Ant since the glass is in the way.))
[11:42] PezAnt: ((So, yes, you can do some spell casting.))
[11:43] Pallas: ((All right, I suppose I'll have to move to get to the Pez-Ant then...tell me if anything here is not okay))
[11:43] Pallas: Spheniscine, can you help me get to the Pez-Ant?
[11:43] * Pallas jumps into the air and begins flying toward the Pez-Ant
[11:45] Spheniscine: ((How?))
[11:45] Spheniscine: ((Pallas can fly? X3))
[11:45] PezAnt: ((Towards him directly, or circling around to get a clear line of effect?))
[11:45] Pallas: ((Do as you will, Sphen. :-P))
[11:45] Pallas: ((Circling))
[11:46] Pallas: ((Sphen: (Link: http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=30130)http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=30130 - I can fly))
[11:46] Spheniscine: ((Ah.))
[11:48] PezAnt: Ok, you move into LoE... what are you casting?
[11:50] Pallas: ((Is the PEz-Ant animal enough to be calmed by Calm Animal or is there something I can use Entangle on?))
[11:51] Spheniscine: ((If that counts as an animal, then we all will count... ._.))
[11:51] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: ._.
[11:51] PezAnt: ((Neither, the Pez-Ant is a monsterous humanoid probably, and there are no high concentrations of house-plants.))
[11:52] Pallas: ((I suppose in that case I want to cast Charm Animal for the Oozes if I can))
[11:53] PezAnt: ((Nope, Ooze =/= Animal))
[11:53] Pallas: ((I suppose Calm Animal is the same thing then))
[11:53] PezAnt: ((Yep.))
[11:55] Pallas: ((In that case, obscuring mist since it will be stationary and I can fly out of but the Pez-Ant will be surrounded))
[11:56] PezAnt: So you are going right over his head?
[11:56] PezAnt: ((And what is the radius of that?))
[11:56] Pallas: ((The cloud spreads in a 20 ft radius from me, so I don't have to))
[11:57] Spheniscine: ((Will it affect us?))
[11:57] Pallas: (( (Link: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/obscuringMist.htm)http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/obscuringMist.htm ))
[11:57] Pallas: (( Sphen, our table is 60 feet away))
[11:59] PezAnt: ((Well, yes, but there is nobody AT your table now.))
[11:59] PezAnt: Remus is in the south east corner of the cloud.
[12:00] Pallas: ((Then short answer: Yes))
[12:00] PezAnt: Clem, Sven, and Spheniscine are just outside the south west -ish part.
[12:00] PezAnt: Sven, your go.
[12:00] PezAnt: Er...
[12:01] Spheniscine: ((This will be so much easier with a map... X3))
[12:01] PezAnt: But first you hear screams of pain from inside the mist. Sounds like a humanoid, not a Pez-Ant.
[12:02] Pallas: ((Knew they should have gotten onto the tables))
[12:02] PezAnt: Well, unless someone can handle the technical part to host with map-tool, we aren't going to have a map.
[12:02] PezAnt: ((No tables right there... clear space around the tank so tank-watchers don'
[12:02] * Sven hears the noise and mutters a curse in Gnomish, as he sees the cloud descends. A grin comes across his face, which was wiped off when he heard the screams. He goes towards the cloud as he then yells. "Keep away!" before entering.
[12:03] Sven: Dice 1d20
[12:03] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[12:03] PezAnt: t tie up traffic too much.))
[12:03] PezAnt: What were you rolling for?
[12:04] Sven: Well, I wanted to see if I could see the ant, in the cloud, but am I there, or is there to much of a crowd?
[12:05] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: svens rhyming o-o
[12:05] PezAnt: Once you get into the cloud you can vaguely make out the Pez-Ant in question.
[12:06] Sven: How far away is he?
[12:06] PezAnt: ((You are now in melee range...))
[12:06] Sven: ((Would my spray effect it?))
[12:07] PezAnt: You almost got knocked down running into a panicked patron in the fog, but you are now in melee range.))
[12:07] PezAnt: Generally insects are less likely to get the FULL effect, but in general it is pretty effective...
[12:07] * Sven turns tail and takes aim and FIRES!
[12:07] Sven: (What exactly do I need to roll?)
[12:07] PezAnt: ((You Crit only on a 20, but that is the only change for insects.))
[12:08] PezAnt: First roll a d20 for the touch attack... actually, unless you threaten a critical, that is all you do.
[12:08] Sven: (Ah crud)
[12:08] Sven: Dice 1d20
[12:08] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[12:08] PezAnt: Critical threat!
[12:08] PezAnt: Roll it!
[12:08] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: :P
[12:09] Sven: Dice 1d20
[12:09] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[12:09] Spheniscine: ((Yay!))
[12:09] PezAnt: Right in the olefactory organs!
[12:09] PezAnt: BRB
[12:09] Spheniscine: ((X3))
[12:09] Sven: (I got a pic of this)
[12:11] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders if fire or ice works better against bugs o-o
[12:11] Spheniscine: (Sven: lol)
[12:12] Sven: (Link: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs37/f/2008/251/d/c/Thar__s_the_Way_I_Roll_by_DarthLen.jpg)http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs37/f/2008/251/d/c/Thar__s_the_Way_I_Roll_by_DarthLen.jpg
[12:12] Spheniscine: (Ah.)
[12:13] Remus: (XD)
[12:13] * PezAnt looks up the rules for wereskunks spray...
[12:14] PezAnt: Sven: The part I DO remember is that you now have to make a fortitude save.
[12:14] Sven: Dice 1d20
[12:14] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[12:14] Sven: 14
[12:16] PezAnt: Pallas: You are within 15' of the Pez-
[12:16] PezAnt: Ant so you also have to save against the smell coming from him now, or take a -3 to all d20 rolls.
[12:16] PezAnt: roll 3d6
[12:17] PezAnt: dice 3d6
[12:17] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 3:1:4; Total: 8.
[12:17] PezAnt: The secondary effects of the spray will last for 8 minutes.
[12:17] Pallas: dice 3d6
[12:17] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 2:3:2; Total: 7.
[12:17] PezAnt: HE gets the -3 without a save...
[12:17] PezAnt: No...
[12:17] Pallas: ((and now what??))
[12:18] Remus: ((roll a d20, Pallas))
[12:18] Pallas: dice 1d20
[12:18] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[12:19] PezAnt: For the Pez-Ant's roll to avoid being completely blinded:
[12:19] PezAnt: dice 1d20
[12:19] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[12:19] Pallas: ((and now what?))
[12:19] PezAnt: Ok, the Pez-Ant is completely blind.
[12:19] Sven: ((WOOHOO!))
[12:20] Spheniscine: Turn order: Pallas, Sven, Clemaxgra, Remus, Spheniscine, Pez-Ant who broke glass.
[12:20] PezAnt: Pallas toughs it out and is unaffected by the horrid odor.
[12:20] * Spheniscine notes it should be the topic, but this channel is currently op-less...
[12:20] PezAnt: So, yes, Clemaxgra.
[12:21] PezAnt: I could leave and come back and it would Op me...
Session Close (D((D): Fri Nov 20 12:21:07 2009

Session Start (CFFWolfin:#DracoD&D): Fri Nov 20 12:21:19 2009
[12:21] *** #DracoD&D: Pallas clemaxgra-pocketdragon Spheniscine WagzBot Sven Remus Direlda[A] PezAnt
[12:21] *** #DracoD&D was created on Fri Nov 13 09:23:54 2009.
[12:21] Remus: ((Is anyone else in need of a saving roll against the smell?))
[12:22] *** You're not a channel operator!
[12:22] *** You're not a channel operator!
[12:22] *** You're not a channel operator!
[12:22] *** You're not a channel operator!
[12:22] *** You're not a channel operator!
[12:22] PezAnt: Grr...
[12:22] *** You are now known as DracoDei.
[12:22] *** -NickServ- This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your
[12:22] *** -NickServ- nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Otherwise,
[12:22] *** -NickServ- please choose a different nick.
[12:22] *** -NickServ- Password accepted - you are now recognized.
Session Close (#DracoD&D): Fri Nov 20 12:22:32 2009

Session Start (CFFWolfin:#DracoD&D): Fri Nov 20 12:22:47 2009
[12:22] *** #DracoD&D: Pallas clemaxgra-pocketdragon Spheniscine WagzBot Sven Remus Direlda[A] DracoDei
[12:22] *** Mode change "+qo DracoDei DracoDei" for channel #DracoD&D by ChanServ.
[12:22] Spheniscine: There.
[12:22] *** #DracoD&D was created on Fri Nov 13 09:23:54 2009.
[12:23] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: so.. my turn?
[12:23] *** Sven: No such nick/channel.
[12:23] Spheniscine: Yep.
[12:23] *** DracoDei has changed the topic on channel #DracoD&D to Sven Clem Remus Spheniscine Pez-Ant Pallas.
[12:24] DracoDei: You weren't riding Sven were you?
[12:24] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon assumes that he haz tagged along for the ride at least most of the way with sven... so wonders if is within range for breath attack, range 2 ft
[12:24] DracoDei: You could move up and breath attack him.
[12:24] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders how :P
[12:25] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: dice 2d6
[12:25] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 1:6; Total: 7.
[12:25] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: says here bonus attack is DC14 o.o
[12:25] DracoDei: dice 1d20
[12:25] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[12:26] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: for cold breath attack i guess o-o
[12:26] DracoDei: The Pez-Ant COMPLETELY fails to dodge your breath weapon in time... which were you using?
[12:26] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: cold
[12:27] DracoDei: That is because it doesn't have an attack roll, it is an area of effect technically.
[12:27] DracoDei: Remus, your go.
[12:29] DracoDei: REMUS, your turn.
[12:29] Remus: ((ack, was distracted, sorrry))
[12:30] Remus: ((do i have LOE to the pez-ant?
[12:31] DracoDei: ((Not at this time, but you could move to were you would at least have LoE, but you would have to be right next to him to get LoS.))
[12:31] clemaxgra-pocketdragon: sorry, hasta go, is too late here right now
[12:31] Spheniscine: Awr.
[12:31] Spheniscine: Bye Clem.
[12:31] *** clemaxgra-pocketdragon has signed off IRC (Bye bye: The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese God Bless!).
[12:31] Remus: ((and i am where, relative to him?))
[12:33] DracoDei: 15' south and 25' east.
[12:34] DracoDei: More people shreak as they take acid damage from the oozes.
[12:35] DracoDei: ((Pallas, look up for me if there is a ( D ) on the duration of that fog cloud...))
[12:35] Pallas: ((One second))
[12:35] DracoDei: Clem, roll a DC 14 fortitude save.
[12:36] DracoDei: Remus: Allow neither of these things to slow you down.
[12:36] Pallas: ((1 min/level))
[12:37] DracoDei: ((That isn't what I asked.))
[12:37] Remus: ((grrr...browser crashed >.<))
[12:37] Pallas: ((Then look it up yourself. I never know what you want in this game.))
[12:39] DracoDei: ((Ok, no, it doesn't have a ( D ) next to it.))
[12:40] DracoDei: ((which is short for :"dismissable" and goes after the duration proper.))
[12:40] Remus: ((does alignment change what i can summon for summon monster spells?))
[12:41] DracoDei: ((Yes, you can't summon Evil or Lawful creatures.))
[12:43] DracoDei: your go remus.
[12:44] DracoDei: just in case your browser crash caused you to miss that.
[12:45] * Remus moves until he's about 10 feet from the Pez-ant and casts Magic Missile at it
[12:45] DracoDei: Well, he IS screaming bloody murder so I guess you can target by sound if you make a DC 15 listen check.
[12:46] Remus: dice 1d20
[12:46] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[12:46] Remus: 22
[12:47] DracoDei: Ok, you manage to pick him out of the other screaming by smell and which thinks he is screaming about...
[12:48] DracoDei: Unfortunately you come within pseudo-pod range of two of the Cherry Oozes just as you get ready to start casting.
[12:49] DracoDei: Going to cast on the defensive, or provoke 2 AoO's (attacks of opportunity)?
[12:49] DracoDei: roll 1d20
[12:49] DracoDei: dice 1d20
[12:49] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[12:50] DracoDei: Oh, and you fail your save versus Sven's distain for the Pez-Ant.
[12:51] Spheniscine: ((Hrm.))
[12:52] Remus: (cast on defensive)
[12:52] DracoDei: DC15 concentration check.
[12:53] Remus: dice 1d20
[12:53] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
[12:53] Spheniscine: 17.
[12:53] Remus: 17
[12:54] DracoDei: Roll your damage...
[12:55] Remus: dice 2d4
[12:55] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 3:4; Total: 7.
[12:55] Remus: 4, 5
[12:55] Spheniscine: ((needs to finish his turn, then go to the bathroom... >.<))
[12:55] DracoDei: There is a thump and one less voice screaming.
[12:56] DracoDei: SPHENISCINE, your go.
[12:56] Spheniscine: ((OK, so he's KO'ed?))
[12:56] Spheniscine: ((What do I see?))
[12:56] DracoDei: You see a big cloud in front of you.
[12:56] DracoDei: IE nothing particularly useful.
[12:57] Spheniscine: (lag, hope it clears up...)
[12:57] Spheniscine: Hm, I enter it and hope to see what's going on?
[13:00] Spheniscine: ?
[13:00] DracoDei: You now see the intactsouth side of the terrarium in front of you, with some cherry oozes inside it. ((That is 10' worth of movement used (counting it as difficult terrain due to fog and innocent bystanders in the way), so you can draw your weapon, move another 20' worth, and still take standard action.))
[13:01] Spheniscine: (my computer is unstable right now... gonna close programs)
[13:01] DracoDei: ((OK))
[13:02] DracoDei: ((30 minutes left in session.))
[13:04] Spheniscine: (OK, right now the only program is IceChat, which means no char sheet. ._.)
[13:05] Spheniscine: Hm, I press on toward where I think the Pez-Ant is?
[13:06] DracoDei: Ok, you get up to him, and see he is slumped on the ground.
[13:06] DracoDei: A cherry Ooze is attop him eating into his thorax.
[13:07] Spheniscine: Hmm... anything I have that can stop it?
[13:07] DracoDei: Many things...
[13:08] Spheniscine: Crossbow shot?
[13:08] Spheniscine: Or cast a spell? Hmm...
[13:08] DracoDei: Giant Mallet, lightning from storm-cloud, a brick,....
[13:08] Spheniscine: (still has no charsheet...)
[13:09] DracoDei: No crossbow... you don't go into a cloud where ranged combat is nigh-impossible weilding a crossbow.
[13:09] Spheniscine: (OK.)
[13:09] Spheniscine: Hm. I think I'll try hitting it away with the giant mallet.
[13:09] Spheniscine: Croquet style. :p
[13:10] DracoDei: Roll a d20+3 to hit.
[13:10] Spheniscine: dice 1d20
[13:10] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[13:10] Spheniscine: x.x
[13:10] DracoDei: You miss and nick the Pez-Ant for a point of damage.
[13:10] Spheniscine: Oops.
[13:11] Spheniscine: OK, does this end my turn?
[13:11] DracoDei: Yep.
[13:11] Spheniscine: (OK, bathroom now. brb)
[13:12] *** Spheniscine is now known as Sphen|away.
[13:12] DracoDei: dice 1d10
[13:12] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[13:13] DracoDei: Pallas, your go.
[13:13] DracoDei: Err.. sorry...
[13:13] DracoDei: PALLAS your go.
[13:13] DracoDei: ((Forgot to speak up...))
[13:14] Pallas: ((Is there still screaming and is the ability to smell returned or does it still stink?))
[13:15] DracoDei: ((There are still people screaming... but they are screaming "Arrgh! My leg!" and the voice going "Arrgh! My chemosensors!" has fallen silent with a thump after Remus said some words of power...))
[13:16] *** Sphen|away is now known as Spheniscine.
[13:17] DracoDei: ((And I can't find my pencil to update the map...))
[13:18] * Pallas flies toward the screams in hopes of finding people after telling Hesiod to fly to safety, her club drawn should it be necessary
[13:19] DracoDei: You see cherry oozes, some of which are trying to attack the patrons.
[13:19] DracoDei: The patrons are trying to get away, but not being intimidating themselves (which y'all are) are getting caught in the press of the crowd).
[13:20] * Pallas casts Guidance on the patrons
[13:23] DracoDei: The patron in question will get +1 on his diplomacy roll then next time he yells "Let me through, this thing is trying to eat my leg!" or on his next attempt to stomp on the ooze.
[13:24] DracoDei: One ooze each flops out of the tank at tries to strike Clem and Sven with their psuedopods.
[13:24] DracoDei: the one on clem can only dream of hitting him...
[13:25] DracoDei: dice 1d20
[13:25] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 12; Total: 12.
[13:25] DracoDei: That ooze is fails.
[13:25] Sven: I have an 18 AC
[13:25] DracoDei: The one on Sven rolls...
[13:25] DracoDei: dice 1d20
[13:25] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[13:26] DracoDei: Auto-miss.
[13:27] DracoDei: SVEN, your go.
[13:27] Sven: ((Do these people have a Chemical base of some kind?))
[13:28] Pallas: ((ugly bags of mostly water: H20))
[13:29] DracoDei: The patrons getting hit are mostly humans, with a few halflings and gnomes. Only one innocent Pez-Ant.
[13:29] Sven: ((I'm thinking more along the lines of Potassium Hydroxide))
[13:29] DracoDei: ((Biochemically all but the Pez-Ants are your average mammal))
[13:30] Sven: ((I meant, do they have the chemical itself?))
[13:30] DracoDei: ((Pez-Ant biochemistry relies on the suspension of disbelief.))
[13:31] DracoDei: ((Been a while since my molecular biology, and that was only AP Bio in Highschool.... you tell me.))
[13:31] DracoDei: ((If humans have it, then all but the Pez-Ants do.))
[13:31] Sven: ((Not Likely, however, if this place has oozes, then they should have something to neutralize the acid. At least by my logic))
[13:32] DracoDei: ((Err... yes... don't know if it would be concentrated pockets or defused throughout them normally...))
[13:33] DracoDei: ((But in the interests of encouraging creative thinking, go on.))
[13:33] Sven: ((Should I role a Spot check to see if I find something? Cause if I can find it, just pour it on the oozes, they'll dissolve))
[13:33] DracoDei: ((Ah, no.))
[13:34] Sven: ((Do I find the chemical?))
[13:34] DracoDei: ((That might deal 1 point of damage IF you rolled REALLY well on multiple rolls.... you are better off with claw/claw/bite attack routine.))
[13:35] Sven: ((Fair enough.))
[13:35] * Sven attacks the closest ooze.
[13:35] DracoDei: ((If you mean how they stop the acid from eating through the plate, the spear them with harpoons to get them out of the tank, which stops them producing acid.))
[13:36] DracoDei: ((So no bags of strong base sitting around... I though by "they" you meant the oozes themselves...)
[13:36] Sven: ((Oh...))
[13:36] DracoDei: Give me 2 d20s for your claws, and one for the bite...
[13:36] Sven: dice 2d20
[13:36] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 17:1; Total: 18.
[13:37] Sven: ((D'OH!))
[13:37] Sven: dice 1\d20
[13:37] Sven: dice 1d20
[13:37] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[13:39] Sven: 23, crit fail, 14
[13:40] DracoDei: AC 12, so you hit with the bite (mmmm... cherry flavored!) and the claws (look Ma red nails!).
[13:40] Sven: Dice 1d6
[13:40] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[13:40] DracoDei: dice d6
[13:40] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): ; Total: 0.
[13:40] Sven: 1
[13:40] Sven: ...
[13:40] DracoDei: 2 damage with the bite.
[13:41] Sven: How the heck?
[13:41] DracoDei: dice 1d4
[13:41] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[13:41] DracoDei: 1 with the claw
[13:41] Sven: How did I get zero?
[13:41] DracoDei: You didn't, I did, because I forgot to put a 1 in front of the d.
[13:42] DracoDei: And I think we shall end the session here, and start with Clemaxgra's turn next week...
[13:42] DracoDei: Pallas and Spheniscine probably need some sleep.
[13:43] * Remus nods
[13:43] DracoDei: -----------------------End Session----------------------

2009-11-20, 02:40 PM
Most relevant portion of tactical map at the end of session 3.
Empty (------------)|Empty (-----------)|Empty (-----------)|Empty (-----------)|Empty (-----------)|Empty (-----------)|Empty (-----------)|Empty (-----------)
NE part of Table 3|NW part of table 3|Empty|Empty|Fog+NE part of Table 4|Fog+NW part of table 4|NE part of Table 5|NW part of Table 5
SE part of Table 3|SW part of table 3|Fog|Fog|Fog+SE part of Table 4|Fog+SW part of table 4|Fog+SE part of Table 5|Fog+SW part of Table 5
Empty|Empty|Fog+Oozes 11 & 16|Fog+Oozes 12 & 17|Fog+Oozes 15 & 20|Fog|Fog+NE part of Table 9|Fog+NW part of table 9
Empty|Sphen+Fog|Fog+Terrorist(KOed) + Oozes 9 & 7|Fog+Remus + oozes 5,13, & 18|Fog+Pallas(10'up) +oozes 4 & 19|Fog|Fog+SE part of Table 9|Fog+SE part of Table 9
Empty|Fog+Sven+Clem +oozes 1 & 3|Fog+NW part of Tank w/ N and W walls broken out|Fog+NE part of Tank w/ N wall broken out|Fog|Fog|Fog+NE part of Table 13|Fog+NW part of table 13
Empty|Empty|Fog+SE part of Tank+oozes|Fog+SW part of tank+oozes|Fog|Fog|Fog+SE part of Table 13|Fog+SE part of Table 13
Empty|Empty|Fog|Fog|Fog|Fog|Fog+NE part of table 17|Fog+NW part of table 17
Empty|Empty|Empty|Empty|Fog|Fog|SE part of Table 17|SW part of table 17
Tables are all surrounded by chairs in same squares.
"Empty" may actually include nebulous panicking patrons and staff.
Ooze three has taken 3 points of damage.
NE =North-East
NW =North-West
SE = South-East
SW = South-West

2009-11-27, 01:51 PM
This is two sets of logs patched together because neither is complete. There is likely considerable overlap between the two

[23:41] <DracoDM> -------------------Session Start-----------------
[23:41] <DracoDM> Clemaxgra attacks Ooze #3.
[23:41] <DracoDM> dice 1d20
[23:41] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[23:41] <DracoDM> That would be a critical threat, but oozes are immune.
[23:42] <DracoDM> dice 1d6
[23:42] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[23:42] <DracoDM> REMUS!
[23:42] <WagzBot> Remus is a male grey were-fox from the Inland Northwest, a pocket psychologist, and is also a nice guy and likes to hand out evil cookies
[23:42] <Remus> My turn?
[23:43] <DracoDM> (Yes)
[23:44] <Spheniscine> Hmm...
[23:45] <Remus> cast Summon Monster II, Celestial Eagle
[23:45] <Spheniscine> Ooh.
[23:46] <DracoDM> Where are you going to put it relative to yourself?
[23:46] <DracoDM> ((IE, which square?))
[23:46] <Remus> same square
[23:47] <DracoDM> ((And are you going to cast on the defensive again?))
[23:47] <Remus> ((Yes))
[23:47] <DracoDM> ((Well, roll the concentration check first.))
[23:48] <Remus> dice 1d20
[23:48] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[23:48] <Remus> 21
[23:48] <DracoDM> Only DC 15 so that works.
[23:49] <DracoDM> So, where does it go?
[23:50] <Remus> ((Are you asking what it does next?))
[23:52] <DracoDM> ((Sorta, I am asking where you are going to summon it... oh, and that is another thing... you are only STARTING to summon it. You will finish casting right before the start of your next turn... summoning spells take just a BIT longer. Also, you might want to try to back away from the oozes while you ARE DOING THAT>))
[23:53] <DracoDM> (((Capslock phail.))
[23:53] <Spheniscine> X3
[23:53] <DracoDM> ((And you don't actually need to decide right now where you are going to have the eagle appear.))
[23:54] <DracoDM> ((And SE would probably be the best direction to step to.))
[23:54] <Remus> ((Can i even move that way?))
[23:55] <DracoDM> ((The corner doesn't really block you that much, except if you were trying to charge or something.))
[23:55] <Remus> ((what are the directions on the map?))
[23:56] <Spheniscine> ((Just trust him... lol))
[23:56] <DracoDM> ((South is towards the bottom of the page, east is to your right as you look at the screen.))
[23:57] <Remus> Then move to SE
[23:57] <DracoDM> The crowd is now managing to get back from the ooze tank a bit.
[23:58] <DracoDM> Oh, but before your turn...
[23:58] <Spheniscine> ((Where is the giant mallet on my charsheet?))
[23:58] <DracoDM> ((Under weapons...))
[23:59] <Spheniscine> ((I only see a frying pan, crossbow, and raincloud there.))
[00:00] <DracoDM> dice 1d20
[00:00] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[00:00] <DracoDM> Ok, an ooze missed Remus before his turn started.
[00:01] <Spheniscine> ((Oh, is it the "Masterwork Maul"?))
[00:02] <DracoDM> ((Sorry, yes it is the Masterwork Maul))
[00:02] * Spheniscine nods
[00:02] <DracoDM> ((You can change "Maul" to "Giant Mallet" but leave the word "Masterwork" it is important for mechanical purposes.))
[00:02] * Spheniscine nods
[00:03] <DracoDM> SPHENISCINE (Your go)!
[00:04] <Spheniscine> OK, so I'm still standing over our unconscious antagonist, who is being attacked by oozes...
[00:05] <Spheniscine> I think I'll have to try hitting them away again.
[00:05] <DracoDM> Ok, I am going to roll you a DC 20 listen check, but go ahead with your attack anyway.
[00:06] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[00:06] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
[00:06] <DracoDM> dice 1d20
[00:06] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[00:06] <DracoDM> Ok, you failed the listen check.
[00:06] <DracoDM> dice 1d20
[00:06] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
[00:06] <DracoDM> But you barely made the spot check...
[00:07] <Spheniscine> What do I see?
[00:07] <DracoDM> You have to correct your swing just SLIGHTLY at the last second (no mechanical effect, just part of your skill with weapons) to account for the fact that he isn't breathing any more.
[00:08] <DracoDM> So your target isn't moving up and down.
[00:08] <Remus> ((Will knowing Celestial allow me to direct the eagle once it is summoned?))
[00:08] <Spheniscine> ((Oh dang... we killed him. Now we'll have to explain that to the authorities...))
[00:09] <Remus> ((Nah....))
[00:09] <DracoDM> ((Remus: Yes.))
[00:09] <DracoDM> ((Spheniscine: Yes, that will be a pain, but it also won't be the first time for some of you.
[00:09] <DracoDM> ))
[00:10] <Spheniscine> :p
[00:10] <DracoDM> dice 1d12
[00:10] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[00:11] <DracoDM> 3 damage to ooze number 7
[00:12] <DracoDM> dice 1d4
[00:12] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[00:13] <DracoDM> Remus is unlucky enough that one of the oozes decides to follow him instead of going after the already fallen prey.
[00:14] <DracoDM> roll 1d20
[00:14] <DracoDM> dice 1d20
[00:14] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[00:14] <DracoDM> But it misses badly.
[00:14] <Remus> ((*sigh of relief*))
[00:15] <DracoDM> Ooze #3 and Pallas go simultaniously for these purposes.
[00:15] <DracoDM> PALLAS
[00:15] <DracoDM> dice 1d20
[00:15] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
[00:16] <DracoDM> Ooze 3 attacks Sven the Bent-claw, the wereskunk.
[00:16] <DracoDM> But misses.
[00:16] * Pallas hears the attack and flies toward it, club drawn
[00:17] <DracoDM> Going to fly over the (closed) top of the terrarium, or are you going to go around?
[00:18] <Pallas> ((how much space would that leave between the ceiling and myself))
[00:18] <DracoDM> ((you would probably be skidding your paws in a half-run, half-fly over the top of the terrarium.))
[00:19] <Pallas> ((I shall take that route and run/fly))
[00:20] <Spheniscine> ((Anyone keeping an eye out for Clem?))
[00:20] <DracoDM> ((Technically you probably heard Sven yelp "That was close!" rather than the swish of the psuedopod through the air. Since there is a bunch of psuedopods doing that.))
[00:21] <Spheniscine> :p
[00:21] <DracoDM> Ok, make me a Dex check.
[00:21] <Pallas> ((He is not on Skype))
[00:21] <Pallas> dice 1d20
[00:21] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[00:21] <Pallas> 7
[00:22] <Pallas> ((I just went splat, huh?))
[00:22] <DracoDM> ((Nope))
[00:24] <DracoDM> Pallas fly/runs over the top of the terrarium very wary of the rafters above. Unfortunately, this results in less 'fly' and a bit more 'run' than the top of the heavily damaged terrarium can take, she makes it to her destination just fine, but part of the top collapses down, and another section of the glass shatters.
[00:24] <DracoDM> ((Did all that get through?))
[00:25] * Spheniscine nods
[00:25] <Remus> ((Yep))
[00:26] <DracoDM> Make a DC 15 heal check, and then your attack roll.
[00:26] <DracoDM> dice 1d2
[00:26] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[00:27] <Pallas> dice 1d20
[00:27] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[00:27] <Pallas> 18
[00:28] <Pallas> dice 1d20
[00:28] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[00:29] <DracoDM> Pallas notices which ooze is injured with her keen healers eye, and attempts to finish that one off.
[00:29] <DracoDM> She hits.
[00:30] <DracoDM> ((1d6+2 damage, or +3 instead of +2 if you cast *Shillelagh* on it.))
[00:31] <Pallas> ((all right, I'll do so))
[00:34] <Spheniscine> Hmm... does she have to roll the die?
[00:34] <DracoDM> dice 1d6
[00:34] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[00:35] <DracoDM> ((That was my intention, but for the sake of speed, I just did it. Generally the players roll the dice for the things their characters do, and the GM rolls everything else. Saves are rolled by the target.
[00:36] <DracoDM> ))
[00:36] * Spheniscine nods
[00:37] <DracoDM> The ooze is now DEAD.
[00:37] <DracoDM> Ooze #1 attacks Sven
[00:37] <Remus> ((incoming Clem))
[00:37] <DracoDM> dice 1d20
[00:37] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[00:37] <Spheniscine> ((plays a funeral dirge OOC))
[00:37] <DracoDM> That hits.
[00:38] <DracoDM> Sven takes 1 point of bludgeoning, and 1 point of acid damage.
[00:38] * dragonroo (IceChat7@ has joined #DracoD&D
[00:38] * dragonroo is now known as clemaxgra-pocketdragon
[00:39] <DracoDM> dice 1d5
[00:39] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[00:40] <Spheniscine> d5... now that's not something you find everyday... X3
[00:40] <Spheniscine> Hi there Clem. :3
[00:42] <DracoDM> 1d20
[00:42] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon (IceChat7@ Quit ( Ping timeout: 121 seconds )
[00:42] <DracoDM> dice 1d20
[00:42] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[00:42] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon (IceChat7@ has joined #DracoD&D
[00:43] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> >.<
[00:43] <Spheniscine> >.<
[00:43] <DracoDM> Sven counterattacks.
[00:43] <DracoDM> dice 1d20
[00:43] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[00:44] <DracoDM> And the 2 claws
[00:44] <DracoDM> dice 2d20
[00:44] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2:10; Total: 12.
[00:44] <DracoDM> Sven tears into the ooze in a very effective manner.
[00:44] <DracoDM> dice 1d6
[00:44] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[00:44] <DracoDM> dice 2d4
[00:44] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4:1; Total: 5.
[00:45] <DracoDM> 3+1, 4, and 1 damage respectively.
[00:45] <DracoDM> 9 damage.
[00:45] <DracoDM> It stops moving.
[00:46] <DracoDM> A voice booms out from somewhere to the northwest: "Hey! You aren't allowed in here!"
[00:47] <DracoDM> CLEMAXGRA: Your go.
[00:49] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon (IceChat7@ Quit ( Ping timeout: 121 seconds )
[00:49] <Spheniscine> >.<
[00:49] * clemaxgra-microdragon_ (IceChat7@ has joined #DracoD&D
[00:49] <Spheniscine> Looks like he's connection's iffy...
[00:49] <DracoDM> ">.<" indeed...
[00:50] <Spheniscine> Hi Clem, you OK?
[00:50] * clemaxgra-microdragon_ aint disconnecting from any server but furrychapel apparently >.>
[00:50] <DracoDM> CLEMAXGRA: Your go.
[00:50] <Spheniscine> <.<
[00:50] <clemaxgra-microdragon_> (to get things straight, is sven the good or bad guy?)
[00:51] <DracoDM> ((Sven is a good guy.))
[00:51] * clemaxgra-microdragon_ aint sure if any ooze is within his vision, or range >.<
[00:53] <DracoDM> Clem can vaguely see 2 or three oozes chowing down on the fallen Pez-Ant who is responsible for this mess to the NE.
[00:53] <DracoDM> And the screams of the crowd seem especially intense in that general direction as well.
[00:54] * dragonroo (7c521634@webchat.mibbit.com) has joined #DracoD&D
[00:54] <DracoDM> Clem can vaguely see 2 or three oozes chowing down on the fallen Pez-Ant who is responsible for this mess to the NE.
[00:54] <DracoDM> And the screams of the crowd seem especially intense in that general direction as well.
[00:55] <dragonroo> (wonders if oozes are solid, or jelly-like)
[00:55] <DracoDM> ((More Jelly-like))
[00:56] * clemaxgra-microdragon_ (IceChat7@ Quit ( Ping timeout: 121 seconds )
[00:56] <DracoDM> ((You bit one of them earlier in this session I think...))
[00:58] <DracoDM> dice 1d4
[00:58] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[00:58] <DracoDM> You can use your breathweapon again the round after next.
[00:59] * dragonroo goes for bite then, going for the nearest one instead of most seemingly dangerous one
[00:59] <dragonroo> dice 1d6
[00:59] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[00:59] <dragonroo> 14
[01:00] <DracoDM> Actually, you roll d20's for attacks.
[01:00] <DracoDM> But we will use that as your damage roll.
[01:01] <dragonroo> :o
[01:01] <dragonroo> dice 1d20
[01:01] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[01:01] <DracoDM> dice 1d100
[01:01] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 42; Total: 42.
[01:01] <dragonroo> well >.>
[01:01] <DracoDM> ((I keep forgetting about the 20% miss chance for concealment from the fog...))
[01:02] <DracoDM> ((It doesn't effect the oozes though))
[01:02] <DracoDM> dice 1d2
[01:02] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[01:02] * dragonroo thinks being a melee at this size should override though o-o, and since already bit earlier >.>
[01:03] <DracoDM> Another ooze comes into Clem's square and starts devouring what Clem now knows to be a corpse.
[01:04] <Spheniscine> ((i.e. our "friend" is dead))
[01:04] <DracoDM> Ooze 7 makes a pathetic attempt to defend itself.
[01:04] <DracoDM> dice 1d20
[01:05] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[01:05] <DracoDM> And misses Clem.
[01:05] <DracoDM> SPHENISCINE: Your go.
[01:05] <dragonroo> o-o
[01:06] <Spheniscine> Hmm... if I use a raincloud, would any friendlies be in danger?
[01:07] * DracoDM (FoxGuest21@c-24-98-166-242.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) Quit ( Bye bye: Foxnet Java portal - provided by Foxnet: http://foxnet.in God Bless! )
[01:08] <dragonroo> >.>
[01:08] <Remus> woops....
[01:08] <Spheniscine> Darn.
[01:08] <Remus> Time for our optional side quest again
[01:08] <Spheniscine> lol
[01:09] <Remus> dice 1d100
[01:09] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 33; Total: 33.
[01:09] * dragonroo wonders why ooze is supposed to be eaten but seems so dangerous
[01:09] <Remus> dragonroo: they're normally cooked first :P
[01:09] * dragonroo likes vore, remember? :P??
[01:10] * FoxGuest80 (FoxGuest80@c-24-98-166-242.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined #DracoD&D
[01:10] * FoxGuest80 is now known as DracoGM
[01:11] <DracoGM> ((Sorry, I hit the back button in the browser by mistake. Last thing I saw was me telling Sphen it was his turn.))
[01:11] <dragonroo> (hmm.. so if i use fire on them enough, they become edible?)
[01:11] <DracoGM> Sphen now has an ooze in his square BTW.
[01:11] <DracoGM> ((They are technically edible raw. A bit like Sushi as far as health concerns go that way...))
[01:12] <dragonroo> (so... nom?? XD))
[01:13] <DracoGM> ((Yes, you have been.))
[01:13] <DracoGM> ((What did I miss, if anything I haven't been caught up on?))
[01:13] <dragonroo> (*pokes sphen with a stick*)
[01:13] <DracoGM> SPHENISCINE: Your Go.
[01:14] <Spheniscine> OK.
[01:14] <Spheniscine> Sorry.
[01:15] <Spheniscine> If I use a raincloud, would any friendlies be in danger?
[01:16] <DracoGM> You would have to be careful with your aim if there were any friendlies in the square, that gives a -4 to hit, unless you have the Precise Shot feat.
[01:16] <Spheniscine> Well... are there any friendlies?
[01:16] <DracoGM> But there isn't any danger of actually hitting a friendly with that.
[01:17] <Spheniscine> Hm. OK, I use it then.
[01:17] <DracoGM> Generally, yes, I could check the map.
[01:18] <dragonroo> (erm.. since in fog, isnt sphen UNABLE to detect allies and have to risk it anyways?? >.>))
[01:18] <Spheniscine> lol
[01:18] <DracoGM> Where are you directing it? At the one that just entered your square, the one Clem is fighting, the one that is attacking a gnome to the north of you, or the undamaged one eating the dead Pez-Ant?
[01:18] <Spheniscine> The one that entered my square.
[01:19] <Spheniscine> My main concern was the Pez-Ant... but since he's kicked the bucket...
[01:19] <DracoGM> Roll your attack, and change the R to an E for that maneuver.
[01:19] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[01:19] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[01:20] <Spheniscine> ((what's R and E?))
[01:20] <DracoGM> ((Readied and Expended))
[01:20] <Spheniscine> Oh.
[01:20] <DracoGM> ((Aaaand I managed to misremember how that maneuver works...))
[01:20] <DracoGM> ((You don't roll to hit...))
[01:21] <Spheniscine> Roll for damage, right.
[01:21] <DracoGM> roll 1d20
[01:21] <Spheniscine> dice 3d6
[01:21] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5:1:3; Total: 9.
[01:21] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[01:21] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
[01:21] <DracoGM> It manages to avoid the worst of it.
[01:22] <DracoGM> #9 chows down.
[01:22] <DracoGM> ((Oops, that already happened...))
[01:23] * dragonroo notices the ironi from last game, that pez-ant sounds like peasant >.>
[01:23] <Spheniscine> It's supposed to... lol
[01:23] <Remus> ((heheh...))
[01:24] <DracoGM> ((Yes, completely intentional))
[01:24] * Spheniscine thinks he's scuppered up his charsheet...
[01:24] <DracoGM> ((What ISN'T intentional is that I skipped Remus, who gets to place his eagle on the board, and then do other things.))
[01:24] <Spheniscine> Oops.
[01:25] <DracoGM> ((Where are you putting it Remus?))
[01:25] <Spheniscine> I did think something was off...
[01:25] <DracoGM> And also (just in case...)
[01:25] <DracoGM> REMUS: Your Go.
[01:25] <DracoGM> MEanwhile #11 takes a swing at Spheniscine.
[01:26] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[01:26] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 14; Total: 14.
[01:26] <DracoGM> #11 misses.
[01:26] <Remus> Placing it where i am, and directing it to attack the ooze that followed me
[01:26] <Spheniscine> ((Why is my character removed from the campaign list in TangledWeb?))
[01:26] <DracoGM> Ok, it will do so, now you still have a full rounds worth of actions for this turn.
[01:27] <Spheniscine> ((Tried "joining" the campaign, didn't work))
[01:29] <DracoGM> ((Sphen: No idea, was on there the last I checked...))
[01:29] <Spheniscine> ((I dunno... think it happened when I claimed the character from you))
[01:30] <DracoGM> ((Very odd...))
[01:31] <Remus> ((Are the oozes resistant to fire?))
[01:31] <DracoGM> ((Not that you know of.))
[01:31] <DracoGM> 2 Eagle Talons
[01:31] <DracoGM> dice 2d20
[01:31] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6:7; Total: 13.
[01:32] <DracoGM> ((2 misses))
[01:32] <DracoGM> 1 beak.
[01:32] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[01:32] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[01:32] <DracoGM> dice 1d4
[01:32] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[01:33] <DracoGM> 2 damage to #11
[01:34] <DracoGM> ((Still your go Remus, I am just saving time here.))
[01:36] <Remus> Burning Hands, directed at nearest ooze
[01:36] <DracoGM> Ooze's reflex save
[01:37] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[01:37] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 14; Total: 14.
[01:37] <DracoGM> You 5' step in some direction first (your good options are South, East, and SE)
[01:38] <Remus> East
[01:39] <DracoGM> Roll your damage, it will take half since it actually made the reflex save.
[01:40] <Remus> ((Caster level = ...?))
[01:41] <DracoGM> ((That equals your level in Wizard plus any oddball bonuses (which you have none of right now). In this case 3.))
[01:41] <Remus> dice 3d4
[01:41] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4:2:1; Total: 7.
[01:42] <DracoGM> ((Basically ones level in the class you are using to cast it, except for Rangers, Paladins, and maybe Bards, who get half that.))
[01:42] <DracoGM> dice 1d2
[01:42] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[01:43] <DracoGM> It elects to follow you.
[01:43] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[01:43] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[01:43] <DracoGM> Remus takes 1 point of bludgeoning and 1 point of acid damage.
[01:44] <DracoGM> And there is a very large scorch mark on the floor.
[01:45] <DracoGM> In fact, you COULD have also hit another of the oozes, but we will say for the sake of simplicity that you were avoiding the innocents near it.
[01:46] * DracoGM is doing things with geometry that the makers of D&D did not take into consideration.
[01:46] <Spheniscine> X3
[01:46] <DracoGM> An ooze to Remus's north attacks a patron.
[01:47] <DracoGM> ((Not going to roll for it, just saying...
[01:47] <DracoGM> PALLAS: Your go.
[01:48] <DracoGM> ((The eagle has resistance to acid 5, which in this case might as well be total immunity.))
[01:50] <Pallas> ((Are there any nearby oozes?))
[01:51] <DracoGM> ((Yes, one to your south alone in the square, one to your north, attacking Spheniscine.))
[01:52] <Pallas> ((I'll head toward the one attacking Sphen and attack it whilst casting Shillelagh))
[01:52] <DracoGM> ((Don
[01:52] <Pallas> ((Do I need to cast the same 3 D20s?))
[01:52] <DracoGM> 't think you can attack and cast in the same round...))
[01:53] <Pallas> ((I did last round))
[01:54] <Pallas> ((Regardless, I'll head toward Sphen and cast Shillelagh in preparation of my attack then))
[01:54] <Pallas> dice 1d6
[01:54] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[01:54] <DracoGM> ((You are already within attacking range of that square, so you don't have to move.))
[01:54] <DracoGM> ((and my mistake about last round if you cast.))
[01:54] <DracoGM> ((No attacks... you just cast.))
[01:55] <DracoGM> ((You could also move, which actually you should do...))
[01:55] <DracoGM> ((Now that I think of it.))
[01:56] <DracoGM> Pallas 5 foot steps eat to get out of Sven's way and casts Shillelagh.
[01:56] <Pallas> ((Yes, that's pretty much what I was gonna do but you typed faster than me
[01:57] <DracoGM> The panicking crowd is a few feet to your west (a line, not a clump).
[01:58] <Pallas> ((Okay, I already rolled, anything else?))
[01:58] <DracoGM> It is now Sven
[01:58] <DracoGM> 's turn.
[01:59] <Remus> ((brb))
[01:59] <DracoGM> Sven 5 foot steps northeast and attacks #11 which is fighting with Spheniscine.
[01:59] <DracoGM> Bite
[01:59] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[01:59] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[01:59] <DracoGM> Hit
[01:59] <DracoGM> 2 claws
[01:59] <DracoGM> dice 2d20
[01:59] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4:16; Total: 20.
[01:59] <DracoGM> miss and a hit.
[02:00] <DracoGM> dice 1d6
[02:00] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[02:01] <DracoGM> Sven bites the ooze bothering spheniscine hard and it stops moving.
[02:01] <DracoGM> He turns and claws #4 to his southeast for...
[02:01] <DracoGM> dice 1d4
[02:01] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[02:01] <DracoGM> 4 damage
[02:02] <DracoGM> Oops...
[02:02] <DracoGM> dice 1d100
[02:02] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 56; Total: 56.
[02:02] <DracoGM> Yeah, OK.
[02:03] <DracoGM> And actually he DIDN'T 5 foot step before he started.
[02:03] <DracoGM> CLEMAXGRA / DRAGONROO : Your go.
[02:06] <DracoGM> The obvious choice is to attack #13
[02:07] <DracoGM> We are getting low on time so I am going to expedite things...
[02:07] * dragonroo wonders how the ooze that he was attacking earlier is doing
[02:07] <Remus> ((back))
[02:07] <DracoGM> Watch carefully, because some of you I am going to ask what you are doing if it isn't immediately obvious to me what the logical thing to do is.
[02:07] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[02:07] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
[02:07] <DracoGM> dice 1d6
[02:07] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[02:08] * dragonroo normally goes for weakening first before doing multiple kills at once :P
[02:08] <DracoGM> Clem noms #7 for 6 damage.
[02:08] * Pallas is tired
[02:09] <DracoGM> Pallas: I can assume you just do Shillelagh/Claw/Bite attack routines on whichever ooze seems appropriate form now on if you need to leave?
[02:10] <Pallas> ok
[02:10] <Pallas> night
[02:10] <DracoGM> Night Pallas
[02:10] * Pallas (CFF_88@ Quit ( Bye bye: Christian Furry Fellowship Java portal - provided by Foxnet: http://foxnet.in God Bless! )
[02:11] <DracoGM> REMUS: Your Go.
[02:11] <DracoGM> The eagle claw/claw/bites on #5, then 5' stepping to attack #4 if #5 drops.
[02:11] <DracoGM> Dice 2d20
[02:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18:8; Total: 26.
[02:12] <DracoGM> One claw hits
[02:12] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[02:12] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[02:12] <DracoGM> Bite misses.
[02:12] <DracoGM> dice 1d4
[02:12] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[02:13] <DracoGM> Remus: The ooze at your feet is looking in very bad shape, but is still moving after the eagle's attack.
[02:13] <DracoGM> Pallas and the Eagle are both on the ground now BTW.
[02:14] <Remus> ((Are they immune to acid damage?))
[02:15] <DracoGM> ((
[02:15] <DracoGM> Not that you know of))
[02:16] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[02:16] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[02:16] <DracoGM> In fact you are pretty sure they aren't.
[02:16] <DracoGM> ((That was a Knowledge(The Planes) roll.))
[02:17] <Remus> i'll cast acid splash at ooze #4
[02:17] <DracoGM> ((So the one that ISN'T in your square and almost dead?))
[02:17] <Remus> (yes)
[02:18] <DracoGM> ((Ok, seems a bit odd to me, but sure.))
[02:19] <DracoGM> You 5' step northeast and do so.
[02:19] <Remus> dice 1d20
[02:19] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 17; Total: 17.
[02:19] <DracoGM> dice 1d100
[02:19] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 56; Total: 56.
[02:19] <DracoGM> Hit.
[02:19] <DracoGM> ((Err... 5' step NORTH))
[02:19] <DracoGM> dice 1d3
[02:19] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[02:19] <DracoGM> 2 damage
[02:21] <DracoGM> dice 1d2
[02:21] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[02:21] <DracoGM> #9 continues to chow down on your fallen foe.
[02:21] <Remus> ((Do any of us know that?))
[02:21] * dragonroo thinks he does
[02:22] <DracoGM> SPHENISCINE: Your go.
[02:22] <DracoGM> ((Yeah, Spheniscine can see #9.))
[02:22] <DracoGM> ((As can Clem, and both know the Pez-Ant is dead.))
[02:23] <Spheniscine> I think I'll use the giant mallet again.
[02:23] <dragonroo> o.o?
[02:23] <Spheniscine> X3
[02:24] <DracoGM> On which one? The one eating the Pez-Ant corpse, or one of the ones attacking the patrons who are pressed up against the bar to your north?
[02:25] <Spheniscine> Hmm... I think I'll help the patrons.
[02:25] <DracoGM> If to the north, are you going to go to where the chairs will make it harder for you to dodge (no dex to AC, and maybe no Wis either) but which is only close to one of them, or where you will be close to two>?
[02:26] <DracoGM> In any case, rolling your attack.
[02:26] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[02:26] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[02:26] <DracoGM> dice 1d6
[02:26] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[02:26] <DracoGM> You hit #16 for 4 damage.
[02:26] <Spheniscine> I think close to one.
[02:27] <DracoGM> dice 1d2
[02:27] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[02:27] <DracoGM> #5 goes after Remus
[02:27] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[02:27] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[02:27] <DracoGM> Critical threat... rolling to confirm critical.
[02:27] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[02:27] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[02:28] <DracoGM> No critical.
[02:28] <DracoGM> 1 bludgeoning, 1 acid.
[02:28] <DracoGM> Remus has now taken a total of 4 points of damage over the course of this fight.
[02:29] <DracoGM> 1d4
[02:29] <DracoGM> dice

<DracoGM> ((Sorry, I hit the back button in the browser by mistake. Last thing I saw was me telling Sphen it was his turn.))
<dragonroo> (hmm.. so if i use fire on them enough, they become edible?)
<DracoGM> Sphen now has an ooze in his square BTW.
<DracoGM> ((They are technically edible raw. A bit like Sushi as far as health concerns go that way...))
<dragonroo> (so... nom?? XD))
<DracoGM> ((Yes, you have been.))
<DracoGM> ((What did I miss, if anything I haven't been caught up on?))
<dragonroo> (*pokes sphen with a stick*)
<Spheniscine> OK.
<Spheniscine> Sorry.
<Spheniscine> If I use a raincloud, would any friendlies be in danger?
<DracoGM> You would have to be careful with your aim if there were any friendlies in the square, that gives a -4 to hit, unless you have the Precise Shot feat.
<Spheniscine> Well... are there any friendlies?
<DracoGM> But there isn't any danger of actually hitting a friendly with that.
<Spheniscine> Hm. OK, I use it then.
<DracoGM> Generally, yes, I could check the map.
<dragonroo> (erm.. since in fog, isnt sphen UNABLE to detect allies and have to risk it anyways?? >.>))
<Spheniscine> lol
<DracoGM> Where are you directing it? At the one that just entered your square, the one Clem is fighting, the one that is attacking a gnome to the north of you, or the undamaged one eating the dead Pez-Ant?
<Spheniscine> The one that entered my square.
<Spheniscine> My main concern was the Pez-Ant... but since he's kicked the bucket...
<DracoGM> Roll your attack, and change the R to an E for that maneuver.
<Spheniscine> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
<Spheniscine> ((what's R and E?))
<DracoGM> ((Readied and Expended))
<Spheniscine> Oh.
<DracoGM> ((Aaaand I managed to misremember how that maneuver works...))
<DracoGM> ((You don't roll to hit...))
<Spheniscine> Roll for damage, right.
<DracoGM> roll 1d20
<Spheniscine> dice 3d6
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5:1:3; Total: 9.
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
<DracoGM> It manages to avoid the worst of it.
<DracoGM> #9 chows down.
<DracoGM> ((Oops, that already happened...))
* dragonroo notices the ironi from last game, that pez-ant sounds like peasant >.>
<Spheniscine> It's supposed to... lol
<Remus> ((heheh...))
<DracoGM> ((Yes, completely intentional))
* Spheniscine thinks he's scuppered up his charsheet...
<DracoGM> ((What ISN'T intentional is that I skipped Remus, who gets to place his eagle on the board, and then do other things.))
<Spheniscine> Oops.
<DracoGM> ((Where are you putting it Remus?))
<Spheniscine> I did think something was off...
<DracoGM> And also (just in case...)
<DracoGM> REMUS: Your Go.
<DracoGM> MEanwhile #11 takes a swing at Spheniscine.
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 14; Total: 14.
<DracoGM> #11 misses.
<Remus> Placing it where i am, and directing it to attack the ooze that followed me
<Spheniscine> ((Why is my character removed from the campaign list in TangledWeb?))
<DracoGM> Ok, it will do so, now you still have a full rounds worth of actions for this turn.
<Spheniscine> ((Tried "joining" the campaign, didn't work))
<DracoGM> ((Sphen: No idea, was on there the last I checked...))
<Spheniscine> ((I dunno... think it happened when I claimed the character from you))
<DracoGM> ((Very odd...))
<Remus> ((Are the oozes resistant to fire?))
<DracoGM> ((Not that you know of.))
<DracoGM> 2 Eagle Talons
<DracoGM> dice 2d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6:7; Total: 13.
<DracoGM> ((2 misses))
<DracoGM> 1 beak.
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
<DracoGM> dice 1d4
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
<DracoGM> 2 damage to #11
<DracoGM> ((Still your go Remus, I am just saving time here.))
<Remus> Burning Hands, directed at nearest ooze
<DracoGM> Ooze's reflex save
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 14; Total: 14.
<DracoGM> You 5' step in some direction first (your good options are South, East, and SE)
<Remus> East
<DracoGM> Roll your damage, it will take half since it actually made the reflex save.
<Remus> ((Caster level = ...?))
<DracoGM> ((That equals your level in Wizard plus any oddball bonuses (which you have none of right now). In this case 3.))
<Remus> dice 3d4
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4:2:1; Total: 7.
<DracoGM> ((Basically ones level in the class you are using to cast it, except for Rangers, Paladins, and maybe Bards, who get half that.))
<DracoGM> dice 1d2
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
<DracoGM> It elects to follow you.
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
<DracoGM> Remus takes 1 point of bludgeoning and 1 point of acid damage.
<DracoGM> And there is a very large scorch mark on the floor.
<DracoGM> In fact, you COULD have also hit another of the oozes, but we will say for the sake of simplicity that you were avoiding the innocents near it.
* DracoGM is doing things with geometry that the makers of D&D did not take into consideration.
<Spheniscine> X3
<DracoGM> An ooze to Remus's north attacks a patron.
<DracoGM> ((Not going to roll for it, just saying...
<DracoGM> PALLAS: Your go.
<DracoGM> ((The eagle has resistance to acid 5, which in this case might as well be total immunity.))
<Pallas> ((Are there any nearby oozes?))
<DracoGM> ((Yes, one to your south alone in the square, one to your north, attacking Spheniscine.))
<Pallas> ((I'll head toward the one attacking Sphen and attack it whilst casting Shillelagh))
<DracoGM> ((Don
<Pallas> ((Do I need to cast the same 3 D20s?))
<DracoGM> 't think you can attack and cast in the same round...))
<Pallas> ((I did last round))
<Pallas> ((Regardless, I'll head toward Sphen and cast Shillelagh in preparation of my attack then))
<Pallas> dice 1d6
<DracoGM> ((You are already within attacking range of that square, so you don't have to move.))
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
<DracoGM> ((and my mistake about last round if you cast.))
<DracoGM> ((No attacks... you just cast.))
<DracoGM> ((You could also move, which actually you should do...))
<DracoGM> ((Now that I think of it.))
<DracoGM> Pallas 5 foot steps eat to get out of Sven's way and casts Shillelagh.
<Pallas> ((Yes, that's pretty much what I was gonna do but you typed faster than me
<DracoGM> The panicking crowd is a few feet to your west (a line, not a clump).
<Pallas> ((Okay, I already rolled, anything else?))
<DracoGM> It is now Sven
<DracoGM> 's turn.
<Remus> ((brb))
<DracoGM> Sven 5 foot steps northeast and attacks #11 which is fighting with Spheniscine.
<DracoGM> Bite
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
<DracoGM> Hit
<DracoGM> 2 claws
<DracoGM> dice 2d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4:16; Total: 20.
<DracoGM> miss and a hit.
<DracoGM> dice 1d6
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
<DracoGM> Sven bites the ooze bothering spheniscine hard and it stops moving.
<DracoGM> He turns and claws #4 to his southeast for...
<DracoGM> dice 1d4
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
<DracoGM> 4 damage
<DracoGM> Oops...
<DracoGM> dice 1d100
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 56; Total: 56.
<DracoGM> Yeah, OK.
<DracoGM> And actually he DIDN'T 5 foot step before he started.
<DracoGM> The obvious choice is to attack #13
<DracoGM> We are getting low on time so I am going to expedite things...
* dragonroo wonders how the ooze that he was attacking earlier is doing
<Remus> ((back))
<DracoGM> Watch carefully, because some of you I am going to ask what you are doing if it isn't immediately obvious to me what the logical thing to do is.
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
<DracoGM> dice 1d6
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
<DracoGM> Clem noms #7 for 6 damage.
* dragonroo normally goes for weakening first before doing multiple kills at once :P
* Pallas is tired
<DracoGM> Pallas: I can assume you just do Shillelagh/Claw/Bite attack routines on whichever ooze seems appropriate form now on if you need to leave?
<Pallas> ok
<Pallas> night
<DracoGM> Night Pallas
*** Pallas has quit (Bye bye: Christian Furry Fellowship Java portal - provided by Foxnet: http://foxnet.in God Bless!)
<DracoGM> REMUS: Your Go.
<DracoGM> The eagle claw/claw/bites on #5, then 5' stepping to attack #4 if #5 drops.
<DracoGM> Dice 2d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18:8; Total: 26.
<DracoGM> One claw hits
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
<DracoGM> Bite misses.
<DracoGM> dice 1d4
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
<DracoGM> Remus: The ooze at your feet is looking in very bad shape, but is still moving after the eagle's attack.
<DracoGM> Pallas and the Eagle are both on the ground now BTW.
<Remus> ((Are they immune to acid damage?))
<DracoGM> ((
<DracoGM> Not that you know of))
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
<DracoGM> In fact you are pretty sure they aren't.
<DracoGM> ((That was a Knowledge(The Planes) roll.))
<Remus> i'll cast acid splash at ooze #4
<DracoGM> ((So the one that ISN'T in your square and almost dead?))
<Remus> (yes)
<DracoGM> ((Ok, seems a bit odd to me, but sure.))
<DracoGM> You 5' step northeast and do so.
<Remus> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 17; Total: 17.
<DracoGM> dice 1d100
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 56; Total: 56.
<DracoGM> Hit.
<DracoGM> ((Err... 5' step NORTH))
<DracoGM> dice 1d3
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
<DracoGM> 2 damage
<DracoGM> dice 1d2
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
<DracoGM> #9 continues to chow down on your fallen foe.
<Remus> ((Do any of us know that?))
* dragonroo thinks he does
<DracoGM> SPHENISCINE: Your go.
<DracoGM> ((Yeah, Spheniscine can see #9.))
<DracoGM> ((As can Clem, and both know the Pez-Ant is dead.))
<Spheniscine> I think I'll use the giant mallet again.
<dragonroo> o.o?
<Spheniscine> X3
<DracoGM> On which one? The one eating the Pez-Ant corpse, or one of the ones attacking the patrons who are pressed up against the bar to your north?
<Spheniscine> Hmm... I think I'll help the patrons.
<DracoGM> If to the north, are you going to go to where the chairs will make it harder for you to dodge (no dex to AC, and maybe no Wis either) but which is only close to one of them, or where you will be close to two>?
<DracoGM> In any case, rolling your attack.
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
<DracoGM> dice 1d6
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
<DracoGM> You hit #16 for 4 damage.
<Spheniscine> I think close to one.
<DracoGM> dice 1d2
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
<DracoGM> #5 goes after Remus
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
<DracoGM> Critical threat... rolling to confirm critical.
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
<DracoGM> No critical.
<DracoGM> 1 bludgeoning, 1 acid.
<DracoGM> Remus has now taken a total of 4 points of damage over the course of this fight.
<DracoGM> 1d4
<DracoGM> dice 1d4
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
<DracoGM> #4 crawls under table in persuit of the fleeing staff and customers.
<DracoGM> ((Make that #14, #4 is over by Pallas))
<Remus> ((wasn't #4 the one by me?))
<DracoGM> ((Eh, whichever... so yeah, #4 was near you))
<DracoGM> Pallas attacks #14
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
<DracoGM> Misses with the Shillelagh
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
<DracoGM> And her claw attack
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
<DracoGM> Bit hits thought.
<DracoGM> *though
<DracoGM> ((People should speak up if they need to leave and then wait for me to acknowledge etc.))
<DracoGM> dice 1d6
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
<DracoGM> #14 takes 4 points of damage (3 rolled, and 1 for 1/2 strength modifier since it is a secondary attack)
<DracoGM> dice 1d2
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
<DracoGM> Sven goes after #14
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
<DracoGM> dice 2d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 10:12; Total: 22.
<DracoGM> Misses with the bite, hits with both claws.
<DracoGM> dice 2d4
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3:3; Total: 6.
<DracoGM> First one drops it, second deals 3 damage to #9
<DracoGM> Clem attacks #9
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
<DracoGM> dice 1d6
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
<DracoGM> #9 is almost dead.
<DracoGM> #13 noms on corpse.
<DracoGM> REMUS: Your go.
<DracoGM> Eagle attacks #5
<DracoGM> dice 2d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7:12; Total: 19.
<DracoGM> And the bite
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
<DracoGM> Only the second talon hit.
<DracoGM> dice 1d4
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
<DracoGM> But it is enough.
* Remus moves to the northeast
<DracoGM> Ok, you have ooze 4 in sight now, what are you going to do?
<Remus> dice 1d3
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
<DracoGM> Your good offensive options are down to Summon Monster I, Summon Monster 2, Scorching Ray, and your staff.
<Remus> Scorching Ray on the ooze
* dragonroo goes to bed since he cant undertand much of whats going on anymore.. is 3am here >.<
<Remus> ((Night dragonroo))
<DracoGM> ((Good Night Dragonroo))
<dragonroo> (nini )
<Spheniscine> ((Yeah, I vote to end too. My computer's rebelling...))
*** dragonroo has quit (Bye bye: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client God Bless!)
<DracoGM> ((You can leave, but I am going to do as much as I can, and will post it on GitP.))
<Spheniscine> ((I thought you didn't have logs?))
<DracoGM> ((I just figured out a way to start logging now...))
<Spheniscine> ((Ah.))
<Spheniscine> Gotta go now. Bye. :3
*** Spheniscine has quit (Bye bye: Relax, its only ONES and ZEROS! God Bless!)
<Remus> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
<Remus> dice 4d6
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2:5:2:3; Total: 12.
<DracoGM> dice 1d100
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 31; Total: 31.
<DracoGM> #4 is Dead.
<Remus> ((Can we end here for today?))
<DracoGM> ((Are you the one logging for me? If so I would appreciate it if you idle here a bit longer until I can get back to your turn, and end the session right before you act.))
<DracoGM> ((Basically, if you are the one logging please stay in here, but you don't have to pay attention.))
<Remus> ((That was Spheniscine))
<DracoGM> ((Ok, you can go then, and I will just do the cut-paste manually... still going to need Spheniscine's part though eventually... you can go, but make sure to read the logs because I am going to keep going for a bit.))
<Remus> ((ok))
*** Remus has left #DracoD&D
<DracoGM> ((Note to readers of log: Basically combat over IRC is VERY time consuming, so anything I can do to short-cut the obvious parts is good.))
<DracoGM> dice 1d2
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 14; Total: 14.
<DracoGM> #9 attacks Clem but misses.
<DracoGM> Spheniscine moves 5' north (not a 5' step since he can't do that with the chairs in the way) and attacks #16 again.
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
<DracoGM> He misses.
<DracoGM> Pallas flaps to a point 20' north and 10' east and attacks from the air.
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
<DracoGM> Misses.
<DracoGM> #16 takes a swipe at Spheniscine.
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
<DracoGM> Misses.
<DracoGM> clem attacks #9
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
<DracoGM> Hit.
<DracoGM> Dice 1d6
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
<DracoGM> Clem could have used his breath-weapon, but it didn
<DracoGM> 't seem worth it to him.
<DracoGM> Aaaand I got that out of order... not that it really matters...
<DracoGM> Sven moves to Pallas's left and attacks once.
<DracoGM> dice 1d20
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
<DracoGM> Misses! (lot of that going around lately...)
<DracoGM> dice 1d6
<WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
<DracoGM> Ok, so next week we will start with Remus and his celestial eagle's turns.
<DracoGM> ----------------End Session-------------------------

2009-11-27, 02:45 PM
Misc. Useful links:
Candy Oozes (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41639)
Eagle (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/eagle.htm)
Celestial Creature (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/celestialCreature.htm)

Pallas's spells known prepared:
(level 1) Goodberry

Pallas's spells slots remaining to retroactively prepare:
4 level 0 slots
3 level 1 slots

Pallas's spells cast:
Obscuring Mist

Current initiative order and damage taken:
#20, #19, #18
Sven(-2 hp)
#17, #16 (-4 hp), #15
Clemaxgra (BW is ready for use)
#13, #12
Summoned Celestial Eagle
Remus (-4 hp)
((Direlda if and when he can make it to a session during this combat will act here))
Pallas (w/ Shillelagh active)

Most relevant portion of tactical map at the end of session 4. (I got East and West confused on the last map for the markings about table portions, and maybe the tank too...), Top of map is juice-bar with bar-stools in front of it, right edge as you look at the map is the east wall of the place, with a door to the stairs up in the second section from the top:
((Should be accurate now, but PLEASE tell me if you see any errors.))
Civilians (-----------)|Civilians (-----------)|Civilians (-----------)|Civilians (-----------)|Civilians (-----------)|Civilians (-----------)|Civilians (-----------)|Civilians (-----------)|Civilians (-----------)|Civilians (-----------)|Civilians (-----------)
Civilians (------------)|Civilians+ Ooze 16|Civilians+Ooze 12|Civilians+Ooze 17|Civilians+ Ooze 19|Civilians+ Ooze 18|Civilians |Civilians+ Ooze 15|Civilians|Empty|Civilians+ Ooze 20 + door to stairs
Sphen. + NE part of Table 2|NW part of Table 3|NE part of table 3|Pallas|Sven|Fog+NE part of Table 4|Fog+NW part of table 4|NW part of Table 5|NE part of Table 5|NW part of Table 6|NE part of Table 6
SE part of of Table 2|SW part of Table 3|SE part of Table 3|Fog|Fog|Fog+SW part of Table 4|Fog+SE part of Table 4|Fog+SW part of Table 5|Fog+SE part of Table 5|SW part of Table 6|SE part of Table 6
NE part of Table 8|Empty|Empty|Fog|Fog|Fog|Fog| Remus+Fog+ NW part of Table 9|Fog+NE part of Table 9|NW part of Table 10|NE part of Table 10
SE part of Table 8|Empty|Fog|Clem.+Fog+ Terrorist(KOed) + Oozes 13|Fog|Fog|Fog|Fog+SW part of Table 9|Fog+SE part of Table 9|Fog+ SW part of Table 10|SE part of Table 10
NE part of Table 12|Empty|Fog|Fog+NW part of Tank w/ N and W walls broken out|Fog+NE part of Tank w/ N wall broken out|Celestial Eagle +Fog|Fog|Fog+NE part of Table 13|Fog+NW part of table 13|Fog+NW part of Table 14|NE part of Table 14
SE part of Table 12|Empty|Empty |Fog+SW part of Tank w/ W wall broken out|Fog+SE part of tank+oozes|Fog|Fog|Fog+SW part of Table 13|Fog+SE part of Table 13|SW part of Table 14|SE part of Table 14
NE part of Table 16|Empty|Empty|Fog|Fog|Fog|Fog|Fog+NW part of table 17|Fog+NE part of table 17|NW part of Table 18|NE part of Table 18
SE part of Table 16|Empty|Empty|Empty|Empty|Fog|Fog| SW part of Table 17|SE part of table 17|SW part of Table 18|SE part of Table 18
NE part of Table 20|NW part of Table 21|NE part of Table 21|Empty|Empty|NW part of Table 22|NE part of Table 22| NW part of Table 23|NE part of Table 23|NW part of Table 24| NE part of Table 24
Tables are all surrounded by chairs in same squares.
Ooze three has taken 3 points of damage.
NE =North-East
NW =North-West
SE = South-East
SW = South-West

2009-12-11, 12:53 PM
[10:45] DracoDei: ---------------------------Session Start--------------------------------------------
[10:45] Direlda: —.—;
[10:45] DracoDei: Remus AND Eagle!
[10:46] * Remus nods
[10:46] Pallas: ((Neither Sphen nor Clem are on Skype if that helps))
[10:46] DracoDei: ((OK))
[10:49] DracoDei: ((What are you waiting for?))
[10:49] * Remus calls the Eagle to follow him and moves north, casting Summon Monster I (brb)
[10:52] * DracoDei considers how to interprit that since casting that spell laps over into the next turn.
[10:53] Remus: (back)
[10:53] DracoDei: Remus moves56 feet north, but has an "Ack!" moment when he comes out of the fog.
[10:53] DracoDei: ((unless you tell me you want to change that very soon.))
[10:54] DracoDei: Anyway, that will use up... Hmmm.... a move action next turn.
[10:54] DracoDei: And the summoned creature(s) will also be down a move action for that turn.
[10:54] *** You have been disconnected. Fri Dec 11 10:54:58 2009.
[10:55] *** You have been disconnected. Fri Dec 11 10:55:19 2009.
[10:56] *** Automatically rejoining channel...
[10:56] *** DracoDei_ has joined #DracoD&D.
[10:56] *** Initial topic: Remus(and Eagle) Direlda Spheniscine Pallas 20-18 .Sven 17-15 Clem 13 12
[10:56] *** #DracoD&D: Pallas @DracoDei Remus Direlda Alopex DracoDei_
[10:57] DracoDei: The Eagle provokes attacks of opportunity from Cherry Candys 18 and 15. Both miss.
[10:57] DracoDei: To repeat what you MIGHT have missed...
[10:57] DracoDei: [10:53] DracoDei: Remus moves56 feet north, but has an "Ack!" moment when he comes out of the fog.
[10:53] DracoDei: ((unless you tell me you want to change that very soon.))
[10:54] DracoDei: Anyway, that will use up... Hmmm.... a move action next turn.
[10:54] DracoDei: And the summoned creature(s) will also be down a move action for that turn.
[10:58] DracoDei: The eagle attacks #15 with a Talon. It is a hit.
[10:58] DracoDei: 4 points of damage
[10:59] DracoDei: Spheniscine's turn.
[11:01] DracoDei: Since he isn't here I will have him use his maul on #16 with the maneuver Stone Bones.
[11:01] *** You're not a channel operator!
[11:02] Remus: (brb)
[11:02] DracoDei: Spheniscine misses (I am rolling physical dice this time around BTW).
[11:02] *** Romulus has joined #DracoD&D.
[11:03] *** Remus has signed off IRC (Client closed the connection).
[11:03] *** Romulus is now known as Remus.
[11:03] DracoDei: He moves 5' north.
[11:03] DracoDei: PALLAS!
[11:04] * Pallas swings the Shillelagh at the ooze again
[11:04] * DracoDei rolls for that.... but I am going to assume you are doing a full-attack.
[11:05] Pallas: having trouble with the chat interface
[11:05] DracoDei: ((Ask about it in #CFF please, I have enough on my plate that I don't want to worry about that if possible.)
[11:06] DracoDei: Shillelagh hits, claw misses.
[11:06] Pallas: ((Just telling you))
[11:07] DracoDei: Bite misses.
[11:07] DracoDei: Err...
[11:07] DracoDei: Bite hits.
[11:08] DracoDei: #19 stops moving.
[11:09] DracoDei: 18 attacks one of the patrons...
[11:10] DracoDei: but misses.
[11:10] DracoDei: Sven's go.
[11:11] DracoDei: Hits with all three attacks.
[11:13] DracoDei: Ooze #17 is now in very bad condition.
[11:14] DracoDei: It returns the attack (miss).
[11:14] DracoDei: 16 goes after Spheniscine (miss).
[11:15] DracoDei: 15 attacks the Eagle. Hit for 2 damage.
[11:17] DracoDei: Clemnaxgra breath-weapons 13 and kills it.
[11:17] DracoDei: (or at least a KO)
[11:18] DracoDei: #12 attacks a bystander and misses.
[11:19] DracoDei: Which puts it back to Remus (how many rounds has the Eagle been around?)
[11:19] Remus: 3, i think?
[11:19] DracoDei: REMUS & EAGLE!
[11:20] Direlda: ((and what about me?))
[11:20] DracoDei: ((Ok, that means it vanishes at the end of this round since that spell lasts one round per caster level))
[11:20] DracoDei: Direlda: Very sorry...
[11:21] DracoDei: We will retcon Direlda's turn right now!
[11:21] Direlda: ((you've basically had me out walking or something?))
[11:22] DracoDei: You come back from a pleasant hike through nature to find Pex-Ants pouring out of the restaurant where you are staying... screams come from inside.
[11:22] Direlda: I rush inside
[11:22] DracoDei: You draw you bow and heroicallty force your way through the crowd, eventually arriving through the eastern half of the double doors.
[11:23] DracoDei: A cloud of dense fog is in the center of the room (ofset to the east), and screams come from beyond it.
[11:24] DracoDei: You can barely make out Spheniscine past the western edge of the fog, but he is also behind the end of the cloud.
[11:25] DracoDei: Your go.
[11:25] Direlda: I skirt as far as I can around the edge of the fog towards the screams
[11:25] DracoDei: ((Remember to look at the map to see how the tables restrict your movements, but also remember you can't even see who the enemies are.
[11:26] Remus: ((Can i get the link to the map again?))
[11:27] DracoDei: Ok, you have a shot at #16, and I am just going to assume you take it. You are shooting into melee (especially with the customers), so you take a -4 to hit.
[11:28] Direlda: I have dice, so I'll roll
[11:28] DracoDei: You need to roll a 12 or higher.
[11:29] Direlda: well I rolled 11
[11:29] DracoDei: Ok, Direlda missed.
[11:29] DracoDei: End Retcon
[11:29] DracoDei: That puts us back to:
[11:29] DracoDei: REMUS & EAGLE!
[11:30] Remus: ((Down a move action, correct?))
[11:30] DracoDei: Yes, you are.
[11:31] Remus: ((Where am i relative to any oozes?))
[11:31] DracoDei: I would have the Eagle Full attack, and I will roll for that. Just tell me if it is starting oin 156 or 18. (neither of them have taken damage, 15 is to its east, 18 is west
[11:31] DracoDei: (Link: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/printthread.php?t=130854)http://www.giantitp.com/forums/printthread.php?t=130854
[11:33] DracoDei: ((It will be your turn right after this Direlda))
[11:34] Direlda: ((righto))
[11:34] Remus: Eagle will attack 15
[11:34] Remus: ((Summon Creature 1 finishes now, correct?))
[11:34] DracoDei: Eagle deals 65 points of damage to #156, and then disappears.
[11:35] Remus: ((ERr..... Summon Monster))
[11:35] DracoDei: Yes. What are you summoning and where are you putting it?
[11:35] Remus: Celestial Badger, next to #15
[11:36] DracoDei: Between you and it, or off to one side?
[11:36] Remus: between me and it
[11:38] DracoDei: And what are you doing with your move aciton? You could 5' step northwest, or you could got around table 5 counter-clockwise to the north east
[11:38] DracoDei: Or you could cast another spell.
[11:38] DracoDei: The badger attacks #156
[11:38] DracoDei: ((3156))
[11:39] DracoDei: ((#156)
[11:39] DracoDei: ((#15... FINALLY!))
[11:39] Remus: ((Heheh))
[11:39] DracoDei: The badger misses.
[11:40] * Remus moves to the northeast around table 5
[11:40] DracoDei: Ok, you can now see ooze #20.
[11:40] DracoDei: You want to close range on it?
[11:41] DracoDei: ((Probably not, but you never know))
[11:41] Remus: ((Nah))
[11:41] DracoDei: ((Also, I forgot that these things don't have reach))
[11:41] DracoDei: DIRELDA!
[11:42] Direlda: I try shooting #16 again
[11:42] Direlda: and 8...
[11:42] DracoDei: ((I suggest moving 6 squares north and shooting at #16 again (1 point easier) if you have Point Black shot))
[11:43] Direlda: I do have that, so I move closer
[11:43] Direlda: but I'm guessing I still miss
[11:43] DracoDei: 8 is KO.
[11:43] DracoDei: Oh!
[11:43] Direlda: ?
[11:43] DracoDei: You ROLLED an 8....
[11:43] Direlda: to hit
[11:43] DracoDei: I thought you were trying to use Rapid Shot...
[11:43] Direlda: ^^;
[11:44] DracoDei: ((Which you can't in a turn you move...))
[11:44] Direlda: oh right
[11:45] Direlda: so I just miss then
[11:45] Direlda: without moving
[11:45] DracoDei: Spheniscine!! ((Will be handles after the GM gets back from the toilet))
[11:46] DracoDei: Spheniscine considers dropping a brick, but is worried about hitting one of the patrons.
[11:47] DracoDei: He hits #16 for 2 points of damage.\
[11:48] DracoDei: PALLAS!
[11:49] * Pallas attacks again
[11:50] DracoDei: Pallas starts with 17 hoping to finish it off before moving on to 12
[11:50] *** Direlda is now known as Direlda-san.
[11:51] DracoDei: Shillelagh hits for 4 points of damage KOing Ooze 17
[11:52] DracoDei: claw misses, Bit hits Ooze 12 for 2 ppoints of damage
[11:53] DracoDei: #20 randomly decides Remus looks tasty.
[11:54] DracoDei: But it misses.
[11:55] DracoDei: 18 randomly decides Sven looks tasty (seriously, these targeting rolls are improbable).
[11:55] DracoDei: It hits for 2 points of damage
[11:56] DracoDei: Sven counter attacks Ooze 18
[11:57] DracoDei: Only his bite hits.
[11:57] DracoDei: For 4 hp
[11:58] DracoDei: 16 attacks a patron and delivers a brutal 2 hitpoints of damage (Commoner classes, remember?)
[11:59] DracoDei: 15 follows 16s example, but crits for an additional point of physical damage, resulting in 3 points of damage to a hapless waiter.
[12:00] DracoDei: Clem moves into the square with Sven and attacks #18
[12:01] Remus: ((Wasn't the badger attacking 15?))
[12:01] DracoDei: Hits for 65 Points of damage, KOing i8t.
[12:01] DracoDei: Erf... yes.
[12:02] DracoDei: ((6 points of damage... 6 and 5 were stuck together.))
[12:02] DracoDei: As for the badger...
[12:04] DracoDei: Claw and a Bite hit #15 for 1 point each.
[12:04] DracoDei: Actually the claw drops it, so the other point goes on #20 which is in range since it is attacking Remus
[12:05] DracoDei: #12 hits a patron for 2 points.
[12:07] Direlda-san: ((time for me to go... T.T ))
[12:07] DracoDei: Which puts us back to the Badger (which will be attacking #20) and Remus.
[12:07] DracoDei: ((Bye Direlda...catch up in the logs))
[12:07] * Remus attacks #20 with his Quarterstaff
[12:08] Direlda-san: ((will do))
[12:08] DracoDei: The Celestial Badger hits for 1 point of damage...
[12:08] *** Direlda-san has left #DracoD&D.
[12:14] Remus: ((Hello?))
[12:14] Pallas: (i'm here))
[12:15] Remus: ((Is it time for the optional side quest to find DracoDei_?))
[12:15] DracoDei: Back
[12:15] Remus: (Welcome back)
[12:15] DracoDei: You hit.
[12:16] DracoDei: 2 points of damage.
[12:16] DracoDei: You 5' stepped north first though.
[12:17] DracoDei: Direlda misses #16 twice
[12:17] DracoDei: And Sphenscine misses it with his giant mallet.
[12:18] DracoDei: PALLAS!
[12:18] DracoDei: ((Full attack on #12?))
[12:18] Pallas: (yup)
[12:19] DracoDei: #12 is now DEAD
[12:21] DracoDei: #20 attacks the badger (this could be a VERY good thing...)
[12:21] Remus: ((Heheh, i know))
[12:21] DracoDei: Yay! A hit!
[12:21] DracoDei: We have Frenzy on the badger...
[12:22] Remus: ((Isn't it Rage?))
[12:22] DracoDei: ((I forgot which they called it...))
[12:22] DracoDei: ((Same difference))
[12:23] Remus: ((Ah))
[12:24] DracoDei: 18 attacks Svenj
[12:24] DracoDei: Hits for the usual 2 points.
[12:25] DracoDei: Sven has now taken the most damage of the party... all of 6 points.
[12:26] DracoDei: Sven countand hits with both claws.er attacks
[12:27] DracoDei: 18 is DEAD
[12:28] DracoDei: Just a sec...
[12:28] DracoDei: Eh, never mind that...
[12:28] DracoDei: 16 attacks a downed customer for 2 points of damage.
[12:30] DracoDei: Clem Clem moves into #16's space, but doesn't have time to attack this round.
[12:32] DracoDei: Direlda Rapid shots, and hits #16 once
[12:33] Remus: ((Isn't it my turn first?))
[12:33] DracoDei: Grr... yes/
[12:34] * Remus attacks #20 with his quarterstaff again
[12:36] DracoDei: Actually, just before you can do that, the Badger drops it.
[12:36] DracoDei: Want to force your way through the crowd towards #20?
[12:37] Remus: (hmm? didn't you just say #20 was dropped?))
[12:38] DracoDei: ((Oh... doesn't actually matter but Celestial summons have acid resistance 5)) No, that was #16 which is the one closest to you.
[12:38] Pallas: ((*sigh* Perhaps tonight is not a good night for gaming.))
[12:38] Remus: ((Huh? htne why can't i attack #20 with my quarterstaff?))
[12:38] Remus: then*
[12:38] DracoDei: ((Well, there are a lot of mistakes on my part, but we seem to be handling them very well so they don't actually mess things up.))
[12:39] DracoDei: Because it is 35 feet away from you.
[12:39] DracoDei: Erf...
[12:40] DracoDei: ((Maybe Pallas is right... I have them backwards.... 20 is down, 16 is just injured.))
[12:40] DracoDei: But it is still 35 feet away from you... the last ooze, regardless of what its number is.
[12:41] Remus: then yeah, move towards it
[12:42] DracoDei: Spheniscine splats the last ooze...
[12:42] DracoDei: -----End initiative----
[12:42] DracoDei: Ok, you want to go from here, or do you want to stop for the week?
[12:44] Remus: (Stop for the week? kinda low on people? >.<)
[12:44] DracoDei: ((Sorry I have been so out of it... and having to run extra NPCs doesn't help... plus I didn't take my meds this morning... somehow forgot it in the rush of OTHER things I was doing to get ready.__
[12:44] DracoDei: ))
[12:44] Pallas: ((No need to apologize.))
[12:45] DracoDei: ((Pallas, I assume you want to stop as well.))
[12:45] DracoDei: ((Thank you Pallas))
[12:46] * DracoDei waits for Pallas's response, just to be very sure.
[12:46] Pallas: me nods
[12:47] DracoDei: ------------------End Session---------------------

2009-12-11, 12:58 PM
Current damage taken:
Sven Bent-Claw: 6
Clemaxgra: None
Direlda: None
Remus: 4
Saleth: None (was hiding under a chair in the corner the whole time)
Spheniscine: None
Pallas: None
Hesoid: None

16 CR 1/8ths and one CR 2 (the Pez-Ant Commoner) is about an EL 4 by the book, which is a bit low, but since it was a lot of the players FIRST encounter EVER I am going to call it good...

1,200 XP's (experience points) total

Note that this ONLY for the combat, NOT associated roleplaying bonuses, which I have yet to determine.

I am going to count both Sven Bend-Claw and Direlda for full shares of the XPs.

6 Characters. 1200/6 = 200 XPs per character.

2009-12-18, 06:44 PM
Specific adventure arc in the restaurant is over. Might be some follow-up looking for compatriots of the nasty Pez-Ant.

200 GP per character. Haven't given RP XP awards. Log (on the room in my parents' guest room) will require heavy editting due to personal matters getting interweaved in it, and a slow start.

No game on Christmas day. Maybe not a week after that either.

Pallas has a scheduling conflict and has to drop.

Considering moving time. This might mean Spheniscine and Clemaxgra couldn't play because of time-zone problems.

2010-01-15, 04:53 PM
[20:01] Hyperion: Normal 3.5, yes?
[20:01] Remus: kinda...
[20:01] Remus: i guess
[20:01] DracoGM: Hyperion: Err... MOSTLY.... some tweaks to multiclassing... (and LAed races count as classes most of the time).
[20:02] Remus: Zyborg22, will you be carrying my tent for me?
[20:02] *** AlexDaFox has signed off IRC (Client exited).
[20:02] Hyperion: hmm
[20:02] Zyborg22: Sure, assuming I can without any penalties. I think I can, though.
[20:02] DracoGM: Hyperion: And lots of homebrew magic items, monsters and eventually Prestige Classes.
[20:02] Remus: aye
[20:02] Remus: well under your weight limit
[20:03] DracoGM: Zyborg: Being Hexipodal really helps.
[20:03] Hyperion: hmm
[20:03] Zyborg22: I know that, but I was wondering if it's surface area would count against anything.
[20:03] DracoGM: Zyborg: Not when it is packed up, no.
[20:04] Zyborg22: Ok. I'll carry it, then.
[20:04] Zyborg22: I'm not sure if it will go into the haversack, though.
[20:04] * Remus nods
[20:06] DracoGM: ((Remus, Spheniscine, and Direlda you have decided to try to see if the wimpy terrorist had any accomplices. Pallas, Clem, and Tybalt decided they are on VACCATION, and aren't going to be looking for trouble.))
[20:06] *** -Hyperion- Ok if I just lurk and work on a character?
[20:06] Remus: heh
[20:07] Direlda: ((righto))
[20:07] DracoGM: Hyperion: I would prefer if you would play either Lyle Tealeaf or Sven Bent-Claw.
[20:07] Remus: umm... actually, Zyborg, would you be able to carry my tools? ^^;
[20:07] DracoGM: Hyperion: But you can just lurk for now.
[20:08] Hyperion: Oh, so... Huh?
[20:08] Zyborg22: Masterwork Scribe/Illuminator's tools, right?
[20:08] * Remus nods
[20:08] DracoGM: Hyperion: And, of course, you probably want to make a character in the long-run... although you could always tweak either of those two... Sven is more tweakablwe than Lyle.
[20:08] Zyborg22: Yes.
[20:10] DracoGM: Hyperion: Right now the biggest unfilled slot is healer...
[20:11] Hyperion: :\ So... Will I be able to make a new character at a later point, who is not one of the ones already made?
[20:11] Zyborg22: Yes. I did.
[20:11] DracoGM: Hyperion: Yes.
[20:11] Hyperion: Your earlier comment confused me, then.
[20:12] Zyborg22: I think he wants you to use one of those guys right now since you won't have time to make anything else.
[20:12] DracoGM: Play Lyle this session, next session you play your own character (if you prefer) and Lyle goes back to being a party NPC.
[20:13] Hyperion: ((Right.))
[20:15] *** Hyperion is now known as Lyle.
[20:16] * Remus cracks his knuckles
[20:16] Remus: Where are we, at current, Draco?
[20:19] * Remus pokes
[20:20] *** You are now known as Sheriff.
[20:20] Zyborg22: More importantly, where am I :P ?
[20:21] Sheriff: Zyborg: You are in a box. Things were so boring around here you turned yourself off, after telling people to wake you when something interesting happened.
[20:22] Sheriff: ((The returning characters have just informed the Sheriff of there intentions. And he has summoned Lyle, and is now leading you into a storage area at the gaurd-post/jail.))
[20:22] * Remus nods
[20:25] Remus: begin play? or anything we still need to polish off?
[20:25] Sheriff: ((Begin))
[20:26] * Remus chews on a piece of candy cane that he got from a tree
[20:26] * Sheriff speaks to Lyle as he prys the nails out of a box with a crowbar.
[20:27] Direlda: "So why'd you want us to meet you?"
[20:27] Sheriff: Anyway, *grunt* Lyle, these fine folks stopped some mad Pez-Ant after he *pry* smashed open the cherry ooze tank in the restaurant here in *POP* here in town.
[20:28] Sheriff: ((You came to him as a formality, to make sure you wouldn't be charged with vigilantee-ism.))
[20:28] Sheriff: ((Lyle was summoned.))
[20:29] Direlda: ((righto))
[20:29] * Sheriff reaches in through the space left by the peanut-brittle board he just pried off, and turns the key on Zyborgs back, waking him up.
[20:30] * Remus earperks and peers at Zyborg22
[20:30] Sheriff: To Zyborg: Yeah, we have some excitement, but nothing urgent, hang tight and I will get these boards off.
[20:30] Sheriff: ((Zyborg, describe your character.))
[20:33] * Zyborg22 is a warforged spider with a mithril coating. Assuming what I think about Mithril is true, this gives him an orange coloring. He has the eight limbs (two arms and six legs) and eight glowing-red eyes you'd expect from a metallic spider. He's roughly 6'0.
[20:34] Zyborg22: ((Is that good, or do I need more?))
[20:34] Sheriff: Anyway, they fancy that someone might have been pulling the regretably late Miz-Yiz's strings, and want to see if they can root them out. I think there is a strong possibility they are right, so I would be very grateful if you would go along with them, since if they get themselves killed it would be a blot on our tourism record.
[20:34] Remus: ((Draco, same day as fight, or next?))
[20:35] Sheriff: The nutter's in question.... no offense to anyone you understand, just a figure of speech... known many M&M's in my life, and none of them bad folk...
[20:35] Sheriff: ((Remus: Next))
[20:35] Remus: ((Okay))
[20:35] Sheriff: ((That meansurement might be your DIAMETER...))
[20:36] Zyborg22: ((The 6'0 is his height.))
[20:36] Zyborg22: Sure. Anything's better than sitting out here doing nothing...and also better than sitting in this box getting cramps.
[20:37] Lyle: "Can you even get cramps?"
[20:37] Zyborg22: I have no idea, but I'd rather not find out.
[20:37] Sheriff: Anyway, Zyborg here will help you out if you need someone to look around without being noticed...
[20:37] Remus: Well, i would imagine his joints might get a bit sticky..
[20:38] Sheriff: Hey, it was HIS idea, not mine...
[20:38] * Remus chuckles and nods
[20:38] * Sheriff removes another two of the boards.
[20:38] * Spheniscine nods
[20:38] Zyborg22: I figured you'd turn me on after you got me out, though.
[20:38] Sheriff: Eh, was trying to save time with explanations...
[20:40] * Remus accidentally stabs his tongue with the candy-cane twig
[20:41] Remus: ow >.<
[20:41] Direlda: "So when can we head out?"
[20:41] * Lyle assists with opening the box the rest of the way.
[20:42] Sheriff: Anyway, I was as surpised as anyone else to find out what Miz-Yiz had done... I know he didn't like meat-people, but I wouldn't have thought he wanted them off the plane entirely, let alone that he would protest in such a horribly violent way...
[20:43] * Sheriff is a twizzler-wicker being whose form is approximately that of a human.
[20:43] Sheriff: ((Box is now open.))
[20:43] Direlda: "So this wasn't normal for Miz-Yiz?"
[20:44] * Zyborg22 streches a lot, and then rolls over.
[20:44] Sheriff: IT was unexpected... I don't know one way or another about any sort of supernatural influences on him, nor what part impulsiveness might have played in it.
[20:44] * Remus jumps back a step
[20:45] Sheriff: I hear in some of the bigger cities, they have people on the gaurd who figure out what happened when it isn't immediately obvious within a few minutes of listening to who is saying what what happened...
[20:45] * Zyborg22 stands, and moves his joints around a bit to make sure they're all in working order.
[20:45] Sheriff: Call them detectives or something...
[20:46] * Spheniscine scratches his chin in what passes for thought with 9 intelligence... X3
[20:46] Sheriff: I kon't know anything about how to DO that though... never really was needful up until now...
[20:46] Remus: Aye, Sheriff, that they do
[20:46] Direlda: Is there anyone like that here?
[20:46] Sheriff: Well, apparently you guys... at least I hope so, because otherwise we may have problems...
[20:46] * Remus nods
[20:48] Remus: hmm...
[20:48] Sheriff: I mean... I can ask around... but it might take a while, and it might be hard to do without putting whoever it is on their gaurd.
[20:48] Remus: (Would a spell that could influence a person to do something leave any traces?)
[20:49] Sheriff: I would get to know eachother first. though... lets get back to my office where you can talk more comfortably.
[20:49] Lyle: ((Magic aura for a while, the person would know, but otherwise, not really))
[20:49] Sheriff: ((Not ones that would last this long, no.))
[20:49] Remus: ((probably too late, yeah...)
[20:49] Zyborg22: ((We can't just ask him :P ?))
[20:50] Direlda: ((he's dead, jim, dead.))
[20:50] Zyborg22: ((So? There's a Talk to Dead spell, I think.))
[20:50] Sheriff: ((The Pez-Ant? Well, actually, it might be possible... let me look up what level *Speak with Dead* is...))
[20:51] Lyle: ((3))
[20:51] Sheriff: ((Ok, so there is probably a cleric in town who the Sheriff could pay to cast that...))
[20:53] Lyle: ((So... :\ ))
[20:53] Sheriff: ((We will get to that later... why don't the people who actually fought the Pez-Ant explain what happened to Lyle (and Zyborg, but Zyborg22 already was there for some of it I think) .))
[20:54] * Remus follows the Sheriff into his office, whistling to Saleth to follow him
[20:54] Sheriff: ((You are now seated comfortably, except for Zyborg, who can't really 'sit' in a chair in the Sheriff's office, ready to get make plans and learn about your new allies.))
[20:55] Zyborg22: Not that I mind sitting down here, but how come no one makes seats for multi-legged people?
[20:56] Direlda: ((so we won a trip to the Elemental plane of candy and after travelling around for a few days ended up in this town. While in an inn a fight broke out, but I cannae really explain, since I was out walking for most of it))
[20:56] Sheriff: ((Please do that IC...))
[20:56] Lyle: "No business in it, unless you go somewhere with less humanoids."
[20:58] * Remus nods to Lyle
[20:58] Direlda: ((righto))
[20:58] Remus: The fight... well.... let's see
[20:58] Zyborg22: Ah...that's too bad. I'd totally buy a few.
[20:58] * Remus thinks back
[20:59] Sheriff: ((IF you need to jog your memories: (Link: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=130854)http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=130854 ))
[21:00] Spheniscine: "I tried to save the Pez-Ant from the ooze that was attacking him, but didn't succeed."
[21:02] Lyle: "Ooze?"
[21:02] Direlda: I don't know how the fight started, because I was out walking to get some fresh air, but when I returned to the inn, it was filled with fog and screaming people. A few oozes were attacking and I helped take them down.
[21:02] Remus: Cherry ooze, occupant of one of the tanks he smashed in
[21:02] Remus: the fog was a spell cast by Pallas, druid who was with us
[21:04] Remus: Miz-yiz was standing around, started fingering something on his belt, then pulled out a couple of hammer and smashed a corner of the tank in
[21:05] Sheriff: ((If anyone has read "The Gunslinger" series... the oozes were perhaps about equivalent to a tank full of lobstrocities in a seafood restaurant with their claws not banded... not dangerous as long as the chefs know what they are doing with the tridents, and nobody is stupid enough to break the glass...))
[21:05] Spheniscine: ((lol at the last part))
[21:05] Lyle: ((Ah, answers that question.))
[21:07] Sheriff: In all honesty, he wouldn't have gone down if some of your friends hadn't hit him first... not that I would have done any different if I had been there, faced with someone I didn't know... you can't tell how much punishment someone can take before the go down just by looking at them...
[21:07] * Spheniscine nods
[21:08] *** Remus has signed off IRC (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).
[21:09] * Lyle nods
[21:09] Direlda: True...
[21:09] *** Remus has joined #DracoD&D.
[21:09] Remus: (sorry, what'd i miss?)
[21:09] Spheniscine: [10:05] <Sheriff> ((If anyone has read "The Gunslinger" series... the oozes were perhaps aboutequivalent to a tank full of lobstrocities in a seafood restaurant with their claws not banded... notdangerous as long as the chefs know what they are doing with the tridents, and nobody is stupid enough to break the glass...))
[21:09] Spheniscine: [10:05] <Spheniscine> ((lol at the last part))
[21:09] Spheniscine: [10:06] <Lyle> ((Ah, answers that question.))
[21:09] Spheniscine: [10:07] <Sheriff> In all honesty, he wouldn't have gone down if some of your friends hadn't hit himfirst... not that I would have done any different if I had been there, faced with someone I didn'tknow... you can't tell how much punishment someone can take before the go down just by looking at them...
[21:09] Spheniscine: [10:08] * Spheniscine nods
[21:09] Spheniscine: [10:08] * Remus (Paradox@greyfox.vulpineconspiracy.net) Quit ( Ping timeout: 121 seconds )
[21:09] Spheniscine: [10:09] * Lyle nods
[21:09] Spheniscine: [10:09] <Direlda> True...
[21:10] Remus: aye, i believe i was actually the one that knocked him down...
[21:11] Remus: was still smashing the tanks and could not deal with him, the oozes already out, and more from the tank
[21:11] Sheriff: So you were, so you were, but I wasn't sure if you thought it would be awkward with Lyle and Zyborg here... so I said less than I knew...
[21:11] * Remus nods
[21:12] Lyle: "It was him that released the oozes though."
[21:14] Spheniscine: ((Well, at least we got a Sheriff who knows what's going on, instead of a clueless one... X3))
[21:14] Remus: yes, and those took a life or two, i think...
[21:14] Spheniscine: Were any civilians killed?
[21:15] Sheriff: ((Oh, for a modern Sheriff this guy is utterly incompentent... for a medieval sheriff, he is very competent.))
[21:15] Remus: ((heheh))
[21:15] Spheniscine: ((lol))
[21:16] Remus: ((brb))
[21:16] Sheriff: And yes, there were some deaths unfortunately...
[21:16] Remus: ((back))
[21:17] Sheriff: Good folk... good folk...
[21:17] Zyborg22: Do you know any of the dead people?
[21:17] Zyborg22: Personally, I mean.
[21:18] Remus: i believe that should be a question of "did"
[21:18] Sheriff: Not actually... for which I thank the Lord, especially if there is someone else behind this... I don't need to be distracted at such a time.
[21:18] Zyborg22: None of them got resurrected? In that case, so do I.
[21:20] Sheriff: Well, that is always a tricky subject... diamonds aren't cheap and... well, sad to say, I don't think any of them will be ressurected, although we might get lucky with the charities that do such things for those who aren't wealthy enough to do it on there own...
[21:21] Sheriff: ((5,000 GP material component for *Raise Dead*....))
[21:21] Remus: ((Aye, rather expensive...))
[21:21] Direlda: Does Miz-Yiz have any surviving relatives?
[21:22] Sheriff: Lots...
[21:22] Sheriff: Parents, 20 neutrals, and a sister.
[21:22] Direlda: oh...
[21:23] Zyborg22: Is that good or bad?
[21:23] Direlda: any of them particularly close to him?
[21:23] Lyle: ((Hmm?))
[21:23] Sheriff: ((Most Pez-Ants are born genderless... drones... still people, just sex-less.))
[21:24] Lyle: ((Right...))
[21:24] Spheniscine: ((Ah.))
[21:24] Sheriff: Well, probably at least ONE of them... probably worth talking to...
[21:25] Direlda: who is that?
[21:25] *** phox-scout has joined #DracoD&D.
[21:26] Sheriff: I don't know, just saying family is family and in a family that big, there is probably at least one he got on pretty good with...
[21:26] Spheniscine: ((Hi Phox.))
[21:26] Direlda: Well, they sound like a good place to start
[21:27] Direlda: Where do they live?
[21:27] * Sheriff explains directions.
[21:28] * Lyle pays attention.
[21:29] Sheriff: Think you might want to figure out your whole plan here and now though, before you head out... if you were thinking of heading out immediately... would help us avoid getting in eachother's ways.
[21:29] * Direlda makes a map with his pen and paper
[21:29] * Remus taps Direlda's shoulder, holds out his map
[21:29] Direlda: oh...
[21:29] Remus: Makes things a bit simpler ;)
[21:30] * Spheniscine snickers at Dir and Remus
[21:30] Zyborg22: You can make another anyway, in case you want to sell it or something.
[21:30] Direlda: true
[21:31] Remus: ...point...
[21:31] Direlda: anyways, the Sheriff is right, we should make a plan
[21:31] Sheriff: ((I would ask you to roll a craft check... gbut I don't really care about the quality of the map at this time.))
[21:31] Direlda: ((neither do I...))
[21:32] Direlda: So I think we should at least talk to the family of Miz-Yiz, see if we can find anything that might explain his behavior
[21:33] Direlda: a speak with dead spell might be useful as well
[21:33] Remus: Hmm...
[21:33] Zyborg22: Or we can go the more convulted way and see if he had a diary we could peek at or something :P .
[21:34] Spheniscine: :p
[21:35] Direlda: that's also a good idea
[21:37] * Lyle shrugs.
[21:37] Sheriff: I think... I think a brief review of what you each bring to the table in this joint effort of ours would be good to have before we go too much further...
[21:38] * Remus nods
[21:39] * Spheniscine nods
[21:40] Sheriff: ((That is your cue to introduce your character's by class, spells known, etc etc...))
[21:40] Direlda: well... I'm better in the wild - I know how to survive in harsh weather and can track foes
[21:42] Direlda: I'm also pretty good at sneaking around
[21:42] Spheniscine: I specialize in the Falling Anvil school of arts, harnessing the forces of pure chaos to make bricks randomly fall from the sky. :3
[21:42] * Remus chuckles
[21:43] Direlda: And I can do this...
[21:43] Direlda: kitsunebi
[21:43] * Direlda is surrounded by blue flames. This his foxfire, which gives off light and warmth but does not burn unless he choses to use it as a weapon.
[21:43] Zyborg22: Well...I can shank people or shoot them. I can also open locks and disable traps so they don't kill us all. I'm reasonably good at moving around and noticing stuff.
[21:43] Spheniscine: ((My vocabulay is way too large for someone with 9 intelligence... X3))
[21:43] Spheniscine: *vocabulary
[21:43] Direlda: of course, I'm not yet able to use it as a weapon
[21:44] Zyborg22: ((9 is only somewhat below average))
[21:44] Spheniscine: ((X3))
[21:44] Direlda: still a novice
[21:44] Lyle: "I am a chef, a cleric, with a mission to bring food to all who need it... I'm also good at whacking and healing people." <.<
[21:45] Direlda: ((anyways, I need to go to dinner - a former roommate stopped by and is taking my apartment to dinner))
[21:45] Direlda: (( ^^; ))
[21:45] Spheniscine: ((Have fun Dir))
[21:45] Remus: I am a wizard, specializing in conjuration, and able to transform to a feral fox at will, also good at sneaking and hiding. Can be rather silly at times but move with a purpose
[21:45] Remus: ((Cya Direlda))
[21:46] * Direlda says a blessing on his way out
[21:46] Direlda: ((I check up on the logs))
[21:47] Direlda: ((*I'll))
[21:47] Direlda: ((this is actually very unexpected))
[21:48] Direlda: ((anything you want to say before I go, Draco?))
[21:49] Sheriff: ((Nope))
[21:49] Direlda: ((well, then Blessings!))
[21:49] *** Direlda has left #DracoD&D.
[21:52] Spheniscine: ((Hmm...))
[21:53] * Remus pets Saleth idly, the cat curled up in his lap
[21:55] Lyle: (( <.< ))
[21:56] Remus: ((Draco?))
[21:56] Sheriff: ((Yes?))
[21:56] Remus: ((Waiting for something? ^^;))
[21:57] Sheriff: ((Yes. This session is mostly supposed to be y'all getting to know eachother IC and planning out your approach...))
[21:58] Spheniscine: ((Hmm... I dunno. We go to the house and ask questions? Not sure what more there is to it...))
[21:58] Sheriff: ((Quite frankly I managed to draw up the encounters related to this stage of things, but I got stuck on how to handle getting you there... so I am avoiding starting you out with any terribly specific leads.))
[21:59] Zyborg22: So...why are you not made of candy like almost everything else here?
[21:59] Remus: Hmm? Who?
[21:59] Spheniscine: The Sheriff?
[21:59] Sheriff: ((Ok, if y'all have come up with all the ideas you are going to come up with, that needs to be said in character.))
[22:00] *** phox-scout has left #DracoD&D.
[22:00] * Sheriff most certainly IS made of Candy.
[22:00] * Lyle ponders what a candy-warforged would look like due to Zyborg's comment.
[22:00] Zyborg22: ((The other party members, actually. Also, BRB.))
[22:00] Lyle: "Don't think they're from here, I'm not."
[22:01] Remus: Ah, well.... we won a trip to here in a raffle, all expenses paid, etc etc
[22:01] Spheniscine: So, we just go to their houses and ask questions?
[22:02] Lyle: "I guess."
[22:05] Zyborg22: ((Back))
[22:05] Remus: ((Wb))
[22:05] Zyborg22: Hopefully without having to kill stuff first.
[22:06] Remus: aye, that would be... optimal
[22:08] Spheniscine: OK.
[22:10] Sheriff: Ok, you intend on trying the spell first, or talking to his family first...
[22:10] Spheniscine: Hmm... who has the spell?
[22:10] Lyle: ((None of us.))
[22:10] Lyle: ((We'd have some local cleric do it))
[22:11] Spheniscine: Hm.
[22:11] Remus: I say we go with the spell first...
[22:11] Remus: though...
[22:11] Sheriff: Madam Jackobson at the headquarters of The Cupcake Princess (a local Warder).
[22:11] Remus: Is the body even in a state where the spell would even be able to work?
[22:11] Zyborg22: Will she charge to do it?
[22:12] Lyle: Remus raises a good point.
[22:12] Sheriff: As for the state of the body, she herself would know best.
[22:12] Remus: As far as i know, the body was thouroughly eaten by th oozes, if the throat or any of the related systems are missing, he would be unable to speak with us
[22:13] Sheriff: As for the cost, the public funds will cover that...
[22:13] Lyle: "Well, let's go ask then. Seems like a shorted trip."
[22:13] * Remus nods
[22:13] Remus: Aye, Do you have the body available, Sheriff?
[22:14] Sheriff: ((No, it wasn't that bad... they had like... 30 seconds to work on him after he was dead before Clem and Spheniscine killed them in their turn.))
[22:14] Remus: ((ah, okay))
[22:14] Sheriff: It should already be at the Cupcake Princess headquarters, being prepared for burial...
[22:15] Remus: In that case, i think we should go
[22:15] * Spheniscine nods
[22:15] * Lyle nods
[22:15] Remus: and if we do get the info we need, we probably won't even need to talk to any family members
[22:16] Sheriff: ((Want me to RP out Jackobson, or do you just want to cut to brass tacks?))
[22:16] Spheniscine: ((Who's Jackobson?))
[22:16] Zyborg22: ((The cleric))
[22:16] Lyle: ((THe cleric person))
[22:16] Spheniscine: Ah.
[22:16] Remus: ((Just cut to it, i say...))
[22:17] Sheriff: The body is in good shape, Madam Jackobson can ask two questions, but then the corpse will be immune for a week to that specific spell...
[22:18] Remus: Right... questions... should have thought of that before heading out...
[22:18] Sheriff: You get 5 minutes for her to ask both questions.
[22:19] Remus: hmm...
[22:19] Sheriff: So come up with at least the first one now... then I either have the second one (you can use contingencies if you like based on the first quesiton for what the second question will be.))
[22:19] * Spheniscine doesn't know about questions... X3
[22:19] Sheriff: That or I time you in real-time for the second one...
[22:20] Sheriff: She explains everything carefully: (Link: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/speakWithDead.htm)http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/speakWithDead.htm
[22:20] Lyle: "Hmm... 'Did you release the cherry oozes of your own free will, and if so was it at someone else's direction?' ?" ((To the others, asking if that seems alright.))
[22:21] *** You are now known as Jackobson.
[22:21] Lyle: ((That question ok with everyone else?))
[22:21] Remus: hmm...
[22:21] Jackobson: Compound questions don't generally work very well...
[22:21] Lyle: Point.
[22:21] * Remus nods
[22:21] Zyborg22: Also, what would asking about the oozes tell us?
[22:21] Lyle: We're trying to find out why, aren't we?
[22:22] Zyborg22: I thought there was something larger you wanted to know.
[22:22] Remus: how about..... Were your actions in the restaurant enacted by your own free will?
[22:22] Lyle: ((brb))
[22:22] Zyborg22: Or is that the larger thing?
[22:23] Remus: and if no.... Who influenced you into your actions?
[22:23] *** Remus is now known as Gemini.
[22:23] *** Gemini is now known as Remus.
[22:23] Zyborg22: What if he says yes? Will we then ask why?
[22:24] Remus: Actually, ask the same question
[22:24] Lyle: Sounds good.
[22:25] Lyle: Hmm?
[22:25] Remus: Because we actually couldn't entirely trust a "yes"
[22:25] Zyborg22: Ok. Sounds good to me.
[22:25] Remus: because he may have believed his actions were his own...
[22:26] Lyle: Right.
[22:27] Remus: better question...
[22:27] Lyle: Ey?
[22:28] Remus: "Were your actions in the restaurant influenced by anyone?"
[22:28] Remus: as the first
[22:29] Lyle: Well, someone decide.
[22:29] Lyle: ((Brb. again.))
[22:29] * Spheniscine shrugs
[22:30] Zyborg22: Then what second question would we ask if he said no? The same one?
[22:30] Remus: ask who
[22:31] Zyborg22: The same as if he said yes, I'm assuming.
[22:31] Remus: oh, wait...
[22:31] Remus: If he said no...
[22:32] Remus: ask who else was involved
[22:32] Lyle: Right.
[22:33] Spheniscine: Hmm...
[22:33] Spheniscine: Sounds good to me.
[22:33] Zyborg22: Same here.
[22:34] Remus: ((brb))
[22:34] Jackobson: ((Tell me when you are done... I am having a trouble focusing...))
[22:34] Lyle: ((Think we've decided.))
[22:35] * Spheniscine nods
[22:36] Remus: ((back))
[22:36] Spheniscine: Hi Remus.
[22:36] Spheniscine: So we have our questions down?
[22:37] * Remus nods
[22:37] Remus: i think we do
[22:37] Jackobson: ((Ok, what is your first question, and do you have the secondaries picked out for me ahead of time, or are we going to be timing this... I will give you 6 minutes instead of 5 since typing is slower than talking...))
[22:37] Jackobson: ((Oh, premade... good.))
[22:37] Jackobson: First one?
[22:38] Zyborg22: I think it's "Were your actions in the restaurant influenced by anyone?".
[22:38] Remus: Were you actions in the restaurant influenced by anyone or anything?
[22:39] Jackobson: Ok, and the secondaries?
[22:40] Remus: If yes, Who or what influenced you. If no, Who else was involved?
[22:43] Jackobson: Ok...
[22:44] Jackobson: For the first one you get: "Many things."
[22:44] Jackobson: For the second one you get a verbal manifesto of hatred against out-planar influences...
[22:44] Jackobson: Everyone make a Wisdom check, DC 20.
[22:45] Jackobson: Eh...
[22:45] Zyborg22: !roll 1d20
[22:45] Spheniscine: roll 1d20
[22:45] Spheniscine: dice 1d20
[22:45] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[22:45] Spheniscine: 23.
[22:45] Zyborg22: dice 1d20+3
[22:45] Zyborg22: dice 1d20
[22:45] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[22:45] Spheniscine: x.x
[22:45] Zyborg22: 4.
[22:45] Zyborg22: Thanks a lot, jerk :P .
[22:45] Spheniscine: X3
[22:46] Remus: 22
[22:46] Jackobson: The diatribe runs on until the end of the spell...
[22:46] Spheniscine: ((Lyle?))
[22:46] Lyle: dice 1d20
[22:46] WagzBot: Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[22:46] Lyle: ((We really need an actual dicebot))
[22:47] Lyle: ((That allows modifiers.))
[22:47] Lyle: ((So that's an 8 for Lyle. ))
[22:47] Remus: ((And wagz tends towards lower numbers for soem reason...))
[22:48] Lyle: ((Did we bring the Sheriff with us? Seems like something he'd want to hear.))
[22:48] Jackobson: Soheniscine manages to latch on to a critical bit ".... and we've got two _______ for the blighters"
[22:48] Jackobson: The blanked out word is somethng I am going to make up...
[22:49] Spheniscine: Remus: Are you certain about that?
[22:49] Spheniscine: Someone needs to do a statistical test... X3
[22:49] Remus: ((Lower numbers, and then the top numbers, the middle numbers seem rare))
[22:50] Jackobson: It means "candy cane", but it is a special, and very precise term that is not much in use, even on this plane.
[22:51] Jackobson: It very specifically means a large (as in over a foot and a half at the very least) hooked candy cane.
[22:51] Jackobson: Not a straight one...
[22:51] Jackobson: "In fact a matched and balanced pair of __________"
[22:51] Jackobson: And the spell ends...
[22:52] Jackobson: Tell the Sheriff if he wants me to keep it fresh in case they you all still have questions a week from now, that will be extra.
[22:53] Zyborg22: I...um...don't really understand this extra-planar stuff.
[22:53] Remus: ((brb))
[22:54] Remus: ((back))
[22:55] Remus: ((Anything i latched onto, Draco?))
[22:55] Zyborg22: ((Probably not anything Sphen didn't.))
[22:56] Jackobson: ((If you got over a 20, then you can support Spheniscine's conclusions.))
[22:56] Remus: ((ok))
[22:56] * Spheniscine nods
[22:57] Remus: Hmm...
[22:57] Spheniscine: ((Do I understand the term he used?))
[22:57] Jackobson: ((Actually neither of you do, but you remember it well enough to ask a local...))
[22:57] * Spheniscine nods
[22:57] * Remus nods
[22:59] Spheniscine: So... should we go back to the Sheriff?
[23:00] Lyle: We should probably tell him
[23:00] Remus: Aye
[23:00] Zyborg22: Actually, I think we should keep it a secret :P .
[23:01] Jackobson: *The party goes and finds the Sheriff again...*
[23:01] *** You are now known as Sheriff.
[23:01] Sheriff: Huh...
[23:01] Sheriff: That is interesting...
[23:02] Remus: ((I gotta go in a few minutes))
[23:02] Sheriff: ((Ok, well, I am pretty tired as I said, so we will call it a session at that time...))
[23:02] Remus: ((Oops, well, gotta go now))
[23:03] Sheriff: The Sheriff thinks and ponders, and goes and gets a very skilled linguist and swears him to secrecy.
[23:03] Spheniscine: ((OK. Bye.))
[23:03] Sheriff: Nope... that has me baffled.
[23:03] Sheriff: Those sorts of candy-canes are actually so common that nobody thinks much about them...
[23:03] Sheriff: Actually HARDER to find straight ones...
[23:03] Spheniscine: Hm.
[23:04] Spheniscine: ((There are sentient candy canes in this plane?))
[23:04] Sheriff: So there wouldn't be any special symbolism to a pair of them...
[23:05] Sheriff: ((Yeah, the ones with curved tails are scorpions... but they aren't especially dangerous to anything over a food long.))
[23:06] Spheniscine: ((Ah.))
[23:06] Zyborg22: I wonder if his family would know anything about those.
[23:07] Lyle: Well, we were going to go there anyway
[23:07] Spheniscine: ((Should we end the session here?))
[23:07] Spheniscine: ((It's about lunch time for me anyway. X3))
[23:08] Sheriff: --------------End Session-----------------

2010-01-22, 09:00 PM
((Place Holder for session including talking to Miz-Yiz's family.))

2010-01-22, 09:07 PM
[20:13] <DracoDei> --------------Session Start-------------------
[20:13] == DracoDei has changed nick to Lyle
[20:14] <Lyle> ((You want to do the cleric swap immediately?))
[20:14] <Ruumis> ((Sure))
[20:17] <Lyle> You know...
[20:17] <Lyle> I thought I could help...
[20:17] <Lyle> I mean I have faced down bandits before...
[20:18] <Lyle> I thought this would be a cinch.
[20:18] <Lyle> But I keep worrying I am going to choke up...
[20:18] <Lyle> When you need me most...
[20:18] <Lyle> I am a cook.
[20:18] <Lyle> So I can heal people?
[20:18] <Lyle> So what.
[20:18] <Lyle> Doesn't make me a battle cleric.
[20:18] <Lyle> I...
[20:19] <Lyle> There was another option.
[20:19] <Lyle> Someone else that the cleric of these parts could have sent with you.
[20:19] <Lyle> Neither of us liked him much, but I know he won't flinch at the sight of blood-letting at least.
[20:20] <Lyle> He is still waiting back a the house of healing.
[20:20] * Lyle starts of determinedly.
[20:20] <Lyle> ((Sorry for the 3 minute lag))
[20:21] * Remus gets up from where he was sitting and follows, head down and thinking
[20:22] <Remus> You believe he would be the better choice, Lyle?
[20:22] <Zyborg22> You could go with us and stay out of battle if you want.
[20:24] <Lyle> If I wouldn't be healing you in the middle of combat, what would be the point of my even being there?
[20:24] <Spheniscine> ((Er, are we going into a battle? I don't remember going into a battle...))
[20:24] <Zyborg22> ((I mean in general))
[20:24] <Ruumis> (( You're adventurers.))
[20:24] <Spheniscine> ((Did I miss something? o.o))
[20:24] <Ruumis> (( So you will.))
[20:24] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[20:24] <Zyborg22> You could cook for them back at the camp.
[20:24] <Lyle> ((Well, you can't be sure of the guy who inspired Miz-Yiz surrendering without a fight.))
[20:24] <Remus> ((Agreed with Ruumis, Battle will find us, one way or another))
[20:25] <Spheniscine> ((Oh right, now I remember, we're trying to infiltrate the nativist group.))
[20:25] <Lyle> ((But no, battle doesn't seem particularly imminant at this moment.))
[20:25] <Zyborg22> And make sure they don't kill themselves by eating poisonous berries or something.
[20:25] <Spheniscine> ((/me facepaws))
[20:25] <Remus> I think we should trust Lyle's judgement in this, Zy, Having someone who could do all that /and/ help us in battle would be best
[20:26] <Ruumis> (( But, I am /not/ a cook, despite that ;) ))
[20:26] <Remus> ((:P))
[20:26] <Zyborg22> The other guy can cook?
[20:27] <Lyle> ((Tell me when you are ready to arrive at the Cupcake Princess headquarters.))
[20:27] <Remus> Err.... maybe not.. but...
[20:27] <Zyborg22> I just figured we could have both come with us.
[20:27] <Remus> How useful would a cook be to us, really? I'm sure we can manage..
[20:27] <Zyborg22> Ok, then.
[20:28] <Remus> Lyle would probably be better off helping people elsewhere
[20:28] <Zyborg22> There is that.
[20:28] <Lyle> Well, maybe if you were really GOING somewhere... I dunno... I will think about it.
[20:30] <Zyborg22> I say you do what you want. I was just offering you a way to stay if you wanted to.
[20:32] <Zyborg22> ((I'm ready to go when no one else has anything else to say))
[20:32] <Remus> ((As am I))
[20:32] <Lyle> ((You are talking while walking, the only question is at what point the conversation has wound down enough that we can "fast forward".))
[20:33] <Lyle> You arrive at Cupcake Princess headquarters.
[20:34] * Lyle reports back to the head cleric and says that on second thought he doesn't think he can hack it.
[20:34] == Lyle has changed nick to Cleric
[20:34] * Cleric shows in another individual after Lyle leaves.
[20:34] <Cleric> ((Character intros GO!))
[20:35] <Ruumis> ((heh))
[20:35] <Cleric> ((Perhaps more on Rummis's side than the other way around...))
[20:35] * Remus sniffs the air and looks at Ruumis as he enters
[20:36] * Ruumis walks in, a human male of average height and build, with brown eyes and hair. For some reason he's wearing a breastplate around a house of healing.
[20:37] <Ruumis> "You wanted me to come over?" ((To the head Cleric))
[20:37] * Spheniscine sniffs the air
[20:37] * Ruumis notices the strangers and walks over to them.
[20:37] <Cleric> Yes, it seems Lyle was poorly suited to the task at hand afterall... you services are desired.
[20:38] <Ruumis> "By this group?" *gestures towards them*
[20:39] * Spheniscine nods
[20:40] * Ruumis gets out a magnifying glass and examines the plating on Zyborg.
[20:40] <Cleric> Yes.
[20:41] <Ruumis> "I have never had a chance to adventure with a warforged..." *pokes Zyborg lightly* "I shall do it. All these injured and dieing I'm not supposed to animate are getting boring anyway."
[20:41] <Zyborg22> Why are you examining me?
[20:41] <Zyborg22> Oh...ok
[20:42] * Remus raises an eyebrow and nods "Greetings"
[20:43] <Ruumis> ((Is Remus a shapeshifter that appears human, or what?))
[20:43] <Remus> ((Anthropomorphic fox))
[20:45] <Ruumis> "Ah! And a humanoid canine! I have never seen one of your skeletons before... This shall be most interesting."
[20:45] <Zyborg22> Don't rip him apart to see it. We still need him.
[20:45] * Remus blinks and takes a few steps back
[20:46] <Ruumis> "What? Oh no, it is bad policy to kill clients. Very bad."
[20:46] * Spheniscine snickers
[20:47] * Ruumis resumes his inspection of Zyborg for a few second before looking up. "Why are we standing around here?"
[20:47] <Cleric> ((And here I was worried that Ruumis's grim/dark nature would clash with the humor of the campaign... "it is bad policy to kill clients. Very bad." <- indeed.))
[20:48] * Spheniscine sniffs Ruumis
[20:48] <Zyborg22> Because there aren't any chairs around here.
[20:48] * Remus giggles a bit and grins
[20:48] <Zyborg22> Then again, we don't really need them.
[20:48] <Cleric> ((Actually there are, but that is beside the point.))
[20:48] <Remus> Hmmph, speak for yourself
[20:48] <Cleric> (( You are in the head-cleric's office again.))
[20:48] <Zyborg22> I never said you didn't want them.
[20:50] * Remus shrugs and smiles, pulling out a bit of gum-grass and chewing on it
[20:50] <Zyborg22> He does have a point, though. Aren't we going to go to that place?
[20:51] * Remus nods
[20:51] <Remus> I think we should move soon... but what shall the rest of us do while you're doing your job, Zy?
[20:52] <Zyborg22> Make sure I don't die, in case they find me out and attack.
[20:52] <Spheniscine> Do we have any means of monitoring Zy?
[20:52] <Spheniscine> Scrying or somesuch?
[20:52] * Remus thinks for a moment
[20:53] <Remus> I do not
[20:53] <Cleric> ((Reading logs to see what "that place" would be.))
[20:53] <Cleric> ((Or someone can remind me.))
[20:53] <Ruumis> "What's that you say?"
[20:53] <Ruumis> ((And... I don't remember either. :\ ))
[20:54] <Zyborg22> ((The Copcake Castle is where we are now?))
[20:54] <Cleric> ((Drat... it seems I never posted last week's logs))
[20:54] <Remus> ((Well... not a place, but...))
[20:54] <Spheniscine> ((Is the Cupcake Castle where the nativists are hanging out?))
[20:54] <Cleric> ((You are at the local headquarter's building for the clerics of the Cupcake Princess. The Cupcake Princess is a Warder.))
[20:54] <Spheniscine> ((Oh.
[20:55] <Remus> ((He was to infiltrate the ranks of these so-called "nativists"))
[20:55] <Spheniscine> ((/me is so slow... X3))
[20:55] <Remus> ((See if they had a headquarters and such))
[20:55] <Spheniscine> ((Ah.))
[20:55] <Ruumis> "Well, if you have to keep track of this one, I can get a spell ready if you'll wait."
[20:56] <Ruumis> "Won't let us know where you are, but if you get hurt hurt or anything we'll know and could do something."
[20:56] <Cleric> ((So.. what was the current lead that you were following up on? I know you spoke with Miz-Yiz's family (after letting the younger children leave), but I can't remember what was going on after that.))
[20:57] <Ruumis> ((We were going to go see Miz-Yiz's nativist friends))
[20:57] <Remus> ((List of Nativist friends of his))
[20:57] <Cleric> ((Ok))
[20:58] <Ruumis> ((oh wait, that spell does tell me where he is. Wooh.))
[20:58] <Spheniscine> ((Yay!))
[20:58] <Ruumis> ((Not sure if we'd be able to do anything about it, but we'll know))
[20:58] * Ruumis goes out of the room to prepare and get ready to go.
[20:59] <Ruumis> ((You going to talk more or should we skip ahead?))
[21:00] <Spheniscine> ((I guess that's it))
[21:01] <Remus> ((Skippy skippy))
[21:01] <Ruumis> ((hmm))
[21:02] * Ruumis finishes preparing and goes outside to wait for the others to be ready.
[21:02] * Remus slips outside to stand next to Ruumis
[21:03] * Zyborg22 goes outside to stand next to Remus, but not to Ruumis.
[21:03] <Ruumis> "There you are. You fellows have horses?"
[21:03] <Zyborg22> I know I don't. I doubt I could ride one.
[21:04] <Cleric> ((I... may need a bit. Having some emotional problems. Keep going, but I am going to be AFK for a bit.))
[21:04] <Ruumis> (( O: ))
[21:04] <Remus> hmm? no horse with me, but i could get one if i wished
[21:05] <Ruumis> "Better keep Chestnut to a walk then, if you're walking."
[21:05] <Zyborg22> And for the record, none of you are allowed to ride me like one.
[21:05] * Ruumis turns and heads off around to the stable.
[21:05] <Ruumis> "Be right back."
[21:05] * Remus giggles and nods to Ruumis
[21:05] <Remus> Aww... come on Zy... you sure?
[21:07] <Zyborg22> Yes.
[21:08] <Spheniscine> ((Awr, poor Drac. :( ))
[21:08] * Spheniscine nuzzles Zyborg
[21:09] <Zyborg22> Um...thanks.
[21:09] * Remus ponders learning baleful polymorph to turn Zy into a horse...
[21:10] <Cleric> ((Back at keyboard, but not feeling very well... I could maybe jump to the fighting part, but that would be bad story-telling... good thing you seem to have it in hand for the moment.))
[21:10] * Remus facepaws and mutters to himself
[21:10] * Ruumis returns a minute later leading Chestnut by the bridle. Chestnut being a magically animated horse skeleton that happens to be wearing a black beret.
[21:11] <Ruumis> "Isn't she a beautiful horse?" *pats Chestnut's neck*
[21:11] * Spheniscine stares at the beret
[21:12] * Spheniscine suddenly wants a beret. o.o
[21:12] <Ruumis> ((heh))
[21:12] <Remus> Hmm... could be said, mightn't riding her get a bit uncomfortable, though?
[21:12] <Zyborg22> I think a mechanical one might look better.
[21:13] <Ruumis> ((Your reactions to a skeleton horse are disappointing. :P ))
[21:13] <Spheniscine> Can half-ferals ride a horse?
[21:13] * Ruumis considers.
[21:14] * Spheniscine stares at the bones...
[21:14] * Spheniscine gets an urge to nom on them... >.<
[21:14] <Cleric> ((You mean anthros? I can't see why not... well... elephant morphs not withstanding...))
[21:14] <Ruumis> "I wouldn't know, got Chestnut here specially trained to not mind any of the usual things that bug horses. Other ones, probably wouldn't like it."
[21:14] <Zyborg22> ((Not if they act like Sphen is :P ))
[21:15] <Spheniscine> ((Well, I walk on all fours, but can rear up to wield weapons and the like.
[21:15] * Remus flicks Sphen's ear "No eating the horse."
[21:15] <Ruumis> "You all ready?"
[21:15] * Spheniscine droops his ears and lets out a soft whine
[21:15] * Remus nods in affirmation to Ruumis
[21:15] * Ruumis laughs.
[21:16] * Remus pulls out an old bone for Sphen and sighs "I was saving this one...."
[21:16] <Spheniscine> Yay!
[21:16] * Spheniscine noms
[21:16] * Ruumis climbs up to the saddle.
[21:17] * Ruumis starts riding one way along the path.
[21:17] * Ruumis stops.
[21:18] <Ruumis> "I have no idea where we're going."
[21:18] * Spheniscine snickers
[21:18] * Remus follows after Ruumis and grins, pulling out the list
[21:18] <Zyborg22> We're going to a place where I pretend to hate people like the rest of you.
[21:19] <Zyborg22> Or something.
[21:19] <Spheniscine> :p
[21:19] <Remus> or, to the people who will lead us there
[21:19] * Ruumis casts Status on Zyborg when we get near wherever we're going.
[21:20] <Ruumis> ((Unless we're doing more talking.))
[21:20] <Remus> ((Draco... give us the name of one of these fellows?))
[21:20] == Cleric has changed nick to Foon
[21:20] <Foon> ((Foon))
[21:21] <Remus> Okay, Zy, you're up, we'll hang back out of sight
[21:21] <Spheniscine> Good luck.
[21:21] <Foon> ((Keeping the name regardless, but describe what sort of person you picked first (closest, most suspicious, weakest sounding for in case things go badly, etc).))
[21:21] * Spheniscine licks Zy
[21:22] <Zyborg22> Let me keep my peanut brittly goodness to myself.
[21:22] <Remus> Figured we'd start off with one of his "closer" friends....
[21:23] <Zyborg22> Do you have anything specific you want me to ask?
[21:24] <Remus> Hmm.... no, but be careful. Try to get into his good graces, don't ask about the nativist stuff right away unless he brings it up himself
[21:25] <Remus> ((brb))
[21:26] <Foon> ((Tell me when you are ready... but take as much time as you need.))
[21:27] <Ruumis> ((Can we just say they explained what's going on to Ruumis?))
[21:27] <Ruumis> (( on the way?))
[21:29] <Spheniscine> ((/me nods))
[21:31] <Foon> ((Yes, you explained on the way.))
[21:32] <Ruumis> ((Well... Did we send Zyborg in then?))
[21:33] <Ruumis> ((Or do we have anymore instructions for him?))
[21:33] <Foon> ((If you are ready, then sure... assuming you are.))
[21:33] <Foon> ((Oh... go on.))
[21:33] <Ruumis> (( I, and Ruumis, have none))
[21:34] <Ruumis> ((He'd probably enjoy the chance to try animating a warforged))
[21:34] <Spheniscine> ((I guess we're ready. Zy?))
[21:35] <Zyborg22> ((Yes))
[21:36] <Remus> ((Dinner, will take a bit longer))
[21:36] <Ruumis> ((oh.))
[21:36] <Ruumis> ((hmm...))
[21:36] <Ruumis> ((How long will that go? I should probably get dinner as well. :\ ))
[21:36] <Foon> ((Well, since this next scene will focus on Zyborg anyway... and I am feeling noticably better now...))
[21:37] <Foon> ((Off to dinner with you two...))
[21:37] <Ruumis> ((Right. May I go get dinner then, as you continue?))
[21:37] <Ruumis> ((right))
[21:37] <Foon> To Zyborg: Hello.
[21:37] <Zyborg22> Oh...hey there.
[21:37] <Ruumis> ((be back in 30 minutes, at most... hopefully.))
[21:37] * Foon is selling chairs in the market-place.
[21:38] <Zyborg22> Ooh...chairs. Too bad I have no use for them.
[21:39] <Foon> Neither have I, otherwise I wouldn't be selling them. But I take your point.
[21:41] <Zyborg22> Is this your normal job, or just a one-time thing?
[21:43] <Foon> One time thing. We needed some room for our child, so some stuff had to go up in the attic... turns out these were up there, taking up space, so... if I had known, I would have sold them a lot sooner.
[21:45] <Zyborg22> Oh? How is this child, by the way?
[21:47] <Foon> Coming along fine... will be out of the oven ((No, not litterally...)) in about 3 monthes time.
[21:48] <Remus> ((Back, and heheh))
[21:48] <Zyborg22> I hope...what gender is the baby, anyway? Well anyway, I hope said baby comes out alright.
[21:49] <Foon> We aren't wealthy enough to pay to know that...
[21:51] <Zyborg22> Ah. Well, I guess it doesn't really matter when you find out. Then again, I don't know that much about children.
[21:52] <Foon> dice 1d20
[21:52] <@WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[21:52] <Foon> ((Failed the Knowledge check...)) Haven't met the right lady yet then?
[21:55] <Foon> ((Zyborg doesn't even have a sex.))
[21:55] <Foon> ((Gender yes, sex no.))
[21:55] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[21:55] <Zyborg22> No, but that's not the real reason. I'm a warforged...I never really was a child, and I won't ever be able to have any the same way you would.
[21:56] <Zyborg22> Oh, right. I better introduce myself. The name's Zyborg.
[21:57] <Zyborg22> ((I eventually plan on telling him that those who killed Miz-Yiz might plan on retaliating against him, but am wondering if that would require a bluff check. I assume it would.))
[21:57] <Foon> Foon Thick-Icing here, glad to meet you.
[21:57] <Zyborg22> Same here.
[21:58] <Foon> ((Yes, but since it is technically the truth I might give you a bonus.))
[22:00] <Ruumis> ((back))
[22:03] <Foon> ((Err... I was under the impression the conversational ball was in your court... is that true?))
[22:04] <Zyborg22> ((Yes. I'm just having a hard time phrasing this particular sentence))
[22:04] <Zyborg22> So...I overheard a group of outsiders talking about Miz-Yiz and and his friends, and they mentioned you.
[22:04] <Foon> ((Take your time, just wanted to make sure we both weren't waiting for the other to type something.))
[22:05] <Foon> Err? What were they saying?
[22:08] <Zyborg22> They were talking about how he tried to attack that place and how they had to kill him. I believe they think that you might be involved with that.
[22:09] <Foon> Oh dear...
[22:09] <Foon> What do you think they might do?
[22:14] <Zyborg22> They didn't really say. They had a list of names, though, so they might be trying to hunt down or arrest the conspirators.
[22:14] <Zyborg22> Or at least who they think conspired.
[22:14] <Foon> ((Let me think...))
[22:15] <Foon> roll 1d20
[22:15] <Foon> dice 1d20
[22:15] <@WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[22:15] <Zyborg22> ((For him or me?))
[22:15] <Zyborg22> roll 1d20
[22:15] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[22:15] <@WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
[22:16] <Foon> dice 1d20
[22:16] <@WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[22:17] <Zyborg22> ((I don't roll again, do I?))
[22:18] <Foon> ((Nope...))
[22:19] <Foon> Well, what should... Oh! *Hahahahaha*, you are having a joke with me, right?
[22:20] <Zyborg22> Yes...ha ha ha.
[22:22] <Foon> You might want to work on your ability to interact with others. Laughing at tragedy can be good, but you shouldn't make jokes that involve the fact that someone died.
[22:23] <Remus> ((Sounds like something Ruumis might like :P))
[22:23] <Zyborg22> Hmm...I guess you're right.
[22:23] <Zyborg22> ((Is Ruumis native to this plane by any chance?))
[22:23] <Ruumis> (( "Death is no laughing matter." ))
[22:23] <Ruumis> ((no, he is not))
[22:23] <Remus> ((Human... so no))
[22:24] <Zyborg22> ((Also, do I actually stay with the Sherrif?))
[22:24] <Zyborg22> ((As a roommate?))
[22:25] <Foon> ((No, you don't have a house at the moment. You are weather-proof enough it isn't very high on your list of priorities.))
[22:26] <Zyborg22> ((Do I know the sherrif in any matter other than him releasing me from the box?))
[22:27] <Foon> ((You know him from before you put yourself IN the box. You trusted him enough to look after you while you were unconscious...))
[22:27] <Zyborg22> ((Oh, right.))
[22:29] <Zyborg22> I figured he might be a touchy subject, so I thought I'd lighten the mood a bit before bringing it up. On hindsight, it was probably bad to do that with a joke involving the actual subject in question.
[22:30] <Foon> Yes.
[22:30] <Ruumis> ((brb))
[22:32] <Zyborg22> Actually, a friend was talking about that incident.
[22:32] <Zyborg22> ((BRB))
[22:32] == Zyborg22 has changed nick to Awayborg
[22:32] <Ruumis> (( hmm))
[22:36] <Foon> ((What is it Ruumis?))
[22:37] <Ruumis> ((Have to wait for Zyborg to return. :\ Was considering some "Meanwhile..." stuff))
[22:37] <Foon> ((Ah...))
[22:38] <Awayborg> ((Back))
[22:38] == Awayborg has changed nick to Zyborg22
[22:38] <Foon> ((Ok))
[22:40] <Ruumis> ((brb. For real this time.))
[22:40] <Remus> ((brb))
[22:41] <Zyborg22> ((Should I say something else?))
[22:41] <Foon> ((Yes))
[22:41] <Foon> [22:29] <Zyborg22> I figured he might be a touchy subject, so I thought I'd lighten the mood a bit before bringing it up. On hindsight, it was probably bad to do that with a joke involving the actual subject in question. [22:30] <Foon> Yes.
[22:42] <Zyborg22> ((And then I said: <Zyborg22> Actually, a friend was talking about that incident.))
[22:42] <Foon> ((Oh...))
[22:42] <Foon> What did he say
[22:42] <Foon> ?
[22:43] <Zyborg22> ((Where are the logs since I came in posted? The same place?))
[22:45] <Foon> ((I didn't post the logs from last week... very sorry... but yes, the logs, including some of this week's are in the same place.))
[22:47] <Zyborg22> He was wondering if there was someone that put him up to it.
[22:48] <Foon> Hmmm... how do you think he meant "put him up to it"?
[22:50] <Zyborg22> Possibly some sort of magical control or suggestion. I think it could have also been something like blackmail, but he didn't specifically mention that.
[22:51] <Foon> Well... I hear you can tell stuff like that if you know what to look for... but I also hear you can
[22:52] <Foon> 't, so who knows... as for blackmail... Miz-Yiz didn't seem the sort who would get up to the sort of stuff that you could blackmail someone with that bad...
[22:53] <Zyborg22> I guess not. What about kidnapping of a loved one?
[22:54] <Foon> Don't be rediculous... if someone was missing, it would have been noticed.
[22:55] <Zyborg22> Oh...do you have any idea who or why would want to put him up to something like that?
[22:57] <Foon> Who? I hate to think...
[22:58] <Foon> Why? Well, some people, myself included, don't think we should encourage beings that can and will eat anything or anybody and ENJOY it to visit. Always going to be a few sour chocolate-oranges in the barrel, and it just isn
[22:59] <Foon> 't worth the risk.
[22:59] <Foon> But so far it hasn't been a problem, so MAKING a problem to prevent a POSSIBLE problem is just stupid.
[23:00] <Foon> Take "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." and kinda reverse it like, but to where it is still good sense... Miz-Yiz... well someone musta twisted his brains is all I can say...
[23:01] <Foon> ((I am not playing this guy as NEARLY close enough to Miz-Yiz as you specified...))
[23:04] <Zyborg22> Ah...almost forgot. I've also heard that [candy canes] were involved. Do you have any idea what those would have to do with him, of if that has any other meaning than the literal one?
[23:04] <Foon> Hmm... let me think...
[23:05] * Foon ponders visibly...
[23:05] <Foon> Nope... no idea.
[23:05] <Foon> Where did you hear that?
[23:05] <Spheniscine> ((brb))
[23:05] <Remus> ((Psst... bluff checks are your friend...))
[23:06] <Ruumis> ((heh))
[23:07] <Zyborg22> A cleric named Jackobson.
[23:10] <Foon> Really? That is interesting...
[23:10] <Foon> ((Do people need to wrap this up now? I am of two minds...))
[23:11] <Ruumis> ((I can stay up as late as I want, tonight))
[23:11] <Zyborg22> ((I'd like to ask if anyone thinks the meat-eaters shouldn't exist at all, but I'm not sure I want to ask so much he becomes suspicious.))
[23:12] <Foon> ((Ruumis: Ok, but I still want to know what other people think. Zyborg: Yes, that is a quandry isn't it?))
[23:13] <Remus> ((Eh... i can stay))
[23:13] <Zyborg22> ((Same here.))
[23:15] <Foon> ((I am starting to get a LITTLE shaky again, but let's keep going.))
[23:15] <Spheniscine> ((back))
[23:18] <Foon> ((Um, wb.))
[23:20] <Spheniscine> ((I'm starting to get a little tired... X3))
[23:20] <Zyborg22> Well, I hope the furniture selling works out.
[23:20] <Foon> Thank you.
[23:20] <Foon> You going to be in town long?
[23:21] <Zyborg22> Probably not, to tell the truth. It's a nice town, though.
[23:22] * Foon nods appreciatively... maybe not so nice as of two days ago...
[23:22] <Foon> "Maybe not so nice as of two days ago..."
[23:22] <Zyborg22> What happened then?
[23:23] <Foon> ((You are not stupid enough to ask that question...))
[23:23] <Foon> ((That was when the fight with Miz-Yiz happened.))
[23:23] <Zyborg22> Just kidding :P .
[23:23] <Zyborg22> Wait...I should stop doing that.
[23:24] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[23:25] <Foon> ((Ok... remind me to give extra XPs for turning what I still suspect was a lapse of memory/story immersion into a good RP of a low charisma...))
[23:25] <Spheniscine> ((X3))
[23:25] <Zyborg22> ((It was. I thought the two days ago thing and the battle might have been different things.))
[23:26] * Foon looks annoyed.
[23:26] <Foon> Anything else you need?
[23:28] <Zyborg22> I was going to ask if you know of anyone that would like to see the meat-people actually killed off.
[23:28] <Ruumis> (( "They're made... Of MEAT." ))
[23:29] <Ruumis> ((Ah, very good video short, that))
[23:29] <Foon> If I did, I would have already told Jakobson, and if that didn
[23:29] <Foon> 't work, the Sheriff.
[23:30] <Zyborg22> Oh. Well..., thanks anyway. I guess I'll leave you to your chair sales. Goodbye.
[23:31] * Zyborg22 waves to Foon as he heads off.
[23:32] <Foon> Bye.
[23:33] <Foon> ((Not going to do anything else significant outside the party tonight... you want to buy supplies, or talk to Jakobson or the Sheriff for some reason, that is fine, but I am not doing anyother name on the list tonight.))
[23:34] <Spheniscine> ((Fine by me.))
[23:34] <Zyborg22> ((That's probably a good idea. That last one took quite some time.))
[23:34] <Spheniscine> So how'd it go, Zyborg?
[23:34] <Zyborg22> I didn't really get much that we didn't already know.
[23:34] <Zyborg22> By the way, do any of you want a chair?
[23:36] <Remus> Hmm.. nah, too awkward to carry
[23:36] <Ruumis> "I don't have a house to put chairs in."
[23:37] <Ruumis> "That person didn't know anything then?"
[23:38] <Zyborg22> He didn't think Miz-Yiz would actually attack without some sort of outside influence, and also doesn't think there would be anything to blackmail him with.
[23:38] <Spheniscine> ((Eh, I think I'm just about ready to nod off here...))
[23:39] <Zyborg22> Also, he's about to have a child.
[23:39] <Zyborg22> And is selling chairs.
[23:40] <Ruumis> "Chairs from this plane?"
[23:40] <Ruumis> (( i.e. made from stuff from this plane))
[23:40] <Spheniscine> ((I guess I'll go. Good night. :3 ))
[23:41] <Foon> ((Good night Spheniscine))
[23:41] <Ruumis> ((Goodnight))
[23:41] <Zyborg22> ((Goodnight))
[23:41] <Remus> ((Night sphen))
[23:41] == Spheniscine [Kynosoura@the.penguin.dog] has quit [Bye bye: To err is human; to murr is furry. God Bless!]
[23:42] <Ruumis> (( *pokes Zyborg22* ))
[23:43] <Zyborg22> I think they are. He says he got them from his attic.
[23:44] <Ruumis> "Well, unlikely someone with a family would want to start problems, usually."
[23:44] <Ruumis> "But we didn't learn anything." :\
[23:47] <Zyborg22> ((Is Jackobson one of those people that everyone knows and talks to?))
[23:47] <Ruumis> "Where to next?"
[23:47] <Remus> Guess we move to the next on the list
[23:48] <Zyborg22> He did mention that he would have told Jackobson or the Sherrif if he knew of anyone who'd want to kill outsiders, but I'm not sure if that means anything.
[23:50] * Ruumis shrugs
[23:51] <Ruumis> "They'd have told us if they knew anything."
[23:53] <Ruumis> "To the next one."
[23:54] * Ruumis gets up into the saddle of his horse.
[23:54] == Zyborg22_ [Zyborg22@] has joined #DracoD&D
[23:54] <Foon> ((Anyway, I hope Direlda comes back next week...))
[23:54] * Remus puts his pack back on and sighs softly, shaking his head "I was sure we'd be able to get something from him..."
[23:54] <Remus> ((Aye))
[23:55] <Ruumis> ((End session with us starting to travel to the next?))
[23:55] <Foon> ((Sounds good to me.))
[23:55] <Zyborg22_> ((Sure.))
[23:55] <Remus> ((Sounds good))
[23:56] <Foon> --------------------End Session-------------------------
[23:56] <Foon> Any feedback?
[23:56] <Ruumis> I had fun introducing Ruumis
[23:56] <Ruumis> :)
[23:56] == Zyborg22 [Zyborg22@] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]
[23:56] == Ruumis has changed nick to Hyperion

2010-02-05, 10:04 PM
[20:06] <DracoGM> ------------------------------Session Start--------------------
[20:06] <Zyborg22> So, who's the next guy on that list?
[20:07] * Remus pulls out the list and sighs shaking his head a bit
[20:07] <DracoGM> ((The next guy is a gardener who works part time for various people who actually have small decorative gardens. He is a Pez-Ant.))
[20:07] <Remus> Though we could have got some more info but.... here he is
[20:08] * Remus points out the name
[20:08] <DracoGM> ((He is named Bock.))
[20:09] <Zyborg22> Ok. So...where is this guy now?
[20:09] <DracoGM> ((You have directions to the site he would be gardening at today.))
[20:09] * Ruumis seems to be in a staring contest with his undead horse.
[20:10] * Zyborg22 looks at the directions. "Ah."
[20:10] * Remus raises an eyebrow at Ruumis and sighs, rolling his eyes, mumbling to himself
[20:11] <Remus> Onward we go?
[20:11] <Direlda> yes, let's
[20:11] <Zyborg22> I guess so, unless any of you have any ideas of how you can join in.
[20:12] == DracoGM has changed nick to Bock
[20:12] <Remus> (brb, food >.>)
[20:13] <Zyborg22> ((None of our guys have any gardens, do they?))
[20:13] <Bock> (("Our guys?"))
[20:13] <Zyborg22> ((The party members))
[20:14] <Bock> ((Certainly not on THIS plane I should think))
[20:14] <Zyborg22> Hello, there. What are you up to?
[20:15] <Bock> Just trimming these topiaries.
[20:15] * Bock points to the sinusoidal height sugar-canes he is apparently cutting.
[20:16] <Zyborg22> Ok. You wouldn't need any help with that, would you?
[20:19] <Bock> Well, I only have the one pair of shears...
[20:20] <Zyborg22> Oh. I don't have any of my own, and I doubt you'd want me cutting on it with a dagger. I hope it goes well, then.
[20:21] <Bock> Thank you.
[20:21] <Direlda> you are doing a rather nice job, if I may say so myself
[20:21] <Zyborg22> You're welcome.
[20:21] * Bock nods.
[20:22] <Bock> ((meaning he nodes to Direlda))
[20:23] <Remus> ((back))
[20:23] <Bock> Well, if you are looking for a place to stay, I can give you directions to <The Place that Miz-Yiz busted up with a little accidental help from a certain anthropomorphic sphinx... which I can't remember the name of.>.
[20:24] <Remus> ((Pallas))
[20:24] * Bock eyes the skeleton nervously.
[20:24] <Remus> ((Or the place?))
[20:24] <Bock> ((Her name I rmember... don't remember if I ever named the Juice place))
[20:24] <Zyborg22> ((You mean Ruumis's horse, or is there some other skeleton?))
[20:24] <Remus> ((You did, i think))
[20:25] * Ruumis waves cheerfully at the pez-ant.
[20:26] <Spheniscine> ((Err, why are we showing ourselves to the Pez-ant? I thought only Zyborg was supposed to talk to them?))
[20:26] * Bock makes what you manage to recognize as the mandibled equivalent of a smile at Ruumis.
[20:26] <Zyborg22> ((I was wondering the same thing, but Bock doesn't seem to mind.))
[20:26] <Ruumis> ((I share Spheniscine's comment))
[20:27] <Remus> ((I think he minds... reccomending we go somewhere that just got busted up?))
[20:27] <Zyborg22> ((I was thinking he didn't know it was busted up...maybe not, though.))
[20:28] <Direlda> ((I haven't quite read to the end of the session logs [almost done] and was absent last session...))
[20:28] <Remus> ((Bad news has swift feet))
[20:28] <Remus> ((And This is a small town, anyways))
[20:29] <Zyborg22> ((Do I have permission to beat you all up :P ?))
[20:29] <Remus> ((No :P))
[20:29] <Zyborg22> ((To regain Bock's trust, I mean))
[20:30] <Direlda> ((blame it on my wandering around on walks randomly - I am a ranger after all... ^^; ))
[20:30] <Bock> ((I am pondering telling you to take this IC... but I guess as deference to the changes in the player roster etc I will allow this... this time...))
[20:31] <Direlda> ((no, let's take it IC - I wandered around and didn't hear the plans and now how slightly compromised things))
[20:31] <Direlda> ((*now I))
[20:31] <Bock> ((IC should be even better...))
[20:32] * Zyborg22 takes Direlda back behind the bushes.
[20:33] <Direlda> yes?
[20:33] <Bock> ((Probably some OTHER bushes than the one that Bock is cutting right now...))
[20:33] <Zyborg22> ((Yes. Other bushes.))
[20:33] <Direlda> ((heh))
[20:34] <Zyborg22> Leave. This isn't a place for the likes of you. *wink*
[20:35] <Direlda> Oh, sorry about that - I guess I should get a map next time I go walking
[20:35] <Ruumis> (( "Warfoged have eyelids?" ))
[20:35] <Bock> ((Sorry about how this is going... I think my medication is having a bad effect on me... or something.))
[20:35] <Ruumis> ((( O: ))
[20:36] <Zyborg22> ((Maybe. I was going for "the closest thing to a wink possible"))
[20:36] * Direlda leaves the area
[20:36] <Spheniscine> ((*hugs Drac*))
[20:37] * Zyborg22 comes out of the bushes, brushing at himself as he does so.
[20:37] <Zyborg22> There we go.
[20:38] * Bock continues trimming the sugar-cane.

[20:38] * Remus snaps out of the mini-trance he went into in the middle of the street and blushes, moving along "on his way"
[20:40] <Zyborg22> Now that he's gone...you reminded me of something I was wondering about.
[20:40] <Bock> Yeah?
[20:42] <Zyborg22> You know Miz-Yiz, right? What could have caused him to wreck that place? It doesn't seem like something he'd do, from what I know of him.
[20:42] * Ruumis is cloud-watching.
[20:43] <Ruumis> ((And no, that had nothing to do with the conversation, just what he's doing while waiting))
[20:43] * Spheniscine watches clouds with Ruumis
[20:44] <Bock> Well, I am not really entirely sure myself...
[20:47] <Zyborg22> Oh. I was thinking it could be magical compulsion, but I don't really know.
[20:47] <Bock> Could be... could be.
[20:47] <Spheniscine> ((brb))
[20:49] * Remus sits with Spheniscine and Ruumis, playing idly with Saleth
[20:50] <Zyborg22> I heard that [candy canes] were involved somehow.
[20:50] <Bock> ((Back with my popcorn...))
[20:53] <Zyborg22> I'm not sure what that means, though.
[20:53] <Bock> Candy canes huh?
[20:53] <Bock> Well... I tell you what...
[20:54] <Spheniscine> ((back))
[20:55] <Bock> I think I might actually know something about that, but it wouldn't be good to go jumping to any conclusions...
[20:55] <Bock> Come find me tommorrow at Old Man Zich's place... I want to double check my facts. That work?
[20:56] <Zyborg22> Sure, that works.
[20:57] <Bock> Err... you got any ideas OTHER than magic stuff about what might have happened?
[20:58] <Zyborg22> Possibly blackmail, but I'm not sure how likely that is.
[20:59] <Zyborg22> Or....he wasn't the mercenary type, was he?
[21:00] <Bock> Nope, not at all.
[21:00] == Bock [~cgiirc@mynet-b5932621.ga.comcast.net]
[21:00] == realname : c-24-98-166-242.hsd1.ga.comcast.net/ - http://foxnet.in/
[21:00] == channels : #cff #cffmeetingroom #cffwarroom #DracoD&D
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[21:00] == account : DracoDei
[21:00] == idle : 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes 11 seconds [connected: Fri Feb 05 17:22:11 2010]
[21:00] == End of WHOIS
[21:02] <Zyborg22> Ah. Well...was he talking or meeting with anyone that might have wanted to use him for something like that?
[21:04] <Bock> ((Ok, I can't seem to get Wagzbot to cooperate in PM, so I just got back from rolling a physical die...))
[21:05] <Bock> ((Zyborg stops to think after his latest statement, and realizes that Bock is very angry at him right now.))
[21:05] <Remus> ((...Knew it! XD))
[21:05] <Bock> I don't think so.
[21:06] <Remus> ((Never use words like "use" :P))
[21:06] <Zyborg22> Sorry about that. I guess I'll be going, then. Bye.
[21:07] <Bock> ...Bye.
[21:07] * Zyborg22 leaves the premesis and goes back to the group.
[21:08] * Remus looks up
[21:08] <Remus> Any luck?
[21:09] <Zyborg22> He wants me to meet him at Old Man Zich's place. He says he'll tell me about the [candy canes] there. To tell the truth, though, I'm not sure that it's not an ambush.
[21:09] <Ruumis> "Ambushes are fun."
[21:10] * Remus snickers
[21:10] <Zyborg22> Not when you're by yourself and you're the one being ambushed.
[21:10] * Remus nods
[21:11] <Bock> ((Are there any PCs whose players aren't here, or Party NPCs I am forgetting about?))
[21:11] == Bock has changed nick to DracoGM
[21:11] <Direlda> hmm...
[21:12] <Zyborg22> ((Firedrake's. Possibly Tybalt's and Pallas, though I'm not sure they count.))
[21:12] <Zyborg22> Also, I think I dug too far into the creamy filling with that last question.
[21:12] <DracoGM> ((Are any of those actually with the party right now?))
[21:13] <DracoGM> ((I know Pallas isn't...))
[21:13] <DracoGM> ((Don
[21:13] <DracoGM> 't think Robin is either, since neither of them seemed like they would be returning to play any time soon, and neither fills a unique role in the party any more.))
[21:14] <Remus> ((Aye, Robin's out))
[21:14] <DracoGM> ((Tybalt... I can't remember...))
[21:15] <Spheniscine> Who's Tybalt?
[21:16] <DracoGM> ((Kamden's character apparently: http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=32155 ))
[21:16] <Remus> I may be able to help...
[21:16] <Zyborg22> Hmm?
[21:18] <Remus> I can have Saleth tag along, to deliver either Invisibility or Mage Armor if you need it...
[21:19] <Zyborg22> Maybe. That might raise suspicion, though, since he's also an outsider.
[21:21] <DracoGM> ((Mage Armor wouldn't help him, since it overlaps, rather than stacking, with his armor bonus.))
[21:21] <Remus> ((Ack... you're right >.>))
[21:23] <Direlda> yeah... it sounds like you'll be on your own, unless you have a way to signal us
[21:23] <DracoGM> ((Also, I suggest you re-read the upscroll... unless I mis-typed something you are missing a small but critical tactical point about the situation.))
[21:24] <Remus> ((The ambush part?))
[21:24] <DracoGM> ((Actually, never mind...))
[21:25] <Remus> ((No, taking that into account. Invis would be a way to distract and possibly confuse them long enough for him to get away))
[21:25] <Zyborg22> What do we know about Old Man Zich's place, anyway?
[21:26] <DracoGM> ((I though he told you more than he did, but now I look back I realize he wouldn't have told you anything more than that, and that you aren't going against anything that was said.))
[21:26] <Remus> ((Ah))
[21:26] <Zyborg22> And why would he want to meet there?
[21:27] * Remus looks to Ruumis
[21:27] * Ruumis looks at Remus
[21:28] * Direlda shrugs
[21:28] <Remus> Just thought you might know, Ruumis >.>
[21:28] * Remus glares and looks away
[21:29] <Remus> ((Brb))
[21:31] <DracoGM> ((I thought Ruumis was just a wandering cleric?))
[21:32] <Zyborg22> So, should we scout it out ahead of time or ask someone else about it?
[21:33] * Ruumis shrugs
[21:34] <Remus> ((back))
[21:35] <Ruumis> "If you guys wish to."
[21:37] <Zyborg22> Which one, though? I'm personally leaning toward asking the sherrif.
[21:37] <Direlda> I think asking the Sherrif would be a good idea
[21:39] <Zyborg22> Maybe we'll look around Zich's place if the Sherrif doesn't know anything.
[21:39] * Remus nods
[21:40] <Remus> Ask first, who knows what is there
[21:40] <Spheniscine> ((nods))
[21:42] <DracoGM> You go back to the Sheriff's place. He tells you that Old Man Zich is a Pez-Ant who by din't of careful saving owns a rather nice cottage near the center of town. Zich is almost blind with age, and pleasantly senile.
[21:42] <DracoGM> The Sheriff is FAIRLY sure that Zich is one of Bock's clients.
[21:43] <Zyborg22> That would explain why he wants me to meet him there.
[21:45] <Direlda> sounds like it's an ideal place to discuss things without being overheard or suspected
[21:45] == DracoGM has changed nick to Sheriff
[21:45] <Sheriff> Yep.
[21:45] <Zyborg22> Though it only makes me feel slightly better about it.
[21:47] <Sheriff> Well, I could go with you, but that would be a little obvious I should think...
[21:47] <Sheriff> Of course,
[21:47] <Sheriff> "obvious" might be Ok...
[21:47] <Direlda> I don't know...
[21:48] <Direlda> hmm... is there anywhere close by where we could wait without being suspicious?
[21:49] <Sheriff> Right in the middle of the road a few hundred paces down the road might not be TOO suspicious... I AM the sheriff after all... I am supposed to wander around at random sometimes... and I guess I could be talking to you... we might have to figure out what to talk about ahead of time though.
[21:50] <Sheriff> And I don't know if that is quite unsuspicious enough...
[21:51] <Direlda> not really...
[21:51] <Sheriff> I guess we could try sneaking around the backs of the houses... or maybe the house that backs up to Old Man Zich's... although that might make the timing harder.
[21:51] <Sheriff> If I were to wander by about an hour before, and again just a little after that, going the other way... say after imposing on someone at random to invite me in for a cup of tea... and pay them for their troubles...
[21:52] <Sheriff> Well, I might be able to spot an ambush...
[21:52] <Sheriff> Just based on who is hanging around both times...
[21:52] <Sheriff> Although the timing on that may be wrong...
[21:52] <Sheriff> Never done anything much like this before.
[21:53] <Direlda> well... that's the best idea I've heard so far that keeps the suspicion down
[21:53] * Spheniscine nods
[21:54] <Zyborg22> I agree.
[21:55] <Ruumis> ((Hmm... How much longer is this going to be?))
[21:55] <Sheriff> ((I can go another hour... what about everyone else?))
[21:55] <Remus> ((Same))
[21:55] <Zyborg22> I can.
[21:55] <Ruumis> ((Because I haven't had dinner yet, so... Was wondering.))
[21:55] <Spheniscine> ((nods))
[21:56] <Ruumis> ((And the dinning hall closes in an hour))
[21:56] <Sheriff> ((Ah, go then...))
[21:56] <Direlda> ((don't let us keep you from eating))
[21:56] <Sheriff> ((We can call it, or the rest of you can keep planning tactics...))
[21:57] <Direlda> ((either way is fine by me))
[21:58] <Sheriff> ((Bye Ruumis))
[21:58] <Sheriff> ((What about you Zyborg, Remus, and Direlda?))
[21:58] <Zyborg22> ((I could go on))
[21:58] <Remus> ((I am albe to continue, though... hmm...))
[21:58] <Direlda> ((I can keep going))
[21:58] == Ruumis has changed nick to Hyperion[away]
[21:58] <Sheriff> ((Err... Spheniscine, since Direlda already answered.))
[21:59] <Spheniscine> ((yep))
[21:59] <Sheriff> ((What is it Remus?))
[22:00] <Remus> ((Just thinking about what there is to do, even :P))
[22:00] <Sheriff> ((Contingency plans? Where the REST of you will be when Zyborg makes contact?))
[22:01] <Spheniscine> ((Hmm...))
[22:04] <Sheriff> ((Eh, go for it to the extent you feel like, people can leave when they like... I will try to have the Sheriff make semi-intellegent comments as indicated, but I may be even more distracted than I have been up until now if things are going slow.))
[22:05] <Direlda> ((righto))
[22:05] <Direlda> so where would a good place for us to wait?
[22:06] <Direlda> oh! how far away is the inn from Zich's house?
[22:06] <Spheniscine> :3
[22:07] <Zyborg22> You're not going to sleep while I'm there, are you?
[22:07] <Direlda> of course not
[22:08] <Direlda> I'm more likely to get the traveling itch and go walking than fall asleep on you
[22:09] <Spheniscine> lol
[22:09] <Zyborg22> Didn't think so, actually.
[22:11] <Sheriff> ((The Inn is about half a mile from Zich's house))

2010-02-05, 10:42 PM
[22:14] <Zyborg22> ((Be right back.))
[22:14] == Zyborg22 has changed nick to Awayborg
[22:17] <Sheriff> Well, I can still yell pretty loud... I might be able to get you into the house that is back to back with Zich's before Bock even arrives...
[22:17] <Direlda> hmm...
[22:22] <Sheriff> Then if I see trouble, I let out a yelp...
[22:23] * Remus nods
[22:27] == Hyperion[away] has changed nick to Ruumis
[22:27] <Sheriff> And you come out the back door... if their is one... don't remember... anyway, you come out and jump the fence or whatever to rush in from the back.
[22:28] <Ruumis> "I can cast the same spell on Zyborg before yhe goes."
[22:28] <Ruumis> (( *he ))
[22:28] <Remus> Which spell?
[22:28] <Remus> oh...
[22:30] == Awayborg has changed nick to Zyborg22
[22:30] <Sheriff> ((Which spell? Invisibility??))
[22:30] <Ruumis> (( Status))
[22:30] <Direlda> ((wb))
[22:30] <Sheriff> ((Oh...))
[22:32] <Sheriff> But... what if he wants to go off to some more private place to talk?
[22:33] <Sheriff> I mean the time he gave you does sound like a plausible time for him to be stopping working...
[22:35] <Zyborg22> Me, or Bock? I don't think Bock would notice.
[22:36] <Direlda> I'm thinking this is more of a private talk sort of meeting, to keep safe
[22:36] <Sheriff> I mean what if Bock, for intentions good or ill is just using Zich's place as a redevous, and wants to go talk some place more private?
[22:37] <Direlda> hmm... that would make things difficult
[22:38] == Ruumis [chatzilla@dhcp2-129-8-193-131.dorms.csufresno.edu] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]
[22:39] <Zyborg22> I'm not that much on the up and up on this magic stuff, but wouldn't Status let you know if I moved?
[22:40] == Ruumis [chatzilla@dhcp2-129-8-193-131.dorms.csufresno.edu] has joined #DracoD&D
[22:40] <Zyborg22> Wait...the up and up? What was I thinking when I said that?
[22:41] <Sheriff> Ruumis: Yes, yes it would.
[22:41] <Ruumis> ((Huh?))
[22:41] <Zyborg22> ((I think he's responding to Direlda and got you two mixed.))
[22:42] <Direlda> ((he could be responding to you, Zyborg22))
[22:42] <Zyborg22> ((Possibly))
[22:42] <Ruumis> ((he was filling in for me while I was pinged out, I think))
[22:43] <Direlda> ((hmm...))
[22:43] <Remus> ((Makes sense, Ruumis...))
[22:43] <Ruumis> ((Since that would be his response to Zyborg))
[22:43] <Ruumis> ((Anyway))
[22:44] <Ruumis> "Anyway."
[22:46] <Sheriff> ((I was filling in for him since he missed the comment that would have prompted that response...))
[22:48] <Direlda> ((righto))
[22:52] <Ruumis> ((Everyone done or is there more planning?))
[22:53] <Direlda> ((I guess I'm done...))
[22:53] <Sheriff> ((Well, it seems to ME that things have peetered out...))
[22:53] <Remus> ((I'm done... heh, lemme rearrange my spells though, cause we'll resume tomorrow, right?))
[22:53] <Direlda> ((wait, resume tomorrow?))
[22:54] <Zyborg22> ((Tommorow in-story.
[22:54] <Sheriff> ((Yeah... game time... next week real time.))
[22:54] <Direlda> (( ^^; I do have issues with time...))
[22:54] <Spheniscine> ((OK.))
[22:54] * Spheniscine hugs everyone in-game
[22:55] <Spheniscine> ((Do I have to roll for that? Just kidding. :p))
[22:55] <Direlda> ((heh))
[22:56] <Sheriff> ((Well, if any of them wanted to try to dodge or escape, you would... I have actually had a situation where that came up...))
[22:56] <Sheriff> -----------------End Session------------------------

2010-02-05, 11:09 PM
Other information on this campaign, especially cosmology, may be found HERE (http://forums.ottercomics.us/index.php?showtopic=585).

2010-02-06, 05:10 AM
When I starting speed-reading this, the first thing that came to mind was the old cookie-themed level from a Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck game for my Genesis. The good old days.

The second thought was, "I have got to find a way to dump the players in this one of these sessions." :smallbiggrin:
With a lack of inner/outer planes in the D&D sense in the campaign setting, a few options are viable:
1) Massive drug trip. The party must have ate something bad, or an assassination gone wrong.
2) Linked dream. Although from previous experience dream-worlds are bad with my group.
3) Generic Psycho-Wizard A had fun with a few independently researched spells.
4) Somebody hit the party with a hallucinogenic alchemical weapon during combat and the whole candyland session actually takes place over a couple rounds.
5) The gods kept it secret, there is an actual outer plane linked the the prime material called 'candyland'.
6) Or, put this idea on the back burner for a few more sessions until the current adventure rolls to a close.

I'm partial to #4. :smallamused:

2010-02-06, 10:52 AM
Glad you like it.

I suggest #6.

Just to make sure that you understand what I did and did not create myself here:
Have you looked at at least the thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=97038) I originally contributed the Pez-Ants to? I basically kept the basic terrain/biology of the plane, but completely changed who is running it.

Secondarily we have THIS (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65971) thread that was focused on silliness, but a lot of that included candy.

Minor threads as follows:
d8 that didn't go anywhere (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91910)
d20 that didn't go anywhere (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30127)

2010-02-06, 06:27 PM
Mod delete this post. Moved.

2010-02-06, 06:35 PM
How'd you save the entire log?

Is there a log file for all IRC conversations performed by the given user?

If so, then I could probably draw up an old adventure I ran (didn't go very far).

Depends on which program you use if it even CAN log, and even then it has to be on... (not sure what the defaults for different IRC accessing programs are). Check your documentation, or at least specify which program/method you are using. The other choice might be to search all files on your computer for a phrase you remember from the game. Then, if that those steps don't work, ask all the other participants if they kept logs.

For the future, note that some web-client-portal-thingies DON'T keep logs, but DO allow cut and paste, but be careful and copy the new stuff into a text file on your computer frequently if you use that method, because getting disconnected or falling too far behind may wipe the up-scroll. Also, some web-portals don't give you much indication that you HAVE copied stuff... as soon as you let go of the mouse the highlighting goes away... but what was highlighted is now in the copy/paste buffer.

2010-02-06, 08:18 PM
Mod delete this post. Moved.

2010-02-06, 09:16 PM
Unless that has something to do with the Elemental Plane of Candy, you should probably move that to your own thread.

Good idea. :smallbiggrin:

2010-02-13, 12:04 AM

[20:46] <@DracoGM> ((Game will be starting in PM with Zyborg, so the rest of you chill, this shouldn't take long.))
[20:46] <@DracoGM> ((You are all standing by the back door of the house that backs up to Zich's, except Zyborg, who is going in the front.))
[20:47] *** DracoGM is now known as Bock
[20:47] <Direlda> ((looks like the ceremony starts at 6.00pm PST, but won't be on television until 7.30pm... or something like that))
[20:48] <Ruumis> ((And we did agree that Ruumis would re-cast Status on Zyborg before he went, yes?))
[20:48] <@Bock> 1d20
[20:48] <@Bock> dice 1d20
[20:48] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[20:49] <@Bock> dice 1d20
[20:49] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[20:49] <Remus> ((Aye))
[20:52] <@Bock> Ruumis: You sense, through your spell, that Zyborg is on the move... reversed course very soon after getting to Zich's house... certainly didn't go inside.
[20:54] <Ruumis> "He is moving elsewhere. I take it you want to follow?"
[20:54] <@Bock> dice 1d20
[20:54] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
[20:54] <@Bock> dice 1d20
[20:54] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[20:54] * Remus bites his lip a bit
[20:54] <Remus> Wait a few moments, then yes
[20:54] <Remus> but at a distance
[20:55] <Direlda> yeah... at a distance
[20:56] <Remus> And be prepared to hide at any moment
[20:56] <Ruumis> "How large a distance?"
[20:56] <Remus> Out of sight, actually, Ruumis can guide us with the spell
[20:57] <Ruumis> "Whatever you say, your friend, not mine."
[20:58] <@Bock> You are soon out of town, and trying to sneak through crops when bends in the road don't hide you from Bock.
[20:59] <@Bock> dice 1d20
[20:59] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[20:59] <@Bock> dice 1d20
[20:59] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[21:00] <Zyborg22> ((Are we supposed to know what those are for, or is it only public because Wagz won't let you do it privately?))
[21:00] <@Bock> ((The second case))
[21:01] <Zyborg22> ((Ok.))
[21:01] <@Bock> dice 1d20
[21:01] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[21:01] <@Bock> dice 1d20
[21:01] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[21:03] <@Bock> dice 1d20
[21:03] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[21:04] <Ruumis> (( ... Did I bring the skeleton horse, or leave it at the sheriff's place?))
[21:08] <@Bock> ((It is at the back-door neighbors... you wanted to be able to pursue quickly if Zyborg left in a hurry, but as it turned out, you favored stealth over speed, and the horse attracts a LOT of attention.))
[21:08] <Ruumis> ((Right.))
[21:10] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[21:10] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[21:10] <@Bock> ((LEt me check the rules for Status... and maybe a few other things.))
[21:11] <@Bock> Eh... everyone BUT Zyborg, make me listen checks...
[21:11] <@Bock> dice 1d20
[21:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[21:11] <@Bock> dice 1d20
[21:11] <Zyborg22> ((Ouch))
[21:11] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[21:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
[21:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
[21:11] <Ruumis> (( That's 14 total for me.))
[21:13] <Remus> (15+9 = 24))
[21:15] <Direlda> dice 1d20
[21:15] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
[21:15] <@Bock> dice 2d20
[21:15] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9:9; Total: 18.
[21:15] <Direlda> (total of 20)
[21:18] <@Bock> dice 1d20
[21:18] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[21:18] <@Bock> ((Spheniscine hears nothing.))
[21:19] <@Bock> '
[21:19] *** Bock is now known as Draco
[21:20] <@Draco> Direlda hears a non-biological yelp (so probably from Zyborg), followed by the impact of wood on wood (perhaps a door slamming) and then several thumps.
[21:20] <WagzBot> Draco: 26 weeks 20 hours ago <Cho> Wagzbot tell Draco all right, I look forward to hearing it.
[21:20] <WagzBot> Draco: 21 weeks 5 days ago <AzariahWolf> wagzbot: tell draco that that's absolutely stupid
[21:21] *** Draco is now known as DracoGM
[21:21] <Remus> ((Did i hear it too, then?))
[21:21] <Direlda> this doesn't sound good
[21:22] <@DracoGM> ((Yes.))
[21:22] <@DracoGM> ((You both heard it.))
[21:22] <Remus> Yeah... get ready and let's move up a bit
[21:23] * Ruumis hums to himself and does so.
[21:24] * Remus starts to prepare a spell and moves up
[21:25] * Ruumis has his shield on his arm but no weapon out.
[21:26] <@DracoGM> ((How fast are you moving? Sneaking, or trotting?))
[21:27] <Remus> ((Err... sneaking))
[21:27] <@DracoGM> ((And are you all sticking together, or are those of you who aren't slowed by your armor or whatever moving ahead of the ones who aren't naturally as quick, or are slowed by their armor or equipment?))
[21:28] * Direlda looks around for a path that provides cover
[21:28] <Direlda> dice 1d20
[21:28] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 14; Total: 14.
[21:29] <Direlda> ((would this be spot or search?))
[21:32] <@DracoGM> ((Probably Spot... or part of Hide, but...))
[21:32] <Direlda> ((14+11 = 25 if spot ))
[21:36] <Ruumis> ((brb))
[21:37] * @DracoGM considers awarding Zyborg bonus XPs for creative combat tactics, but also wonders how much of the work Zyborg really did...
[21:37] <Ruumis> ((back))
[21:38] * Remus speeds up to a trot
[21:39] <Ruumis> ((If Zyborg managed to get injured, I should be aware, I think. If not, then he's doing well.))
[21:39] <@DracoGM> Direlda: You spot a good path, and point it out to everyone with hand signals... unfortunately that also slows you down some... +2 to hide checks while approaching where Zyborg stopped, but half movement for all party members since you did that... (probably not a big deal)))
[21:39] <@DracoGM> ((Zyborg is so far uninjured...))
[21:40] * Remus switches and follows Direlda
[21:40] <Direlda> dice 1d20
[21:40] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[21:40] <Ruumis> ((Righto, Ruumis is just following the others, he isn't particularly attached to Zyborg.))
[21:40] <Direlda> ((16+2+10=28 for hide))
[21:41] * Direlda cautiously approaches the scene, trying to stay alert
[21:41] <Remus> ((9+11+2 = 22 for hide))
[21:41] <@DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:41] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[21:42] <@DracoGM> Everyone hears more pounding.
[21:44] <@DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:44] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[21:45] * Remus peeks onto the scene cautiously
[21:48] <@DracoGM> Remus risks a quick peek at your objective.
[21:52] <@DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:52] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[21:54] <Direlda> ((so where are we currently?))
[21:54] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[21:54] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[21:55] <Zyborg22> ((Stupid dice :P )
[21:55] <Direlda> ((not a one!))
[21:58] <Ruumis> (( "Don't make me get out the grapple rules, you." ))
[21:59] <@DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:59] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
[22:00] <@DracoGM> Remus: Make another hide check...
[22:00] <Remus> ((29 [16+11+2]))
[22:00] <@DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:00] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 12; Total: 12.
[22:04] <Zyborg22> 1d20
[22:04] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[22:04] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[22:04] * Remus whispers to Direlda, "I think Zy may be trapped inside"
[22:05] <Zyborg22> 1d20
[22:05] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[22:05] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[22:05] * Direlda signals an acknowledgement with hand/forepaw signals
[22:06] * Ruumis prepares to cast Shield of Faith on himself and waits for the others before acting.
[22:07] <Zyborg22> dice 1d6
[22:07] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[22:07] <@DracoGM> dice 2d20
[22:07] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18:1; Total: 19.
[22:08] <@DracoGM> Zyborg's status is now "Injured".
[22:08] <@DracoGM> dice 1d8
[22:08] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[22:08] * Direlda whispers to Remus, "did you see anyone outside guarding?"
[22:08] <Ruumis> "Unless your friend is clumsy, I believe he has been hurt by someone in there."
[22:09] <Remus> One pez-ant, and in that case Ruumis, we move now
[22:09] <@DracoGM> You hear the pounding again, but much louder.
[22:09] <Remus> *Remus Whispers back*
[22:09] * Direlda pulls out his bow
[22:10] <@DracoGM> Ok, everyone who hasn't already, roll initiative...
[22:10] <Direlda> dice 1d20
[22:10] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[22:10] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[22:10] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[22:11] <Ruumis> ((Wooh, natural 20 ))
[22:11] <@DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[22:11] <Ruumis> ((But on initiative, so, eh. ))
[22:11] <Direlda> ((11+3=14 initiative))
[22:11] <Remus> ((17 + 4 = 21))
[22:11] <Ruumis> ((hmm))
[22:11] <Ruumis> ((My total is 19, not sure if 20s do anything for initiative, don't remember))
[22:14] <Ruumis> ((Doesn't look like it.))
[22:15] <Ruumis> ((So a 19 for Ruumis's initiative.))
[22:16] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[22:16] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[22:20] <@DracoGM> Spheniscine stands up and double moves forward.
[22:20] <@DracoGM> Remus: Your turn.
[22:21] <@DracoGM> You are 75 feet away from Bock, who appears to have just finished hammering a third door-stop into the door, as high up as he can reach.
[22:21] <@DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:21] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[22:21] <@DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:21] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[22:21] <Remus> ((one moment. phone >.<))
[22:22] <@DracoGM> He is alerted by the sound of Spheniscines approaching foot-paws.
[22:22] <Remus> ((Remind me of the rules governing what i can summon, regarding alignment?))
[22:23] <Ruumis> ((Celestial creatures, they're listed in the spell))
[22:23] <@DracoGM> ((Anything that is neither Lawful nor Good))
[22:23] <Ruumis> ((huh?))
[22:23] <@DracoGM> ((I mean neither Lawful nor EVIL.))
[22:24] <Ruumis> ((Right. So a celestial creature, which are neutral good.))
[22:24] * Remus casts Summon Monster II
[22:24] <@DracoGM> ((Grrr... and I thought it was REMUS asking that...))
[22:24] <Remus> ((It was me))
[22:24] <@DracoGM> Ok, Remus starts casting SM II.
[22:24] * Remus is hanging back a bit
[22:24] <@DracoGM> ((TEll me when you figure out what you are summoning Remus))
[22:25] <Remus> ((Celestial Eagle))
[22:25] <@DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:25] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
[22:25] <@DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:25] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[22:26] <@DracoGM> ((Incidently, Spheniscine is trailing shadows behind and around him, as is usually the case when he is in a fight and moving.))
[22:27] <@DracoGM> RUUMIS!
[22:28] * Ruumis moves out of the trees while drawing his crossbow. "Behold! The power of cheese!" *fires his completely not-cheese crossbow at Bock*
[22:29] <@DracoGM> ((Ruumis, you can actually summon whatever you want, since you are true-neutral...))
[22:29] <@DracoGM> roll to hit.
[22:29] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[22:29] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[22:29] <Ruumis> (( 26 ))
[22:29] <Ruumis> ((errr))
[22:29] <Ruumis> ((no))
[22:29] <Ruumis> ((wrong sheet))
[22:29] <@DracoGM> That is a hit.
[22:29] <Ruumis> ((21 ))
[22:29] <@DracoGM> Roll damage.
[22:30] <Ruumis> ((21 still hits?))
[22:30] <Ruumis> dice 1d8
[22:30] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[22:30] <Ruumis> ((aww))
[22:30] <@DracoGM> ((Lets see... first range increment probably, small target possibly with a dex bonus, but NO armor, and DEFINITELY no magical protections... yes, a 21 hits.))
[22:30] <Ruumis> ((right.))
[22:31] <@DracoGM> DIRELDA!
[22:31] <Direlda> ((hmm))
[22:32] <Direlda> ((is it just Bock outside?))
[22:32] <@DracoGM> ((yes))
[22:32] <Ruumis> (( *considers preparing Summon Undead I the next in-game day* ))
[22:33] * Direlda steps out of the trees with an arrow nocked and pointed at Bock
[22:33] <@DracoGM> ((I will call that Holding action.))
[22:34] <Direlda> ((yeah...))
[22:34] *** DracoGM is now known as Bock
[22:34] * @Bock falls to the ground in surrender, dropping the hammer.
[22:35] <@Bock> "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I am trying to help! Please don't hurt me!" (To Spheniscine and Ruumis mostly).
[22:35] <@Bock> dice 1d20
[22:35] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[22:35] * Direlda points his bow towards the ground in a safe position
[22:36] <Remus> ((Can make checks at any time?))
[22:36] * Ruumis looks around to see if there were anyone else.
[22:37] <@Bock> ((Passive checks may be made at any time...))
[22:37] <@Bock> dice 1d20
[22:37] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[22:37] <Remus> ((Bluff check?))
[22:37] <@Bock> ((What sort of a Bluff are you trying to perpetuate?))
[22:38] <@Bock> ((Or did you perhaps mean Sense Motive?))
[22:38] <Remus> ((...yeah))
[22:38] * Ruumis reloads his crossbow and moves to the door while keeping it pointed at Bock.
[22:38] <Direlda> "What happened here?"
[22:39] <Remus> ((21 (18+3)))
[22:39] <@Bock> Roll it, but you are at a penalty because you are 75 feet away.
[22:39] <Ruumis> ((or is initiative still going? In which case I haven't acted yet.))
[22:40] <@Bock> ((We are still going by initiative, and I thought you fired the crossbow bolt...))
[22:40] <Remus> ((Wait.... i may not be able to make that check, i'm still casting SMII))
[22:41] <Ruumis> ((meant, hadn't moved after shooting him the first time))
[22:41] <@Bock> ((Casting doesn't interfere with Sense Motive.))
[22:41] <Remus> ((I would assume that check require brainpower of some sort, and probably would need to break concentration to make it))
[22:41] <Remus> ((Alright))
[22:42] <Ruumis> ((Well, tell me when it's my turn or whatever))
[22:42] <@Bock> ((I could see some GMs ruling it the way you say... but since you aren't defenseless, you aren't THAT distracted... no harder than singing along to the music while waltzing and then figuring out if you trust what someone shouted.))
[22:44] <@Bock> ((We are still in the first round of initiative for you guys... the order is Spheniscine, Remus, Gingerbread Terrorist, Ruumis, Bock, Direlda (delaying), Zyborg.))
[22:44] <Remus> ((Gingerbread terrorist... that's foreboding o.o))
[22:45] <Direlda> ((just eat hs legs...))
[22:45] <Ruumis> ((heh))
[22:45] <Remus> ((hehe))
[22:47] <@Bock> ((Ruumus, were you saying you wanted to close 20 feet after firing?
[22:48] <@Bock> ))
[22:49] <Ruumis> ((Was going to move closer to the door my next turn, yes))
[22:49] <@Bock> ((Ok, well your second turn isn't yet.))
[22:49] <Ruumis> ((Indeed))
[22:49] <Zyborg22> I found what he meant by <candy canes>! Hurry up and see for yourselves!
[22:50] *** Bock is now known as Spheniscine
[22:50] *** -NickServ- This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your
[22:50] *** -NickServ- nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Otherwise,
[22:50] *** -NickServ- please choose a different nick.
[22:50] <@Spheniscine> Knock, Knock! Who's their?
[22:50] <@Spheniscine> LIGHTNING BOLT!
[22:50] <@Spheniscine> dice 3d6
[22:51] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3:6:6; Total: 15.
[22:51] *** Spheniscine is now known as DracoGM
[22:51] <@DracoGM> And now I need to look up how much damage that will do to the door...
[22:51] *** Zyborg22 is now known as Spheniscine
[22:51] *** Spheniscine is now known as Zyborg22
[22:52] <Ruumis> ((Electricity does half damage to objects, wood has hardness 5 ))
[22:56] <@DracoGM> 2.5 points of damage... it has 15 total hitpoints... after 7.5 points of damage it will become easier to break with a strength check... Spheniscine picked the wrong method...
[22:57] <@DracoGM> Spheniscine moves next to the door and gets set up to take a swing with his giant mallet.
[22:57] <@DracoGM> REmus summons an eagle.
[22:57] <@DracoGM> REmus, where are you putting the eagle, and what are you going to do THIS round?
[22:57] <Remus> ((How far away from me can i put it?))
[22:58] <@DracoGM> ((Look up the spell... it will have a range on it...))
[22:58] <@DracoGM> dice 2d20
[22:58] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5:7; Total: 12.
[22:58] <Ruumis> ((25+5/2lvl))
[22:58] <@DracoGM> ((So 45 feet.
[22:59] <@DracoGM> Ok, well you put it 35 feet from the door, but the question is what does it do this round... dive bomb the door? Attack Bock? circle above the door?
[23:00] <Remus> Hover above Bock and strike if he does anything threatening
[23:01] * Remus approaches Bock and the door
[23:01] <Remus> ((BRB))
[23:03] <@DracoGM> ((Well, we will see what Remus himself was doing when he gets back...))
[23:04] <@DracoGM> For now it is Direlda's action if he wants it, and Ruumis's if Direlda is still Holding...
[23:04] * Direlda moves towards the door
[23:05] <Ruumis> ((That all, or doing some other action?))
[23:05] <@DracoGM> Ok, you are now 15 feet from Bock/the Door.
[23:05] <@DracoGM> ((Double move I am assuming...))
[23:05] <@DracoGM> ((He was 75 feet away.))
[23:06] <Direlda> ((yeah double move))
[23:06] <@DracoGM> RUUMIS! Your go.
[23:06] * Ruumis moves forward and reloads his crossbow. He is still looking around to see if Bock was alone.
[23:07] <@DracoGM> dice 2d20
[23:07] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5:15; Total: 20.
[23:07] <@DracoGM> You see no-one but your companions (the windows of the house aren't pricy enough to be transparent, rather than translucent).
[23:08] <@DracoGM> Ok, you close to 35 feet (since you are slower in armor).
[23:09] <@DracoGM> Bock: "Just let me get out of here! Please?"
[23:09] <Ruumis> "Why did you imprison the spider?"
[23:09] <Remus> ((BAck))
[23:10] <@DracoGM> "I don't know what you are talking about! I heard a fight, and was trying to break down the door!"
[23:10] * Remus moved all the way, and is now standing a few feet away from Bock
[23:10] <@DracoGM> ((Remus: What did you do with YOUR action this round?))
[23:10] <@DracoGM> ((Ok, another Double move)
[23:11] <@DracoGM> ((Your swift fox-like legs mean you can close the entire distance as you like...))
[23:11] <@DracoGM> ((BTW, you DID all hear Zyborgs shout from inside...))
[23:12] <Ruumis> "Then why were you hammering wedges into the door edge?"
[23:12] <Remus> ((Wait, then did i double move or not?))
[23:12] <@DracoGM> "I don't know what you are talking about!"
[23:13] <@DracoGM> ((You double moved, just you can be right in front of him, right next to the door and to his right, or even, since he is cowering, standing practically on top of him to be in melee range of the door.))
[23:14] <@DracoGM> 2d20
[23:14] <@DracoGM> dice 2d20
[23:14] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8:9; Total: 17.
[23:14] * Remus is standing in melee range, then, eyes flicking between Bock and the door
[23:16] <@DracoGM> I mean BRICK!
[23:16] <@DracoGM> Sphenscine: "I mean BRICK!"
[23:16] <@DracoGM> A brick appears out of no-where and hits the door.
[23:16] <@DracoGM> dice 2d6
[23:16] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6:6; Total: 12.
[23:16] <@DracoGM> Nice...
[23:17] <@DracoGM> The brick hits the door like it was thrown by a rioting seasoned veteran anarchist.
[23:18] <Ruumis> ((heh))
[23:20] <@DracoGM> The door has several large cracks in it, that look like they MIGHT yeild under sudden pressure. ((More than half HP gone, so -2 to the DC of break checks.
[23:20] <@DracoGM> REMUS!
[23:20] <Remus> ((Would the belt be useful here or does it have to be a strong sudden hit?))
[23:20] <@DracoGM> Spheniscine: "
[23:21] <@DracoGM> I don't trust you Bock."
[23:21] <@DracoGM> ((The belt would be useful, getting momentum up helps, but that just means you have a -2 penalty we shall say.))
[23:22] <Remus> ((Ah))
[23:23] <@DracoGM> ((Or you could use Scorching Ray or something on the door...))
[23:23] <Remus> ((That would work, yeah... mor elikely to, anyways))
[23:23] <@DracoGM> ((So, what are you doing?))
[23:23] * Remus casts scorching ray at the door
[23:24] <@DracoGM> dice 4d6
[23:24] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1:2:2:3; Total: 8.
[23:26] <@DracoGM> Remus's *Scorching Ray* on the other hand is comparable to a molotov ****-tail that was made with vodka rather than diesel fuel.
[23:26] <Remus> ((Well, i rolled 4,6,6,4 with my dice....))
[23:26] <@DracoGM> The door has 3 hitpoints remaining...
[23:26] <Remus> ((Ah well))
[23:27] <Remus> ((Could the eagle attack the door? if so, it does that))
[23:27] <@DracoGM> ((actually... NO damage to the door... so 6 hp remaining.))
[23:27] <Ruumis> ((Well, as listed, some energy types are supereffective, although that's up to the GM))
[23:27] <@DracoGM> ((It CAN attack the door, let me check if it SHOULD.))
[23:29] <Ruumis> ((You'd think fire would be one of those that's super effective against wood, but, still up to the GM))
[23:29] <@DracoGM> ((Your recent first-hand observations of the interactions of a door with various attacks strongly indicate that the eagle doesn't have the physical power necessary to affect the door in any meaningful way.))
[23:30] <Ruumis> ((indeed))
[23:30] <Ruumis> ((hardness of more than it could possibly deal))
[23:30] <@DracoGM> ((Ruumis: Right.))
[23:31] <@DracoGM> ((The problem is mostly of too little surface area for it to burn well.))
[23:31] <Ruumis> ((Point.))
[23:31] <@DracoGM> ((And the fact that you rolled REALLY bad on the damage.))
[23:31] <@DracoGM> ((Ok, so the Eagle continues to circle?))
[23:32] <Remus> ((Aye))
[23:34] <@DracoGM> ((If it could Hover I would allow it to Hold Action, instead of wasting its turn...))
[23:34] <Remus> ((Can it?))
[23:35] <@DracoGM> Dice 2d20
[23:35] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 12:9; Total: 21.
[23:35] <@DracoGM> ((Nope...))
[23:36] <@DracoGM> DIRELDA!
[23:37] <@DracoGM> ((Arrows are useless for damaging the door, and Remus is blocking you from kicking at the door... even if Bock weren't cowering on the ground.))
[23:37] * Direlda moves in line with the doorway a little ways back and stands at the ready
[23:39] * @DracoGM ponders whether to give an idea to Direlda, but decides against it...
[23:39] <@DracoGM> RUUMIS!
[23:40] <Ruumis> "Who wants to be the one to break open the door?"
[23:41] * Ruumis puts his crossbow away and moves to one side of the doorway, next to Bock.
[23:42] <@DracoGM> ((That is a double move... Zyborg's turn is already figured out... back to the top of the initiative order...
[23:43] <@DracoGM> Spheniscine: "And his friend, giant-mallet!"
[23:43] <@DracoGM> dice 1d12
[23:43] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[23:44] <@DracoGM> Spheniscine is not nearly as good with his mallet as he is with inexplicable bricks.
[23:44] <Ruumis> [to Bock] "If you were not lying, then I shall fix your leg. Yes. Unless you're a lying Pez Ant, then I get to have fun." *cackling*
[23:44] <Remus> ((A d12.... it has a use??))
[23:44] <@DracoGM> REMUS!
[23:45] <Remus> ((any damage to the door?))
[23:45] <Ruumis> ((not from the mallet))
[23:45] <@DracoGM> ((The door still has 6 hitpoints remaining...))
[23:45] <@DracoGM> ((Out of 15 max.))
[23:46] <Ruumis> ((brb))
[23:47] <Remus> ((Ugh... getting tired, give me a moment...))
[23:47] <Ruumis> ((back))
[23:48] <@DracoGM> ((I recommend backing off 5 feet and casting *Mage Armor* or trying to pull the door appart.))
[23:48] <Direlda> ((when are we ending?))
[23:49] <@DracoGM> ((Whenever people want to...))
[23:49] * Remus backs off the 5 feet and casts Mage Armor
[23:50] <@DracoGM> The Eagle continues circling (but you can change what it is ready to do...).
[23:51] <Remus> ((How many blocks in the door? and might it be able to knock them out?))
[23:51] <@DracoGM> ((Blocks?))
[23:52] <Remus> ((That bock was hammering in?))
[23:52] <Remus> ((
[23:52] <Remus> ((Bok*))
[23:52] <Remus> ((Bock*))
[23:53] <@DracoGM> ((3 wooden wedges... you could probably have a good go at pulling them out with your hands due to the belt...))
[23:54] <@DracoGM> DIRELDA! Your turn.
[23:54] <Remus> ((Already used action))
[23:54] <@DracoGM> ((And change "pull" to "wiggle"))
[23:56] * Direlda takes stock of the situation by looking for any alternate entrances and listening for sounds from inside
[23:56] <Direlda> dice 1d20
[23:56] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[23:56] <Direlda> dice 1d20
[23:56] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[23:57] <@DracoGM> You hear the swish of what sounds like one or more bladed weapons, some hitting peanut-brittle.
[23:57] <Direlda> ((Spot: 4+11=15; listen 13+11=24))
[23:57] <@DracoGM> (But no real crunchy sounds like they are damaging Zyborg, just getting deflected off.)
[23:58] <@DracoGM> You see no alternate entrances from your current position.
[23:58] <@DracoGM> RUUMIS!
[23:59] * Ruumis mutters about a waste of a perfectly good proto-corpse and drags Bock out of the way, unless he resists.
[23:59] <@DracoGM> ((BTW, the door is kinda narrow... the importance of this will become apparent when it gets busted down.))
[23:59] <@DracoGM> Bock does not resist.
[00:00] <@DracoGM> In fact he seems gets up as you pull him, and seems inclined to keep moving even after he is at the limit of your reach.
[00:00] <Remus> "...Back away from the door, everyone..."
[00:01] <@DracoGM> (What are you going to do about that situation... not quite to the point where dice-rolls for grapple checks are involved... ))
[00:01] <@DracoGM> ((Previous comment directed to Ruumis.))
[00:01] <Ruumis> ((Punch him?))
[00:02] <Ruumis> ((As an attack of opportunity?))
[00:02] <@DracoGM> Actually, given the situation you kick him... roll to hit (going to be very easy...)
[00:02] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[00:02] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[00:02] <Ruumis> ((15 total))
[00:03] <@DracoGM> That is a hit...
[00:03] <@DracoGM> dice 1d4
[00:03] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[00:03] <Ruumis> ((plus one for str))
[00:04] <@DracoGM> 4 points of subdual damage... gotta look up what happens when you are knocked to exactly 0 by subdual... in any case he stops resisting...
[00:04] <Direlda> "Why'd you kick him?"
[00:04] <Ruumis> "We have to question him"
[00:04] <Ruumis> "I think."
[00:05] <Ruumis> "Hey look! A bird!"
[00:05] <Ruumis> ((There is no bird.))
[00:05] <@DracoGM> ((Move action to move him, standard to kick him... you can 5' step if you like, but other than that, I think you are done...))
[00:05] <Remus> ((XD))
[00:05] <Ruumis> ((You made it sound like he was getting up. <.< ))
[00:06] <Ruumis> ((not doing anything besides that and getting him out of the way))
[00:09] <@DracoGM> ((Bock is Staggard))
[00:09] <@DracoGM> Bock wisely lies still...
[00:09] <@DracoGM> Zyborg continues to take full defense...
[00:10] <@DracoGM> ((Do people want to stop now or should we go another round?))
[00:10] <Direlda> ((I'm ready to stop...))
[00:10] <Remus> ((As am i...))
[00:11] <Ruumis> ((ok))
[00:13] <@DracoGM> -----------End Session--------------------

Remus and Celestial Eagle (with 1 round of duration left)
Ginger-bread Terrorist(-3 hp)
Direlda(Delaying until the door gets opened)
Bock (Staggered -2 lethal, -4 non-lethal)
Zyborg (-10 hp, taking full defense)

2010-02-13, 12:09 AM
DracoGM: ((Ok, well unless Direlda comes up with a last minute change...))
DracoGM: You see Bock waiting for you when you arrive.
DracoGM: Greetings Forged.
Zyborg22: Greetings to you as well.
Bock: Bock is seems to just have been waiting for you.
Bock: "Well, I am done here so let me take you along to the person who actually knows about this stuff...
Bock: "
Zyborg22: Ok. Sorry about that comment yesterday.
Bock: Oh, umm... think nothing of it.
Bock: seems like he actually is still annoyed, but is trying to avoid the subject.
Bock: ((You going to follow him?))
Zyborg22: follows Bock, not mentioning the subject any further.
Bock: You see the sheriff on the road about 50 yards in front of you.
Bock: ((
Bock: Just chime in any time you have a specific action BTW.))
Zyborg22: Is there anything I should know about this person before we get there?
Bock: Umm, not really.
Zyborg22: Ok, then.
Bock: ((That comment was to Bock about whoever he is taking you to see, right?))
Zyborg22: ((Yes.))
Bock: You pass the Sheriff soon after, still following close behind Bock.
Bock: The Sheriff gives you a concerned look just as you pass, but you don't have time to return more than a shrug before you pass him by (unless you want to stop).
Zyborg22: acknowledges the Sherrif, but decides not to stop.
Bock: ((So you say "Hello" or something?))
Zyborg22: ((Mostly just a wave.))
Bock: ((Ok))
Bock: ((Although one of them was a Bluff opposed by Sense Motive to see if you noticed that he is still annoyed about your accidently insult.))
Bock: Bock glances arround with a quizical expression on his face a few times as you walk down the country lane...
Bock: Eventually you arrive at a new looking, sturdy cottage.
Bock: The windows are opaque, the walls stone... near the door (the outside still) is a small hammer leaned up against the wall, and several wooden wedges.
Bock: Bock opens the door before you, revealing an empty room, surprisingly spare. The bed is flipped up to lay against a wall, and you don't see any sign of a table.
Bock: Go, in and knock a the other door, he is probably working on something in the other room.
Zyborg22: ((He's telling me to do that, right?))
Bock: ((Yes, sorry...))
Bock: ((The last line is speech, not narrative.))
Zyborg22: glances at the bed for a second, then knocks at the other door.
Bock: The door bursts open, revealing an individual in full-plate, weilding two swords... two red-and-white striped swords, with hooked ends...
Bock: Roll initiative.
Zyborg22: 8.
Bock: You are caught flat-footed against his attack...
Bock: But he misses both times.
Bock: You hear the door behind you slam, and a thumping sound.
Zyborg22: ((He's right next to me, isn't he?))
DracoGM: Your action. (Yes)
Zyborg22: ((When the SRD says I can unsheathe a weapon combined with a standard move, does that mean moving my speed after the unsheathing or a standard action?))
DracoGM: ((It means that it happens DURING the movement, but you can also unsheath it without moving if you like... either way))
Zyborg22: gets out the crossbow and moves as far away from the armored guy as he can. He then loads an arrow and shoots at armored guy if that's allowed.
DracoGM: ((You already have an arrow in the crossbow... but if you move away from him AND attack, then you are giving him a free shot at you with one of the swords...))
Zyborg22: ((I'll not shoot, then))
Zyborg22: ((Is there any way to lower the bed?))
DracoGM: ((Sure, just flip it down... but what are you thinking of?))
Zyborg22: ((Maybe luring him there and flipping it on him))
Zyborg22: ((Or would that just break the bed?))
DracoGM: ((It wouldn't break the bed, but it also wouldn't be something worth doing unless you jumped on top of it, and uses your weight to bring it down... you are acrobatic enough you might have a chance at that... it would be a 5 foot vertical jump we shall say, and a balance check to leap off without going upside-down or something, or at least being too off balance to defend yourself well.))
DracoGM: ((It won't really hurt him in any case, but it might be enough to let you get in a sneak-attack while he is off-balance.))
Zyborg22: ((I'll try that, but only when he's actually under it))
DracoGM: Unfortunately, he only moves as close to you as he needs to to get in melee range, which doens't put him next to the wall...
DracoGM: He misses completely.
Zyborg22: ((This guy has a 40ft move speed? Wow.))
DracoGM: ((No, it is a very small house... or were you trying to get out the door last round, in which case the whole thing with the bed is moot?))
DracoGM: The room you are in is 25'x25'.
DracoGM: ((You are in the corner of the room, unless we retcon.))
Zyborg22: ((In that case, I'll try to move just next to where the bed is, but where the bed is between him and me...hoping he won't just go around it.))
DracoGM: ((Also, a 40 speed in Full-Plate would be... somewhat unusual... quite possible with magic, but not the norm...))
DracoGM: ((The bed is leaned right up against the wall, legs sticking out...))
Zyborg22: ((Yeah. I'm trying to make him go under it.))
DracoGM: Ok... Cartisian Coordinates time... you are at 1,1, he is at 2,2... the door you came through leads sound from 3,1. If the bed was layed down, it would take up (for simplicity) 1,1 and 1,2.
DracoGM: Where are you moving to?
DracoGM: Don't forget you can Tumble...
Zyborg22: ((Oh...it'll be hard to get him under the bed in that case. I'll try to tumble past him and get as far as possible. If I were to attack after doing so, would that lead to an AoO?))
DracoGM: ((You need to define "As far as possible... you could go for the opposite corner, the storage closet he came out of (which takes up 3,6), or the door you came through, where you can hear a pounding sound from, and...
Zyborg22: ((The opposite corner))
DracoGM: You see the tips of two of the wooden wedges that you saw next to the door sticking in through the bottom of the door...))
DracoGM: Roll Tumble.
Zyborg22: 1
DracoGM: Total result?
Zyborg22: ((I have no points in it. Maybe I shouldn't be doing that at all.))
Zyborg22: ((Since it's apparently trained only))
Zyborg22: ((5, rather))
DracoGM: ((Ok, no, you can't Tumble since you don't have any ranks in it...))
DracoGM: ((What are you going to do?))
Zyborg22: ((Would he get two AoOs if I move and fire?))
DracoGM: ((Only if he has combat reflexes...))
Zyborg22: ((I'll move toward the door and fire at him, then.))
DracoGM: AoO misses, roll your attack.
Zyborg22: Natural 20.
Zyborg22: ((The total is 28))
DracoGM: Roll to confirm Critical...
Zyborg22: ((5))
DracoGM: No critical, roll damage.
Zyborg22: ((3 total))
DracoGM: Yowch! 10 damage... half your hitpoints...
DracoGM: Your go again...
Zyborg22: ((Is the door locked?))
Zyborg22: ((Or barred?))
Zyborg22: ((Otherwise, I'm going out of it and shooting at him again.))
DracoGM: ((It is technically neither. but you think the 3 door-stops (2 in the bottom, one on the side away from the hinge) might give you some problems opening it... IE Strength check...))
Zyborg22: ((12))
DracoGM: The you slam the back of your abdomin into the door as you try to reload your crossbow... it doens't yeild.
DracoGM: That was your Move action... what are you going to do with your Standard action?
DracoGM: ((We will say the crossbow is reloaded))
DracoGM: ((I might suggest full defense.))
Zyborg22: ((I'll go with that))
Zyborg22: is really starting to wish the others were here.
DracoGM: 2 misses.
Zyborg22: ((Can the door stop be lifted or something so they don't make the door any harder to open?))
DracoGM: You mean lift the door so it doesn't have any normal force against the hinges to generate friction?
DracoGM: If so, no.
Zyborg22: ((I was wondering if the door-stops themselves were hinged or something. Either way, I'll probably try the total defense again))
Zyborg22: ((Do I hear the rest of the guys outside?))
Bock: You hear running pawsteps, the sound of a crossbow-bolt hitting pez-chitin and what Bock screamed.
Zyborg22: ((Would they hear me if I shouted something?))
Bock: The pawsteps sounded pretty close, so probably at least one of them would...
Bock: Meh.. your go, you take full defense... you want to move 5' while doing that?
Zyborg22: ((Yes. Away from the door and the armored guy.))
Bock: Ok, you go north east and take full defense.
Zyborg22: shouts out "I found what he meant by <candy canes>! Hurry up and see for yourselves!", hoping that someone will hear it and burst in.
Bock: Go ahead and do that in the main channel... If I were being more hard-core I might make everyone but Spheniscine roll to hear it, but...
DracoGM: ((You heard the knock knock Joke, as well as part of the door exploding off... we will see if you can SEE the results...))
DracoGM: He steps up toward you, but double whiffs.
Zyborg22: doesn't particularly feel like taking any unneccesary chances, so does the total defense and 5' step away from Armor Armowski over there trying to kill him.
DracoGM: TAking total defense again?
Zyborg22: ((Yep? I'm not risking another 10 to damage unless I can get a flanking bonus.))
Zyborg22: ((10 damage, rather))
DracoGM: Well, you could try feinting... but yeah, total defense is probably the way to go...
Zyborg22: ((I doubt that would be much help against this guy, especially since I'm not a bluffer.))
DracoGM: ((OK))
DracoGM: I am going to say that you wisely 5' stepped last turn so that someone coming through the door would give you a flanking bonus against the Terrorist.
Zyborg22: ((Even with the bow?))
DracoGM: ((... You also put up the bow, ready to draw your melee weapon the next round...))
Zyborg22: ((Ok.))
DracoGM: ((But yes, you COULD flank him at point-blank range with the bow.))
DracoGM: Double whiff.
Zyborg22: Not that it matters now, but is there any particular reason you're trying to kill me?
DracoGM: I am playing the situation as it stands, and actually shading things toward NOT killing you...
Zyborg22: ((That was dialogue toward the terrorist))
DracoGM: ((OH!))
Zyborg22: ((It just came really late, so I can see the confusion))
DracoGM: Because you are actually trying to HELP those candy-eaters!
Zyborg22: I see no reason to slaughter them...or whatever it is you're trying to do.
Zyborg22: We should deal with them on a case-by-case basis.
DracoGM: -----End Session----

The front door has 6 out of 15 hit-points.
Outside[br].|Inside|Inside|Closet Door[br]to North|Inside|Inside|Outside
Outside[br].| Inside|Inside|Inside|Inside|Inside|Outside
Outside[br].| Inside|Inside|Zyborg|Inside|Inside|Outside
Outside[br].| Inside|Inside|G.B.T.|Inside|Inside|Outside
Outside[br].| Inside|Inside|Front Door[br]to South|Inside|Inside|Outside
Outside[br].| Outside|Remus|Eagle(5' up)|Sphen.|Outside|Outside
G.B.T. = Ginger-Bread Terrorist
Of the party, only Zyborg is inside.

2010-02-19, 10:55 PM
[20:34] <DracoGM> ---------------Session Start--------------
[20:34] <DracoGM> SPHENISCINE!
[20:36] <Remus> ((Back, and got it too))
[20:36] <Remus> ((Brief on situation?))
[20:38] <DracoGM> ((It is Spheniscine's turn, the has 6 hp remaining, and Bock is Staggered__
[20:38] <DracoGM> ((Zyborg is still trapped inside))
[20:39] <DracoGM> ((the DOOR has 6 hp left I mean))
[20:40] <Spheniscine> Back.
[20:40] <Spheniscine> I guess I'll attack the door with the mallet again?
[20:41] <Spheniscine> What should I roll? I seem to have forgot...
[20:41] <Zyborg22> ((Physical attack, I think.))
[20:42] <Spheniscine> dice 1d12
[20:42] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[20:42] <Spheniscine> Do I need to roll a d20 as well?
[20:42] <DracoGM> The door is now destroyed.
[20:42] <Spheniscine> Yay!
[20:43] <Zyborg22> Oh, hey there. You really need to work on your knock-knock jokes.
[20:43] <DracoGM> ((I think Direlda was holding action for that event?))
[20:43] <Spheniscine> Knock knock! Who's there! Four heroes to the rescue!
[20:43] <Zyborg22> See?
[20:43] <Direlda> ((I think so - what can I see?))
[20:44] * Spheniscine sticks a tongue out to Zyborg
[20:44] <DracoGM> ((Also, Spheniscine has a move action left, so those will happen in whatever order they get entered, after that it is Remus and the Eagle (which is going poof after it acts).))
[20:44] *** Hyperion[nomnomnom] is now known as Ruumis
[20:45] <Spheniscine> I guess I move in? If it is safe to do so...
[20:45] <Remus> ((brb))
[20:45] <Zyborg22> ((I think the terrorist is right next to the door))
[20:46] <DracoGM> Direlda sees a humanoid figure in hard-shell (like on an M&M) full-plate, weilding two hook-swords ground out of <Candy Canes>. Beyond the figure is Zyborg, dodging around for all he is worth.
[20:46] <Ruumis> ((Back, if it wasn't obvious.))
[20:47] <DracoGM> ((Was Direlda holding action to see what he saw through the door, or was he going to shoot as soon as the door went down?))
[20:48] <DracoGM> ((Spheniscine: Do you desire to move, or are you going to end turn?))
[20:48] <Remus> ((Back))
[20:48] <Direlda> ((trying to remember...)
[20:49] <Spheniscine> I guess I'll end turn, since I can't move in.
[20:49] <Direlda> ((is Sphen in the way of my shot?))
[20:50] <Spheniscine> If I am I move out of the way then... lol
[20:50] <DracoGM> ((Actually you could. The GBT is 10 feet from the door (IE one clear square to his south). ))
[20:50] <Spheniscine> Ah well, I still step out of the way for Direlda.
[20:51] <DracoGM> Spheniscine isn't in the way in either case, but if you don't have the precise shot feat then you are taking a -4 to hit because you are being careful not to hit Zyborg.
[20:51] <Spheniscine> Ah.
[20:51] <Zyborg22> ((Could you move back, then :P ?))
[20:51] <Ruumis> ((Isn't he the melee person in the group?))
[20:52] <DracoGM> ((Spheniscine: Actually, moving in could be good, since it would grant Zyborg flanking, and wouldn't interfere with Direlda any more than Zyborg is already doing.))
[20:52] <Spheniscine> OK, I move in then. :3
[20:52] <Direlda> ((righto))
[20:52] <DracoGM> ((Ok, the log shows Direlda as delaying, but it doesn't matter since it is now his turn anyway.))
[20:53] <DracoGM> DIRELDA!
[20:53] <DracoGM> ((Remus and Eagle next))
[20:53] <Remus> ((I though i normally came after Sphen?))
[20:53] <Remus> ((Thought*))
[20:54] * Direlda takes aim and fires his bow at the figure in hard-shell
[20:54] <Spheniscine> Hm, yeah?
[20:54] <Spheniscine> I thought Remus came first?
[20:54] <Ruumis> ((Direlda delayed))
[20:54] <Ruumis> ((WHich puts them now))
[20:54] <Remus> ((Direlda delayed, anyways))
[20:54] <Spheniscine> Ah.
[20:54] <Direlda> dice 1d20
[20:54] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[20:55] * Spheniscine nods
[20:55] * Remus directs the eagle in and to attack the figure in the hard-shell
[20:55] <Direlda> ((11-4+7= 14))
[20:56] <DracoGM> Direlda misses.
[20:56] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[20:56] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
[20:58] * DracoGM struggles with his old foe, the lag-monster...
[20:59] <Remus> ((brb, dinner))
[20:59] <Direlda> ((not lag-monster O.o))
[20:59] <Spheniscine> ((I attack the lag-monster!))
[20:59] <DracoGM> ((Can you at least give me YOUR action before you go Remus?))
[20:59] <Spheniscine> [09:55] * Remus directs the eagle in and to attack the figure in the hard-shell
[20:59] <Remus> I'll follow the eagle in, if he fells the... figure. I'll look around for anyone else. If not, cast magic missile at him
[21:00] <DracoGM> ((He won't feel it, and that probably doesn't even require an action since you already gave it the appropriate orders, and summons automatically have Identify Friend Foe.))
[21:00] <DracoGM> ((*Fell))
[21:01] <Remus> ((Won't feel magic missile?))
[21:02] <Ruumis> ((No, the bird won't take him down, is what he said))
[21:02] <Remus> ((Use burning hands instead, careful to limit it to the figure))
[21:02] <Ruumis> ((...))
[21:02] <Ruumis> ((Please no.))
[21:02] <Remus> ((Err... why? ))
[21:02] <Ruumis> ((Not on the inside of a wooden place))
[21:02] <Spheniscine> lol
[21:02] <Ruumis> ((With our rogue inside))
[21:02] <Remus> ((Is it even wooden? >.>))
[21:03] <Remus> ((Eh, go with my original, brb))
[21:03] <Ruumis> ((Or wood-candy-simile. Still burns, I'd think))
[21:04] <Direlda> ((going afk for dinner... ^^;))
[21:04] <Direlda> (( * ^^; ))
[21:04] <DracoGM> ((I THINKou I said the w<fc999000000age
[21:05] * Spheniscine is confused
[21:05] <DracoGM> ((I think I said the building wast STONE analog, and the furnishings are all moved out of the way, unfortunately, Spheniscine is in the way too much, even if you turned it sideways.)_)
[21:05] <DracoGM> dice 2d4
[21:05] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1:2; Total: 3.
[21:06] *** Direlda is now known as Direlda_WatchingClouds
[21:06] * Direlda_WatchingClouds is now away - Reason : dinnar from Subway on campus!
[21:06] <DracoGM> The magic missiles hit for 5 points of damage.
[21:06] <DracoGM> ((Still trying to figure out if the Eagle hit.))
[21:07] <Ruumis> ((They have +3 to hit))
[21:07] <DracoGM> The eagle's talon barely misses.
[21:08] <DracoGM> The Eagle vanishes.
[21:10] <DracoGM> The Ginger-Bread Terrorist wises up and attacks Zyborg with only a single sword this turn.
[21:10] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:10] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[21:10] <DracoGM> He completely misses.
[21:10] <DracoGM> RUUMIS! Your turn.
[21:12] * Ruumis moves back in line with the door and casts Hold Person on the guy.
[21:12] <Ruumis> ((Don't know if he's the right type to be affected, but if he is then it's a DC16 will save))
[21:13] <Remus> ((back))
[21:13] <DracoGM> ((I have introduced a lot of transparency into this, so he is.))
[21:13] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:13] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[21:13] <DracoGM> The Ginger-Bread Terrorist Freezes up!
[21:14] <Ruumis> (( :3 ))
[21:14] <DracoGM> ZYBORG!
[21:14] <WagzBot> Your friendly neighborhood robot spider.
[21:14] <Remus> ((....Warforged spider, in this case))
[21:14] <Zyborg22> ((I attack him using the flanking bonus.))
[21:14] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[21:14] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 12; Total: 12.
[21:15] <Ruumis> ((He's paralysed.))
[21:15] <Ruumis> ((Thus helpless))
[21:15] <Spheniscine> ((Paralysed means no to-hit roll, right? :3))
[21:15] <Remus> ((Zy may know something you don't :P))
[21:15] <Zyborg22> ((I thought it just meant they lose Dex bonuses to AC or whatever.))
[21:16] <Ruumis> ((They get an effective dex of 0 and melee attacks get a +4 to hit))
[21:16] <DracoGM> ((Nope, this is more than that... you now get to take a full round action to litterally slit his throat or something if you like.))
[21:16] <Ruumis> ((or you can full-round to coup de grace))
[21:17] <Ruumis> ((Your choice, really.))
[21:17] <DracoGM> ((Since Zyborg doesn't get multiple attacks, Coup de Grace is the more obvious action.))
[21:17] <Zyborg22> ((I'll go for the coup de grace))
[21:17] <DracoGM> In either case you hit.
[21:17] <Zyborg22> ((Do I still get the Sneak Attack bonus?))
[21:17] <Ruumis> ((Coup de grace counts as critical, so he should decide))
[21:18] <Ruumis> ((And yes))
[21:18] <DracoGM> ((Yes, it specifically says you get your Sneak Attack on Coup de Grace))
[21:18] <Zyborg22> ((So, 4d6?)
[21:18] <Ruumis> ((But as normal sneak attack damage isn't multiplied.)
[21:18] <DracoGM> ((Do you have at least 3 rogue levels Zyborg?))
[21:19] <Zyborg22> ((Yes))
[21:19] <Zyborg22> dice 4d6
[21:19] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5:1:5:1; Total: 12.
[21:19] <DracoGM> Very nice, but that won't kill him by itself...
[21:19] <DracoGM> But he also has to make a Fortitude save to not die outright.
[21:19] <Ruumis> ((Fortitude save))
[21:19] <Ruumis> ((yep))
[21:19] <DracoGM> I think the DC is 10+damage dealt.
[21:20] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:20] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 14; Total: 14.
[21:20] <Ruumis> ((yes))
[21:21] <DracoGM> Zyborg, make a reflex save to avoid being hit by the spray of artierial cherry syrup....
[21:21] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[21:21] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[21:21] <Zyborg22> 13
[21:22] <DracoGM> Fails.
[21:22] <Ruumis> ((I would question why you killed him instead of capturing, but then that'd be an insane cleric of a death goddess asking why you killed someone.))
[21:22] <DracoGM> ((Tactically... it actually makes a certain amount of sense since Zyborg was at half hitpoints, and Hold-person allows a new save every round.))
[21:23] <Ruumis> ((True))
[21:23] <Zyborg22> ((Does the syrup actually do anything?))
[21:24] *** Direlda_WatchingClouds has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 121 seconds
[21:24] <Zyborg22> ((Plus, I'm still a rogue :P ))
[21:24] <DracoGM> ((But yes, it was the sort of split second decision that would give a being nightmares... at least a being that sleeps...))
[21:24] <DracoGM> ((The syrup is just blood analog.))
[21:26] <DracoGM> Ruumis, make a semi-retroactive intimidate check...
[21:26] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:26] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[21:26] <DracoGM> Never mind...
[21:26] <DracoGM> End initiative.
[21:26] <Ruumis> ((ok then))
[21:26] <Remus> What happened, Zy?
[21:26] <Zyborg22> Sorry, guy. I know you were trying to protect stuff, but that's not the way to do it.
[21:27] <Spheniscine> Hm?
[21:27] <Zyborg22> Bock led me here, and this guy came out when I knocked on that closet door.
[21:28] <Ruumis> "Huh? Oh right."
[21:28] <Zyborg22> Think nothing of it my eye...wait, did you mean the killing?
[21:28] * Ruumis goes over to Bock and removes the crossbow bolt from his leg.
[21:29] * Remus picks up one of the <candy cane> weapons and examines it
[21:29] * Ruumis then bandages up the wound.
[21:29] * Spheniscine hugs Zyborg
[21:30] * Zyborg22 hugs back.
[21:30] * Spheniscine licks some of the cherry syrup off
[21:30] <Ruumis> ((heh))
[21:30] * Remus flicks Sphen's nose, "Stop that"
[21:30] * Spheniscine merps
[21:30] <Zyborg22> I say we take his stuff :P .
[21:31] <Zyborg22> At least the swords, so we can ask why they would be so important.
[21:31] <Remus> I agree with that, heheh.
[21:31] * Spheniscine nods
[21:32] *** Direlda has joined #DracoD&D
[21:32] <Zyborg22> Not his underpants, though.
[21:32] <Direlda> ((back))
[21:32] * Ruumis goes inside and looks around. He seems to not be paying attention to the conversation.
[21:33] <DracoGM> The weapon is red and white striped (in a way I could describe mathmatically if you really wanted me to, but basically the read stripes go all the way to the center of the original cylinder that gets bent around). The length from base to the half-way point of the semi-circle is slightly less than for a long-sword. The shape is as if you took a sword and bent the tip around, without altering the cross-section, and with the path of the bend occuring in the same plane as both the edges lie in.
[21:35] <DracoGM> ((Is that clear? If not, people could try a Google image search on "hook sword"))
[21:35] * Ruumis sets the gingerbread person in a sitting position on one of the chairs.
[21:35] <Ruumis> ((right.))
[21:36] <Spheniscine> ((Ooh, so it's a sharpened candy cane))
[21:37] <DracoGM> (Remus: I am trying to decide if that counts as an alignment infraction (which isn't a problem mechanically), or good roleplay for an anthro and/or a professionally insane individual.)
[21:37] <DracoGM> ((Spheniscine: Broadly, yes.))
[21:37] <Remus> ((The nos flick? :P))
[21:37] <Remus> ((Nose*))
[21:37] <DracoGM> ((No, sorry... I should have said "Spheniscine" both times.))
[21:38] <Zyborg22> ((Maybe the blood eating))
[21:38] <DracoGM> ((Yes, the blood eating.))
[21:38] <Spheniscine> (o.o oops?)
[21:38] <Ruumis> ((it /is/ syrup.))
[21:38] <Ruumis> (((It just happens to have come from a person))
[21:39] <Remus> ((I'd call that good RP for an anthro))
[21:39] <Remus> ((Hence why i flicked his nose >.> ))
[21:39] * DracoGM sits back and lets the RP go, ready to do whatever he needs to, but not having any NPCs to run who are likely to show any initiative any time soon.))
[21:40] * Ruumis gets to work removing the armor and inspecting how a gingerbread person works on the inside.
[21:40] <Remus> Anybody have some cloth i can wrap these things in so we can take them back?
[21:40] <DracoGM> Ruumis: So you are disecting him?
[21:41] <Spheniscine> (o.o This RP is getting creepier by the minute X3)
[21:41] <Ruumis> ((Just poking and prodding and moving, right now.))
[21:41] <DracoGM> ((Ruumis: Just checking....))
[21:42] <DracoGM> ((Spheniscine: Yes, but I can't take much responsibility for it...))
[21:42] <Spheniscine> (lol)
[21:42] * Ruumis sets the armor on a different chair from the person. "Do any of you happen to have a scalpel or such?"
[21:42] * Zyborg22 looks into the room that the terrorist came from.
[21:42] * Remus sets the weapons down and looks with Zy
[21:42] <Zyborg22> Does a dagger count?
[21:42] <Ruumis> "No no, /I/ have a dagger, not good for such precise work."
[21:43] <DracoGM> Zyborg sees a storage closet, with stuff stacked MOSTLY neatly up to the rafters, except for a space near the door, that is quite bare.
[21:43] <Zyborg22> I can try to find a keyhole on him :P .
[21:43] <DracoGM> Direlda: What are you doing?
[21:44] <Zyborg22> ((Anything of note, or just random living stuff?))
[21:44] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:44] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[21:45] <DracoGM> Zyborg scans his eyes over the objects in front of him with amazing precision, his mechanical mind missing no detail.
[21:45] * Direlda moves to the door and stands guard
[21:46] <Zyborg22> ((I get a +10 to Search, if that's what that was.))
[21:47] <DracoGM> Zyborg: You note no traps, but role disable device anyway.
[21:47] <DracoGM> *roll
[21:47] <Remus> ((You got a 20 anyways, didn't you? :P))
[21:47] <Ruumis> ((Skill, not a critical success))
[21:47] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[21:47] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[21:47] <Zyborg22> 18
[21:49] <Zyborg22> Hey guys. Do you notice anything weird about how these things are stacked?
[21:50] <Remus> ((Search check?))
[21:51] <Zyborg22> I guess I shouldn't make you wait. It looks like whoever stacked these started messing up as they got near the top.
[21:52] <Spheniscine> Hmm...
[21:52] <DracoGM> Direlda keeps an eye for both other people approaching, and on Bock.
[21:52] <Zyborg22> It makes me think whoever stacked this was short and/or lacked a stool.
[21:53] <Zyborg22> I don't see anything interesting in here, but you're free to look through it anyway.
[21:53] <Remus> hmm... Pez-ants...
[21:53] <DracoGM> You actually see a two step stepladder near the top front.
[21:53] * Ruumis pulls the folding bed down, takes the top bedsheet, and drapes that over the dead gingerbread person on his chair.
[21:54] <Remus> Maybe there's something behind this all?
[21:54] <DracoGM> The stuff is actually in boxes mostly.
[21:54] <DracoGM> Wooden chests.
[21:54] <DracoGM> No locks.
[21:54] <Remus> Somebody help me get some of these down
[21:54] * Ruumis goes back outside and looks around to see where Bock got off to.
[21:55] <Direlda> he's right here
[21:55] <DracoGM> Bock is still laying right where you bandaged his cross-bow bolt injury.
[21:55] <Zyborg22> ((Do I need any special checks to help Remus?))
[21:56] <DracoGM> Nope.
[21:56] <Zyborg22> ((I'll do that for a bit while I step away from the keyboard.))
[21:56] <Spheniscine> ((I'll help too))
[21:56] <DracoGM> Remus, with some help from Zyborg moves the stuff out, eventually clearing the closet completely out, down to the floor.
[21:57] <Remus> ((spot check...))
[21:57] <DracoGM> You find a large-ish number of chairs, and a table whose legs pull out of sockets.
[21:57] <Remus> ((Or that))
[21:57] <DracoGM> Crates and miscellanious goods now dot the interior of the cottage.
[21:57] <Ruumis> "Wonderful! You're still here! You know, most people try to run after I shoot them, it's the strangest thing." *carries Bock inside, past the puddle of syrup, and to a handy chair.*
[21:58] <Ruumis> ((or crate, or whatever))
[21:58] <DracoGM> You find one of the several chairs that are suitable for him and place him on it.
[21:59] <Spheniscine> ((Ruumis is weird X3))
[21:59] <Remus> Hmm....
[21:59] <Ruumis> "Are you redecorating?"
[21:59] * Remus moves the chairs and table out, looking at the floor
[22:00] <Ruumis> ((The main room floor? Which is covered in crates now?))
[22:00] <Remus> ((no, of the closet))
[22:00] <Ruumis> ((Oh. You already cleared that out))
[22:01] <DracoGM> ((Normal roll, taking 10, taking 20, or what?))
[22:01] * DracoGM readies his physical die.
[22:01] <Remus> ((Spot check?))
[22:04] <DracoGM> ((Search))
[22:05] <Remus> ((22 = 18 +4))
[22:05] <DracoGM> ((In future you should let me roll those, so you don't know what you got.))
[22:06] <Remus> ((Oh... woops ^^;))
[22:06] <DracoGM> Remus discovers nothing of any particular interest in the closet.
[22:06] <Remus> Well there goes that idea...
[22:07] * Remus looks for an interesting box
[22:08] <DracoGM> The boxes seem all about equally (un)interesting (going to pick one at random?).
[22:09] * Remus picks one out and start to open it
[22:09] <Ruumis> ((Is Bock awake?))
[22:09] <Remus> (Yeah, guess so :P )
[22:09] <DracoGM> Bock is semi-alert. The pain of his injuries is severely affecting him.
[22:10] <DracoGM> you undo the latch and start to sift through the contents.
[22:12] * Ruumis eyes Bock, gets out a wand, and uses it to cast Cure Light Wounds on Bock.
[22:12] <Ruumis> dice 1d8
[22:12] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[22:12] <Ruumis> ((That's 8 points of healing.))
[22:13] <DracoGM> You find food, two hard-candy tubes that slide (one inside the other, but with flanges that keep them from coming out one way, but not the other), a small painting of a ginger-bread lady, several place-settings worth of dishes and flat-ware.
[22:13] <DracoGM> Bock is now back at full health.
[22:13] <Remus> Somebody watch Bock, i say.
[22:13] * Ruumis is sitting opposite Bock
[22:13] <Remus> Hmm... we could sell some of this, probably...
[22:13] <Remus> Wait a sec...
[22:14] <Remus> Wasn't one of those guys we questioned selling chairs and a table? or something like that?
[22:14] <Zyborg22> Yeah. Foon, I think.
[22:14] <Ruumis> "Now that you're awake, would you please tell me why you attempted to have one of my employers killed?"
[22:15] <DracoGM> "Please sir, I didn't know anything about this!"
[22:16] <Zyborg22> Try showing him the dead guy.
[22:16] <Ruumis> ((he's around five-ten feet away.))
[22:16] <Ruumis> ((from the bodY))
[22:16] <Remus> ((What are the two tubes?))
[22:16] <DracoGM> ((about that, yes))
[22:17] <DracoGM> ((Remus: What sort of Craft/Appraise/other relevant skills do you have to figure that out?))
[22:17] <Ruumis> "Didn't you know the dead guy over there?" *nods in the corpse's direction*
[22:17] <Zyborg22> I mean like telling him that we killed him.
[22:18] <Remus> ((Knowledge, planes. Knowledge, Arcana. craft (Scribe/illuminator)))
[22:18] <DracoGM> "Yes. But he just said he had some information!"
[22:19] <DracoGM> ((Remus: None of those are relevant... DC 20 untrained Intellegence check.))
[22:20] <Ruumis> "And how did 'information' get our friend stuck in a room with them trying to kill him?"
[22:20] <DracoGM> "I don't know! The door slammed shut, I heard shouting, and was trying to get it open!"
[22:20] <Zyborg22> ((I try looking in another of the boxes))
[22:20] <Remus> ((Only 17, total))
[22:21] * Ruumis eyes Bock.
[22:21] <Spheniscine> ((I think it was mentioned he was bolting the doors in the logs? Did anyone notice that?))
[22:21] <DracoGM> Remus doesn't know what the object is, only that the fit is pretty tight, even without the cotton-candy O-rings.
[22:22] <Ruumis> ((Yeah, but I don't know who saw that, Sphen.))
[22:22] <DracoGM> ((Someone did notice that, but I forget who it was.))
[22:22] <Remus> ((I noticed it, i'm pretty sure))
[22:23] <Ruumis> ((But, Ruumis didn't))
[22:23] <Ruumis> ((He just doesn't mind shooting people for no apparent reason))
[22:23] <Remus> You were slamming those blocks in, not trying to get them out
[22:23] * Remus glares at Bock
[22:24] <Zyborg22> What I said to you can't be that bad.
[22:25] <DracoGM> ((Remus saw him hammering one of the wedges. Haven't figured out who else saw what.))
[22:26] <DracoGM> ((Direlda saw him drop the hammer when he surrendered.))
[22:27] <DracoGM> ((Other than that, I am not sure anyone saw anything.))
[22:27] *** DracoGM is now known as Bock
[22:27] <Ruumis> "He was?"
[22:27] * Bock cowers.
[22:28] <Remus> Yes, he was. When i peeked out, he was hammering one of those blocks into the door
[22:28] <Bock> I... Take me to the Sheriff, and I will tell you the whole thing.
[22:29] <Remus> No, you tell use here and now
[22:29] * Remus stands up and walks up to Bock
[22:29] * Remus snarls a bit, "You will tell us now..."
[22:29] <Bock> Wwwhy should I trust you?
[22:30] <Bock> ((Initimated Check...))
[22:30] <Bock> ((Untrained that is just a Charisma check))
[22:30] <Zyborg22> Do you have to tell the sheriff yourself, or do you just want him to hear it?
[22:31] <Remus> ((14))
[22:32] <Bock> ((For anyone who is curious after the session, and for purposes of spoils, the GBT's sheet can be found here: http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=33492))
[22:32] <Bock> I j-j-just want him to be there.
[22:34] <Bock> To Zyborg: Please, I didn't KNOW! Don't let these sc... don't let them kill me!
[22:35] <Zyborg22> ((Woah...our enemy was a girl. Didn't expect that, to tell the truth.))
[22:35] * Remus presses one of his claws to Bock's neck, "I think you'll be fine telling us now..."
[22:35] <Ruumis> "Who? Us, or a different 'them'?"
[22:35] <Remus> ((Agreed, zy XD))
[22:35] <Remus> he started to say scumbags or something, probably us
[22:36] <Bock> dice 1d20
[22:36] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
[22:36] <Zyborg22> So...assuming someone guarded him, is there a reason we can't bring the sheriff here?
[22:36] <Ruumis> "I could go get the Sheriff, and Chestnut. Don't want her ruining someone's lawn."
[22:37] <Bock> You!
[22:37] <Remus> How long would that take?
[22:37] <Ruumis> "Why would I kill you? I already patched you up once. Would be a waste."
[22:37] <Bock> Yes, please get the sheriff!
[22:38] <Bock> I... I... well, you just want what I know, right?
[22:38] <Remus> Well, depends on what exactly you know
[22:38] <Ruumis> [to Remus]"Thirty minutes or so there; ten, maybe twenty back if Sheriff doesn't mind riding Chestnut."
[22:38] * Remus nods
[22:38] <Bock> ((15 if you hurry))
[22:38] <Bock> ((I mean to get there))
[22:40] * Ruumis gets up, waves friendlily to Bock, and heads out the door before starting to jog back to where the Sheriff was.
[22:40] * Remus snarls a bit and jerks his claw back, going over and opening up another box
[22:40] <Zyborg22> ((So, did I find anything in the one I opened?))
[22:41] <Remus> ((Anybody have any skills that might help them appraise the object i found?))
[22:41] <Bock> ((Remus, make a sense motive check, DC 10))
[22:41] <Remus> ((19))
[22:43] <Direlda> ((I have to be going soon...))
[22:45] <Zyborg22> Well, shoot. I should have asked Ruumis to ask the Sheriff to bring some repairing tools.
[22:45] <Bock> Zyborg finds a small ledger book with some of the pages in the middle stuck together, a set of fireplace impliments, several cheap candle-holders, 12 candles, a new looking shovel end with no handle, a pot of ink, 2 quill pens, 3 odd looking mint-rocks with carbon blacking on them (each weighing about 3 pounds), a tinder-box, and other assorted house-hold goods.
[22:46] * Remus holds up the tubes to Zyborg, "Any idea what this is?"
[22:46] <Zyborg22> roll 1d20
[22:46] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[22:46] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 14; Total: 14.
[22:46] <Zyborg22> (Only 17)
[22:46] <Bock> ((Remus: You think that Bock was going to tell you something, but when Ruumis went for the Sheriff, he thought that the issue was settled, so if you want to change your leaving him alone, that is fine, it took me a bit to look up the intimidate rules....))
[22:47] <Zyborg22> I say we keep it and show it around.
[22:47] * Zyborg22 starts reading the ledger.
[22:47] <Spheniscine> ((Hmm... is there anything I can do?))
[22:47] <Direlda> ((I'm leaving now... T.T ))
[22:47] * Remus glares at Bock and walks back up to him, pulling a chair up and having Saleth slink around the Pez-ants legs, "Okay.... tell me what you know, now."
[22:47] <Direlda> ((bye))
[22:48] <Bock> ((Bye Direlda))
[22:49] <Ruumis> ((bye))
[22:49] * Direlda says a blessing on his way out
[22:50] *** Direlda has quit IRC: Quit: May God bless you and may a star shine down upon your path.
[22:51] * Bock explains that Freddrick (the Ginger-Bread Terrorists actual name) had had him over some nights and discussed how nasty out-planar people are, and that he had seen the ends of the hook-swords in the closet on one or two occasions, but didn't make the connection (much blubbering and "I didn't KNOW!" type stuff.) when he was bringing Zyborg over after Freddrick told him that he knew something that would be helpful to Zyborg.
[22:52] <Zyborg22> ((So GBT isn't female?))
[22:52] <Ruumis> ((brb))
[22:52] <Bock> ((Sense Motive checks from everyone who is listening to him in preference to searching or keeping watch... Direlda is keeping watch.))
[22:52] <Bock> ((Nope GBT is male))
[22:52] <Zyborg22> ((The profile says otherwise.))
[22:52] <Remus> ((14 on the check))
[22:53] <Bock> ((I guess I changed my mind.))
[22:53] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[22:53] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[22:53] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[22:53] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
[22:53] <Spheniscine> 19.
[22:53] <Zyborg22> 22
[22:54] <Bock> Remus calls him on the fact that he DID know about the Hook-swords... and something about the way he describes the discussions about the evils of outsiders doesn't add up either, but can't quite put your finger on it.
[22:55] <Zyborg22> Who else was there?
[22:57] * Bock gives about 8 other names, plus one who only showed up occasionally.
[22:57] <Bock> ((Another set of Sense Motive checks))
[22:57] <Remus> ((21))
[22:57] <Ruumis> ((back))
[22:57] <Bock> ((Never mind... he got a 5, someone is going to beat that....))
[22:58] <Bock> Remus notes that one of the names was tacked on at the very end, and he looked a bit shifty when he said it.
[22:58] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[22:58] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[22:58] <Zyborg22> ((22 again.))
[22:59] <Bock> Zyborg also notes the same thing.
[23:02] <Bock> ((Ok, I need to get to start getting ready to go over to my parents' house, so we will say the Sheriff arrives and starts interviewing people individually.))
[23:02] <Bock> ((He has a few deputies with him.))
[23:02] <Bock> ----------------End Session------------------------
[23:02] <Bock> Any comments?
[23:02] <Zyborg22> I'm starting to wonder if Wagz has a crush on me :P .
[23:02] <Ruumis> I did not expect the coup de grace.
[23:03] * Ruumis shrugs
[23:03] *** Ruumis is now known as Hyperion
[23:03] <Remus> That was good
[23:03] * Remus grins
[23:04] <Spheniscine> :3
[23:04] <Bock> Remus: What was good?
[23:04] <Spheniscine> I had to curb the urge to threaten to eat Bock... X3
[23:04] * Hyperion wonders if Ruumis remembered to clean off the syrup from his hands on the way back
[23:04] <Bock> The coup de grace? The session in general?
[23:05] <Remus> The session in general
[23:05] <Zyborg22> I have to agree.
[23:05] <Remus> It's definitely getting better... *loves the dramatic and story stuff* ^^;
[23:06] <Hyperion> And Ruumis probably won't get to keep the corpse
[23:06] <Hyperion> <.<

2010-03-02, 05:52 PM
[20:03] <DracoGM> We will say... 200 GP, and go ahead and run your purchases by me... mundane and alchemical is probably fine, but this town is a bit limited on magic stuff.
[20:04] <Zyborg22> I think I'll save for that magic weapon for now.
[20:04] *** Hyperion[away] is now known as Hyperion
[20:05] * DracoGM nods to Zyborg. "Proably wise".
[20:05] <DracoGM> You also get to keep his weapons and armor.
[20:05] <Hyperion> hmm
[20:06] <DracoGM> Not any of his household goods though.
[20:07] <DracoGM> The armor is standard quality full-plate, which is actually only slightly more common than masterwork full-plate...
[20:07] <Zyborg22> I couldn't use either, though.
[20:07] <DracoGM> It is like... I dunno... It is like having a luxury car WITHOUT leather seats or something.
[20:07] <Hyperion> And Ruumis isn't the sort to use heavy armor.
[20:07] <Hyperion> Or he'd have plate armor already
[20:07] *** Spheniscine has joined #DracoD&D
[20:08] <DracoGM> Ah... sell for half-price then.
[20:08] <Spheniscine> Hi. :3
[20:08] <Zyborg22> Does the guy with the crazy fighting style have heavy armor proficiency?
[20:08] <DracoGM> The swords nobody can use, but you also can't seem to find a buyer for.
[20:08] <DracoGM> Spheniscine you mean? (Who just arrived! Yay!)
[20:08] <Zyborg22> Yes.
[20:08] <Hyperion> they're fancy longswords?
[20:09] <Hyperion> or...
[20:09] * Hyperion doesn't remember
[20:09] <DracoGM> Nope... Spheniscine has good reason to stay in light armor.
[20:09] <Hyperion> spells
[20:09] <Zyborg22> Hookswords are their own category of Exotic Weapons.
[20:09] <Hyperion> ah
[20:09] <Zyborg22> At least if Syrupus's sheet is any indication.
[20:10] <Hyperion> hmm
[20:10] <Hyperion> So 750 for selling the plate armor at half price
[20:10] * Hyperion has no idea how to distribute that
[20:10] <DracoGM> Hookswords... damage and crit as longswords, exotic, some nice special properties, but even if you have the Exotic Weapon Proficiency and TWF it still counts as to 1 handed weapons, so you get nasty to-hit penalities.
[20:10] <Zyborg22> Give it all to me :P .
[20:10] <Hyperion> mmm
[20:10] <DracoGM> And if you only weild 1 you might as well be weilding a longsword.
[20:10] <Hyperion> heh
[20:11] <DracoGM> Well... sorta...
[20:11] <DracoGM> The trick to them is that if you have the EWP you can link or unlink them as a swift action during your turn.
[20:12] <DracoGM> Linked they are a single weapon with reach like a spiked chain.
[20:12] <DracoGM> Unlinked you use TWF with them.
[20:13] <Hyperion> huh
[20:13] <DracoGM> So... they are cool enough that if Direlda were on the TWF path, rather than Archery, he might want them.
[20:13] <Zyborg22> About 4 or 5 guys in the party, right?
[20:13] <DracoGM> No good for tripping at 10' though...
[20:14] <DracoGM> Zyborg: You, Ruumis, Remus, Spheniscine, Direlda... so yeah, 5.
[20:14] <Zyborg22> Maybe an extra 150 to all of them.
[20:14] <DracoGM> Spheniscine: So the party got 200 GP each for rooting out the terrorists...
[20:15] <Spheniscine> ^^
[20:15] <Spheniscine> Shinies!
[20:15] <DracoGM> And I do believe it is 600 GP for the armor if sold at half-price.
[20:16] <Hyperion> 750
[20:16] <Hyperion> full plate costs 1500 normally
[20:16] <Zyborg22> Get Remus to intimidate the shopkeeper to pay the full 1500 :P .
[20:16] <Hyperion> 9.9
[20:17] <Hyperion> All shopkeepers everywhere are epic level ex-adventurers.
[20:17] <Hyperion> Wouldn't work.
[20:17] <Zyborg22> Oh, yeah.
[20:17] <Zyborg22> Reminds me of my dullahan blacksmith idea.
[20:18] <Zyborg22> Are we going back to town immediately after this? If so, I might go get repaired.
[20:19] * DracoGM is currently trying to get www.d20srd.org to come up.
[20:19] <DracoGM> Zyborg: You are all back in town.
[20:19] <Hyperion> so... Are we dividing the money from the armor equally to all, or some get more?
[20:19] <Spheniscine> Works for me...
[20:19] <Zyborg22> How much would it cost me to get repaired?
[20:19] <Hyperion> right. then everyone gets 150 for the armor selling
[20:19] <Hyperion> How injured are you?
[20:20] <DracoGM> 1,500 is right... huh...
[20:20] <Zyborg22> 10/20
[20:20] <Hyperion> role 3d8
[20:20] <Hyperion> blah
[20:20] <Hyperion> roll 3d8
[20:20] <Zyborg22> dice 3d8
[20:20] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2:2:8; Total: 12.
[20:20] <Hyperion> fine. :P
[20:20] <Hyperion> that just healed you... 7.5 damage
[20:20] <Hyperion> hp
[20:20] <Hyperion> whatever
[20:21] <DracoGM> So yeah... 200 gp reward, plus 150 from the sale of the armor (which takes a few days to happen).
[20:21] <Zyborg22> Thanks.
[20:21] <Hyperion> hmm
[20:22] <Hyperion> don't think you should spend money on repairs when we have a cleric, so... How much damage do you have now?
[20:22] <Zyborg22> I have 17.5 HP now.
[20:22] <DracoGM> so 2.5 hp to go.
[20:22] <Hyperion> dice 1d8+4
[20:22] <Zyborg22> dice 1d8
[20:22] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[20:23] <Hyperion> tah dah.
[20:23] <Zyborg22> Wagzbot doesn't like modifiers.
[20:23] <Hyperion> yeah
[20:27] <DracoGM> For anyone who missed it (and since "acting" as spot characters is a difficult, although perhaps beneficial, excercise for me), the Sheriff handles the continued interogation of Bock, and looks through the books in the house of the ginger-bread man with the hook-swords.
[20:29] <DracoGM> It is his conclusion that the guy you fought was the core of all of this.
[20:29] <Hyperion> Yay.
[20:29] *** Direlda has joined #DracoD&D
[20:29] <Direlda> ((sorry I'm late, was turning in a job application))
[20:29] <Hyperion> yay again
[20:30] <Hyperion> brb
[20:30] <DracoGM> In the days that follow there is one hostage stand-off as the Sheriff arrests the others who were involved.
[20:31] <DracoGM> Your evidence is entered into the record, and then you are free to go...
[20:31] <DracoGM> In fact, the Sheriff things it would be for the best if you got out of town until the trials are over.
[20:32] *** Hyperion is now known as Ruumis
[20:33] <Spheniscine> OK. Where shall we go?
[20:34] <Zyborg22> I say we get someone to put on a blindfold and point to a random place on that map.
[20:34] <DracoGM> The restaurant owner is willing to provide preserved meals for your sojourn, and even has an odd situation that bears looking into.
[20:35] <Zyborg22> Or you guys can go get something to eat if you want.
[20:35] <Ruumis> ((heh))
[20:35] <DracoGM> Since Pallas is part of the "It would be for the best if you weren't around for a bit" group, and the situation is of a natural bent...
[20:35] <Ruumis> ((This the same day or a different day?))
[20:35] <DracoGM> Err... it is the SHERIFF who knows about the odd situation...
[20:36] <Direlda> Well... I like odd situations
[20:36] <DracoGM> ((Different day... probably about a week later, what with shopping and giving testimony into the record, and specifically against Bock.))
[20:37] <Ruumis> "The situation is never as odd as they say it is."
[20:38] <Zyborg22> This coming from...you.
[20:39] <Ruumis> "What? No. That's one of Chestnut's sayings."
[20:39] <Ruumis> ((Chestnut being the skeleton horse. :D ))
[20:39] <Zyborg22> The horse isn't much less odd than you are.
[20:40] * Ruumis goes to talk to the sheriff if we aren't already there.
[20:40] <DracoGM> There have been two small farms wiped out lately. Both raised sheep.
[20:40] <Ruumis> "Candy sheep?"
[20:41] <Zyborg22> Cotton candy, I think.
[20:41] <Spheniscine> Chestnut speaks?
[20:41] * Spheniscine stares at Chestnut
[20:41] <DracoGM> The only witness was a Pez-Ant of about 14 who was the only one at home when the deaths occured.
[20:41] <Ruumis> ((It's a mindless skeleton horse, it does not talk))
[20:41] <DracoGM> She said it looked like wolves had done it...
[20:41] <Spheniscine> ((X3))
[20:41] <DracoGM> Which is plausible enough...
[20:42] <Direlda> I say we investigate
[20:42] <Spheniscine> ((Ruumis is just... not quite there eh? Well, neither is my character... X3))
[20:42] <DracoGM> Wolves get hungry enough, go for the sheep, Pez-Ants try to stop them, Pez-Ants lose and get eaten...
[20:43] <Ruumis> "I want to see some candy sheep and some candy wolves..."
[20:43] <Spheniscine> Mmm... candy wolves...
[20:43] <Zyborg22> I say we ask her questions.
[20:43] *** DracoGM is now known as Sheriff
[20:43] <Ruumis> "Right. Where's the farms?"
[20:44] <Sheriff> Well, I already asked her everything I could think of, so ask me, and if I don't know any particular thing, we can ask her together.
[20:44] <Sheriff> But I wasn't finished...
[20:44] <Ruumis> "Huh?"
[20:44] <Sheriff> Now there are two odd things about all this...
[20:45] <Ruumis> "Funny odd or creepy odd?"
[20:45] <Sheriff> Neither is the word I would chose ma'self.
[20:46] <Sheriff> _Suspicious_ odd...
[20:46] * Spheniscine nods
[20:47] <Sheriff> Of course, it could be nothing you understand.
[20:47] <Direlda> oh?
[20:47] <Sheriff> In any case, the first thing is that the attacks happened so close together...
[20:48] <Spheniscine> And the second thing?
[20:49] <Sheriff> It is only a few days journey from here, but by the time Friz buried her family, got here, and we sent someone out to warn the others in the area, another farm had already been wiped out.
[20:49] <Spheniscine> Eep.
[20:49] <Direlda> hmm...
[20:49] <Sheriff> The second is that the wolves in that area are actually pretty docile.
[20:50] <Spheniscine> Hmm sounds... suspiciously suspicious...
[20:50] <Zyborg22> What's the likelihood that Friz herself did it?
[20:51] <Sheriff> Any traveler knows better than to mess with them, but they are often seen, but rarely close up. Like they aren't afraid, but also don't consider Sapients to be on the menu.
[20:51] * Sheriff shudders.
[20:51] * Spheniscine magicks up a private eye costume and magnifying glass and begins examining the ground ((hope that doesn't cause any problems, it's just for RP))
[20:52] <Sheriff> ((You don't have "Paper Thin Disguise" so you can't do that... yet.))
[20:52] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[20:52] <Spheniscine> ((Ah.))
[20:54] <Spheniscine> ((I get to recharge my maneuvers, yes?))
[20:55] <Ruumis> "The sheep had the marks of animal attacks?"
[20:55] <Sheriff> Well, I really don't think that was the case... but assuming she really is ((spends many many words explaining the concept, since the word hasn't actually been invented yet, or at least isn't known here. But it comes down to "psychopath"), then having more evidence, rather than less would help me in dealing with her... I will get the same cleric that helped us before to case a detection spell on her though (Det. Evil and Det. Chaos).
[20:56] <Spheniscine> ((brb))
[20:57] <Zyborg22> Yeah...that would probably be a good idea. Did she actually see the attacks, or just the results?
[20:57] <Sheriff> ((Spheniscine: They recharge AUTOMATICALLY after 5 minutes of doing anything, and you can swap readied ones in 5 minutes of practice, and shifting stances is a Swift action.))
[20:57] <Sheriff> ((So, since it has been a WEEK, yes, you are set up however you want to be, and loaded for whatever comes your way.))
[20:59] <Sheriff> She saw something she thinks she saw wolves, at various times after she found her family dead, but only from far away. The bite marks looked like wolf to her, and she is shepardess enough to know.
[21:00] <Zyborg22> Perhaps they're worgs.
[21:00] <Sheriff> Of course, some of them there wasn't enough left of to see clear bite marks per se, but she knows what THAT looks like to...
[21:01] <Sheriff> Perhaps...
[21:01] <Zyborg22> Or maybe Barghests.
[21:02] <Sheriff> What is a Barghest?
[21:02] <Zyborg22> ((We do have Barghests here, don't we?))
[21:02] <Ruumis> "Huh? What? Barghests?"
[21:02] <Spheniscine> ((back))
[21:03] <Zyborg22> I think they're some sort of shapeshifting wolves.
[21:04] <Ruumis> "Oh, those things. They're cute."
[21:04] <Zyborg22> They could also be dire wolves or some shapeshifters. I guess this kind of conjecture won't help until we get more info, though.
[21:04] <Sheriff> ((You have heard of them, but don't know about if they appear on this plane, the Sheriff has never heard of them. Some research will turn up one very simple fact: Barghests kill to steal the soul of the victim... which requires that they eat the whole body, and their swallow their dead prey whole... these creatures left the cracked open exoskeletons of the family behind).
[21:04] <Sheriff> ))
[21:05] <Sheriff> *they swallow their dead prey whole
[21:05] <Ruumis> ((Hmm... Think Ruumis would know that.))
[21:05] <Ruumis> ((Not sure if he'd say anything though. :\ ))
[21:06] <Direlda> It's probably been too long to track them
[21:06] <Direlda> But I say we check out the farms anyways
[21:06] <Ruumis> "We can look around, and if we're lucky they'll attack us and we can solve the problem."
[21:07] <Zyborg22> Just make sure blood-licker over here doesn't eat any of the corpses.
[21:07] * Spheniscine merps
[21:07] <Spheniscine> Sorry?
[21:07] <Ruumis> "Blood is good for you."
[21:08] <Zyborg22> Meaple such as yourselves don't need more Pez-Ants hating you.
[21:09] <Spheniscine> ((Was kinda trying to clean you up, hoping that we'll avoid blowing cover, but to whom, I'm not so sure in retrospect... X3))
[21:09] <Zyborg22> ((You could have said that :P ))
[21:09] <Direlda> ((teehee))
[21:11] <Ruumis> "Anything else we should know?"
[21:11] <Sheriff> So... what is your next question, or are you ready to go make your preparations, on the assumption that tommorrow's testing of Friz doesn't turn up anything useful?
[21:11] <Sheriff> I can't think of anything...
[21:13] <Spheniscine> ((So Pallas will be an NPC tagging along?))
[21:14] <Sheriff> Pallas is going to be carrying Clem and traveling seperately... she can fly, and none of you can. Clem is the only one light enough for her to carry.
[21:15] <Sheriff> ((You will be meeting up on a regular basis...))
[21:15] <Spheniscine> ((Ah.))
[21:15] <Sheriff> ((As in, every few days...))
[21:16] <Sheriff> ((So... purchases, spell prep, initial maneuver selection... strategy planning... can I go semi-AFK to cook something?))
[21:17] <Sheriff> ((Or are you ready to proceed?))
[21:17] <Ruumis> ((Think so))
[21:17] <Sheriff> ((Which?))
[21:17] <Direlda> ((proceed, I think?))
[21:18] <Ruumis> ((Or whatever.))
[21:18] <Spheniscine> ((Strategy?))
[21:18] <Ruumis> ((We're going there, don't think we need to send just Zyborg again.))
[21:18] <Zyborg22> ((I don't mind proceeding))
[21:19] <Spheniscine> ((Me neither :3))
[21:20] <Direlda> ((I could scout ahead when we get closer))
[21:20] <Sheriff> ((Ok... now for something that may see a lot of re-use... marching order and camping proceedures?))
[21:20] <Spheniscine> ((What's that?))
[21:20] <Ruumis> ((For the traveling.))
[21:21] <Ruumis> ((Something may or may not happen, and he needs to know who's doing what and where))
[21:21] <Direlda> ((I can go first to scout...))
[21:21] <Sheriff> ((Is that a general rule, or just for this case? How far ahead?))
[21:22] <Ruumis> ((I call back of the party due to having the ability to defend myself if we're attacked from behind, but also able to help from there.))
[21:23] <Direlda> ((it can be a general rule... as for distance ahead... anyone have any ideas))
[21:23] <Zyborg22> ((I'll go second scout, since I'm fast and need to be up front to be effective))
[21:23] <Spheniscine> Hmm... perhaps at a distance where we can see you?
[21:27] <Sheriff> ((Zyborg: Why do you say you need to be out front to be effective?))
[21:27] <Zyborg22> ((Because I forgot about the arrows.))
[21:28] <Zyborg22> ((I still think my movement speed and trap sense is conductive to being a good scout, though))
[21:28] <Ruumis> ((We have two rogues.))
[21:28] <Ruumis> ((Woooh.))
[21:28] <Spheniscine> ((I think middle is good enough for me... X3))
[21:29] <Sheriff> ((Ruumis: Well, a rogue and a ranger... BTW, the wereskunk, Lyle, and Buzzy are... off exploring some place completely different.))
[21:30] <Direlda> ((I'm a ranger, so in the wild I'm probably a better scout))
[21:30] <Direlda> ((in cities, not so much))
[21:30] <Zyborg22> ((Which is why you're first :P ))
[21:31] <Sheriff> ((Doesn't make a difference for move silently, spot, listen, and hide... Knowledge(Nature) and Track are where the difference might come in.))
[21:34] <Direlda> ((so how far out ahead do you want me?))
[21:34] <Sheriff> ((When you get to camping, remember that Zyborg is going to be on watch all night if I remember correctly.))
[21:35] <Zyborg22> ((Yeah. Makes sense))
[21:37] <Spheniscine> ((He doesn't need to sleep, huh? :3))
[21:37] <Zyborg22> ((Nope))
[21:40] <Ruumis> ((Should/will we have a schedule for watches at camp then?))
[21:40] <Ruumis> ((I call first watch if we do. For no reason.))
[21:41] <Sheriff> (A watch schedule is one of the standard things to make, yes.))
[21:42] <Zyborg22> ((I take the night shift, obviously))
[21:44] <Ruumis> ((Right. Spheniscine? Direlda? ))
[21:46] <Ruumis> (( :\ ))
[21:46] <Direlda> ((I'll go after Zyborg, I suppose))
[21:47] <Spheniscine> ((Hmm... I'm okay with whatever... X3))
[21:50] <Ruumis> ((Ok then.))
[21:52] <Ruumis> ((Wooooooosh!))
[21:52] <Sheriff> ((Woosh?))
[21:52] <Ruumis> ((I d'know. Are we fast-traveling or something?))
[21:52] <Sheriff> ((Also, could I get each of those things clearly listed out in a single sentence?))
[21:52] <Sheriff> ((Assuming you are done?))
[21:53] <Ruumis> ((((Ok... Direlda is in front, scouting, Zyborg is scouting behind them, Spheniscine is in the middle, and Ruumis is in the back, when traveling.))
[21:54] <Spheniscine> ((Where's Remus?))
[21:54] <Sheriff> ((How far, in feet, between each?))
[21:54] <Ruumis> ((An excellent question, which he is not here to answer.))
[21:54] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[21:55] <Zyborg22> ((I say we put him in front and let him take all of the blows :P ))
[21:56] <Sheriff> ((He doesn't need to be here to answer that. If he has some input that causes the formation to be modified, then that can be changed later. As it is, you need to decide that without him. As the standard squishy wizard with ranged spells, I recommend the middle of the formation.))
[21:56] <Ruumis> ((Hmm. Remus is the wizard, so he get's to be in th middle of the main group. Five foot between us all. Don't know how far ahead the scouts are.))
[21:57] <Sheriff> ((5 feet = adjacent squares))
[21:57] <Ruumis> ((Yes.))
[21:58] <Direlda> ((how far ahead do you think a scout should be? 50 feet? 100 feet?))
[21:59] <Ruumis> ((Less than 100, so we can get there in one round))
[22:00] <Sheriff> ((80 feet is what Ruumis can run in a round if he is using Medium armor... I think.))
[22:00] <Ruumis> ((Althugh I'll be on a horse, but yeah, 80 ft running on foot))
[22:00] <Sheriff> ((30 base, reduced to 20 for medium armor, x4 for running))
[22:01] <Sheriff> ((Oh, right... Forgot the horse))
[22:01] <Sheriff> Oh!
[22:01] <Sheriff> Just remembered something...
[22:01] <Sheriff> Not quite sure...
[22:02] <Sheriff> But I did confirm a rumor...
[22:02] <Sheriff> Almost a superstition...
[22:02] <Sheriff> Sheep do fine up that way...
[22:02] <Sheriff> Goats... not so much.
[22:02] <Sheriff> Don't know if that has anything to do with anything...
[22:03] <Ruumis> ((El chupicabra!))
[22:03] <Direlda> Interesting
[22:04] <Ruumis> "Right."
[22:08] <Sheriff> Direlda (50 foot space) Zyborg (50 foot space) Spheniscine, Remus, Ruumis(on Chestnut)?
[22:09] <Ruumis> ((Hmm. Sounds right.))
[22:09] <Sheriff> If that is correct, then what about the watch order?
[22:09] *** Sheriff is now known as DracoGM
[22:11] <Ruumis> ((Not sure on the day watch, but night watch: Ruumis, Zyborg (For a long while), Direlda, Spheniscine, Remus.))
[22:11] <Zyborg22> ((And I may stick around during the others shifts if I have nothing else to do.))
[22:12] *** Zyborg22 is now known as Awayborg
[22:12] <Ruumis> (( You have to go?))
[22:13] <Direlda> ((I have to go soon))
[22:16] *** Awayborg is now known as Zyborg22
[22:17] <DracoGM> Eh....
[22:17] <DracoGM> ((Want to call it now?))
[22:17] <DracoGM> ((And the assumption is that you are traveling during the day, not keeping watch.))
[22:18] <Zyborg22> ((I don't actually have to go. It doesn't matter to me if we call it now or not, though.))
[22:21] <DracoGM> Ok, any particular layout for the camp?
[22:22] <DracoGM> And, specific to this situation, will you be taking the beaten path and staying at the usual places, or traveling cross-country as much as possible?
[22:23] <Zyborg22> ((By usual places, you mean like towns and stuff?))
[22:24] <Ruumis> ((hmm. I vote we take the road and inns.))
[22:24] <Zyborg22> ((So do I, unless there's a reason to go cross-country))
[22:24] <DracoGM> ((Nah, just campsites that people have tended to use over time, and thus are time-tested, and already have fire-circles, and maybe a few other amenities... maybe the branches (if any) cut back and brush cleared to keep forest fires from starting...
[22:24] <DracoGM> ))
[22:25] <DracoGM> I am assuming you are staying at inns until you get to the relevant area...
[22:25] <Zyborg22> ((I still vote for the beaten path unless there's a good reason to go cross-country))
[22:25] <Spheniscine> ((I guess we'll stick to those, unless there's a reason to go off))
[22:25] <DracoGM> The area in question however, is very sparsely populated.
[22:25] <DracoGM> And I am wondering how you intend to travel once you get into the genera area.
[22:27] <Direlda> ((good question))
[22:29] <Zyborg22> ((Walk, I guess :P ))
[22:30] <DracoGM> ((Well, I suspect Ruumis is going to ride... but other than that... obviously...))
[22:30] <Direlda> ((anyways, I have to go now... ^^; ))
[22:30] <DracoGM> ((Bye...))
[22:31] <Spheniscine> ((Bye.))
[22:31] *** Direlda has left #DracoD&D
[22:32] <DracoGM> ((I am actually fading pretty bad, so I am going to end the formal part of the session here... I will still be around intermittantly to answer questions, but I want the route criterion and the standard camp geometry figured out by next session.))
[22:32] <DracoGM> ((The area is a mix of forests and planes.))
[22:34] <DracoGM> ((plains))
[22:38] <Spheniscine> Ah.
[22:38] <Ruumis> ((So, will the others be buying or renting horses or such?))
[22:39] <Spheniscine> (Hmm... do we need them?))
[22:39] <Zyborg22> ((I won't.))
[22:45] <Zyborg22> ((I can't speak for anyone else, though.))
[22:45] <Spheniscine> ((I don't know whether we need them, or how to tell... X3))
[22:49] <Zyborg22> ((So, how are we going to do the camp geometry?))
[22:54] <Ruumis> ((hmm.))
[22:55] <Spheniscine> ((Square? Circle? Triangle? Dodecahedron? Tesseract?))
[22:55] <Spheniscine> ((:p))
[22:55] <Zyborg22> ((I was thinking pentagon))
[22:56] <Zyborg22> ((Or a square, with a tent in each corner))
[22:59] * Ruumis will be keeping the skeleton horse next to his resting place, because the undead don't need sleep anyway.
[23:04] *** Ruumis is now known as Hyperion[away]
[23:08] <DracoGM> Fire circle in the middle?
[23:08] <DracoGM> And who is next to who?
[23:09] <Hyperion[away]> hmm
[23:10] <Zyborg22> ((I imagine there'd be a fire circle))
[23:11] <Spheniscine> ((Wow, this is so complicated... X3))
[23:12] <Hyperion[away]> ((Ok, with an arbitrary "Up" for directional reference... Ruumis calls upper right corner for himself))
[23:12] <DracoGM> ((Only the first few times you do it... (for different campaigns, or in unusual circumstances/when the party roster changes.
[23:14] <Zyborg22> ((I'm not sure I need a tent, but I could inhabit the tent of whoever's on guard duty))
[23:14] <DracoGM> ((You don't need a tent...))
[23:15] <Zyborg22> ((I didn't think so. The tent inhabiting would be if I need somewhere quiet to do something.))
[23:16] <DracoGM> ((Unlikely to come up very often.))
[23:17] *** DracoGM is now known as DracoSemiAway
[23:25] <Zyborg22> ((Ok. Maybe you should assign everyone else random spots :P ?))
[23:44] <Spheniscine> ((I won't mind...))
[23:44] <Spheniscine> ((Just stick me anywhere X3))
[23:50] <Spheniscine> Gotta go. Bye. :3

2010-03-12, 08:36 PM
Direlda's first favored enemy is Humanoid(Goblinoid).

[20:13] <DracoGM> ----------Session Start------------
[20:14] <Ruumis> ((Oh, and Chestnut has standing orders to obey the others in the group))
[20:15] <DracoGM> ((Don't know if that works for Mindless, but whichever... Chestnut is not any good on watch I don't think...))
[20:15] <Ruumis> ((No she isn't))
[20:16] <Ruumis> ((She has darkvision, but, is utterly stupid due to lacking a brain.))
[20:16] <Ruumis> ((I'm just going by how golems work. <.< ))
[20:17] <DracoGM> ((So, Robin is going to be a traveller you met halfway to the distance from where you were to the last farm-house on the actual cart-worthy road. Other than that... just describe your proceedures))
[20:17] <Zyborg22> ((He's not the same guy he was before?))
[20:17] <DracoGM> ((I am not going to torment y'all further by asking for a marching order, but you can set one up if you like.))
[20:18] <Ruumis> ((Thought we already figured that out?))
[20:18] <Remus> ((Where are we, right now?))
[20:18] <Ruumis> ((And the new wizard can just go with the other one))
[20:19] <DracoGM> ((I thought he never actually played, there-for you just met... he is using the same sheet as before, with one tweak, but is now a native of the plane so is made of of white chocolate.))
[20:19] <Ruumis> (( A half silver-chocolate-dragon. ))
[20:19] <DracoGM> ((You... have just met Robin and are explaining the situation and reviewing your approach to the situation.))
[20:20] <DracoGM> ((GO!!!))
[20:20] <Ruumis> "So, we don't know what it is, do we?"
[20:20] <DracoGM> ((BTW, do the explaination IC, because Robin probably has no idea of the situation OOC.))
[20:21] <Zyborg22> Oh, new guy!
[20:21] <Spheniscine> ((How did we meet him?))
[20:21] <Spheniscine> ((Oh... sorry, half asleep...))
[20:21] <Spheniscine> ((X3))
[20:21] <Ruumis> "I mean, going to a farm to figure out what's killing the sheep is fine, and gives plenty of opportunity to look at dead sheep, but we might run into a pack of dire wolves."
[20:22] <Ruumis> "Chestnut does not like dire wolves."
[20:22] <Remus> ((I am totally lost.... oh, missed a session... link, Draco?))
[20:22] <Spheniscine> "Awr, it'd just be like my family reunion..."
[20:23] <Spheniscine> ((:p))
[20:23] <Direlda> "That would be dire indeed"
[20:23] <DracoGM> ((Log: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7392298 ))
[20:25] <RobinFiredrake> "Chestnut is dead. Why would she need to worry about wolves?"
[20:25] <Ruumis> "Besides not getting eaten, what should we do?"
[20:25] <Zyborg22> They'd pick her bones. Wolves apparently like bones.
[20:25] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[20:25] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[20:25] <Ruumis> "I beg your pardon. Chestnut is NOT 'dead'. She is very much alive, just isn't as alive as you."
[20:26] * Ruumis nods
[20:26] <Zyborg22> We should look at stuff.
[20:26] <RobinFiredrake> "Whatever works for you. Not my horse. Must be a pain to ride..."
[20:27] <Ruumis> "Would a dead horse be wearing a beret? I think not."
[20:27] <Direlda> I don't actually think the wolves would care for her bones
[20:27] * Ruumis starts rambling about how great a horse Chestnut is.
[20:28] * Remus offers Ruumis some taffy to shut him up
[20:28] <Zyborg22> Let's have Sphen over here test the bones and see if they're likable.
[20:28] * Ruumis accepts the taffy and gives some to Chestnut as well.
[20:28] <Direlda> "If we ran into wolves, Chestnut would probably be one of the last attacked"
[20:30] * RobinFiredrake twitches his frills. "Are we going to go, or sit here talking about whether or not wolves would like Chestnut?"
[20:30] <Zyborg22> Let's do both!
[20:30] <Ruumis> ((We've been walking, I thought.))
[20:30] * Spheniscine laughs at Zyborg's comment
[20:31] <Direlda> ((cue travel montage!))
[20:31] <DracoGM> ((You are about to make me cry...))
[20:32] <Spheniscine> ((?))
[20:32] <DracoGM> ((Well... maybe not... we will see...))
[20:32] <Ruumis> (( O: ))
[20:32] <DracoGM> ((You are travelling along... keep talking...))
[20:33] <Ruumis> "Anyway, this reminds me of a situation I got into a few years back."
[20:33] <Direlda> "In any case, I'm glad to be out of town. My legs were getting cramped"
[20:34] <Direlda> "What sort of situation was that?"
[20:36] <RobinFiredrake> "Something painful, I'll bet. Tell us about it."
[20:38] <Ruumis> "See, there was a marut, and he insisted that rather vampiric friend of mine had cheated a friend of his. We had to investigate and we discover that there was a salmon who had been rigging the decks for a friend. He led us all to his buddy and then there was the city guard, several crates of syrup, and a large amount of bees and we all had a good laugh at the end of the day."
[20:38] <Ruumis> "The golems were not amused."
[20:39] <Remus> ((Caught up now))
[20:39] <Ruumis> (( And no, that was complete nonsense and didn't happen in his backstory ever.))
[20:40] * RobinFiredrake twitches his frills yet again. "I don't suppose a word of that was anything resembling truth?"
[20:40] <Spheniscine> "I had a special term in my childhood for days like that. Tuesday."
[20:40] <Ruumis> "Why of course it was the truth. Why would I lie?"
[20:40] * Ruumis blinks.
[20:40] * Remus rolls his eyes and offers Ruumis more taffy, "I think we can deal without the extra dash of insanity for now"
[20:41] <Ruumis> "Oh, thank you." *accepts the taffy*
[20:41] * Spheniscine randomly licks Remus
[20:41] * RobinFiredrake stares at the taffy. "I sure hope that's no one I know..."
[20:42] * Remus shakes his head, "Nah... got this in the market"
[20:42] <Spheniscine> ((Not just the people are made of candy... plants are made of candy too...))
[20:42] * Remus twitches at the lick
[20:42] <Ruumis> "Don't lick kitsunes, you don't know where they've been."
[20:43] * Remus glares at Ruumis, "Not a Kitsune!"
[20:43] <Direlda> "Heh"
[20:43] <Zyborg22> Don't lick Remus. You don't know where he's been.
[20:43] <Ruumis> "Really? Huhm. Guess Chestnut was mistaken."
[20:43] <Zyborg22> Wait...actually, you probably do.
[20:43] <RobinFiredrake> "I've known a few kitsunes. Horrible tricksters, all of them."
[20:43] * Ruumis starts muttering in infernal at his undead horse.
[20:43] <Spheniscine> ((Isn't Direlda one?))
[20:44] <Ruumis> ((Does anyone else know infernal or can I continue muttering without people knowing what I'm saying?))
[20:44] <Direlda> ((teehee))
[20:44] * Remus chuckles and pets Saleth, who's riding on his shoulder
[20:45] <Remus> ((I do not know it... Just Ignan, Gnoll, and Celestial))
[20:46] <Direlda> ((common and elven for me and yes, you could say I'm a kitsune, since I have foxfire...))
[20:46] <Ruumis> ((ok then. Don't have to make up stuff for him to be asking Chestnut))
[20:47] <Direlda> "What's so wrong with the Kitsune?"
[20:47] * RobinFiredrake shudders. "Well, there's the illusions for one."
[20:47] <Remus> Just that i am not one :P
[20:48] * Remus raises an eyebrow at Robin, "Illusions? and here i thought you a Wizard"
[20:48] * Ruumis laughs at something Chestnut apparently said.
[20:49] <Direlda> "I didn't do so well in that subject..."
[20:49] <RobinFiredrake> "I am. But waking up and staring at faceless person would shock anyone."
[20:50] <Zyborg22> Except maybe another faceless person.
[20:50] <Remus> True... but would the faceless person be able to see?
[20:50] <Direlda> "That sounds more like the Tengu, or something worse..."
[20:51] <RobinFiredrake> "Tengu have a face, I do believe. But no outer body. Anyhow, it was an illusion."
[20:51] * Remus nearly trips over a rock and mutters, picking it up and examining
[20:51] <DracoGM> ((Is everyone having fun?))
[20:52] <Zyborg22> ((Yes))
[20:52] <Direlda> "It sounds more like the sort of trick they would play, that's all I'm saying"
[20:52] <RobinFiredrake> ((Yes))
[20:52] <Direlda> ((yes!))
[20:52] <Spheniscine> ((Meep :p))
[20:52] * Remus tries nibbling on the rock
[20:52] * RobinFiredrake winces at the sight of the fox. "Break your teeth, that way."
[20:53] <Ruumis> "Why are you eating that rock? You aren't a dwarf."
[20:53] * Remus twitches, "Pop rock...."
[20:53] <Remus> Giant pop rock... *crackling sounds can be heard*
[20:53] <DracoGM> ((Ok, just making sure we didn't have a misunderstanding... this is not at all the sort of discussion I was expecting... which is fine, but you are going to need an actual plan sooner or later...))
[20:53] <Ruumis> ((I don't know what we're facing, don't know what to plan for.))
[20:54] <DracoGM> ((But that could be "Step one: Look at farmstead that got massacred."))
[20:54] * Remus tosses the rock off the side of the road, "How much farther we go today?"
[20:54] <DracoGM> The wind picks up a little.
[20:54] <Spheniscine> ((Yeah, pretty much it Draco))
[20:55] <DracoGM> ((If everyone is fine with that then that works.))
[20:55] <Ruumis> ((Think so))
[20:55] * RobinFiredrake straightens up and stretches. "Aaaah, that's what I need. Good chill air."
[20:55] <Direlda> ((plan = impromptu ))
[20:56] <Remus> ((Fine here))
[20:56] <Spheniscine> Ah, nothing like the feeling of the wind blowing in your fur...
[20:56] <Zyborg22> Eh...it's alright.
[20:56] * Remus grins and nods to Spheniscine, "There isn't anything, i don't think"
[20:56] * Remus lifts his head up and sniffs deep
[20:56] <Direlda> "Ahh wind"
[20:57] * Ruumis looks around and up to check the weather.
[20:57] <RobinFiredrake> "So, how much further is this farm, anyway?"
[20:57] <DracoGM> The sky has only a few small clouds in it.
[20:58] <DracoGM> ((More than 2 days journey, I don't remember what I said before exactly... maybe someone else does.))
[20:58] <Ruumis> "How far? Few more days at least."
[20:58] <Direlda> "If you want, I can try and predict the weather"
[20:59] <RobinFiredrake> "Oooh, yes, if you would. Rain, hopefully."
[20:59] <Zyborg22> Why rain?
[20:59] <Remus> "Ack no, no rain.... *shudders*"
[20:59] <Remus> "I tell you, wet fur does not smell good"
[20:59] * Direlda looks at the sky for signs of the weather
[21:00] <Direlda> dice 1d20
[21:00] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[21:00] <RobinFiredrake> "Because rain smells nice. And it's cold."
[21:00] <Direlda> ((7+9=16 survival for predicting the weather))
[21:01] * Remus mumbles and pulls his cloak tighter around himself
[21:01] <Ruumis> "Should still find shelter for the night, no matter the weather. Don't know what it rains here, but it probably isn't pleasant. Unless it's blood, but that seems... Unlikely."
[21:01] <Direlda> "It looks like the weather will be windy, clear, and cool"
[21:01] <DracoGM> ((Corn Syrup usually...))
[21:02] <Ruumis> ((right.))
[21:02] <Zyborg22> The last thing I want is syrup in my joints. It's so restricting.
[21:02] <Remus> And it would just be a pain to get out of fur...
[21:03] <RobinFiredrake> "What you all need is scales."
[21:03] <Ruumis> "Well, keep going till a few hours till sunset then look for camp?"
[21:03] <Direlda> "Sounds good"
[21:03] <Spheniscine> Good idea.
[21:03] * Remus nods
[21:03] <DracoGM> ((Tell me when you are ready to fast-forward to the first interesting thing to happen...))
[21:04] <Ruumis> ((Woooosh!))
[21:04] <Remus> ((Woooooooooooosh!))
[21:04] <Ruumis> ((That's a yes.))
[21:04] <RobinFiredrake> (Bring out the tardis.)
[21:04] <Zyborg22> I'd say we just keep going until it looks like it'll rain, but I doubt any of you would like that.
[21:04] <DracoGM> ((I don't mind character interaction, just wanted to be clear on when to proceed.))
[21:05] <Remus> Ooh... yes...
[21:05] <Zyborg22> ((Now it' s a yes))
[21:05] <Ruumis> "Chestnut wouldn't mind. Don't think the others could."
[21:05] <Remus> If it starts to rain, we're finding a spot and i'm diving into my tent >.>
[21:05] <Direlda> "I could keep walking for a while - this is much better than sitting around in town"
[21:05] <Spheniscine> ((Yeah, sure, fast forward :3))
[21:06] <Remus> ((Onward!))
[21:06] <DracoGM> Ok... you stayed the night in a barn last night, and it is growing time to pitch the tents for the first time. Direlda is planning on picking out a nice spot for the night...
[21:06] <DracoGM> Everyone make me spot checks...
[21:06] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:06] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
[21:06] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[21:06] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[21:06] <Direlda> dice 1d20
[21:06] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[21:07] <Zyborg22> (15)
[21:07] <Direlda> ((11+11=22 spot))
[21:07] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[21:07] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[21:07] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[21:07] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
[21:07] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
[21:07] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[21:07] <Ruumis> (( 15 for me))
[21:07] <Spheniscine> ((15+3 = 18))
[21:07] <Remus> ((10 here >.<))
[21:08] <RobinFiredrake> ((Ack, what do I add to my roll? Sorry... >.=.<
[21:08] <Zyborg22> ((Your spot modifier))
[21:08] <Remus> ((Check your sheet, under skills, find "Spot"))
[21:09] <Remus> ((There's a modifier there))
[21:09] <DracoGM> ((Ok, never mind for anyone else...))
[21:09] <DracoGM> Several of you see a single wolf off in the distance.
[21:09] <RobinFiredrake> ((For every wisdom I have, I add one?))
[21:10] <Zyborg22> ((That, and any ranks in Spot or other modifiers you have))
[21:10] <Direlda> "There's a solitary wolf off in the distance"
[21:10] <Ruumis> ((Wisdom modifier))
[21:10] * Direlda points
[21:10] <Remus> ((just add one, Robin))
[21:10] <RobinFiredrake> ((Right, so twelve.))
[21:10] * Ruumis looks.
[21:10] * Remus earperks and looks off into the distance
[21:11] * Remus sniffs the air
[21:11] <Remus> ((Is it downwind or upwind?))
[21:11] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[21:12] <DracoGM> ((Crosswind))
[21:12] <Remus> ((Ah))
[21:12] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:12] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 17; Total: 17.
[21:13] <Spheniscine> brb
[21:13] * RobinFiredrake squints at it. "What kind, do you think?"
[21:13] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:13] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[21:14] <Remus> Hmm.. i can't tell, from here, wind's blowing the wrong direction for me to smell 'em, either
[21:14] <Zyborg22> Possibly the kind that attacked the sheep.
[21:14] <Direlda> Hmm...
[21:15] <Remus> hmm... be careful on night watch, i say...
[21:15] <Direlda> It looks to me like it just wants to watch us go by
[21:15] * Remus nods
[21:15] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:15] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 14; Total: 14.
[21:15] <RobinFiredrake> "We'll see, then."
[21:16] <Remus> Well, shall we make camp, then?
[21:16] * Ruumis waves at the wolf.
[21:16] * Direlda throws a paw up into the air, clenched into a fist (( :p ))
[21:17] <Remus> ((huh? what's with the fist? >.> )
[21:17] <DracoGM> ((Double checking: So you are going to keep going then?))
[21:17] <Direlda> ((it's a movie reference...))
[21:17] <Remus> (( oh :P ))
[21:18] <DracoGM> ((You still have some daylight left...))
[21:18] <Spheniscine> Back.
[21:18] <Remus> ((Well, we need to find a spot soon...))
[21:18] <Ruumis> ((True))
[21:18] <Direlda> "Do we want to check out the wolf or do we want to keep going, since it seems content to just watch us pass?"
[21:19] <RobinFiredrake> "I'd check it out, myself."
[21:19] * Ruumis shrugs
[21:20] <Zyborg22> Personally, I say we check it out. It could be related to the ones that killed those sheelp.
[21:20] * Spheniscine nods
[21:20] * Remus looks at the sky and nods, "I think we have time"
[21:21] <Direlda> "Ok. It looks to be at least 100 feet away"
[21:21] <DracoGM> ((Could be a lot more than that... I never decided...))
[21:22] <DracoGM> ((Not more than 300 though...))
[21:22] <Direlda> ((hence the "looks" ))
[21:22] <DracoGM> ((I was just making sure I was being clear...))
[21:22] <DracoGM> ((Go on... everyone say what they are doing...))
[21:23] * Ruumis looks at the others.
[21:23] * RobinFiredrake marches off after the wolf, trying to make out what he can from this distance.
[21:23] <Remus> ((And err... why does Robin only have 14 skill points alloted?))
[21:23] * Remus follows after Robin
[21:24] * Direlda hurries off after Robin
[21:24] <Direlda> (( for the inspiration of the fist: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wallyg/4200188353/ ))
[21:24] * Zyborg22 also goes after Robin.
[21:24] <DracoGM> ((Because I apparently never finished designing his character with him...))
[21:24] <Ruumis> ((Hmm?))
[21:24] <Remus> ((Yeah... well, just something to note ^^; ))
[21:24] <Direlda> (( http://wolfandfox.tumblr.com/post/303086544/youmightfindyourself-the-fantastic-mr-fox ))
[21:25] * Spheniscine follows as well
[21:25] <DracoGM> The wolf gets up and trots to a more concealed position, then turns around and lays down again.
[21:25] <DracoGM> ((Everyone keeping approaching?))
[21:25] <Ruumis> ((Apparently))
[21:25] <Zyborg22> ((Sure))
[21:25] <RobinFiredrake> ((I am, at least.))
[21:25] * Remus slows down and approaches , watching the wolf curiously
[21:26] <Ruumis> ((Is it a candy wolf, or does it seem to be a normal wolf?))
[21:26] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:26] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
[21:26] <Direlda> "Why don't you let one of us go more stealthily towards it"
[21:27] * Remus gives Zyborg22 his pack and shifts down into his fox form, moving toward the wolf
[21:27] <Ruumis> "Sneak up on a wolf?"
[21:27] <Remus> ((brb, grabbing food))
[21:27] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:27] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[21:27] <RobinFiredrake> "Their ears are too good for that, wouldn't you say? And they can smell you. Especially since you're not like everyone else here."
[21:28] <Zyborg22> Could you sniff me and tell me if I smell?
[21:28] <Ruumis> ((You're a warforged.))
[21:28] <Direlda> "But I can do this..."
[21:28] * Direlda turns into his fox form
[21:28] * Ruumis is bemusedly watching.
[21:28] <DracoGM> At this point the wolf gets up and SPRINTS away. You haven't just worried it, it is obviously terrified of you.
[21:29] <Zyborg22> ((Yeah, but I could have picked up smells along the way))
[21:29] <RobinFiredrake> "Augh, you scared it away! You all smell funny. Dunno what like, but not like anyone here."
[21:29] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:29] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[21:29] <Ruumis> "Man-and-sheep-eating wolves don't run from people... usually."
[21:30] * Direlda turns back into bipedal
[21:30] <Direlda> "I agree, this probably wasn't our culprit"
[21:30] * Remus winces and does the same, looking after the wolf and nodding
[21:31] <Spheniscine> ((Awr... X3))
[21:31] <RobinFiredrake> "Well... Do we set up camp now?"
[21:31] <Spheniscine> ((I wanna hug the wolf... D:))
[21:31] <Ruumis> "Somewhere besides where the wolf was."
[21:31] * Remus nods
[21:31] <Remus> Time to set up camp, i say
[21:31] <Zyborg22> Sure, why not?
[21:31] <Direlda> "Hmm..."
[21:32] * Remus drifts off into thought
[21:32] <Direlda> "There's something that has gotten the wolf worried recently"
[21:32] * Remus nods
[21:32] <Ruumis> "Bears?"
[21:32] <Ruumis> "Werewolf?"
[21:32] <Direlda> "None of us are really that terrifying under normal circumstances"
[21:32] <Remus> perhaps it's our culprit? something more canine?
[21:32] <RobinFiredrake> "Whatever ate the sheep?"
[21:33] <Direlda> "Yeah, probably whatever ate the sheep. It wouldn't have run that fast and so soon away from us normally"
[21:33] <Remus> I have to wonder... what was it that worried it so about us?
[21:34] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:34] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[21:34] <Ruumis> "Magic."
[21:34] <Remus> It makes me wonder if there's some "family" resemblance between us and the culprit
[21:34] <Zyborg22> Maybe it's actually one of you meople.
[21:34] <RobinFiredrake> "Maybe he smells the same."
[21:34] <DracoGM> ((If anyone has ranks in Handle Animal, roll it now...))
[21:35] <Direlda> ((nope))
[21:35] <Zyborg22> And he's a lycanthrope or something.
[21:35] <Spheniscine> ((Nope))
[21:35] <Remus> ((nothin' here))
[21:35] <Spheniscine> ((Hm, anyone else?))
[21:35] <Ruumis> ((I have no ranks))
[21:35] <DracoGM> ((Anyone who has confirmed they don't, just carry on...))
[21:35] <Zyborg22> ((Nope))
[21:37] <Direlda> "Well, I guess we keep moving down the road or set up camp"
[21:37] <Ruumis> "Well, my guess is magic. Animals don't like most magic, and you smell of it."
[21:37] <RobinFiredrake> ((It's on my sheet, but crossed out. Does that mean I don't have it, or have something bad on it, or what?))
[21:37] <Zyborg22> ((It means you can't use it))
[21:37] <Ruumis> ((It's a trained only skill))
[21:37] <Ruumis> ((Sort of))
[21:37] <RobinFiredrake> ((Right.))
[21:37] <RobinFiredrake> "Well, I'm a wizard. I'm supposed to smell of it."
[21:37] <Ruumis> ((Handle animal can technically be used, just not for training))
[21:38] <DracoGM> ((
[21:39] <DracoGM> ((Magic doesn't have a smell, except to some very exotic species that basically have a continuous *Detect Magic* effect wired into their noses.))
[21:39] <Ruumis> (( I know. I was being somewhat insane))
[21:39] * Remus pokes Ruumis, "Stop the insanity or you win a lifetime supply of extremely sticky taffy"
[21:40] <Ruumis> "Why would I want taffy?"
[21:40] <Ruumis> ((And Ruumis already said what he'd like us to do))
[21:42] <Remus> "You wouldn't. I would. It would keep you quiet" :P
[21:42] <Ruumis> "Still say we move a bit from where the wolf was before making camp."
[21:43] * Remus nods
[21:43] <RobinFiredrake> "Probably a good idea."
[21:43] <Direlda> "Sounds good"
[21:43] <Remus> Direlda, you noticed any good spots?
[21:43] <Direlda> "I'm working on it"
[21:43] <DracoGM> ((Please continue the conversation, when it is over you will be travelling on for a bit, and then making camp in the shelter(from the wind) of some trees, which has obviously been used as a camp-site before.
[21:43] <DracoGM> ))
[21:44] <Remus> Hmm...alright, i guess we better get moving again...
[21:44] * Spheniscine nods
[21:44] * Remus shivers at the wind and pulls his cloak back around himself
[21:44] <Direlda> ((see... I'll find one eventually :p ))
[21:44] <RobinFiredrake> "Aaaaand... March!"
[21:44] * Ruumis starts badly singing in infernal.
[21:44] * Remus groans and flattens his large ears down with his hands
[21:44] <Spheniscine> ((Yeah, let's move))
[21:44] <DracoGM> ((How loudly? :P ))
[21:45] * Spheniscine whines and covers his ears too
[21:45] * Zyborg22 tries to cover his ears, but fails due to not having ears.
[21:45] <Ruumis> ((Medium loudness. Not shouting, but just high enough to make talking hard.))
[21:45] <RobinFiredrake> "Can I have some of that taffy, Remus?"
[21:45] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:45] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[21:45] * Remus pulls out an old sock and stuffs it in Ruumis' mouth
[21:45] <Ruumis> "Mrpppplhhhm."
[21:45] <RobinFiredrake> "Or that. That'' work."
[21:46] * Ruumis continues singing, now muffled.
[21:47] <RobinFiredrake> "Gah... Remus, hand me some taffy, if you will.""
[21:47] * Remus sighs and offers Ruumis a large wad of toffee, "Please just stop singing..."
[21:47] * Ruumis removes the sock from his mouth. "Oh, if you wanted me to stop you should have asked."
[21:48] <Ruumis> "Thought you wanted to see how well I could sing with a sock in my mouth."
[21:48] <Spheniscine> X3
[21:48] * Remus glares at Ruumis and marches ahead of him, grumbling
[21:48] * Ruumis hands the sock back to Remus
[21:48] * Direlda chuckles quietly to himself
[21:48] <RobinFiredrake> "I think I know now how other people feel, when they say I'm insane."
[21:49] * Remus nods to robin, "Yeah..."
[21:49] * Remus gingerly takes the sock back
[21:49] <Zyborg22> I don't.
[21:49] <Zyborg22> Maybe.
[21:50] <Spheniscine> ((OK, time to move on?))
[21:51] <Remus> ((I say we should...))
[21:51] * RobinFiredrake notices a shiny reflective spot on Zyborg, and starts making faces into it, to see what he looks like after he's cast a fear spell
[21:51] <DracoGM> ((Whenever everyone is ready...
[21:51] <Ruumis> ((ok))
[21:51] <RobinFiredrake> ((Ready.))
[21:51] * Remus drifts off into thought as he walks
[21:51] <Spheniscine> ((Ready))
[21:51] <Ruumis> (( *noms a sandwich* ))
[21:51] <Zyborg22> ((Ready))
[21:51] <Direlda> ((ready))
[21:52] <Remus> ((REady))\
[21:54] <DracoGM> dice 4d2
[21:54] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2:2:1:2; Total: 7.
[21:54] <Remus> ((brb))
[21:56] <DracoGM> dice 10d20
[21:56] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4:16:19:20:8:16:19:11:10:4; Total: 127.
[21:57] <Direlda> ...
[21:57] <DracoGM> dice 10d20
[21:57] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1:8:4:1:4:9:12:14:19:15; Total: 87.
[21:57] <Remus> (back))
[21:58] <DracoGM> Spheniscine, make me a spot and a listen roll...
[21:58] <DracoGM> dice 2d20
[21:58] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8:10; Total: 18.
[21:58] <Spheniscine> Was that mine?
[21:59] <DracoGM> Nope, those were Zyborgs.
[21:59] <Spheniscine> OK...
[21:59] <Spheniscine> dice 2d20
[21:59] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1:3; Total: 4.
[21:59] <DracoGM> dice 2d20
[21:59] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20:19; Total: 39.
[21:59] <Zyborg22> Spot: 18; Listen: 20
[22:00] <Spheniscine> Spot: 4, Listen: 6 <.<
[22:00] * Spheniscine must be distracted
[22:00] <Direlda> ((teehee))
[22:00] * Spheniscine chases a candy butterfly
[22:02] <Ruumis> (( Suddenly! NINJAS))
[22:02] <Ruumis> (( :P ))
[22:03] <Direlda> ((everywhere))
[22:05] <DracoGM> dice 2d8
[22:05] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4:5; Total: 9.
[22:05] <Zyborg22> I think there are other living things here.
[22:05] * Remus sniffs the air
[22:05] * Ruumis is still asleep
[22:05] <Ruumis> (( :P ))
[22:06] <Remus> ((wait, are we in our spot, and in tents and such?))
[22:06] <Ruumis> ((Ruumis has no tent, but yes, I believe so.))
[22:07] <Direlda> ((are we walking or in our spot, Draco?))
[22:08] <DracoGM> ((Ruumis is sharing a tent then, but y'all figured out a watch rotation so nobody is ever sleeping outside a tent, except maybe Robin if he wants to...))
[22:08] <DracoGM> ((It is the third watch of the night))
[22:09] <DracoGM> ((Spheniscine and Zyborg are the only ones awake))
[22:09] * Remus turns over in his sleep
[22:09] * Direlda opens an eye "What was that?
[22:10] <DracoGM> ((Direlda... no waking up until specifically woken...))
[22:10] <Direlda> ((righto))
[22:10] <Direlda> ((so scratch that))
[22:10] * RobinFiredrake flicks his tail, snoring just a little
[22:11] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[22:12] <DracoGM> Spheniscine: What are you doing?
[22:13] <DracoGM> Zyborg: You doing anything else?
[22:13] <Zyborg22> I stay on alert, in case those things are violent.
[22:14] <Spheniscine> ((Present))
[22:14] <Spheniscine> I guess I'm watching? Unless I was chasing a butterfly due to bad rolls... X3
[22:15] <DracoGM> ((Nah, you didn't get double natural 1's so probably not...))
[22:15] <Spheniscine> lol
[22:16] <Spheniscine> Then I'm watching then
[22:18] <Remus> (*twiddles thumbs*
[22:18] * Direlda dreams of real meat
[22:18] <RobinFiredrake> ((So.... What now?))
[22:19] *** Zyborg22 is now known as Awayborg
[22:20] <Awayborg> ((Can I go wash my face?))
[22:20] <DracoGM> ((Yeah, might as well get that out of the way...))
[22:22] *** Spheniscine_ has joined #DracoD&D
[22:22] <Spheniscine_> D: What did I miss?
[22:22] *** Spheniscine has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
[22:22] <Remus> (Nothing :P ))
[22:22] *** Spheniscine_ is now known as Spheniscine
[22:22] *** Spheniscine has quit IRC (Changing hosts)
[22:22] *** Spheniscine has joined #DracoD&D
[22:24] *** Awayborg is now known as Zyborg22
[22:26] * Direlda is dreaming of a nice juicy steak
[22:26] <Spheniscine> Really Zy? *arouses from half-slumber*
[22:26] <Zyborg22> Yep. I think they're coming here.
[22:26] <Spheniscine> Should we wake up the others?
[22:28] <Zyborg22> Yes, probably a good ide.a
[22:28] * Spheniscine nods
[22:28] * Spheniscine goes into the tents and wakes the party
[22:29] * Remus rouses from sleep and steps out, "Something wrong?"
[22:29] * Spheniscine whispers "Zy heard wolves"
[22:29] * RobinFiredrake stumbles about, groggily. Though the idea of wolves makes him a little more alert.
[22:29] * Remus nods and grabs his quarterstaff, motioning for Saleth to stay in his carrier
[22:30] <DracoGM> ((HOLD ON!))
[22:30] <Remus> ((Eep? Okay))
[22:30] <DracoGM> Zyborg, what were you doing just after Spheniscine when to go wake up Remus?
[22:30] <DracoGM> *went to go...
[22:30] <Direlda> ((we haven't actually been woken have we...))
[22:32] <Zyborg22> ((I thought I was still looking at the wolves))
[22:32] <Zyborg22> ((Or at least where they're coming from))
[22:32] <DracoGM> ((That is fine... you keep an eye (a few hundred eyes???) on the wolves as they stealthily approach.))
[22:32] <DracoGM> ((They are coming from various directions...
[22:33] *** Spheniscine has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
[22:33] <DracoGM> Remus is out of his tent, everyone else is asleep...
[22:33] *** Spheniscine_ is now known as Spheniscine
[22:33] *** Spheniscine has quit IRC (Changing hosts)
[22:33] *** Spheniscine has joined #DracoD&D
[22:33] <DracoGM> Going to use cartiesian coordinates...
[22:33] <Ruumis> (( :\ ))
[22:33] <DracoGM> The fire is at 0,0
[22:33] <Zyborg22> ((Though I should also probably get out my bow))
[22:34] <Direlda> ((not Descartes!))
[22:34] <DracoGM> Robin is asleep at 1,1
[22:35] <DracoGM> Ruumis is asleep at -1,1
[22:35] <DracoGM> Chestnut is undead at -2,2
[22:35] <DracoGM> Direlda is asleep at 1,-1
[22:35] <Remus> ((lol))
[22:36] <DracoGM> Remus is standing at 0,-1
[22:36] <DracoGM> Spheniscine is standing at 0,-2
[22:36] <DracoGM> Zyborg is standing at 3,-4
[22:37] <Spheniscine> ((Hmm... OK.))
[22:37] <Remus> ((Mapped it :P ))
[22:38] <DracoGM> One of the wolves howls softly. Anyone who is awake who makes a DC20 listen check hears something else... anyone who is asleep who makes a... DC15 (without any further modifiers for being asleep) listen check wakes up.
[22:38] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[22:38] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[22:38] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[22:38] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[22:38] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
[22:38] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[22:38] <RobinFiredrake> ((D:))
[22:38] <Ruumis> ((11 fore me.))
[22:38] <Zyborg22> (23)
[22:38] <Direlda> dice 1d20
[22:38] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[22:39] <Remus> ((17+9 = 26))
[22:39] <DracoGM> I will roll for Spheniscine...
[22:39] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:39] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[22:40] <Remus> ((Sphen's not lucky with those checks tonight... :P ))
[22:40] <Spheniscine> lol
[22:41] <DracoGM> Ruumis and Robin are still asleep, Direlda wakes up.
[22:42] <RobinFiredrake> ((Must have plugged my ears and pulled the pillow over my head, or something...))
[22:42] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[22:42] * Direlda rubs his eyes "Wha?"
[22:42] <Zyborg22> ((Or you're snoring really loudly))
[22:43] * Remus whispers "Wolves" to Direlda
[22:43] <Zyborg22> Wait...something's off here.
[22:43] * Direlda whispers "I see. So much for my dream of steak..."
[22:44] <Ruumis> ((back))
[22:44] <Zyborg22> That one sounds a bit like someone's faking it.
[22:44] <DracoGM> Meanwhile the Wolves are charging towards the camp...
[22:44] * Remus nods to Zy
[22:44] <DracoGM> We are now in PRE_ROLLED INITIATIVE!
[22:44] <Ruumis> ((yay))
[22:44] <DracoGM> Zyborg!
[22:44] <WagzBot> Your friendly neighborhood robot spider.
[22:44] <DracoGM> ZYBORG!
[22:44] <WagzBot> Your friendly neighborhood robot spider.
[22:44] <Zyborg22> ((Yes?))
[22:44] <Ruumis> ((heh))
[22:45] <DracoGM> ((Your turn...))
[22:45] <Zyborg22> ((How close are the wolves now?))
[22:45] * Remus watches carefully
[22:46] <DracoGM> ((About 120 feet out just at this split-second... some variations, but I am not going to figure those out unless I have to...))
[22:46] * Zyborg22 readies the bow and aims it for when they get within 70 ft.
[22:46] <Ruumis> ((Fine, don't wake the others up. :P ))
[22:47] <RobinFiredrake> ((Humph. Leave the particularly edible wizard lying vulnerable.))
[22:47] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[22:47] * Zyborg22 then goes to whoever's sleeping closest, while still aiming.
[22:47] <Spheniscine> Er, isn't Zy some distance from the camp?
[22:47] <Spheniscine> Maybe Remus should do the waking...
[22:48] <Remus> ((Can i make a sound outside of my turn? >.> ))
[22:48] <Zyborg22> "Hey guys! Maybe you should get up and see this!"
[22:49] <DracoGM> ((Can't take any other actions other than Free ones in the same round as you ready an action... note that yelling your head off, and indeed most non-spellcasting speech, counts as a free action) ))
[22:49] <Zyborg22> ((Ok. I ready and yell, then))
[22:49] * Remus lets out a loud fox-howl to wake the others
[22:50] * Spheniscine howls too if it helps
[22:50] <Spheniscine> ((Wait... my own howl would sound like a wolf howl... X3))
[22:50] <Remus> ((Works all the same :P ))
[22:50] <Spheniscine> ((:p))
[22:51] <DracoGM> Ok, everyone is now waking up... which means that Ruumis and Remus will get their turns NEXT round... whereas Direlda gets a move or a standard action this round since he woke up to the howl, and Remus filled him in.
[22:51] <DracoGM> ((Also note that Ruumis isn't wearing his armor.))
[22:51] <Ruumis> ((Yeah))
[22:51] <Ruumis> ((Due to not having endurance))
[22:51] <Remus> ((Could i also ready my crossbow?))
[22:52] <Spheniscine> ((Yeah, I should probably ready mine too))
[22:52] <RobinFiredrake> ((So what do I do?)
[22:52] <DracoGM> ((Robin: Wait for your turn...))
[22:52] <Ruumis> ((You're waking/getting up.))
[22:53] <RobinFiredrake> ((Ah))
[22:53] <DracoGM> Zyborg: Make an attack roll vs AC 14.
[22:53] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[22:53] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[22:53] <Spheniscine> >.<
[22:53] <Zyborg22> ((At least I didn't shoot myself))
[22:53] <Spheniscine> lol
[22:54] <DracoGM> ((All crossbows are cocked and loaded, and Anyone standing up is holding them.))
[22:55] <DracoGM> Zyborg shoots at the wolf closing in from the South East.
[22:56] <DracoGM> dice 1d8
[22:56] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[22:56] <DracoGM> Another closes in from the west.
[22:57] <DracoGM> SPHENISCINE!
[22:57] <Spheniscine> ((Yes?))
[22:57] <Zyborg22> ((It's your turn))
[22:57] <Spheniscine> ((Any wolves in range?))
[22:58] <Zyborg22> ((What would happen if I shot an arrow through the fire?))
[22:58] <DracoGM> ((The one to the South East is at at about 8,-9 FWIW))
[22:59] <DracoGM> ((Plenty... those within a single range incriment might be fewer, but there is at least 1...))
[23:00] <Spheniscine> ((Well, I guess I'll shoot at one))
[23:00] <DracoGM> ((Not much would happen with shooting a normal arrow through a camp-fire.))
[23:00] <DracoGM> Roll it...
[23:00] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[23:00] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[23:00] <Spheniscine> What modifier do I use?
[23:01] <Ruumis> ((...))
[23:01] <DracoGM> ((Total Attack Bonus for the weapon you are using...))
[23:01] <Spheniscine> ((11 + 6 = 17))
[23:01] <DracoGM> ((hit, YOU roll your damage))
[23:01] <DracoGM> dice 1d8
[23:01] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[23:02] <Spheniscine> dice 1d8
[23:02] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[23:04] <Ruumis> ((And str modifier?))
[23:04] <DracoGM> ((I thought it was a crossbow?))
[23:04] <Spheniscine> ((Huh?))
[23:04] <Ruumis> (oh right.))
[23:04] <Spheniscine> Yeah, a crossbow.
[23:04] <Ruumis> ((Not thinking straight.))
[23:05] <Ruumis> ((Can you not use composite longbows or something?))
[23:05] <DracoGM> A rather larger wolf that the others that are now well visible charges Zyborg.
[23:05] <DracoGM> (Make that slightly larger)
[23:05] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[23:05] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[23:06] <DracoGM> It misses badly.
[23:06] <DracoGM> dice 1d8
[23:06] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[23:07] <DracoGM> Another Wolf move up to 8,-2
[23:07] <DracoGM> REMUS!
[23:08] <Remus> ((Would firing at the one close to Zyborg lose a bit because of having to be careful to avoid him?))
[23:08] <DracoGM> ((Unless you have the Precise Shot feat, yes.))
[23:08] <Ruumis> ((Not unless it's in melee, which it apparently is))
[23:09] <Ruumis> ((So -4 ))
[23:09] <Ruumis> (( If I remember correctly))
[23:09] <DracoGM> ((Yes))
[23:10] * Remus fires at the wolf at 8, -2
[23:10] <Remus> ((12+7 = 19))
[23:10] <DracoGM> ((Hit))
[23:11] <Remus> ((Critical too?))
[23:11] <DracoGM> dice 1d100
[23:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 82; Total: 82.
[23:11] <Remus> ((It says 19-20 are critical.. wait, that's naturals i think, right?))
[23:11] <DracoGM> ((Yeah, Naturals))
[23:11] <Remus> ((Die result is 1))
[23:12] <DracoGM> ((It wasn't even a critical threat))
[23:13] <DracoGM> DIRELDA!
[23:13] <Spheniscine> ((Remus, how do you know where the wolves are?))
[23:14] <Direlda> ((wolves I can see?))
[23:14] <Spheniscine> ((Oh, he just said it... X3))
[23:14] <Spheniscine> ((Bah, I should really read...))
[23:14] <Remus> ((Low-light vison, we have a fire :P ))
[23:14] <Remus> ((Oh, haha :P )
[23:14] <Remus> ((brb))
[23:14] <Spheniscine> ((Where's the one I hit?))
[23:15] <DracoGM> ((You have your bow in one hand, and, unfortunately, your quiver in the other... if you fire this turn, you aren't going be able to go anywhere without spending a full round action to pick up your quiver and put it on... (move to pickup, and then another move (or in this case standard) to put it on).))
[23:15] <DracoGM> Direlda takes a 5' step North to get out of his tent...
[23:16] <Direlda> ((there's that, heh))
[23:16] <Remus> ((XD just noticed that the topic says "This is a topic"))
[23:17] <DracoGM> You see wolves at 8,-2 and -9,0 and probably the one at 3,-5 that is attacking Zyborg.
[23:18] <Direlda> ((hmm...))
[23:19] <DracoGM> dice 3d8
[23:19] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6:1:4; Total: 11.
[23:21] <Direlda> ((so if I have my quiver in one hand, that would make it hard to shoot, since I would drop it and then have to bend down to get another arrow, so I think I'll put on my quiver))
[23:21] * Direlda puts on his quiver
[23:22] <Direlda> ((and that's basically my turn, right?))
[23:23] <Direlda> ((since I moved out of the tent as well...))
[23:23] <DracoGM> 3 more wolves move up... (5,5) , (0,3) , and (-4,4)
[23:23] <Remus> (6 wolves? eep)
[23:23] <DracoGM> ((7 actually))
[23:24] <Spheniscine> Yeah, I counted 7 too.
[23:24] <Remus> ((I still count 6... >.>;; )
[23:25] <DracoGM> Ruumis and Remus wake up, pick up weapons and ammo(including spell components) and 5' step to exit their tents. ((Speak now if you want to skip that last part))
[23:25] <Remus> ((uhh.... you mean Ruumis and Robin?))
[23:26] <DracoGM> ((... drat this convergence of R names...))
[23:26] <RobinFiredrake> Alright, good. So how much of the turn does that take up?
[23:26] <DracoGM> ((All of it...))
[23:26] <Spheniscine> Remus: There's another one at (8,-9)
[23:27] <Ruumis> ((Hmm. Can I do something else?))
[23:27] <Remus> ((oh!))
[23:27] <RobinFiredrake> ((Drat. Ah well.))
[23:28] <Ruumis> ((Well, I call Chestnut over to me))
[23:28] <DracoGM> ((Well, unless everyone is up for another round, I think we will call it a sesssion...))
[23:28] <Ruumis> ((I'm fine))
[23:28] <Spheniscine> ((Yeah, fine with me))
[23:28] <Remus> ((I must go, anyways :P))
[23:28] <Zyborg22> ((That's ok with me as well.))
[23:28] <Spheniscine> ((Bye Remus))
[23:28] <RobinFiredrake> Ack. Okay.
[23:29] <DracoGM> ((Chestnut is now at -2,0 ))
[23:29] <Direlda> ((I'm about done for tonight))
[23:30] <Spheniscine> ((Where do they step to?)
[23:31] <DracoGM> ((Robin is at 0,1 Ruumis is at -1,0))
[23:31] <Spheniscine> OK.
[23:32] <DracoGM> ((Spheniscine... was all you did on your initiative to attack?))
[23:32] <Spheniscine> I reckon so?
[23:33] <Remus> ((session end?))
[23:34] <Spheniscine> ((OK))
[23:34] <DracoGM> ((Go re-read the description for "Child of Shadow" which should be in the notes section of your character sheet... staying where you are means you are going to be in a better place to protect Remus, but there are also advantages to moving...))
[23:34] <Spheniscine> ((Hmm...))
[23:34] <DracoGM> ((Spheniscine stick around, everyone else can go if they like.))
[23:35] <DracoGM> --------------Session End---------
[23:35] <Direlda> that was fun ^^
[23:35] *** Ruumis is now known as Hyperion
[23:35] <Spheniscine> ((Child of Shadow is missing))
[23:35] <RobinFiredrake> I didn't do much of anything... Darn me and my death character! Oh well.
[23:35] <DracoGM> "Death character"?
[23:36] <Direlda> BUT YES
[23:36] <Spheniscine> I think he means deaf X3
[23:36] <Spheniscine> Draco: I don't see the Child of Shadow description anywhere
[23:37] <RobinFiredrake> *deaf
[23:37] <Direlda> aww... so you don't speak in all caps
[23:37] <Spheniscine> lol
[23:38] <Direlda> though Death of Rats would probably be more fitting here than Death
[23:38] <Spheniscine> Irregular Webcomic / Discworld reference right? X3
[23:38] <DracoGM> CHild of Shadow -> Move 10 feet in a round, you trail swirling shadows around you, granting you a 20% miss chance.
[23:38] <RobinFiredrake> True enoguh Direlda.
[23:38] <Direlda> Discworld ^^
[23:38] <RobinFiredrake> Discworld is awesome.
[23:38] <RobinFiredrake> Death is my favorite charactr.
[23:38] <RobinFiredrake> Both of 'em.
[23:38] * Remus has never touched the discworld books...
[23:38] <RobinFiredrake> You must read them, Rem.
[23:38] <RobinFiredrake> They are incredible.
[23:38] <Spheniscine> I haven't read them either.
[23:39] <Remus> I will once i finish the Riftwar :P
[23:39] <Spheniscine> Draco: For the enemy, right?
[23:39] * Remus slips out
[23:39] *** Remus has quit IRC (Quit: Now if you will excuse me, I have a giant ball of oil to throw out my window)
[23:39] <Spheniscine> Can I move to (2, -4)?
[23:40] <DracoGM> Yes, they have a 20% chance to miss you because of the shadows, but the shadows don't effect your attacks on them.
[23:40] <Spheniscine> Or (2, -3)
[23:40] <DracoGM> Yes.
[23:40] <DracoGM> You want to do that?
[23:40] <Spheniscine> I'll be helping Dir if I move to (2, -4) right?
[23:41] <Spheniscine> Oh, Zyborg.
[23:41] <Spheniscine> Not Dir. X3
[23:41] <Spheniscine> (2, -4) it is then.
[23:44] <Direlda> cheers
[23:45] <Direlda> I enjoyed the session tonight
[23:45] <Spheniscine> Bye Dir. :3
[23:45] * Spheniscine hugs

Initiative Order:
Zyborg (3,-4)
Wolf 4 (8,-9)
Wolf 5 (-1 hp) (-9,0)
Spheniscine (2,-4)
Larger Wolf (3,-5)
Wolf 3 (8,-2)
Remus (0,-1)
Direlda (1,0)
Wolf 2 (5,5)
Buzzy the Hummingbird (0,0... 20 feet up)
Wolf 1 (0,3)
Wolf 6 (-4,4)
Ruumis (-1,0) Chestnut at (-2,0)
Robin (0,1)

Campfire is at 0,0 (but doesn't take up the whole space)
Tents at 1,1 1,-1 -1,-1 -1,1

2010-03-19, 09:19 PM
[20:00] <DracoSemiAwake> **********Session Start**********
[20:00] <DracoSemiAwake> ZYBORG!
[20:00] <WagzBot> Your friendly neighborhood robot spider.
[20:01] <Zyborg22> ((So...what would happen if I were to shoot through the fire?))
[20:02] <Spheniscine> Hi Remus. :3
[20:05] <RobinFiredrake> ((Wow, this is going really quickly))
[20:05] <Ruumis> ((heh. This is normal speed))
[20:06] <Remus> ((XP))
[20:06] <Remus> ((Hey, Ruumis?))
[20:06] <Remus> ((Not all are here :P ))
[20:06] <Ruumis> ((True. Direlda isn't.))
[20:06] <Remus> ((And... he won't be))
[20:06] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Shooting through the fire wouldn
[20:06] <DracoSemiAwake> 't do much))
[20:07] <Spheniscine> Aren't you right next to a wolf?
[20:07] <Zyborg22> ((Is anyone else next to it?))
[20:07] <Ruumis> (( Parentheses, Sphen.))
[20:08] <Spheniscine> ((Sorry))
[20:08] <Spheniscine> ((Zy: I am))
[20:08] <Zyborg22> ((Well, I'll take out the rapier and attack it.))
[20:09] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Roll it))
[20:09] <Spheniscine> ((You're to its N, and I'm to its NW))
[20:09] <Zyborg22> ((So, no flanking?))
[20:10] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[20:10] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[20:10] <Spheniscine> ((Unless you can move?))
[20:10] <DracoSemiAwake> (He could attempt to tumble as part of drawing his rapier to get into flanking position....))
[20:11] <Zyborg22> ((15))
[20:11] <Spheniscine> ((Flanking means direct opposite sides, yes?
[20:12] <Ruumis> ((Yeah))
[20:13] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Zyborg is now to the wolf in question's south east))
[20:13] <Zyborg22> ((I meant that was my attack roll. I don't think I can tumble, though I guess I could walk there.))
[20:13] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Wait... that was you attack roll... roll for the tumble now...))
[20:14] <Zyborg22> ((No points in Tumble, remember?))
[20:15] <Spheniscine> ((I could've only move two squares right? Then I guess I couldn't have helped. X3))
[20:15] <Spheniscine> ((*moved))
[20:15] <Ruumis> ((...Whose turn is it?))
[20:16] <Zyborg22> ((Could I move anyway and soak the AoO?))
[20:16] <Spheniscine> ((I didn't know the flanking rules))
[20:16] <Ruumis> ((Right. Zyborg's turn))
[20:16] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Ok then, no Tumble, no flank, but you do hit, roll your damage))
[20:17] <Zyborg22> dice 1d6
[20:17] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[20:17] <Zyborg22> ((I'm totally moving next round))
[20:20] <DracoSemiAwake> ((You could 5 foot step to the south east if you liked...
[20:20] <DracoSemiAwake> ))
[20:20] <Zyborg22> ((Alright. I do that.))
[20:22] <DracoSemiAwake> One of the wolves moves into flanking position and attacks Zyborg.
[20:22] <DracoSemiAwake> dice 1d20
[20:22] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[20:22] <DracoSemiAwake> Miss.
[20:26] <DracoSemiAwake> ((That was 4. #5 double moves to Zyborg's southwest.))
[20:26] <DracoSemiAwake> SPHENISCINE!
[20:27] <Spheniscine> ((nods))
[20:28] <Spheniscine> ((If I move before attacking I get an AaO right?))
[20:28] <Spheniscine> ((I can 5 foot step after I attack?))
[20:28] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Not if it is just a 5 foot step...))
[20:28] <Spheniscine> ((nods))
[20:30] <Spheniscine> ((OK, I use Unlucky Raincloud))
[20:30] <Remus> ((Say it in character? :P))
[20:30] <Spheniscine> Bad dog! Time to rain on your parade!
[20:31] <Spheniscine> ((:p))
[20:33] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Roll it...))
[20:33] <DracoSemiAwake> dice 1d20
[20:33] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[20:34] <DracoSemiAwake> dice 3d6
[20:34] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3:3:1; Total: 7.
[20:35] <DracoSemiAwake> The wolf dodges aside avoiding the worst of the bolt of electricity)
[20:35] <DracoSemiAwake> ((3 points of damage))
[20:36] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Any other actions?))
[20:36] <DracoSemiAwake> (9So far you used Unlucky Raincloud.))
[20:37] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Oh, and WHICH one did you use it on?))
[20:38] <Spheniscine> ((Oh, forgot it was ranged...))
[20:38] <Spheniscine> ((I could use in on the one N of Remus))
[20:38] <Spheniscine> ((*it))
[20:38] <Spheniscine> ((And Robin))
[20:38] <Remus> ((Link to the log page?))
[20:39] <RobinFiredrake> ((Hum?))
[20:39] <Spheniscine> ((I have an Excel sheet that I used to map the coords that he gave... X3))
[20:39] <Spheniscine> ((I then step south so that Zyb can flank next turn.))
[20:40] <Spheniscine> ((Remus is on 0,-1, Campfire is on 0,0, Robin is at 0,1, Wolf at 0,3))
[20:41] <DracoSemiAwake> The slightly bigger one attacks Zyborg with the benefit of flanking.
[20:41] <DracoSemiAwake> dice 1d20
[20:41] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[20:41] <Spheniscine> ((Which one is the big wolf again?
[20:42] <DracoSemiAwake> ((The one at 4,-5 that Spheniscine and Zyborg have flanked.))
[20:42] <Spheniscine> ((Ah...))
[20:43] <DracoSemiAwake> Zyborg is hit for 8 points of damage.
[20:43] <Zyborg22> ((By the thundercloud? You jerk :P ))
[20:43] <Spheniscine> ((No, the wolf))
[20:43] <Zyborg22> ((To Sphen))
[20:43] <DracoSemiAwake> #3 Charges Zyborg for a flank attack with #5.
[20:44] <Spheniscine> ((I dunno what the numbers are...))
[20:44] <DracoSemiAwake> dice 1d20
[20:44] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[20:44] <DracoSemiAwake> Miss.
[20:44] <DracoSemiAwake> REMUS!
[20:44] <Zyborg22> What do these wolves have against me?
[20:45] <Ruumis> "You were not asleep and you shot them, metal man."
[20:45] <Zyborg22> Maybe that's it.
[20:45] <Zyborg22> But what do they have against me not sleeping?
[20:46] <Remus> I think they would have preferred us sleeping while they ate us?
[20:46] <Spheniscine> ((Grah... having trouble updating my map...))
[20:47] * Remus fires Scorching Ray at the Wolf to his north
[20:47] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Roll the attack(s) ))
[20:48] <Remus> ((On it, one sec))
[20:48] <Spheniscine> ((The wolves at 8,-2, and 8,-9 have moved right?))
[20:49] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Yep))
[20:49] <Spheniscine> ((Where to?))
[20:49] <Remus> ((Trying to understand the system here... ranged touch attack.. mean i add my bonuses as with a normal ranged attack?))
[20:50] <Ruumis> ((Yes))
[20:50] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Yep, their Armor class isn't going to be as high though, since you are going against their touch AC which leads a lot out))
[20:50] <Remus> ((14+6 = 20))
[20:51] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Hit))
[20:51] <Remus> ((2+6+2+3))
[20:51] <Remus> ((13))
[20:51] <DracoSemiAwake> ((If it is two rays, it is two seperate touch attacks))
[20:52] <Remus> ((hmm? pretty sure i can only make one at this level))
[20:52] <DracoSemiAwake> ((oh... 4d6 each I take it?))
[20:52] <Ruumis> ((Indeed. Only 1 ray))
[20:53] <Remus> ((Yep))
[20:53] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Give me a second...))
[20:55] <Spheniscine> ((Ah, forget the map... I really wish we could use a program for it...))
[20:55] <DracoSemiAwake> ((We could, if someone was willing to host map-tool and everyone agreed and could get it working...))
[20:56] <Remus> ((brb, dinner))
[20:56] <Spheniscine> ((How does that work?))
[20:56] <Spheniscine> ((And could we use another system, like OpenRPG?))
[20:56] <DracoSemiAwake> ((What is wrong with MapTool per se?))
[20:57] <Spheniscine> ((Nothing, unless you have trouble hosting it...))
[20:57] <Spheniscine> ((I've not used either program))
[20:57] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Ah... point... I guess I COULD try it...))
[20:57] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Anyway, on with the game...))
[20:58] <Remus> ((back))
[21:00] <DracoSemiAwake> Evweryone make DC20 spot checks... Robin gets +5, Spheniscine and Zyborg get -5.
[21:00] <Zyborg22> 1d20
[21:00] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[21:00] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[21:00] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
[21:00] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[21:00] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[21:00] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[21:00] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[21:00] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[21:00] <Zyborg22> ((18))
[21:00] <Ruumis> ((13))
[21:00] <Remus> ((27))
[21:01] <Spheniscine> ((13+3-5 = 11))
[21:02] * Remus growls slightly and yells out, "There's something not right about these wolves!"
[21:03] <Zyborg22> Like what?
[21:03] <Remus> That spell didn't do as much damage as it should have, i think these might be our culprits
[21:04] <Spheniscine> In disguise?
[21:04] <Spheniscine> Oh, or super-powered wolves.
[21:04] <RobinFiredrake> ((I'm not sure what my roll did for me...))
[21:05] <Ruumis> "Wolves that aren't wolves?"
[21:05] <Spheniscine> ((Somehow I'm still thinking about the terrorists... >.<))
[21:05] <Spheniscine> ((I'm slow... =/))
[21:06] <RobinFiredrake> ((I'm confused. Anyhow.))
[21:06] <Ruumis> ((I want to use what may or may not be OOC knowledge of monsters of the world. :\ ))
[21:08] <Ruumis> [in Infernal, somewhat shouted] "Excuse me, but do you not-wolves happen to speak infernal?"
[21:09] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[21:09] <Ruumis> ((And remember, you people don't understand Infernal))
[21:09] <Spheniscine> ((Infernal probably resembles Black Speech))
[21:10] <Ruumis> [still infernal] "Oh, we were trying to figure out what was attacking some farms. Was that you? You did a quite good job if it was."
[21:11] <Spheniscine> "You know, he creeps me out when he speaks in whatever language that is..."
[21:11] <Ruumis> ((better than Abysmal, the language of chaotic evil))
[21:11] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[21:11] <Remus> ((Well, Abysmal might be best choice... >.>))
[21:12] <Spheniscine> ((Yeah... lol))
[21:15] <Ruumis> ((hmm.... Waiting for a DM response))
[21:15] <Remus> ((Same... >.>))
[21:16] * Ruumis waves and shouts at the others. "Hold it! Stop fighting, parley!"
[21:17] <Spheniscine> "Hm?"
[21:17] <Zyborg22> Could you ask them why they're all going after me?
[21:17] <Remus> I'm not standing still to wait for my throat to be ripped out!
[21:18] <RobinFiredrake> Parley? With these things? What for? These kind of meetings always end in disaster...
[21:18] * Spheniscine quips, "Did you find my long-lost relatives?"
[21:18] <Ruumis> "The leader has agreed to talk, if you want to die faster, you can keep fighting."
[21:18] * Remus yells to Sphen, "No, they're still in the crazy house!"
[21:18] * Remus earperks and nods to Ruumis, "Hold!"
[21:18] <Ruumis> "Then I'll get to dissect you, so I'll have fun at least."
[21:19] * Spheniscine droops ears... "Oh..."
[21:19] * RobinFiredrake nods hesitantly and sits down
[21:19] <Remus> ((Pause/end initiative?))
[21:19] <DracoSemiAwake> ((That ends initiative, yes...))
[21:21] <Ruumis> [in infernal] "You don't happen to speak common, do you? These others have not learned this most excellent of languages."
[21:21] <DracoSemiAwake> The larger Wolf howls loudly, with a word that nobody but Ruumis understands.
[21:23] <Ruumis> "Excellent."
[21:23] <DracoSemiAwake> I speak common. [In common]. These do not so much.
[21:23] <DracoSemiAwake> ((All off that last comment was in common.))
[21:24] <RobinFiredrake> Well now, finally. Not that terrible shrieking and howling.
[21:24] <DracoSemiAwake> The Wolves stand tense and ready, but stop lunging at Zyborg.
[21:24] <Zyborg22> If that was about me shooting you, I'm sorry about that. I thought you were going to attack us.
[21:24] <Ruumis> ((Aaaand, have to go to the birthday party now.))
[21:24] <Zyborg22> And you did, but I mean without me having to shoot you first.
[21:25] <DracoSemiAwake> ((Bye Ruumis))
[21:25] <Ruumis> "Hey, they were hungry and you were in the way."
[21:25] <Ruumis> "Although I'm sure your soul is delicious as well."
[21:25] <Spheniscine> o.o
[21:26] * Remus reloads his crossbow with a silver bolt, rolling his eyes at Ruumis
[21:26] * Spheniscine thinks "What ARE these things?"
[21:26] <Ruumis> ((Well, I do have to go. Will be logging though. Bye))
[21:26] <RobinFiredrake> Well I get hungry too, but I don't use that to justify trying to eat you. As if I' eat you anyway, bitter things... Still don't know what you're made of.
[21:26] <Spheniscine> ((Aw bye))
[21:26] <RobinFiredrake> ((Bye))
[21:27] <DracoSemiAwake> Several of the smaller wolves start to say something, they seem suprised... the large one orders them to silence.
[21:27] *** Ruumis is now known as Ruumis[away]
[21:27] <Spheniscine> ((Oh yeah, just remembered that you can't take everything Ruumis says seriously... X3))
[21:27] *** DracoSemiAwake is now known as LargeWolf
[21:28] <LargeWolf> This is our place, why did you come here?
[21:29] <Remus> We needed a place to camp and stay for the night, we were unaware
[21:29] <Spheniscine> ((Should we tell them we came looking for the sheep menace?))
[21:30] * LargeWolf looks bewildered.
[21:31] * RobinFiredrake marches up to the large wolf. "Listen you, we're tired, lack the ability to walk forever, and can't exactly sleep in the sky. We meant no harm so can't you just let us be?"
[21:34] * Remus 's eyes flit between the wolves, muscles tensed
[21:35] <LargeWolf> That depends... where are you going and why?
[21:35] * Spheniscine is thoughtful
[21:35] <LargeWolf> We don't want you staying near.
[21:35] <Remus> We were sent to investigate some possible vandalism at a far a bit away from here
[21:36] <RobinFiredrake> Selfish. All animals are, feh.
[21:36] <Remus> Farm*
[21:36] * Spheniscine * If I didn't wonder what these things were before, I definitely am wondering now. X3
[21:36] * Remus glares at Robin, "Fear your enemies, fear your friends more"
[21:37] * RobinFiredrake sits down innocently. "Who, me? I'm just a little dragon, never harmed anyone before."
[21:37] * Remus walks up to the Large Wolf, "Who are you and what is your claim to this area?"
[21:38] <LargeWolf> Then you can...! (Looks like he is going to attack again, then suddenly calms.) Actually, that is great, sorry for attacking. This fight was without help to anyone. We will go.
[21:38] <Spheniscine> Hmm...
[21:38] * Remus narrows his eyes
[21:39] <Remus> You will not leave until you answer my question. I ask again, who are you?
[21:39] <LargeWolf> #1 Bolts north, away from the camp as soon at Robin starts moving.
[21:40] * LargeWolf gives names all around.
[21:42] <RobinFiredrake> Easily scared. Hm. That's bad. Means they'll fight too.
[21:42] <LargeWolf> ((Noite that #1` was pretty badly hurt))
[21:47] <Remus> ((...hello? >.>))
[21:47] <LargeWolf> ((People thinking, or should we call it a session?))
[21:48] <Zyborg22> So, does that mean we should move?
[21:48] <RobinFiredrake> ((I'm just not sure what's supposed to happen.))
[21:48] <Spheniscine> ((Me neither))
[21:49] <LargeWolf> ((Don't worry about that too much... worry about what your character would do in the situatiion... if you are worried you will mess things up, PM me.))
[21:49] <Zyborg22> So they don't attack again or something?
[21:49] <Spheniscine> ((They left us alone right?))
[21:49] <Zyborg22> ((Sure, but they don't want us there.))
[21:49] <LargeWolf> ((The wolves are not attacking at this time, no, in fact, they seem anxious to leave.))
[21:50] * Remus looks the lead wolf up and down, "May i ask, what precisely are you?"
[21:50] * RobinFiredrake sighs and stares at the wolves. "Alright then, as there's nought else I can do, I'll ask politely. Will you let us sleep here for the night? We'll be out of your way soon."
[21:50] <RobinFiredrake> ((Ack, collision. Ignore mine.))
[21:51] <Zyborg22> ((Oh, right. They're still here.))
[21:53] <LargeWolf> (To Renus): We are the pack, part of the big pack.
[21:53] <LargeWolf> (None of these guys seem that bright by the by...)
[21:54] <Remus> I mean, how is it you can speak?
[21:56] <LargeWolf> My bitch taught me to speak when I was a pup.
[21:56] <Spheniscine> ((Huh...))
[21:56] <Zyborg22> I thought that term only referred to pregnant dogs. Maybe not.
[21:56] <LargeWolf> ((Female dogs...))
[21:57] <Spheniscine> ((Ah well, when you think about it, are they any more weird than us? Except for the Infernal bit...))
[21:57] <LargeWolf> ((And wolves))
[21:57] <Zyborg22> ((Eh, whatever :P ))
[21:58] * Remus nods and turns around, walking away a bit before turning back
[21:58] <RobinFiredrake> That's ALSO not what we meant, thank you very much. What is your species?
[21:59] <Zyborg22> And what's this about soul eating?
[22:00] <LargeWolf> ((Ruumis was the one who mentioned that, and since Hyperion is AFK right now...))
[22:00] <Zyborg22> That could be Ruumis being himself again, but you can never be sure with those things.
[22:01] <LargeWolf> What is "species"? (You explain...) "We are the wolves, the better wolves."
[22:01] <Spheniscine> ((This is going nowhere fast... X3))
[22:01] <Zyborg22> In what way are you better?
[22:01] <RobinFiredrake> Blast, nevermind this.
[22:02] * Remus thinks for a moment, "You say you're part of a Big Pack... is there a leader who would be willing to speak to us, come morning?"
[22:02] <LargeWolf> ((OOC Sigh.... I am really not playing these guys right... they should be even harder to talk to than this... they are almost litterally drooling morons... but whatever...))
[22:02] <LargeWolf> No.
[22:03] * Remus nods
[22:04] <LargeWolf> Talk hard. We go now?
[22:05] <Remus> Yes, we shall go in morning
[22:06] <LargeWolf> Good.
[22:07] * LargeWolf barks to the rest of the pack in Infernal, and they move off, in the direction the wind is blowing from. ((Unless someone is going to stop them.))
[22:07] * Remus walks to his tent and sits at its entrance
[22:07] * Remus sniffs the air as they run off
[22:08] * RobinFiredrake stares, only talking after they leave. "So are we really gonna leave, or are we gonna go spy on 'em?"
[22:08] <Remus> For now, we leave, continue to the farm. But i think we may have found our culprits, or at least found "friends" of theirs
[22:09] <RobinFiredrake> True enough.
[22:09] <Zyborg22> Plus, I don't want them pouncing on me again.
[22:10] <Remus> Either way, i do not like the look of things, for now, sleep
[22:10] <RobinFiredrake> Finally... Thank you.
[22:10] * RobinFiredrake marches back to his tent and lays down
[22:11] <Remus> I'll stay on as an extra watch, we may need it
[22:12] <LargeWolf> Robin and anyone else with ranks in it who hasn't tried yet (so not Remus I think...), make me a Knowledge(The Planes) check if you would... ((Ruumis fails his))
[22:13] <Remus> ((Might as well make Direlda's, too))
[22:13] <RobinFiredrake> ((How do I do a check?))
[22:13] <LargeWolf> ((Don't know if Direlda has a rank in that one....))
[22:13] <Spheniscine> (Roll a dice, then add your modifier.)
[22:14] <Spheniscine> (d20)
[22:14] <Remus> ((But only if you have at least one rank in it...))
[22:14] <Spheniscine> (Yeah, that)
[22:14] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1D20
[22:14] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[22:14] <RobinFiredrake> So... Six.
[22:14] <Spheniscine> ((Awr))
[22:15] <LargeWolf> ((Direlda has no ranks in that...))
[22:15] * Remus pulls up a bit of grass and begins chewing on it
[22:15] <RobinFiredrake> ((I roll so badly... In everything. I think I annoyed the RNG.))
[22:16] <Zyborg22> ((You should start bribing Wagz with muffins))
[22:16] <Remus> ((I prefer to use my own dice :P))
[22:16] <Remus> ((Just need two D10s...))
[22:17] <RobinFiredrake> ((Not just Wagz. You should see my rolls EVERYWHERE.))
[22:17] <Remus> ((heheh))
[22:17] <LargeWolf> ((2d10 doesn't give the same spread of results as 1d20...))
[22:17] <Remus> ((I meant for percentage rolls and such))
[22:18] <LargeWolf> ((Ah... GM is usually the one who ends up with stuff that involves d%...))
Session Start (CFFWolfin:#DracoD&D): Fri Mar 19 22:20:53 2010 -0400
[22:20] *** DracoPhone_ has joined #DracoD&D
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[22:21] <DracoPhone_> ((Glitched out...))
[22:21] <RobinFiredrake> ((I found him!))
[22:21] *** DracoDei... Erroneous Nickname
[22:21] <RobinFiredrake> ((Where's my XP?))
[22:21] *** DracoPhone_ is now known as DracoDei
[22:21] *** -NickServ- This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your
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[22:21] *** -NickServ- please choose a different nick.
[22:21] <Spheniscine> ((Woohoo!))
[22:21] <Remus> ((Sidequest Status: Complete!))
[22:21] <Remus> ((Right here! XP ))
[22:21] <DracoDei> Last I saw was:
[22:21] <DracoDei> [22:17] <LargeWolf> ((2d10 doesn't give the same spread of results as 1d20...))[22:17] <Remus> ((I meant for percentage rolls and such))[22:18] <LargeWolf> ((Ah... GM is usually the one who ends up with stuff that involves d%...))
[22:21] <Remus> ((True... but yeah :P))
[22:23] *** Zyborg22 is now known as Awayborg
[22:24] <DracoDei> ((Shall we end here?))
[22:26] <Remus> ((Sure? Nothing else happens during the night....))
[22:26] <Spheniscine> ((Fine with me I guess))
[22:26] <Remus> ((How many hours into the night did this happen?))
[22:27] <DracoDei> ((3rd watch out of 4 I think...))
[22:28] <Awayborg> ((Ok. That's fine.))
[22:29] *** Awayborg is now known as Zyborg22
[22:30] <DracoDei> ((Be thinking of what you are doing next... my default assumption is that the next session will start when you arrive at the farm-house.))
[22:30] <Zyborg22> ((That's my default assumption as well.))

2010-04-16, 08:49 PM
(((Reserved for the session where the party starts tracking the canid prints away from the farm.)))

2010-04-16, 10:02 PM
((Preliminary Log of Ruumis PMs, mostly for conversations in Infernal.))

[20:50] <ErstatsDirelda> I COME IN PEACE! MAY I APPROACH!
[20:54] <DracoGM> Thank you.
[20:54] <DracoGM> I am here to try to prevent another mess like the other night.
[20:55] <Ruumis> ((Should I respond here or in the other channel, since no one else speaks Infernal?))
[20:55] <DracoGM> Here.
[20:56] <Ruumis> "Your people must hunt. What happened is understandable."
[20:57] <DracoGM> Um... yes.
[20:57] <DracoGM> My leader told me to ask you were you were bound now.
[20:59] <Ruumis> "We are following the tracks of some canines that left the farm that had been attacked."
[20:59] <DracoGM> Why?
[21:00] <Ruumis> "We seek to see if those who left the tracks were those who attacked the farm."
[21:02] <Ruumis> "If not, we hope to discover what happened to the sheep of the farm."
[21:02] <DracoGM> I... I see... very well then, I shall depart. Be ready to meet with us again.
[21:02] <DracoGM> If you have nothing further to say, I shall depart now.
[21:03] <Ruumis> "...Did not the leader say that you did not attack the farm?"
[21:04] <Ruumis> ((I don't remember, and Ruumis probably doesn't either))
[21:04] <DracoGM> I don't know.
[21:04] <DracoGM> Leader say...
[21:05] <DracoGM> *I* know our pack not attack farm.
[21:05] <DracoGM> Me, not leader.
[21:05] <DracoGM> Leader say same thing.
[21:05] <DracoGM> If I not stupid.
[21:06] <DracoGM> Maybe I say when I should not say.
[21:06] <DracoGM> I confused.
[21:06] <DracoGM> I go.
[21:06] <Ruumis> "Bye!" *waves*
[21:14] <DracoGM> ((Technically he never said that...))
[21:14] <Ruumis> ((I know))
[21:14] <Ruumis> ((thus the "I think" ))
[22:46] <ErstatsDirelda> "Do you come with peace?"
[22:47] <ErstatsDirelda> Wait. You say Peace.
[22:47] <ErstatsDirelda> Leader want talk.
[22:47] <ErstatsDirelda> You all come. No weapons out.
[22:48] <ErstatsDirelda> I howl for leader now.
[22:48] <ErstatsDirelda> Ok?
[22:50] <Ruumis> "Ok"
[22:52] <DracoGM> ((More of that Semi-Infernal stuff))
[22:53] <DracoGM> You come now.
[23:17] <GlowEyes> ((What do you say?))
[23:18] <Ruumis> "Are you related to the Leader?"
[23:19] * GlowEyes hesitates, then responds. "Yes."

2010-04-16, 10:18 PM
((Main Channel Log))
[20:01] <DracoGM> Well, the log isn't up to date, but you were tracking some canids away from the farm that got wiped out, and there were a lot of sheep tracks under that.
[20:01] <Remus> ah
[20:02] <DracoGM> We will say that it is getting towards the time when, if you wanted to sleep at the farm, you would have to turn back now.
[20:02] == RobinFiredrake [Salamander@Foxnet-6b3731c7.tn.comcast.net] has joined #DracoD&D
[20:02] <RobinFiredrake> There we are.
[20:02] <RobinFiredrake> Alright, are we ready?
[20:03] <DracoGM> Sidenote: The farm is built for Halfling sized Pez-Ants, and doesn't have much in the way of windows.
[20:03] <DracoGM> We will say that it is getting towards the time when, if you wanted to sleep at the farm, you would have to turn back now.
[20:05] <RobinFiredrake> (can't find the blinkin' profiler...)
[20:05] <Spheniscine> http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/view_campaign.php?cid=671
[20:05] <Ruumis> (( http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler.php ? ))
[20:05] <RobinFiredrake> thanks.
[20:06] <DracoGM> RobinRobin: At some point you need to pick 3 more languages to know... I recommend languages spoken by things you would want to mess with the minds of using your magic.
[20:06] <Ruumis> heh
[20:06] <Spheniscine> lol
[20:06] <Ruumis> is Direlda going to be showing up, or are all who will be here, here?
[20:07] <RobinFiredrake> Heh heh. And, can I get a list o' languages? Also, why do I get to pick more?
[20:07] <Ruumis> half-dragon
[20:07] <DracoGM> Unless someone tells me differently, I will assume Direlda had something come up at random...
[20:08] <Ruumis> with 18 int
[20:08] <Remus> Bonus for your intelligence, i think?
[20:08] <Ruumis> yes
[20:08] <RobinFiredrake> Oh. Hee hee! I like being smart ^.=.^
[20:08] <Ruumis> RobinFiredrake: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/skills/speakLanguage.htm
[20:08] <Ruumis> list'o languages
[20:08] <RobinFiredrake> Thanks.
[20:08] <DracoGM> Robin: You get to pick more because you are smart. One extra language per point of intellegence bonus that you had at FIRST level (before you presumably bumped it up to 18 like it is now).
[20:09] <RobinFiredrake> ^.=.^
[20:09] <Spheniscine> ^^
[20:10] <Remus> mm... Shouldn't i have one more language, then?
[20:10] <Remus> or is 17 still +3?
[20:10] <Ruumis> hmm
[20:11] <DracoGM> 17 is +3.
[20:12] <DracoGM> Basically you take the ability score, subtract 10, divide by 1, round DOWN (NOT always towards zero), and that is your ability score modifier for that ability.
[20:12] <DracoGM> Don't do that right now unless you are afraid of forgetting though...
[20:13] <Remus> you mean divide by 2?
[20:13] <DracoGM> ... yes.
[20:13] <Ruumis> profile does it, usually.
[20:13] <Ruumis> *profiler
[20:13] <RobinFiredrake> Alright, saved me languages
[20:13] <RobinFiredrake> http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=27913
[20:14] <Ruumis> hmm
[20:14] <Ruumis> If you know infernal I'll actually have to make up what I'm saying.
[20:14] <Ruumis> since you didn't before.
[20:14] <Ruumis> <<
[20:14] <RobinFiredrake> Heh.
[20:14] <DracoGM> Actually, that is the ONE language I am not going to let him know right now... would require too much retcon.
[20:14] <RobinFiredrake> I did it so I'd know what he was saying.
[20:14] <RobinFiredrake> Wait. What?
[20:14] <RobinFiredrake> Drat...
[20:15] <Ruumis> could "learn" it after this
[20:15] <DracoGM> He can leave a slot blank for right now, and then learn it for free after this adventure is over.
[20:15] <Ruumis> yeah
[20:15] <RobinFiredrake> This adventure has been going on a long time...
[20:15] == Zyborg22 [Zyborg22@D49C05.6FD491.79C5F2.DA58F6] has joined #DracoD&D
[20:15] <DracoGM> Welcome Zyborg...
[20:15] <Ruumis> not all that long
[20:15] <DracoGM> Ok... you need to decide whether to turn back or not now...
[20:16] <Remus> Darn...
[20:16] <Remus> I was hoping me and Robin would have a secret language to talk in >> *snickers*
[20:16] <DracoGM> The BARN is big enough to sleep in, but there is also traces of sheep dip on the floor of course...
[20:16] <Ruumis> I vote continue, since Ruumis doesn't care much for safety.
[20:16] <RobinFiredrake> I'd say we keep on going, but...
[20:16] <Zyborg22> ((I have no idea what we're talking about :P ))
[20:16] <Remus> I vote for keep going, too.
[20:17] <Spheniscine> Sounds good...
[20:17] <DracoGM> You arrived at the farm last session, then Direlda managed to track the some canid traces away from the farm. They were laid over a LOT of sheep tracks.
[20:17] <DracoGM> It is now growing dark.
[20:18] <DracoGM> ---------Session Start------------- (a bit belated...)
[20:20] <Ruumis> "Any objections from the people who can see in the dark to us continuing on until we decide to make camp?"
[20:20] <RobinFiredrake> "From me? No."
[20:21] * Zyborg22 takes out the everburning torch.
[20:21] <Remus> That's a nope.
[20:21] * Ruumis eyes the torch Zyborg has.
[20:21] <RobinFiredrake> "Onward, into the wild blu-... pitch black yonder! For the benefit of the dark-blind back there."
[20:21] <DracoGM> ((It isn't dark yet, so unless you are just visually reminding people that you have it...))
[20:22] * Zyborg22 puts up the torch.
[20:23] <Ruumis> "Let's go then."
[20:23] <DracoGM> ((I mis-spoke... it is still the time when you are having to decide whether to turn back... when y'all are done with that start talking to Direlda (played by me) about what you want him to find you in a camp-site...))
[20:23] <RobinFiredrake> ((Well, how do we start the talking?))
[20:23] <Zyborg22> I guess we can go on.
[20:23] == DracoGM has changed nick to ErstatsDirelda
[20:25] <ErstatsDirelda> You are currently in rolling meadows, with occasional clumps of trees ranging from 2 or 3 up to a few hundred together.
[20:25] <Ruumis> ((still no sheep?))
[20:25] <ErstatsDirelda> ((Still no sheep))
[20:26] <Spheniscine> ((Baa))
[20:26] * Ruumis is whistling a nothing-song at mid-quiet volume.
[20:26] <RobinFiredrake> "I think it's best we get shelter... Perhaps in some of those trees? And... I kinda like sleeping in them, too. <.=.<"
[20:26] <ErstatsDirelda> ((You mean you are going to sleep clinging to a tree-branch?))
[20:27] <ErstatsDirelda> ((If so, how high up?))
[20:27] <RobinFiredrake> ((On top of a tree branch, and about seven or eight feet up))
[20:28] <ErstatsDirelda> 1d20
[20:28] <ErstatsDirelda> dice 1d20
[20:28] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[20:28] <Ruumis> "If you fall out it's your own problem. The rest of us will need shelter."
[20:28] <ErstatsDirelda> dice 1d20
[20:28] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
[20:28] <Ruumis> (( *off ))
[20:28] <ErstatsDirelda> dice 1d20
[20:28] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[20:29] <RobinFiredrake> "I never fall out. Unless I do. But I don't, normally."
[20:29] <Zyborg22> Try not to let anyone cut that tree down if you're going to stay up there.
[20:30] <RobinFiredrake> I didn't plan on it. Who would cut it down anyway?
[20:30] <ErstatsDirelda> "Any other criterion?
[20:30] <ErstatsDirelda> "
[20:30] * Remus mumbles about losing the tracks and looks at them again, "Mmm... somewhere we can see for a while, hopefully?"
[20:31] <Ruumis> "Water, maybe a... whatever the word is, for one of those small cliffs, so we won't get a repeat of last night's events"
[20:31] <Zyborg22> As long as we don't get attacked, I don't really care.
[20:32] <ErstatsDirelda> ((Was that last night, or two nights ago? I don't have that log here, and it is actually sorta important...))
[20:33] <ErstatsDirelda> Water and a long view are sorta at cross purposes...
[20:33] <Ruumis> (((No, not long view.))
[20:33] <ErstatsDirelda> ((I was responding to Remus in the role of Direlda.))
[20:34] <Ruumis> ((oh))
[20:34] <Ruumis> "Near a gully?"
[20:34] <RobinFiredrake> "So long as I've got at least one tree, I don't mind anything."
[20:35] <ErstatsDirelda> I haven't seen any real CLIFFS per se, but I can try for a steep-ish river-bank...
[20:35] <Ruumis> ((gully was the word I was looking for))
[20:36] * ErstatsDirelda has to take you off the track about half a mile to get the right place, but he puts three sticks of large size in the ground in a tripod to mark where he/you left off...
[20:36] <ErstatsDirelda> You set your watches at night falls.
[20:37] <ErstatsDirelda> You hear scary wolf-howls, but they seem to be coming from too far away to worry about...
[20:37] <Zyborg22> Great. More animals ganging up on me.
[20:38] <RobinFiredrake> "What do you have to worry about? You're made of metal. Harder metal than the stuff in this world, even!"
[20:38] <ErstatsDirelda> (A little later, Robin's cliff-dwelling ancestry proves inattequette to the task of maintaining his balance despite the fact that Direlda found him a tree with a rather large limb on it.
[20:38] <ErstatsDirelda> )
[20:39] <Zyborg22> That's highly unlikely, since I'm from this world. You have a point, though.
[20:39] <Remus> ( *snickers*)
[20:40] * RobinFiredrake stands up, grumbling and rubbing his bumped head. "I suppose I do fall out, now and again... Have a good laugh! But I'm going again."
[20:40] * RobinFiredrake climbs back up in the tree.
[20:40] <ErstatsDirelda> (But he is uninjured... those rolls I did earlier were Survival for Direlda, Balance for Robin to stay on in his sleep, followed by a reflex save to wake up enough to get his wings open just a bit to avoid a bit of damage.)
[20:40] <RobinFiredrake> (Aaaah.)
[20:40] == Ruumis [chatzilla@Foxnet-9da3e85a.dorms.csufresno.edu]
[20:40] == realname : Hyperion =3
[20:40] == channels : #DracoD&D
[20:40] == server : WagzTail.foxnet.in [Foxnet - WagzTail]
[20:40] == idle : 0 days 0 hours 5 minutes 23 seconds [connected: Fri Apr 16 19:34:39 2010]
[20:40] == End of WHOIS
[20:42] <Ruumis> "I have rope if you wan to tie yourself to the branch."
[20:42] <Ruumis> (( *want ))
[20:42] * Spheniscine snickers, but hides it
[20:42] <Zyborg22> I could grapple you up there.
[20:43] <RobinFiredrake> "Oh, ha ha. And none of you are going to volunteer to let me up in the morning, are you? Nooo, you're not."
[20:44] <ErstatsDirelda> A voice calls from beyond the reach of the firelight in that language that only Ruumis seems to understand...
[20:45] <ErstatsDirelda> ((We will say it is Direlda and Zyborg on that watch... just to make things easier...))
[20:45] <ErstatsDirelda> I can't understand you!
[20:45] <ErstatsDirelda> What do you want to do Zyborg?
[20:45] <Zyborg22> ((Watch...I guess))
[20:46] <Ruumis> ((Again?))
[20:46] <Remus> ((Or could wake Ruumis!))
[20:46] <ErstatsDirelda> ((We will say that Robin is now loosely tied to the top of the tree-branch.))
[20:46] <Ruumis> ((Really?))
[20:46] <ErstatsDirelda> ((And asleep...))
[20:46] <RobinFiredrake> ((Sure, why not =p))
[20:47] <Zyborg22> ((I'll climb up to Robin's branch and tie him to the branch more tightly, so he can't escape :P ))
[20:47] <ErstatsDirelda> ((If you are really going to do that, will it be after you think he is asleep enough, or when you hear the voice calling out?))
[20:48] <Remus> ((Like i said... may want to wake someone.... Ruumis if you can recognize the language))
[20:48] <Zyborg22> ((I'm actually not. I think I'll wake up Ruumis))
[20:49] <ErstatsDirelda> (The voice calls out again as Ruumis is woken up.)
[20:51] <Ruumis> "Wha- Oh, well, they certainty sound trustworthy."
[20:51] <ErstatsDirelda> (And I third time, which he is now responding to.)
[20:52] <Ruumis> "DOn't attack them, they say they're peaceful."
[20:52] <Ruumis> [called out in infernal] "You may approach!"
[20:53] == ErstatsDirelda has changed nick to DracoGM
[20:54] <DracoGM> A single wolf, comes close enough to be seen. Nobody sees anything else (but you could have failed spot checks I made in secret.
[20:54] <Ruumis> ((heh))
[20:54] <DracoGM> )
[20:54] * Spheniscine dreams of strange family reunions
[20:54] <Ruumis> ((hmm))
[20:55] <DracoGM> Wolf: "<not understood by anyone but Ruumis>"
[20:55] * Ruumis responds in Infernal.
[20:55] <RobinFiredrake> ((Does the noise wake me?))
[20:56] <Remus> ((Or anyone else, for that matter))
[20:56] <DracoGM> ((
[20:56] <DracoGM> Make listen checks... DC 20 for most people, DC 15 for Robin since he is sleeping extra lightly...))
[20:57] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1D20
[20:57] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[20:57] <RobinFiredrake> D:
[20:57] <Remus> ((16+9=27 So... yep...)
[20:57] <RobinFiredrake> Wait, the die is a d15 or I'm aiming for 15?
[20:58] <RobinFiredrake> ((Ack, sorry. Forgot brackets...))
[20:58] <Zyborg22> ((You're aiming for 15))
[20:58] * Remus stirs in his sleep and sits up, sticking his head out of his tent and noticing Ruumis
[20:58] <Ruumis> ((aiming for, there are no d15s))
[20:58] <DracoGM> ((Well... only under the most rare situations...))
[20:59] <DracoGM> ((But... I shouldn't confuse things by saying that...))
[20:59] <RobinFiredrake> (I am just the heaviest sleeper ever, am I not? Ever single time I do a listen check, it's like I'm deaf.))
[20:59] <Zyborg22> ((Maybe you can get a free feat if you actually become deaf :P ))
[21:00] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[21:00] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[21:00] <RobinFiredrake> ((Oh dear... Then the languages wouldn't do much, would they?))
[21:00] <Remus> ((Well, you could learn to read lips))
[21:00] <Spheniscine> (11+3=14)
[21:00] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[21:01] <RobinFiredrake> ((But I'd only be able to know what they were saying if I saw them))
[21:01] <Remus> ((Yep))
[21:01] <Remus> ((But, you could listen in on convos your could never hear normally))
[21:02] <Remus> ((you*))
[21:02] <RobinFiredrake> ((True enough. Anyhow, we kinda got derailed <.=.<))
[21:03] <DracoGM> The wolf talks with Ruumis.
[21:03] <Remus> (( reminded of this: http://www.weregeek.com/2010/04/16/ ))
[21:03] * Ruumis continues replying in the same language.
[21:04] <RobinFiredrake> ((Heh.))
[21:06] * RobinFiredrake squirms in his sleep.
[21:06] <DracoGM> The wolf turns to leave.
[21:07] * Ruumis waves
[21:07] <DracoGM> ((Any Canids in the party will note his tail has been between his legs this whole time... very submissive.))
[21:07] <Spheniscine> ((Aren't I still sleeping?))
[21:07] <DracoGM> Direlda waits a while, then does a sweep of the area.
[21:08] <DracoGM> ((Right, should have said any canids-morphs that are AWAKE...))
[21:08] <DracoGM> ((Anyone going to do any different?))
[21:08] * Remus tilts his head a bit and looks to Ruumis, "What was that about?"
[21:09] <DracoGM> ((I mean try to stop him or anything...))
[21:09] * Ruumis does nothing other than that wave.
[21:10] * Remus gets up and out of his tent, looking after the wolf as he taps Ruumis' shoulder
[21:10] <DracoGM> ((Everyone who is awake, tell me when you are ready to fast-forward to the next interesting point in time...))
[21:10] * Zyborg22 doesn't do anything about the wolf, since he's not a threat or anything.
[21:10] <DracoGM> ((That means Zyborg and Ruumis unless someone else woke up.))
[21:10] <Remus> ((I woke up))
[21:10] <Ruumis> "Oh, the wolf wanted to know where we were going so it could tell the pack leader and make sure we didn't get attacked again."
[21:11] <Ruumis> "Wasn't very clear."
[21:11] <Remus> Hmm... One of the same from the other night?
[21:11] <Ruumis> "Yeah."
[21:11] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[21:11] <Zyborg22> Did you tell it?
[21:11] <Ruumis> "Why wouldn't I?"
[21:12] <DracoGM> You must have really good eyes to tell what I could not...
[21:12] <Ruumis> ((That was Direlda speaking?))
[21:12] <DracoGM> ((Yes.))
[21:13] <Ruumis> "Well, he told me he was with the pack we meet."
[21:13] <Ruumis> "I think."
[21:13] <Remus> Hmm.. the specific pack? Or the Pack?
[21:14] <Ruumis> "There's a difference?"
[21:15] <Remus> Yes... i mean the group that attacked us last night, or the overrall group they were a part of.
[21:15] <Ruumis> "Oh... I do not know."
[21:16] <Remus> ((BRB))
[21:16] <Ruumis> ((Not sure if the conversation is going to continue or not. :/ ))
[21:16] <RobinFiredrake> ((Being deaf is boring... v.=.v))
[21:16] <Ruumis> ((heh))
[21:18] <DracoGM> ((Well, unless the people who are awake are going to DO something, instead of just talking, it should be safe enough to fast-forward to the next event of interest...))
[21:18] <Zyborg22> ((Go ahead))
[21:18] * Ruumis yawns. "Well, don't think we're going to be attacked tonight. I'm going back to sleep.
[21:19] <Ruumis> ((Fine with me))
[21:20] <Remus> ((back))
[21:20] <DracoGM> Ok, the rest of the night passes without incident, and the one's who woke up fill in the ones who didn't about the situation the next morning as you walk. The next day you occasionally catch glimpses of a wolf (maybe the same one as last night, maybe not, maybe the same one each time, maybe not) about a half-mile behind you...
[21:20] <Remus> ((And yeah, can fast forward))
[21:21] <RobinFiredrake> ((Oh wow, they actually let me out of the tree without incident?))
[21:21] <DracoGM> ((If anyone wants to swap out spells or maneuvers, now would be the time...))
[21:22] <Zyborg22> ((Sure. As much as I wanted to trap you up there, it's better that we not disable each other))
[21:22] <DracoGM> ((Robin: Who do you think you are going to be fighting?))
[21:23] <DracoGM> ((Robin: Or... what circumstances are you trying to be prepared for?))
[21:24] <DracoGM> ((Continue the conversation as a whole group, or tell me to fast-forward again, or if people want to work on spells and stuff, tell me that and I will do character development with everyone who ISN'T doing anything like that...))
[21:24] <RobinFiredrake> (Trying to be prepared, in general, to trick whatever may come by.)
[21:24] <DracoGM> ((Let us see how Direlda's tracking is today...))
[21:24] * Spheniscine yawns
[21:24] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:24] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[21:24] <Spheniscine> How'd the night go?
[21:24] <Ruumis> ((note to self: Buy a bag of holding when I get enough gold))
[21:24] <Remus> ((And i can pick up the tracking if nee...nevermind))
[21:25] <Zyborg22> There was a wolf, but it didn't attack anyone.
[21:25] <Spheniscine> Ah.
[21:25] <Ruumis> "It was very nice. :) "
[21:25] <Remus> Was looking rather submissive, too...
[21:25] <RobinFiredrake> "Why didn't I hear it?"
[21:26] <DracoGM> *Direlda tracks with a flawlessness that impresses all the non-humans in the party, and maybe Ruumis too... who shows it is up to individual players.*
[21:26] * Remus snorts at Robin, "Cause you sleep like a log."
[21:26] <RobinFiredrake> "No, I slept on a log. Why would I sleep like one, up there?"
[21:27] <Zyborg22> Birds of a feather flock together?
[21:27] * Remus snickers and nods
[21:27] * Spheniscine snickers
[21:28] * Ruumis looks somewhat confused.
[21:28] * RobinFiredrake grumbles. "Not made of wood..."
[21:28] <Zyborg22> What about pecans?
[21:28] * Remus grins at Ruumis, "Welcome to the world of Chaos."
[21:28] <RobinFiredrake> No, not that either. I am white chocolate, and strawberry syrup.
[21:29] <Ruumis> "This isn't Chaos. I've been there. This isn't it."
[21:29] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:29] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 17; Total: 17.
[21:29] <Ruumis> ((And that may or may not be true))
[21:29] <DracoGM> Direlda directs the party around a very large rattle-snake along there course of travel...
[21:30] <DracoGM> *Direlda doubles back and stare at the snake.*
[21:30] <DracoGM> *Direlda rejoins the party.*
[21:30] * Remus ponders the snake and looks at it with Direlda briefly
[21:30] * RobinFiredrake stares at the snake, longer. "I wanted to keep him... I could make him my familiar!"
[21:30] <Remus> what was it?
[21:30] * Zyborg22 is nonplussed by the snake.
[21:31] <DracoGM> "Just a perfectly ordinary snake... but something about it nags at my mind. Can't put my claw on it though...*
[21:31] <Ruumis> "Was it alive?"
[21:31] <DracoGM> "Yep."
[21:31] <DracoGM> "Well, how long would that take Robin?"
[21:31] <RobinFiredrake> "Can I keep him, please?"
[21:32] <Zyborg22> As long as it doesn't kill anyone and you can take care of it.
[21:33] <DracoGM> Robin: "About a day for the ritual." (feel free to add more, just providing the technical details).
[21:33] <Ruumis> "Wait... Perfectly ordinary you say?"
[21:33] <Spheniscine> ((Do you have something to tame monsters or something?))
[21:33] <Ruumis> "By which standards? This plane, or your home?"
[21:33] <Spheniscine> ((Oops, said something twice X3))
[21:33] <Remus> ...Perfectly ordinary...
[21:33] <Zyborg22> ((We have Direlda :P ))
[21:33] <DracoGM> Direlda: "This plane."
[21:34] <Ruumis> "Oh, well I don't know what could be wrong with a snake."
[21:34] <Ruumis> (( *the ))
[21:34] <RobinFiredrake> ((I think I'm gonna try and stop the party, so I can do the ritual. Not saying I'll actually get them to, just saying I'll try =p))
[21:34] <DracoGM> ((So say it... RP it out...))
[21:34] <Remus> Agreed with Ruumis
[21:35] <Spheniscine> ((What ritual?))
[21:35] <Ruumis> "We could kill it and dissect it and see if it's any different from normal snakes here."
[21:35] <Zyborg22> Then Robin doesn't get his familiar.
[21:36] <DracoGM> ((The ritual to make the snake into a familiar.))
[21:36] * RobinFiredrake whallops Ruumis on the head. "No! I am going to make this thing my familiar. Hah. And we're stopping here, while I do that."
[21:36] <Spheniscine> ((Ah))
[21:36] * Ruumis mutters something about wizards.
[21:36] * Remus smacks Ruumis upside the head, "No, none of that."
[21:37] * Spheniscine snickers
[21:37] <Ruumis> "If the thing wants to be your familiar, you can carry it and do the ritual once we're done with this."
[21:37] * Remus smirks
[21:37] <Remus> Eh... it might bite him then...
[21:37] <Ruumis> "Or it'll bite you to show that it doesn't want to have anything to do with you."
[21:37] <Zyborg22> Can he do his ritual on the way?
[21:37] <RobinFiredrake> "Hmph. I want a familiar now."
[21:38] * RobinFiredrake picks the snake up, not even bothering to grab behind it's head. "See? He likes me!"
[21:38] <Remus> A sorcerer can obtain a familiar. Doing so takes 24 hours and uses up magical materials that cost 100 gp. A familiar is a magical beast that resembles a small animal and is unusually tough and intelligent. The creature serves as a companion and servant.
[21:38] <Remus> The sorcerer chooses the kind of familiar he gets. As the sorcerer advances in level, his familiar also increases in power.
[21:39] <Ruumis> ((Yeah, we know, OOC.))
[21:39] <Remus> ((Ack, where'd my brackets go? ><))
[21:39] <DracoGM> Well, someone with fast legs get me a forked stick *describes the appropriate dimensions* while I keep track of this thing if Robin is going to be taking it with him...
[21:39] <Remus> ((I was just posting it for reference, meant it to be OOC))
[21:39] * Zyborg22 goes off to find that stick.
[21:39] * Remus points to Spheniscine, "Can i make him play fetch?"
[21:40] <Ruumis> "I have a sack for the snake."
[21:40] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[21:40] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 14; Total: 14.
[21:40] * RobinFiredrake drapes the snake around his neck. "No sack. I'm keeping him out. I'll give him a leash at night, tied to a tree, but no sack."
[21:40] <Zyborg22> ((Assuming this is search, 24))
[21:40] <Ruumis> "A leash... For a snake."
[21:41] <Remus> Ruumis... Insanity 101
[21:41] <DracoGM> (((Hey, I am laughing...)))
[21:41] <Ruumis> "Well, if we got some glue or something I'm sure it could work."
[21:41] * Spheniscine picks up a stick and gives it to Remus
[21:42] * Remus grins and tosses it for Sphen, "Fetch!"
[21:42] * RobinFiredrake glares at everyone. "You're just jealous cause I get a familiar."
[21:42] * Spheniscine fetches :p
[21:42] <DracoGM> ((There aren't many sticks around here...))
[21:42] <Spheniscine> ((Aw))
[21:42] <Zyborg22> ((Did I find one :P ))
[21:42] <DracoGM> It won't be safe to just carry it...
[21:42] <Ruumis> ((I offered a sack, he refused.))
[21:42] <RobinFiredrake> ((I did say, he's a bit off his rocker.))
[21:42] <DracoGM> ((Yes, Zyborg, you found the right sort of stick...))
[21:42] * Remus smiles at Robin, lifting Saleth, "Me? Jealous? Just hope...." He notices the size difference and mutters a "Nevermind."
[21:43] * Zyborg22 hands it to Direlda.
[21:43] * RobinFiredrake starts to think a bit, then grumbles, taking the sack from Ruumis. "Fine."
[21:43] <Zyborg22> What if we made the snake a leash for Sphen over there?
[21:43] <DracoGM> This is... a very very bad idea!
[21:43] <Ruumis> "I still vote for making it a familiar after we finish all this."
[21:44] <Ruumis> "If you're going to."
[21:44] <RobinFiredrake> "I don't have spices..."
[21:44] <RobinFiredrake> "So, I guess I have too. It will be my pet until then though."
[21:44] <DracoGM> We should get after those sheep... this is going to be time consuming, and probably end in snake-bite for Robin...
[21:44] <RobinFiredrake> ((I got the sack, remember?))
[21:44] <Zyborg22> You could give it to me for relative safekeeping.
[21:45] <Ruumis> "Ok, snake stays in the sack, we keep going."
[21:45] <RobinFiredrake> "Is there anyone here who DOESN'T hate the snake?"
[21:45] <Zyborg22> I'm ambivalent.
[21:45] <Ruumis> "I could make it a zombie snake."
[21:45] * Spheniscine is indifferent
[21:45] <DracoGM> *One hour after first spotting the snake...*
[21:45] <Ruumis> "That'd be better"
[21:45] <DracoGM> You proceed down the road, with the snake in a sack.
[21:46] <Spheniscine> X3
[21:46] * RobinFiredrake whallops Ruumis again.
[21:46] <Ruumis> "It could still be your familiar."
[21:46] <Ruumis> ((Actually a feat for that))
[21:46] <Zyborg22> ((Isn't there a drawback for that, or am I thinking of something else?))
[21:47] <DracoGM> ((Well, I haven't seen the feat, but just the fact that you have to spend a feat on it is one "drawback"...))
[21:47] <Ruumis> ((Besides the feat and not getting the normal benifits for familiar? Not really. Bit like Improved Familiar, only for undead))
[21:47] <RobinFiredrake> ((Not a necromancer <.=.<))
[21:47] <RobinFiredrake> ((I don't want an undead snake. I want a snake snake.))
[21:48] <Ruumis> ((Anyway, just saying it due to Ruumis-ness))
[21:48] <RobinFiredrake> ((Yeah. I'm pretty sure Ruumis dislikes him, eh?))
[21:48] <Ruumis> ((Dislikes who?))
[21:48] <RobinFiredrake> ((Robin, the character.))
[21:49] <Ruumis> ((The wizard? A little, due magic being seriz buiznes.))
[21:49] <DracoGM> ((Please handle this IC or skip it...))
[21:49] <Ruumis> ((Wee Jas and all))
[21:49] <Ruumis> ((anyway))
[21:49] <Ruumis> "Why didn't you already have a familiar?"
[21:50] <RobinFiredrake> "Because I hadn't found one yet."
[21:50] <Spheniscine> ((Hm, yeah, why didn't he?))
[21:50] <Spheniscine> Ah...
[21:50] <RobinFiredrake> ((I didn't know I could ^.=.^; ))
[21:50] * Ruumis shrugs.
[21:51] <RobinFiredrake> "That reminds me. I do believe I'm going to need some money, from you guys."
[21:52] <Ruumis> "Why?"
[21:52] <Zyborg22> For the ritual?
[21:52] <RobinFiredrake> "Well, yes."
[21:52] <Zyborg22> How much?
[21:52] <Ruumis> "Not my problem you need money due to nor saving any."
[21:52] <DracoGM> ((Note to self: When and if party leaves this plane snake will require mice that are on the verge of diabetic shock from being force-fed sweets to maintain good health.))
[21:52] <RobinFiredrake> "As I understand it, you like eating stuff here, correct? I've got a few shed scales. High quality, to you, I would believe. And, one hundred gold pieces."
[21:53] <RobinFiredrake> ((Heh heh.))
[21:53] <Ruumis> "I don't eat much candy."
[21:53] <RobinFiredrake> "I'm starting to think you don't like me. <.=.<"
[21:54] <DracoGM> ((That... would take Hard Candy to a whole new level of "Hard"....))
[21:54] <Remus> (hehehe )
[21:54] <Ruumis> "You are neither paying me for help nor dead."
[21:55] * RobinFiredrake grumbles, and throws a wadded up blank page from his journal at Ruumis.
[21:56] * Remus grabs the page and folds it into a little hat, putting it on Ruumis' head
[21:57] <Zyborg22> I have enough, but I'd like to know that I'll get it back later.
[21:58] <RobinFiredrake> "Oh, certainly, If I survive, that is."
[21:58] * Remus mutters something about dragons and their gold
[21:58] <Zyborg22> If you don't, then I can always sell your possessions to pay it off :P .
[21:59] * RobinFiredrake whallops Remus. "I don't have any gold. Part of why I'm not with my clan anymore."
[21:59] <Ruumis> "If he doesn't survive he can still do tasks for you."
[21:59] * Remus dodges the whallop and giggles
[21:59] <Zyborg22> Only if he doesn't have enough stuff for me to sell.
[21:59] * RobinFiredrake glares at Ruumis. "Necromancers..."
[21:59] <DracoGM> Robin: Roll to hit...
[22:00] <Ruumis> "Why yes."
[22:00] * Remus shrugs
[22:00] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
[22:00] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[22:00] <Zyborg22> I'll wait until you're actually ready to start the ritual.
[22:00] <RobinFiredrake> ...
[22:00] <RobinFiredrake> ((The dice hate me D:))
[22:00] <Ruumis> ((heh))
[22:01] * Remus dodges easily and snickers
[22:01] * Ruumis starts up a one-sided conversation with Chestnut while we travel.
[22:01] <DracoGM> *Robin's no damage swing misses by a wide margin.*
[22:01] * Spheniscine reads comics involving past Falling Anvil masters
[22:01] <Ruumis> (( *in Infernal ))
[22:02] <Ruumis> ((brb))
[22:02] <RobinFiredrake> "Darn my wizardly, non-athletic hands!"
[22:03] <DracoGM> ((Spheniscine: Put that on your character sheet... 2 GP each comic, since they are done with gold leaf and such... by hand.))
[22:03] <Spheniscine> ((D:))
[22:03] <DracoGM> ((But on the plus side, no space wasted on advertisements...))
[22:03] <Zyborg22> ((Could he get cheaper ones with ads :P ?))
[22:04] <DracoGM> ((Nope...))
[22:04] <Spheniscine> ((Where's my GP anyway?))
[22:05] <Zyborg22> ((On your character sheet))
[22:05] <Remus> ((By notes on your sheet))
[22:05] <Spheniscine> ((Oh... those are blank D:))
[22:05] * RobinFiredrake tries to sneak up on Chestnut, and pull out one of her rib bones
[22:05] <Zyborg22> Make the horse your familiar :P!
[22:05] <RobinFiredrake> (I don't have gold on my notes either...)
[22:06] <Ruumis> (( ... ))
[22:07] <DracoGM> ((Might be in the notes section... not sure... remember you got paid two times since the campaign started...))
[22:07] <Remus> ((Robin hasn't))
[22:07] <Zyborg22> ((I think they're in a section on their own))
[22:07] <Remus> ((Right next to the notes part))
[22:09] <RobinFiredrake> ((GP = blank))
[22:09] <Ruumis> ((Robin's is listed in the notes))
[22:09] <RobinFiredrake> ((Where? I don't see it.))
[22:09] <Ruumis> ((Sphen's I do not see, just how much he started with, not how much he spent))
[22:10] <DracoGM> ((1000+ GP... you clinked a lot when you walked before Direlda and Zyborg showed you how to pack for stealth...))
[22:10] <DracoGM> ((MEaning Robin...))
[22:10] <Zyborg22> ((I did?))
[22:11] <RobinFiredrake> ((Oh. I don't need to borrow money, then :D))
[22:12] <DracoGM> ((Zyborg: It would have been in your best interests to keep your companions from being TOTALLY obvious...((
[22:12] <DracoGM> ))
[22:12] <Zyborg22> ((Yeah.))
[22:13] <DracoGM> ((Zyborg: So unless you have some specific reason why you wouldn't have...))
[22:13] <DracoGM> Anyway...
[22:13] <Zyborg22> ((I don't))
[22:13] <DracoGM> Days go by without incident...
[22:13] <DracoGM> dice 2d20
[22:14] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9:19; Total: 28.
[22:14] <Zyborg22> ((I was just wondering if that was something that happened when I wasn't here or something))
[22:14] <Spheniscine> ((I'll probably need to sort my GP problem later...))
[22:14] <DracoGM> Direlda doesn't do so hot tracking the canids the second day, but decides to just follow the sheep, since it seems the same thing, and LOTS of sheep are easier to follow than a few wolves.
[22:15] <RobinFiredrake> (Alrighty, where are we now?))
[22:15] == DracoGM has changed nick to ErstatsDirelda
[22:15] <Remus> ((I can track too, if needed...))
[22:16] <ErstatsDirelda> You are coming into a LOT of wolf tracks now... and the land once again looks heavily grazed.
[22:16] <ErstatsDirelda> ((Above was a comment, not a verbal statement))
[22:16] <ErstatsDirelda> ((None of the scents are familiar. IE you haven't met these wolves before...))
[22:16] <ErstatsDirelda> ((Anything particular you are going to do?))
[22:17] <RobinFiredrake> "Sheep... Hate sheep. Stupid herd animals. Don't even taste very good."
[22:17] <Ruumis> ((Just a "Hmmm." from Ruumis))
[22:17] <Zyborg22> ((Be right back))
[22:17] * Remus looks around, an idea coming to mind, "Are we sure that the sheep at the farm were eaten? Looks like they got led off, which implies a rather high level of intelligence somewhere..."
[22:17] <Spheniscine> Hmm... more wolves...
[22:18] <RobinFiredrake> "Oh dear... Not smart wolves... That would be worse than- Err, no offence Spheniscine..."
[22:18] * Spheniscine stares
[22:19] <Spheniscine> "... my family reunion?"
[22:19] * Remus smirks
[22:19] <Spheniscine> ((Yeah, that family reunion thing is an attempt at a running joke...))
[22:19] * Remus perks his ears and grins as a scale falls off Robin, picking it up and pocketing
[22:20] * RobinFiredrake turns around, looking the fox over, confused at what happened.
[22:20] * Remus looks up from petting Saleth, "Hmm?"
[22:22] <RobinFiredrake> "Nothing..."
[22:22] * Remus hums and keeps walking along, grinning
[22:22] * RobinFiredrake looks around. "So, do we camp here for the night, or keep hunting these things?"
[22:23] <Remus> ((*adds a note to his char sheet*))
[22:23] <ErstatsDirelda> ((It is around 1 PM right now...))
[22:25] * RobinFiredrake looks around as he's stared at. "I want to play with my snake..."
[22:25] <Ruumis> "Let's keep going. Still plenty of sunlight left."
[22:25] <Zyborg22> ((Back))
[22:25] <Zyborg22> I'm with Ruumis.
[22:26] <RobinFiredrake> "Aaaw..."
[22:26] * Remus nods and chuckles, Saleth riding upon his shoulder
[22:28] <RobinFiredrake> ((What now?))
[22:29] * Spheniscine continues plodding
[22:30] <ErstatsDirelda> Everyone with scent, make me a wisdom check...
[22:30] <Remus> ((19 + 3 = 22))
[22:30] <Spheniscine> ((I do wonder why I don't have scent?))
[22:31] <RobinFiredrake> ((Do I have scent?))
[22:32] <ErstatsDirelda> ((Nope))
[22:32] <RobinFiredrake> ((Right.))
[22:33] <ErstatsDirelda> dice 1d20
[22:33] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[22:35] * Remus breathes in slowly and sniffs, "Smells like there's a lot of wolves, and... something else... but i can't tell what. And it's not something i could follow, it's just... in the air."
[22:35] <ErstatsDirelda> Dice 1d20
[22:35] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[22:35] <ErstatsDirelda> This is very odd...
[22:36] <Ruumis> "Fire? Death? Allergies?"
[22:36] <ErstatsDirelda> I shouldn't be able to follow these tracks anymore...
[22:36] <Ruumis> (( "It's a TRAP!" [/ackbar] ))
[22:36] <ErstatsDirelda> This looks like we are back on another farm, although I don't see a farmhouse anywhere around...
[22:36] * RobinFiredrake sniffs the air. "I smell /magic/! Of course, one can never be certain, but that's what I think."
[22:37] * Remus rolls his eyes and mutters about Robin
[22:37] <ErstatsDirelda> The track I am on now though, was made by sheep in a hurry... with wolves mixed in. But I smell no blood.
[22:37] <Zyborg22> I don't smell anything, though I think you knew that.
[22:37] <Zyborg22> :P
[22:37] <Ruumis> "Smart wolves herding sheep?"
[22:37] <ErstatsDirelda> They came here, then they went back again, over their own tracks.
[22:38] <ErstatsDirelda> Looks like that exactly actually...
[22:38] <Remus> Further evidence...
[22:38] <Remus> They aren't just raiding and eating...
[22:38] <Remus> They're... leading the sheep off?
[22:38] <RobinFiredrake> Hmm...
[22:39] <Remus> Where do you think they're going, Direlda?
[22:40] <ErstatsDirelda> I don't THINK, I KNOW... the path is pretty straight for that group of trees ahead. *Points to a large, thick wood.*
[22:40] <ErstatsDirelda> So unless it veers off suddenly...
[22:40] * Remus looks forward and nods, putting Saleth in his carrier
[22:40] <Spheniscine> Hrm.
[22:40] * RobinFiredrake grins wide. "Trees! Oh I love trees... This is going to be great, I just know it! So long as I don't get mauled. I have a feeling if I lost a limb, you guys would try to eat it."
[22:40] <Remus> I say we follow, but be rady for anything...
[22:41] <ErstatsDirelda> ((You are about a quarter mile from the edge of the woods.))
[22:41] <Remus> ready*
[22:41] * Remus smirks and coughs fakely
[22:42] <Zyborg22> I wouldn't eat it.
[22:42] <RobinFiredrake> Thank you Zyborg.
[22:42] <RobinFiredrake> I never would have guessed.
[22:42] * RobinFiredrake wonders to himself if robots are programmed to state the obvious <.=.<
[22:42] <Ruumis> "Eating it would be a waste."
[22:42] * Remus buries his face in his arm and buries a series of giggles in a series of fake coughs
[22:42] <ErstatsDirelda> ((So, you enter the woods?))
[22:43] <Remus> ((Yeah))
[22:43] * Remus walks along with his quarterstaff out and using it like a 'normal' staff
[22:43] <RobinFiredrake> ((Ahuh.))
[22:44] <Spheniscine> ((I don't think he's a robot here, just a warforged))
[22:44] <ErstatsDirelda> Dice 1d20
[22:44] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
[22:44] <RobinFiredrake> (Well... Same thing, but with magic.))
[22:44] <ErstatsDirelda> I see a wolf trying to hid up ahead...
[22:44] <Remus> ((MAGIC!!))
[22:44] <Spheniscine> ((:p))
[22:44] <ErstatsDirelda> *hide
[22:44] * Remus nods and looks ahead, "Ruumis, you try to call out in infernal."
[22:45] <ErstatsDirelda> ((If we start runnning too late for anyone, just tell me...))
[22:45] <Ruumis> "Huh? Oh." [in Infernal] "Hello! Peace!"
[22:47] <Ruumis> "We come in peace, don't we?"
[22:47] <Ruumis> ((To the group))
[22:47] * Remus nods
[22:47] <Remus> More or less
[22:47] * Spheniscine nods
[22:48] <Ruumis> "Ok, the wolf is going to howl and have the leader come over. No weapons out or anything, you guys."
[22:49] * Ruumis waits for a confirmation from the group.
[22:49] <RobinFiredrake> "Well, I can't exactly put away this enormous mind."
[22:49] * RobinFiredrake smirks
[22:50] * Remus thumps robin with his staff and mutters, leaning on it
[22:50] <ErstatsDirelda> dice 1d20
[22:50] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[22:51] <ErstatsDirelda> Remus hits (assuming for no damage...)
[22:51] == ErstatsDirelda has changed nick to DracoGM
[22:51] <Remus> ((Yep, just to tell him to keep his ego in check =P ))
[22:51] * RobinFiredrake grumbles
[22:51] <DracoGM> Wolf: *Stands and howls oddly.*
[22:51] <Ruumis> ((I am reminded of how my fighter acts towards my brother's sorcerer.))
[22:52] <Spheniscine> ((Hey, we should roll for no-damage hits in the main channels :p))
[22:52] <DracoGM> Wolf: *Looks uncertain. Then thinks very carefully, and howls again... sounds exactly the same pattern.*
[22:53] <DracoGM> ((Spheniscine: Yes, unless people agree it isn't worth it...))
[22:53] <DracoGM> Wolf: *Says something to Ruumis*
[22:53] <Spheniscine> ((:p))
[22:53] * RobinFiredrake makes growly noises, trying to imitate the infernal.
[22:53] <Ruumis> "Ok, we follow this wolf."
[22:54] <DracoGM> Wolf: *Turns around and walks away, but is glancing back frequently in a very wary way.*
[22:54] <Ruumis> "And my mother is dead, so that's impossible, Robin."
[22:54] <Zyborg22> Aren't you a necromancer?
[22:55] * Remus smirks and rolls his eyes, "Come on, follow."
[22:55] * Ruumis starts following. "Yes, but mum wanted to remain dead. And so she is."
[22:55] <DracoGM> ((Ok, that just dropped the "happy-fun" quotient of this campaign another notch...))
[22:55] <Ruumis> ((I could make a bad joke about it))
[22:55] * RobinFiredrake blushes a bit, and follows after the fox.
[22:55] <RobinFiredrake> ((I thought it was funny.))
[22:56] <DracoGM> Wolf: *Looks at Robin oddly*
[22:56] <DracoGM> You follow the wolf...
[22:56] * Spheniscine follows
[22:56] <DracoGM> ((The wolf was about 50 feet inside the forest by the way...))
[22:57] <Ruumis> "Didn't want any gold wasted on such things, donated it all to the 'Orphanage for Parentless Zombies'. Place is doing well."
[22:57] * Remus blinks a little at the statement from Ruumis and shakes his head, following after the wolf
[22:57] * RobinFiredrake follows the wolf, trying to ignore the necromancer.
[22:58] <DracoGM> ((Any particular stuff you are each paying attention to as you go?))
[22:58] * Remus is looking around the forest as we go
[22:59] * Zyborg22 is mostly just checking that we're not going into an ambush or something.
[22:59] * RobinFiredrake is paying attention to his equipment, to see it's all there. A nervous habit of his.
[23:00] * Remus notices Robin and mumbles about dragons and their property
[23:00] * Ruumis is saying mostly nonsensical stories about caring for young undead and how great it is when they go off to college and get jobs of their own. He isn't paying much attention.
[23:00] <RobinFiredrake> "How do undead grow, Ruumis?"
[23:01] <DracoGM> ((Spheniscine: What are you up to?))
[23:02] <Ruumis> "Well, it takes a long while, and involves a large amount of novels and glue."
[23:02] <Spheniscine> I guess I'm just enjoying the scenery...
[23:02] <Ruumis> "Normally not used together."
[23:03] <DracoGM> Remus: Roll me a listen check...
[23:03] <RobinFiredrake> "Umm... Nevermind."
[23:03] <Remus> ((5+9 = 14))
[23:03] <DracoGM> (Those of you with Scent note that the variety of wolf smells has dropped to a MUCH smaller number now...)
[23:04] <DracoGM> (Zyborg: Make a listen and a spot check...)
[23:04] <Ruumis> "And if you think normal teenagers are bad, imagine what happens when a teenage vampire learns about 'Goth'."
[23:04] * Remus takes a tighter grip on his staff and keeps looking around
[23:04] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[23:04] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[23:04] <Zyborg22> 1d20
[23:05] <Remus> Oh... Oh gosh...
[23:05] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[23:05] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[23:05] <Zyborg22> ((18 and 13))
[23:05] <RobinFiredrake> "Darn it Ruumis, no more!"
[23:06] <Ruumis> "Well you asked."
[23:06] <DracoGM> You come to a bit of a clearing... across from you is a bunch of piled up branches, a lot of them thorny.
[23:06] <RobinFiredrake> "I say we send Zyborg through."
[23:07] * Remus steps into the clearing and looks across at the branches
[23:07] <DracoGM> Between you and the branches however you see a row of wolves, in a line perpendicular to your line of travel, all sitting on their haunches, looking tense but not immediately aggressive.
[23:07] * RobinFiredrake eeps and hides behind Zyborg.
[23:08] * Ruumis waves
[23:08] * Remus looks across the line and notes each wolf, counting
[23:09] <DracoGM> One of them towards one end is a bit bigger than the rest, but the one in the middle has eyes that glow red (as in they are actually generating light of there own, not just reflecting it oddly) in the gloom beneath the branches.
[23:09] * Spheniscine attempts to look friendly
[23:09] <DracoGM> Past the snarls you can see, hear, and smell, sheep.
[23:10] * Remus leans on his staff and looks across the line, motioning for Ruumis to move up and snap out of talking to himself, "Translate?"
[23:10] <DracoGM> ((Remus: Haven't decided on numbers, but probably the same number in front of you as were in the group that attacked you, plus one more behind, guiding you in.))
[23:10] <Remus> ((Alright))
[23:10] == DracoGM has changed nick to GlowEyes
[23:11] <GlowEyes> That will not be necessary.
[23:11] * Remus nods and smiles, "Good."
[23:11] <GlowEyes> ((Speaking Common))
[23:11] <RobinFiredrake> "FINALLY one that speaks common."
[23:11] * Ruumis is semi-staring at the 'wolf'.
[23:11] <GlowEyes> Our leader is still coming, please sit, and wait.
[23:12] * Remus nods and keeps leaning on his staff, looking around
[23:12] * RobinFiredrake sits down, and looks in his sack.
[23:12] * RobinFiredrake pets the snake
[23:12] <GlowEyes> dice 1d20
[23:12] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 12; Total: 12.
[23:13] <GlowEyes> ((Just a sec.... have to look up the attack bonus on a Tiny Viper....))
[23:13] <Ruumis> ((hehe))
[23:13] <Ruumis> (( +5 ))
[23:13] <RobinFiredrake> ((o.=.o))
[23:13] <Remus> (Hehehe))
[23:13] <RobinFiredrake> ((I get the feeling this won't end well...)
[23:14] <GlowEyes> *The snake bites Robin on the nose for 1 point of damage...*
[23:14] <GlowEyes> Direlda looks completely horrified and helpless...
[23:15] * RobinFiredrake yelps and closes the sack back up quickly, starting to rub his nose. "I sure hope it's not a poisonous one..."
[23:15] * Remus laughs, "We did warn you."
[23:15] <GlowEyes> ((Going to roll the fort save now...))
[23:15] <RobinFiredrake> "Worth it, to get a snake familiar."
[23:15] <GlowEyes> dice 1d20
[23:15] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[23:16] <GlowEyes> ((Really hurts, but you maintain your composure well enough to close the back up before the rattle-snake escapes.))
[23:17] <GlowEyes> ((No ability score damage at this time...))
[23:17] * RobinFiredrake rubs his snout, whimpering a bit. "Ow..."
[23:17] * Ruumis makes a comment in infernal to the wolf with glowing eyes.
[23:17] <Remus> Can you heal him, Ruumis?
[23:18] <Ruumis> "The bite or any possible poison?"
[23:18] <RobinFiredrake> "Ack, no! I don't want him near me! He'd turn me into a zombie skeleton thingy."
[23:19] <Remus> Ehh... Poison. The bite's his repayment for being stupid.
[23:19] <Ruumis> "Don't have that spell prepared, didn't think someone would manage to get bitten by a snake."
[23:20] <RobinFiredrake> "I don't want him near me anyway."
[23:20] * Remus nods, "Hmm.. alright."
[23:20] <GlowEyes> ((So everyone is just going to sit tight?))
[23:20] * Remus smirks and shakes his head, "Eh, it's what you get."
[23:20] <Remus> ((Well, i'm not sitting... but yeah."
[23:20] <Remus> ))
[23:21] <Ruumis> ((yeah))
[23:21] * RobinFiredrake hopes it's not poisonous. Ah well. He sits still, just rubbing his muzzle.
[23:21] <Zyborg22> ((I don't have anything I can use to cure Robin, so yeah))
[23:23] <Spheniscine> ((I think it was, but you managed to shake it off))
[23:23] <RobinFiredrake> ((Oh, that's what the fortitude was for?))
[23:23] <Spheniscine> ((Reckon so))
[23:25] <RobinFiredrake> ((Anyhow, what now?))
[23:25] <Ruumis> ((Stuff happens))
[23:25] <Remus> ((Things blow up.))
[23:25] <Ruumis> ((and the day is saved))
[23:26] <Remus> ((hehe. I gotta head out now. Cya all!))
[23:26] <RobinFiredrake> ((No magic?))
[23:26] <RobinFiredrake> ((Bye Remus.))
[23:26] <Ruumis> ((bye))
[23:26] <Remus> ((Will catch log next time))
[23:26] == Remus [ParadoxFox@velox.vulpineconspiracy.net] has quit [Quit: Non mihi, non tibi, sed nobis]
[23:27] <Spheniscine> ((I guess that's it?))
[23:28] <RobinFiredrake> ((I'll stay as long as I can, but losing a player is never a good sign for a game continuing.))
[23:28] <GlowEyes> ((Sorry for the delay... discovered something SERIOUSLY overdue... not a high percentage thing, but if it should happen to pay off, then it would save someone's life and/or sanity.))
[23:28] <RobinFiredrake> ((Hmm?))
[23:28] <Ruumis> (( O: ))
[23:30] <GlowEyes> ((A PM on Giant in the Playground that I had failed to respond to for months. Nothing confidential, but also nothing I can tell you about... dangerous info in the wrong hands... like directions for making nitroglycerine or something like that... I have been advised to play it safe.))
[23:30] <RobinFiredrake> ((Okay then.))
[23:30] <GlowEyes> One minute after the bite...
[23:31] <GlowEyes> dice 1d20
[23:31] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[23:31] <Spheniscine> ((Eep... poison...))
[23:31] <GlowEyes> Robin's system seems to be disposing of the problem very nicely.
[23:31] <RobinFiredrake> ((Crud... Okay, so what are the effects?))
[23:31] <RobinFiredrake> ((Oh, immunity to poison ^..^; Better.))
[23:32] <GlowEyes> ((Nothing, you made both your saves... not immunity, just got slightly lucky... then again it WAS only a DC 10 fortitude save...))
[23:32] <RobinFiredrake> ((Hm.))
[23:32] <GlowEyes> ((And... ))
[23:32] <GlowEyes> -----------
[23:32] <GlowEyes> E
[23:32] <GlowEyes> ------------------End Session---------------------
[23:33] <GlowEyes> Any comments/questions/whatever?

2010-04-23, 01:31 AM
Hood rolled for abilities: 7, 11, 12, 13, 13, 14

1 "commoner" level
+2 STR, +2 DEX
Speed 40
+2 Intimidate, Climb, and Jump (Jump bonus counts as "Athletic" feat for purposes of getting into Leap Dragoon)
Bonus Feat: Alertness
2-blade sword counts as a martial weapon
Favored Class (changed from something else): Fighter

Racial-made Armor gives -1 to AC, but +1 to Max. Dex. and +1 to Intimidate

Probably starting out as follows (after racial and level-up boosts):
STR 17
Dex 13 (swap point boost here if wearing race-made armor?)
Con 13
Int 7
Wis 13
Cha 12
"Commoner" 1/Fighter 3
Feats: Brawn over Brain, Weapon Focus (Ranseur), Dodge, Mobility
Equipment: Ranseur +1, Full-Plate +1
Skill Ranks: Jump 7 ranks, 14 skill-points remaining to spend.
Hitpoints: 10 (Fighter 1) + 6 (1.5*4 Con. Bonus) + 1d4 ("Commoner" Level in leu of level adjustment) + 2d10

2010-04-30, 07:05 PM
[20:15] <Remus> So how is this session to be different?
[20:15] <~DracoSemiAway> Ok... Direlda has to leave soon, and I want to work in another player soon (maybe the next session we play of this scenario, maybe the one after that)....
[20:15] <~DracoSemiAway> So, we are going to time-skip forward a bit...
[20:15] * Remus nods
[20:16] * Spheniscine nods
[20:16] <~DracoSemiAway> To the negotiations and prep-work stages of a future mission, which will be starting out on the prime material plane instead of the Semi-Elemental Plane of Candy...
[20:17] <~DracoSemiAway> Actually, I may change the starting plane, but it shouldn't matter...
[20:19] <~DracoSemiAway> Assume you have some money... not sure how much, but "A lot".
[20:19] * Remus nods
[20:19] <Ruumis> :/
[20:19] <Direlda> I'm going, but leaving my computer logged in
[20:20] <Direlda> blessings all!
[20:20] <Zyborg22> Did Hood tell you a name of his species?
[20:20] <Zyborg22> Oh, and bye then.
[20:20] <~DracoSemiAway> Anyway... you are looking for good things to do (to one extent or another).
[20:20] <Spheniscine> Bye Dir.
[20:20] <Spheniscine> Heh... still haven't sorted out our money problem...
[20:20] <Spheniscine> GP is still blank. :p
[20:20] *** Direlda is now known as Direlda[A]
[20:20] * Direlda[A] is now away - Reason : Off to slay the beast known as homework - methinks it's a hydra... >.<
[20:21] <~DracoSemiAway> You have been called in for a job-offer by one of the higher ranking (not necessarily higher level) clerics of Wee Jas that Ruumis is in contact with...
[20:21] <~DracoSemiAway> Zyborg: Yes, and when I can look it up, I will tell you.
[20:23] <Ruumis> ((High ranking cleric of the main clergy of Wee Jas, or of the Ruby Order?))
[20:23] <~DracoSemiAway> ((PM me what the difference is...))
[20:26] <Remus> ((A note, Draco. Eli has time and may very well be able to join the campaign now))
[20:26] <Remus> ((If we can support that many people though... is another issue?))
[20:27] <~DracoSemiAway> ((Remus: Well, if Direlda keeps not showing up...))
[20:27] <~DracoSemiAway> ((But other than that, I am wary...))
[20:28] <Remus> ((Wary of?))
[20:28] <~DracoSemiAway> ((Expanding the number of players too quickly or too high.((
[20:28] <~DracoSemiAway> ))
[20:29] <~DracoSemiAway> Ok, I will keep this simple...
[20:29] <Remus> ((Ah, ok))
[20:29] <~DracoSemiAway> You don't know what order this guy belongs to...
[20:29] <~DracoSemiAway> Drat... wrong window, but it is still true.
[20:29] <Ruumis> right
[20:29] *** DracoSemiAway is now known as Nicodemus
[20:30] <~Nicodemus> Come in please...
[20:30] * Remus steps in, walking with his staff and humminh softly
[20:31] <Remus> ((My first thought is of the dragon Nicodemus from the Dreamland Chronicles >_>))
[20:31] <Zyborg22> ((Attack him! :P ))
[20:32] * Zyborg22 also steps in.
[20:32] * Ruumis follows those two
[20:32] <~Nicodemus> ((You all enter his office. There is a guy is a somewhat tattered robe sitting in a chair next to Nicodemus's desk. The man in the robe is holding a fancy looking staff with a burlap bag over the top of it...))
[20:33] <~Nicodemus> Greetings in the name of the Ruby Lady, Ruumis, may your service to her meet with her approval.
[20:34] *** Nicodemus is now known as DracoGM
[20:34] * Remus looks over to the man and nods politely, leaning against the wall
[20:34] <Ruumis> "And to you as well."
[20:35] <~DracoGM> (((Hood's race is Sergal)))
[20:36] <~DracoGM> Please, those of you who sit, please sit.
[20:37] * Ruumis takes a seat.
[20:37] * Spheniscine sits
[20:37] * Remus looks and finds a chair, slipping into it and setting his staff across his lap
[20:38] <Zyborg22> Oh, there's a thunderstorm. I can't stay. Sorry.
[20:39] *** Zyborg22 has quit IRC: Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - (Link: http://www.trillian.im)www.trillian.im ~
[20:39] <~DracoGM> ((The Hood of the robe is pulled down quite far, but he smells quite human, and the hand holding is staff is also human looking.))
[20:39] <~DracoGM> ((Good thing we are doing a time-skip...))
[20:40] <~DracoGM> ((Trying to think of how to say this next part.))
[20:41] * Remus leans forward in his seat, looking at the man and nodding slowly
[20:41] <Spheniscine> brb
[20:41] <~DracoGM> I have heard of your off-plane adventures. You acquitted yourself well, all of you. And I believe you would seek to do so again.
[20:42] <~DracoGM> This man has an opportunity that may pose the correct sort of challenge.
[20:43] * Remus raises his eyebrows a bit at this statement and curls his tail up a bit, "Oh?"
[20:45] * Ruumis eyes the man.
[20:45] <~DracoGM> It MAY turn out to be a highly simple matter...
[20:45] * Remus nods
[20:46] <~DracoGM> But if it doesn't you would have to search at least 2 days journey from the point you arrive at in all directions to find your goal.
[20:46] <~DracoGM> Possibly in a hostile environment.
[20:47] * Remus nods slowly, "What is this goal?"
[20:48] <~DracoGM> A person in need of rescue.
[20:48] <Ruumis> "Person?"
[20:49] <~DracoGM> Or resurrection if he is dead...
[20:49] <~DracoGM> Yes, someone of a small amount of note... but only a small amount.
[20:50] *** DracoGM is now known as Nicodemus
[20:50] <~Nicodemus> ((Don't know why that didn't go through earlier...))
[20:50] <Spheniscine> ((Back))
[20:51] <~Nicodemus> ((Oops... changed it after... never mind, it is right now... moving on.))
[20:51] <Spheniscine> ((Hm what about the wolves? X3))
[20:51] <Remus> ((Brb))
[20:52] <~Nicodemus> ((The situation with the wolves has been resolved for at least a few months when this takes place... but you knew that, right?
[20:52] <Spheniscine> ((Ah...))
[20:52] <~Nicodemus> "Time skip"))
[20:52] <Spheniscine> ((I see.))
[20:52] <~Nicodemus> ((We will be jumping back to that NEXT sesssion.))
[20:52] <Remus> ((back))
[20:53] <Spheniscine> ((And by now we would have earned some money))
[20:53] <~Nicodemus> ((I decided to go non-linear, and so far the way this session is going, I am very happy I did.))
[20:53] <Spheniscine> ((Was confused a bit :p))
[20:53] <~Nicodemus> ((I did try to explain at the start...))
[20:54] <Spheniscine> ((*nods... just... didn't follow. X3))
[20:56] <Ruumis> "I would understand if he had come solely for the event of a resurrection, but why did he come to us for a rescue attempt? Surely there are more warriors to be found among the follows of the more... violent, gods."
[20:56] <~Nicodemus> I have drawn up a contract... I believe you will find the compensation quite appropriate to the dangers you might face while off-plane.
[20:56] <Remus> A contract, you say? May i see?
[20:57] * Remus stands up and steps forward a bit
[20:57] <~Nicodemus> Because the man you will be rescuing was... attempting to travel to a grave.
[20:57] * Ruumis headtilts.
[20:58] <~Nicodemus> Certainly, certainly... but do you have any general questions first?
[20:58] <Ruumis> "What sort of 'dangers' do you expect there to be?"
[20:59] <~Nicodemus> Well, there are many hazardous places in the multiverse...
[20:59] <Remus> What plane? We need more info... I want every scrap of info that might possibly help us or be of use
[20:59] <~Nicodemus> And we don't know which he might have ended up in...
[20:59] <Spheniscine> Hmm...
[20:59] <Ruumis> "..."
[21:00] *** Nicodemus is now known as RobedMan
[21:02] <~RobedMan> We CAN however garuntee that your arrival point will be with in mere yards of his, not within a solid object or such-like, and we know that he surived at least 2 minutes after his arrival.
[21:02] * Remus nods
[21:02] <Ruumis> "So probably not one of the elemental planes."
[21:02] <Spheniscine> Ooh, danger. I laugh in the face of danger. >:3
[21:02] <Spheniscine> Haha! Ahaha!
[21:03] *** RobedMan is now known as Nicodemus
[21:03] <~Nicodemus> Actually, it COULD be... probably not Earth or Fire, but even those are possible.
[21:04] * Remus rolls his eyes, "Please, ignore the insane dog..thing... Whatever. What was or is he?"
[21:05] <~Nicodemus> A human, I BELIEVE his expertese was somewhat like your own....
[21:06] <~Nicodemus> ((DC 15 Sense Motive checks everyone...))
[21:06] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[21:06] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[21:06] <Ruumis> ((24))
[21:06] <Remus> ((15))
[21:07] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[21:07] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[21:07] <Ruumis> "If I may ask, what is the relation between this man and the one we are to retrieve?"
[21:07] <Spheniscine> (17)
[21:08] <~Nicodemus> Wait...
[21:09] <~Nicodemus> You did not make yourself clear...
[21:09] <~Nicodemus> The only man I have been talking about IS the one you are supposed to retrieve.
[21:09] <Ruumis> "..."
[21:09] <~Nicodemus> He was on his way to a grave-site, and did not returrn as expected.
[21:10] * Remus gestures to the robed man, "Who is this, then? What relation does he have to the man we are looking for?"
[21:10] <Ruumis> ((How... straightforward))
[21:10] <Remus> ((Heheh.))
[21:10] <Remus> ((That's me =P ))
[21:11] <~Nicodemus> That would be a comrade of the man you are to retrieve.
[21:11] <~Nicodemus> One who is concerned enough to arrange funding for your mission.
[21:12] * Remus nods and looks the man over slowly
[21:12] <Spheniscine> Hm.
[21:12] *** Nicodemus is now known as Robed
[21:13] * ~Robed flips back his hood... none of you recognize him. He shoots Remus a dark look.
[21:13] *** Robed is now known as Nicodemus
[21:13] <Ruumis> "Hello!"
[21:14] * Remus raises his eyebrow and looks him over, "Yes?"
[21:15] <Ruumis> "How long has the person been missing?"
[21:15] <~Nicodemus> Robed: "Hello" To Nicodemus: "I think, on the basis of how this is going so far, this would work better if I left. They may enquire of me by messenger for any details they might need... if you can't... nevermind...."
[21:16] <~Nicodemus> He left a 10 days ago... he was expected back a week after he left.
[21:16] <~Nicodemus> (The robed man leaves.)
[21:16] * Remus gets up from his seat, "What is it, oh so mysterious stranger, who seems to not have a liking for me?"
[21:16] <Remus> ((Scratch that then.. ))
[21:17] <Spheniscine> Awr, not enjoying the party?
[21:17] <Spheniscine> ((Actively trying to make my character a little more goofy :p))
[21:17] <~Nicodemus> I look forward to discussing that with you after your safe return... hopefully safe for ALL concerned.
[21:17] <Ruumis> "And where was he supposed to be going?"
[21:18] <~Nicodemus> ((last statement was by the robed guy, just before he closed the door behind him, slightly harder than necessary.))
[21:18] * Remus looks after the man and lets out a low growl before looking back to Nicodemus
[21:21] <~Nicodemus> As I said... he was going to a grave-site of sorts... one of the odd things is that it should have been a VERY safe place... um... quite frankly the most probable theory is that something about the device that was to return him has gone arye, but if the trip over had been a hazard, he would have been either dead instantly, or it shouldn't be anything that you lot can't cope with...
[21:21] <~Nicodemus> So the suspicion is that he ended up somewhere else entirely.
[21:22] <~Nicodemus> Or that the return mechanism is malfunctioning.
[21:22] <Ruumis> "I see."
[21:22] <~Nicodemus> The second is the more likely case quite frankly.
[21:23] <~Nicodemus> In which case you will have a very boring time of it while another individual, don't ask me his name, I can never get gnomish names right... will be doing all the hard work, while you just lounge around doing nothing.
[21:24] <~Nicodemus> Here are your companions credentials.
[21:24] * Spheniscine sips a martini, then stares at the party mates. "What?"
[21:24] * ~Nicodemus pulls out a peice of paper from his desk and hands it to the group.
[21:25] * Spheniscine looks at it, then passes it on
[21:25] * Ruumis reads it
[21:26] * Ruumis hands it over to Remus
[21:26] <~Nicodemus> ((The paper is sorta like a resume, and is for an Artificer of good skills (equal or higher class levels than whatever the party is at this point)... he isn't credited on it with anything combative... just a good artificer.))
[21:27] <Ruumis> "I see."
[21:27] * Remus looks the sheet over and nods
[21:28] <Spheniscine> ((Companion referring to the lost guy right?))
[21:28] <~Nicodemus> ((Artificer is a character class that specializes in item creation... including temporary stuff on the fly.))
[21:28] <Remus> ((No, companion for the trip))
[21:28] <Spheniscine> ((Ah.))
[21:29] <Spheniscine> ((I wonder if he can create wacky weapons for me to use? X3))
[21:29] <Remus> ((Well, i could make you a lamp.))
[21:29] <~Nicodemus> ((Weapons? Certainly... Wacky? Nothing on the paper to imply that... but he IS a gnome...))
[21:29] <Remus> ((attach it to a poll, and you have a lampost for a weapon))
[21:30] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[21:31] <Ruumis> (( A poll on a pole in a pool.))
[21:32] <Remus> (( XD ))
[21:32] <Ruumis> "Why were they going to the site anyway?"
[21:33] <~Nicodemus> HE was going to pay his respects, and to do some deep cleaning.
[21:34] <Ruumis> "A good reason."
[21:35] <~Nicodemus> "Indeed."
[21:37] <Spheniscine> "Wow, he must be real dedicated, to do interplanar travel for that..."
[21:38] <~Nicodemus> He was.
[21:38] * Remus nods and shrugs a little
[21:39] <~Nicodemus> And hopefully, IS...
[21:40] * Ruumis nods
[21:40] * Spheniscine nods
[21:41] <~Nicodemus> Any further questions?
[21:42] <Ruumis> "What are we to do if some force or agency took the subject?"
[21:44] <~Nicodemus> Get him back if reasonably possible. If not, wait to be retrieved, then report his location so that greater force may be applied to retrieve him.
[21:45] * Ruumis looks at the others, "Any of you have questions you want to ask?"
[21:45] <Spheniscine> How do we know we *want* to rescue the guy, and that he's not an evil wizard out to enslave us all?
[21:46] * Remus points to the cleric, "Would this guy have hired us to do it?"
[21:46] <Ruumis> "No."
[21:47] <~Nicodemus> ((Nicodemus is the cleric, in case that wasn't clear...))
[21:47] * Remus nods, "Then there's your answer."
[21:47] <Remus> ((Woops))
[21:47] <Ruumis> "Also, any evil wizard worth the title wouldn't need saving."
[21:48] <Spheniscine> lol
[21:48] <~Nicodemus> I swear to the Ruby Lady the man in need of rescuing has a reputation as being far from a conquering or even agressive type.
[21:49] * Remus raises his eyebrow a bit
[21:49] * Spheniscine nods
[21:50] <Ruumis> "Very well, think we should go prepare before we teleport there."
[21:50] <Ruumis> ((And if that rhymes, it was unintentional.))
[21:50] * Remus nods
[21:50] <~Nicodemus> Plane-shift, not teleport... Here is the contract.
[21:50] * Remus slips Ruumis a cookie for the rhyme, unintentional though it was
[21:51] <Ruumis> ((It's magical movement. I call them all teleport))
[21:51] <Ruumis> (( :D ))
[21:51] * ~Nicodemus rolls out a long scroll, leaving just the very top rolled up, and allows you to read it.
[21:51] * Remus rolls up the top and looks at that part
[21:51] <Remus> ((brb)
[21:52] * ~Nicodemus resists...
[21:52] <Ruumis> ((heh))
[21:52] <Remus> ((Unrolls*))
[21:53] * Ruumis looks it over after Remus is done
[21:55] <Remus> ((back))
[21:56] <~Nicodemus> ((Remus: Good... what are you going to do about the fact that he doesn't seem to want to let go of that top part?))
[21:57] <Ruumis> ((Oh, then I haven't read it.))
[21:57] <Ruumis> ((Since Remus hasn't started yet.))
[21:57] * Remus raises his eyebrow and looks at Nicodemus, "May I see the full scroll?"
[21:57] <Spheniscine> ((:p))
[21:59] <~Nicodemus> That would not be to your benefit at this time... and if you tell anyone I said that, I will use my just authority to turn aside discussion of the matter.
[22:00] * Ruumis looks at Nicodemus.
[22:01] * Remus shakes his head slowly, "Tell me what it concerns, and i'll let it drop. I'm not going into something i'm missing some fact about."
[22:02] <~Nicodemus> Since you insist.... it is the identity of the organization who owns the tomb, and whom both the individual you saw and the individual you would be rescuing are active in.
[22:04] * Remus nods, "May i please see it, then? I don't happen to like working for unkown people."
[22:04] <~Nicodemus> Also know as "The party of the first part" ((IE legal jargon that doesn't mean anything without context... not some mystiical orginization that vernerates Light for being the first thing that God created or something like that))
[22:05] <~Nicodemus> Very well... since you are this innocent man's best hope of rescue...
[22:05] <~Nicodemus> Ruumis, I would go sit down now if I were you...
[22:06] * Ruumis sits down in the same chair he used earlier.
[22:06] * ~Nicodemus shows the top of the contract to R\emus so that only he can see it...
[22:07] <Ruumis> ((Now I'm slightly more curious than I was.))
[22:07] <Remus> ((haha =P ))
[22:09] <Ruumis> ((Sooooo))
[22:13] <~Nicodemus> ((Accidently PMed Sphen with the question I now have for Remus... sorry...))
[22:13] <~Nicodemus> ((Now sent to Remus))
[22:20] <~Nicodemus> Remus goes O.o as he reads the top of the contract...
[22:21] <Ruumis> "Huh."
[22:22] * Ruumis waits for him to say something.
[22:22] * Remus nods slowly and rolls the top of the scroll back down, looking over the rest of the contract
[22:24] <~Nicodemus> The rest of it looks fine to you.
[22:25] <~Nicodemus> For speed, I am going to assume that all of you inspect the rest of the contract... it is fine.
[22:26] <~Nicodemus> ((Anyone else going to go against Nicodemus's recommendations and insist on seeing the top part?))
[22:27] <Ruumis> "[sentence in Infernal]"
[22:28] <Spheniscine> ((Nah, I trust Remus. :p))
[22:28] <~Nicodemus> "Sorry, I don't speak Infernal."
[22:29] * Remus snorts, "Who does?"
[22:29] <Remus> ((Wait... isn't that the language of law? >> ))
[22:29] <Ruumis> "Ah. A shame."
[22:29] <Ruumis> ((Lawful evil, but yes.))
[22:29] <Ruumis> ((And a cleric of a goddess of Law.))
[22:30] <Ruumis> ((That's who, besides devils.))
[22:30] <Remus> ((Ah ))
[22:30] <Ruumis> "May I know why you feel we should not be aware of the employers?"
[22:32] <Ruumis> "Or should I assume that you are sure that this group will do nothing to harm the cause of Wee Jas or Law?"
[22:32] * Remus nods
[22:32] <Remus> It's fine, just something of interesting note.
[22:33] <~Nicodemus> ((He probably wasn't talking to you Remus...))
[22:33] <Ruumis> ((He can still answer though, even if asked of someone else))
[22:33] <Ruumis> ((Happens in RL, can happen in D&D.))
[22:33] <Remus> ((yeah =P ))
[22:34] * Ruumis looks at Remus. "Very well."
[22:35] <Ruumis> "I think we are done then."
[22:35] <~Nicodemus> I would say that it is sufficient that this MISSION will do nothing to cause harm to Wee Jas or Law. What your EMPLOYERS might do at some future date is beyond my ability to speculate... beyond that I would be surprised if they did anything much of importance, ever, about anything.
[22:35] * Remus snorts and nods
[22:36] *** Zyborg22 has joined #DracoD&D
[22:37] * Ruumis shrugs and stands back up.
[22:38] <~Nicodemus> ((Zyborg: Welcome back... most or the party is just about ready to sign the contract... despite only Remus actually knowing who your employer is...))
[22:39] <Ruumis> ((Hey, Ruumis is fine as long as it's fine with the temple of Wee Jas.))
[22:39] <Zyborg22> ((What's on the contract?))
[22:39] <~Nicodemus> ((Ruumis: It is, for reasons you will see....))
[22:40] <Ruumis> (( dramatic music stab?))
[22:40] <~Nicodemus> ((Zyborg: Standard boiler-plate mostly... Search and Rescue, assistance in making repairs to a major magic item... stuff like that.))
[22:43] <~Nicodemus> ((Zyborg: Only thing is, Nicodemus is very reluctant to let anyone see the only part of the contract where your employer is referenced as anything other than "The Party of the First Part".))
[22:44] <Ruumis> ((I can guess from OOC stuff, but I stated Ruumis's reason for being fine))
[22:44] <~Nicodemus> ((Can people help bring Zyborg up to speed on anything important I left out?))
[22:47] <Ruumis> ((umm...))
[22:48] <Ruumis> ((Seems about it))
[22:50] <Ruumis> (( <.< ))
[22:53] <~Nicodemus> ((Ok... anyone going to do anything else before I move on?))
[22:53] <Zyborg22> ((Probably not))
[22:53] <Ruumis> ((Don't think so))
[22:54] <Remus> ((Not I ))
[22:55] <~Nicodemus> (Ok... You all sign, and Nicodemus makes a few backhanded remarks that will clarify things, then hands you your copy of the contract.)
[22:55] <~Nicodemus> (Note that I didn't say they DO clarify things, just that they WILL clarify things.)
[22:56] <~Nicodemus> Basically, after enough thought you will realize that Nicodemus was looking after the party by giving them plausible deniability for taking the contract if anyone ever held it against them...
[22:56] <~Nicodemus> Because the people you are working for...
[22:57] <~Nicodemus> Well, they are pretty stupid.
[22:57] *** Nicodemus is now known as DracoGM
[22:57] <Spheniscine> ((lol?))
[22:57] <~DracoGM> They are a group of arcanists, who believe that ARCANE magic should never be sullided by being used for agressive purposes...
[22:58] <Spheniscine> lol
[22:58] <~DracoGM> Which, given what Arcane magic is generally GOOD at... yeah, idiots...
[22:58] <Zyborg22> Define aggresive purposes.
[22:58] <~DracoGM> And they are politically active in trying to advance their philosophy...
[22:58] <Spheniscine> ((:p))
[22:58] <Spheniscine> lol
[22:58] <Spheniscine> ("Guns for peace"?)
[22:58] <~DracoGM> Violent purposes including basically the eniter Enchantment school, and Illusions for anything other than purely entertainment purposes, in addition to the more obvious Evocation type "violence"...
[22:59] <~DracoGM> *entire
[22:59] <Ruumis> ((heh))
[23:00] <~DracoGM> Anyway, their greatest member to ever live built them a nice little demi-plane for an "office building"... in fact, he is entombed just in front of the stage in the grand meeting hall...
[23:01] <Zyborg22> ((If what I hear about the balance of magic (or lack thereof) is true, that might not be a bad thing.))
[23:02] <Ruumis> ((I should totally reanimate that guy. Nothing could possibly go wrong!))
[23:02] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[23:03] <~DracoGM> It was supposed to be somewhere where skilled arcanists would travel to from almost every plane to meet to advance their cause, and perform research into "The RIGHT Sort of Spells". Now? The guy you are trying to rescue was the first to actually make the trip there for several decades...
[23:05] <~DracoGM> The founder was decidely Good aligned (even if he was really stupid), so the whole place has a security filter (which can be turned off, although that sets off a warning back at the organizations prime-material headquarters), that wards the whole place against Evil creatures... and especially that main meeting-room...
[23:06] <~DracoGM> Basically two possibilities...
[23:06] <Zyborg22> So, we leave Ruumis behind?
[23:07] * Remus bops Zyborg,"He's not evil, you doof."
[23:07] <~DracoGM> The filter is mis-calibrated, and shunted the guy off ot to some other plane, or the crystal that boosts a *Teleport* spell into a *Plane-Shift, Greater*, to get back is malfunctioning...
[23:07] <Ruumis> ((heh))
[23:07] <~DracoGM> Chestnut technically is though...
[23:08] <Ruumis> ((Yeah, no normal undead))
[23:08] <Remus> Ooh...
[23:08] <Ruumis> ((Even if I'm not sure how a mindless thing can have an alignment))
[23:08] <Zyborg22> Oh, he isn't? All of that necromancy threw me off :P .
[23:08] <Ruumis> ((Haven't done any yet))
[23:08] <Ruumis> ((Just talked a lot about it))
[23:08] <Zyborg22> Or rather, the talk of it.
[23:08] <~DracoGM> Anyway... basically if anyone asks why you are associating with such morons, you can say "We were TRICKED!"
[23:09] <Ruumis> (( "They were offering good payment." ))
[23:09] <~DracoGM> But... as far as "helpless lambs" go, the guy you are rescuing pretty much qualifies...
[23:10] <~DracoGM> ((Well, and it involves the upkeep of an important grave site... which is the excuse that Nicodemus plans to use...))
[23:10] <Ruumis> ((yep))
[23:11] <Spheniscine> ((:p))
[23:11] <Ruumis> (( Hmm... Reanimate the guy, who is then an evil creature, and so gets zapped by the wards.))
[23:11] <Ruumis> ((nah))
[23:12] <Spheniscine> lol
[23:12] <Ruumis> ((Hmm. Are we doing any more IC stuff tonight?))
[23:13] <~DracoGM> Well, it is the SHOPPING that is so hard about this mission... so just be thinking about that...
[23:13] * Remus nods
[23:13] <Ruumis> ((hmm?))
[23:13] <~DracoGM> Anyone who wants to leave can feel free, those (if any) who stay can discuss what to purchase...
[23:13] <Remus> Eh.. i should probably go now..
[23:13] * Remus nods
[23:13] <Remus> cya all
[23:14] *** Remus has quit IRC: Quit: Aeternatatibus
[23:14] <~DracoGM> Note that the demiplane a sphere of stone, a fraction of a mile in diameter (forget how big exactly... something over 1000 feet) with lots of passages and rooms in it.
[23:14] <Ruumis> (( I have no idea how much gold I have. Or will have, rather))
[23:15] <~DracoGM> ((Doesn't matter... it is the SORTS of things to buy that are easy to forget... I could give you numbers to play with, but I wouldn't promise to stick to them....))
[23:16] <Ruumis> ((But, /are/ we done with the IC stuff for tonight?))
[23:16] <Zyborg22> ((Well, I'm getting that magic weapon))
[23:16] <Ruumis> ((Don't think Ruumis has any ideas on anything we should all buy))
[23:17] <~DracoGM> ((Equipment and planning is something I think can benefit from being done IC.... the session is "officially" over though in the way you mean.)))
[23:17] <Ruumis> ((Would probably just get various magic stuff))
[23:17] <Ruumis> ((Right,. I'm off to go watch a movie in the lobby.))
[23:18] <Zyborg22> ((As for other stuff, I might get more magic stuff))
[23:18] <Ruumis> ((Remember to figure out how much gold Spheniscine has/had before the time-skip, in the current thing.))
[23:18] *** Ruumis is now known as Hyperion[away]
[23:20] <~DracoGM> (("Magic stuff" covers so much ground that it isn't saying much for these purposes...
[23:20] <~DracoGM> ))
[23:20] <~DracoGM> ((IT is also popular that the stucture of the plane temporarily altered, causing a cave-in or something....))
[23:21] <Zyborg22> ((It depends on how much is left after the magic weapon))
[23:21] <~DracoGM> If he IS on another plane, the guy would know to TRY to stay near to his arrival point BTW.
[23:22] <Zyborg22> ((I may possibly throw in some things useful for cave-ins, but I may see if I can buy some permanent boost items or enchant my armor again))
[23:24] <Spheniscine> ((Any suggestions for me?))
[23:53] <Spheniscine> Lunch time. Bye. :3
[23:54] *** Spheniscine has quit IRC: Quit: Going!
[23:54] *** DracoGM is now known as DracoiSemiAway
[00:34] <Zyborg22> Well, I'm off. See you later.
[00:34] *** Zyborg22 has quit IRC: Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - (Link: http://www.trillian.im)www.trillian.im ~
[01:14] *** DracoiSemiAway is now known as DracoProbablyAsleep
[01:27] <Hyperion[away]> I am aware of how vague "magic stuff" is
[01:28] <Hyperion[away]> could, depending on level, be just some scrolls and potions and wands, to magic weapon/armor, to undead grafts.
[01:38] <Hyperion[away]> The last of which would probably be applied by Ruumis himself and most likely freak everyone out
[01:45] <Hyperion[away]> although I suppose if/when we reach the levels where such would be affordable, could ask for an event that makes getting the graft actually ok-ish
[01:47] <Hyperion[away]> due to Regenerate needing a level 14> cleric
[01:49] * Hyperion[away] hums
[01:54] <Hyperion[away]> Also: Back
[01:57] <Hyperion[away]> :3
[02:02] <Hyperion[away]> could have dumped all his normal stuff and just gotten one of the mid-range ones, but that'd be min-maxing or something

2010-05-15, 03:58 AM
[19:39] <~DracoGM> Welcome Robin.
[19:39] <~DracoGM> Robin: Looks like we are doing another "shopping" week.
[19:39] <~DracoGM> But we shall see...
[19:39] <Hyperion> :/
[19:40] * RobinFiredrake nods
[19:40] <RobinFiredrake> Was last week like that as well?
[19:42] <RobinFiredrake> Well, this week are we doing it for the main storyline?
[19:45] <~DracoGM> We will do the main storyline as soon as enough people show up in a given week to make it worth doing in my judgement.
[19:45] <~DracoGM> OR...
[19:45] <~DracoGM> I don't know what you mean by "main storyline".
[19:45] <~DracoGM> There is the earlier thing in the woods at the meeting with the wolves.
[19:45] <RobinFiredrake> That one, yeah
[19:46] <~DracoGM> There is the later thing that is basically down to shopping.
[19:46] <~DracoGM> Right, well, we will do the thing in the woods as soon as enough people show up a given week.
[19:47] <~DracoGM> The thing being y'all managed to get yourself in a bad spot there, and I don't want to help y'all out of it TOO much.
[19:47] * RobinFiredrake nods
[19:47] <~DracoGM> Thus the more people are around to collaborate on how to work things out the best, the better....
[19:48] <RobinFiredrake> So what are we doing this week, then?
[19:48] <~DracoGM> Also, the fewer people I have to run in combat (and it will almost certainly be combat) the better.
[19:48] <~DracoGM> So this week we are doing shopping again, unless someone (maybe me) comes up with a better idea.
[19:49] *** Spheniscine has joined #DracoD&D
[19:49] <~DracoGM> Hello Spheniscine.
[19:49] <Spheniscine> Hello. :3
[19:49] <RobinFiredrake> Just shopping, huh... That did NOT go ever well, last time
[19:51] <~DracoGM> Robin: Well, from a CERTAIN perspective that is EXACTLY why I want to do more of it. Gotta get it right before we can do that adventure, and I have my cousin's seal of approval on that adventure.
[19:51] * RobinFiredrake nods
[19:51] <~DracoGM> And you have all had a week to let it percolate in the back of your minds.
[19:52] <~DracoGM> But if anyone has an idea worth starting up a third timeline, that would be just fine with me. We have the thread with the logs, so it shouldn't be as hard to keep track of things.
[19:53] <Hyperion> ...
[19:53] <~DracoGM> Actually... I got an idea maybe...
[19:53] <RobinFiredrake> Oh?
[19:55] <~DracoGM> Near-zero roleplay, but good for practicing mechanics and fun to boot.
[19:55] <RobinFiredrake> And this is?
[19:55] <Spheniscine> Hm?
[19:57] <~DracoGM> Basically, instead of your normal characters, you each play a 1st level human with proficiency with all armor, simple and martial weapons, 14s in every stat, generalist wizard spell slots, no spell-failure for armor, and spontanious casting from every spell list in the PHB. 14 hitpoints.
[19:58] <RobinFiredrake> Why human?
[19:58] <~DracoGM> So basically the most powerful combination of the most common abilities of 1st level, except that you only get 2 feats, instead of 3 that a human fighter would get at 1st level.
[19:59] <~DracoGM> Human because it is generic.
[19:59] <~DracoGM> The idea is to learn tactical thinking with as few complications in the way as possible...
[19:59] <Spheniscine> Ah...
[19:59] <~DracoGM> And also I won't have to take it easy on you.
[19:59] *** Zyborg22 has joined #DracoD&D
[19:59] <Zyborg22> Hello, there.
[20:00] <Hyperion> hmm
[20:00] <~DracoGM> straight up dungeon-crawl (exploration + combat).
[20:00] <RobinFiredrake> Hello Zy. And, I'd prefer if it was a different race, but I suppose I'll try.
[20:00] <Hyperion> heh
[20:00] <Hyperion> you get to be half-human half-human
[20:00] <~DracoGM> Although I guess 4 might be enough to do the wolf thing if people prefer.
[20:01] <Spheniscine> Well, I guess you can imagine your character as a different race if you like, but your stats are essentially human.
[20:01] <~DracoGM> But... I am worried about that one.
[20:01] <Zyborg22> What's this about?
[20:01] <Spheniscine> Hmm... is there a problem?
[20:01] <~DracoGM> Basically:
[20:01] <~DracoGM> I am afraid of what might happen if we do the wolf thing.
[20:02] <~DracoGM> Players are sick of "shopping".
[20:02] <Zyborg22> What's this about humans, though?
[20:02] <Spheniscine> Afraid? That we might get killed?
[20:03] <~DracoGM> So I was offering the option to have a one-off game with everyone playing identical characters to practice tactical thinking.
[20:03] <Spheniscine> Yeah, we're not that great at the tactics department are we?
[20:03] <Hyperion> Would get to be in my first TPK
[20:03] <~DracoGM> Spheniscine: Yes.
[20:03] <~DracoGM> Zyborg: Humans are generic, therefor in describing my incrediably generic stats, I said human.
[20:03] * Hyperion isn't good at strategy. Battle tactics yes, strategy no.
[20:04] <Spheniscine> Yeah, a NetHack style dungeon or two may be just what the doctor ordered... lol
[20:04] <~DracoGM> Can anyone remember if Direlda is going to make it this week?
[20:04] <Zyborg22> The ones where you die if you do one thing wrong :P ?
[20:04] <RobinFiredrake> ./me played nethack... He got killed by a wild kitten... And then a bunny... He starved once, so the next game he ate everything... And choked.
[20:05] <Spheniscine> lol
[20:05] <Spheniscine> Fear the bunnies!
[20:07] <RobinFiredrake> I somehow got digested by a fog.
[20:07] <Spheniscine> :p
[20:07] <~DracoGM> Robin: That is perfectly possible in D&D... called a Crimson Mist, and there may be others.
[20:07] <Spheniscine> Ah... yeah. Nethack is after all heavily based on D&D.
[20:08] <~DracoGM> I am going to get some stuff from the fridge, if Direlda isn't here by the time I come back, we are doing "NetHack".
[20:08] <Spheniscine> lol
[20:08] <RobinFiredrake> Okay.
[20:08] <Zyborg22> Isn't this a bit short notice for a whole new thing with new characters?
[20:09] <Spheniscine> They are very generic characters.
[20:09] <Zyborg22> Unless they're premade.
[20:09] <Spheniscine> <DracoGM> Basically, instead of your normal characters, you each play a 1st level human with proficiency with all armor, simple and martial weapons, 14s in every stat, generalist wizard spell slots, no spell-failure for armor, and spontanious casting from every spell list in the PHB. 14 hitpoints.
[20:09] <Zyborg22> Do we get to make up names and stuff, though?
[20:09] <Spheniscine> Hrm.
[20:10] <Zyborg22> I want to play as Generico Samarni :P .
[20:10] <Spheniscine> "Sir Generica" "Sir Kilenloota"
[20:10] * Hyperion can just use his normal nick, since he has a different one for the game
[20:10] <Hyperion> or could just make something up
[20:11] *** Spheniscine is now known as Sir_Kilenloot
[20:11] <Sir_Kilenloot> >:3
[20:11] <Sir_Kilenloot> X3
[20:11] <~DracoGM> Names: Yes, and pick 2 feats each. Remember you are all Full BAB, spontanious-cast-anything casters (with access to every spell-list in the PHB), and no spell-failure chance for casting in armor.
[20:11] <Sir_Kilenloot> Oh wait, mustn't use furry smilies anymore... :p
[20:11] <Sir_Kilenloot> >:]
[20:11] <Hyperion> heh
[20:12] <Hyperion> what spell levels are available?
[20:12] <~DracoGM> We will say everyone has 1 rank in every skill, except 2 that you individually pick that you have 4 in.
[20:12] *** Zyborg22 is now known as Sir
[20:12] *** Sir is now known as Sir_Generico
[20:12] *** RobinFiredrake is now known as RobinDulldrake
[20:12] *** Sir_Generico has left #DracoD&D
[20:12] <~DracoGM> Hyperion: Every spell in the PHB, you have them all... no need to worry about spells known or prepared, you just decide what you want to cast (from 0th or 1st level of course) and cast it.
[20:13] *** Sir_Generico has joined #DracoD&D
[20:13] <Sir_Generico> Dangit. I keep accidentally pressing the X button on the tabs.
[20:13] <Hyperion> yeah, was asking on the stuff in parenthesis
[20:14] <Sir_Kilenloot> Ah... any way to limit the spell list to 0 and 1st level?
[20:14] <Sir_Kilenloot> I'm using the d20 SRD...
[20:14] <~DracoGM> PHB
[20:14] <Sir_Kilenloot> I don'ts has it. D:
[20:14] <Sir_Generico> Are the spells from both the Divine and Arcane?
[20:14] <~DracoGM> Kilenloot: (Link: http://www.d20srd.org)www.d20srd.org if you didn't already know.
[20:15] <~DracoGM> Generico: Yes.
[20:15] *** Sir_Generico is now known as Generico_Blandinus
[20:15] *** Hyperion is now known as Yleis
[20:16] <Sir_Kilenloot> Ah... found it... so 0 and 1st from any class?
[20:16] * Yleis enjoys pun-names
[20:16] <~DracoGM> (Link: http://www.d20srd.org/indexes/spellLists.htm)http://www.d20srd.org/indexes/spellLists.htm
[20:16] <RobinDulldrake> I can't find anything that's the right level...
[20:16] <~DracoGM> Kilenloot: Yes, for about the 3rd time, YES.
[20:17] <Sir_Kilenloot> Sorry.
[20:17] <~DracoGM> Robin: Look at that page I just linked to.
[20:17] <Yleis> second time
[20:17] <RobinDulldrake> Can use ANY of those?
[20:17] <~DracoGM> If my math is correct that gives you each 3 1st level spells, and 3 0th level spells per day.
[20:18] <~DracoGM> Robin: yes.
[20:18] <Generico_Blandinus> Everything's a class skill?
[20:19] <~DracoGM> Yes, and I already described how skill ranks will be handled.
[20:19] <~DracoGM> So you each need to pick 2 feats and 2 favored skills.
[20:19] <Sir_Kilenloot> with 14 in every stat that means a +3 mod.
[20:19] <Yleis> 2
[20:20] <Sir_Kilenloot> We'll probably want a good balance in those...
[20:20] <Sir_Kilenloot> +2, then +1 for the skill.
[20:20] <RobinDulldrake> I cannot find feats of the right rank, don't have a clue where the skills are.
[20:20] <~DracoGM> 3 weapons each, 1 may be masterwork. 1 shield, 1 armor (anything but full-plate).
[20:20] <Sir_Kilenloot> (Link: http://www.d20srd.org/indexes/feats.htm)http://www.d20srd.org/indexes/feats.htm
[20:21] <Sir_Kilenloot> I thought feats don't have ranks? (I really don't know my stuff... X3)
[20:21] <Sir_Kilenloot> (Link: http://www.d20srd.org/indexes/skills.htm)http://www.d20srd.org/indexes/skills.htm
[20:21] <~DracoGM> Feats don't have ranks. Skills have ranks.
[20:21] <RobinDulldrake> Level, then
[20:22] <Sir_Kilenloot> Don't have those either I don't think. Feats are not spells.
[20:23] <Yleis> some feats have requirements, but there are no levels for feats
[20:24] <RobinDulldrake> Need a list of equipment..
[20:24] *** Generico_Blandinus is now known as Genericus
[20:24] *** Genericus is now known as Genericus_Blandino
[20:24] <~DracoGM> (Link: http://www.d20srd.org/indexes/equipment.htm)http://www.d20srd.org/indexes/equipment.htm
[20:25] <RobinDulldrake> Thanks
[20:25] <Genericus_Blandino> BAB?
[20:25] <Yleis> 1
[20:26] <Genericus_Blandino> What about base saves?
[20:26] <~DracoGM> Eh, good question...
[20:26] <~DracoGM> +2, +2, +2
[20:28] <RobinDulldrake> Do I state my feats here, or what?
[20:29] <Sir_Kilenloot> OK, feats and skills, we probably would want to balance those out somehow...
[20:29] <~DracoGM> Please do.
[20:29] <Sir_Kilenloot> Well, since I have the most aggressive name, perhaps I should choose aggressive feats and skills.
[20:32] <RobinDulldrake> That means I'd get the most boring ones :<
[20:32] <Sir_Kilenloot> lol
[20:32] <Sir_Kilenloot> Well, do what you like...
[20:34] <Sir_Kilenloot> I guess for skills I'll pick Intimidate and Disable Device?
[20:35] <RobinDulldrake> I pick Spellcraft and Use Magic Device.
[20:36] <Yleis> spot and search
[20:37] <Sir_Kilenloot> Feats: Two weapon fighting?
[20:37] <RobinDulldrake> For feats... Silent Spell and Maximize Spell
[20:38] <~DracoGM> Umm... you don't want MAximize Spell... look at the rules for it.
[20:39] <Yleis> metamagic feats are useless to us
[20:39] <~DracoGM> It increases the spell-slot the spell takes up by 4.
[20:39] <~DracoGM> Silent spell isn't completely useless.
[20:39] <RobinDulldrake> Eeesh, okay, so no maximize spell.
[20:40] <~DracoGM> But Maximize is because even on a 0th level spell it takes it to a 4th level spell, which you can't cast.
[20:40] <RobinDulldrake> Silent spell, Still Spell. So, I can cast things without reagents without doing a thing. Good for stealth.
[20:40] <Sir_Kilenloot> Should I pick Improved Critical? But I don't know what my weapon is.
[20:40] <Genericus_Blandino> Listen and...either Appraise or Decipher Scroll
[20:41] <~DracoGM> Robin: For "without reagents" you would want to replace one of those with "Eschew Material Components".
[20:41] <~DracoGM> I would go with Silent Spell and Eschew Material Components...
[20:41] <~DracoGM> Note that you can only Silence your level 0 spells.
[20:42] <RobinDulldrake> Alright, I'll do what Draco said then. And, that's fine Draco
[20:42] <RobinDulldrake> Armor is Scale Mail. Weapon, I haven't decided yet...
[20:43] <Sir_Kilenloot> Draco: Help?
[20:43] <Sir_Kilenloot> Oh... we pick our weapon?
[20:43] <Sir_Kilenloot> I assume I only get to pick one, even if I have two weapon fighting...
[20:44] <Genericus_Blandino> You get three.
[20:44] <RobinDulldrake> One masterwork
[20:44] <Genericus_Blandino> Though only one is masterwork.
[20:44] <Sir_Kilenloot> Ah.
[20:45] <RobinDulldrake> My masterwork will be a sickle... Other two are quarterstaff, and longbow.
[20:47] * ~DracoGM returns from the wyrmlings room.
[20:47] <Genericus_Blandino> I'm thinking Dodge and Mobility.
[20:47] <~DracoGM> Kilenloot: Do you still need help, and if so, with what?
[20:48] <Yleis> Done: (Link: http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=37576)http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=37576
[20:48] <Sir_Kilenloot> I'm good.
[20:48] <Sir_Kilenloot> I was just wondering whether we got to pick our weapons, or we have to loot them.
[20:48] <RobinDulldrake> Wait, we were supposed to do a sheet?
[20:48] <Yleis> nah
[20:49] <Yleis> I just did since I like to keep track of everything
[20:49] <Yleis> will probably delete it later
[20:49] <~DracoGM> Kilenloot: What I described is what you start with.
[20:50] <~DracoGM> Yleis: I would actually prefer you transfer it to me instead of deleting it if it comes to that.
[20:50] <Yleis> ?
[20:50] <~DracoGM> So the link will stay good for the play-test notes.
[20:50] * RobinDulldrake is ready. He thinks
[20:51] <Sir_Kilenloot> Can I double wield battle axes? :p
[20:51] <~DracoGM> Kilenloot: Yes, but there are noticably penalties for doing so.
[20:51] <Sir_Kilenloot> Aw man.
[20:52] <Sir_Kilenloot> Wait... I have 2-weapon, does that help?
[20:52] <Genericus_Blandino> Some.
[20:52] <Sir_Kilenloot> Would double swords work better?
[20:53] <Yleis> one one-handed and a light is normal
[20:53] <Sir_Kilenloot> Ah... Light.
[20:53] <Sir_Kilenloot> Didn't see that.
[20:53] <~DracoGM> If you insist on a matched set (which might help if you are taking Weapon Focus), then two short-swords or two hand-axes would work.
[20:54] <Yleis> could also shield bash if you feel like it
[20:54] <Sir_Kilenloot> Hmm... I'll be picking either Improved Critical or Weapon Focus... so I guess a matched set would be good.
[20:54] <Yleis> or whatever, your character
[20:56] <Yleis> hmm
[20:56] <Yleis> how much longer will char-gen likely take?
[20:56] <Genericus_Blandino> How will Appraise work in this?
[20:57] <Yleis> *probably take
[20:57] <~DracoGM> Blandino: The same as it does usually?
[20:58] <~DracoGM> I don't think you can take Improved Critical... you have to have BAB +8 or something I think.
[20:58] <Sir_Kilenloot> OK, I'll pick 2 short swords (one MW of course), and longbow...
[20:58] <Sir_Kilenloot> Can I pick a composite longbow, whatever that is?
[20:58] <Genericus_Blandino> Sure, but it normally just lets you determine the price of stuff.
[20:59] <~DracoGM> Kilenloot: Yes...
[20:59] <Genericus_Blandino> I mean Appraise, not the composite longbow :P .
[20:59] <~DracoGM> Blandino: Well, that is what it does here.
[20:59] <Sir_Kilenloot> Oh, no Improved Critical... Weapon Focus then?
[20:59] <Sir_Kilenloot> Short sword, of course.
[20:59] <Genericus_Blandino> Ok. My second skill is Decipher Script, then.
[21:00] <Sir_Kilenloot> What's BAB?
[21:00] <Yleis> 1
[21:00] <~DracoGM> Ylies: 15 minutes maybe? It seems to be going pretty slow to me.
[21:00] <Yleis> hmm.
[21:00] <Genericus_Blandino> What languages, or will that matter?
[21:00] <Sir_Kilenloot> OK... I'm done, I guess.
[21:00] <~DracoGM> In case you meant that another way: BAB = Base Attack Bonus
[21:01] <Sir_Kilenloot> Ah.
[21:01] <~DracoGM> Languages won't matter.
[21:01] <Yleis> ok, I'm going to go get dinner and bring it back here to eat.
[21:01] <~DracoGM> Ylies: Ok.
[21:02] *** Yleis is now known as Yleis[away]
[21:02] <Sir_Kilenloot> Recap: Sk: Intimidate, Disable Device, Fe: 2-Weapon, Weapon Focus:Short Sword, We: MW Short Sword, Short Sword, Composite Longbow.
[21:02] <Sir_Kilenloot> That OK?
[21:02] <~DracoGM> Yes
[21:04] <Sir_Kilenloot> I'll go get breakfast then.
[21:05] <~DracoGM> Genericus: Can I get your recap?
[21:06] <Genericus_Blandino> Sk: Listen and Decipher Script; Fe: Dodge and Mobility; We: MW Longsword, Trident, and Warhammer
[21:06] <Genericus_Blandino> Ar: Breastplate and Heavy Steel Shield
[21:07] <~DracoGM> Robin: Armor and/or Shield?
[21:08] <RobinDulldrake> Armor is scalemail, shield is light steel
[21:09] <~DracoGM> Ok
[21:11] <~DracoGM> Well, when the other two return with food, we will be ready to go.
[21:13] <Sir_Kilenloot> Oh, I forgot armor...
[21:14] <~DracoGM> Yes, but I didn't know you were back with Breakfast.
[21:15] <Sir_Kilenloot> Yep, back.
[21:16] <Sir_Kilenloot> Can I get Chainmail?
[21:16] <~DracoGM> Yes
[21:16] <Sir_Kilenloot> OK then.
[21:16] <Sir_Kilenloot> ^^
[21:17] <Sir_Kilenloot> Let's go kill 'n loot! >:]
[21:17] <Sir_Kilenloot> XD
[21:17] <Sir_Kilenloot> Have to wait for Yleis...
[21:17] <~DracoGM> Take a large steel shield, just for grins.
[21:18] <Sir_Kilenloot> Who's that directed at?
[21:18] <~DracoGM> You.
[21:18] <Sir_Kilenloot> Shield requires a hand, right?
[21:18] <Sir_Kilenloot> And I'm two-weaponing...
[21:18] <~DracoGM> Yes, but you can sling it on your back and only take it off in special circumstances.
[21:19] <Sir_Kilenloot> That's in addition to my chainmail?
[21:19] <Sir_Kilenloot> Oh, right.
[21:19] <Sir_Kilenloot> OK then. Heavy Steel Shield it is.
[21:19] <~DracoGM> Ok, just to keep this moving...
[21:20] <~DracoGM> You are in The Dungeon.
[21:20] <~DracoGM> You kick in a door.
[21:20] *** Yleis[away] is now known as Yleis
[21:20] <~DracoGM> Roll intiative. GM perogative says both Yleis and the monster in this 25 foot square room roll 1s.
[21:21] <Sir_Kilenloot> roll 1d20
[21:21] <Genericus_Blandino> dice 1d20
[21:21] <Sir_Kilenloot> Oh, Wagz isn't here.
[21:21] <RobinDulldrake> dice 1d20
[21:21] <~DracoGM> The monster is in the center of the room, and is a lump yellowish-white glob of something smelly.
[21:21] <Yleis> ((Awww.))
[21:21] <Sir_Kilenloot> Using Random.org... 17
[21:21] *** WagzBot was invited to join #DracoD&D
[21:21] *** -red-king.foxnet.in@#DracoD&D- *** DracoGM invited WagzBot into the channel
[21:21] *** WagzBot has joined #DracoD&D
[21:21] <Yleis> ((Well, still a 7))
[21:21] <RobinDulldrake> dice 1d20
[21:21] <Genericus_Blandino> dice 1d20
[21:21] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[21:21] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[21:22] <Yleis> ((So I probably go before it))
[21:22] <RobinDulldrake> Well, I'm slow.
[21:22] <RobinDulldrake> Again.
[21:22] <RobinDulldrake> The dice hate me.
[21:22] <~DracoGM> Blandino, Kilenloot, Dulldrake, Ylies, Monster
[21:22] <~DracoGM> BLANDINO!
[21:23] <Genericus_Blandino> ((Actually, I'm probably the 4 and Dulldrake is probably the 20))
[21:23] <~DracoGM> Oh... right...
[21:24] <~DracoGM> Dulldrake, Kilenloot, Blandino, Ylies, Monster
[21:24] <Sir_Kilenloot> ((Are you sure? I thought we went by priority.
[21:24] <~DracoGM> DULLDRAKE!
[21:24] <Sir_Kilenloot> Not sure how Wagzbot handles that.
[21:24] <~DracoGM> Arrgh!
[21:25] <RobinDulldrake> I cast flare on the monster.
[21:25] <Sir_Kilenloot> Well, one way to know for sure...
[21:25] <Sir_Kilenloot> dice 2d1
[21:25] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1:1; Total: 2.
[21:25] <Sir_Kilenloot> Gah.
[21:25] * ~DracoGM rolls off screen...
[21:25] <Sir_Kilenloot> dice 2d1
[21:25] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1:1; Total: 2.
[21:25] <Sir_Kilenloot> dice 1d1
[21:25] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[21:25] <Sir_Kilenloot> Did that come out right?
[21:25] <~DracoGM> dice 1d2
[21:25] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[21:26] <Sir_Kilenloot> =/
[21:26] <~DracoGM> You were both rolling marbles with a black dot in the center... they always come up a 1.
[21:27] <~DracoGM> But we will let Robin go first for simplicity.
[21:27] <~DracoGM> That makes it...
[21:27] <~DracoGM> KILENLOOT!
[21:27] <Sir_Kilenloot> OK.
[21:27] <Genericus_Blandino> ((Did the monster react at all to the flare?))
[21:27] <Sir_Kilenloot> Hm. I'm still some distance away from the monster? If so I open with the longbow
[21:27] <~DracoGM> Not that you noticed.
[21:28] <~DracoGM> You are 10 or 15 feet away from it.
[21:28] <~DracoGM> Roll your attack.
[21:29] <Sir_Kilenloot> dice 1d20
[21:29] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[21:29] <~DracoGM> Hits.
[21:29] <Sir_Kilenloot> What do I roll for damage?
[21:29] <Genericus_Blandino> ((The normal damage for the longbow))
[21:30] <~DracoGM> Eh, we will say it is a Mighty [+2] bow... so 1d8+2
[21:30] <Sir_Kilenloot> OK.
[21:30] <Sir_Kilenloot> dice 1d8
[21:30] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[21:30] <Sir_Kilenloot> 5.
[21:31] <Genericus_Blandino> ((Are we all 10 ft. away?))
[21:31] <~DracoGM> The arrow passes clean through the disgusting mass, and you managed to notice that the hole closes up seam-lessly behind it (Damage Reduction, not Regeneration).
[21:31] <~DracoGM> ((Yes))
[21:31] <Sir_Kilenloot> ((Gelatinous Cube?))
[21:32] <~DracoGM> BLANDINO!
[21:32] <Genericus_Blandino> I switch to the Trident and stab it.
[21:32] <~DracoGM> ((Those are clear, this is yellow-ish white))
[21:32] <Sir_Kilenloot> ((OK))
[21:32] <RobinDulldrake> It looks very much like sour milk...
[21:32] <~DracoGM> Going to drop your other weapon then?
[21:33] <Genericus_Blandino> ((Drop? I thought we were carrying around all three.))
[21:34] <~DracoGM> ((Yes, but you said "switch" so I am going to assume you had the longsword out to start with.))
[21:34] <Genericus_Blandino> ((Yes. I was thinking of putting it back and then getting out the trident))
[21:35] <Genericus_Blandino> ((And not just dropping the sword on the floor))
[21:35] <~DracoGM> Right, you put up the longsword (a move action), then move forward 5 feet and draw the trident (another move action), turn over.
[21:35] <~DracoGM> Which makes it Yleis, so we wait a bit now.
[21:35] <Yleis> ((hmm?))
[21:36] <Genericus_Blandino> Can I have my Dodge on it?
[21:36] <Genericus_Blandino> ((Or do I wait another turn for that?))
[21:36] <~DracoGM> Yes
[21:36] <~DracoGM> Technically you should declare that during your turn, but since this is practice and it is the only enemy...
[21:37] <Yleis> ((How far away is it?))
[21:37] <Yleis> ((Right. 10 ft))
[21:38] <Yleis> ((Did Blandino get into melee range of it?))
[21:38] <~DracoGM> (yes)
[21:38] <Genericus_Blandino> ((I didn't specify getting closer to it, though))
[21:38] <Yleis> ((You were trying to stab it))
[21:38] <Yleis> ((but...))
[21:38] <Genericus_Blandino> ((The whole point of getting the Trident is so I could stay back farther))
[21:39] <~DracoGM> ((Ok, fine, you don't move up.))
[21:39] <~DracoGM> ((In fact you could fall back up to 30 feet.))
[21:40] <Yleis> ((Can I move far enough to be "behind" it relative to the main group while avoiding provoking an AoO?))
[21:40] <Genericus_Blandino> ((I fall back 20 ft. then))
[21:40] <~DracoGM> ((Ok))
[21:41] <Yleis> ((Ping.))
[21:41] <~DracoGM> ((Pong.))
[21:42] <~DracoGM> ((Your turn Ylies))
[21:42] <Yleis> ((Wrong spelling, and I asked if it was possible to do something))
[21:42] <Yleis> ((Not sure of the distances and angles involved))
[21:43] <~DracoGM> ((Oh, right...))
[21:44] <~DracoGM> ((Make me a Knowledge check...))
[21:44] <Yleis> dice 1d20
[21:45] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[21:45] <~DracoGM> ((You can definitly get behind and off to one side))
[21:45] <Yleis> ((16))
[21:45] <~DracoGM> ((Ok, and that is all you know.))
[21:45] <Yleis> ((Think the creature type is obvious, which means that me flanking it is kind of pointless anyway. oh well))
[21:45] <~DracoGM> ((The door is sound of it, you can get to just NE or NW of it))
[21:46] <~DracoGM> ((*south))
[21:46] * Yleis moves forward to the west of it while drawing his sword and then hacks at the creature.
[21:46] <Yleis> dice 1d20
[21:46] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[21:47] <Yleis> ((huh. 23. don't think they can be critical-ed))
[21:47] <~DracoGM> Hit. Goes through DR. Roll damage.
[21:47] <~DracoGM> No Crit.
[21:48] <Yleis> dice 1d8
[21:48] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[21:48] <Yleis> ((5))
[21:51] <Yleis> ((And that's all my actions of the turn, I believe))
[21:51] <Yleis> ((Unless I somehow have a Quicken metamagic rod.))
[21:52] <Yleis> (( ;) ))
[21:52] <~DracoGM> It goes.
[21:54] <~DracoGM> It moves into Yleis space. Make an AoO OR attempt a DC 12 reflex save to avoid being engulfed.
[21:55] <Yleis> ((Getting out of the way))
[21:55] <Yleis> dice 1d20
[21:55] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[21:55] <Yleis> ((8, fail))
[21:56] <~DracoGM> ((Except for Ylies, who is now 0 feet away))
[21:57] <~DracoGM> Make me a fortitude save.
[21:57] <Sir_Kilenloot> :o
[21:58] <~DracoGM> The rest of you note that Yleis is NOT screaming in pain as he is engulfed. (may or may not be screaming in fear)
[21:58] <Yleis> dice 1d20
[21:58] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[21:58] <Yleis> ((20 total))
[21:59] <~DracoGM> ((That very much passes.))
[21:59] <RobinDulldrake> Well we need him out or he'll suffocate...
[21:59] <~DracoGM> ROBIN DULLDRAKE!
[22:00] <RobinDulldrake> I move towards it and try to slice with my sickle (The masterwork)
[22:00] <~DracoGM> Roll your attack.
[22:00] <~DracoGM> ((Assuming from your description you AREN'T charging.))
[22:00] <RobinDulldrake> I'm not, no.
[22:00] <RobinDulldrake> 1d20
[22:00] <RobinDulldrake> roll 1d20
[22:00] <RobinDulldrake> dice 1d20
[22:00] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 14; Total: 14.
[22:00] <RobinDulldrake> (Brainfart
[22:02] <~DracoGM> Hits (this thing is AC 5...)
[22:02] <~DracoGM> Roll damage...
[22:02] <RobinDulldrake> (Only six, correct?)
[22:02] <Sir_Kilenloot> ((Hmm... any useful spells?))
[22:03] *** ChanServ has quit IRC: usa.wagztail.com services.foxnet.in
[22:03] *** ChanServ has joined #DracoD&D
[22:03] *** services.foxnet.in sets mode +o ChanServ
[22:04] <~DracoGM> ((That would be for you to figure out... or you can try asking more specific questions that might be covered under Knowledge skills.))
[22:05] <Sir_Kilenloot> Do I know of a way to get that thing to expel Yleis?
[22:05] <RobinDulldrake> roll 1d6
[22:05] <RobinDulldrake> dice 1d6
[22:05] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[22:05] <RobinDulldrake> Drat.
[22:05] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:05] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[22:07] <~DracoGM> Well, not having brought any ipicac(sp!) along, you are thinking that killing it would be the best solution to that specific problem... and you aren't sure the ipicac would work if you had any.
[22:07] <Sir_Kilenloot> ((lol))
[22:09] <~DracoGM> SIR KILENLOOT! (in case you weren't already trying to take your actions).
[22:09] <RobinDulldrake> What did I do to the thing?
[22:09] <RobinDulldrake> I got skipped :<
[22:09] <Yleis> ((You attacked it))
[22:10] <~DracoGM> You slicked it for 4 points of damage.
[22:10] <Yleis> ((and did 5 damage))
[22:10] <Sir_Kilenloot> OK...
[22:10] <Sir_Kilenloot> Can I attack it with my swords?
[22:10] <Yleis> ((You can try. Might engulf you too.))
[22:10] <~DracoGM> (2 rolled, plus 2 for strength, right?)
[22:10] <Yleis> (( 1.5 str to damage for 2-handed weapons))
[22:11] <RobinDulldrake> It was my masterwork
[22:11] <~DracoGM> Everyone make spot checks, except Yleis, who succeeds automatically, but is in no position to do anything about it...
[22:11] <RobinDulldrake> Doesn't that lend a bit?
[22:11] <Yleis> ((That's bonus to hit))
[22:11] <Sir_Kilenloot> dice 1d20
[22:11] <RobinDulldrake> Oh.
[22:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[22:11] <~DracoGM> ((Masterwork adds to to-hit only, not to damage))
[22:11] <Genericus_Blandino> dice 1d20
[22:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 12; Total: 12.
[22:11] <Genericus_Blandino> ((13))
[22:12] <Sir_Kilenloot> ((Yleis: Hm. Good point. But my longbow seems ineffective... any other options? Magic Missile perhaps?))
[22:12] <~DracoGM> ((You are forgetting your +2 Wisdom modifier))
[22:12] <Genericus_Blandino> ((15))
[22:12] <Sir_Kilenloot> ((19))
[22:12] <~DracoGM> ((Magic Missile can hurt almost anything that isn't resistant to spells or protected by *Shield*))
[22:13] <Genericus_Blandino> ((Well, be right back.))
[22:14] <~DracoGM> Ok, basically, you notice that this thing sorta looks like it has already been through a blender, it is homogeneous, in as much as it is made up of a single substance as near as you can tell, but has a huge number of "fault lines" criss-crossing it.
[22:14] <Sir_Kilenloot> Ah...
[22:15] <Sir_Kilenloot> OK... I cast Magic Missile then.
[22:15] <~DracoGM> But you are definitely hurting it... not much, but you are hurting it.
[22:15] <~DracoGM> This thing is TOUGH.
[22:15] <~DracoGM> dice 1d4
[22:15] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[22:15] <~DracoGM> 5 points of damage.
[22:16] <RobinDulldrake> I seriously doubt Yleis is gonna survive.
[22:16] <Yleis> ((Was that IC?))
[22:16] <Yleis> ((Because it may or may not be true))
[22:16] <Sir_Kilenloot> ((Is my turn over? If so, brb, bathroom))
[22:17] <RobinDulldrake> IC.
[22:17] <Sir_Kilenloot> ((OK, brb))
[22:19] <~DracoGM> ((Incidently, this thing does have a Dexterity of 1... for a modifier of -5))
[22:20] <Yleis> ((Indeed))
[22:20] <Genericus_Blandino> Well...I get within 10 ft. of it and stab, trying not to hit Yleis.
[22:20] <Yleis> ((Horrible reflex saves))
[22:20] <~DracoGM> Roll your attack.
[22:20] <Genericus_Blandino> dice 1d20
[22:20] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[22:21] <~DracoGM> You hit.
[22:21] <Genericus_Blandino> 1d8
[22:21] <Genericus_Blandino> dice 1d8
[22:21] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[22:21] <Genericus_Blandino> ((8))
[22:22] <~DracoGM> Ylies: Opposed Grapple checks to escape.
[22:22] *** ChanServ has quit IRC: usa.wagztail.com services.foxnet.in
[22:23] *** -to GameServ-: Dice 1d20
[22:23] *** GameServ No such nick/channel
[22:23] <Yleis> dice 1d20
[22:23] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[22:23] <Yleis> ((11))'
[22:23] *** -to GameServ-: Dice 1d20
[22:23] *** GameServ No such nick/channel
[22:23] <Yleis> (("Yleis"))
[22:23] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:23] *** ChanServ has joined #DracoD&D
[22:23] *** services.foxnet.in sets mode +o ChanServ
[22:23] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[22:23] <~DracoGM> You remain trapped.
[22:24] <~DracoGM> Roll another fortitude save.
[22:24] <Yleis> ((Is/was this a medium sized blob?))
[22:24] <Yleis> dice 1d20
[22:24] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[22:24] <~DracoGM> ((Yes, it is medium sized))
[22:24] <Yleis> ((4))
[22:25] <~DracoGM> And its turn...
[22:26] <~DracoGM> Technically I think the save happens on its turn, but whatever.
[22:27] <~DracoGM> Anyway, it swings a slow but massive psuedo-pod at Robin.
[22:27] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:27] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[22:27] <~DracoGM> It misses by a wide margin.
[22:27] <~DracoGM> ROBIN DULLDRAKE!
[22:28] <Yleis> ((Really should have developed a strategy for fighting oozes and ooze-like creatures. Haven't fought any before))
[22:28] <Sir_Kilenloot> Back
[22:28] <RobinDulldrake> Burning hands
[22:28] <RobinDulldrake> I cast burning hands.
[22:29] <Yleis> ((Wheee.))
[22:30] <~DracoGM> dice 1d4
[22:30] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[22:30] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:30] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[22:30] <RobinDulldrake> ..
[22:31] <~DracoGM> Your magic is weak at this time... but also Super-Effective!
[22:31] <RobinDulldrake> I thought so :D
[22:31] <~DracoGM> It takes 50% more damage, which in this case I am going to be nice and round up to 2.
[22:31] <RobinDulldrake> Yaaaaay... ^.=.^
[22:32] <Yleis> ((heh))
[22:33] <Yleis> ((Hmm. OOC, know what it is now, but don't know IC, and couldn't use the knowledge anyway))
[22:33] <~DracoGM> ((Note for learning: I am not keeping track of position as much in this battle as I usually do... that might have required a 5' step to get of without hitting any allies, but you did so if you needed to.))
[22:34] <~DracoGM> SIR KILENLOOT!
[22:35] <Sir_Kilenloot> Hm...
[22:36] <Sir_Kilenloot> I'll try burning hands as well?
[22:37] <~DracoGM> dice 1d4
[22:37] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[22:37] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:37] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
[22:37] <~DracoGM> 3 damage.
[22:37] <Sir_Kilenloot> Hm...
[22:37] <~DracoGM> It managed to flinch away from the touch of your skillful gout of flame, but is obviously vulnerable to it.
[22:38] <Genericus_Blandino> ((If it's vulnerable to flame, then how come it only did 3 damage?))
[22:38] <Yleis> ((reflex save))
[22:38] <Genericus_Blandino> ((Oh, right))
[22:38] <~DracoGM> ((Because it also managed to make its saving throw so it takes half damage...))
[22:39] <~DracoGM> ((It is at -3 for its reflex save modifier, but it did roll a 19...))
[22:39] <Yleis> ((indeed))
[22:40] <~DracoGM> ((So 4+%50=6. 6/2=3.)
[22:40] <~DracoGM> ))
[22:40] * Sir_Kilenloot nods
[22:41] <~DracoGM> ((Incidently, whoever has the two shortswords, you can attack with both of them now.))
[22:41] <~DracoGM> ((It is now officially half-dead.))
[22:42] <Genericus_Blandino> ((Can I use Produce Flame as a Level 1 spell, since Druids have it as that?))
[22:42] *** ChanServ has quit IRC: usa.wagztail.com services.foxnet.in
[22:44] *** ChanServ has joined #DracoD&D
[22:44] *** services.foxnet.in sets mode +o ChanServ
[22:44] <~DracoGM> ((Yes.))
[22:44] <Sir_Kilenloot> ((Does that affect its engulfing ability?))
[22:45] <Yleis> ((umm))
[22:45] <Yleis> ((That'd be two spells))
[22:45] <Yleis> ((And two standard actions))
[22:45] <~DracoGM> ((I think you mean *Produce Flame* and throw it.))
[22:45] <Genericus_Blandino> ((Yes.))
[22:45] <Yleis> ((Right.))
[22:46] <~DracoGM> ((I think it would be two standard actions though))
[22:46] <Genericus_Blandino> ((In that case, I don't throw the flame.))
[22:46] <Yleis> ((yeah. standard to cast, normal melee touch attack to throw))
[22:47] <~DracoGM> Ok.
[22:47] <~DracoGM> Opposed Grapple check time (remember you are at a disadvantage)
[22:47] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:47] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[22:47] <Yleis> ((huh))
[22:47] <Yleis> ((well, need a 20 as well I think))
[22:48] <Yleis> dice 1d20
[22:48] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[22:48] <Yleis> ((That's a no))
[22:48] <~DracoGM> Right, its turn.
[22:48] <~DracoGM> Yleis: Make another Fort Save
[22:48] <Yleis> dice 1d20
[22:48] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[22:48] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20 (same slam target as before)
[22:48] <Yleis> ((11))
[22:48] <~DracoGM> deice 1d20
[22:48] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:48] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[22:49] <~DracoGM> ((It misses))
[22:49] <Yleis> ((brb))
[22:50] <~DracoGM> ROBIN DULLDRAKE!
[22:50] <RobinDulldrake> Now that I know it's weakness, again, I cast burning hands.
[22:51] *** Spheniscine_ has joined #DracoD&D
[22:51] <~DracoGM> dice 1d4
[22:51] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[22:51] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:51] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
[22:51] <Spheniscine_> =/
[22:51] <RobinDulldrake> ((YES! Finally a decent roll ^.=.^))
[22:51] <Yleis> ((no no))
[22:52] <Yleis> ((second was its save))
[22:52] <Yleis> ((Which is bad for you))
[22:52] <RobinDulldrake> (Oh. Well. Crud.
[22:52] <RobinDulldrake> ((I hate you, Dice <.=.<))
[22:52] <~DracoGM> With agile reflexes belieing its speed under most other circumstances it dodges aside and avoids the worst of the blow, but still smolders a bit before going out.
[22:52] <~DracoGM> 4 damage.
[22:52] *** Sir_Kilenloot has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 121 seconds
[22:53] <~DracoGM> SIR KILENLOOT! (AKA Spheniscine, right?)
[22:53] <Spheniscine_> What did you use, Robin? I got dc'ed.
[22:53] <RobinDulldrake> burning hands
[22:53] <Spheniscine_> ((OK.
[22:53] <~DracoGM> ((He used Burning HAnds again. I think that runs him out of 1st level spells.))
[22:53] *** Spheniscine_ is now known as Sir_Kilenloot
[22:53] <Sir_Kilenloot> ((It's safe to use my swords now, right?))
[22:54] <~DracoGM> ((Safe in what sense?))
[22:54] <Sir_Kilenloot> ((Can I get engulfed?))
[22:54] <~DracoGM> ((It doesn't seem to be trying to engulf anyone else, no.))
[22:54] <Yleis> ((If it decides to try, it can get to you if you're in the room, but it isn't))
[22:55] <Sir_Kilenloot> OK, I attack it with my twin short swords.
[22:55] <Sir_Kilenloot> dice 1d20
[22:55] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
[22:55] <~DracoGM> Hit, now roll the other one.
[22:56] <~DracoGM> In fact, you should really just use 2d20 for that, with the first one being the masterwork on.
[22:56] <~DracoGM> Meh, I will do it this time for speed.
[22:56] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:56] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[22:56] <~DracoGM> Two hits.
[22:56] <~DracoGM> dice 2d6
[22:56] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4:6; Total: 10.
[22:56] <Genericus_Blandino> ((But then the two dice will be added together, and you wouldn't be able to tell which dice got what number))
[22:57] <~DracoGM> 13 points of damage total... impressive.
[22:57] <~DracoGM> dice 2d20
[22:57] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15:3; Total: 18.
[22:57] <~DracoGM> See? It gives the individual results before the summation.
[22:57] * Sir_Kilenloot nods
[22:57] <Genericus_Blandino> ((Oh...ok.))
[22:58] <Genericus_Blandino> Ok. I throw the fire at the blob.
[22:59] <~DracoGM> roll to hit then if you hit AC 5, roll damage then add %50.
[22:59] <Genericus_Blandino> 1d20
[22:59] <Genericus_Blandino> dice 1d20
[22:59] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[22:59] <Genericus_Blandino> 1d6
[22:59] <Genericus_Blandino> dice 1d6
[22:59] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[23:00] <Genericus_Blandino> ((Maybe 11))
[23:00] <Genericus_Blandino> ((4 + 1 for level + 2 for dex bonus + 4))
[23:00] <Yleis> ((ummm))
[23:01] <Genericus_Blandino> ((It counts as a thrown weapon, which gets a STR bonus to damage))
[23:01] <~DracoGM> ((No, it doesn'
[23:01] <~DracoGM> t get strength bonus to damage...
[23:01] <Yleis> ((it doesn't))
[23:01] <~DracoGM> ))
[23:02] <~DracoGM> and deal the same damage as with the melee attack.
[23:02] <Genericus_Blandino> ((Alternatively, you can hurl the flames up to 120 feet as a thrown weapon.))
[23:02] <~DracoGM> 4+1=5
[23:02] <~DracoGM> 5+%50=7
[23:02] <Genericus_Blandino> ((When doing so, you attack with a ranged touch attack (with no range penalty) and deal the same damage as with the melee attack.))
[23:02] <Yleis> ((Magic is odd like that))
[23:02] <~DracoGM> 7 damage.
[23:02] <Yleis> ((strength does not apply to either the melee or thrown version))
[23:02] <Genericus_Blandino> ((Oh, ok.))
[23:03] <~DracoGM> Ylies: 3rd verse, same as the rest.
[23:03] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[23:03] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
[23:03] <Yleis> dice 1d20
[23:03] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[23:04] <Yleis> ((hmm -1 for str penalty, -4 for being engulfed, 13 total I think))
[23:04] <~DracoGM> Ylies burst out of a weak-spot in the glob just before the flames that created said weak-spot start to deep-fat fry him.
[23:05] <~DracoGM> Its turn...
[23:05] <~DracoGM> ((Or do you get a move action after escaping a grapple?))
[23:05] <Yleis> ((hmm. not sure))
[23:06] <~DracoGM> ((A quick skim of the grapple rules indicates you now have a move action left to do something with... you are adjacent to the monster))
[23:07] <Yleis> ((I move away then))
[23:08] <~DracoGM> ((5 foot step, or are you going to give it an AoO?))
[23:08] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[23:08] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[23:09] <Yleis> ((Far))
[23:09] <~DracoGM> ((It doesn't actually get AoOs... special quality.))
[23:10] <~DracoGM> It slams Robin Dulldrake.
[23:10] <~DracoGM> Dice 1d20
[23:10] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[23:10] <~DracoGM> But does not Crit.
[23:10] <~DracoGM> dice 1d6
[23:10] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[23:11] <~DracoGM> Robin: Make a DC 14 Fortitude save.
[23:11] <~DracoGM> You take 1 point of damage BTW.
[23:11] <RobinDulldrake> dice 1d20
[23:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
[23:11] <RobinDulldrake> (right?)
[23:11] <~DracoGM> You resist the necromantic energy.
[23:12] <~DracoGM> Ok... this thing has 2 hp left... it isn't worth playing out the last round.
[23:12] <Sir_Kilenloot> Necromantic? Oooh.
[23:12] <RobinDulldrake> I was gonna do a harm undead spell...
[23:12] <Sir_Kilenloot> I stab it!!!!111
[23:12] <RobinDulldrake> I wanted to finish it :<
[23:12] <~DracoGM> Ylies is Exhausted BTW.
[23:12] <Sir_Kilenloot> X3
[23:12] <RobinDulldrake> I well.
[23:12] <RobinDulldrake> *Oh well
[23:13] <Sir_Kilenloot> *announcer voice* Finish 'em!
[23:13] <~DracoGM> Robin: If no one else objects I would be perfectly happy to say you dealt the killing blow...
[23:13] <~DracoGM> Anyway...
[23:13] <~DracoGM> That was a Fat Glob of Medium Size.
[23:13] <~DracoGM> I have it listed as CR 2, which is about right for these characters since they are so overpowered...
[23:14] <~DracoGM> Which is to say CR 2 is about right.
[23:14] <~DracoGM> It should have dealt a bit of damage to Ylies too, I missed that part...
[23:14] <~DracoGM> Wait... no it shouldn't have.
[23:14] <~DracoGM> Or...
[23:14] <~DracoGM> I dunno...
[23:14] <~DracoGM> Just for the sake of arguement...
[23:15] <~DracoGM> dice 2d6
[23:15] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6:5; Total: 11.
[23:15] <RobinDulldrake> He couldn't breath, a while.
[23:15] <~DracoGM> 5 damage.
[23:15] <~DracoGM> From crushing.
[23:15] <~DracoGM> Not being able to breath isn't actually something to worry about in a fight in D&D usually.
[23:16] <RobinDulldrake> ... Why?
[23:16] <Yleis> can hold breath for equal to con
[23:16] <~DracoGM> You can hold your breath for at least you Constitution score in rounds, and most fights don't last anywhere NEAR that long.
[23:16] <~DracoGM> Anyway...
[23:17] <~DracoGM> That was a undead made out of scraps of fat piled up and animated.
[23:17] <Sir_Kilenloot> lol
[23:17] <Sir_Kilenloot> Ooh.
[23:17] <RobinDulldrake> Eeeew.
[23:17] <RobinDulldrake> But then again, that's necromancers for ya.
[23:18] <Yleis> ((Although trying to escape from being engulfed probably counts as taking a standard or full round action, which takes up twice as much air as normal))
[23:18] <~DracoGM> Do you think it was a good challenge, if one assumes an adventuring party gets into about 4 fights per day?
[23:18] <~DracoGM> And what did you think of the fight stylistically?
[23:18] <Sir_Kilenloot> I think it went well.
[23:18] <Yleis> end of IC stuff or just pausing?
[23:19] <RobinDulldrake> I do as well, yeah.
[23:19] <Yleis> yeah
[23:19] <~DracoGM> This is one of my homebrew monsters, so I am trying to use this play-test data.
[23:19] <~DracoGM> End of IC.
[23:19] <Sir_Kilenloot> Ah.
[23:19] * Yleis hasn't fought oozes before, but this seems like how most fights with them would go.
[23:19] *** Yleis is now known as Hyperion
[23:19] *** Sir_Kilenloot is now known as Spheniscine
[23:20] <~DracoGM> Well, in a very general sort of way...
[23:20] <Hyperion> although each ooze iss different
[23:20] <Spheniscine> 4 fights a day huh? We did use a lot of spells... X3
[23:20] <Hyperion> yeah
[23:20] <Hyperion> wizards have problems with multiple fights a day
[23:20] <Hyperion> until higher levels at least
[23:20] <~DracoGM> A "real" ooze (rather than an ooze-like undead) would be dealing Acid damage instead of Fatigue/Exhaustion.
[23:20] <Hyperion> yeah
[23:21] <~DracoGM> Hyperion: My rules about getting all your bonus spells for high caster-level are supposed to help with that a bit.
[23:21] <~DracoGM> But yes, wizards do have problems at lower levels.
[23:22] <RobinDulldrake> Linear warriors, Quadratic wizards.
[23:22] <~DracoGM> Hyperion: But CR 2 sounds right assuming that this was a level 2 party?
[23:22] <Hyperion> :D
[23:22] *** RobinDulldrake is now known as RobinFiredrake
[23:22] <Hyperion> mmm
[23:22] <Hyperion> probably, yeah
[23:26] <~DracoGM> Any further comments anyone?
[23:26] <RobinFiredrake> That was fun actually... I just wanna do it with varied, non-generic (non-HUMAN) characters.
[23:27] <Hyperion> heh
[23:27] <Hyperion> why?
[23:27] <RobinFiredrake> Dunno, just like non-human better.
[23:27] <RobinFiredrake> Just me, just me.
[23:27] <~DracoGM> How did this compare to the main plot (the ginger-bread terrorist, the wolves, NOT the adventure that started in the Wee Jas offices)?
[23:28] <~DracoGM> So Robin likes "Kick in the Door" style play?
[23:28] <RobinFiredrake> Not particularly, strategy would be good.
[23:28] <~DracoGM> Or I guess I should ask: What did you like about it Robin?
[23:28] <RobinFiredrake> But I didn't have a choice, did I?
[23:28] <RobinFiredrake> What did I like about it? I was actually an important part of it.
[23:30] <Spheniscine> About the main plot... I kinda liked the fights, but got a little confused when we had to confront the wolves. The map became too complicated to visualize, and since we don't have a mapping program... X3
[23:33] *** ChanServ has quit IRC: usa.wagztail.com services.foxnet.in
[23:33] <Spheniscine> I want a human sized doggie bed IRL... designed so that I can lay down on my belly or side without discomfort... X3
[23:33] <Spheniscine> I often sleep that way...
[23:33] *** ChanServ has joined #DracoD&D
[23:33] *** services.foxnet.in sets mode +o ChanServ
[23:33] <Spheniscine> Dang. Wrong channel.
[23:37] <Spheniscine> But anyway I thought it a nice change of pace, and something that's actually designed to help beginner players learn the mechanics. :3
[23:38] <RobinFiredrake> Gotta go to bed... Have to be up /early/ tomorrow/ Bye all!
[23:38] <Hyperion> bye
[23:38] *** RobinFiredrake has quit IRC: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.5.8/20100202165920]
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[23:43] *** services.foxnet.in sets mode +o ChanServ
[23:49] <Genericus_Blandino> Well, I'm off. See you later.
[23:50] *** Genericus_Blandino is now known as Zyborg22
[23:50] *** Zyborg22 has quit IRC: Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - (Link: http://www.trillian.im)www.trillian.im ~
[23:56] *** DracoGM is now known as DracoSemiAway
[00:06] *** Spheniscine_ has joined #DracoD&D
[00:06] <Spheniscine_> Dang.
[00:07] <~DracoSemiAway> ?
[00:07] <Spheniscine_> I hate my ISP.
[00:07] <Spheniscine_> It's getting worse...
[00:08] <Spheniscine_> Websites are slow as molasses, but I used to IRC fine. Now it drops...
[00:08] *** Spheniscine has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 121 seconds
[00:11] *** Spheniscine_ is now known as Spheniscine
[00:18] <~DracoSemiAway> I am sorry to hear that.
[00:22] * Spheniscine hugs
[00:23] * ~DracoSemiAway is hugged.
[00:24] * Spheniscine murrs
[00:25] <Spheniscine> brb Lunch.
[00:57] <Spheniscine> Back.
[01:03] *** Spheniscine has quit IRC: Client closed the connection
[01:03] *** Spheniscine has joined #DracoD&D
[01:26] <~DracoSemiAway> wb
[01:41] <Spheniscine> Gotta go. Bye. :3
[01:41] *** Spheniscine has quit IRC: Quit: IRC is just multiplayer notepad
[03:14] *** Hyperion is now known as Hyperion[away]
[03:19] <Hyperion[away]> Well, if we ever do manage to continue with the original story, have planned out what Ruumis will probably do. *shrug*
[03:20] <Hyperion[away]> Will probably/almost certainly involve some amount of insanity.
[03:21] <Hyperion[away]> oh...
[03:21] <Hyperion[away]> next week is finals week
[03:21] <Hyperion[away]> :/
[03:21] <Hyperion[away]> will be traveling back home Friday
[03:23] <Hyperion[away]> darn it.
[03:25] <~DracoSemiAway> :{

2010-05-21, 10:03 PM
Zyborg: Spider-form Warforged 4th level Rogue http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=32934
Robin: Half-White Dragon with 3 Commoner levels instead of LA. 1st level Enchanter http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=27913
Spheniscine: 1 Racial HD, 3rd level Sword-sage. http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=30107

Initiative order:
2 Smokey Floaters

Robin's Spells prepared:
0th:Daze, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Mage Hand

1st: Charm Person x2, Chill Touch, Comprehend Languages, Disguise Self, Silent Image

[20:17] <~DracoDei> REALLY breif backstory: Wizard summoned something that was too powerful for him, ran out, shut and barricaded the door behind him. Left on a journey. Apprentice told not to open the door until a certain time, and to have the room cleaned up by the time he got back OR ELSE.
[20:18] <RobinFiredrake> Ooooh, demon-slaying...
[20:18] <~DracoDei> Apprentice hears rumor that Wizard returning early, decides to get you to take care of the thing(s).
[20:18] * RobinFiredrake nods
[20:19] <~DracoDei> You are standing in a stone-block passageway, an iron door is in front of you. You have no spells active, and no spells cast.
[20:20] <RobinFiredrake> "Do we go in, do you think?"
[20:22] <Zyborg22> Maybe if we're ready.
[20:23] * RobinFiredrake knocks on the door
[20:25] <~DracoDei> Short-cutting: Two voices, neither of you speaks either of the two languages they do.
[20:26] * RobinFiredrake opens the door, though he hides behind it as he does so, not wanting to be in sight so easily.
[20:26] <~DracoDei> The door seems slightly stuck, going to apply a bit of muscle?
[20:27] <~DracoDei> Where are you standing Zyborg?
[20:27] <RobinFiredrake> Yes. Time to put that bonus strength I got from being half dragon to good use, I suppose.
[20:27] <~DracoDei> Ok, you open the door (not going to bother rolling).
[20:28] <Zyborg22> ((I guess a bit behind Robin))
[20:30] <~DracoDei> Back up a second: Robin, you made a mistake.
[20:30] <RobinFiredrake> I did?
[20:30] <~DracoDei> Look at your spells prepared...
[20:32] <RobinFiredrake> I can't. I can't log into my TW account.
[20:32] <RobinFiredrake> Link?
[20:32] <~DracoDei> http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=27913
[20:34] == Spheniscine [Kynosoura@5B433A.5120A0.D63A31.E90A81] has joined #DracoD&D
[20:35] <Spheniscine> Hello.
[20:35] <RobinFiredrake> Thakns
[20:35] <~DracoDei> Spheniscine shows up right as Robin does something.
[20:35] <RobinFiredrake> Ah.
[20:35] <Spheniscine> (Sorry I'm late... I actually dreamt it was Sunday...)
[20:35] * RobinFiredrake casts comprehend languages
[20:35] <~DracoDei> ((We are doing a non-canonical "pick-up battle" with your main-game characters.))
[20:36] <Spheniscine> (Oh, OK)
[20:36] <Zyborg22> ((Do we get to keep stuff we find here, though :P ?))
[20:36] <RobinFiredrake> (Non-canonical)
[20:36] <Spheniscine> (What are we fighting right now?)
[20:36] *GameServ* dice 1d20
[20:36] -GameServ- Invalid command. Use /msg GameServ help for a command listing.
[20:36] <RobinFiredrake> "Hello! Is anyone there?"
[20:36] *GameServ* roll 1d20
[20:36] -GameServ- 11 == 11
[20:37] <~DracoDei> ...so if you aren't him, just open the door and leave!
[20:37] <~DracoDei> ((Remember this is *Comprehend Languages* not *Tongues*))
[20:40] * RobinFiredrake opens the door. "Erhem... I am sorry, come again?"
[20:40] <~DracoDei> Open. The. Door. Please.
[20:40] * RobinFiredrake cups his hand over his ear, to signal his intent
[20:40] <RobinFiredrake> "It's open."
[20:40] <~DracoDei> ((No it isn't, we retconned that... but you can open it now if you like.))
[20:41] <~DracoDei> Spheniscine: I sent you the important MOST important parts of what happened, where are you standing while Robin is using *Comprehend Languages* to talk through the door?
[20:42] <Spheniscine> Far away, I guess? (Yeah, I'm a coward... X3)
[20:42] * RobinFiredrake opens the door a sliver, peeking inside the crack to see what lies within
[20:45] <~DracoDei> Ok, everyone but Robin is "frozen" (not an in-game effect, just he is the only one who can do much right now).
[20:45] <Spheniscine> (Guess I'm not the only one... lol)
[20:46] <RobinFiredrake> "Hello? Anyone in there?"
[20:46] <~DracoDei> Robin: You see two amorphous gray begins, shaped a bit like Genie from Alladin (one head, two arms, no legs).
[20:46] <~DracoDei> They are floating right outside the door.
[20:47] <~DracoDei> *beings
[20:47] <~DracoDei> Go. Now.
[20:49] <~DracoDei> ((You notice a line of solid wax running down the edge of the door. Looks like it was bridging the space between the door and the frame.
[20:49] <~DracoDei> ))
[20:49] <Zyborg22> ((By frozen, do you mean literally?))
[20:49] <Spheniscine> ((He already said it isn't))
[20:49] * RobinFiredrake shuts the door. "The door was sealed with wax. I think the thingies aren't supposed to get out... Prepare for battle, I suppose."
[20:49] <~DracoDei> ((No. Literally would be an "in game" effect.))
[20:49] <~DracoDei> What do you each do immediately?
[20:50] <RobinFiredrake> I hide near the door hinge, so I'll be covered when the door is opened.
[20:51] <Spheniscine> I, erm, ready my crossbow? (not sure whether that can hurt them though...)
[20:51] <Zyborg22> So do I, since Sphen isn't getting close.
[20:51] <~DracoDei> "Lets get out of here quick"
[20:54] * RobinFiredrake readies his crossbow
[20:56] <~DracoDei> Ok, a cloud of amorphous smoke pours out of the door and then moves south to envelop Robin. Make a DC 12 Fortitude save.
[20:56] <~DracoDei> Err.... DC 14
[20:56] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
[20:56] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[20:56] <RobinFiredrake> 10 total. Crud.
[20:57] <~DracoDei> A second one then moves through the door.
[20:57] <Zyborg22> ((Do I know that the effect is poison?))
[20:57] <~DracoDei> Both of you may AoO the first one if you like, with natural weapons.
[20:58] <Spheniscine> I use my crossbow then, if I'm not close enough for melee?
[20:59] <Zyborg22> ((I think it has to be with claws or a bite or something))
[20:59] <~DracoDei> Spheniscine: You don't get AoO's with ranged attacks.
[20:59] <Spheniscine> Oh, OK.
[20:59] <RobinFiredrake> (Does that include me, or does that not work?)
[20:59] <Spheniscine> Maul it is, then?
[20:59] <Spheniscine> (Or mallet)
[20:59] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[20:59] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[21:00] <~DracoDei> You aren't close enough for the Maul...
[21:00] <Zyborg22> ((Am I close enough for the rapier?))
[21:00] <Spheniscine> Then what can I use then? <.<
[21:00] <~DracoDei> You said you were "far away", remember.
[21:00] <Spheniscine> Right.
[21:00] <~DracoDei> Spheniscine: You can't do anything until your turn basically.
[21:00] <Spheniscine> Ah, OK.
[21:00] <Spheniscine> I thought "both of you" included me.
[21:00] <~DracoDei> Zyborg: I you had the rapier out, then yes, since you don't...
[21:01] <~DracoDei> Zyborg: You could make an unarmed attack...
[21:01] <Zyborg22> Alright. I try that.
[21:01] <~DracoDei> Robin: Roll a claw attack unless there is some reason you wouldn't when it moved into your space...
[21:01] <Spheniscine> (By the way, Draco, I probably won't be playing next week, due to having exams on the 31st.)
[21:02] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
[21:02] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[21:02] <RobinFiredrake> Missed. No use rolling the next.
[21:02] <~DracoDei> ((SIGH!... well, everyone just REMEMBER the main plot-line... I don't want to have to waste time getting people up to speed when we finally get to play again.))
[21:02] <Spheniscine> The dice really hate you...
[21:03] <RobinFiredrake> I don't think I've ever gotten a good roll. Ever.
[21:03] <~DracoDei> Zyborg: Roll your attack.
[21:03] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[21:03] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[21:03] <Zyborg22> ((20))
[21:03] <~DracoDei> ((21 actually))
[21:04] <Zyborg22> ((Ok))
[21:04] <~DracoDei> You might as well be punching fog, your fist goes right through it without effect.
[21:05] <~DracoDei> Round 2... Initiative Order is: Zyborg, Spheniscine, Robin Firedrake, Monsters of the week.
[21:05] <Spheniscine> (lol)
[21:06] <RobinFiredrake> (Well, will our resident warforged go?)
[21:06] <Zyborg22> ((Does Cold Iron count as magical?))
[21:07] <~DracoDei> Robin and #1 are 5 east of Zyborg. #2 is just north of Zyborg, Spheniscine is 25 feet north of Zyborg, Zyborg and Sphenscine both have the same wall to the wests.
[21:07] <~DracoDei> 10 foot wide corridor.
[21:07] <Zyborg22> ((Other than the Cold Iron effects?))
[21:07] <~DracoDei> ((No, Cold Iron actually is extra-hard to make magical.))
[21:08] <Zyborg22> I'm going to try a Cold Iron arrow against the one in front of me, just in case that works.
[21:08] <~DracoDei> Roll to hit.
[21:08] <Zyborg22> roll 1d20
[21:08] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[21:08] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
[21:09] <Zyborg22> ((27))
[21:09] <~DracoDei> You hit again, to equally little effect. ((Damage reduction))
[21:09] <~DracoDei> ((Wait...))
[21:09] <~DracoDei> Roll to confirm critical...
[21:09] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[21:09] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[21:10] <Zyborg22> ((With the crossbow?))
[21:10] <~DracoDei> Well, that WOULD have been a vital area... on something that actually has vitals...
[21:10] <Spheniscine> (lol)
[21:10] <RobinFiredrake> (Sphen's turn)
[21:10] <Zyborg22> ((Let's try to flank this thing))
[21:11] <Spheniscine> (nods)
[21:11] <~DracoDei> Oh.... and you provoke an AoO from each of them for using a ranged weapon within their threatened area.
[21:11] <~DracoDei> Dice 2d20
[21:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15:2; Total: 17.
[21:13] <~DracoDei> ((Well... it is a good thing we AREN'T playing the main game... I am screwing a lot of stuff up...))
[21:14] <~DracoDei> The second one is actually in Zyborgs square... tried to shove itself into his throat... found out he doesn't have one. Also, they don't get any AoO's in this form.
[21:14] <~DracoDei> SPHENISCINE!
[21:15] <Spheniscine> "Hmm... this things seem to be immune to our boring physical attacks. Let's try something a little more shocking, eh?"
[21:15] * Spheniscine casts Unlucky Raincloud
[21:16] <~DracoDei> ((Not technically "casting", is "initiating"))
[21:16] <Spheniscine> ((Hehe, OK))
[21:16] <~DracoDei> Roll to hit... -4 for shooting into melee.
[21:16] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[21:16] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[21:16] <Spheniscine> Grah.
[21:18] <~DracoDei> Miss.
[21:18] <~DracoDei> ROBIN (Make a fortitude save).
[21:19] <~DracoDei> DC 15 this time.
[21:19] <Spheniscine> (brb)
[21:19] <~DracoDei> Eh... I will roll it...
[21:19] <~DracoDei> dice 1d20
[21:19] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
[21:19] <~DracoDei> Robin coughs out the semi-vaporous menace.
[21:20] <RobinFiredrake> I'm back, sorry.
[21:20] <~DracoDei> ((Yeah, your turn... and because you made the fortitude save you actually GET a turn...))
[21:20] * RobinFiredrake attempts to move away from the creature
[21:20] <RobinFiredrake> ((If I hadn't, I'd be dead.))
[21:20] <RobinFiredrake> ((Or possessed?)
[21:20] <~DracoDei> Ok, where are you going to?
[21:21] <~DracoDei> ((No, you just would have spend the round coughing and choking.))
[21:21] <~DracoDei> These thins smell like smoke BTW...
[21:21] <~DracoDei> *things
[21:21] <RobinFiredrake> Towards Zyborg
[21:21] <~DracoDei> 30 feet straight north?
[21:22] <~DracoDei> And then case something?
[21:22] <~DracoDei> *cast
[21:23] <RobinFiredrake> Just running.
[21:23] <RobinFiredrake> Unless I can cast?
[21:23] <~DracoDei> You can move 30 feet as a move action, and cast as a standard.
[21:23] <~DracoDei> OR
[21:23] <~DracoDei> You can move 60 as a double-move.
[21:23] <Spheniscine> (back)
[21:24] <~DracoDei> OR you can Run 120 feet, but then you will lose your Dex bonus.
[21:24] <RobinFiredrake> 30 and cast Daze.
[21:24] <~DracoDei> On which one?
[21:24] <RobinFiredrake> The one that I just coughed up.
[21:24] <~DracoDei> dice 1d20
[21:24] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[21:25] <~DracoDei> No, you don't cast that.... that only works on humanoids, which these are obviously not.
[21:26] <RobinFiredrake> They looked like djinni.
[21:26] <~DracoDei> Which aren't humanoids.
[21:26] <RobinFiredrake> Drat.
[21:26] <RobinFiredrake> I can't cast anything then
[21:26] <RobinFiredrake> Not anything helpful...
[21:27] <RobinFiredrake> Unless mage hand works on fog.
[21:27] <~DracoDei> Well, you could do *Chill Touch* and hold the charge...
[21:28] <~DracoDei> Or Silent Image.
[21:28] <~DracoDei> And make an illusion of something...
[21:28] <RobinFiredrake> (Do I know what this wizard looks like?)
[21:28] <~DracoDei> ((Nope.))
[21:30] <~DracoDei> Robin hears the one on Zyborg say: "Don't bother trying to smother this one."
[21:31] <RobinFiredrake> (Djinni hate Efreet, right?)
[21:32] <~DracoDei> ((Yes, but you might not know that... and if you did, you would probably also know that these aren't Djinni.))
[21:32] <~DracoDei> Roll me a Knowledge(The Planes) to see if you recognize what they ARE....
[21:32] <Zyborg22> ((You could listen to them and hope they're stupid enough to discuss what they hate :P ))
[21:33] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
[21:33] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 17; Total: 17.
[21:33] <RobinFiredrake> 23
[21:34] <Spheniscine> There, good roll. :p
[21:34] <RobinFiredrake> (FINALLY. Smarts, that's what I can do.)
[21:35] <~DracoDei> Very good roll...
[21:35] <~DracoDei> I am going to assume you start motor-mouthing in common.
[21:35] <~DracoDei> So everyone ends up knowing this.
[21:35] <RobinFiredrake> Very likely, yes.
[21:35] <~DracoDei> These are Smokey Floaters.
[21:36] <~DracoDei> They are a rare type of elemental that is actually found more-often on the Prime Material Plane than on their home at the Elemental Plane of Smoke between the Elemental Planes of Fire and Air.
[21:37] <~DracoDei> They feed on smoke, and have been known to set fires to feed themselves. Despite this, they are usually neutral in alignment.
[21:38] <~DracoDei> They can force themselves into the lungs and suffocate people.
[21:38] <~DracoDei> ((Incidently, these are Small sized.))
[21:39] <Spheniscine> ((Hmm... I guess there goes my idea of using Burning Blade then...))
[21:39] <RobinFiredrake> ((Hmm... But what hurts them?))
[21:39] <Zyborg22> ((Can they do anything other than smother people?))
[21:39] <~DracoDei> In their current form (they went gaseous...) they have DR 10/magic.
[21:39] <~DracoDei> In their normal forms (the ones you saw them in first), they have DR 5/Metal.
[21:40] <~DracoDei> Err.... 4/metal, stone, or water.
[21:41] <~DracoDei> They have the [Fire] type.
[21:41] <RobinFiredrake> So we attempt to blast them with ice magic?
[21:41] <~DracoDei> In there normal forms they attack with slams.
[21:41] <~DracoDei> Yes... which you happen to be able to do 1/day...
[21:42] <RobinFiredrake> No quite ^.=.^
[21:42] <RobinFiredrake> *not
[21:43] <RobinFiredrake> Can I attempt to step a few feet closer (Say, five) and use cone of cold?
[21:43] <~DracoDei> You would be not moving as far in the first place, but yes.
[21:44] <RobinFiredrake> Right. I do that, then.
[21:44] <~DracoDei> Going to include both of them at the cost of also hitting Zyborg potentially?
[21:45] <RobinFiredrake> Yes, considering Zyborg is made of metal.
[21:45] <Zyborg22> ((I don't actually have resistance to ice, though))
[21:45] <~DracoDei> Peanut Brittle...
[21:45] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[21:45] == Hyperion [Reivan@Foxnet-6d8f7e1a.mtry01.sbcglobal.net] has joined #DracoD&D
[21:45] <RobinFiredrake> Well...
[21:45] <~DracoDei> And no, it doesn't help.
[21:45] <Hyperion> Hello
[21:45] <~DracoDei> However, he DOES have a decent reflex save and Evasion...
[21:46] <RobinFiredrake> I attempt it anyway. He can live with it, at the cost of being one of the very few spells we have that could hurt these things. Especially both at once.
[21:46] <~DracoDei> ((Not a spell.))
[21:46] <~DracoDei> Dice 1d20
[21:46] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[21:46] <~DracoDei> Dice 1d20
[21:46] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 12; Total: 12.
[21:46] <RobinFiredrake> Spell-like ability.
[21:47] <RobinFiredrake> Or whatnot.
[21:47] <Hyperion> ((What'd I miss?))
[21:47] <RobinFiredrake> Once a day, same effect as a lot of spells.
[21:48] <Hyperion> (( :/ ))
[21:48] <~DracoDei> Both of them evade the worst of it.
[21:48] <RobinFiredrake> (( We're not doing the main story))
[21:48] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[21:48] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[21:48] <RobinFiredrake> ((Rats...))
[21:48] <RobinFiredrake> ((That hurt more than helped.))
[21:48] <~DracoDei> Dice 6d8
[21:48] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2:5:2:7:1:7; Total: 24.
[21:48] <RobinFiredrake> ((A LOT more.))
[21:48] <Zyborg22> ((13))
[21:49] <Spheniscine> Ow.
[21:49] <~DracoDei> Zyborg actually BARELY makes it...
[21:49] <RobinFiredrake> ... At least he respects my abilities a bit more now?
[21:49] <~DracoDei> Zyborg takes no damage.
[21:49] <RobinFiredrake> Oh.
[21:50] <RobinFiredrake> I thought you meant barely survives ^.=.^;
[21:50] <~DracoDei> The Smokey Floaters each take 12 points of damage.
[21:50] <Zyborg22> I've always respected your abilities to some degree.
[21:50] <Hyperion> ((More playtesting?))
[21:50] <Hyperion> ((More playtesting))
[21:50] <Hyperion> ((Right. Don't think I'm quite required, so I'm going to log off to go have dinner with the family.))
[21:51] <~DracoDei> The amorphous globs of smoke (no arms or other features right now) appear to be in noticably bad shape...
[21:51] <Spheniscine> ((Bye. :3))
[21:51] <~DracoDei> But not as much as you would expect them to be actually...
[21:51] <~DracoDei> They actually take only normal damage from Cold, not extra.
[21:51] == Hyperion [Reivan@Foxnet-6d8f7e1a.mtry01.sbcglobal.net] has quit [Quit: To dinner, awaaaaay.]
[21:51] <RobinFiredrake> ((Bye.))
[21:51] <RobinFiredrake> ((Rats...))
[21:52] <RobinFiredrake> And, their turn now?
[21:52] <~DracoDei> Which Robin wasn't QUITE smart enough to remember.
[21:52] <~DracoDei> Yes, it is.
[21:53] <~DracoDei> ((If this were a regular game I would have them flee right now... since this is a CR test...))
[21:54] <RobinFiredrake> ((CR test, not a clue what that means... I thought they'd flee cause they weren't both expecting to get hit by ice from a guy they almost smothered.)
[21:55] <~DracoDei> #1 turns solid and moves up to the ceiling (no mechanical effect).
[21:56] <~DracoDei> Then moves past Spheniscine and Robin (AoOs from each), down again. Ending the turn to Robin's north.
[21:56] <Spheniscine> Since he's solid, I guess I'll try my maul.
[21:56] <~DracoDei> The second one moves 5' south. Turns solid and attacks.
[21:57] <~DracoDei> Spheniscine: You never specified switching to the maul...
[21:57] <Spheniscine> Oh...
[21:57] <Spheniscine> What can I attack with then?
[21:57] <~DracoDei> ((I am being a bit harsher here that I would be in the main game with the rules.))
[21:58] <Spheniscine> Heh...
[21:58] <~DracoDei> Your fist... which can't hurt it, so never mind...
[21:58] <Spheniscine> (lol)
[21:58] <~DracoDei> Robin: Roll a claw attack.
[21:59] <~DracoDei> Actually....
[21:59] <~DracoDei> dice 1d20
[21:59] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[21:59] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
[21:59] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[21:59] <RobinFiredrake> Oh?
[21:59] <~DracoDei> Eh, I was trying to use it, but we will use yours.
[21:59] <RobinFiredrake> ... I like my roll better...
[21:59] <RobinFiredrake> Thanks.
[22:00] <~DracoDei> Your 14 misses.
[22:00] <~DracoDei> Barely...
[22:00] <~DracoDei> Rolling for the one attacking Zyborg.
[22:00] <~DracoDei> dice 1d20
[22:00] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[22:01] <~DracoDei> Miss.
[22:01] <~DracoDei> ZYBORG!
[22:01] <WagzBot> Your friendly neighborhood robot spider.
[22:02] <Zyborg22> I switch to the rapier. How close am I to the nearest enemy?
[22:02] <~DracoDei> 5' north of the nearest one.
[22:02] <Zyborg22> I'm probably not allowed to attack now, am I?
[22:03] <~DracoDei> Actually... we will say it is to your north-east.
[22:03] <~DracoDei> You can drop the crossbow(free action), draw your rapier(move action, and attack(standard action).
[22:04] <Zyborg22> Alright. I do that.
[22:04] <~DracoDei> Roll it.
[22:04] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[22:04] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 12; Total: 12.
[22:04] <Zyborg22> (20)
[22:04] <~DracoDei> Hit, roll damage.
[22:05] <Zyborg22> dice 1d6
[22:05] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[22:05] <~DracoDei> It is down.
[22:06] <~DracoDei> SPHENISCINE!
[22:06] <Spheniscine> I use my maul.
[22:07] <Spheniscine> "Oh let me be... DUN! Your sledgehammer!"
[22:07] <Spheniscine> "This will be my testimony!"
[22:08] <~DracoDei> ((Your frying pan, combined with Everyday Arsenal, might have been a better choice... would you like to use *Stone Bones*?))
[22:08] <~DracoDei> You drop your crossbow, 5 step north and attack (maybe normally, maybe with Stone Bones))
[22:08] <Spheniscine> I guess I'll use Stone Bones. :3
[22:09] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[22:09] <~DracoDei> Roll to hit.
[22:09] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[22:09] <~DracoDei> Ok
[22:09] <~DracoDei> Miss.
[22:09] <~DracoDei> ROBIN!
[22:09] <Zyborg22> "Was that supposed to be a pun?"
[22:09] <Spheniscine> "Maybe?"
[22:10] == Zyborg22 has changed nick to Awayborg
[22:10] <Awayborg> ((Be right back))
[22:10] <RobinFiredrake> I move towards one, and cast chill touch. Do I have to attempt a save from Spheniscine's pun?
[22:10] <Spheniscine> (lol)
[22:10] <~DracoDei> No... you have been immunized.
[22:11] <~DracoDei> You are already right next to one, and it gets an AoO for you casting within its reach.
[22:12] <RobinFiredrake> Well... I still attempt it? It can only try to smother me, correct?
[22:12] <~DracoDei> Not smother, slam, but sure.
[22:12] <~DracoDei> dice 1d20
[22:12] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
[22:13] <~DracoDei> dice 1d4
[22:13] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[22:13] <RobinFiredrake> :(
[22:13] <~DracoDei> You take one point of damage.
[22:13] <RobinFiredrake> I poke it with a snowflake.
[22:13] <RobinFiredrake> Wait, me?
[22:13] <RobinFiredrake> Well... That isn't too terribly bad.
[22:13] <~DracoDei> Make a Concentration check.
[22:13] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
[22:13] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[22:13] <RobinFiredrake> 13
[22:13] <RobinFiredrake> Crud.
[22:14] <~DracoDei> That is sufficent... DC is 10+damage dealt... so 11 in this case.
[22:14] <~DracoDei> Roll to hit.
[22:15] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
[22:15] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[22:15] <RobinFiredrake> I don't know what the mod is, but it isn't enough.
[22:16] <~DracoDei> Yes, you miss... but your next attack to land will deliver the spell...
[22:16] <RobinFiredrake> Ah. Good.
[22:18] <~DracoDei> See http://www.d20srd.org/srd/combat/actionsincombat.htm#touchSpellsinCombat
[22:19] <~DracoDei> #1 turns gaseous again and moves to overlap Robin.
[22:20] <~DracoDei> DC 14 Fortitude save.
[22:20] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
[22:20] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[22:20] <~DracoDei> dice 1d10
[22:20] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[22:20] <RobinFiredrake> Uuuugh...
[22:20] <~DracoDei> #2 bleeds.
[22:20] <~DracoDei> ZYBORG!
[22:20] <WagzBot> Your friendly neighborhood robot spider.
[22:20] <RobinFiredrake> Wouldn't it be in it's best interest NOT to be in there, being cold and all?
[22:21] <~DracoDei> Your LUNGS aren't THAT cold... frost-breath comes from some place else.
[22:22] <RobinFiredrake> I'm cold to the touch, am I not? I wasn't thinking of just the breath.
[22:22] <~DracoDei> #2 floats up to the ceiling BTW... unconcious or dead...
[22:22] * DracoDei shrugs and smiles mysteriously.
[22:23] <RobinFiredrake> Also... It's touching me. Shouldn't the spell discharge?
[22:24] <~DracoDei> Doesn't work like that...
[22:24] <~DracoDei> Ah... Zyborg is away...
[22:24] <RobinFiredrake> That's really weird... If it touches my outside, it gets hit. Inside, not so much. Very very strange..
[22:25] <~DracoDei> Zyborg charges it to no effect.
[22:26] <~DracoDei> No... it could slam attack you without getting hit...
[22:26] <~DracoDei> For these purposes touching someone is not the same as being touched by them...
[22:26] <RobinFiredrake> .It says touching accidental or otherwise...
[22:26] <RobinFiredrake> Oh.
[22:27] <~DracoDei> SPHENISCINE!
[22:28] <Spheniscine> I use my frying pan. :3
[22:29] <Spheniscine> "Out of the fire, into the frying pan?"
[22:29] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[22:29] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 12; Total: 12.
[22:29] == Awayborg has changed nick to Zyborg22
[22:30] <Zyborg22> "There was a fire?"
[22:31] <Spheniscine> "These are fire creatures... yeah, I'm stretching..."
[22:31] <RobinFiredrake> "HALF fire creatures. Fire and air, remember?"
[22:32] * Spheniscine sticks a tongue at Robin
[22:32] <Zyborg22> "Technically, they're smoke creatures. I guess it wouldn't work with smoke, though."
[22:34] <~DracoDei> That hits.
[22:34] <~DracoDei> Roll damage.
[22:37] <Spheniscine> dice 1d6
[22:37] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[22:37] <~DracoDei> It floats up to the ceiling.
[22:37] <~DracoDei> What next?
[22:37] <~DracoDei> Neither of them are moving.
[22:38] <RobinFiredrake> What would I roll to check and see if they're alive?
[22:39] <~DracoDei> Heal
[22:40] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
[22:40] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[22:40] <RobinFiredrake> 2.
[22:40] <RobinFiredrake> Blah
[22:41] <~DracoDei> Make a DC 10 Wisdom Check...
[22:41] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d10
[22:41] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[22:41] <RobinFiredrake> 2
[22:41] <RobinFiredrake> x.=.x
[22:41] <RobinFiredrake> What is it that makes dice hate me? Am I a god of unluckiness unawares, like the rain guy in guide to the galaxy?
[22:42] == Hyperion [Reivan@Foxnet-6d8f7e1a.mtry01.sbcglobal.net] has joined #DracoD&D
[22:43] * Spheniscine hugs Robin
[22:43] <~DracoDei> Not on a 10 sided die... DC 10...
[22:43] <Spheniscine> Er, yeah.
[22:43] <~DracoDei> So roll a d20.
[22:44] <RobinFiredrake> Oh.
[22:44] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
[22:44] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[22:44] <RobinFiredrake> ...
[22:44] <Zyborg22> LOL
[22:44] <Hyperion> Ey?
[22:44] <~DracoDei> You believe them to have entered a state of Undeath upon dying.
[22:44] <RobinFiredrake> Idjit mage.
[22:44] <Hyperion> ((Going to assume the playtesting is continuing.))
[22:44] <Zyborg22> Hey Hyp. Tell everyone you can about this :P .
[22:45] <Zyborg22> *(( ))
[22:45] <~DracoDei> Hyperion isn't here for this one...
[22:45] <Zyborg22> ((That was supposed to be OOC. I forgot the parenthesis))
[22:45] <Hyperion> ((And thus I get to watch you guys flail around. :D ))
[22:45] <~DracoDei> ((What did you want him to tell everyone about?))
[22:46] <Zyborg22> ((The two 1s and the 2 all in a row :P ))
[22:46] <RobinFiredrake> (That is my average roll, Zyborg. Dice hate me so much.)
[22:46] <RobinFiredrake> (In any game, not just this one.)
[22:47] <~DracoDei> ((Well, we have segued from real play-testing into roleplay that is not relevant to testing the monsters.))
[22:47] <~DracoDei> ((Which is a good thing to do, otherwise I would have called it as soon as the second one floated up to the ceiling.))
[22:49] <RobinFiredrake> (I'm gonna go take a sledge hammer to some dice. Maybe set an /example/ to the blighters.)
[22:50] <Spheniscine> (lol)
[22:50] <Zyborg22> ((Maybe they'll take revenge on you))
[22:51] <RobinFiredrake> (They already are. Unless the spontaneously develope negative sides, nothing can go wrong.)
[22:52] <Zyborg22> Since our crazy cleric isn't here and we need some weirdness, who wants to play with the corpses?
[22:52] <Spheniscine> ("I rolled a -1. Wait, how is that even possible?")
[22:53] <Spheniscine> (I guess in absence of Ruumis, I'm the one most likely to do that, but, erm, X3)
[22:53] <RobinFiredrake> (On the plus side, if I am a manifestation of unluckiness I may learn how to turn that on other people, and fight crime by making the criminals so unlucky that I just stand and watch them fall and break their ribs.
[22:54] <Zyborg22> ((But you didn't :P ))
[22:54] <Spheniscine> (lol Robin)
[22:55] <RobinFiredrake> (That, and I get a cool name and power glows.)
[22:56] <Spheniscine> (Jinx? But that's cliche...)
[22:58] <RobinFiredrake> (Perhaps something obscure and arbitrary, for instance, white marble. As in the Japanese philosophy, or whatever it is... With the one white marble and 99 black, in a bag? If I do get to be unluckiness, and someone was asked to draw a black marble from the bag, I'd have the uncanny ability to make them choose the white. Or something. I dunno.)
[23:01] <Spheniscine> lol
[23:06] <~DracoDei> Hyperion: That was supposed to be 2 CR 2s... does that seem about right to you?
[23:07] * Hyperion kicks his slow internet
[23:07] <Zyborg22> I guess.
[23:07] <Zyborg22> Oh wait...I'm not Hyperion.
[23:08] <~DracoDei> Theoretically you should have used up 1/4 of your resources...
[23:08] <RobinFiredrake> Spells and natural weapons ^.=.^
[23:08] <~DracoDei> At it was Robin took all the loses: 1 hit-point, his breathweapon expended for the day, and a Chill Touch used up.
[23:09] <Zyborg22> Did Sphen lose anything, or does he not lose maneuvers?
[23:09] <~DracoDei> Zyborg: And no, you aren't Hyperion, but I still value your opinion.
[23:10] <~DracoDei> Sphen can ready 1 maneuver per round he spends concentrating, and they automatically re-ready after 5 minutes if he is doing something else.
[23:10] <~DracoDei> So, no he didn't really lose anything.
[23:10] <~DracoDei> You also expended some crossbow bolts/arrows, but those hardly matter...
[23:11] <~DracoDei> Incidently, Zyborg has a Composite Shortbow, not a Crossbow...
[23:12] <~DracoDei> The string on his bow is a single strand (not the multi-strands it comes in) of Twizzler.

2010-05-29, 05:48 PM
[20:11] <Hyperion[semi-away]> also, just for these "monster of the week" things, going change the spells prepaed alittle
[20:12] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[20:12] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 17; Total: 17.
[20:12] <Zyborg22> ((21, assuming we're using our main characters.))
[20:13] <Hyperion[semi-away]> ((Going to have the Ghost Touch Armor spell instead of Summon Undead II. ))
[20:15] <Hyperion[semi-away]> dice 1d20
[20:15] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[20:15] <Hyperion[semi-away]> ((7))
[20:15] <RobinFiredrake> ((I got seven too. Tiebreaker?))
[20:16] <Zyborg22> ((What are you thinking? You'll lose :P ))
[20:16] <Hyperion[semi-away]> ((You have better init bonus, you go first))
[20:16] <RobinFiredrake> ((Of course I will. It's the principal of the thing. Oh, wait, I do?))
[20:17] <Hyperion[semi-away]> ((yeah))
[20:17] <~DracoGM> ((Hyperion: Spell change is fine.))
[20:17] <Hyperion[semi-away]> ((Ruumis has a negatvie, you have 0, so you have higher))
[20:17] == Hyperion[semi-away] has changed nick to Ruumis
[20:18] <RobinFiredrake> ((I have +2. I think.))
[20:18] <~DracoGM> Dice 2d20
[20:18] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1:17; Total: 18.
[20:18] <Ruumis> ((((oh, right.))
[20:18] <Ruumis> ((misread that))
[20:20] <~DracoGM> Ok, Ruumis was doing a human-treatment inspection at a slaughterhouse... someone panicked (totally unnecessarily) about his arrival, your inspection is interupted.
[20:20] <~DracoGM> You are all standing near eachother...
[20:21] <~DracoGM> Enter two waddling creatures that appear to be made of of water... there shapes are bird-like... they are obviously hostile towards you.
[20:21] <RobinFiredrake> "... Ducks."
[20:22] <~DracoGM> Attempts to calm them have failed, and your weapons are out.
[20:22] <~DracoGM> ZYBORG!
[20:22] <WagzBot> Your friendly neighborhood robot spider.
[20:22] <~DracoGM> ((Then one of them, then Robin, then Ruumis, then the other one.))
[20:22] <Zyborg22> ((How far are they?))
[20:23] <~DracoGM> 20 feet let us say... (since indoors and etc)
[20:24] <Zyborg22> I go to one of their sides and attack with the rapier.
[20:25] <Zyborg22> Whichever one has its side closest.
[20:25] <~DracoGM> Single move and attack, ok.
[20:25] <~DracoGM> Roll it.
[20:25] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[20:25] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 12; Total: 12.
[20:25] <Zyborg22> ((20))
[20:25] <~DracoGM> Hit, roll damage.
[20:26] <Zyborg22> dice 1d6
[20:26] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[20:26] <Zyborg22> ((Or do I get extra damage for it being flatfooted?))
[20:26] <~DracoGM> It recoils from your blow, obviously in pain.
[20:27] <~DracoGM> Yeah... you can see right through it... and you can CLEARLY see it has no vitals to hit.
[20:28] <~DracoGM> So no extra damage (and I may be tweaking the rule about flat-footed until one's first turn).
[20:29] <~DracoGM> It hops back 5 ft and makes a sound like it is vomiting. And it sorta is... a glob of liquid flies out of its mouth at Zyborg.
[20:30] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[20:30] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[20:31] <~DracoGM> The glob misses the agile peanut-brittle robot and hits the leg of a table... which it starts eating into.
[20:32] <~DracoGM> ROBIN!
[20:33] <Ruumis> "... Acid. Of course."
[20:33] <RobinFiredrake> How close am I to the things?
[20:33] <~DracoGM> About 20 feet.
[20:33] <Zyborg22> What? No dramatic head turn?
[20:33] <RobinFiredrake> I use my cone of cold, attempting to hit both (Unless Zy is in the way)
[20:33] <~DracoGM> ((Took me a second, but... LOL))
[20:34] <~DracoGM> We... will say he is in the way... you could get one of them, but it would be overkill...
[20:35] <RobinFiredrake> They'd be frozen. Chill touch would hurt my hand, and is more like necrotic chill than actual ice.
[20:35] <RobinFiredrake> Well, it would be, anyway.
[20:36] <RobinFiredrake> going to attempt that still.
[20:36] <~DracoGM> What are you trying?
[20:36] <~DracoGM> Chill Touch?
[20:38] <RobinFiredrake> Meh... I'll go with daze, until Zy is out of the way
[20:38] <~DracoGM> No... go with Chill Touch... trust me...
[20:39] <~DracoGM> Since these things don't look even REMOTELY humanoid.
[20:39] <RobinFiredrake> Alright then.
[20:39] <Zyborg22> ((Be right back...maybe))
[20:39] <RobinFiredrake> Just feared for me poor ol' hand.
[20:40] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[20:40] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
[20:40] <~DracoGM> Your hand gets slightly damp... it is completely fine.
[20:40] <~DracoGM> The bird-water-thing OTOH...
[20:40] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[20:40] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[20:41] <RobinFiredrake> I hit then. I roll 1d6?
[20:42] <~DracoGM> Yes.
[20:42] <~DracoGM> It made its save to avoid the STR damage.
[20:42] <RobinFiredrake> Oh.
[20:42] <RobinFiredrake> Well crud.
[20:42] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d6
[20:42] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[20:42] <RobinFiredrake> x.=.x
[20:42] <RobinFiredrake> I shoulda known
[20:42] <RobinFiredrake> If it's not one bad roll, it's another.
[20:43] <~DracoGM> RUUMIS!
[20:43] <Zyborg22> ((If my turn comes around, you can have me move out of the way so Robin can use his Cone of Cold))
[20:43] == Zyborg22 has changed nick to Awayborg
[20:45] * Ruumis casts Spiritual Weapon and directs it against the one near Zyborg
[20:45] <~DracoGM> Roll to hit.
[20:45] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[20:45] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[20:45] <Ruumis> ((16))
[20:46] <~DracoGM> That hits...
[20:46] <Ruumis> dice 1d8
[20:46] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[20:46] <Ruumis> ((3))
[20:47] <~DracoGM> ((I perhaps should have used more of these... they are actually pretty weak... except if they actually manage to KO someone... then they become NASTY.))
[20:48] <Ruumis> (( :/ ))
[20:48] <RobinFiredrake> ((Hmm.))
[20:49] <RobinFiredrake> ((Well, up the ante. Maybe they gain the powers of whatever they dissolve, and they've dissolved a ring of lightning or such?))
[20:49] <~DracoGM> The second one uses its Elemental Vomit on Robin.
[20:49] <RobinFiredrake> So, defence roll?
[20:49] <~DracoGM> ((No, I don't want to change the monster, just the CR.))
[20:49] <RobinFiredrake> ((Okay.))
[20:49] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[20:49] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[20:50] <~DracoGM> ((What is your touch AC Robin?))
[20:51] <RobinFiredrake> 13...
[20:51] * RobinFiredrake sighs
[20:52] <~DracoGM> dice 2d4
[20:52] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3:1; Total: 4.
[20:53] <~DracoGM> You take 4 damage as the acid starts to burn through your scales.
[20:53] <~DracoGM> Zyborg Withdraws to open up a shot for Robin.
[20:53] <~DracoGM> the injured one attempts to peck Robin
[20:53] <~DracoGM> dice 1d20
[20:53] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
[20:54] <~DracoGM> It hits.
[20:54] <~DracoGM> dice 1d4
[20:54] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[20:54] <RobinFiredrake> I back up ten feet, and use my cone of cold on them.
[20:54] <~DracoGM> for 4 points of damage.
[20:55] <~DracoGM> Right...
[20:55] <~DracoGM> dice 6d8
[20:55] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5:3:5:6:2:3; Total: 24.
[20:55] <~DracoGM> Saving throws are irrelevant, even if they make it for half they still die.
[20:55] <~DracoGM> Ruumis... any particular action immediately after the battle?
[20:55] <RobinFiredrake> Good. They knocked me almost to half health
[20:57] * Ruumis ueses 2-3 cure light wounds on Robin after the fight
[20:57] <~DracoGM> As you cast the first one of those, the acid finishes its work....
[20:57] <~DracoGM> dice 2d4
[20:57] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2:2; Total: 4.
[20:58] <~DracoGM> So... total expendatures: 1 Spiritual Weapon, 1 Chill Touch, 1 Breathweapon, and 12 hitpoints from a single character.
[20:59] <RobinFiredrake> Is that a good deal or not?
[20:59] <Awayborg> Not for you :P .
[20:59] == Awayborg has changed nick to Zyborg22
[20:59] <~DracoGM> Well, it means I was probably more right than I initially thought about these being CR 2 each, rather than CR 1...
[21:00] <Ruumis> real danger is from their instant death thing
[21:00] <RobinFiredrake> Instant death thing?
[21:00] <~DracoGM> Yes, yes it is....
[21:01] <Ruumis> if they'd both shot the squishy wizard, might have been enough to take him to negatives
[21:01] <Ruumis> than he'd have an ac of like 5
[21:01] <Ruumis> and they'd poke him, and he'd die
[21:02] <Ruumis> which reminds me, I really haven't used Ruumis's death touch ability yet. not once
[21:02] <~DracoGM> http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=6415767&postcount=5
[21:02] <RobinFiredrake> Gah..
[21:02] <RobinFiredrake> Yeah. Wizards die if you look at them funny.
[21:02] <~DracoGM> Yes, those were a pair of "Soda Vultures"...
[21:03] <RobinFiredrake> Hmmmm.
[21:03] <~DracoGM> Which is a pun off a term my mother sometimes uses...
[21:03] <Ruumis> still wonder how that works on things with diehard or abilities like it
[21:03] <Zyborg22> But later on, they can cause other people to die by looking at them funny.
[21:03] <Ruumis> but still die in one hit from a fighter/barbarian
[21:04] <~DracoGM> Which apparently isn't that well known outside my family.
[21:04] <RobinFiredrake> True enough Zy
[21:04] <~DracoGM> Diehard doesn't keep them from killing one.
[21:04] <Zyborg22> What about me?
[21:04] <Ruumis> construct
[21:04] <Ruumis> ish
[21:04] <~DracoGM> Does make you harder to hit in theory.
[21:04] <Ruumis> so no
[21:05] <Zyborg22> Thought so, but wanted to make sure.
[21:05] <RobinFiredrake> Hmm.
[21:05] <~DracoGM> Yeah, you don't breath or have much water in you.
[21:05] <~DracoGM> So they can't do their instant death thing on you.
[21:05] <RobinFiredrake> I breath, but how much water does chocolate contain?
[21:06] <Ruumis> you have blood
[21:06] <Ruumis> sort of
[21:06] <RobinFiredrake> True enough
[21:07] <~DracoGM> Vanilla Icing maybe?
[21:07] <Zyborg22> Well, the company is here. See you later.
[21:08] <Ruumis> bye
[21:08] == Zyborg22 [Zyborg22@D49C05.6FD491.79C5F2.DA58F6] has quit [Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~]
[21:08] <RobinFiredrake> Vanilla icing, blueberry syrup...
[21:08] <RobinFiredrake> Not sure.
[21:08] <RobinFiredrake> Are we going to playtest further, or not?
[21:08] <~DracoGM> Not tonight...
[21:09] <~DracoGM> Zyborg said he wanted short, so I provided "short".
[21:09] == Ruumis has changed nick to Hyperion
[21:09] <RobinFiredrake> Right
[21:09] <~DracoGM> Regarding your BW...
[21:09] <RobinFiredrake> Yes?
[21:10] <~DracoGM> There wasn't really and VERY good reason not to use it in the scenario as presented, but generally you want to save that for really tough looking situations, since you can only use it 1 time per day.
[21:10] <Hyperion> yeah
[21:11] <~DracoGM> *There wasn't really any
[21:11] <~DracoGM> So that is why I fudged things to edge you away from using it.
[21:11] * DracoGM shrugs.
[21:12] <RobinFiredrake> Okay
[21:12] <~DracoGM> Well, I need to go buy catfood.
[21:12] <RobinFiredrake> Seeya
[21:13] <~DracoGM> C U
[21:13] == DracoGM has changed nick to DracoAway
[21:14] <RobinFiredrake> Soooooo... I know this is really odd to ask, Hyperion, but I am TERRIBLE at GMing and I need someone to help playtest... Well, don't need, but... Nah, nevermind. Too weird
[21:15] <Hyperion> ?
[21:15] <RobinFiredrake> Nevermind
[21:15] <Hyperion> fiiiiiine
[21:15] <Hyperion> :P
[21:16] <RobinFiredrake> Hm/
[21:16] <RobinFiredrake> ?
[21:16] <Hyperion> eh
[21:17] <Hyperion> far to curious for my own good
[21:18] <RobinFiredrake> Oh. There's a channel for clean vore on this server, with me and a couple of my friends. I found addons to D&D. Vore rules. we were gonna playtest them (And still are) but I'm a bad GM. I'll do it anyways.
[21:18] <Hyperion> heh
[21:19] * Hyperion is not a particular fan of vore, but doesn't really care much about it either way
[21:20] <RobinFiredrake> Like
[21:20] <RobinFiredrake> Like I said. Too weird.
[21:20] <Hyperion> hmm
[21:22] <Hyperion> eh, ever curious.
[21:33] == RobinFiredrake [chatzilla@Foxnet-6b3731c7.tn.comcast.net] has left #DracoD&D [""]
[22:54] == DracoAway has changed nick to DracoSemiAway
[22:58] == Hyperion has changed nick to Hyperion[away]
[22:58] <Hyperion[away]> What're the odd of doing the main story next week, you think?
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[00:16] == DracoShopping [you@Foxnet-b5932621.ga.comcast.net] has joined #DracoD&D
[00:26] <~DracoSemiAway> dice 4d6
[00:26] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3:1:5:6; Total: 15.
[00:26] <~DracoSemiAway> dice 4d6
[00:26] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4:2:6:6; Total: 18.
[00:26] <~DracoSemiAway> dice 4d6
[00:26] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4:1:4:4; Total: 13.
[00:27] <~DracoSemiAway> dice 4d6
[00:27] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5:3:5:1; Total: 14.
[00:27] <~DracoSemiAway> dice 4d6
[00:27] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1:5:4:4; Total: 14.
[00:27] <~DracoSemiAway> dice 4d6
[00:27] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4:5:3:3; Total: 15.
[00:27] <Hyperion[away]> hmm
[02:39] == DracoSemiAway has changed nick to DracoAway
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[10:38] <MrBounder> About Kai?
[10:38] <WagzBot> Black Fox of "Shadow" whose duster & leather cargo pants give him a "western out-law" look, red eyes & markings & can purr. Can assume non-morphic form. compasionate, friendly & a little affectionate. A six- shooter w/ "Mercy" inlayed into the grip in silver rides on his left hip, and a dagger w/ "Promise" engraved on the blade on his right.
[10:53] <MrBounder> Wagzbot: About Kai is <reply?
[10:53] <WagzBot> MrBounder: Okay.
[10:54] <MrBounder> Wagzbot: About Kai is <reply>Black Fox of "Shadow" whose duster & leather cargo pants give him a "western out-law" look, red eyes & markings & can purr. Can assume non-morphic form. compasionate, friendly & a little affectionate. A six- shooter w/ "Mercy" inlayed into the grip in silver rides on his left hip, and a dagger w/ "Promise" engraved on the blade on his right. Can purr.
[10:54] <WagzBot> MrBounder: Okay.
[10:54] <MrBounder> About Kai?
[10:54] <WagzBot> Black Fox of "Shadow" whose duster & leather cargo pants give him a "western out-law" look, red eyes & markings & can purr. Can assume non-morphic form. compasionate, friendly & a little affectionate. A six- shooter w/ "Mercy" inlayed into the grip in silver rides on his left hip, and a dagger w/ "Promise" engraved on the blade on his right. Can purr.
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(((Kamden's Stat rolls)))

2010-06-20, 12:23 AM
[20:35] <Zyborg22> I don't think these are that complicated.
[20:35] <DracoDei> EVERYONE, in character...
[20:36] <DracoDei> That means you Kai, and you Mathgrant...
[20:36] <Kai> oh ok
[20:36] <DracoDei> Don't worry about the rules.
[20:36] <DracoDei> I will take care of those for people who don't understand them...
[20:37] <DracoDei> Name me a non-combat situation and I will run it...
[20:37] <DracoDei> Or at least try to...
[20:37] <DracoDei> Should be light on the NPCs...
[20:37] <Kai> can anyone suggest it
[20:37] <DracoDei> But it can be anything from a natural disaster to sitting around at that Inn that some of you earned the right to eat at for free for the rest of your life...
[20:38] <DracoDei> Kai: Yes.
[20:38] *** DracoDei is now known as DracoGM
[20:38] <Kai> how bout a tavern after a festival
[20:38] * DracoGM brings Roleplay back...
[20:38] <DracoGM> Ok!
[20:39] <Zyborg22> And everyone except me has had too much to drink :P .
[20:39] <DracoGM> You are at that Inn (which I never named I don't think... call it the Meat House...).
[20:39] <DracoGM> Zyborg: That would be their choice...
[20:39] <mathgrant> (Call it Wolfe Inn.)
[20:40] <DracoGM> The marshmallows have all been gathered in, and the townsfolk have been celebrating a bountiful harvest...
[20:40] <DracoGM> ((Math: No thanks... Meat House makes much more sense.))
[20:40] <mathgrant> ((I trust you.))
[20:41] <DracoGM> Mathgrant's Icing-fur is sparking especially nicely tonight, due to careful combing.
[20:41] <Spheniscine> "What's up, docs? *nibbles on a steak*"
[20:42] * Zyborg22 cuts the steak into a single strip as Sphen's nibbling it.
[20:42] <Spheniscine> ((Don't worry, my character pretty much acts as if he has had too much to drink... :p))
[20:42] <DracoGM> Zyborgs peanut brittle carrispice has a new coat of glaze (the sort they put on the more ordinary sort of donuts).
[20:42] <Kai> (so am i in this or should i just watch sice we dont have my character completed)
[20:42] *** RobinFiredrake has joined #DracoD&D
[20:42] <mathgrant> ((Would you mind calling me mathgrant? I consider mathgrant to be like the opposite of a proper noun, because you always start it with a lowercase letter.))
[20:42] <RobinFiredrake> (Late, late, for a very important date!)
[20:42] <Spheniscine> (Hi Robin)
[20:43] <DracoGM> (Kai, this is socializing, not adventuring... don't worry about your character sheet.)
[20:43] <Kai> (sweet)
[20:43] <Spheniscine> (So, how did we meet the new guys?)
[20:43] * Kai jumps ontop of a table, clearly drunk and begins to sing
[20:43] * Spheniscine sings with
[20:43] <RobinFiredrake> (How do I get in?)
[20:44] <DracoGM> (We could hypothetically try the big fight if people REALLY wanted to...)
[20:44] <mathgrant> ((I'm up for anything.
[20:44] <Spheniscine> (Oh, you're at that Inn that we helped... this is basically an RP-heavy session)
[20:44] <mathgrant> ))
[20:44] <DracoGM> (Robin: This is out of continuity, but in-character socializing.)
[20:45] <DracoGM> (Math: If we do the big fight, you will just be watching...)
[20:45] <mathgrant> (I'm up for watching!)
[20:45] <RobinFiredrake> ((Alrighty))
[20:45] <Kai> "you can search far and wide, you can drink the while town dry, but there aint no brew as dark or brown, as the one we drink in are hometown, you can keep your fancy ales you can drink em by the flagon, but the only brew for the brave and truuuueee!, comes from tha green dragon"
[20:46] * Spheniscine howls
[20:46] * Kai stumblesoff the table and sits
[20:46] <Spheniscine> "So, what brings you guys to this town?"
[20:46] <Zyborg22> Hey, Robin. Can't you do something to record all this and show it to them later?
[20:47] <RobinFiredrake> I can memorize it, and show you in a Silent Image.
[20:47] <Spheniscine> "Ah, I remember when I wanted to thwack a lobster with my mallet, but thwacked the guy instead... good times... good times..."
[20:48] <Zyborg22> That sounds great. You do that.
[20:48] <DracoGM> ((We need to decide if we are doing RP or the Big Fight... I would perfer RP, but if people can agree on the big fight I will attempt it.))
[20:48] <Kai> (oh bar fight?)
[20:48] <mathgrant> (I'd like to see how a fight works.)
[20:48] <Spheniscine> No... there is a fight that our story was leading too... but we had been delaying it forever since we had no map, and other issues.
[20:49] <mathgrant> (Oh.)
[20:50] <mathgrant> (When RPing on the Housepets! channel, everyone always does /nick character-name, which helps us newbies who don't know the other people's characters' names yet.)
[20:51] <Spheniscine> (Since most of us are playing modified fursonae... it doesn't really apply X3)
[20:51] *** mathgrant is now known as Kitsunaguma
[20:52] <DracoGM> ((Right... the only ones that applies to are Math and Hyperion I think.))
[20:52] <Hyperion> ((What's going on?))
[20:53] * Kitsunaguma stares at the behavior of Spheniscine and Kai. "What drunken buffoons," he says, drinking his water. He never liked to like drunkenness impair his judgment or, if the need arises, his ability to fight.
[20:53] <Kitsunaguma> *liked to let. . . right.
[20:53] <Spheniscine> Hey I'm not drunk. I just act it.
[20:54] <Zyborg22> I wonder how you'd act if you were.
[20:54] * Kai tosses 5 balls in the air and juggles
[20:54] * RobinFiredrake claps "I like the show. Though I do need something to drink... Where's the sugar?)
[20:54] <Kai> hehewhen im drunk i actually better hand-eye coridnated
[20:55] <Spheniscine> "Nobody knows..... how dry I am...."
[20:55] * Kai tosses the balls into the air and slices them all in half with a dagger
[20:55] <DracoGM> *A serving Pez-Ant brings Robin a fresh glass of sugar-water.*
[20:55] <Kai> ta -hic- da
[20:56] <Spheniscine> Ooh...
[20:56] * Kai sits down and naps
[20:56] <Kai> (brb)
[20:56] <DracoGM> ((Hyperion: Non-continuity RP. At the Inn where Spheniscine eats for free, after a harvest festival.))
[20:56] <Spheniscine> Wanna see a trick?
[20:56] * RobinFiredrake sips at it, after tossing a coin to the Pes-Ant
[20:57] <Hyperion> ((Don't think I'm needed, and Ruumis would probably just be reading or something, he isn't very social. I have to go mow the lawn, so...))
[20:57] <DracoGM> ((Hyperion: Ok.))
[20:57] *** Hyperion is now known as Hyperion[away]
[20:57] * Spheniscine conjures up a flowerpot with a single daisy, which smashes into the ground to a thousand pieces, then disappears.
[20:57] <RobinFiredrake> *Blinks* what was that?
[20:58] <DracoGM> ((Good, you are remembering your abilities...))
[21:00] <Spheniscine> Ah yes, did I ever tell you about my family reunion?
[21:00] <Spheniscine> (As I begin to recall the family reunion, a loud band plays, completely obscuring my words)
[21:01] <Spheniscine> "Got that? Isn't that hilarious?"
[21:01] * Spheniscine rolls on the ground laughing
[21:01] <Zyborg22> If your other jokes are any indication, probably not.
[21:01] *** Zyborg22 has left #DracoD&D
[21:01] <Spheniscine> (X3)
[21:02] *** Zyborg22 has joined #DracoD&D
[21:02] *** DracoGM is now known as WaitNeuter
[21:03] <Zyborg22> ((Sorry. Was cleaning the keyboard and accidentally closed the window))
[21:03] <RobinFiredrake> Do I need to cast SILENCE on you band players?
[21:03] <WaitNeuter> ((As in a waiter or watress, but, like most Pez-Ants, was born genderless.))
[21:04] <WaitNeuter> Hey! Don't go breaking the dishes! The glasses neither!
[21:04] <Kai> wow -hic- your the ugliest bar maid i eva seen
[21:04] <WaitNeuter> Where is it? Not I gotta clean it up!
[21:04] <WaitNeuter> *Now
[21:04] * Zyborg22 steals the instruments as the band is playing them. The band doesn't realize it and are still playing.
[21:05] <Kai> hehe
[21:05] <Spheniscine> "Nothing broke, doc. You must be hearing things."
[21:05] * WaitNeuter gives Spheniscine a suspicious look with several hundred eyes.
[21:06] * WaitNeuter starts searching the floor.
[21:06] * Kai tosses a glass next to Spheniscine and it breaks at his feet
[21:06] <RobinFiredrake> Sure they did! You broke a pot! It just dissappeared.
[21:07] <Zyborg22> It wasn't one of his, though.
[21:07] <Zyborg22> Or...its.
[21:09] <RobinFiredrake> He's a he.
[21:09] * Kai sobers up
[21:09] <Zyborg22> I meant the wait...thing.
[21:09] <RobinFiredrake> Oooooh.
[21:10] <WaitNeuter> ((It is fine for this RP... and in fact it is a good thing it came up actually... but there is no way that Zyborg could have stolen the instruments. He doesn't have any skill points in Sleight of Hand.))
[21:10] <RobinFiredrake> Ask it what it is...
[21:10] <Spheniscine> "Anyone up for a game of poker?"
[21:10] * Spheniscine grins evilly in his mind
[21:10] <Kai> ill play
[21:11] * WaitNeuter looks at Kai and nervously makes a note on its slate (IE the bill).
[21:11] <Zyborg22> ((I know. I figured this was more freeform, so I could do that sort of thing.))
[21:11] <Kai> oh before i forget
[21:11] * Kai pays the waiter
[21:11] <RobinFiredrake> Excuse me Miss... Sir... Erm, what are you?
[21:12] <Spheniscine> E's an e.
[21:12] <Kai> hehe unisex
[21:12] <Zyborg22> Does that mean I can call it Siss?
[21:14] <RobinFiredrake> So what gender pronouns do I use for you? o.=.o
[21:15] <Kai> you and it
[21:15] <WaitNeuter> Precisely sir.
[21:16] <Kai> ah good it
[21:16] * Kai shake its hand
[21:16] <RobinFiredrake> Alright then... It sounds a bit derogatory, but I guess it'll work.
[21:16] <WaitNeuter> ((It is pretty freeform... it is also a place to practice being IC for your D&D-ified character's abilities and personality.))
[21:17] <Zyborg22> ((Ah. Ok, then))
[21:17] * WaitNeuter wrings its other three hands nervously during the hand-shake.
[21:18] <Spheniscine> As neuter pronouns go, I prefer the Spivak pronouns. E, em, eir, eirs, emself.
[21:18] * RobinFiredrake holds out a hand
[21:19] <Spheniscine> After all, we technically already use "em".
[21:19] <WaitNeuter> Ah, yes... I know that dialect...
[21:19] <Kai> how to adress em is abit more complicatied
[21:20] * WaitNeuter goes down on 4 limbs and scuttles off.
[21:20] <Kai> well other than "you" anyway
[21:20] * Zyborg22 gets the instruments taken back.
[21:20] <Kitsunaguma> (I prefer *e, h*, h*, h*s, h*self.)
[21:20] <Spheniscine> lol
[21:21] <Zyborg22> Hey, Robin. Can't you give it a definite gender? That would make this a lot easier :P .
[21:21] <Spheniscine> (But that's unpronounceable, for everyone except my character, which thanks to his Looney-Tunes-ness makes it work. Somehow.)
[21:21] <Kitsunaguma> (Good point, Sphen.)
[21:22] <Spheniscine> (He can symbol swear too.)
[21:24] <RobinFiredrake> Alright...
[21:24] <RobinFiredrake> I think it acts like a she.
[21:24] <RobinFiredrake> I'll call her she.
[21:25] <Zyborg22> I meant through magic or something. You wizards do that sort of thing, don't you?
[21:25] <Kai> oh it could be harem
[21:25] <Kai> that way you could say he and she
[21:25] <WaitNeuter> ((You mean herm? As in short for hermaphrodite?))
[21:25] <RobinFiredrake> I could, but... I'm not a good enough wizard yet. We could pay someone. If she wanted.
[21:26] <WaitNeuter> ((Looking up the appropriate cursed item...))
[21:26] <Spheniscine> ((lol is reminded of Order Of The Stick...))
[21:26] <Kai> (oh yeah srry ^///^)
[21:27] <WaitNeuter> ((Yes, that is the correct item...))
[21:28] * Kitsunaguma calls the Pez-Ant. "I'm ready to order!" he says.
[21:28] <RobinFiredrake> ((Belt of changing?))
[21:29] <Spheniscine> ((Oh yeah! X3))
[21:29] <Spheniscine> ((I remember it had a seemingly innocuous name...))
[21:29] <WaitNeuter> ((Huh... not in the SRD... they must be too Politically Correct or something...))
[21:29] <Spheniscine> ((X3))
[21:29] <Zyborg22> ((I thought it was called Belt of Masculinity/Femininity))
[21:29] <WaitNeuter> ((Belt of Masculinity/Femininity))
[21:29] <WaitNeuter> ((Yes.))
[21:30] <Zyborg22> ((Would that even work on a completely neutral being, though?))
[21:30] * Kitsunaguma waits patiently for the WaitNeuter to arrive
[21:30] <RobinFiredrake> ((Yes. It would turn it to both))
[21:31] <Spheniscine> lol
[21:31] <WaitNeuter> ((The cursed version MIGHT do that... it wouldn't want a cursed version though...))
[21:32] * WaitNeuter approaches warily.
[21:32] <RobinFiredrake> ((We don't have to be too strict, Draco. This isn't even canon))
[21:33] <WaitNeuter> ((Yes, but I am trying to... bleh...))
[21:33] * Spheniscine noms some peanuts
[21:33] * Kai sits back down and watches the solicities
[21:33] * Spheniscine reads a comic book about past Falling Anvil masters
[21:33] <Zyborg22> So, when's that poker game starting?
[21:34] <Spheniscine> Oh, oh yeah!
[21:34] <Spheniscine> (Errm... roll bluff? X3)
[21:34] <Spheniscine> (See, that's where the evilness is... lol)
[21:34] <Spheniscine> (My char has a +10 bluff... X3)
[21:35] <Spheniscine> (I was joking when I suggested that, based on that fact.)
[21:35] <Zyborg22> ((I never said I was playing.))
[21:35] <WaitNeuter> To Kitsunaguma: Err, you said you were ready to order?
[21:36] <Kitsunaguma> Yes, WaitNeuter. I want a mint chocolate chip ice cream, please.
[21:36] <Kitsunaguma> ((Ice cream is almost like candy!))
[21:36] <Spheniscine> (Also, as a Falling Anvil, he doesn't just bluff others, but also the very laws of the universe.)
[21:37] <WaitNeuter> Anything else?
[21:37] <RobinFiredrake> Ew, that cheap stuff? Meh, whatever you like...
[21:38] * WaitNeuter is still on all fours, and is nearly in a runner's starting pose (for a quadruped).
[21:39] <Spheniscine> Ooh, ice cream.
[21:39] <Spheniscine> (Whatever you do... don't mention pie... X3)
[21:41] <Zyborg22> ((I'm tempted to do so right now.))
[21:41] <Spheniscine> ((X3))
[21:42] <Hyperion[away]> ((Also find it funny that my insane cleric is the least odd of the people in the group.))
[21:42] <Hyperion[away]> ((Somehow))
[21:42] <RobinFiredrake> Hmm... I don't suppose since everything here tastes good to you guys, that everything over where you live would taste good to me?
[21:43] *** Hyperion[away] is now known as Ruumis
[21:43] <Spheniscine> Would it? I honestly do not know.
[21:43] <Ruumis> "It seems unlikely, and you'll get in trouble if you try. I know."
[21:44] <RobinFiredrake> Is no one willing to spare a coin for me to try?
[21:45] * Ruumis hands Robin his hat.
[21:46] * RobinFiredrake nibbles on it
[21:46] <Kitsunaguma> No, sir/madam/it.
[21:46] <Kitsunaguma> (Sorry for the lateness.)
[21:47] * WaitNeuter sprints off.
[21:48] <RobinFiredrake> ((You think it should be good to him, or not, Draco?)
[21:48] <Ruumis> ((I could have given you a boot))
[21:49] <WaitNeuter> ((MAYBE it would taste good if it is leather... otherwise, no.))
[21:49] <RobinFiredrake> ((Just thought since he's candy, his tastebuds would be different)
[21:50] <WaitNeuter> ((Although staying that prime material plane stuff is as tasty to natives of this plane as vice-versa WOULD let me arrange to have you confronting a rampaging Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man when you get to much higher levels...))
[21:50] <WaitNeuter> ((I will have to consider it...))
[21:51] <Zyborg22> ((You can't do that anyway?))
[21:51] <RobinFiredrake> ((Alrighty))
[21:52] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[21:54] <WaitNeuter> ((Zyborg: Well, I like to have as good logic behind things as I can manage...))
[21:56] * Ruumis takes his hat back and places it on the table in front of him, across a chess board. He then moves one of the pieces and focuses on the game again.
[21:59] <Spheniscine> ((He's playing chess? Since when and with whom?))
[22:00] <Ruumis> ((Since the RP started, and with his hat.))
[22:00] <Ruumis> ((Good reason to not be talking))
[22:01] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[22:01] <Spheniscine> ((Was the hat winning?))
[22:01] * Kitsunaguma sits patiently waiting for his food to arrive, while drinking his water
[22:04] * WaitNeuter almost manages to perform a spring-attack... except with delivering the icecream, instead of stabbing or such... but not actually having the Spring-Serve feat or whatever (actually Spring Attack would do it, since it works for any standard action), has to double back to place the icecream in front of Kitsunaguma.
[22:05] * RobinFiredrake claps for the waitnuter
[22:05] * Kitsunaguma takes the ice cream from the WaitNeuter and thanks it politely
[22:05] <RobinFiredrake> *neuter
[22:05] <Ruumis> "Don't suppose any of you play chess? Playing against myself I always find myself losing and would like to stop that."
[22:05] * Ruumis puts his hat back on his head.
[22:05] <Zyborg22> Ask the waitneuter.
[22:06] <RobinFiredrake> I play.
[22:06] <Spheniscine> (I suck at chess... strangely)
[22:06] <Spheniscine> (Everyone thinks I'd be good at it. X3)
[22:06] * WaitNeuter spins around just long enough to genuflect in response to the thanks, before skuttling off again.
[22:06] <Kitsunaguma> (Me, too, what a coincidence.)
[22:07] <Kitsunaguma> (Long-term strategizing like that is too intense for me.)
[22:07] <Spheniscine> (lol I thought you were good at it... guess we have a lot in common... X3)
[22:09] * Ruumis gestures to the chair in front of the board.
[22:09] * Kitsunaguma , noting that the ice cream is a little warm for his tastes, holds his cyan-tipped tail in his paw and uses his powers of cold to lower the temperature a tinge.
[22:09] * RobinFiredrake sits in the chair, ready to play
[22:09] <WaitNeuter> ((Oh great... another strategy-impaired player... just what I need. [/sarcasm]...))
[22:12] <Spheniscine> (lol)
[22:13] <Kitsunaguma> ((You know what would be hilarious? If Robin is White and the game ends in fool's mate. .. or if Robin is Black and resigns after the first 1.5 moves of fool's mate.)
[22:13] <Spheniscine> (*hugs Draco)
[22:13] <RobinFiredrake> ((Hmm?))
[22:13] <WaitNeuter> ((Although... did I tell you my cousin (the priest) failed that pre-mission planning thing too?))
[22:14] <Spheniscine> ((Robin's character is supposed to have a high intelligence score...))
[22:15] <Spheniscine> ((Interestingly my character is the lowest))
[22:18] <WaitNeuter> ((Starting work on Kitsunaguma's actual character sheet... might be even slower to respond.))
[22:18] *** WaitNeuter is now known as Owner
[22:18] <Owner> Good sirs...
[22:19] <Spheniscine> "Inverted by Norbert Wiener, inventor of Cybernetics, path integrals, and large parts of applied fourier analysis. He would often play chess, but was usually beaten after making simple mistakes. On one occasion, a student who didn't know about this tendency spent ten minutes trying to work out what strategy he had thought of that would enable Wiener to checkmate him by sacrificing his queen. He asked Wiener what this was, and Wiener p
[22:19] <Spheniscine> romptly asked to take back his previous move, not having realized he had put his queen in a position to be captured."
[22:20] <Owner> As you may know, Spheniscine here saved my patrons at one point. I was hoping he could do me an additional kindness by discussing with you and giving me an expert opinion, from his point of view as a many of considered risks, if I should rebuild the ooze tank... with at least double the thickness of glass...
[22:20] * Spheniscine beams
[22:21] <Owner> *man of considered risks,
[22:21] <Spheniscine> "If the glass is thick enough, would it be a problem?"
[22:22] <Owner> Yes, but the thicker the more expensive, and I said only AT LEAST twice as thick.
[22:22] <Spheniscine> Mm.
[22:23] <Owner> If the cost is too high, I am afraid I have no way of making a profit, and must forgo what was once one of my main draws for the locals... and the locals themselves are part of the draw for the tourists...
[22:23] <Spheniscine> Well, I guess it's up to you whether the increased cost is worth it...
[22:23] <Spheniscine> Awr.
[22:24] <Owner> Since tourists do not go to another plane of existance to see the same beings that they saw at home... at least not usually.
[22:24] *** Zyborg22 is now known as Awayborg
[22:24] * Spheniscine nods
[22:24] <Owner> I can do my sums well enough...
[22:25] <Owner> And know the cost for this and that thickness of glass already.
[22:25] * Spheniscine nods
[22:27] <Owner> What I thought you... and perhaps your equally well-armed comrades might have some concept of is what the risks of another such unfortunate incident might be, now that a terrible example has been set... even if the varlet did not survive the incident (God rest his soul)... no fault of yours as the Sheriff attested, no fault of yours. You tried to save the poor fools life as I recall the story going...
[22:27] <Owner> At the last I mean.
[22:27] * Spheniscine nods
[22:28] <Spheniscine> ((Oh yeah, what happened to the nativist group?)
[22:28] <Owner> ((You did... you were playing crocquet with the oozes on him, instead of letting them feed and moving on to other targets, let alone smashing his head in once he was down(that last would have been... not a Good act).))
[22:29] * Spheniscine nods
[22:29] <Owner> ((Warned, arrested, or dead...))
[22:29] <Owner> ((As appropriate or necessary to the individual case...))
[22:29] <Spheniscine> ((Ah))
[22:30] <Spheniscine> "The perp was part of a... nativist group. We have investigated the matter and notified the Sheriff of all pertinent details."
[22:30] <Spheniscine> "They are now warned, arrested, or dead."
[22:31] <Owner> Oh, I know. He gave me his assurances that the matter was as well taken care of as was possible for the moment...
[22:32] <Owner> For one can not punish all potential miscrents just to scare them off... would be cruel...
[22:32] <Spheniscine> "Do you think there might be other such groups around, or any other group that may want to make a statement in a similar manner?
[22:32] <Owner> But I was more thinking of some other, with a completely differing motive.
[22:32] <Ruumis> "This is a tavern, there will be drunks."
[22:32] <Spheniscine> Hm.
[22:32] <Spheniscine> Good point, Ruumis.
[22:32] <Spheniscine> For once...
[22:32] <Owner> Even simple cruel ammusement...
[22:32] * Spheniscine nods
[22:33] <Owner> Not as many as you would think...
[22:33] <Spheniscine> Heh.
[22:33] <Owner> I allow more slack to worthies such as yourself than I would to most...
[22:34] <Spheniscine> Awr.
[22:34] * Spheniscine hugs
[22:34] <Owner> I serve good drink. But I am not afraid to close the taps of the alcoholic sort to a man a safe margin before he becomes enough of a fool that it might cause me inconvience.
[22:34] <Spheniscine> Ah...
[22:34] <Spheniscine> Yeah, good idea.
[22:35] <Owner> There are others in town who take that risk, and that is their choice. I stand by mine, and "You can't ice a donut with the same icing as a black-forest cake."
[22:35] * Spheniscine nods
[22:37] * Kitsunaguma looks on as the other people in the inn had fun. He sighs to himself, "I feel lonely." While a fearless fighter, Kitsu has just realized he is very shy and fearful of interaction. Perhaps he is fearful that befriending the wrong adventurers could make it harder for him to resist beer.
[22:37] <Spheniscine> Yeah... thickening the glass would probably be a good idea. If you can afford it.
[22:39] <Owner> Perhaps I will come back another time, when you are less tired, and the crowd less noisy. I did say that I was going to AT LEAST double the thickness. And to clarify that means even in the parts that WEREN'T broken... although I might save some coin by doubling up the old glass, rather than selling it.
[22:39] <Owner> A few fewer panes to buy that way.
[22:39] * Spheniscine nods
[22:39] <Awayborg> What about security guards or some such? That would cost even more, but...
[22:39] *** Awayborg is now known as Zyborg22
[22:39] <Spheniscine> Hm.
[22:40] <Spheniscine> ((Are you trying to hint to me something? Because I'm not sure I'm getting it. Also the fight happened months ago in real time, and I might've forgotten the details.))
[22:41] <Owner> Well, begging your pardon, but you aren't very predictable folk, and if I don't know when you might drop by, any trouble maker wouldn't either... so it seems that my gratefulness to Spheniscine here might have some benefit to me. Although I swear I wasn't thinking of that when I swore my personal reward to him.
[22:41] <Owner> The thought occured to me only later.
[22:42] <Spheniscine> Mm.
[22:42] <Spheniscine> Well, thanks.
[22:43] <Owner> ((I am saying that in this conversation he has said that he is going to AT LEAST double the thickness of the glass... but he isn't sure if double is enough, or tripple or quadrupal or something would be necessary... and if it is going to be too thick, he needs to just forget the whole thing...))
[22:43] <Spheniscine> ((Mhm... and do I know anything about how think it needs to be?))
[22:44] <Spheniscine> *thick
[22:44] <Owner> Err... I should say you Spheniscine and the others who were with you at the time.
[22:44] <Zyborg22> I'd say make it as thick as you can afford, but I wasn't there.
[22:45] <Owner> ((Look up the rules for hardness and hitpoints of objects... hardness comes off of each strike, and doesn't vary with thickness. Hitpoints are a direct multiple of thickness... I thick glass has a hardness of 1 or 2.))
[22:45] <Owner> *I think glass has a
[22:46] <Ruumis> "How much would doubling the thickness cost?"
[22:47] * Owner gives a number, but emphasizes that it is not the economics he needs any help with.
[22:47] <Owner> I am very sorry, but I must be off... I will talk with you another time, after you have had some time to talk and think amongst yourself mayhaps.
[22:48] * Owner walks off.
[22:49] <Spheniscine> Bye.
[22:49] <Ruumis> "Well. Thicker the glass is, less likely someone will break through if they try, but the higher he cost to replace it after that."
[22:49] <Spheniscine> ((Ah, so we're saving this mathematical puzzle (if I'm guessing this right) for throughout the week?))
[22:50] <Spheniscine> ((Also need to check out the whole server/firewall thing...))
[22:51] <Ruumis> "If he has enough, would say to get it magically reinforced, but that's expensive."
[22:51] <Owner> ((It isn't really a mathmatical puzzle per se... at least not in the straight-forward sense... it is a matter of risk assessment...))
[22:51] <Spheniscine> ((Mm.))
[22:51] <Spheniscine> ((If I remember right it took two hits for him to break through?))
[22:52] <Ruumis> "And I know he isn't rice enough to just get a permanent wall of force instead, even if he wouldn't have to worry about anything less than an angry wizard."
[22:52] <Ruumis> ((*rich))
[22:53] <Owner> ((I don't remember... I know he broke more than one section before y'all and the oozes downed him.))
[22:53] <Spheniscine> ((And I reckon, since hardness is not affected by thickness, only hitpoints... doubling the thickness would only double the time it takes for someone to break through...))
[22:53] <Ruumis> ((yep.))
[22:54] <Ruumis> ((is why I like magical reinforcement, doubles the hardness, and either triples HP or adds 50, whichever is greater.))
[22:54] <Spheniscine> ((Ah.))
[22:55] <Spheniscine> ((Yeah, Ruumis knows the mechanics more than I do. :p))
[22:55] <Ruumis> ((but that's expensive))
[22:55] * Spheniscine nods
[22:55] <Ruumis> (( 1500 per 10ft section))
[22:57] <Spheniscine> ((So, can e afford it?))
[22:57] <Ruumis> ((i have no idea))
[22:57] <Spheniscine> ((lol, was asking Draco))
[22:59] <Spheniscine> ((Need to nap... bye.))
[22:59] <Spheniscine> ((If you need anything Drac, just message me during the week))
[23:00] *** Spheniscine has quit IRC (Quit: Never look down on someone unless you're helping them up.)
[23:02] <Ruumis> ((How large are/were the windows?))
[23:02] <Ruumis> ((Running the economics, might actually be cheaper to get walls of force))
[23:03] <Ruumis> ((Which you don't really have to worry about breaking ever))
[23:04] *** RobinFiredrake has quit IRC (Client closed the connection)
[23:04] <Owner> ((Kitsunaguma's character sheet in progress: http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=38748))
[23:06] <Owner> ((1500 is probably less than the entire building is worth...))
[23:06] *** RobinFiredrake has joined #DracoD&D
[23:06] <Ruumis> ((So that's a no on magic, unless we were to pay for it))
[23:07] <Owner> ((Right...))
[23:07] <Owner> ((But only PROBABLY less than the entire building is worth... don't hold me to that...))
[23:13] <Kitsunaguma> (Player: mathgrant :P )
[23:15] <Ruumis> ((Also expensive but workable would be just a normal wall that we make permanently invisible, but that'd still be a bit. So... ))
[23:16] <Owner> ((Is that a problem?))
[23:16] <Owner> ((I mean using "Mathgrant"?))
[23:16] *** Owner is now known as DracoTired
[23:18] <DracoTired> ------------END SESSION--------

2010-06-26, 12:21 PM
[22:15] <Spheniscine> We are in a clearing, with 5 wolves visible ahead of us.
[22:15] <Zyborg22> We're all in a row, and we're about to face some wolves in a row. There are more farther off we can't see.
[22:15] <DracoSemiAway_> TokenTool, is, in many ways, a much simpler program.
[22:15] <Zyborg22> The ones we can see are about 60 ft. off.
[22:16] <DracoSemiAway_> Zyborg: The wolves you can see are just sitting there... they haven't done anything actually agressive.
[22:16] <Spheniscine> Saved, Draco.
[22:16] <Zyborg22> Oh. I assumed we'd face them some time, even if they aren't doing anything right now.
[22:17] <RobinFiredrake> Okay, so we're ready to fight then?
[22:17] <Zyborg22> And there's a corral behind the wolves.
[22:17] <Hyperion> brb
[22:17] <RobinFiredrake> Cool
[22:18] <Zyborg22> There used to be coral behind them, but... :P
[22:18] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Direlda is not nearly as good in melee as he is at range, but still ok... Spheniscine has some abilities in melee, and Robin is a half-dragon and thus is very capable for a wizard. Zyborg is a rogue, and therefor falls into the "striker" arch-type.))
[22:18] <Spheniscine> Hm.
[22:19] <Spheniscine> OK, so I guess we're just sitting waiting for the leader, and then...?
[22:19] <Spheniscine> (I assume something untoward happens... X3)
[22:20] <Zyborg22> I bet you make a joke that drives them to kill us all :P .
[22:20] <DracoSemiAway_> You hear stealthy pawsteps approaching from 4 different, approximately equally spaced directions.
[22:21] <DracoSemiAway_> We are saying those 4 directions happen to be the compass points, just to keep things simple.
[22:21] <DracoSemiAway_> This is... suspicious for friendly negotiations.
[22:21] <DracoSemiAway_> That is where we currently stand...
[22:22] <RobinFiredrake> Do we all hear it? No listen checks?
[22:22] <DracoSemiAway_> No, someone (I am not gouing to bother figuring out who) notices it, and then nudges people to start paying attention.
[22:23] <Zyborg22> I bet the sword noticed it :P .
[22:23] <Spheniscine> lol
[22:23] <DracoSemiAway_> A bit of whispering and listening, and you all have all that information.
[22:23] <Spheniscine> I guess I stealthily ready my crossbow.
[22:24] <DracoSemiAway_> You are all sitting in a line, directly opposite the wolves you can see... your line contracted when you started whispering to eachother.
[22:25] <DracoSemiAway_> The wolves are about 10 feet appart still.
[22:25] <DracoSemiAway_> Both lines run east/west.
[22:26] <DracoSemiAway_> From west to east your order is Direlda, Ruumis, Zyborg, Spheniscine, Remus, and Robin
[22:26] <DracoSemiAway_> Chestnut is southwest of Ruumis, diagonally. Note that Chestnut takes up a 2x2 square on the board.
[22:27] <DracoSemiAway_> Saleth is south of Remus.
[22:29] <RobinFiredrake> So, do we continue listening?
[22:30] <Zyborg22> If we do, I'll take out the rapier and go into total defense.
[22:31] <Spheniscine> I guess.
[22:31] <DracoSemiAway_> Ruumis is being crazy...
[22:31] <DracoSemiAway_> I assume?
[22:32] <Hyperion> yes
[22:32] <Hyperion> still doing chess
[22:32] <RobinFiredrake> I ready my crossbow.
[22:32] <DracoSemiAway_> Robin: Do you understand well enough, or do I need to give3 you X,Y coordinates?
[22:32] <DracoSemiAway_> Ok
[22:32] <Hyperion> although he has taken his shield and bow out.
[22:32] *** Hyperion is now known as Ruumis
[22:33] <DracoSemiAway_> Direlda stands and faces west, an arrow on the string, but not drawn, and pointing downward.
[22:33] <RobinFiredrake> I understand
[22:33] <DracoSemiAway_> The wolves stand and look nervous.
[22:34] * DracoSemiAway_ looks up some rules...
[22:34] <Zyborg22> Wait...can I change to the crossbow?
[22:37] <Zyborg22> Seeing as we're apparently going to pepper them with fire.
[22:37] <Ruumis> ((YOu can, I suppose))
[22:37] <Ruumis> (Since we haven't started any combat))
[22:38] <Spheniscine> OK... then what happens?
[22:38] <DracoSemiAway_> Remus: "What is going on here... paws approach from every direction, hardly polite diplomatic proceedure!"
[22:39] <DracoSemiAway_> Red-eyed wolf: "I honestly know not!"
[22:39] <Spheniscine> "Maybe an unexpected family reunion?"
[22:40] <DracoSemiAway_> One of the others says something in Infernal/Abyssal (forget which), and the Red-Eyed one barks (semi-litterally) back to him in the same language.
[22:41] <Ruumis> ((infernal))
[22:41] <RobinFiredrake> "Surely you've some idea? I mean, I can smell them easily. You should be able to tell what they're like. You KNOW wolves. I just know these guys smell similar to you. Maybe your scent is masking them though."
[22:41] <DracoSemiAway_> Oh... well, I mean...
[22:42] <Ruumis> "What? There's more than one pack around here? Do any of them happen to play chess?"
[22:42] <Zyborg22> "If so, it involves real people instead of little figures."
[22:43] <Zyborg22> "But I doubt it."
[22:43] <Ruumis> "Who is 'Murk'?"
[22:44] <DracoSemiAway_> I recognize them, but they weren't supposed to be here.
[22:44] <DracoSemiAway_> Nobody tells me anything...
[22:45] <RobinFiredrake> Well... Tell me what you smell on them
[22:45] <Ruumis> "I don't suppose it's your birthday and they're throwing a surprise party?"
[22:45] <DracoSemiAway_> Murk is the alpha of another pack. We are part of the same bigger pack.
[22:45] <DracoSemiAway_> HEY! MURK! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!
[22:46] <Ruumis> ((Ah, the direct approach))
[22:46] <Spheniscine> "Guess I was right after all! It *is* a family reunion!"
[22:46] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Note that that yell, was VERY loud... not supernaturally so, or what you would consider unreasonable to the situation... but very loud.))
[22:48] <RobinFiredrake> Tell us about Murk
[22:48] <DracoSemiAway_> A voice comes from the SOUTH, just beyond the first bend... it is in infernal.
[22:48] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Something I missed in my notes... the red-eyed one also has bat-wings...))
[22:48] <Spheniscine> ((Ooh. :3 Cute.))
[22:48] <Spheniscine> ((Somehow... <.<))
[22:49] <Spheniscine> ((Ohz noez! Am I a vampire? X3))
[22:49] <DracoSemiAway_> ((The demeanor of the wolves before you changes... they still seem a little confused... but we are definitely in initiative now.))
[22:50] <Spheniscine> ((OK, so we should roll initiative...))
[22:50] <Ruumis> "Aaand... Checkmate."
[22:50] * Ruumis pats Chestnut's side.
[22:54] <Spheniscine> Robin, you want to use Wagz to roll, or we roll for you?
[22:55] <RobinFiredrake> Wagz. I've always stuck with her, and I can trust her to keep on givings me twos and ones. Anyhow, what am I rolling for?
[22:55] <Spheniscine> Initiative.
[22:55] <Zyborg22> Direlda got a 1, so you won't be alone.
[22:55] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
[22:55] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[22:56] <RobinFiredrake> Woah. That's incredible...
[22:56] <Spheniscine> lol
[22:57] <Ruumis> "I do believe the leader is to the south. All of you are to be killed."
[22:57] <RobinFiredrake> "I expected as much. I've got spells, claws, frost breath, teeth, and a crossbow. Let's see them try."
[22:58] <DracoSemiAway_> Just a sec... I GOTTA find the sheets I printed out, or the lag-monster is going to doom us all...
[22:58] <Spheniscine> "Eesh, typical family reunions..."
[23:02] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d20
[23:02] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
[23:04] <DracoSemiAway_> ((I have the sheets now in case you couldn't tell...))
[23:07] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Robin: Initiative order of the characters you can see is: Sphen, Remus, Wolf 3, Zyborg, Ruumis, Red-Eyed Bat-winged Wolf, Wolf 2, Big Wolf, Robin, Wolf 1, Direlda))
[23:08] <DracoSemiAway_> SPHENISCINE! (Remember you have maneuvers if you want to use them...)
[23:08] <RobinFiredrake> (Oh of course I'd be near the back.)
[23:09] <Spheniscine> Hmm...
[23:09] <Spheniscine> (Maneuvers like Burning Blade? Can I ready those?)
[23:10] <DracoSemiAway_> Oh... you hear a sound as of someone dropping a bunch of metal off a cliff... except SLIGHTLY quieter... (I am deliberately NOT defining which direction it is coming from... even I don't know).
[23:10] <Spheniscine> o.o
[23:10] <Ruumis> "Huh."
[23:11] <DracoSemiAway_> ((The ones you have marked as readied are readied... you will always start with as many maneuvers readied as you can ready... 5 minutes of no combat AUTOMATICALLY takes any expended maneuvers to "ready" status...))
[23:11] <Spheniscine> Ah.
[23:12] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Except in your case, it is more precisely "flaming mallet"...))
[23:12] <Spheniscine> So... I fire a crossbow for now I suppose.
[23:12] <Ruumis> ((At... which one?))
[23:12] <DracoSemiAway_> (Saving the good stuff then?))
[23:12] <Spheniscine> ((Yeah.))
[23:13] <Spheniscine> ((The aggressive wolves are coming from the south, right?))
[23:13] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Going to move 10 feet to get your Stance to actually do something?))
[23:13] <Spheniscine> (The ones at the north, have they shown aggression yet?))
[23:13] <Ruumis> ((from everywhere))
[23:13] <Ruumis> ((Closest are the ones in the north we were talking to))
[23:13] <Ruumis> ((Yes))
[23:13] <Spheniscine> ((Hmm...))
[23:13] <DracoSemiAway_> ((The shout came from the south, but yes, you all can hear running paw-steps converging from every direction.))
[23:14] <Spheniscine> OK I move 10 feet.
[23:14] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Move your token then...))
[23:14] <Spheniscine> Like so?
[23:15] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Yes, that will do.))
[23:15] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Good thing these guys are stupid...))
[23:15] <Spheniscine> "I don't think you guys are getting the *point* of a peaceful discussion..."
[23:15] <Spheniscine> ((X3))
[23:16] <Zyborg22> That's totally overused.
[23:16] <Spheniscine> ((rofl))
[23:16] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Which one are you shooting at, and roll it...))
[23:16] <Spheniscine> I guess the one in the middle.
[23:16] <Spheniscine> Hm, and what do I roll again?
[23:17] <DracoSemiAway_> I will do it...
[23:17] <DracoSemiAway_> To show you and save time.
[23:17] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d20
[23:17] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[23:17] <Spheniscine> Yay!
[23:17] <DracoSemiAway_> That would be a critical threat...
[23:17] <DracoSemiAway_> lets see if you confirm it...
[23:17] <DracoSemiAway_> Roll a d20... exactly the same as a to-hit roll...
[23:17] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[23:17] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[23:18] <DracoSemiAway_> That is... unlikely to confirm.
[23:18] <Spheniscine> X3
[23:18] <DracoSemiAway_> What is your total bonus with a crossbow?
[23:18] <Spheniscine> +6
[23:18] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d8
[23:18] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[23:19] <Spheniscine> So, what happens?
[23:20] <DracoSemiAway_> You dont crit.
[23:20] <Ruumis> (( You shot it for small amount of damage))
[23:22] <Spheniscine> ((K))
[23:22] <DracoSemiAway_> Remus moves to just south of Ruumis and starts casting a summoning spell (will take up his move action next turn... we will assume he already cast mage armor.
[23:25] *** Direlda has joined #DracoD&D
[23:25] <Ruumis> ((oh hi))
[23:26] <DracoSemiAway_> Wolf 3 maneuvers wide of Robin, circling around to a point 15 feet south of Zyborg.
[23:26] <DracoSemiAway_> Which puts him 10 feet south and 5 feet east of Remus.
[23:26] <Spheniscine> ((Man they're fast))
[23:27] <DracoSemiAway_> ((50' base speed, double move makes it 100'
[23:27] <DracoSemiAway_> ))
[23:27] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Could have gone twice that if (s)he didn't mind lose his/her dex bonus.))
[23:28] <DracoSemiAway_> Zyborg!
[23:28] <WagzBot> Your friendly neighborhood robot spider.
[23:28] <Zyborg22> ((Creatures don't have their Dex bonus until their first turn, is that right?))
[23:29] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Direlda: If you can get into MapTool that would be very nice, but if you can't then never mind.IP: Port: 51234 Password: dracod&d ))
[23:29] <Ruumis> ((They are normally flatfooted until they take their first turn, yes))
[23:29] <Ruumis> ((not sure if they would be now))
[23:30] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Zyborg: Actually... in this case, that WOULD apply to the wolves, yes. I am actually kinda sparing with that rule...))
[23:30] <DracoSemiAway_> ((So if you get within 30' of them you could sneak-attack with your crossbow.))
[23:31] <Zyborg22> ((I'll take a risk and get close enough for the sneak attack on 2..))
[23:31] <DracoSemiAway_> ((In case it matters Zyborg, remember, you have a 40' movement speed yourself.))
[23:32] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Roll it.))
[23:32] <Zyborg22> ((I don't want to get too close.))
[23:32] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[23:32] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[23:32] <Ruumis> ((They can flank you if they want to anyway))
[23:32] <Zyborg22> ((20))
[23:33] <Zyborg22> ((I want you to be able to provide backup and for them not to all gang up on me, so I'm not moving too far ahead))
[23:33] <DracoSemiAway_> ((20 hits))
[23:33] <Zyborg22> dice 3d6
[23:33] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2:5:3; Total: 10.
[23:33] <Zyborg22> ((11))
[23:35] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Ok, Wolf #2 has now taken a total of 14 points of damage.... I think...))
[23:36] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Yeah...))
[23:36] <Spheniscine> Hmm...
[23:37] <DracoSemiAway_> RUUMIS!
[23:37] <Ruumis> ((What class is Direlda?))
[23:37] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Ranger))
[23:37] <Direlda> ((ranger))
[23:38] * Ruumis casts Shield of Faith on Direlda ((+2 deflection AC)) and directs Chestnut to attack wolf 3
[23:39] * Ruumis also actually puts his shield on
[23:39] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[23:39] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[23:39] <Ruumis> (( 13))
[23:39] <DracoSemiAway_> You realize that move would provoke, right?
[23:39] <Ruumis> ((oh right))
[23:40] <DracoSemiAway_> Going SW 5 feet, OTOH, would not.
[23:40] <Ruumis> ((Maptool has problems with non-square creatures))
[23:41] <DracoSemiAway_> ((In 3.5 all creatures are square by RAW.))
[23:41] <Ruumis> ((Since horses are 10 ft by 5 ft, and don't have reach, instead of 10 ft by 10 ft with reach))
[23:41] <DracoSemiAway_> ((in 3.5 they are 10x10 with 5 reach I think))
[23:41] <Ruumis> ((RAW?))
[23:42] <Zyborg22> ((Rules as written))
[23:42] <Zyborg22> ((As in the sourcebooks))
[23:42] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Rules As Written))
[23:42] <DracoSemiAway_> ((In any case, the 13 will miss))
[23:46] <DracoSemiAway_> Red-Eyes charges past Direlda who gets an AoO to kick it (unarmed attack).
[23:46] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d20
[23:46] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[23:46] <Direlda> dice 1d20
[23:46] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[23:47] <DracoSemiAway_> Red-Eye's jaws spark with a strange energy as he bites... his teeth slip off of Chestnuts ribs without effect, and the energy actually seems to RECOIL from chestnut.
[23:47] <Ruumis> ((heh. trying to Smite Good an undead horse))
[23:47] <Ruumis> ((I think))
[23:48] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Yep...))
[23:48] <Spheniscine> lol
[23:48] <DracoSemiAway_> ((That is what you get for having agressive instincts, a decent INT... and 0 ranks in any knowledge skills...))
[23:49] <Spheniscine> ((X3))
[23:49] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d4
[23:49] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[23:51] <DracoSemiAway_> Direlda's kick does a single point of non-lethal damage to the Red-Eyed (and bat-winged) wolf... #2 still has 14 points of damage... which I just realized drops it.
[23:51] <Spheniscine> ((o.o reminds me of OOTS))
[23:52] <Spheniscine> ((Where that goblin takes damage from forgotten bonuses until he drops X3))
[23:52] <DracoSemiAway_> The big wolf moves to SE of Chestnut.
[23:52] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Yes... yes it is sorta like that.))
[23:53] <DracoSemiAway_> ROBIN!
[23:54] <RobinFiredrake> (What is closest to me?)
[23:55] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Incidently, anyone who ISN'T playing a character who has been introduced IC yet is ESPECIALLY welcome next week, as the "calvary"))
[23:55] <Spheniscine> ((There are 3 wolves circling Chestnut))
[23:55] <Ruumis> ((Theres a normal wolf, a big wolf, and a red-eyed winged wolf ))
[23:55] <Spheniscine> (("Cavalry", Draco))
[23:55] <RobinFiredrake> ((Crossbow at red-eyed))
[23:55] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Wof 3 is the closest enemy))
[23:55] <Spheniscine> ((Note where the L is placed. Important, as it changes it to a different word... X3))
[23:56] <Zyborg22> ((You'd shoot through Remus if you aimed at Red-eyes))
[23:56] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Sorry about the spelling.))
[23:56] <Ruumis> ((Do remember the penalty for them being in melee))
[23:56] <Zyborg22> ((Not sure if that matters, though))
[23:56] <RobinFiredrake> ((Wolf 3, then))
[23:57] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Which still gets you that penalty... but avoids the penaltiy for partial cover from Chestunut))
[23:57] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Roll it))
[23:57] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
[23:57] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[23:57] <RobinFiredrake> didn't work.
[23:58] <DracoSemiAway_> Wolf 1 moves into a direct flanking position with wolf 3
[23:58] <DracoSemiAway_> DIRELDA!
[23:58] <Spheniscine> ((They're all surrounding Chestnut))
[23:59] <Ruumis> ((Yeah, probably should have mentioned IC that that's what this subgroup's leader said to do))
[23:59] <Ruumis> ((Whoops)_)
[23:59] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d10
[23:59] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[00:00] <Direlda> ((hmm... what weapon do I have out?))
[00:00] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Your bow of course...))
[00:00] <Spheniscine> ((brb bathroom))
[00:01] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Robin: Did you want to move, either before or after that shot?))
[00:02] <Spheniscine> ((Back))
[00:02] <RobinFiredrake> ((Not really.))
[00:03] <Direlda> ((hmm... I'm in melee range of the red-eye... so I think I want to move back))
[00:04] <Zyborg22> ((They're fast enough to pretty much go anywhere, though))
[00:05] <Direlda> ((so just shoot from melee range, then?))
[00:05] <Zyborg22> ((Do what you want.))
[00:05] <Ruumis> (( 5 ft step))
[00:05] <DracoSemiAway_> (((No, he gets attacked if he doesn't fall back, which he already did as a5' step on the map-board, if I read it right...))
[00:06] <Direlda> ((exactly))
[00:06] <Zyborg22> ((Oh...shows what I know, then))
[00:06] <DracoSemiAway_> ((What is Chestnut's AC?))
[00:07] <Ruumis> (( 13))
[00:07] <Ruumis> ((Never got around to buying armor for her))
[00:07] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Ok,))
[00:07] <Direlda> ((sorry, I'm rather distracted right now, what with the convention going on and apparently an Indian (as in India) wedding occurring around me in the lobby, plus my battery is going and Wolfin wants me to come up for the ordering of takeout chinese food (was just called...)))
[00:08] <Spheniscine> A wedding? In the lobby of a convention?
[00:09] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Well, where else can you wear a fursuit to the altar and not get strange looks? Or are they not part of the convention.))
[00:09] <Spheniscine> ((By the way, who else do we know is there? Toochaotic...))
[00:09] <Direlda> ((at Further Confusion a sports team stayed in the hotel at the exact same time))
[00:09] <Spheniscine> ((Ah, so they're not part of the convention))
[00:09] <DracoSemiAway_> ((The simple answer is "I rapid-shot the one with the Bat-Wings"))
[00:09] <Direlda> ((2C, Jude, Eli, Wolfin, Spartan, Wes, Azariah, Levi, and me - and yeah, not part of the convention))
[00:10] <Spheniscine> ((Whoa))
[00:10] <Direlda> ((I will go with the simple answer ^^; ))
[00:10] <Direlda> dice 1d20
[00:10] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
[00:11] <DracoSemiAway_> Hit
[00:12] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d8
[00:12] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[00:12] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d20
[00:12] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[00:12] <Zyborg22> ((Does diagonal count as "within melee range"?))
[00:12] <DracoSemiAway_> Hit.
[00:12] <Direlda> ((sorry I can't focus at all and I have to go... T.T *sighs* ))
[00:12] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Zyborg: Yes))
[00:13] <DracoSemiAway_> ((That is fine.))
[00:13] <Spheniscine> ((Well, we're near ending time anyway...))
[00:13] <DracoSemiAway_> ((We probably won't get around to your turn again, and if we do... it isn't likely to be too hard to figure out. See you next week.))
[00:13] <Direlda> ((next week I don't forsee conflicts, which is happy ^^ ))
[00:13] <Spheniscine> ^^
[00:13] <Direlda> ((blessings))
[00:14] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d8
[00:14] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[00:14] *** Direlda has left #DracoD&D
[00:14] <Zyborg22> ((Ok. See you later))
[00:14] <DracoSemiAway_> 16 points of damage total (Point Blank shot was very useful that turn.. would have been 8 damage without that feat.)
[00:16] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Wow... I might not have to go as easy on you this fight as I thought I might.))
[00:17] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Ok... now is "everybody else, who are "late to the party"s turn.))
[00:17] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Well... at least SOME of them...
[00:19] <DracoSemiAway_> New groups, looking very much like the original one, make it into the clearing from the east and the west... a third can be glimpsed to the north splitting to circle around that corral.
[00:20] <DracoSemiAway_> And noises of a forth to the south.
[00:20] <DracoSemiAway_> ((You can't tell the composition of the groups to the north and south.))
[00:21] <DracoSemiAway_> ((That is the end of the round... Spheniscine should save, and then we should decide if we want to do a few more turns, or maybe even another full round.))
[00:22] <Spheniscine> ((Hm, it's getting to lunch time for me..))
[00:22] <Spheniscine> ((Saved))
[00:23] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Incidently, I will just point out that the group to the east might count as a quite nice grouping for a cone of cryogenic icecream... provided nobody gets into the way and turns it into a "friendly fire situation"... OTOH Zyborg does have evasion.))
[00:23] <Zyborg22> ((I don't plan on getting in the way of that.))
[00:24] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[00:25] <Spheniscine> ((Me neither. I plan to turn on those around Chestnut))
[00:25] <DracoSemiAway_> ((I am not even sure it is the best tactical use of that ability (the breathweapon I mean), but it could be for all I know, and I wanted to help by pointing out possibilities.))
[00:25] <Spheniscine> ((Well, Robin's the one who can't see the map, so I guess he'll just have to take your word for it))
[00:26] <DracoSemiAway_> ((So, are we keeping going, or not? Spheniscine is up next, so as long as he leaves his computer running he could take his turn real quick.))
[00:26] <Spheniscine> ((Yeah, up to you guys))
[00:27] <Spheniscine> ((Of the wolves around Chestnut, which one has been most hit?))
[00:27] <Ruumis> ((I can keep going due to timezones and whatnot))
[00:28] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Well, 3 haven't been hit at all... and the 4th is laying on the ground bleeding to death from two arrow wounds.))
[00:30] <Spheniscine> ((Can I get within flanking position of any of them?))
[00:30] <DracoSemiAway_> ((So, for almost all practical purposes, none of them have taken damage.))
[00:30] <Zyborg22> ((Probably 3))
[00:30] <Zyborg22> ((If you can flank with the horse))
[00:31] <Ruumis> ((It can flank))
[00:31] <Zyborg22> ((Maybe #1))
[00:33] <Spheniscine> ((OK, I'll try #1?))
[00:33] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Due to your fast legs, you could actually get into flanking position of any of them safely))
[00:34] <Spheniscine> (#1 it is then)
[00:35] <Spheniscine> (I use my mallet)
[00:35] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[00:35] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 9; Total: 9.
[00:35] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Err... I mis-calculated... you would technically take an AoO... in the interest of your lunch I will ignore that fact.))
[00:35] <DracoSemiAway_> ((You going to use a maneuver with that?))
[00:36] <Ruumis> ((Could be diagonal))
[00:36] <Spheniscine> ((Hm... Stone Bones?))
[00:36] <DracoSemiAway_> ((That is actually the only maneuver you have readied that you COULD use with the mallet... so do you use it?))
[00:37] <Spheniscine> ((Sure))
[00:38] *** RobinFiredrake has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 121 seconds
[00:40] <Spheniscine> ((I had rolled))
[00:40] <DracoSemiAway_> Spheniscine's toon-like invulnerability surges to the fore-front and he slams his wooden mallet into the wolf!
[00:40] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d12
[00:40] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[00:41] <DracoSemiAway_> Unfortunately it isn't the most punishing of blows. 2 damage.
[00:41] <Spheniscine> lol
[00:42] <Spheniscine> ((OK I can go now?))
[00:42] <Spheniscine> ((I'll leave the computer on))
[00:42] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Yes. Save when you get back.))
[00:43] <Spheniscine> K.
[00:47] <Ruumis> ((So... Remus's turn))
[00:48] * DracoSemiAway_ was/is dealing with a very serious semi-crisis... would be calling the game and devoting his full attention to it, except there is so little he can do.
[00:48] <Ruumis> O:
[00:50] <DracoSemiAway_> Rmus summons a celestial eagle and 5' steps to the northwest so as to be directly south of Direlda and directly west of Ruumis.
[00:50] <Spheniscine> ((Awr.))
[00:50] <Spheniscine> ((*hugs))
[00:55] <DracoSemiAway_> The eagle misses entirely.
[00:57] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d20
[00:57] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
[00:57] <DracoSemiAway_> Wolf 3 hits Chestnut.
[00:58] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d6
[00:58] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[00:58] <DracoSemiAway_> 5 points of damage and a trip attempt pending...
[00:59] <DracoSemiAway_> I am very sorry, but I think I have to call this at this point,... the crisis has turned into something I can actually do a LITTLE bit about, and it could be an issue of life and death.
[00:59] <Ruumis> right.
[01:00] <Zyborg22> In that case, I'm off. See you later.
[01:00] <DracoSemiAway_> Wait!
[01:00] <DracoSemiAway_> What I could do proved easier than I thought...
[01:01] <DracoSemiAway_> So we COULD keep going if we like.
[01:01] <DracoSemiAway_> I just had to look up some e-mail addresses.
[01:01] <Zyborg22> It's really late for me, though.
[01:02] <DracoSemiAway_> Zyborg: Ok.
[01:03] <Zyborg22> Bye, then.
[01:03] *** Zyborg22 has left #DracoD&D
[01:03] <DracoSemiAway_> You (and anyone else who doesn't want to stay a lot, should leave), I might or might not try to muddle through a few more things.
[01:04] <DracoSemiAway_> Wolf 3's opposed strength check:
[01:05] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d20
[01:05] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[01:05] <DracoSemiAway_> Chestnut:
[01:05] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d20
[01:05] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[01:05] <DracoSemiAway_> Chestnut is down.
[01:05] <Ruumis> ((Aww... already rolled in maptool))
[01:07] <Ruumis> ((But if you say to discount the first roll, then whatever.))
[01:07] <DracoSemiAway_> Wolf had an 11 total... wait... Chestnut stays up...
[01:07] <DracoSemiAway_> Wow...
[01:08] <DracoSemiAway_> Because it is, indeed, +4 for size, +4 for quadrupedal, and +4 (I will take your word on it) for strength.
[01:08] <Ruumis> ((Heavy warhorses have 18 str, being dead doesn't change it))
[01:10] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Right))
[01:12] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Can a light crossbow be reloaded as PART of a move action? Or only as the only thing happening during a move action? I think it is the second.))
[01:12] <Ruumis> ((Yeah, can't reload while moving))
[01:13] <Ruumis> ((Or whatever))
[01:14] <Ruumis> ((And don't think he has the rapid reload feat))
[01:15] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Ok, so he will drop the crossbow, move up while drawing his rapier and...))
[01:16] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d20
[01:16] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 12; Total: 12.
[01:16] <DracoSemiAway_> ((unfortunately no flank, but Wolf #1 takes will take some damage))
[01:16] <DracoSemiAway_> dice 1d6
[01:16] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[01:17] <DracoSemiAway_> 5 damage by Zyborg, for a total of 7 (since Spheniscine hit it earlier
[01:18] <DracoSemiAway_> RUUMIS! (and Chestnut)
[01:18] <Spheniscine> ((What are the little boxes by Zyborg?))
[01:20] <Ruumis> *Chestnut does a full attack((2 hoofs, 1 bite)) at wolf 1 and then 5 ft steps south
[01:20] <Ruumis> roll 1d20
[01:20] <Ruumis> ((err))
[01:20] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[01:20] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[01:20] <Ruumis> ((13 with flank))
[01:20] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[01:20] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[01:21] <Ruumis> ((15 with flank))
[01:21] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[01:21] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[01:21] <Ruumis> ((7 with flank))
[01:24] <Ruumis> ((hmm... should probably pause after this))
[01:25] <Ruumis> ((But I have no idea what the wolves' AC is/are))
[01:25] <Ruumis> ((So... I wait))
[01:27] <DracoSemiAway_> ((Wolves with numbers are AC 14))
[01:28] <Ruumis> ((So one hoof hits))
[01:28] <Ruumis> dice 1d6
[01:28] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[01:28] <Ruumis> (( 9 damage))
[01:29] <Ruumis> ((And then it five-foot steps))
[01:29] <DracoSemiAway_> Unconcious and bleeding to death.
[01:30] * Ruumis moves to be north east of wolf 3 while drawing his mace and swings at it
[01:30] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[01:30] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
[01:30] <Ruumis> ((22 total))
[01:30] <Ruumis> dice 1d8
[01:30] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[01:30] <Ruumis> (( 6 damage))
[01:30] <DracoSemiAway_> Wolf#3 now has 6 damage.
[01:32] <Ruumis> ((Should we pause now?))
[01:33] <DracoSemiAway_> Yeah... but I might have a few things happen in between whiles, just to save time.
[01:33] <DracoSemiAway_> Probably nothing after Robin's turn, if even that much.
[01:34] <DracoSemiAway_> ----------------END OFFICIAL SESSION-----------
[01:35] <DracoSemiAway_> Any comments?
[01:35] <DracoSemiAway_> Did the map help a lot, or just a little?
[01:35] <Ruumis> a lot
[01:35] <Spheniscine> Yeah, it helped, definitely.
[01:37] <DracoSemiAway_> I think so far this encounter either proves that these are high-powered characters, or the CRs are an illusion.
[01:37] <DracoSemiAway_> Or rather... highly unreliable.
[01:37] <Spheniscine> lol
[01:37] <Ruumis> more that
[01:38] <Ruumis> and we're actually helping each other
[01:38] <DracoSemiAway_> More what?
[01:38] <Ruumis> CRs are unreliable
[01:38] <DracoSemiAway_> Ah...
[01:38] <Ruumis> If the PCs get lucky, or are exactly prepared, can one-round an encounter
[01:39] <DracoSemiAway_> Yeah, well you aren't exactly prepared.
[01:39] <Ruumis> or they can flail wildly while a lone zombie kills them
[01:39] *** Ruumis is now known as Hyperion
[01:39] <Hyperion> also, we're a low enough level that Chestnut has a big effect
[01:41] <Hyperion> since a normal warhorse is CR of 2
[01:41] <DracoSemiAway_> Incidently, any guesses at the wolves' reasonings for various tactical and logistical decisions?
[01:41] <Hyperion> hmm
[01:41] <Hyperion> going after chestnut is either just because she's the largest or because they don't want Ruumis to run
[01:42] <Hyperion> otherwise... not sure
[01:42] <Spheniscine> lol Smite Good X3
[01:43] <DracoSemiAway_> The fact that such exists, or that it got wasted on a creature that is technically Neutral Evil?
[01:43] <Spheniscine> That it got wasted. X3
[01:44] <DracoSemiAway_> Not that the to-hit was high enough anyway, so it would have gotten wasted in any case.
[01:44] <Spheniscine> Heh.
[01:45] <Spheniscine> I need to nap. Bye?
[01:45] <Spheniscine> Got an outing tonight.
[01:45] <Hyperion> bye
[01:45] <Hyperion> save
[01:45] <DracoSemiAway_> What he said.
[01:46] <Spheniscine> Done.
[01:48] <Hyperion> Also: a while away, but... going to be going a a vacation-trip from Friday July 30th to Tuesday August 10th. thought I should mention it well before I go.
[01:49] <Hyperion> looooong time away
[01:49] <Hyperion> but going to miss two sessions
[01:50] <DracoSemiAway_> Ah... thanks for the warning.
[01:51] * Spheniscine hugs
[01:51] <Spheniscine> Gotta go. Bye. :3
[01:51] <Hyperion> bye
[01:51] *** Spheniscine has quit IRC: Quit: Ex-Chat
[02:00] <DracoSemiAway_> Oh... I am really out of it...
[02:00] <DracoSemiAway_> That whole think about a sound like someone dropping a bunch of scrap-metal off a cliff?
[02:00] <DracoSemiAway_> Yeah, forget that...
[02:01] <DracoSemiAway_> You may or may not have heard the clank of heavy armor.
[02:01] <Hyperion> hmm
[02:01] <Hyperion> ok
[02:01] <DracoSemiAway_> But that is not what I meant when I mentioned that... I mean technically it is...
[02:02] <Hyperion> "All shall be revealed at a later time."
[02:02] <DracoSemiAway_> But I forgot that the character in question wouldn't have the ability that makes that makes him sound like that.
[02:02] <DracoSemiAway_> Yeah./
[02:02] <DracoSemiAway_> Even I don't know right now (because I don't know if Hood is going to make the next session).
[02:16] * Hyperion makes a note to get Chestnut some armor if she "lives": through this
[02:16] <DracoSemiAway_> Welll worth it, yes.
[02:25] <DracoSemiAway_> Hmmm....
[02:25] <DracoSemiAway_> That brings up an interesting point...
[02:27] <DracoSemiAway_> From the rib-cage to the pelvis, if the armor is a narrow tube it saves on materials, Same on the legs. and, of course, there doesn't have to be any way of removing it NECESSARILY... can be sewn into it perminantly...
[02:28] <DracoSemiAway_> Of course. if you DON'T do those things, it might be your golden opportunity to get it disguised as a living animal.
[02:30] <Hyperion> heh
[02:32] <Hyperion> would be easier if Chestnut was a zombie instead of a skeleton
[02:33] <DracoSemiAway_> Depends on if the observer has a severe head-cold or not...
[02:41] <Hyperion> would probably have bought a thing of permanent Gentle Repose for her instead of a few of the ones I have mostly for character purposes.
[02:45] <Hyperion> but skeletons are faster, which is why I wanted a horse
[02:48] <Hyperion> hmm. 6000 for full plate armor for a horse, so no one could tell anyway.
[02:48] <Hyperion> but that would slow it a lot
[02:59] <DracoSemiAway_> I don't think you are getting what I am saying...
[03:01] <DracoSemiAway_> I am talking about adding a lot of very expertly designed padding and going for 100% (minus the eyes and nostrils) coverage, and using appliances for those... might be harder if I rule the sockets would be blinded by having stuff put IN them just like they would be if stuff were put OVER them.
[03:01] <Hyperion> yeah,
[03:04] <Hyperion> not sure if the rules allow for undead grafts to be added to undead
[03:04] <DracoSemiAway_> Still a continuous illusion that small might be affordable..
[03:04] <Hyperion> or could get fancy eyes for it
[03:04] <Hyperion> also always the "Hide Undead" spell
[03:04] <Hyperion> but that would be a bit expensive
[03:04] <Hyperion> and if they tried poking it it would show as illusion
[03:07] <DracoSemiAway_> Oh... got a link for you...
[03:08] <DracoSemiAway_> (Link: http://forums.ottercomics.us/index.php?showtopic=2769&st=0&#last)http://forums.ottercomics.us/index.php?showtopic=2769&st=0&#last

2010-07-02, 10:46 PM
[20:02] <~DracoGM> -------------------------Session Start----------------------------
[20:03] <~DracoGM> The beta-wolf near Chestnut attacks Chestnut while fighting defensively.
[20:04] <Spheniscine> Zyborg22?
[20:04] <WagzBot> Zyborg22 is the evil intro killer
[20:05] *** Hyperion is now known as Ruumis
[20:05] <Zyborg22> Do I have the rapier out?
[20:07] <~DracoGM> Zyborg: Yes. (also, for the future, remember that you have a short-bow, not a crossbow)
[20:07] <~DracoGM> Beta-wolf misses Chestnut, and 5' steps southwest.
[20:08] <~DracoGM> ROBIN! (Yes, I know he isn't here...)
[20:08] <~DracoGM> Actually... until and unless he gets here, let's move this entirely to MapTool..
[20:41] *** Direlda has joined #DracoD&D
[20:42] <Ruumis> hello
[20:42] <Direlda> ((currently making dinner, but will be logged in))
[20:43] <Ruumis> maptool: IP Address: Port: 51234 Player password: dracod&d
[20:52] <Ruumis> ((oh, should I make a knowledge check to see if I know what the leader is?))
[21:12] <Ruumis> (( :/ ))
[21:18] <Ruumis> ((Eh, going to roll knw: planes))
[21:18] <Ruumis> roll 1d20
[21:19] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[21:19] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[21:19] <Ruumis> ((21))

Spheniscine has connected.
Hyperion has connected.
Zyborg22 has connected.
DracoDei: « 1d20+2 = 10 + 2 = 12 »:Beta wolf(while fighting defensively).
Hyperion: ((13 AC for chestnut))
Robin has received initiative.
DracoDei: Robin moves 30 feet and holds his standard action (house rule/on the spot ruling, WILL be allowed from now on)
DracoDei: err... make that 25'...
DracoDei: Direlda's turn...
DracoDei: « 1d20+5 = 10 + 5 = 15 » and « 1d20+5 = 3 + 5 = 8 » Rapid shot at Wolf 3
DracoDei: One hit « 1d8 = 2 »
DracoDei: Wolf 3 takes 2 points of damage.
DracoDei: 5 more wolves come round the sheep-pen from the north...
DracoDei: And... bad news arrives from the south.
Spheniscine: Uh oh. X3
DracoDei: 4 wolves, each as unnatural looking as the one that spoke to you in the common tongue... and in the center a huge canine creature, obviously not of this plane of existance.
Hyperion: "Hello there! Are you the one in charge of this pack?"
Hyperion: ((Err... Ruumis.))
You whisper to Hyperion: (Infernal) "Yes!. Surrender and you may share in our fortune... the others are not so fortunate."
DracoDei: The wolves to the east move in to surround Robin
DracoDei: « 1d20+6 = 14 + 6 = 20 » Big wolf east attempts to bite Robin.
DracoDei: Hit.
DracoDei: « 1d20+3 = 13 + 3 = 16 » big wolf's trip attempt
DracoDei: « 1d20+3 = 6 + 3 = 9 »Robin's resistance to tripping.
DracoDei: Robin falls Prone!
DracoDei: The Alpha of that pack flies over him, lands, and turns to attack.
DracoDei: « 1d20+6 = 1 + 6 = 7 » Alpha-east's attack.
Ruumis: "Well you know I can't do that. These are my employers, and I think some of them might count as friends now. Can't leave them to die."
DracoDei: Unfortunately his flubs the landing and instead of turning 180 degrees he ends up chasing his tail 360 degrees.
Zyborg22: ((How is that unfortunate ?))
DracoDei: (Infernal)"With your assistance we could pay better... think quickly."
DracoDei: ((Unfortunate for HIM...))
DracoDei: Wolf 2 West (looks like I have the markers for west and east switched on the map) « 1d20+7 = 11 + 7 = 18 » (charging and flanking taken into account, will assume Prone status reflects
DracoDei: Hit...
Spheniscine: (Ouch... poor Robin.)
DracoDei: « 2d6+5 = 8 + 5 = 13 » Combined damage for both wolves.
DracoDei: « 1d20+7 = 13 + 7 = 20 » Wolf 3 near Robin
DracoDei: « 1d6+1 = 2 + 1 = 3 »
DracoDei: Robin is down to 3 hit-points and now has a maniacal gleam in his eyes...
Spheniscine: Uh oh...
DracoDei: « 1d20+3 = 3 + 3 = 6 » No charge or flank this time...
Spheniscine: What would we tell him if he logs on and his character is dead? X3
DracoDei: ((Let ME worry about that...))
Spheniscine: ((K))
Ruumis: "Why do you want me to join you anyway?"
DracoDei: Robin crawls 5', rolls over onto his back, and unleashes a torrent of Cryogenic icecream! (breath weapon) « 6d8 = 32 » damage to all in that group, save for half.
DracoDei: ((For simplicity I am going to assume all the Fiendish wolves made their saves... since it just means they are dying instead of dead.))
DracoDei: Beta's save « 1d20+5 = 2 + 5 = 7 »
DracoDei: Alpha's reflex save « 1d20+7 = 18 + 7 = 25 »
Direlda has connected.
DracoDei: Only the alpha manages to evade the deadly chill of the icecream, and but he appears to have weathered if VERY well indeed.
DracoDei: « 3d20 = 39 »
DracoDei: « 1d20+5 = 18 + 5 = 23 », « 1d20+5 = 19 + 5 = 24 », « 1d20+5 = 19 + 5 = 24 » ((oops, forgot even the least of them have cold resistance 5))
DracoDei: ...
Spheniscine: ((Hi Direlda.))
DracoDei: ((This just got complicated...))
Zyborg22: ((Did this make any of them survive?))
Direlda: ((hi - currently making dinner, but will be logged in))
DracoDei: ((all three of the peons... with 3 hp appeice, Alpha only took 6 points, Center-Wolf-3 is down 2 hp from an arrow, and Robin is at 3 hitpoints left))
DracoDei: ((Now for the west group...))
DracoDei: ((Make that down 8 for Center-3))
DracoDei: 3-West (marked 3-East) charges Chestnut « 1d20+7 = 11 + 7 = 18 »
Hyperion: ((Hit))
Zyborg22: ((You can't change the marking?))
DracoDei: « 1d6+1 = 5 + 1 = 6 » damage (plus 5 from the previous session), « 1d20+2 = 19 + 2 = 21 » for the trip attempt (to be opposed by a Str check by chestnut)
DracoDei: ((I can change the markings... it would just slow me down... when a player is thinking about their move I will do that or other maintainence functions.
DracoDei: ))
* Hyperion rolls: 1d20+12 => 17 + 12 = 29
DracoDei: ((Damage log update since I don't have anyting to write with here... all three of the peons... with 3 hp appeice, Alpha only took 6 points, Center-Wolf-3 is down 8 hp, Robin is at 3 hitpoints left, and Chestnut is down 11))
DracoDei: Spheniscine: Roll an attack with your mallet if you have it out, otherwise roll an unarmed attack.
Hyperion: ((He attacked with it last time, should have it out))
* Spheniscine rolls: 1d20 => 1
Spheniscine: >.
DracoDei: Attack of opportunity with the mallet against the charging alpha of the west pack misses.
DracoDei: « 1d20+8 = 13 + 8 = 21 » Attack on Chestnut
DracoDei: « 1d6+6 = 1 + 6 = 7 »
DracoDei: Chestunt has now taken 18 points of damage.
Spheniscine: (Not good... when will the "cavalry" arrive? X3)
Hyperion: ((hmm... Still haven't quite decided how to have Ruumis react))
Hyperion: ((if/when Chestnut gets killed))
DracoDei: ((I dunno... at this point I don't think I will have to resort to that...))
DracoDei: 2-West (labeled 2 east) moves around but doesn't have a chance to get a bite in)
DracoDei: ((Does Spheniscine have combat reflexes?))
DracoDei: « 1d20+5 = 19 + 5 = 24 » Flanking bite on Chestnut « 1d6+6 = 2 + 6 = 8 » damage on a hit « 1d20+2 = 20 + 2 = 22 » for the trip if relevant.
Spheniscine: ((How do I find that out?))
DracoDei: ((Look on your sheet in the area for feats))
DracoDei: ((And actually you do, so roll another attack... this would be a good time for a crit and high damage...))
Hyperion: ((indeed))
Zyborg22: ((Or damage))
DracoDei: (Infernal) "We could use a healer, and one who has hands instead of paws."
* Spheniscine rolls: d20 => 3
Hyperion: ((They have horrible timing in their response.))
DracoDei: ((Damage log update since I don't have anyting to write with here... all three of the peons... with 3 hp appeice, Alpha only took 6 points, Center-Wolf-3 is down 8 hp, Robin is at 3 hitpoints left, and Chestnut is down 26))
DracoDei: Spheniscine misses.
Hyperion: ((Since Ruumis's best friend, childhood friend, and only real thing he has left of his father's life, just got killed.))
Spheniscine: ((Noooooo!))
Ruumis: "You... Chestnut... No. This will not continue." « Infernal = Invalid expression: Infernal. » "This shall NOT CONTINUE. NO MORE OF MY FRIENDS WILL DIE THIS DAY"
Hyperion: ((bah))
Hyperion: ((Last prt in Infernal))
DracoDei: The alpha (sorry if I called the other one the alpha...) of the west pack charges Spheniscine with flanking « 1d20+10 = 4 + 10 = 14 » damage on a hit « 1d6+6 = 4 + 6 = 10 » trip attempt on hit « 1d20+4 = 13 + 4 = 17 »
Spheniscine: ((I was kinda fond of undead horsey... X3))
DracoDei: ((Luckily for Spheniscine the wolf misses him))
DracoDei: ((Ruumis: Go ahead and roll that Knowledge(The Planes) check))
Hyperion: ((Already did in the channel))
DracoDei: (Infernal) "All about you are of my blood."
You whisper to Hyperion: Ok, you know that this is an advanced Hell Hound.
DracoDei: You all note that the BIG BAD NASTY WOLF is wearing VERY worn (as in to the point of being less effective in providing protection) studded leather armor.
You whisper to Hyperion: So feel free to look that up in some MM and read all about it... natural 20 and trying to keep things simple...
Robin has received initiative.
Skeleton Horse has received initiative.
Robin's Snake has received initiative.
Medium Skeleton Ruumis has received initiative.
Saleth has received initiative.
Spheniscine has received initiative.
Spheniscine: Which one to attack...
Zyborg22: ((Did I ever get a turn, or has it not come up yet?))
Spheniscine: ((Which one around me has been hit?))
DracoDei: ((None of the ones adjacent to you actually))
Zyborg22: ((Try Wolf 1))
Zyborg22: ((Or Red Eyes))
Spheniscine: (K, red eyes. X3)
* Spheniscine rolls: d20 => 18
Hyperion: ((huh... yeah... what /is/ the initiative order and where is zyborg in it?))
Spheniscine: (Use Window -> Initiative)
Hyperion: ((oh. huh))
Remus has received initiative.
Zyborg22: ((Isn't there a way you can have the HP meters show up on the tokens?))
DracoDei: ((Was that the mallet, or something else?))
DracoDei: ((Zyborg: Yes, but I never really figured it out.))
Spheniscine: ((And it's pretty inexact. Only a slider bar, can't enter HP values...)
DracoDei: Spheniscine: What EXACTLY did you do?
Zyborg22: ((I can edit the wolves. Sweet ))
DracoDei: ((While you are figuring that out I guess I will do Remus's turn...))
Spheniscine: ((I guess I hit the red eyes wolf with my mallet))
DracoDei: ((Spheniscine: Roll 1d12 for damage then))
* Spheniscine rolls: d12 => 5
Hyperion: ((Plus str))
Zyborg22: ((What would happen if you unchecked the Hide button for the health in the token Edit menu?))
Hyperion: ((Shows a percentage health bar))
Hyperion: ((Not very useful))
Zyborg22: ((You can tell how close to death they are, though.))
DracoDei: Celestial Eagle full-attacks (center)wolf-3 « 1d20+3 = 5 + 3 = 8 » « 1d20+3 = 14 + 3 = 17 » Talons, « 1d20-2 = 16 - 2 = 14 » Bite
DracoDei: « 2d4 = 3 » One set of talons and the bite hit
DracoDei: ((Damage log update since I don't have anyting to write with here... all three of the peons... with 3 hp appeice, Alpha only took 6 points, Center-Wolf-3 is down 11 hp, Robin is at 3 hitpoints left, and Chestnut is a pile of bones that, like most unconscious or dead creatures counts as difficult terrain))
DracoDei: The red-eyed wolf shrugs off Spheniscines blow due to its damage reduction.
Spheniscine: "Awr... why won't you let me be your sledgehammer?"
DracoDei: Newly arrived Celestial Eagle full-attacks wolf 1 east « 1d20+3 = 15 + 3 = 18 » « 1d20+3 = 4 + 3 = 7 » Talons, « 1d20-2 = 15 - 2 = 13 » Bite
DracoDei: Eh... I will give it +1 to hit for higher ground...
DracoDei: « 2d4 = 4 »
DracoDei: Remus casts Scorching Ray on Wolf 2 E « 1d20+6 = 10 + 6 = 16 » touch attack for « 4d6 = 15 » damage on a hit.
Celestial Eagle has received initiative.
Celestial Eagle has received initiative.
Celestial Eagle has received initiative.
Hyperion: ((Should I remove the horse token?))
DracoDei: Wolf 3 (center) 5' steps south and takes full defense)
DracoDei: ((No, it counts as rough terrain, so we should leave it.))
Zyborg22 has received initiative.
Zyborg22: ((I'll take the 5 ft. step and attack 1 West, since I'll get hit with an AoO otherwise.))
Zyborg22: « 1d20+8 = 8 + 8 = 16 »
DracoDei: ((Hit, roll damage, including sneak-attack))
Zyborg22: ((18. Forgot the flanking bonus))
Zyborg22: « 3d6 = 10 »
DracoDei: ((Damage log update one remaining east peon with 3 hp appeice, Alpha only took 6 points, Center-Wolf-3 is down 11 hp, Robin is at 3 hitpoints left, and 1-West is down 10))
Ruumis has received initiative.
Direlda: ((I'm now here))
Hyperion: ((Which wolf did the killing blowagainst chestnut, btw?))
Hyperion: ((hmm... eh, doesn't matter))
DracoDei: 2-West
* Ruumis casts Sound Burst centered on the square to the west of the center big wolf. ((10 ft radius spread))
DracoDei: ((That good?))
Ruumis: ((yeah. 1d8 sonic damage to them, and need a DC 16 fort save or be stunned for one round))
Hyperion: ((Should I roll once each or just once?))
DracoDei: The deeper notes of Tocatta and Fugue played on a LARGE pipe-organ blast forth... because it is MOSTLY sub-sonics, it doesn't deafen anyone....
DracoDei: Rolll damage once.
* Hyperion rolls: 1d8 => 5
* Ruumis then moves over towards Robin.
DracoDei: Fortitude saves for stuff that didn't die outright: 3-West « 1d20+5 = 4 + 5 = 9 », Beta (Center) « 1d20+7 = 16 + 7 = 23 », 2-West « 1d20+5 = 8 + 5 = 13 »
DracoDei: ((Damage log update one remaining east peon with 3 hp appeice, Alpha only took 6 points, Robin is at 3 hitpoints left, and 1-West is down 10, 2 and 3 west are both stunned and down 5 hp, and Beta-Center is down 5 hp))
DracoDei: Beta(center) attacks Spheniscine « 1d20+6 = 17 + 6 = 23 » damage on a hit « 1d6+6 = 2 + 6 = 8 » trip attempt on hit « 1d20+4 = 8 + 4 = 12 »
DracoDei: Spheniscine takes 8 points of damage, and should roll 1d20 plus his dexterity modifier.
Direlda has received initiative.
Direlda has received initiative.
DracoDei: ((General teaching note: When possible it is best to have your move planned out ahead of time... perhaps even typed out and saved in your cut-paste buffer or ready to go on the command line of MapTool))
Spheniscine: (Mmm...))
DracoDei: ((Direlda: There is another, possibly more important consideration than firing into melee vs not...))
Direlda: ((well... I could rapid attack the one in melee with Robin for -6 penalty...))
Direlda: ((oh?))
DracoDei: ((Damage reduction... some of them have it, some don't...))
Hyperion: ((And I think I might be the only one with a magic weapon))
Direlda: ((I see... special ones have it I take it and others don't?))
Hyperion: (("probably"))
DracoDei: ((Well, you know the red-eyed ones seem to have it, and the others don't... you have no idea about the BIG BAD EVIL WOLF.))
DracoDei: ((Spheniscine can make his frying pan count as a magic, silver, chaotic weapon for 2 rounds with one of his Boosts (which is a Swift action).))
Spheniscine: (Why does Wolf 2 W have a red dot?)
Zyborg22: ((It's stunned))
Spheniscine: ((Ooh.))
Spheniscine: ((Yeah that might help against those red-eyes ones...))
Direlda: ((well, I guess I can try to hurt the red-eyed one next to Robin...))
DracoDei: Rapid shot or not?
Direlda: ((yes))
Direlda: 1d20 + 8 - 6
Direlda: ((errm...))
Spheniscine: ((Use /roll d20+8-6))
DracoDei: Put 1d20+2 in square brackets... then do it again on the same line, then hit enter.
DracoDei: The square brackets are useful for doing multiple rolls on one line...
* Direlda rolls: « 1d20+1 = 4 + 1 = 5 » « 1d20+1 = 8 + 1 = 9 » => Invalid expression: « 1d20+1 = 4 + 1 = 5 » « 1d20+1 = 8 + 1 = 9 ».
Spheniscine: I'm not sure how that works?
* Spheniscine rolls: « d20 = 13 »« d20 = 12 » => Invalid expression: « d20 = 13 »« d20 = 12 ».
Spheniscine: Like that?
DracoDei: Except probably with only one modifer?
DracoDei: Let me type it out on IRC...
DracoDei: Done.
Spheniscine: « 1d20+2 = 1 + 2 = 3 » « d20+2 = 8 + 2 = 10 » test
Spheniscine: Ah...
DracoDei: Bah... we need to move along, I have to go back to my parents' house tonight.
DracoDei: « 1d20+2 = 9 + 2 = 11 » « 1d20+2 = 8 + 2 = 10 » « 1d8 = 6 » « 1d8 = 1 »
Direlda: ((well... I got 5 and 9 when I rolled up there, so... ^^; ))
DracoDei: Two misses in any case...
DracoDei: 3 East « 1d20+3 = 13 + 3 = 16 » for « 1d6+1 = 1 + 1 = 2 » on a hit, Red-eyes East « 1d20+6 = 4 + 6 = 10 » for « 1d6+6 = 1 + 6 = 7 » on a hit. Both on Robin.
DracoDei: Robin is now down to 1 hp.
Spheniscine: ()
DracoDei: Those three double-move up...
Spheniscine: "Guys? Some personal space please?"
DracoDei: ((Damage log update one remaining east peon with 3 hp appeice, Alpha-east only took 6 points, Robin is at 1 hitpoint left, and 1-West is down 10, 2 and 3 west are both stunned and down 5 hp, and Beta-Center is down 5 hp))
Hyperion: ((Did wolf 3 west somehow move?))
Hyperion: ((Despite it being stunned?))
Hyperion: ((...))
Hyperion: ((Or did the stunning end when I wasn't paying attention?))
DracoDei: 1 west takes full defense and 3 West « 1d20+5 = 5 + 5 = 10 » at Spheniscine for « 1d6+1 = 6 + 1 = 7 » on a hit, 2 Big wolfs on Spheniscine for « 1d20+8 = 8 + 8 = 16 » and « 1d20+8 = 19 + 8 = 27 » for « 1d6+4 = 2 + 4 = 6 » and « 1d6+4 = 6 + 4 = 10 » on a hit respectively. Red Eyes Wolf on Spheniscine « 1d20+6 = 4 + 6 = 10 » for « 1d6+6 = 6 + 6 = 12 » on a hit.
Hyperion: ((....))
Spheniscine: ((I'm feeling claustrophobic...))
DracoDei: (Right... as did 2... thank you very much))
DracoDei: Spheniscine takes 10 points of damage.
DracoDei: The other two from the north also double-move in... but this time around Robin
DracoDei: Red-eyes wolf south, charging, flanking attack « 1d20+10 = 2 + 10 = 12 » « 1d6+6 = 5 + 6 = 11 »
DracoDei: Miss.
DracoDei: Zyborg: While I keep doing stuff, take a flanking, Sneak-attack Attack of Opportunity at Red-Eyes South 2
Zyborg22: « 1d20+8 = 10 + 8 = 18 »
Zyborg22: ((20))
Zyborg22: « 3d6 = 6 »
DracoDei: Red-eyes wolf south3 , charging, flanking attack on Robin « 1d20+10 = 18 + 10 = 28 » « 1d6+6 = 1 + 6 = 7 »
Hyperion: ((no str?))
DracoDei: Robin is now unconscious at -6.
Zyborg22: ((Wait...do I get a Str bonus for the rapier, even though I'm using Weapon Finesse for it?))
Hyperion: ((Well yeah))
Zyborg22: ((For damage, I mean))
Zyborg22: ((In that case, I guess it's 7 damage))
DracoDei: ((Damage log update one remaining east peon with 3 hp appeice, Alpha-east only took 6 points, Robin is at -6 hitpoints, and 1-West is down 10, 2 and 3 west are both stunned and down 5 hp, Beta-Center is down 5 hp, Red-Eyes sound 2 is down 6 hitpoints, and Spheniscine is down 10))
DracoDei: ((Damage log update one remaining east peon with 3 hp appeice, Alpha-east only took 6 points, Robin is at -6 hitpoints, and 1-West is down 10, 2 and 3 west are both stunned and down 5 hp, Beta-Center is down 5 hp, Red-Eyes sound 2 is down 7 hitpoints, and Spheniscine is down 10))
Hyperion: ((Are we stopping soon? Parent wants the computer.))
Spheniscine: ((Hm, situation looks really bad. We might lose Robin, or even me D)
DracoDei: ((Yeah, we should stop when it gets to the end of the turn... so two more wolves))
Spheniscine: * D:
DracoDei: Ruumis: Make a sense motive check...
DracoDei: Red-Eyes South 4 double moves.
* Hyperion rolls: « 1d20+4 = 5 + 4 = 9 » sense motive => Invalid expression: « 1d20+4 = 5 + 4 = 9 » sense motive.
DracoDei: Ok, Sense Motive fails I guess...
DracoDei: And the BOSS Double moves.
Robin has received initiative.
Skeleton Horse has received initiative.
Robin's Snake has received initiative.
Robin's Snake has received initiative.
Medium Skeleton Ruumis has received initiative.
Saleth has received initiative.
Celestial Eagle has received initiative.
Spheniscine has received initiative.
DracoDei: Right.... Direlda, you can log off it you want to.
DracoDei: Oh... one VERY important thing!
Spheniscine: ((Saving...))
DracoDei: Robin's character is going to live through this unless y'all REALLY botch it up, and even then I will probably pull out the Deus Ex Machina.

2010-07-09, 10:38 PM
Spheniscine has connected.
Zyborg22 has connected.
DracoDei: ((Oops... How did I miss this... Remus goes first))
Hyperion has connected.
Spheniscine: Heya.
DracoDei: Game Start!
Remus has received initiative.
DracoDei: REMUS (And Summons....)!!!
DracoDei: Eagle, 5' up « 1d20+3 = 10 + 3 = 13 » on 2 North (which actually is the best target probably...) « 1d4 = 3 » damage on a hit.
DracoDei: It gets a bonus for higher ground... 3 damage
DracoDei: Other Eagle, 5' up « 1d20+3 = 12 + 3 = 15 » on 3 East « 1d4 = 3 » damage on a hit.
DracoDei: ((3 East is not at exactly 0... which means it is basically out of the fight.))
DracoDei: ((*IS at exactly 0
DracoDei: ))
DracoDei: Remus Scorching Ray
DracoDei: 's 2 North « 1d20+6 = 20 + 6 = 26 » for « 4d6 = 18 » on a hit.
DracoDei: « 1d20+6 = 14 + 6 = 20 » to confirm critical « 4d6 = 14 » more damage on a hit.
DracoDei: Remus fires a bolt of flame into the wolf's mouth... you think you can see its eyes light up, back-lit from the fire in its nasal passages, but that could just be your imaginations...
Celestial Eagle has received initiative.
Celestial Eagle has received initiative.
Celestial Eagle has received initiative.
Zyborg22 has received initiative.
Zyborg22: Seeing as I'm already here, I'll attack Red Eyes Wolf South 2.
DracoDei: ((Good choice... Roll it...))
Zyborg22: « 1d20+10 = 3 + 10 = 13 »
DracoDei: ((With the flank, that hits... roll damage))
Zyborg22: ((That included the flank))
DracoDei: ((Miss then...))
DracoDei: ((You can Tumble to try to safely move further than that...))
Zyborg22: ((No I can't.))
DracoDei: ((But that might not be wise.))
DracoDei: ((Oh... no ranks in Tumble... I see...))
Spheniscine: ((So, a wolf is dead, and I can now tumble (relatively) safely?))
Spheniscine: ((Where can I tumble to safely?))
DracoDei: ((Yeah... you probably aren't going to make ALL of the Tumble checks, but it is better than staying where you are...))
Spheniscine: ((Mm.))
DracoDei: ((+2 DC for wolf corpse in the way, and for each check you roll the DC for all subsequent ones increases by +2... base is 15 (17 with the corpse), so pick the order to roll them in carefully...))
Spheniscine: Which one, all 7?
DracoDei: ((Which is to say, roll against the Red-Eyes first, the Big ones second, and the peons last))
DracoDei: ((7 different rolls...))
* Spheniscine nods
Spheniscine: What modifier do I use?
DracoDei: ((My personal preference would be to go under the eagle... you MIGHT want to change to Stance of the Loony first... but I am not sure.))
Spheniscine: ((nods))
DracoDei: ((+11... your Tumble modifier))
DracoDei: ((And you can get +6 AC if you burn your standard action to take Full Defense))
Spheniscine: Ah.
Spheniscine: « d20+11 = 12 + 11 = 23 » « d20+11 = 3 + 11 = 14 » « d20+11 = 17 + 11 = 28 » « d20+11 = 6 + 11 = 17 » « d20+11 = 15 + 11 = 26 » « d20+11 = 2 + 11 = 13 » « d20+11 = 5 + 11 = 16 »
DracoDei: ((Excuse me... total defense))
Spheniscine: ((sure))
DracoDei: ((You going to use total defense? Or are you going to hit one of them with lightning after you move?))
Spheniscine: ((Hmm... I think I'd use total defense.))
DracoDei: ((Your maneuver DCs will go down as soon as you start converting incoming damage with Stance of the Looney, which you should be taking at SOME point this battle, but OK.))
Spheniscine: ((Ah...))
DracoDei: ((Regardless you end up where you are going, so move yourself... up to 20 feet.))
Spheniscine: ((Hm, maybe I use the lightning then.
Spheniscine: ((Since as you said, Stance of the Looney would nerf my maneuvers.))
Spheniscine: ((So... Wolf 1 N? Dunno if the others have damage reduction against electricity))
DracoDei: ((Roll your Cloud))R.E. North: Baffled. RE West: gets a shot in « 1d20+6 = 9 + 6 = 15 » « 1d6+6 = 5 + 6 = 11 ». R.E. South 1: Baffled. RE South 2: gets a shot in « 1d20+6 = 1 + 6 = 7 » « 1d6+6 = 6 + 6 = 12 ». Big Center: Baffled. Big West: gets a shot in « 1d20+6 = 8 + 6 = 14 » « 1d6+4 = 6 + 4 = 10 ». 1 North gets a shot in « 1d20+3 = 9 + 3 = 12 » « 1d6+1 = 1 + 1 = 2 »
DracoDei: ((All misses...))
Spheniscine: ((I keep forgetting where I should get my attack modifier...))
DracoDei: Spheniscine does something that looks like Samus would pull in Super Smash Brothers while having a sledge-hammer in hand...
Spheniscine: lol
Zyborg22: ((His armor explodes and he's wearing a skin-tight jumpsuit ?)
DracoDei: ((Unlucky Raincloud doesn't have an attack modifier... my bad... just roll damage))
Spheniscine: "Rolling rolling rolling... though they're disapproving, rolling rolling rolling, Rawhide!
Spheniscine: « d20 = 20 »
Spheniscine: Woo!
DracoDei: ((Wrong dice...))
DracoDei: « 1d20+5 = 11 + 5 = 16 » Reflex for half.
DracoDei: Wolf takes half of « 3d6 = 11 ».
DracoDei: 5 damage.
Ruumis has received initiative.
* Ruumis five foot steps and casts Enlarge Person from a scroll.
DracoDei: ((Oh, wait... While Ruumis is taking his turn, Spheniscine needs to decide what he is doing with his Swift action. Good Options are: Nothing, Switch to Stance of the Looney (0but that wastes the 20% miss chance for one round that you earned from Child of Shadow by moving 10 feet or more), or activate Improvised Arsenal (to get through DR).))
DracoDei: AoO from 3 North « 1d20+3 = 9 + 3 = 12 » for « 1d6+1 = 5 + 1 = 6 » on a hit.
Hyperion: ((miss))
Hyperion: ((And can't attack, so think that ends his turn))
DracoDei: Hmm....
Hyperion: ((Not sure if he should be there or 5 feet to the west, up to you how that works))
DracoDei: ((As long as you contain the square you occupied before casting (which you do), you get to pick I should say.))
Hyperion: ((ok then))
Hyperion: ((And do remember Ruumis has reach now. :3 ))
Hyperion: ((End turn))
* DracoDei ponders how to handle certain aspects of the psychology here...
Hyperion: ((heh. at least I'm not doing my original plan of challenging the leader))
Spheniscine: ((Gah I get a n20 and it was the wrong dice... X3))
DracoDei: Big Center runs off into the woods.
* Spheniscine sings "Hide me now, under your wings..."
Spheniscine: ((X3))
DracoDei: The non-candy flying canine of doom shout/barks after it angrily.
Direlda has received initiative.
Spheniscine: ((And I think I'll use Improvised Arsenal))
DracoDei: ((Ok, note that that lasts 2 rounds(I will not count this one...) and only works with the frying pan.))
Spheniscine: ((Mm.))
DracoDei: Direlda 5' steps and Rapid Shots 3-North « 1d20+6 = 2 + 6 = 8 » for « 1d8+1 = 7 + 1 = 8 » on a hit and « 1d20+6 = 13 + 6 = 19 » for « 1d8+1 = 2 + 1 = 3 » on a hit
DracoDei: ((3 damage))
DracoDei: ((Ruumis, take an AoO... hope you deal damage...))
* Hyperion rolls: 1d20+5 => 8 + 5 = 13
Hyperion: ((Bah))
Hyperion: ((That's a miss))
Hyperion: ((Do remember Direlda has a Shield of Faith on him))
DracoDei: ((Unfortunately, that is going to do exactly zilch here...))
Hyperion: ((Oh, fire breath))
Hyperion: ((Right'o))
DracoDei: Zyborg, make a DC 16 Reflex save...
Zyborg22: « 1d20+9 = 3 + 9 = 12 »
DracoDei: ((Actually... no, he isn't THAT stupid... sorry.))
DracoDei: Direlda's Reflex save: « 1d20+7 = 2 + 7 = 9 »
DracoDei: Remus's Reflex save: « 1d20+8 = 11 + 8 = 19 »
DracoDei: Zyborg wasn't even in the cone, and Remus makes his save...
Direlda has connected.
DracoDei: « 2d6 = 11 » Damage from cone of fire.
DracoDei: Direlda takes 11 damage, Remus takes 5.
Hyperion: ((Congrats, arrive just in time to get hit by a breath weapon of fire. ))
Direlda: ((Yay! Just what I always wanted ))
You whisper to Hyperion: Hell-Hound is screaming to his troops "Hold the line! if any escape, we are likely ALL doomed!"
DracoDei: Hell-Hound tries to bark orders in an convincing manner... « 1d20+9 = 1 + 9 = 10 » (Diplomacy or Intimidate, doesn't matter which, and with a synergy bonus for the other)
DracoDei: He fails...
Ruumis: ((Enlarge person from scroll will last 6 rounds and Shield of Faith on Direlda is +2 AC, btw))
DracoDei: The lesser wolves decide this is a fight that is not profitable, and follow their animalistic instincts.
DracoDei: Red Eyes East and Red Eyes South three are better at thinking beyond the present moment and move in to attack Ruumis « 1d20+6 = 10 + 6 = 16 » for « 1d6+6 = 1 + 6 = 7 » and « 1d20+6 = 5 + 6 = 11 » for « 1d6+6 = 3 + 6 = 9 »
Hyperion: ((First one hits))
DracoDei: ((7 damage then))
Ruumis: (Infernal) "You DARE attempt to stop me? Your leader shall die, and all who attempt to stop me shall share his fate!"
DracoDei: South 4 elects NOT to charge, and would provoke an AoO if Ruumis hadn't already used it « 1d20+6 = 14 + 6 = 20 » for « 1d6+6 = 2 + 6 = 8 »
Hyperion: ((Also a hit.))
DracoDei: ((Roll intimidate against one of the ones in your reach I guess? You can't demoralize it, but on a really good result you might convince it to hold off...))
Hyperion: ((Well that was mostly just IC reaction, but sure))
Ruumis: « 1d20+2 = 11 + 2 = 13 » Intimidate... Red Eyes South
DracoDei: ((Yeah... no effect))
Hyperion: ((yeah))
DracoDei: Red Eyes North, West, and South 2 go after Zyborg « 1d20+6 = 11 + 6 = 17 » and miss chance « 1d100 = 56 » (needs 21 or higher) for « 1d6+6 = 1 + 6 = 7 », « 1d20+6 = 12 + 6 = 18 » and miss chance « 1d100 = 88 » (needs 21 or higher) for « 1d6+6 = 5 + 6 = 11 », « 1d20+6 = 1 + 6 = 7 » and miss chance « 1d100 = 83 » (needs 21 or higher) for « 1d6+6 = 4 + 6 = 10 »
DracoDei: Err... those were on Spheniscine, and they all missed.
Hyperion: ((And there was much rejoicing))
Toochaotic has connected.
DracoDei: South 1 on Zyborg « 1d20+6 = 3 + 6 = 9 » for « 1d6+6 = 2 + 6 = 8 »
Hyperion: ((hey there))
DracoDei: Miis
DracoDei: *Miss
Toochaotic: ((hi))
Spheniscine: ((Hi))
Direlda: ((hello))
Robin has received initiative.
Skeleton Horse has received initiative.
Robin's Snake has received initiative.
Medium Skeleton Ruumis has received initiative.
Medium Skeleton Ruumis has received initiative.
Saleth has received initiative.
DracoDei: Saleth runs and climbs a tree...
DracoDei: The snake is very stressed by all this, since it can hear and smell stuff, but can't do much about it, being inside a sack...
Celestial Eagle has received initiative.
Remus has received initiative.
Hyperion: ((brb))
DracoDei: « 3d20 = 38 » (Checking Eagle 1 for crits... the only way he might have a CHANCE to deal damage)
DracoDei: ((That didn't work...))
DracoDei: « 1d20+3 = 7 + 3 = 10 » « 1d20+3 = 18 + 3 = 21 » « 1d20-2 = 17 - 2 = 15 » Checking for crits...
DracoDei: « 1d20+3 = 6 + 3 = 9 » « 1d20+3 = 4 + 3 = 7 » « 1d20-2 = 6 - 2 = 4 » Eagle 2... same deal
DracoDei: Nope.
Hyperion: ((Back))
DracoDei: Remus attempts to cast on the defensive...
DracoDei: « 1d20+8 = 14 + 8 = 22 »
DracoDei: Magic missile to Red-Eyes South 2 « 1d4+1 = 4 + 1 = 5 »
DracoDei: « 1d20+4 = 12 + 4 = 16 » Caster Level check to overcome SR...
DracoDei: ((Made it easily.))
Celestial Eagle has received initiative.
Celestial Eagle has received initiative.
Zyborg22 has received initiative.
Zyborg22: ((Can I take the 5 ft. step before attacking?))
Direlda: ((yesh))
DracoDei: ((Definitely... note that South 2 is in VERY bad shape.))
Zyborg22: Alright. I'll attack that one, then.
Zyborg22: « 1d20+10 = 11 + 10 = 21 »
DracoDei: ((As in it might be a... well, never mind.))
DracoDei: « 3d6 = 12 »
Spheniscine has received initiative.
DracoDei: Spheniscine Drops his mallet, draws his Masterwork Combat Frying-pan and...?
Spheniscine: ((Both N and W are unharmed yes?))
DracoDei: ((Yes))
Spheniscine: "When the oceans rise and thunders roar, I will... dang... forgot the lyrics... strike down my enemies?"
* Spheniscine strikes the N wolf
Zyborg22: "I won't go for a swim?"
* Spheniscine laughs
Zyborg22: Or "I will not go for a swim"? Seems reasonable to me.
DracoDei: ((Unless you are going to Tumble this round, you should swap to Stance of the Looney almost certainly...))
Spheniscine: « d20+3 = 1 + 3 = 4 »
Spheniscine: ((K))
Spheniscine: Ew... a 1.
DracoDei: ((You miss.))
Zyborg22: ((And hit yourself ))
DracoDei: ((Nope...))
DracoDei: ((Well... maybe his funny bone or something...))
Ruumis has received initiative.
Zyborg22: ((Be right back))
Ruumis: « 1d20+5 = 2 + 5 = 7 » Touch attack against REW South 4 to activate death touch
Hyperion: ((Bah))
* Ruumis 5-foot steps
Hyperion: ((Would have been cool, but the dice do not wish it))
DracoDei: RE North on Spheniscine « 1d20+6 = 19 + 6 = 25 » for a potential « 1d6+6 = 3 + 6 = 9 »
Hyperion: ((End turn))
DracoDei: ((Spheniscine, you are at 16 out of 26 hitpoints before you get hit... how do you wish to split the damage between hitpoints and Wisdom?))
Spheniscine: ((Hmm... any negative effects from having 1 hitpoint before directing it all to Wisdom?))
DracoDei: ((Only that you won't be able to use Child of Shadow on rounds you move far enough to activate it without undue risk.))
Spheniscine: ((OK... how many hitpoints do I need for that?))
DracoDei: ((Enough to take a hit or two...))
DracoDei: ((So... 7 to 12 for a single hit by one of the Red-Eyes, 14 to 24 for two... quite frankly I would just take it all as hit-points and forget about Child of Shadow.))
Spheniscine: ((K then. lol))
Spheniscine: ((Oh right, just realized I could've used the reference to the storm in that hymn to segue to my Unlucky Raincloud... seriously, I'm a little slow for my character... X3))
Direlda has received initiative.
Direlda: ((meep?))
DracoDei: ((Sorry, forgot you were here... your turn, what do you do? Although that move is a hint for what I would SUGGEST...))
Direlda: ((I was planning on moving and yeah...))
DracoDei: Ok, so you 5' step south west... what next?
Direlda: ((how do you get it to do two dice rolls in one entry again?))
* Direlda rapidly fires two shots at Red Eyes Wolf North
DracoDei: ((Just type them out in to seperate sets of square brackets))
Direlda: « dice 1d20 + 6 = Invalid expression: dice 1d20 + 6. » « dice 1d20 + 6 = Invalid expression: dice 1d20 + 6. »
Direlda: ((errm...))
DracoDei: ((Don't include the word "dice"...))
Direlda: « 1d20+6 = 18 + 6 = 24 » « 1d20+6 = 2 + 6 = 8 »
DracoDei: ((Roll damage for a single hit... meanwhile I will roll a to-hit and damage for the AoO from South 1))
DracoDei: « 1d20+6 = 14 + 6 = 20 » AoO « 1d6+6 = 1 + 6 = 7 » on a hit
Direlda: « 1d8+1 = 7 + 1 = 8 »
DracoDei: ((Direlda takes 7 points for a total of 18 taken, leaving him with 8 hit points remaining.))
Hyperion: ((well darn, that was a bare hit__
DracoDei: ((It takes 3 damage after DR...))
Direlda: "Ack! I cannot do my job well if they're in melee with me."
DracoDei: Command Barking « 1d20+7 = 20 + 7 = 27 »
Player "Hyperion..." is not connected.
You whisper to Hyperion: ... Yeah, even YOU felt like snapping to attention from that one...
DracoDei: The BIG BAD EVIL WOLF spends the round shouting at full volume so as to make himself heard by his fleeing troops...
DracoDei: Ruumis: You get an AoO at Wolf 3 North...
Ruumis: « 1d20+5 = 3 + 5 = 8 » AoO
DracoDei: And, actually, the Eagle would have gone on them too...
Hyperion: ((Wow. Haven't roleld higher than 10 yet))
DracoDei: « 1d20+3 = 8 + 3 = 11 » « 1d20+3 = 14 + 3 = 17 » « 1d20-2 = 20 - 2 = 18 »
DracoDei: « 2d4 = 2 »
DracoDei: « 1d20+6 = 16 + 6 = 22 » RES1 on Direlda « 1d6+6 = 6 + 6 = 12 »
DracoDei: Direlda goes down...
* Direlda yelps as he collapses to the ground
DracoDei: A horrendous smell wafts in from the west...
DracoDei: Yelping can be heard...
Spheniscine: D:
DracoDei: REW and REN on Spheniscine « 1d20+6 = 16 + 6 = 22 » for « 1d6+6 = 6 + 6 = 12 » and « 1d20+6 = 17 + 6 = 23 » for « 1d6+6 = 1 + 6 = 7 »
DracoDei: ((6 as hitpoints, leaves 13 as Wisdom Burn... Spheniscine is now at Wisdom 3.))
Hyperion: (( O: ))
Spheniscine: "Say, did anyone get the license plate of that truck?"
Spheniscine: "Wuffies... I wuv you wuffies..."
Spheniscine: ((X3 I am enjoying this way too much))
DracoDei: REE, RES3 and RES4 on Ruumis « 1d20+8 = 14 + 8 = 22 » for « 1d6+6 = 1 + 6 = 7 » and « 1d20+6 = 5 + 6 = 11 » for « 1d6+6 = 2 + 6 = 8 » and « 1d20+8 = 17 + 8 = 25 » for « 1d6+6 = 5 + 6 = 11 »
DracoDei: Ok...
DracoDei: We are now into "Cinematic Mode"...
Zyborg22: ((Is it one of those unskippable ones ?))
Hyperion: ((Hmm... Original plan would have failed, but would probably have gotten further than this))
DracoDei: ((Umm... given how sketchy I think I am going to end up being, I think it is more like "mandatory to watch on fast forward"))
Zyborg22: Geez, wolves. What do you have against large things?
Hyperion: ((Instead of me failing at every swing))
Hyperion: ((Which is just annoying, but it happens))
Hyperion: ((Did well first session, doing horribly this one))
Spheniscine: "Oh hi Direlda. Enjoying your nap?"
Spheniscine: "Hehe. Ehehehehehe."
Direlda: ((ish unconcious or somtin))
DracoDei: A battle-cry is heard from the west... Remus, Spheniscine, Zyborg, and the Evil Wolves look up... the wolves cringe... here are creatures that they would think twice before meddling with, even when they were the size of cats... but these walk on two legs, and are wielding swords in their licorish-furred hands!
Zyborg22: I guess Direlda isn't that large, but still...
DracoDei: You recognize the odor as hot-sauce...
DracoDei: Traces of it linger under the white-chocolate striped tails of your rescuers...
Hyperion: ((Oh, these))
Hyperion: ((Was wondering how long until they showed up))
DracoDei: One of them rushes over to the wounded, while the other two slam into your foes, their dark-chocolate swords biting deep into the foes...
Spheniscine: "Wee! Skunkies!"
Spheniscine: "What's up docs?"
DracoDei: The Hell Hound manages to fly away in the confusion, but the half-fiends are all dead around you.
Spheniscine: (Ah, hellhounds... gotta look that up))
Hyperion: ((Hellhounds can't fly...))
Toochaotic is disconnected.
Spheniscine: ((Predicted response, "this one does"?))
Samual Three-Bugs: Greetings! Well, now that everyone is up again... (they healed everyone back to conciousness), what shall we do with the ones still breathing, and those back in the woods?
Spheniscine: ((How do I heal my wisdom?))
Hyperion: ((*sigh*))
Samual Three-Bugs: ((Short answer? For now, you don
Zyborg22: Do you have a gladiator arena you could make them work for?
Samual Three-Bugs: 't. Only time will heal it.))
Samual Three-Bugs: Urr... No.
Zyborg22: What about a prison?
Samual Three-Bugs: ((Heals at the rate of 1 per day... would be too easy at high levels if it could be healed with magic or what-not.))
Samual Three-Bugs: That we do have...
Player "Wolf" is not connected.
You whisper to Hyperion: Wolf 3E Tells you in Infernal it would REALLY like to surrender...
* Ruumis gazes at the wolf. "And why should we accept your surrender?"
Player "*Cringes" is not connected.
You whisper to Hyperion: *Cringes and rolls painfully over onto its back, exposing its belly* You defeat alpha? Maybe you be new alpha now? Please?
Spheniscine: "Goodbye horsey... We'll miss you..."
Samual Three-Bugs: The wolf at 0 hitpoints rolls Cringes and rolls painfully over onto its back, exposing its belly. It seems to be having a conversation with Ruumis.
* Spheniscine sobs uncontrollably
* Samual Three-Bugs stares at the "horsey" a bit without comment...
Samual Three-Bugs: ((If y'all want to skip this part, just tell me... I just thought it would be good Roleplay...))
Ruumis: (infernal) "...Fine. If you see your old leader, tell him I am going to rip out his thoat and feed him each of his limbs while he is still breathing."
Zyborg22: So, you can't reraise the horse?
You whisper to Hyperion: Yes Sir! Ow...
Ruumis: (to the newcomers) "They have declared their wish to surrender, I have accepted and will figure out what to do with them."
Spheniscine: "Hehe... bye bye wuffies... was fun playing..."
Spheniscine: "*hic*"
Spheniscine: ((Maybe I should try that one day... drink a small sip of beer, then pretend to be drunk off my socks... X3))
Samual Three-Bugs: One of them applies a *Cure Minor Wounds* to 3 E
Spheniscine: ((I seem to play it well...))
* Ruumis just looks at Zyborg and doesn't respond to his question.
Ruumis: "She... Served our family for long enough. It is time for her to rest."
* Spheniscine hugs Ruumis
* Ruumis allows it and then moves over to Chestnut's remains and places one of the small tail vertebrae into a pouch on his belt. He also straps one of the smaller ribs to the side of his backpack.
Hyperion: "Now then... What are we to do with the wolves?"
Samual Three-Bugs: I believe a trial was mentioned...
Spheniscine: "Order in the court! Order in the court!"
Samual Three-Bugs: You can talk to them... do you think they will behave?
* Spheniscine mimes a gavel with his mallet
Spheniscine: ((Is my insane RP a little too much at this point? X3))
Samual Three-Bugs: ((I am enjoying it...))
Ruumis: "Most of them will, at least."
Samual Three-Bugs: ((Drat... I know exactly what is going to happen I think... but there are two problems: #1 it is going to make for a logistical nightmare. #2 Most or all of you might not want to know all the details.))
Spheniscine: ((Hm.))
Hyperion: ((Well it's probably better than them all being slaughtered for food and undead minions))
Samual Three-Bugs: ((Let me just info-dump what is straight-forward... this was considered a MAJOR threat, mostly because nobody had any idea that anything was going on. For your services you are awarded 2,000 gp each, and the party as a whole is given two +1flickering daggers (the market is glutted with them, so the sale price would be very low)... and I guess everyone levels.))
Spheniscine: ((Yay!))
Samual Three-Bugs: ((Backstory... Hellhound ended up on this plane... somehow. Took over a local wolf pack, and had his children hire themselves out as sheppards... was just trying to build up the biggest mega-pack he could for the moment... the half-fiends were all his children, and the fiendish wolves his grandchildren. He didn't dare show himself personally, which is why his armor was in such bad shape.))
Zyborg22: ((What do the flickering daggers do?))
Hyperion: ((homebrew enchantment, could link it on the IRC if you want))
Direlda: "Ungh... Remind me not to stand so close to my foes next time."
Hyperion: ((i think))
Spheniscine: ((Ah...))
Samual Three-Bugs: ((Things went sour when it came time to expand their services to another family, who said "Well, we think we should check with a cleric... your eyes scare us." ... they killed the whole family of Pez-Ants... except the one who had been left behind at the farm-house, who escaped while the wolves were taking what they could of the situation (IE the sheep). The wolves in the clearing were the ONLY ones who DIDN'T know it was going to be an ambush.))
Spheniscine: Mm.
Samual Three-Bugs: ((Flickering: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=62566 ))
Samual Three-Bugs: ((Ruumis is going to at least technically end up as the packs new alpha/parole officer...))
Samual Three-Bugs: ((Any surviving half-fiends will basically be obnoxious in the court-room to the point where they are executed.))
Samual Three-Bugs: ((But that still leaves 3 beta-class and 5 peon-class...))
Zyborg22: ((We roll the hit dice, right?))
Samual Three-Bugs: ((So... if nobody objects, lets go completely to OOC mode now... and talk about what sort of mission y'all might enjoy next.))
Spheniscine: ((OK.))
Spheniscine: Hmm... what about tactical discussion... what can be improved?
Spheniscine: Maybe the whole Direlda getting into melee part?
Zyborg22: « 1d6 = 6 »
Samual Three-Bugs: ((I PREFER not to roll HD... I just take the FULL average (so retaining fractions, including from previous levels and odd points of CON.))
Spheniscine: Hyperion got some very unlucky rolls...
Hyperion: indeed
Samual Three-Bugs: ((But... Ok... 6+Con hitpoints it is for Zyborg.))
Zyborg22: ((Ok. So, I get 4 HP?))
Samual Three-Bugs: I was expecting y'all to play it safe and spend the night at the farm-house...
Zyborg22: ((Oh, ok))
Hyperion: adventurers.
Hyperion: unless there's a good reason to stay, will go.
Samual Three-Bugs: It would also have been potentially very helpful if Robin had prepared at least one *Sleep* instead of doubling up on *Charm Person* which was going to be completely ineffective here, due to type considerations.
Spheniscine: Mm.
Hyperion: yeah.. we meet wolves, and he keeps a anti-humanoid spell
Spheniscine: X3
Samual Three-Bugs: Let's see... unknown strenght of oppostion... half the day left... beds (too small beds, but you could have put two mattresses together on the floor)
Samual Three-Bugs: Secure location to camp at...
Samual Three-Bugs: OF COURSE adventurers are going to push ahead...
Samual Three-Bugs:
Hyperion: yep
Zyborg22: I would. I don't need to camp.
Hyperion: obviously
Hyperion: more than enough time to keep going
Zyborg22: Since we're leveling: ((Ok... remind me to give extra XPs for turning what I still suspect was a lapse of memory/story immersion into a good RP of a low charisma...)) * @DracoGM considers awarding Zyborg bonus XPs for creative combat tactics, but also wonders how much of the work Zyborg really did...
Samual Three-Bugs: Zyborg: Yeah, but you can't track...
Zyborg22: Yeah, there is that.

2010-09-25, 12:17 PM
[19:57] <DracoSemiAway> Oh... Clem... you never did say anything about your character that would point to a class...
[19:58] <DracoSemiAway> Ubermouser is going to be playing a Barbarian I believe.
[19:58] <Ubermouser> monk!
[19:58] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon guesses that he would be some sort of swordsman?
[19:58] <DracoSemiAway> Oh, thought you gave up on that idea...
[19:58] <DracoSemiAway> Clem: Swordsman works...
[19:59] <Ubermouser> er, whoops.. thought you were bored listening to me complain about 3.5e monk :p
[19:59] <DracoSemiAway> Clem: I will See what sort of a Warblade or perhaps Crusader I can make for you...
[19:59] <Spheniscine> Have I seen Ubermouser before?
[19:59] <DracoSemiAway> Ubermouser: I don't care either way.
[19:59] <Ubermouser> Spheniscine: no, we haven't met
[19:59] <Spheniscine> Hiya.
[19:59] <Ubermouser> greetings ^^
[20:00] <DracoSemiAway> Spheniscine: Clem invited him (and has a lead on another player).
[20:00] <Spheniscine> Welcome. :3
[20:00] <DracoSemiAway> Anyway, I am ready when everyone else is, but I am also open to you getting to know eachother a bit (in and/or out of character).
[20:01] <DracoSemiAway> If anyone has Zyborg on AIM or something, give him a poke.
[20:02] <DracoSemiAway> What do people prefer?
[20:02] * Spheniscine sniffs Ubermouser
[20:02] <Ubermouser> if this is a democratic process, I'm all for jumping in
[20:02] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> erm.. expect a flood of two or three more o.o
[20:02] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> furs/players
[20:02] <Ubermouser> :o that's a lot
[20:03] <Spheniscine> Clem has opened ze floodgates! :p
[20:03] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> :B
[20:03] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon loves to spread stuff cross servers
[20:03] *** QNinja has joined #DracoD&D
[20:03] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[20:04] <Ubermouser> :o fancy seeing you here, QNinja
[20:04] <QNinja> :3
[20:04] <QNinja> I play too
[20:04] <Spheniscine> Hi Q. :3
[20:05] <QNinja> herro ^^
[20:05] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders if there are default character sheets and stuff o.o
[20:05] <DracoSemiAway> We are doing a free-form encounter (rather than part of a much larger mission) once again tonight.
[20:05] <QNinja> sweet :3
[20:05] *** Snowy has joined #DracoD&D
[20:05] <Spheniscine> Hi Snowy.
[20:05] <Snowy> 'ello
[20:05] <DracoSemiAway> Character sheets? We don't need no steekin' character sheets...
[20:05] <Spheniscine> X3
[20:05] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon thought there was X3
[20:05] <DracoSemiAway> (At least not tonight...)
[20:05] <QNinja> better safe than sorry
[20:05] <QNinja> what edition?
[20:05] <Ubermouser> 3.5e
[20:06] <QNinja> balls...
[20:06] <DracoSemiAway> Having a character sheet would actually help some...
[20:06] <Ubermouser> QNinja: :\ I know, right?
[20:06] <QNinja> I only have 4 x3
[20:06] <Ubermouser> spent all this time learning 4e
[20:06] <DracoSemiAway> But isn't necessary.
[20:06] <Snowy> i only know 4 also
[20:06] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> DD: does wagz still have the roll function?
[20:06] * QNinja lightly suggests 4e o3o
[20:06] <DracoSemiAway> Well, the 3.5 rules are availible free and legal online...
[20:06] <QNinja> ooh, where?
[20:06] <DracoSemiAway> www.d20srd.org
[20:07] <DracoSemiAway> Just the basics really...
[20:07] <Snowy> thx for the link
[20:07] <QNinja> that's fine ^^
[20:07] <DracoSemiAway> I am also willing to basically build your characters for you.
[20:07] <QNinja> 3.5e was a little complicated...
[20:07] <DracoSemiAway> Most people are playing their fursonae.
[20:07] <Ubermouser> .. takes all the fun out of it :P
[20:07] <Hyperion> heh
[20:08] * Snowy freezes up at the sheer amount of links
[20:08] <QNinja> anyone here play pathfinder?
[20:08] <Ubermouser> :\ er, nope.. describe it?
[20:08] <DracoSemiAway> A few points for the new arrivals: we are currently at ECL 5, and I try to run a very "Brain" type game... if you are familiar with the "5 gamers"?
[20:09] <QNinja> no...
[20:09] <Snowy> i feel ignorent
[20:09] <DracoSemiAway> I could be talked into switching to PF... but probably not any time soon.
[20:09] <Ubermouser> heh
[20:09] <Ubermouser> what do you mean by the "5 gamers"
[20:10] <QNinja> (pathfinders is another d20 system where another company bought the 3.5 rules and worked out the kinks
[20:10] <DracoSemiAway> The Five Gammers: Real Man, Thesbian, Brain, Looney, and Munchkin.
[20:10] <Snowy> o_0
[20:10] *** Alessa has joined #DracoD&D
[20:10] <Ubermouser> :D munchkin
[20:10] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> munchkin XD
[20:10] * Ubermouser waves to Alessa
[20:10] <Spheniscine> X3
[20:10] <QNinja> I think I get it...
[20:10] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> wait.. o.o
[20:10] <Alessa> AND THERE WE GO
[20:10] <DracoSemiAway> Real Men: Like to beat stuff up, and don't mind losing occasionally... basically someone who wants a good action movie out of the game...
[20:10] <Hyperion> QNinja: Play it, yes.
[20:10] <Ubermouser> oh man, you've got your work cut out for you Draco.. team of 9
[20:11] * Spheniscine sings "Real men of geeeenius!"
[20:11] <Alessa> whos a munchkin
[20:11] <Alessa> lol
[20:11] * Ubermouser raises hand!
[20:11] <DracoSemiAway> Thesbian: The rich roleplayer, perfectly happy if the dice never get rolled in a given night.
[20:11] <QNinja> ah, yes
[20:11] <Spheniscine> That's Thespian. :p
[20:12] <Alessa> who can I be
[20:12] <QNinja> these are game styles
[20:12] <Ubermouser> whomever you wish?
[20:12] <DracoSemiAway> Basically, being furries(except for Hyperion, who I know has a bit of Thesbian about him), I would be very surprised if any of you don't have a certain Thesbian aspect to your personality.
[20:12] <Alessa> i'll be my excellent self
[20:12] <DracoSemiAway> Or rather, your play style.
[20:12] <QNinja> Alessa should be a halfling
[20:13] <Alessa> why
[20:13] <QNinja> cuz you're short
[20:13] * Hyperion hides in a treehouse and watches the large influx of people.
[20:13] <Alessa> those are weak..o ya
[20:13] <Ubermouser> QNinja: tiefling
[20:13] <Ubermouser> because she's EVIL
[20:13] <QNinja> >:3
[20:13] <Alessa> Im very evil
[20:13] <Snowy> yes lots of ppl
[20:13] <QNinja> I usually play human or half elf tho
[20:14] <Alessa> dont be surprised if I lead you down a wrong path
[20:14] <DracoSemiAway> Brains are also known as tacticians. They are the guys who have equipment lists that require 2 different bags of holding and a Handy Haversack to transport, and will spend half the session drawing up battle-plans with contingency plans on their contingency plans.
[20:14] -Spheniscine- Not that I'm not excited to meet new people, but the fact that they outnumber the old players may mean that this will be taking on a significantly different flavor...
[20:14] <Alessa> someones going to have to carry me through the dungeon
[20:14] <DracoSemiAway> Also good at defeating tricky puzzle traps (which I almost never use).
[20:14] * QNinja raises her hand
[20:15] <Spheniscine> Draco: That sounds a bit like Nethack... I never played that seriously though.
[20:15] <QNinja> tits...
[20:15] <Ubermouser> QNinja: well.. we need a wizard
[20:15] <DracoSemiAway> You mean another wizard...
[20:15] <Alessa> I can be a wizard
[20:15] <Alessa> (:
[20:15] <Snowy> i call human paladin
[20:16] <QNinja> rouge ^^
[20:16] <DracoSemiAway> What is it QNinja?
[20:16] <Snowy> we got tank covered
[20:16] <Hyperion> we need a tank
[20:16] <Hyperion> so good
[20:16] <QNinja> or is it rogue?
[20:16] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon is kinda a tank o.o
[20:16] <Alessa> its vogue
[20:16] <DracoSemiAway> And BTW, yes, this is a very large and sudden influx of people... Not sure I can make room for all of you (sorry), but I will try, and we will see how it works out.
[20:16] <Ubermouser> XP
[20:16] <Snowy> np
[20:16] <Alessa> I think theres always room for me
[20:17] <Alessa> hinthint
[20:17] <Snowy> i dont mind if im kicked
[20:17] <QNinja> lol
[20:17] <QNinja> I haven't played in forever and I'm aching
[20:17] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> snowy doesnt mind just watching if im right X3
[20:17] <Snowy> yep
[20:17] <Ubermouser> 10 is.. a lot. When a single round takes 30 minutes,
[20:17] <QNinja> I hate it when that happens x.x
[20:18] * Hyperion generally prefers groups of 4 or 5. <.<
[20:18] * Ubermouser usually limits players to 60 seconds when DMing
[20:18] <QNinja> I can't type that fast...
[20:18] <Ubermouser> I ATTACK THE GOBLIN!
[20:18] <Ubermouser> ..
[20:18] <QNinja> I magic missile the darkness....
[20:19] <Ubermouser> XP
[20:19] <DracoSemiAway> One factor that may limit this is that when we are done with our period of free-form (hopefully in a few more weeks), we will be moving back to MapTool, so anyone who can't get the client mode of that working probably shouldn't be playing since they will just have to drop out.
[20:19] <QNinja> I have it
[20:19] <QNinja> what version?
[20:19] <Snowy> maptool?
[20:19] <QNinja> it's an online table
[20:20] <Snowy> i c
[20:20] <Snowy> free?
[20:20] <DracoSemiAway> Let me go check the version...
[20:20] <QNinja> yes
[20:20] <DracoSemiAway> Yes, it is free.
[20:20] <Snowy> ty
[20:21] <Snowy> so many downloads
[20:21] <Snowy> which one do i choose?
[20:22] <Ubermouser> I don't think we're using it today
[20:22] <Ubermouser> so none, for the moment
[20:22] *** Zyborg22 has joined #DracoD&D
[20:22] <QNinja> sounds good to me ^^
[20:22] <Zyborg22> Woah. There are people here.
[20:22] <Spheniscine> Hi Zy.
[20:22] <Snowy> for later tho
[20:22] <Spheniscine> Yes. lol
[20:22] * QNinja doesn't feel like logging into 2 servers x.x
[20:23] <Zyborg22> Who are all these new people?
[20:23] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> :B
[20:23] <QNinja> new players :3
[20:23] <Snowy> dnd players
[20:23] <DracoSemiAway> Well... perspective players...
[20:23] <Hyperion> new potential players
[20:23] <Zyborg22> Oh.
[20:23] <DracoSemiAway> Apparently Clem found a bunch.
[20:23] <DracoSemiAway> I MAY end up running two sessions.
[20:23] <Snowy> he looked in #vore
[20:23] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> o.o
[20:23] <QNinja> we're such nerds, us furries
[20:23] <Ubermouser> Snowy: shhh!
[20:24] <Hyperion> heh
[20:24] <DracoSemiAway> The MapTool version is 1.3.b56
[20:24] <Alessa> im no nerd
[20:24] <Alessa> ahem
[20:24] <Snowy> ty
[20:24] * QNinja downloads
[20:25] <DracoSemiAway> If someone could help me out by linking to the download page...
[20:25] <QNinja> http://www.rptools.net/index.php?page=downloads#MapTool
[20:25] <DracoSemiAway> Thank you QNinja.
[20:25] <QNinja> ^^
[20:25] <DracoSemiAway> Ok, this is a Good aligned campaign.
[20:25] <Snowy> got it
[20:26] <QNinja> darn x3
[20:26] <Ubermouser> :( no chaotic evil
[20:26] <QNinja> BALLS
[20:26] <DracoSemiAway> I made an exception for Hyperion's character Ruumis, but I don't want to make an habit of it.
[20:26] <Hyperion> indeed
[20:26] <Zyborg22> Can they be neutral?
[20:26] <Hyperion> it would be better to be good
[20:26] <Hyperion> or at least simpler
[20:27] <DracoSemiAway> Ruumis is Neutral... a rather creepy sort of neutral, but neutral.
[20:27] <Ubermouser> XP
[20:27] * DracoSemiAway thinks...
[20:27] <Hyperion> I expect him to be mostly sane two levels from now.
[20:28] <Hyperion> mostly.
[20:28] <Spheniscine> lol
[20:28] <Ubermouser> oh lovely, the cleric is insane
[20:28] <DracoSemiAway> Ok, why don't we start with character introductions, starting with the existant party... wait for me to call you (in all caps and with an exclaimation point, since that is how I generally handle things when we are in initiative and it is a new person's turn).
[20:29] <DracoSemiAway> Actually, a BRIEF word first about the campaign setting...
[20:29] <Zyborg22> You will all be made of candy.
[20:29] <Zyborg22> I think.
[20:29] <Ubermouser> -_-
[20:29] <Hyperion> :3
[20:29] <DracoSemiAway> My previous campaign broke up because I was throwing them too hard of moral quandries... completely without meaning to.
[20:29] * QNinja eats everyone
[20:29] <Snowy> -_-
[20:29] <DracoSemiAway> And yes, you will be made of candy.
[20:29] <QNinja> :o
[20:30] <Alessa> candy
[20:30] <Alessa> @_@
[20:30] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> theres a reason o-o
[20:30] <Ubermouser> DracoSemiAway: D: how is that a problem ever? Moral dilemmas are so much fun
[20:30] <DracoSemiAway> Because, to combat that problem, this campaign is happening on the Semi-Elemental Plane of Candy.
[20:30] <QNinja> that's odd...
[20:30] <DracoSemiAway> Remind me to link to the play-logs towards the end.
[20:30] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (*remembers how it started now.. kinda*)
[20:31] <DracoSemiAway> Side-note: Like most GMs I value regularity of attendance, and prior notice if you can't make it.
[20:31] <DracoSemiAway> Anyway...
[20:31] <DracoSemiAway> SOmeone who isn't here tonight is Robin Firedrake...
[20:31] <DracoSemiAway> I am not sure, but in game his last name might change to Icecream-Drake.
[20:32] *** Snowy is now known as Snowylobserving
[20:32] <DracoSemiAway> He is the Candy version of a Half-Silver dragon, with 2 levels of wizard and 3 racial hit-dice (I don't use LA except in the most extreme circumstances).
[20:33] <DracoSemiAway> He is an enchantment specialist, with Conjuration and Evocation banned.
[20:33] <Ubermouser> banned all the fun spells -.-
[20:33] <DracoSemiAway> Oh, Illusion and Enchantment can be much more FUN... just not as directly POWERFUL...
[20:34] <Zyborg22> Or as powerful at all, if your GMs a jerk.
[20:34] * QNinja loves illusion >:3
[20:34] <Ubermouser> haven't played an enchanter yet, illusion yes
[20:34] <Alessa> I dont want to play an important role
[20:35] <Ubermouser> :D you can be my squire!
[20:35] <DracoSemiAway> Alessa: An interesting sentiment...
[20:35] <Ubermouser> even though I'm a monk and not a knight
[20:35] <Alessa> what does a squire have to do
[20:35] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> alessa can be the student?
[20:35] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon isnt sure of terms x.x
[20:35] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> *self-fails*
[20:36] <Ubermouser> Alessa: the squire's duty.. first and foremost, is to bring me a shrubbery
[20:36] <DracoSemiAway> Alessa: PM me with why you said "hinthint" earlier... I have a guess, and if I am right, I VERY much want to make a space for you, but I need to be sure first (remember, I have a TERRIBLE memory).
[20:36] * Spheniscine brings a shrubbery and places it on Uber's head
[20:36] <DracoSemiAway> Ok...
[20:36] <DracoSemiAway> HYPERION/RUUMIS!
[20:37] <DracoSemiAway> (Please introduce your character)
[20:38] <QNinja> (are we playing as furry chars, or regular chars?)
[20:39] <Ubermouser> QNinja: up to you.. there are two humans, but the others are anthro
[20:39] <Hyperion> "Yes"
[20:39] <QNinja> ah ^^))
[20:40] <DracoSemiAway> ((I think people RP better as a heroic version of their fursonae(and I create custom races to do so), but non-furry is fine too.))
[20:40] <Ubermouser> unfortunately, this solution is suitable for only those who actually have fursonas
[20:40] <DracoSemiAway> Ubermouser: Well, you are a Ginger-bread Man I believe... but they are mechanically completely identical.
[20:41] <Ubermouser> Oh. lovely
[20:41] * Ubermouser pokes QNinja with his mechanically completely identical manliness
[20:41] * QNinja bites off uber's arm
[20:41] <DracoSemiAway> ...
[20:41] <Alessa> hey now
[20:42] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> o_o
[20:42] <Ubermouser> ... roll for initiative?
[20:42] <QNinja> lol
[20:42] <DracoSemiAway> Anyway, here is Hyperion's sheet for reference: http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=33582
[20:42] <DracoSemiAway> ((But I still would like a character personality and capabilities summary from him.))
[20:43] <DracoSemiAway> Sidenote: Here is Robin's character: http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=27913
[20:45] <Hyperion> Ok, Ruumis is the cleric of the party; worships a lawful neutral goddess of death. He is the oldest member of the group, and quite insane due to events of his backstory. One of the non-candy people due to him being from the prime material plane on church business. Very eccentric, but a nice person to those he knows. Ability wise, generally is an offensive type of fighter in combat due to...
[20:45] <Hyperion> ...ever other current member being worse than him at it, and is far better at hurting than at healing. Going to be becoming less insane as the story progresses and has already started with the death/destruction of his undead horse named Chestnut.
[20:46] <Spheniscine> Chestnut T.T
[20:46] *** Snowylobserving has quit IRC (Quit: Do fish get thirsty?)
[20:46] <DracoSemiAway> Yeah, that was very sad.
[20:47] <DracoSemiAway> SPHENISCINE!
[20:47] <Ubermouser> ... do lawful good parties mourn the death of undead often?
[20:47] <Spheniscine> [I'm more chaotic good actually]
[20:47] <DracoSemiAway> I don't think ANYONE in the party is currently Lawful...
[20:47] * Ubermouser will be the first, then!
[20:48] <Hyperion> it had more personality than some of the PCs, and it was Ruumis's best friend and pseudo older sibling.
[20:48] <DracoSemiAway> " more personality than some of the PCs" <- ...ouch?
[20:48] <Hyperion> well it did
[20:48] <Hyperion> not saying which PCs, mind you
[20:49] <DracoSemiAway> Wait...
[20:49] <Spheniscine> Well, I'm a penguin-dog (ref-pic here: http://thunderthylacine.deviantart.com/#/d2js0ya), except bipedal for campaign purposes
[20:49] <DracoSemiAway> Yeah, I had forgotten how much personality Chestnut had (or rather that Ruumis imparted to him by talking in his place).
[20:49] <DracoSemiAway> Go on Spheniscine, sorry for the interuption... please say when you are done.
[20:49] <Alessa> a dogquin
[20:51] <Spheniscine> I'm a Swordsage... well sort of. A member of a forgotten [home-brewed] school called the Falling Anvil, harnessing the forces of the more loony side of chaos.
[20:51] <QNinja> so... sides have sides now?
[20:51] <Spheniscine> So..... what's up doc? :p
[20:52] <Alessa> whats all the hubbub.....bub
[20:52] <Ubermouser> XP
[20:53] <DracoSemiAway> He isn't kidding... his moves are litterally based off of The Three Stooges Movies and Looney Toons Cartoons.
[20:54] <DracoSemiAway> He makes bricks fall on his enemies heads out of a clear blue sky.
[20:54] <Spheniscine> :p
[20:54] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> o.o
[20:54] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> XD
[20:55] <DracoSemiAway> His main weapon is a wooden-headed war-maul... AKA a giant mallet.
[20:55] <DracoSemiAway> Although he also carries a masterwork cold-iron frying-pan as a back-up weapon.
[20:55] <Spheniscine> :3
[20:55] <QNinja> ^^
[20:56] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon remembers the frying pan from maple story X3
[20:56] <DracoSemiAway> Were you going to add anything else Spheniscine?
[20:57] <Spheniscine> Nope. Not for now anyways.
[20:58] <QNinja> who's next?
[20:58] <DracoSemiAway> Ok, here is his sheet (note that Zany Dodge, and, to a less well defined degree, Stance of the Looney can leave him a danger to his team-mates.)
[20:58] <DracoSemiAway> ZYBORG22!
[20:58] <WagzBot> ZYBORG22 is the evil intro killer
[20:58] <DracoSemiAway> Oh, wait...
[20:58] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[20:58] <Hyperion> heh
[20:58] <DracoSemiAway> WAGZBOT!!!
[20:58] <WagzBot> RUN LIKE MAD! It's gonna blow! Bunnies everywhere! Everything is in mortal peril!
[20:59] * DracoSemiAway hugs Wagzbot joyously!
[20:59] <DracoSemiAway> I didn't see you hovering their!
[20:59] * QNinja likes this...
[20:59] <Spheniscine> X3
[20:59] <DracoSemiAway> Glad to see you!
[20:59] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (wagzbot has been down for a while)
[20:59] * DracoSemiAway kisses the otter-fairy on the cheek...
[20:59] <DracoSemiAway> Ahem...
[20:59] <Zyborg22> I'm a peanut-brittle robot spider who was kept in a box for a long time. Mostly, I just shank things.
[21:00] <Zyborg22> I also know the sherrif really well.
[21:00] * Ubermouser ... thinks he should take skill points in sense motive and spot/listen
[21:00] <DracoSemiAway> Well, the Sheriff on one town that you are probably a hundred miles away from by now, but yes.
[21:01] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon doesnt understand the "peanut-brittle" part o.o
[21:01] <Ubermouser> it's a type of candy.. very literally, brittle peanut butter
[21:01] <Hyperion> he's a warforged from the semi-elemental plane of candy
[21:01] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> oh :P
[21:01] <Hyperion> somwhow
[21:02] <Hyperion> *somehow
[21:02] <Zyborg22> I also spot things, search for things, and listen for things.
[21:03] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon gnaws on a candy cane as he listens
[21:03] <DracoSemiAway> So, he looks like a drider, but with a more spider-like head, and made out of peanut-brittle, and with cogs and chain-drives showing occasionally through his joints...
[21:03] * QNinja sucks on the other end
[21:04] <DracoSemiAway> He also has max ranks in Tumble I beleive (as does Spheniscine... I created their characters to order, and since they weren't too specific, I decided that that is a good skill for staying alive).
[21:04] <DracoSemiAway> Anything else Zyborg?
[21:04] <Zyborg22> Not that I know of.
[21:05] <DracoSemiAway> Ok, I will note that Spheniscine also has one maneuver that does a 2d6 cone of fire.
[21:05] <DracoSemiAway> Let's see...
[21:06] <DracoSemiAway> Ah, yes... Direlda.
[21:06] * QNinja goes to get something to eat while he waits for his turn -.-
[21:06] <DracoSemiAway> But first, Zyborg's sheet http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=32934
[21:07] <Spheniscine> Yeah, I cross disciplined somewhat. Hatchling's Flame is pretty useful, not to mention darned cool. :p
[21:07] <DracoSemiAway> Direlda is a canid (fox?) Ranger (Archery path).
[21:07] <DracoSemiAway> Spheniscine: Most Sword-sages have maneuvers from 3 or so disciplines.
[21:08] <DracoSemiAway> Direlda: http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=30617
[21:08] <DracoSemiAway> Direlda's attendance has been pretty spotty, so I might wash him out, and even if I don't he might not be along on a lot of missions.
[21:08] <DracoSemiAway> Anyway...
[21:08] <DracoSemiAway> UBERMOUSER!
[21:09] <Ubermouser> Oh boy. Well...
[21:10] <Ubermouser> This character's motivation stems from the fact your team doesn't really have any dedicated front-liners or controllers, so in this case I rolled a lawful neutral monk. My motivations are purely individual though, not moral or ethical such as those of a paladin
[21:10] <Ubermouser> Apparently I'm also made of gingerbread
[21:11] <Ubermouser> and/or may be missing an arm, due to an unfortunate accident with a Ninja
[21:11] <DracoSemiAway> ((You don't absolutely HAVE to be, but it makes more sense for the plot and helps keep the mood lighter... of course, I am not sure that the mood is still a concern.))
[21:12] <Ubermouser> if I had my way I'd be lawful evil, but I don't think that fits within the design of your campaign
[21:12] <DracoSemiAway> The arm was OOC/non-canonical, and besides which, he couldn't have done that anywhere near that easily...
[21:12] <DracoSemiAway> Yeeeeah... LE really doesn't fit.
[21:13] <DracoSemiAway> I am not so sure about LN either, but we can discuss it.
[21:13] <Ubermouser> the only other option, LG.. yuck
[21:13] <DracoSemiAway> Alessa: Would you like to go next?
[21:14] <DracoSemiAway> Ubermouser: Have you ever read "The Order of the Stick"? Because LG =/= Paladin, and Hinja and O-Chul prove that even Paladins can be really cool people.
[21:15] <DracoSemiAway> Hinjo (Hinja was a typo) and O-Chul are characters in Order of the Stick.
[21:15] <Ubermouser> Haven't read it, no.. but anything past "neutral" is really hard for me to roleplay
[21:15] <Spheniscine> I think lawful will be hard for me to roleplay.
[21:16] <Ubermouser> lawful? Nah, simply means you've a well defined belief structure
[21:16] <DracoSemiAway> Spheniscine: Good thing you don't have to then, right?
[21:16] <DracoSemiAway> Ok...
[21:16] <DracoSemiAway> QNINJA OR ALESSA! (whoever gets to it first, goes first with presenting their general character concept).
[21:17] <QNinja> I will
[21:17] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> o.o
[21:17] * QNinja is a female raccoon standing at 5' 8" and is quite the skilled rouge. She grew up with her father who taught her the fun thing boys can do and got her hooked on adventuring. She's relatively young (15), but makes up for it with her deadly art. She comes from a small, nameless village that was just too boring to stay in and left it to see what life had to offer. Unfortunately, her excited attitude tends to get her in trouble with the
[21:17] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[21:17] <Spheniscine> I do have a well defined belief structure IRL, but I do have issues with authority.
[21:17] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> Unfortunately, her excited attitude tends to get her in trouble with the (~ended here~)
[21:17] <QNinja> oh :/
[21:17] <QNinja> hang on
[21:17] <QNinja> Unfortunately, her excited attitude tends to get her in trouble with the law and gives her a tendency to kill innocent people...
[21:18] <Alessa> I AM WIZARD
[21:18] <DracoSemiAway> Well, thank you for coming, but I am very sorry to say that the party has absolutely no need for a beautician... oh, wait... you probably meant ROGUE!
[21:18] <Ubermouser> ROUGE :D
[21:18] * Ubermouser paints QNinja RED!
[21:18] <QNinja> :P
[21:18] <Zyborg22> Wait...why don't we need a beautician?
[21:18] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[21:18] <QNinja> because gay men are pretty good at it
[21:18] <DracoSemiAway> Because... beauticians aren't much use in combat...
[21:18] <Spheniscine> lol
[21:19] <QNinja> I use mah hairspray!
[21:19] <Zyborg22> What about that Rouge class?
[21:19] * Ubermouser wants a rouge class
[21:19] <DracoSemiAway> Which one? There is more than one...
[21:19] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> they can probably help disguise the team X3
[21:19] <Ubermouser> bard? Sorcerer?
[21:19] <Alessa> I dunno if Im very useful in combat
[21:19] <Spheniscine> So maybe I swing towards Neutral (in respect to L/C) IRL. Not sure.
[21:19] <QNinja> Rouge = Rouge
[21:19] <Alessa> but I can try
[21:19] <Ubermouser> Alessa: you could be a diviner.. not so much in combat, but LOVELY outside
[21:20] <Alessa> ok
[21:20] <DracoSemiAway> No... on the Giant in the Playground homebrew forum people have used that frequent typo as an excuse to create a Rouge base class and/or PrC... I know their are at least 2 versions.
[21:20] <Ubermouser> heh
[21:20] * QNinja should use it x3
[21:20] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[21:21] <Alessa> just to let everyone know Im 3 inches tall so im sorta in the 'micro' section
[21:21] * Ubermouser will use Alessa as a throwing star!
[21:21] <Zyborg22> I doubt you'd be much help as a fighter, then.
[21:21] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon is the throwing star actually o.o
[21:21] <Ubermouser> :D now we have two!
[21:21] <QNinja> Gnome warlord o3o
[21:21] <DracoSemiAway> Ubermouser: The lawfulness of Monks is basically about their training regimen and what they see as their place in existance... it doesn't have to have anything to do with taking orders from other people.
[21:22] <Ubermouser> DracoSemiAway: that's exactly what I meant by keeping my belief system internalized
[21:22] <DracoSemiAway> I dunno... Clem's previous character was 6 inches long and plenty tough in a fight...
[21:23] <DracoSemiAway> Alessa: Character concept please?
[21:23] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon would be playing his previous character today, but was actually smaller than 6 inches, more about 3inches too.
[21:23] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> erm.. nevermind >-> 6 inches
[21:23] <Ubermouser> .. er, did it die?
[21:23] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon just hasnt been playing much or at all :P
[21:24] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon cant wake up on time, most of the time, but this semester's schedule gives me more leeway.
[21:24] <DracoSemiAway> Nah, clem just dropped out... which means that his character enjoyed his vacation and is now back on the prime material plane doing... whatever it is micro-dragons do all day.
[21:25] <Alessa> I guess I will be the human diviner like Ubermouser suggested
[21:25] <Ubermouser> :D eee
[21:25] <Ubermouser> Alessa: :D can I have my fortune?
[21:25] <Alessa> you will become very rich
[21:25] <DracoSemiAway> What race were you thinking of? As I said before, I like to make custom races so people can play their fursonae...
[21:25] <QNinja> then die slowly
[21:25] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon gives alessa miniature crystal balls as throw weapons :B
[21:25] <Alessa> ey let me do it
[21:25] <Hyperion> do we still have no front line fighter type?
[21:26] * Ubermouser points to himself?
[21:26] <Hyperion> monk? hah
[21:26] <DracoSemiAway> Clem's new character is going to be a front-liner I think...
[21:26] <Alessa> anyone here wear a hat that I can stay in?
[21:26] <Ubermouser> Hyperion: you laugh now..
[21:26] <Hyperion> yes
[21:27] <DracoSemiAway> Clem is probably going to be playing either a Warblade (d12 HD) or a Crusader (d10 HD, and attacks more powerfully when damaged)... probably Crusader, since they can do some in-combat healing.
[21:27] <DracoSemiAway> Also, Spheniscine is supposed to be halfway decent on the front-line...
[21:27] <Ubermouser> oh. There we go
[21:28] <Hyperion> but he really isn't
[21:29] <DracoSemiAway> Ok...
[21:29] <DracoSemiAway> Back to general stuff...
[21:29] <DracoSemiAway> D&D is a very complex game... one of the most complicated ever devised in all of human history.
[21:30] <DracoSemiAway> I don't expect you to know everything (I certainly don't know everything myself), but I expect you to put some time into learning.
[21:30] <DracoSemiAway> www.d20srd.org and ask LOTS of questions...
[21:30] <DracoSemiAway> I mean it on both points.
[21:31] <DracoSemiAway> When I am not doing one-off battles, the games I run are the sort were a mission can go from a fun exercise in hack-n-slash to an absolute nightmare _based on how well you "pack" for the specific mission_.
[21:32] <QNinja> :o
[21:32] * Hyperion shrugs
[21:32] <Ubermouser> Alessa: this is why you're going to be so handy
[21:32] <Ubermouser> .. no pun intended
[21:32] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> if he predicts it in time :P
[21:33] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> oh wait.. she? >->
[21:33] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> yup.. she :P
[21:33] <DracoSemiAway> I very much prefer people to give me plenty of warning if they can't make it, and to make it the vast majority of the time.
[21:33] <Alessa> >:l
[21:33] <DracoSemiAway> We have a LOT of people here, and I don't know if I have the energy for two sessions a week.
[21:33] <Alessa> I can predict future events
[21:33] <Alessa> thats cool
[21:33] <QNinja> I could make it more often if we did a maptools thing
[21:33] <Ubermouser> Alessa: among other things.. yes
[21:34] <DracoSemiAway> We will be shifting back to Maptool just as soon as I am confident that the party can think ahead and think tactically.
[21:34] <QNinja> what time are the sessions?
[21:35] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> probably 1 and a half hour ago o3o
[21:35] <DracoSemiAway> They start 1.5 hours earlier than it is now.
[21:35] <Ubermouser> friday only?
[21:35] <QNinja> what day?
[21:35] <DracoSemiAway> So, whatever time of the day and week you have, substract 1.5 hours from it.
[21:36] <DracoSemiAway> I also expect people to be thinking about what they are doing during other people's turns in combat.
[21:36] * Ubermouser gets NaN D:
[21:36] * Alessa predicts another hour of conversation
[21:36] <DracoSemiAway> So...
[21:36] <Ubermouser> Alessa: DX
[21:36] <QNinja> x3
[21:36] <Alessa> hehehehe
[21:36] <DracoSemiAway> What do people want to do from here:
[21:36] <QNinja> die
[21:37] <DracoSemiAway> A.) Free-form combat.
[21:37] <Alessa> lol Q
[21:37] <DracoSemiAway> B.) Individual character creation.
[21:37] <DracoSemiAway> C.) Rules discussion and futher information on the campaign setting?
[21:37] * Ubermouser votes A
[21:37] <QNinja> C
[21:37] <DracoSemiAway> D.) <Write in>
[21:37] * Alessa votes A
[21:38] <DracoSemiAway> Zyborg?
[21:38] <WagzBot> Your friendly neighborhood robot spider.
[21:38] <QNinja> D.) Tell me how the freak you made those fancy sheets
[21:38] <Zyborg22> I personally vote B.
[21:38] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ... A? along with an explanation to them on wagzbot's dice function
[21:38] <Ubermouser> there's a javascript tool for them online, QNinja
[21:39] <DracoSemiAway> QNinja: Sign up for an account at the website...
[21:39] <QNinja> I did
[21:39] <QNinja> still waiting for confirmation x.x
[21:39] <Zyborg22> They have a sheet builder on there.
[21:39] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ... *registers too then*
[21:40] <QNinja> I made the new char, but where's the place where you actually make the char?
[21:40] <Zyborg22> On the site :P .
[21:40] <Hyperion> "Profiler"
[21:40] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon didnt know he was registered o-o
[21:40] <Spheniscine> Well, Wagz's dice system is pretty simple... just xdy. Doesn't accept modifiers.
[21:40] <DracoSemiAway> QNinja: Ok when you get it, go to "Profiler", and look for the area for creating a new character. Make sure to change the drop-down box from the default to the more D&D 3.5 specific one.
[21:40] <Ubermouser> 20d6
[21:40] <Ubermouser> WagzBot: 20d6
[21:40] <Spheniscine> dice 20d6
[21:40] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2:4:3:2:5:3:5:2:5:2:1:3:2:2:2:5:4:3:6:5; Total: 66.
[21:40] <Spheniscine> Like that.
[21:40] <Ubermouser> VICTORY
[21:40] <Zyborg22> 20dUrMom
[21:41] <DracoSemiAway> dice 2d5
[21:41] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3:1; Total: 4.
[21:41] <Ubermouser> dize 1d7
[21:41] <Ubermouser> ...
[21:41] * Ubermouser fails
[21:41] <Ubermouser> dice 1d7
[21:41] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[21:41] <Spheniscine> lol
[21:41] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> for once :D
[21:41] <DracoSemiAway> So... anyone else have a preference for what we do next?
[21:41] <QNinja> but how do I actually fill in the numbers?
[21:41] <Ubermouser> roll for initiative?
[21:42] <DracoSemiAway> Oh... another of my random but important notes: Don't be "adventurers"... the people who have played with me before can tell you (or you can read it in the campaign logs) how that should have resulted in a TPK,
[21:42] <DracoSemiAway> Be "Heroic Professionals".
[21:42] <Hyperion> wooh, stuff we don't know
[21:43] <Hyperion> I had a possible plan for sacrificing myself to save the rest. but it wasn't a good plan.
[21:43] <DracoSemiAway> QNinja: When you have an actual character sheet you will be able to fill in everything easily... and it will calculate most of the stuff for you.
[21:45] <QNinja> well how do I get to filling in the numbers?? X<
[21:45] <DracoSemiAway> QNinja: You will also want to go to the "Edit" section next to the character name (which is what you click on to get to the sheet itself) to make it publicly viewable, and to join the Christian Furry Fellowship campaign (so I can see ALL of your sheet, and make any edits I need to, which will probably be some, since I have a lot of house rules).
[21:45] <DracoSemiAway> QNinja: Has your registration come through?
[21:46] <QNinja> nope x.x
[21:46] <DracoSemiAway> QNinja: Because I have been describing what to do once you have your registration for the past few minutes.
[21:46] <DracoSemiAway> QNinja: Then you can't do anything with the online sheet yet...
[21:47] <DracoSemiAway> Ahem...
[21:47] <DracoSemiAway> Since people aren't answering my questions...
[21:47] * Hyperion would like to note that if we were experienced adventurers with normal races we would probably have been able to take on all of the wolf packs.
[21:47] <Hyperion> <.<
[21:47] <Ubermouser> XP
[21:48] <QNinja> brb -.-
[21:48] <DracoSemiAway> Ok, those of you who sleep, are awakened in the middle of the night by Zyborg...
[21:48] <Hyperion> Instead of the wizard with evocation banned wandering off and getting knocked out
[21:49] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (*searches for someone who is supposed to be carrying him, needs one badly x.x*)
[21:49] <DracoSemiAway> Zyborg was helping out the town you are currently in, and passing the time while people slept by digging a well deeper so it would more reliably give lots of clean water.
[21:49] <Spheniscine> Five more minutes mom... zzzzz.
[21:50] <DracoSemiAway> Something worrisome looking came through a crack... a black gunk...
[21:50] <DracoSemiAway> You got out, just in case...
[21:50] <Spheniscine> Nwidonwannagotoskoolbulliespromisedtobeatmeup
[21:50] <DracoSemiAway> When you looked back into the well, you saw... a lot more of it.
[21:50] <Ubermouser> you've struck oil!
[21:50] <DracoSemiAway> The crack was in the BOTTOM BTW... IE what you had just dug out.
[21:51] <DracoSemiAway> (Ubermouser: Perfectly possible given the context...)
[21:51] <Hyperion> "If that's an ooze we'll need fire or something. We might need fire anyway."
[21:51] <Spheniscine> *stirs* Huh?
[21:52] <Hyperion> *Ruumis has an everburning torch, which is not real fire.
[21:52] <QNinja> (back)
[21:52] <Ubermouser> knowledge check anyone?
[21:52] <Ubermouser> WIZARD!
[21:52] <Spheniscine> [Not IC: HATCHLING'S FLAME! *whoosh*]
[21:52] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon happens to have a fire breathweapon, but isnt really sure how to enter this situation...
[21:52] <DracoSemiAway> You are all in various rooms of the second floor of an inn that overlooks the square that the well is in.
[21:53] <Spheniscine> [I haz no nolij cheks]
[21:53] * Hyperion has moves out to near the well
[21:53] <Ubermouser> Alessa?
[21:54] <Hyperion> ((*moved))
[21:54] <Alessa> hello
[21:54] <Spheniscine> Black gunk oozing through cracks? Sounds like my family reunion...
[21:54] <Ubermouser> I'm going to assume for a moment you took any number of knowledge skills that could help us out here..
[21:54] <QNinja> ew...
[21:54] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon follows hyperion from behind, nearly unnoticeable in the dark?
[21:54] <Zyborg22> Everything sounds like your family reunion.
[21:55] <Spheniscine> What can I say, it's not MY fault my family's weird. [ironic tone]
[21:56] * Alessa meditates
[21:56] * Spheniscine picks up Clem and places him on his shoulder
[21:56] <DracoSemiAway> Hyperion sees a Collosal (that is a size class people... the largest one), amorphous blob clearly visible under the light of the Continual Flame lamp-posts... it appears to have just finished devouring the bucket, rope, drum, crank, and supports for the well.
[21:57] <QNinja> (is it too late for me to join?)
[21:57] * Hyperion swears quite loudly to Wee Jas.
[21:58] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon blink blinks, and when he looks at sphen, recognises him1 *yips and hugs atta neck*
[21:58] <Spheniscine> Eep! Somebody call BP! [yeah my character is prone to making off-universe jokes. Of course, everyone else doesn't get it and thinks he's insane]
[21:58] <DracoSemiAway> ((QNinja: Not in the least, I was expecting EVERYONE to join in(but don't quote me on that...), just remember that we are in freeform.))
[21:58] <QNinja> (ah, right ^^)
[21:58] <Spheniscine> [In fact, the character doesn't get it either, he just says it...]
[21:58] <QNinja> he feels an urge...
[21:59] <Ubermouser> It appears to be evil. Perhaps we should poke it with our martial implements until it stops moving
[21:59] * QNinja hears the commotion from the girls' room and walks in to see what's going on
[21:59] <Hyperion> "It's an ooze. It's not evil it's hungry."
[22:00] <Zyborg22> It can't be both?
[22:00] <QNinja> "that is a very interesting creature, wouldn't you say?"
[22:00] <Zyborg22> And if it's hungry for us, why would it matter?
[22:00] <Hyperion> "It doesn't. Just saying."
[22:00] <Ubermouser> Why? Because it's colossal, and we're crowded around it?
[22:00] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> "It's not both :o" *eyes at zy a lil too*
[22:01] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (is prone to chewing and biting and tasting anything new or edible)
[22:01] <DracoSemiAway> It moves across the pavement in a direction perpendicular to the ones that would take it towards or away from the inn. (FYI it appears to be moving at a movement rate of about 10 feet per round).
[22:01] <QNinja> are we in the tavern or what?
[22:02] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (an inn)
[22:02] <Ubermouser> clemaxgra-pocketdragon: depending on how long you wish to live, I would suggest you taste / eat / be eaten by a giant black ooze, too...
[22:02] <QNinja> same difference))
[22:02] <DracoSemiAway> You gott woken up by Zyborg... after that it is your choice, and it is an Inn... they actually don't serve anything other than breakfast... and that is slightly over-priced.
[22:02] <Hyperion> "get out of the way. Doesn't seem to have noticed us. If we're elucky it won't."
[22:02] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((candy breakfast or real food?))
[22:03] * QNinja goes up to the blob and pokes it with a stick o3o
[22:03] <Hyperion> "..."
[22:03] <DracoSemiAway> ((Depends what you pay for... since the party is here, we shall assume they have "real" food.))
[22:03] <Ubermouser> your opinion of what is "real" food in the plane of sweets needs some adjustments..
[22:03] * Hyperion moves away from QNinja
[22:03] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (uber: imagine eating ONLY sweetstuffs for days on end)
[22:04] <DracoSemiAway> ((Note that Clem is playing his OLD character for the moment... this is a plot discontinuity, and will be blithely glossed over when the time comes for him to switch.))
[22:04] <DracoSemiAway> dice 1d20
[22:04] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[22:05] <DracoSemiAway> You don't even get a chance to try and poke it before it swings a MASSIVE psuedo-pod in your direction... lucky it misses... barely.
[22:05] <QNinja> holy fudge!
[22:05] <QNinja> (pad pun x3)
[22:05] <Hyperion> "I told you not to touch that darn thing!"
[22:05] <Hyperion> (( /reference ))
[22:06] <Zyborg22> Technically, you only told us to get out of its way.
[22:06] <QNinja> ((you ladies shouldha oughta brought some men for ya))
[22:06] <Ubermouser> QNinja: you see, you're not trying hard enough. You need a longer sticl
[22:06] <Ubermouser> stick*
[22:06] <Ubermouser> preferably, a stick longer than 25 feet..
[22:06] * QNinja uproots a small tre and pokes again
[22:07] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon whispers at sphen to toss him at q, hoping not to be aimed at the glob instead.
[22:07] <DracoSemiAway> What size tree?
[22:07] <QNinja> hmm, about 5 years old
[22:07] <QNinja> a healthy size, but not too big
[22:08] <DracoSemiAway> ... in feet, not in years please.
[22:08] <Hyperion> ((Untrained knw dungeoneering check here))
[22:08] <Hyperion> dice 1d20
[22:08] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[22:08] * Spheniscine tosses Clem towards QNinja
[22:08] <QNinja> how about 10 feet tall?
[22:08] <Ubermouser> D: it's colossal
[22:09] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon splats at q's head and quickly climbs up between the ears and clings/grapples.
[22:09] <DracoSemiAway> Ok... for the sake of speed, SOMEONE figures out that this is, indeed, a Dark Chocolate Pudding... the Candy coonterpart to the lethal Black Pudding...
[22:09] <QNinja> I'm getting a bigger stick like you said!
[22:09] <DracoSemiAway> Whoever also remembers that the REALLY don't normally get this big.
[22:09] <Ubermouser> QNinja: I told you exactly how big it needed to be for you not to be turned into goop
[22:10] <DracoSemiAway> *counterpart
[22:10] * QNinja pokes the pudding again
[22:10] <Hyperion> "..."
[22:10] <Spheniscine> ...
[22:10] <DracoSemiAway> QNinja is hit for...
[22:10] <DracoSemiAway> dice 4d6
[22:10] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5:4:1:3; Total: 13.
[22:10] <Ubermouser> .. yeah.
[22:10] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders if its easier to sacrifice q instead *jumps off since he didnt have the chance to prepare*
[22:10] <Alessa> ouch
[22:10] <QNinja> ...fudge...
[22:11] <DracoSemiAway> 29 points of bludgeoning damage
[22:11] <DracoSemiAway> and...
[22:11] <QNinja> :o
[22:11] * Spheniscine collects Clem up again
[22:11] <DracoSemiAway> dice 4d6
[22:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4:1:5:3; Total: 13.
[22:11] <DracoSemiAway> 13 points of acid damage.
[22:11] <QNinja> I call hax
[22:11] <Ubermouser> QNinja: :P are you dead yet?
[22:11] <QNinja> I think I might be
[22:11] <QNinja> resurrect me alessa!
[22:11] <Ubermouser> weren't you a paladin?
[22:11] <QNinja> rogue
[22:12] <Ubermouser> .. oh man
[22:12] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> >-> resurrecting q would just make the glob angrier.
[22:12] <DracoSemiAway> Be glad this is practice, and thus non-canonical...
[22:12] <Alessa> lets not anger the glob
[22:12] <QNinja> -.-
[22:12] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (*nods*)
[22:12] <QNinja> well, I did what my character would do ^^'
[22:12] <QNinja> heh...
[22:12] <QNinja> :<
[22:12] <DracoSemiAway> So sit back and watch for until the combat is over, and let this be a lesson to you NOT TO ACT LIKE AN ADVENTURER.
[22:12] <Spheniscine> lol
[22:12] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> XD
[22:13] * QNinja slams his keyboard in anger
[22:13] <Spheniscine> [Well, with a name and char concept like that what did you expect?]
[22:13] <Ubermouser> QNinja: yeah.. you'd need 14+ constitution to survive that
[22:13] <Hyperion> "And that's what you get for touching that!"
[22:13] * Spheniscine winces
[22:13] <Hyperion> (( /second reference))
[22:13] <QNinja> I'm gonna blow that dumb look right off your STUPID face
[22:13] <Hyperion> (( :3 ))
[22:14] <Ubermouser> XP
[22:14] <QNinja> ^^
[22:14] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ubermouser: how big did you say the glob-thing is again?
[22:14] <Ubermouser> clemaxgra-pocketdragon: pretty big. Colossal is I think 30 feet on a side?
[22:14] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ouch >->

2010-09-25, 12:20 PM
[22:14] <DracoSemiAway> QNinja: As soon as you tried to poke it a second time, I was uncertain about letting you into the game... you are making that decision easier and easier... I suggest you do something to change that...
[22:15] <QNinja> what can I do now?
[22:15] * Hyperion summons a medium sized Fat Glob somewhere well away frm Ninja and the rest of us as a distraction.
[22:15] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon isnt effective on something that large, perhaps more of a pointguard for some of the attacks.
[22:15] <Ubermouser> QNinja: .. well, your skeleton may remain for a bit before being dissolved
[22:15] * Zyborg22 is staying as far away as possible.
[22:15] <QNinja> ah, yes
[22:15] <Hyperion> "Someone grab them and let's move away."
[22:16] <Ubermouser> .. I'm not grabbing anything near that slime
[22:16] <DracoSemiAway> In character? Be digested. Out of character? Be quiet and observe, and be glad that this need not have ANYTHING to do with the campaign canon.
[22:16] <QNinja> yeh ^^'
[22:16] * Zyborg22 throws Alchemist's fire at the pudding, not caring that Q is inside
[22:17] <Alessa> that cant be healthy
[22:17] <Alessa> ...
[22:17] <Ubermouser> D: was that part of the surprise round?
[22:17] * Ubermouser is running
[22:17] <Hyperion> ((oh, did it engulf Ninja or just whack them?))
[22:17] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon 's breathattack range isnt long enough to do a hit and run.. or isit???(2ft)
[22:17] <Ubermouser> clemaxgra-pocketdragon: nay, don't try it
[22:18] <DracoSemiAway> It engulfed QNinja, and until Zyborg hits it with the Alchemist's fire, it was stationary.... probably digesting him.
[22:18] <DracoSemiAway> dice 1d2
[22:18] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[22:18] <Ubermouser> if you have a weapon or implement that can fire at ranges larger than 40 feet.. AND you can run faster than 25 feet in a turn.. feel free to take potshots at it
[22:18] <DracoSemiAway> It moves 20 feet towards Spheniscine, and thus the rest of you, and the inn.
[22:19] <Spheniscine> Oh $#*(%.
[22:19] * Ubermouser runs 40 feet in the opposite direction of the ooze
[22:19] <Hyperion> "Why do you keep attacking it?"
[22:19] <Ubermouser> let sleeping dragons lie, please
[22:19] <DracoSemiAway> Ubermouser: That would be right back into the inn...
[22:19] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon was just thinking before zy hit it with the fire.. why we didnt use "sense motive" >->
[22:19] <Ubermouser> DracoSemiAway: preferably there's some space outside of the inn to maneuver?
[22:19] <DracoSemiAway> Ubermouser: The inn probably does have a back door...
[22:19] <Ubermouser> the inn is probably smaller than the ooze
[22:20] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders with sphen's chaotic side, whether he could literally, whack the ooze with a bigger mallet.
[22:20] <Zyborg22> ((Because he's already eating Q))
[22:20] <Hyperion> "If it is anything as strong as it's material plane relatives, it could easily kill a medium sized red dragon. And we are nowhere near as tough as that."
[22:20] <DracoSemiAway> The Inn is larger than the ooze... but not by as great a factor as you would prefer...
[22:20] <Hyperion> "And you went and attacked it."
[22:20] <Hyperion> "When it was lurching away."
[22:20] <Ubermouser> DracoSemiAway: right. I'm out the back door, at Least 50 feet away from the thing
[22:21] <Spheniscine> [Yeah... OOC I think Q deserved it... but I'm not sure how my character would feel... X3]
[22:21] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon can only move as fast as the person carrying him x.x
[22:21] <QNinja> ...
[22:21] <DracoSemiAway> Ubermouser: You now have the entire inn between you and the ooze...
[22:21] <QNinja> I'm still listening you know
[22:21] * Ubermouser suggests that the rest of the party follow him?
[22:21] <Spheniscine> [Sorry]
[22:21] <QNinja> >:(
[22:21] <Ubermouser> unless of course, you want to be vaporized like QNinja
[22:21] <DracoSemiAway> The ooze is about 60 feet away from the party now... (Spheniscine threw from a LONG ways back, since it looks like a VERY easy target).
[22:22] <Spheniscine> I didn't do anything to it...
[22:22] <Hyperion> ((It's a very good point. Don't annoy something the size of a building.))
[22:22] <Ubermouser> unless you, too.. are the size of a building
[22:22] <QNinja> or equally powerful
[22:22] <DracoSemiAway> Err... Zyborg, not Spheniscine.
[22:22] <Ubermouser> Alessa! Enlarge person!
[22:22] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ... *wonders what happened to hyperion's medium sized fat blob
[22:23] <Alessa> who do I enlarge?
[22:23] <Alessa> >;o
[22:23] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (dd: could she?)
[22:23] <Ubermouser> whoever's stupid enough to melee it?
[22:23] <QNinja> >:
[22:23] <Hyperion> "Well, think we'd best evacuate the inn." "Glob, distract it." *goes off to the inn to tell them to get out and warn the town*
[22:24] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon should be strong enough to take 1 HIT of it o.o
[22:24] <DracoSemiAway> ((What is the save DC on the glob's fatigue effect?))
[22:24] <Hyperion> ((a medium one? uhhh....))
[22:24] <Spheniscine> Won't you come leave the inn with me?
[22:24] <Spheniscine> There's really neat things you should see
[22:24] <Spheniscine> Out there on the emerald fields untilled.
[22:24] <Spheniscine> It has nothing to do with you getting killed.
[22:25] <Ubermouser> XP
[22:25] <Hyperion> (( 8. so probably needs a natural 1 to fail))
[22:25] <Spheniscine> [Shamelessly plagiarized from OOTS]
[22:25] <Ubermouser> Hyperion: fort save?
[22:25] <Hyperion> ((It's attacking the ooze, but yes))
[22:27] <Spheniscine> [If it wasn't clear, my character would help evacuate the inn]
[22:27] <DracoSemiAway> Yes... the glob is munched after dealing a single slam worth of damage... on the plus side, it is probably a little hard to digest, so you bought some time for evacuation.
[22:28] <Ubermouser> well, if the slime took an AOO, the glob didn't do anything at all :P
[22:30] <QNinja> ((well, I have to go to bed. I have to be in a parade tomorrow x.x when are you all usually on?))
[22:30] <DracoSemiAway> ((Well, I will probably be availible at odd times throughout the day Sunday, my time.))
[22:30] <DracoSemiAway> ((it is currently Friday night.))
[22:31] <QNinja> ok
[22:31] <DracoSemiAway> ((Actually, realistically, I will be on before the service tommorrow... and during (but not availible) and after...))
[22:31] *** QNinja has quit IRC (Quit: bed time for raccoons)
[22:32] <DracoSemiAway> Ok, the evacution of the inn is pulled off successfully...
[22:32] <DracoSemiAway> It is now eating the inn... that should keep it busy for a while...
[22:32] <DracoSemiAway> QUITE a while actually...
[22:32] <DracoSemiAway> What now?
[22:32] <Ubermouser> shall we go about our merry ways?
[22:32] <Ubermouser> I mean, we all got a full rest's night, and there's bound to be easier quarry
[22:33] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[22:33] <Ubermouser> .. night's rest*
[22:33] <DracoSemiAway> Several of the guests fan out and start raising the alarm to the other buildings...
[22:33] <DracoSemiAway> The innkeeper just stares in helpless horror as his life's work is disolved...
[22:34] * Spheniscine hugs the Innkeeper
[22:34] <Ubermouser> unto everyone's life, a little rain must fall
[22:34] <Ubermouser> sometimes, that rain is colossal and acidic
[22:34] <Alessa> for these things, there's an umbrella
[22:34] <Ubermouser> .. hope your umbrella is larger than QNinja's sapling
[22:35] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon laughs till he falls off sphen
[22:35] <Spheniscine> "What shall we do with that thing? Do you think it'll be a danger to anyone else?"
[22:35] <Ubermouser> Spheniscine: well, yes. They're not known for being patient and understanding
[22:35] <DracoSemiAway> Incidently... QNinja may have been assuming his character was capable of uprooting a 25' tall tree... which would have been his major mistake.
[22:36] <DracoSemiAway> If he had waited for me to acknowledge (or in this case deny) that action...
[22:36] <DracoSemiAway> Ah well... the perils of having a communications disability.
[22:36] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> he might have survived.. yes :3 *pokes at q's remains with another stick*
[22:36] <Ubermouser> collapsible 25' pole: never leave home without it
[22:37] <DracoSemiAway> Ok...
[22:37] <Spheniscine> Clem... are you sure you want to do that? I'm not even sure it's possible to get to it.
[22:37] <Ubermouser> D: I'm nowhere near clemaxgra-pocketdragon when he does this
[22:37] <DracoSemiAway> Let me put it this way...
[22:37] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon thought the glob went over and past q O.O
[22:37] <Ubermouser> it absorbed him
[22:37] <Spheniscine> [But we're all behind the inn, which it is munching on]
[22:37] <Ubermouser> his skeleton remains inside
[22:37] <DracoSemiAway> Anyone whose character sheet reads "Good" under alignment? Is going to try to find a way to kill this thing before it eats half the town.
[22:37] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (oh yeah x.x)
[22:38] <Spheniscine> [Oh, OK...]
[22:38] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon is unfortunately under "good" but is able to take only a good hit.
[22:38] <Alessa> can I distract the glob somehow
[22:38] <Ubermouser> Alessa: you're a wizard. You're probably the best adapted out of all of us to deal with this threat
[22:38] <Spheniscine> "We have to kill it before it eats half the town."
[22:38] <Spheniscine> [Yay originality in dialog]
[22:38] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders how big exactly alessa can grow him o.o
[22:38] <DracoSemiAway> If y'all really need a hint, I can give one, but I think it is more fun without.
[22:39] <Spheniscine> "... somehow."
[22:39] <Ubermouser> clemaxgra-pocketdragon: one size category.. instead of being a small snack you'd be a slightly larger small snack
[22:39] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (without for the next 5 minutes)
[22:39] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> like i said, depends how big he can grow me >.<
[22:39] <Alessa> SH
[22:39] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> she >->
[22:39] <Alessa> as big as you want
[22:39] <DracoSemiAway> ((That spell doesn't work on Clem anyway I don't think.))
[22:39] <Hyperion> ((It doesnt))
[22:39] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> *checks*
[22:40] <Alessa> who does it work on so we can deal with this thing
[22:40] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ... default abilities.. ACID
[22:40] <Ubermouser> regardless, it would be a mistake to melee it. Each of us has a ranged weapon.. hopefully
[22:40] <Ubermouser> It's very easy to hit.
[22:40] <Hyperion> "As I mentioned, a thing that size would eat dragons. Either have to ignore it or do something fancy."
[22:40] <Ubermouser> we can all run faster than it as well
[22:41] <Spheniscine> Can we... lure it somewhere?
[22:41] <Alessa> like
[22:41] <Alessa> into a pit
[22:41] <Alessa> a fire pit
[22:41] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> sphen: order an ACME bazooka :B
[22:41] <Hyperion> "A pit the size of an inn."
[22:42] <DracoSemiAway> Given that it CLIMBED out of a Well, you are unsure how well a cliff would work since it can't exactly trip over the edge...
[22:42] <Alessa> but once part of it slides over the edge wont the rest of it follow?
[22:42] <Alessa> or can it split in half
[22:42] <Alessa> an become 2 globs
[22:42] <Ubermouser> yes, easily
[22:42] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> the rest wont follow unless more than half the volume is over the edge
[22:43] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> IF it stays intact
[22:43] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> !!!
[22:43] <WagzBot> RUN LIKE MAD! It's gonna blow! Bunnies everywhere! Everything is in mortal peril!
[22:43] <Ubermouser> Alessa: try not to cut any parts off of it. They're fully functional alone
[22:43] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> split it into many smaller ones
[22:43] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> then the smaller ones are easier to take down
[22:43] <Hyperion> "Then'd wed have a bunch of oozes that can fit through doors."
[22:43] <Spheniscine> Is it flammable?
[22:43] <Ubermouser> would you rather fight 1 large, relatively slow ooze or many small, very quick oozes?
[22:43] <Hyperion> "Everything is flammable Spheniscine."
[22:43] <Alessa> wheres its weak point
[22:43] <Spheniscine> [I want to fit an oil joke in here, but sadly can't]
[22:44] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders who is good with ropes :B
[22:44] <Ubermouser> well, the rogue was probably good with rogues..
[22:44] <Ubermouser> ... er, rope
[22:44] <Alessa> but he got
[22:44] <Alessa> eated..
[22:44] <Spheniscine> [My Use Rope is +2]
[22:44] <DracoSemiAway> Spheniscine: Zyborg's Alchemist's fire, did, indeed seem to cause it harm (Actually the bottle landed on it without breaking... but then it crushed it and it broke)).
[22:44] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon 's rope is +5, but it cant be him using it
[22:44] <Alessa> so we burn it until it gets scared and leaves
[22:45] <Spheniscine> Hmm... should I Hatchling's Flame it?
[22:45] <Ubermouser> DracoSemiAway: does it have any form of damage resistance at all? I fling a rock at it with a sling for 1d4+1+str
[22:45] <Ubermouser> roll 1d4+4
[22:45] <Ubermouser> roll 1d4
[22:45] <Alessa> wont it absorb the rock
[22:45] <Ubermouser> dice 1d4+4
[22:45] <Ubermouser> damn you WagzBot -.-
[22:45] <Zyborg22> (I've got +11 for Use Rope, if that helps)
[22:46] <Spheniscine> [I'm not sure what Clem wanted ropes for...]
[22:46] <Hyperion> "If it's like the normal one, it's acid doesn't destroy rock."
[22:46] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon could always run at it, use his breath attack then gets flung back by the rope before he gets attacked :P
[22:46] <Hyperion> "That that that helps much."
[22:46] <Ubermouser> XP
[22:46] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> something like a yoyo x.x
[22:46] <Spheniscine> Ah...
[22:46] <Ubermouser> should've put the rogue on a rope..
[22:46] <DracoSemiAway> Hatchling's Flame has a 30 foot range, and does 2d6 damage (save for half).
[22:46] <Ubermouser> wait really? Then you outrange it, clem
[22:46] <Spheniscine> Is that far enough?
[22:47] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon 's attack bonus is 14 + 2d6
[22:47] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> erm..
[22:47] <DracoSemiAway> It would seem that this thing could only move 20 feet before you could react... so yes, that would seem feasible...
[22:47] <Ubermouser> you hit it.
[22:47] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> breath attk bonus is 1, then roll 2d6, or something like that
[22:47] <Spheniscine> OK. I Hatchling's Flame it.
[22:47] <Ubermouser> its AC is really low, it's.. massive
[22:47] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon gets off sphen o.o
[22:48] <Hyperion> ((Well.... could use OOC knowledge of homebrew stuff))
[22:48] <Spheniscine> "Burn baby burn!"
[22:48] <DracoSemiAway> CLEM's attack is much too short-range for confort...
[22:48] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> *thats why the rope*
[22:48] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon SHOULD be able to survive a hits worth x.x
[22:48] <Ubermouser> :\ it'll grapple you
[22:48] <Ubermouser> then you'll die
[22:49] <Ubermouser> if you want an example, we could throw the wizard, Alessa, into it..
[22:49] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> thats why rope for me too :P
[22:49] <DracoSemiAway> Spheniscine flames it from one side... it pursues him, and he backs up, for a bit, giggling, then flames it again, 12 seconds later.
[22:49] <Spheniscine> [Stop talking about sacrificing other party members... <.<]
[22:49] <Spheniscine> "What's the matter? Feeling the heat?"
[22:49] <Alessa> im okay with it actually
[22:49] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (draco, what does "DC 14" under "total attack bonus" mean?)
[22:50] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (wonders if sphen needs to roll for that too x.x)
[22:50] <DracoSemiAway> ((It means that instead of rolling to attack, your target(s) get to roll a reflex save against that Difficulty Class to reduce or negate the effect.))
[22:50] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((oh))
[22:51] <DracoSemiAway> ((This thing actually has a half-way decent reflex save, just because it has so many hit-dice...))
[22:52] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon sits on hyperion then and watches the blaze
[22:53] <DracoSemiAway> The trick with the dragon on a rope is attempted (remember, this is the character who intentionally tried to get a white and dark chocolate skunk to spray him with hot-sauce...) and it is discovered that while the rope can get him OUT quickly enough, it sometimes gets a swipe at him on the way IN... however he is such a small target that it merely bats him away (IE it managed to roll under his AC).
[22:54] <DracoSemiAway> The Innkeeper goes into his quarter-eaten inn and comes out with several ruined objects... which he starts throw at the ooze... he is quite surprised when this proves actually somewhat effective...
[22:54] <Ubermouser> appraise what the innkeeper is throwing?
[22:55] <DracoSemiAway> Value? Scrap...
[22:55] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> what? O.O
[22:55] <Spheniscine> What are the things he's throwing?
[22:55] <DracoSemiAway> Type? A have disolved chair-leg would be one example.
[22:55] * Hyperion looks at the things that seemed to have an effect
[22:56] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ... wood?
[22:56] <Spheniscine> [Just mundane objects?]
[22:56] <DracoSemiAway> The type of object seems mostly irrelevant...
[22:56] <Ubermouser> it's not resistant to bludgeoning attacks. Throw rocks at it
[22:56] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> "THATS WHY ITS SO PISSED AT Q from the pokes?!"
[22:56] <DracoSemiAway> (Yes, just mundane objects.)
[22:56] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[22:56] <Spheniscine> [Yep... that's what I thought too Uber]
[22:57] <Spheniscine> OK... do I have stuff to throw? I guess we can all start to throw stuff...
[22:57] * Alessa offers self
[22:57] <Ubermouser> XP
[22:57] * Ubermouser loads Alessa into his sling
[22:57] <Spheniscine> [Why do you want to die Alessa?]
[22:57] <Hyperion> "..."
[22:58] <Alessa> its a self fulfilling prophecy
[22:58] <Ubermouser> Alessa is a diviner.. nothing she does is without purpose
[22:59] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon thinks its better to not follow the prophecy this once x.x
[22:59] * Spheniscine gasps "What the heck are you doing?"
[23:00] <Ubermouser> I'm defending the town. What are YOU doing?
[23:00] * DracoSemiAway face-palms.
[23:00] <Hyperion> "Watching."
[23:00] *** DracoSemiAway is now known as DracoGM
[23:01] <DracoGM> Alessa: Please try to behave professionally...
[23:01] <DracoGM> "Heroic Professionals"
[23:01] <Alessa> okay
[23:01] <Zyborg22> I doubt she's hard enough to do any real damage to it, anyway.
[23:01] <Alessa> you're probably right
[23:01] <DracoGM> I realize this blurs the line between IC and OOC... but random creative suicide is not something I encourage.
[23:02] <DracoGM> Anyway...
[23:03] * Ubermouser is 100% certain the diviner has a reason for her madness, and will survive
[23:03] * Ubermouser .. must be dire charmed
[23:04] <DracoGM> Spheniscine: There is exactly 1 part of the plan of action that your character is lacking currently... one simple sentence from being a basically perfect plan. (although there is a variation that could be good too).
[23:04] <Zyborg22> Well, I'm tired. I'm getting off. See you later.
[23:04] <DracoGM> Spheniscine: See if you can come up with it...
[23:04] <Spheniscine> The throwing stuff at it?
[23:04] <DracoGM> Err... night Zyborg.
[23:04] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (may i confirm where exactly the glob is right now? occupying the inn? or outside?
[23:04] <Hyperion> "oh wait. Ooze." *snaps finger.*
[23:04] *** Zyborg22 has quit IRC (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
[23:04] * Hyperion casts summon monster 1 to summon a medium fiendish centipede.
[23:05] <Spheniscine> Hmm... can I convince the inn evacuees to throw stuff at it as well?
[23:05] <DracoGM> Spheniscine: Actually, that would help some... but it is really a toss up, since you would have to keep FINDING stuff to throw at it.
[23:05] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon was thinking we could try collapse the inn on it
[23:06] <Hyperion> "THe only things that won't be desolves are made of stone"
[23:06] <DracoGM> Let me put it this way... you are a bit worried when you realize you are leading it across the square towards another large building (whose type I am a lacking inspiration on).
[23:06] <Spheniscine> Ah... OK...
[23:06] <Ubermouser> I would assume we're leading the thing around in a circle
[23:06] <DracoGM> Ding ding ding!
[23:07] * DracoGM gives Ubermouser a prize.
[23:07] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon thought we were chasing it now with the fires x.x
[23:07] <DracoGM> Nope...
[23:07] <Ubermouser> chasing it? Oh it's not running away from us :P
[23:07] * Hyperion directs the monstrous centipede to attack the ooze from inside the inn. ((I am not sure where the ooze is right now. <.< ))
[23:07] <DracoGM> It is chasing you Spheniscine, trying to stop the burn-y burn-y...
[23:07] <Spheniscine> X3
[23:07] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon is pretty sure the innkeeper would start throwing furnitures at hyperion next o.o
[23:08] <Spheniscine> That's gonna suck when I run out of flame, won't it?
[23:08] <DracoGM> The ooze is in the middle of the cobblestone paved square, being lead around in a tight circle by Spheniscine, thanks to Ubermouser's suggestion.
[23:08] * Hyperion sends the medium fiendish centipede to bite it
[23:08] <Spheniscine> *Can* I run out of flame?
[23:08] <DracoGM> Run... out... of... Flame...?
[23:08] <DracoGM> >
[23:08] <DracoGM> ?
[23:08] <Hyperion> ((And hopefully not get run over))
[23:09] <DracoGM> Yeah, you can run out of flame...
[23:09] <DracoGM> For about 12 seconds...
[23:09] <Spheniscine> I thought Hatchling's Flame can only be used once without recharging.
[23:09] <Ubermouser> how many casts of that flame attack do you have daily?
[23:09] <Spheniscine> Ah... right.
[23:09] <DracoGM> Ubermouser: Unlimited.
[23:09] <Spheniscine> It's not a spell... it's a maneuver that can be recharged.
[23:09] <Ubermouser> ... op
[23:09] <Hyperion> heh
[23:10] <DracoGM> It takes a full round action for him to recharge all his maneuvers...
[23:10] <Spheniscine> Mm.
[23:10] <DracoGM> So he is hitting it every second or third round...
[23:10] * Hyperion waits to see what happens with the centipede
[23:10] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders if its possible to dissolve it in soda (since there likely isnt much water here either)
[23:10] <Ubermouser> Hyperion: did you summon a centipede?
[23:10] <Hyperion> yes
[23:10] <Ubermouser> ah
[23:11] <Hyperion> it's the same size as you
[23:11] <DracoGM> The centipede runs up, attacks it once, and then gets smooshed.
[23:11] <Ubermouser> :P
[23:11] <Hyperion> and slightly poisonous
[23:11] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ouch o.o
[23:11] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[23:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[23:11] <Hyperion> would need a natural 1 though
[23:11] <Spheniscine> Ah... I was still hazy on the details... I didn't know I was continuously attacking the thing o.o
[23:11] <Hyperion> but feel like trying
[23:11] * Ubermouser wonders how long he'd last if he melee'd the slime
[23:11] <Spheniscine> Guess I still have a lot to learn... lol
[23:11] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> i think it did 30-40 damage worth to q
[23:11] <DracoGM> Ubermouser: Three rounds if you were really lucky probably...
[23:12] <Ubermouser> 3? You've come to that conclusion how
[23:12] <Hyperion> "Hmm."
[23:12] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (uber: 1 if youre UNLUCKY)
[23:12] <Ubermouser> thing probably misses only on a nat 1, and then I'm stunned. Woo
[23:13] <DracoGM> Miss one of those rounds... and maybe you have enough hitpoints to take 2 hits from it... of course, since each time it hits you it gets a grapple attempt to suck you in...
[23:13] <DracoGM> It doesn't stun...
[23:13] <DracoGM> It just has acid.
[23:13] * Hyperion casts summon monster II to get 1d3 more medium monstrous centipedes and has those attack from different directions.
[23:13] <DracoGM> Right...
[23:14] <Ubermouser> Hyperion: an exercise in futility
[23:14] <Hyperion> (( Because I have summon spells so I might as well try and hope it rolls a natural 1 on its save))
[23:14] <Hyperion> ((if it fails, it gets dex damage))
[23:14] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> Draco: at my size, shoudn't its damage be less for me, being ooze and all? (except when it successfully grapples me/uses acid?)
[23:14] <Hyperion> ((Which would bring it to 0 dex))
[23:14] <Spheniscine> [Hmm... how are its hit points doing?
[23:14] <Ubermouser> HAHA
[23:14] <Ubermouser> Hyperion that's AWESOME
[23:14] <Hyperion> ((meaning it cannot move or attack or anything))
[23:14] <Spheniscine> [I assume I've been keeping up this flame thing for a while now... X3]
[23:14] <Ubermouser> someone kill a centipede, put the poison on an arrow, shoot theslime
[23:14] <Hyperion> ((And it doesn't interfere with current plan))
[23:15] <Hyperion> ((heh))
[23:15] <DracoGM> Ok, Hyperion runs out his spells, but it keeps shrugging off the venom (are oozes poisonable anyway???)... a pity since that would have ending the fight if it had ever succombed (Centipedes do Dexterity damage I beleive? This thing has Dex 1).
[23:15] <Hyperion> (They are alive.))
[23:15] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon would be happy if someone would pull him back out with a rope in case he gets grappled x.x the he wont mind fighting like heck.
[23:15] <Hyperion> ((So I think so))
[23:15] <DracoGM> You all throw stuff at it, joined by several of the bravet towns-folk...
[23:15] <Ubermouser> clemaxgra-pocketdragon: it'll burn the rope. Don't do it
[23:16] <Spheniscine> [You gotta burn the rope!]
[23:16] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (DD: isit able to look in 360 directions?)
[23:16] <Hyperion> ((It's an ooze))
[23:16] <Ubermouser> don't think it has eyes
[23:16] <Hyperion> ((It has no eyes, it has blindsense 60 ft))
[23:16] <Hyperion> ((Or more or less))
[23:17] <DracoGM> Riding an emotional high from rallying together to defeat such an intimidating creature, they not only present the party with a generous reward for their prompt action and leadership, but all say they will pitch in to help rebuild the inn...
[23:18] <Ubermouser> jubilation! We have defeated the monster.
[23:18] <Spheniscine> Yay!
[23:18] <Ubermouser> Let us honor those who have fallen today, however stupid they may have been..
[23:18] <DracoGM> The one guy who says that Zyborg should be held responsible since he was the one to opened the way for it to come up to the surface is practically lynched...
[23:18] * Spheniscine nods
[23:18] <Spheniscine> [lol Drac]
[23:19] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon feels useless :(
[23:19] * Spheniscine hugs Clem
[23:19] <DracoGM> It is ok... not everyone can be useful in every situation... at least not directly.
[23:19] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon basically cant attack a non-solid ooze >->
[23:19] <Spheniscine> I thought it was an interesting idea.
[23:19] <Ubermouser> :P no kidding
[23:19] <DracoGM> I specifically thought to myself "Clem can't hurt this thing... eh, that is fine by me."
[23:19] <Spheniscine> The rope thing that is... even if it didn't turn out to be very effective.
[23:20] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon is more of a meelee, get out of reach kind.
[23:21] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon mehs and runs back into the remains of the inn looking for free, less acid-attacked food X3
[23:21] <DracoGM> And... QNinja is now alive again, by the power of GM fiat...
[23:21] <Alessa> YEAA
[23:21] <DracoGM> You could always try to see what the ooze tastes like...
[23:21] <Ubermouser> WOT
[23:21] <Ubermouser> :P who here has acid resistance
[23:22] <DracoGM> Of course, given the player's behavior, I am not sure if the character will be welcome in the party.
[23:22] <Alessa> I do
[23:22] <Spheniscine> [So, I've learned a few things... had a few good laughs [at someone else's expense <.<] and learned just how useful the maneuver recharge is... :3]
[23:22] <Alessa> acid is like water to me
[23:22] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon has energy resistance o.o
[23:22] <DracoGM> It appears to stop being acidic after it is dead...
[23:23] <DracoGM> And yes, Clem has Energy Resistance he can change the type of given... an hour? 5 minutes? I forget...
[23:23] <Ubermouser> snazzy
[23:23] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> 2 hours to change allocation.
[23:24] <DracoGM> How does that wolfs line from "The Flight of Dragons" go?
[23:24] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon returns to sphen's side dragging a hunk of partially eaten-through meat that wasnt qninja (if there was any in the inn at the first place, else bread is fine)
[23:24] * Spheniscine pets Clem
[23:25] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon murrs from pets and nom at it.
[23:25] <DracoGM> "I'll sup on <Something> tonight, else <Same Thing> sups on Wolf."... that should at least be close.
[23:27] <DracoGM> It was a pretty hard-core line given that he obviously wasn't particularly phased by the concept that he might end up being killed and eaten...
[23:27] <DracoGM> Which is one of the surprisingly rare points on which the animated movie matches up with the books it is based on.
[23:27] <Spheniscine> Hm?
[23:28] <Spheniscine> Ah.
[23:28] <Spheniscine> How does that relate to what happened today?
[23:28] <DracoGM> Aragh is... definitely not civilized, even if he can talk.
[23:28] <DracoGM> Because Clem ate a bit of the pudding...
[23:29] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (it WAS on the meat :P)
[23:29] <DracoGM> Oh, I thought you tried some from the main mass...
[23:29] <DracoGM> So...

2010-09-25, 12:21 PM
[23:29] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> the town would be fed for the next week o3o
[23:30] <DracoGM> That encounter was a lesson in the meaning of professionalism.
[23:30] <Ubermouser> HAH
[23:30] <DracoGM> Most of the town probably couldn't eat this...
[23:30] * Ubermouser didn't get to throw the wizard :(
[23:30] <DracoGM> Or at least wouldn't want to risk it...
[23:31] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders if he was too careful (or thinks too much) during the fight >-> though he didnt care much about the townsfolk much
[23:31] <Ubermouser> the rest of the town must have int 13+
[23:31] <DracoGM> Remember, this entire plane is etible to the off-plane people... although that doesn't change the fact that Robin's scales are VERY hard, and disolve VERY VERY slowly in saliva...
[23:32] <DracoGM> Ubermouser: Not trying to eat goo that oozed out of the ground is more of a Wisdom 6+ sort of thing...
[23:32] <Ubermouser> XP
[23:32] <DracoGM> Anyway, what did everyone (especially the newcomers) think?
[23:33] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[23:33] <Ubermouser> .. er, was rather hoping I'd get to put my fist through an orc's skull
[23:33] <Hyperion> heh
[23:33] <Alessa> if I wasn't so sick irl i would of gotten more involved
[23:33] <Alessa> stupid cold
[23:33] <Ubermouser> Alessa: :(
[23:33] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> eew D:
[23:33] <Alessa> dont eww me
[23:33] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> *at skull*
[23:33] <Alessa> oh
[23:33] <Alessa> your fine -_-
[23:34] <Hyperion> oozes are really easily defeated when not fought in their normal habitat of underground
[23:35] <DracoGM> Plus I said that this one was a mutant...
[23:35] <Hyperion> ie, if you can avoid a straight-up fight.
[23:35] <DracoGM> They don't get beyond Gargantuan by RAW... which I used as an excuse to give it speed 10, instead of speed 20.
[23:35] <Hyperion> huh
[23:36] <Ubermouser> their reflex save in the book is -4
[23:36] <Spheniscine> I've given my thoughts on a session a bit back. :3
[23:36] <DracoGM> Sidenote: It took a while to defeat it... probably had at least 600 hitpoints, and you were basically doing d6 damage per hit to it...
[23:37] <DracoGM> Ubermouser: Where are you looking at? the base version has a -2 reflex save where I am looking.
[23:37] <DracoGM> Spheniscine: "a session a bit back"?
[23:37] <Ubermouser> the gargantuan ooze on page 201 of MM?
[23:38] <Ubermouser> fort +6, ref -4, will -4
[23:38] <DracoGM> http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/ooze.htm#elderBlackPudding
[23:38] <DracoGM> Huh, that must be 3.0 or something...
[23:38] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders how "will" is used o.o
[23:38] <Hyperion> will save
[23:38] <Ubermouser> oh wait, you got me
[23:39] <Ubermouser> was looking at the gelatinous cube
[23:39] <Ubermouser> not the ooze
[23:39] <Hyperion> although oozes are mindless, so they don't need it much
[23:39] <DracoGM> Will is what you roll to try to avoid being taken in too long by an illusion, or if someone tries "Jedi Mind Tricks" type stuff on you.
[23:40] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon nod nods
[23:41] <DracoGM> Anyway, let me throw up some links before... well, wait a second, I already gave most of what I wanted to give to Ubermouser.
[23:41] <DracoGM> Let me just give the link to the Campaign log...
[23:41] <DracoGM> http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7392298
[23:41] <Spheniscine> Draco: *this* session
[23:42] <Spheniscine> Ugh... brain not working right... T.T
[23:42] <Spheniscine> Anyway gotta have lunch... bye.
[23:42] <DracoGM> So... Ubermouser, you need to get a character sheet up online...
[23:42] <Ubermouser> fair enough
[23:42] <Ubermouser> I should be done by next friday
[23:42] <DracoGM> The Tangled Web has been a bit unreliable lately, so if you like I can recommend another site actually...
[23:43] <DracoGM> But The Tangled Web also works.
[23:43] <DracoGM> You will need to make sure that you can connect to Spheniscine with Maptool 1.3.b56
[23:43] <Ubermouser> Spheniscine: what's your IP?
[23:43] <DracoGM> So we don't have any trouble in the long-term.
[23:43] <Spheniscine> Uber: It changes.
[23:43] <Ubermouser> ...
[23:44] <Ubermouser> lovely.
[23:44] <Spheniscine> I'll have to give it every session.
[23:44] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> sphen: hamachi! thats what i've been using :B
[23:44] * Ubermouser dislikes hamachi, very insecure
[23:44] <Ubermouser> windows opens up all kinds of garbage to the local area net
[23:44] <DracoGM> And... I am still a bit worried about the alignment issues.
[23:44] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> o3o
[23:44] <DracoGM> But... right now I am mostly _tired_.
[23:45] <Ubermouser> heh
[23:46] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> Draco: out of curiosity, would the blob have attacked anything it went over (in the general direction that it was headed for) if no one provoked it earlier?
[23:46] <Ubermouser> it has an acid touch attack.. would probably have burned you pretty badly
[23:47] <Spheniscine> Yeah, I'm curious about that too.
[23:49] <Ubermouser> DracoGM: er, if you're going to post entire chat logs online, could you change my name please?
[23:49] <Spheniscine> Lunch time. Bye.
[23:49] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> cyas sphen ^^
[23:49] <DracoGM> Clem: It was eating the moss between the cobble-stones when you found it... it was going to move along in a direction perpendicular to you if I remember... until it came within 60 feet of a tree or a house or...
[23:50] <Ubermouser> thanks for playing Sphen
[23:50] <DracoGM> Yeah, if left to its own devices it would have eaten every building in town.
[23:50] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[23:50] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> o.o
[23:50] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ouch o-o
[23:50] <Ubermouser> such is life on the planes..
[23:50] <DracoGM> Bye Spheniscine.
[23:50] <Ubermouser> very harsh and unforgiving
[23:51] <DracoGM> It would have taken it a few days to do that actually.
[23:51] *** Spheniscine has quit IRC (Quit: I AM ONE WITH THE FERALS)
[23:51] <DracoGM> What is harsh and unforgiving?
[23:52] <Ubermouser> er, the planes are?
[23:52] <Ubermouser> most of them, at least
[23:53] <Hyperion> same thing could have happened anywhere, yes
[23:57] <DracoGM> Ah...
[23:57] <DracoGM> Now granted I was bending things a lot...
[23:57] <DracoGM> You remember how I said everyone was sleeping when things started?
[23:58] <DracoGM> That was because if you read between the lines, you can kinda figure out that oozes don't do well when there is sunlight...
[23:59] <DracoGM> No mechanical rules for the effect of sunlight on oozes though...
[23:59] <Hyperion> most don't
[23:59] <Hyperion> except a few of the non-monster oozes
[23:59] <DracoGM> Also, as I said "by the book" black puddings basically NEVER get that big.
[23:59] <DracoGM> The most common ones are "only" the size of an elephant.
[00:00] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> x.x
[00:00] <DracoGM> The MM ones go up to one size catagory about that...
[00:00] <DracoGM> This was one more size catagory on top of that...
[00:00] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon would be so totally useless against non-solids, since he is more of a melee
[00:00] <DracoGM> Probably had 40 hitdice or so.
[00:00] <DracoGM> Actually, the fact that it isn't solid has nothing to do with it.
[00:01] <DracoGM> Well...
[00:01] <Ubermouser> no damage resistance
[00:01] <Ubermouser> no elemental*
[00:01] <DracoGM> It does have the "Split" special quality, but lots of oozes DON'T have that.
[00:01] <Hyperion> it was the fact that if we got into melee it could crush us easily
[00:01] <Ubermouser> as if we had a sword large enough to cut it in two
[00:02] <DracoGM> Right...
[00:02] <Hyperion> any slash damage
[00:02] <DracoGM> But if you look back through the logs...
[00:02] <Hyperion> poke it with a dagger, two oozes
[00:02] <Ubermouser> yeah yeah, stupid rule
[00:02] <Hyperion> yeah
[00:02] <DracoGM> The very FIRST combat encounter (not counting the skunk you were eating the tail-hair of and trying to annoy)...
[00:02] <DracoGM> Was against a bunch of oozes the size of cats.
[00:03] <DracoGM> I can't remember if you were in that fight or not Clem...
[00:03] <Ubermouser> what's with this ooze fascination?
[00:03] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon think he fell asleep that time (irl) then woke up to see the end of it
[00:04] <DracoGM> Ubermouser: Actually, they just fit the bill in those specific two cases...
[00:05] <DracoGM> UM: Then, because someone else had already created them for the Candyland setting(which I adapted this from) and I wanted to play-test their work, since the GitP boards doesn't get manypeople reporting back with actual play-test data.
[00:05] * Ubermouser is not so fond of oozes except for gimmicks
[00:05] <DracoGM> UM: For tonight: Big, Strong, Lots of HP, and slower than molasses in January... exactly what I needed.
[00:07] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon thinks the "1-hit-ko strong" part could have been ommited X3
[00:07] <DracoGM> Well, given that I don't want to be cruel to Zyborg, I do tend to avoid using them... however, you might have the equivalent of an ooze on your side...
[00:07] <DracoGM> Remember that Fat Glob that Ruumis was commanding?
[00:07] <Ubermouser> the one that took an AOO and was squished immediately?
[00:07] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> whats AOO? o.o?
[00:07] <Hyperion> Attack of Opportunity
[00:07] <Ubermouser> attack of opportunity
[00:08] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> in a way, backstab?
[00:08] <Ubermouser> nay..
[00:08] <Hyperion> no
[00:08] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> :|
[00:08] <Ubermouser> in this case.. since the ooze was so big, getting close to it would allow the ooze to hit you before you hit it
[00:08] <Hyperion> a "You're using a gun when I'm next to you" *Stab*
[00:08] <DracoGM> Yeah... mindless undead pile of fat... litterally... probably made from the trimmings from a butcher, and would have been turned into candles and soap and such if Ruumis hadn't purchased them.
[00:08] <Hyperion> well he summoned it
[00:08] <Hyperion> <.<
[00:08] <DracoGM> Oh... sorry...
[00:08] <DracoGM> Yeah, summoned.
[00:09] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[00:09] <DracoGM> Which means it was a counter-attack that killed it, not an AoO...
[00:09] <DracoGM> Since you could summon it right next to the Pudding.
[00:10] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon remembers watching a fight once... thinks it was in a bar with sphen and direlda at least o3o
[00:10] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> *for d&d*
[00:10] <DracoGM> Yeah, that was the one with the Cherry Oozes.
[00:16] *** Spheniscine has joined #DracoD&D
[00:17] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> wb sphen :3
[00:17] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> how/what was lunch? :P
[00:17] <Spheniscine> Porridge.
[00:17] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon needs to eat too soon >->
[00:17] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> XD
[00:20] <Spheniscine> X3
[00:22] <Alessa> :V
[00:25] <DracoGM> So... Alessa, would you like me to roll you up some ability scores to start from?
[00:25] <Alessa> okai
[00:26] <DracoGM> dice 4d6
[00:26] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2:4:2:4; Total: 12.
[00:26] <DracoGM> 10
[00:26] <DracoGM> dice 4d6
[00:26] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2:2:6:1; Total: 11.
[00:26] <Ubermouser> eww
[00:26] <DracoGM> 10
[00:26] <DracoGM> dice 4d6
[00:26] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4:1:2:2; Total: 9.
[00:26] <Ubermouser> EWW
[00:26] <Alessa> EWWWWWW
[00:26] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ouch
[00:26] <DracoGM> 8 (looking like a restart here...)
[00:26] <DracoGM> dice 4d6
[00:26] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2:1:5:2; Total: 10.
[00:26] <DracoGM> 9
[00:26] <Ubermouser> fail
[00:26] <DracoGM> dice 4d6
[00:26] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3:5:4:4; Total: 16.
[00:26] <Alessa> alright
[00:27] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> thats sorta better o-o
[00:27] <DracoGM> 13
[00:27] <DracoGM> dice 4d6
[00:27] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5:3:2:5; Total: 15.
[00:27] <DracoGM> 13
[00:27] <DracoGM> So... hahaha... lets see what that comes out to...
[00:27] <DracoGM> 13 13 10 10 9 8
[00:27] <Ubermouser> .. retire your dice, sir
[00:28] <Ubermouser> they have forsaken us
[00:28] <Spheniscine> lol
[00:28] * DracoGM pets wagzbot... "come on darling, I know I you can do better than that... you are probably just out of practice after being sick for so long."
[00:28] <DracoGM> dice 4d6
[00:28] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6:4:3:4; Total: 17.
[00:28] <DracoGM> 14
[00:28] <DracoGM> dice 4d6
[00:28] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3:4:5:3; Total: 15.
[00:28] <DracoGM> 12
[00:28] <DracoGM> dice 4d6
[00:28] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5:3:2:3; Total: 13.
[00:29] <DracoGM> 11
[00:29] <DracoGM> dice 4d6
[00:29] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2:4:2:5; Total: 13.
[00:29] <DracoGM> 11
[00:29] <DracoGM> dice 4d6
[00:29] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5:6:3:4; Total: 18.
[00:29] <DracoGM> 15
[00:29] <DracoGM> dice 4d6
[00:29] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6:3:2:2; Total: 13.
[00:29] <DracoGM> 11
[00:29] <Ubermouser> ... lame
[00:29] <Ubermouser> point buy
[00:29] <DracoGM> 15 14 12 11 11 11
[00:29] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[00:29] <Spheniscine> lol
[00:29] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> its better than the previous
[00:30] <Ubermouser> still completely unplayable
[00:30] <Alessa> :l
[00:30] <DracoGM> Huh?
[00:30] <DracoGM> You probably couldn't get those scores for 28 point buy...
[00:30] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon 's is 11 20 16 10 13 11, he thinks
[00:30] <DracoGM> No, admittedly it is more well rounded than point-buy tends to work out to.
[00:30] <DracoGM> *Now
[00:31] <DracoGM> 20 is... not possible
[00:31] <Ubermouser> "well rounded" usually isn't in the best interest of the player
[00:31] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> eh.. i think thats after the +5
[00:31] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon isnt good at reading the stats yet :/
[00:32] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> erf, anyway, brb, giving puppies baths
[00:32] <Alessa> heehee
[00:32] <Spheniscine> Gotta go. Bye.
[00:32] <DracoGM> Go with 15, 14, 12, 11, 11, 11 or 28 point-buy... your choice...
[00:33] <Ubermouser> D: don't do it, diviner!
[00:33] <Alessa> when has listening to ubermouser been a good choice..
[00:33] * Alessa thinks
[00:34] <Ubermouser> XP
[00:34] <Spheniscine> lol
[00:34] <Alessa> I guess I can go with that then
[00:34] *** Spheniscine has quit IRC (Quit: On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.)
[00:36] <DracoGM> Also, (and this isn't likely to be PARTICULARLY relevant in your case), I allow ability score boosting items with odd-numbered bonuses...
[00:37] * Ubermouser thought that was normal
[00:37] <DracoGM> So, Peripet of Wisdom +1, +3, or, +5 in addition to the standard +2, +4, or +6.
[00:37] <DracoGM> Nope.
[00:37] <DracoGM> By RAW those don't exist.
[00:37] <DracoGM> Note that I don't play by RAW.
[00:37] <DracoGM> I play by RAI.
[00:38] <DracoGM> Not that those are RAI either...
[00:38] <DracoGM> But they are how I play.
[00:38] <Ubermouser> .. huh. This is what I get for playing neverwinter nights before dnd
[00:39] <DracoGM> Here is the campaign breifing (note that it is out of date by a level... but there is LOTS of stuff that doesn't change). http://forums.ottercomics.us/index.php?showtopic=585&st=0#entry3976659
[00:40] <DracoGM> I LIKE homebrew... just run it by me so I can check that the writer wasn't nuts.
[00:40] <DracoGM> I especially like my own homebrew... but no peeking at my monsters.
[00:41] <DracoGM> http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3505115&postcount=11 <- my homebrew
[00:41] <Ubermouser> :B can I assume my character found the monster manuals in game?
[00:42] <DracoGM> No.
[00:43] <DracoGM> Ubermouser: I am still not sure about you... have a care.
[00:43] <DracoGM> You smell of Munchkin and Evil in disguise... but I could be wrong.
[00:44] <DracoGM> Alessa and Ubermouser: Also, here is the beginning of Order of the Stick... it is quite long, but very much worth it I think... don't let the art style fool you: http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0001.html
[00:45] <Ubermouser> :B well I told you already.. lawful evil is my favorite
[00:45] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon is back
[00:46] <Ubermouser> all this help the poor and disadvantaged nonsense.. 'tis disturbing to my demeanor
[00:46] <DracoGM> Then perhaps you would do better in a different campaign.
[00:47] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon remembers a tv show.. Journey to the West
[00:47] <Hyperion> Ubermouser is a munckin. I recognize the similarities.
[00:47] <Hyperion> <.<
[00:47] <DracoGM> The Recruiting area of the GitP forums would probably be a rich hunting ground.
[00:47] <DracoGM> Ubermouser: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=51 <- Have fun.
[00:48] <DracoGM> You might have to create an account...
[00:48] <DracoGM> But you should be able to find something to your liking.
[00:48] <Ubermouser> .. Well then. I've been shown the door
[00:48] <Ubermouser> won't let it hit me on the way out
[00:48] *** Ubermouser has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[00:49] <DracoGM> Shame... I think he may have had a half-way decent grasp of tactics.
[00:49] <Hyperion> well yes
[00:49] <Hyperion> he had experience
[00:50] <DracoGM> So do you... but your experience goes in a different direction from the one I am talking about I think... maybe his does too, and this is just wishful thinking on my part.
[00:50] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> >-> basically you didnt want him?
[00:51] <DracoGM> Not if he was going to insist on playing Lawful Evil disguised as Lawful Neutral, when I really would prefer Good alignment.
[00:51] <DracoGM> And Munchkin to boot.
[00:52] <DracoGM> Actually, I am not sure of either.
[00:52] <DracoGM> But he SMELLED of both.
[00:52] <DracoGM> He didn't SEEM to want to learn to play a different alignment...
[00:52] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon doesnt get the munchkin part o.o
[00:52] <DracoGM> Actually...
[00:52] <DracoGM> Hmmm...
[00:53] <DracoGM> I do have a character concept that works out to Lawful Neutral... but only because the guy is BOTH Lawful Good AND Lawful Evil at the same time...
[00:53] <DracoGM> He isn't schitzo either...
[00:53] <DracoGM> He has a very clear-cut mode of behavior...
[00:54] <DracoGM> It just is litterally inhuman.
[00:54] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> actually, thats how he normally acts in a normal chatroom o.o
[00:55] <DracoGM> What, complaining slightly about anything that doesn't go his way?
[00:56] <DracoGM> Alessa: Tell me more about your character's personality and such.
[00:56] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> erm.. actually, yes ^^ thats his way of being playful
[00:57] <DracoGM> Well, it struck me as munchkin, rather than playful.
[00:57] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> nearly troll-like? X3
[00:57] <DracoGM> If I am really wrong about both things, he could come back, but he would have to actively prove I am wrong...
[00:57] <Alessa> hmm?
[00:57] <DracoGM> So restrain himself.
[00:58] <DracoGM> Alessa: You are still interested in playing, right?
[00:58] <Alessa> I am
[00:58] <Alessa> but
[00:58] <Alessa> I am really
[00:58] <Alessa> under the weather
[00:58] <Alessa> at the moment
[00:59] <DracoGM> Ah, Ok.
[00:59] <DracoGM> Sorry.
[00:59] <DracoGM> I forgot.
[00:59] <DracoGM> I was sick a week or two ago myself.
[01:00] <DracoGM> We can talk later.
[01:00] <DracoGM> Anyway... this character I was talking about?
[01:00] <DracoGM> The Lawful Neutral one?
[01:00] <DracoGM> It is loosely based on Jack Skelington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
[01:00] <DracoGM> ... did I explain this before?
[01:02] <DracoGM> I am mentioning this for Clemaxgra's benefit, because it might help Ubermouser.
[01:02] <DracoGM> Basically, this guy is a Skeleton...
[01:02] <DracoGM> By the rules he is undead...
[01:03] <DracoGM> But technically he would argue with that, since he was never alive to begin with.
[01:03] <DracoGM> Doesn't change the fact that Ruumis could theoretically command him, or that postive energy harms him or anything like that.
[01:03] <DracoGM> Anyway...
[01:04] <DracoGM> He does good things for anyone who isn't extreme in Evil.
[01:04] <DracoGM> Would probably run into a burning building to save a baby...
[01:04] <DracoGM> Stuff like that...
[01:04] <DracoGM> But then he would COMPLAIN about it.
[01:04] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[01:04] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> it would kinda be interesting for the team though :P
[01:05] <DracoGM> Because he doesn't LIKE doing nice things, he just does them because he knows what is right, and that is what he does...
[01:05] <DracoGM> Because what he really likes...
[01:05] <DracoGM> Litterally the entire reason for his existance...
[01:05] <DracoGM> Is to make really nasty people SUFFER.
[01:05] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[01:05] <DracoGM> Terror is more his thing than pain or despair...
[01:06] <DracoGM> But yeah.... ranks in Intimidate, and maybe a few in Profession (Torturer) and not afraid to use them.
[01:07] <DracoGM> Basically, you remember how I mentioned in the campaign briefing that "hells" (note quote marks and lower case) exist? And that Saint Cuthbert is NOT a nice guy?
[01:07] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon isnt sure about that one o.o
[01:07] <DracoGM> Well, this guy accidently ended up outside of one of St. Cuthbert's "hells".
[01:08] <DracoGM> Well, you may not have read it, but I did link to it a time or two this night...
[01:08] <DracoGM> It is the one on the ottercomics forums...
[01:08] <DracoGM> Anyway... I am talking WAY to freely...
[01:08] <DracoGM> I need to stop...
[01:09] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> :P
[01:09] *** DracoGM is now known as DracoProbablyAsleep
[01:25] *** clemaxgra-pocketdragon has quit IRC (Quit: )
[02:05] <DracoProbablyAsleep> dice 4d6
[02:05] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4:1:3:6; Total: 14.
[02:05] <DracoProbablyAsleep> 13
[02:05] <DracoProbablyAsleep> dice 4d6
[02:05] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6:3:3:2; Total: 14.
[02:06] <DracoProbablyAsleep> 12
[02:06] <DracoProbablyAsleep> dice 4d6
[02:06] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6:1:5:3; Total: 15.
[02:06] <DracoProbablyAsleep> 14
[02:06] <DracoProbablyAsleep> dice 4d6
[02:06] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2:6:2:5; Total: 15.
[02:06] <DracoProbablyAsleep> 13
[02:06] <DracoProbablyAsleep> dice 4d6
[02:06] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2:2:3:4; Total: 11.
[02:06] <DracoProbablyAsleep> 9
[02:06] <DracoProbablyAsleep> dice 4d6
[02:06] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2:2:2:4; Total: 10.
[02:06] <DracoProbablyAsleep> 8
[02:06] <DracoProbablyAsleep> 14 13 13 12 9 8
[02:51] *** Alessa has quit IRC (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[04:51] *** Hyperion has quit IRC (Quit: Goodnight.)
Session Close: Sat Sep 25 13:04:53 2010

2010-10-15, 08:17 PM
Clems's scouting:

[20:54] <DracoGM> If you go ahead with scouting, I am going to need your FULL attention on this PM window so we can do it without any _unnecessary_ delays (scouting is NOT the time to get reckless or stupid).
[20:54] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon nods
[20:57] <DracoGM> Make me spot and listen checks.
[20:58] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon 's spot is +4, listen is +5
[20:58] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> erm, sorry, the other way
[20:59] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> spot is +5, listen +4 and i still have low light + nightvision
[20:59] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon isnt sure what dice to roll
[21:00] <DracoGM> 1d20 for all skill checks, attack rolls (which is NOT the roll for damage), saving throws, caster level checks... and probably a few other things I am forgetting.
[21:00] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon rolls first for listen, then second for spot
[21:02] <DracoGM> Ok, the floor here is covered in a moderately thick layer of some powdery substance... NOT normal dust.
[21:03] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> am i able to see the specific colour of the powder?
[21:04] <DracoGM> You hear what sounds to you like claws, as of some sort of creature walking around a bit up ahead, through another door that leads off to the side.
[21:04] <DracoGM> The powder is white.
[21:04] <DracoGM> Make me a move silently check.
[21:05] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> my move silently is +5
[21:05] <DracoGM> Ok.
[21:05] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> would i need a hide check?
[21:05] <DracoGM> You move cautiously down the hall, barely disturbing the dice.
[21:06] <DracoGM> Nope, no hide check...
[21:06] <DracoGM> Just between me and you that wasn't TECHNICALLY for how quiet you were, but it was the closest I could come up with on the fly.
[21:06] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon makes sure not to leave any discernable trail on the dust
[21:07] <DracoGM> That is going to be... rather tricky.
[21:07] <DracoGM> Means smoothing it out behind you with your tail, and looking over your shoulder a lot to watch yourself work.
[21:08] <DracoGM> Going to slow you down a lot.
[21:08] <DracoGM> Still want to do that?
[21:08] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon thinks...
[21:09] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> initially, yes, till i see something important at least, but would be listening out the whole time :3
[21:09] <DracoGM> You still just hear the same intermittant sounds.
[21:10] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> erm.. one thing, isit dark around where i am?
[21:11] <DracoGM> Nope. LOTS of Continual Flame torches here...
[21:11] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> hmm.. how fine is the dust? *could try rolling in it so he could move faster without fear of being spotted against the white
[21:12] <DracoGM> Very fine in general.
[21:12] <DracoGM> As your tail stirs up some, it stings your nose noticably.
[21:13] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> >.<
[21:13] <DracoGM> You actually notice several medium-sized-humanoid sets of foot-prints through the dust...
[21:15] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon decides to turn back quickly now, without bothering over clearing his trails. He expects that some of the dust would cling to him and could be examined later by the others

2010-10-15, 10:51 PM
2] == BounderSemiAway [~webchat@Foxnet-goj7pc.ga.comcast.net] has joined #DracoD&D
[20:02] <BounderSemiAway> Hello everyone!
[20:02] <Spheniscine> Hi.
[20:02] <BounderSemiAway> I got caught up in working on a homebrew until the last minute...
[20:03] <BounderSemiAway> Has anyone got a way of waking Clem up?
[20:04] <Spheniscine> Nope.
[20:08] <BounderSemiAway> Well, I have poked Robin... wonder why he isn't in here yet?
[20:09] <Spheniscine> Hm.
[20:09] == Hunquoriertid [clemaxgra-@Foxnet-0au.b3v.54.60.IP] has joined #DracoD&D
[20:09] == Hunquoriertid has changed nick to clemaxgra-pocketdragon
[20:10] <Spheniscine> Heya.
[20:11] <Spheniscine> Maybe he's AFK.
[20:11] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> :3
[20:16] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ping!
[20:16] <WagzBot> Pong!
[20:18] <BounderSemiAway> Welcome Clem!
[20:18] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> :3
[20:18] <BounderSemiAway> We are hoping Robin will get in here...
[20:19] <Spheniscine> Yeah, I'm just a little annoyed... I have stuff to do this afternoon and thus depriving myself of sleep D:
[20:19] <BounderSemiAway> Ok, does anyone ELSE remember where we were when we left off (I remember, but I am wondering how up-to-date people are...)?
[20:20] <Spheniscine> We killed a bunch of dire-rats...
[20:20] <BounderSemiAway> Spheniscine: In that case let us not wait for him, he can join in momentarily.
[20:20] <BounderSemiAway> (Or not).
[20:21] <BounderSemiAway> Yes... rats which had escaped their cages when the bars rusted completely away.... you also found a desk, the top of which had apparently been set on fire...
[20:21] <BounderSemiAway> There were two other doors out of the room.
[20:22] <Spheniscine> Mhm.
[20:23] <Spheniscine> Also we suspect that someone was mind-controlling the rats, because they were strangely peaceful at first.
[20:23] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders if hyperion is joining then o.o
[20:23] <BounderSemiAway> Ah, yes...
[20:23] <BounderSemiAway> It seems so...
[20:24] <BounderSemiAway> I mean that yes, the rats were behaving oddly, and a controlling individual would make sense.
[20:24] * Spheniscine nods
[20:24] <BounderSemiAway> And that Hyperion seems to be present.
[20:24] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> :3
[20:24] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> Hyperion[semi-away] has been idle 5hrs 58mins 1sec, signed on Sat Oct 16 02:27:04
[20:25] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> :/
[20:25] <Hyperion[semi-away]> hi
[20:25] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> :o
[20:25] == Hyperion[semi-away] has changed nick to Hyperion
[20:26] == BounderSemiAway has changed nick to DracoGM
[20:30] <DracoGM> So... GO...
[20:31] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon doesnt know where/how to start x_x
[20:31] <Spheniscine> (Oh yeah, also I had found part of a balance sheet, with only the numbers and a stern warning from the manager)
[20:31] <Spheniscine> (Stern being an understatement :p)
[20:31] == Hyperion has changed nick to Ruumis
[20:32] <Spheniscine> I guess there isn't much to do but continue exploring?
[20:32] == Zyborg22 [Zyborg22@Foxnet-145.alp.19.96.IP] has joined #DracoD&D
[20:32] * Ruumis goes and examines the other doors out
[20:32] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon tells everyone else how he suspects that the rats were controlled, for the sake of continuity of the story
[20:36] <DracoGM> You find the same piles of wood in them, and both of them lead to small hallways.
[20:37] <DracoGM> The halls would be the same hall, except that someone seems to have walled off the space between them.
[20:37] <Spheniscine> Hmm...
[20:37] <Spheniscine> Which one first? Do we smell anything?
[20:37] <DracoGM> IE they run to the right from one room, and to the left from the other.
[20:38] <DracoGM> Anyone who has Scent can make wisdom checks to try to pick out specific odors from the general stench.
[20:38] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders if the rats weren't brought in by whoever is causing all these, except that the rats were for some specific exhibit (not the guy causing all the trouble)... since the person casting the rust-magic obviously didnt think it through :/ But that guy still has ab ability to perform 'suggestion' over the rats :/
[20:39] == Hood [~webchat@Foxnet-dv8bbn.or.comcast.net] has joined #DracoD&D
[20:39] <DracoGM> ((Welcome Hood))
[20:39] <Hood> ((Thankies. Sorry I'm late.))
[20:39] <Spheniscine> Hiya Hood.
[20:40] <DracoGM> ((If your character is ready, you could have been lagging behind, and just caught up.))
[20:40] <DracoGM> ((Clem, that would be a question to ask someone with ranks in Spell-craft.))
[20:40] <Spheniscine> Who has scent?
[20:41] <Hood> ((I'll "catch up" in a second. I just got in the door, so I'd like to put some dinner on before I sit down))
[20:41] <DracoGM> ((Hood: Ok.))
[20:41] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon doesnt have scent :/
[20:42] <DracoGM> ((Actually, oddly enough, I don't think anyone does... I seem to remember Spheniscine not having it, Zyborg might not even have a sense of smell for all I know, Ruumis is human... and I don't think I remember Hood's character having it either.))
[20:44] <DracoGM> ((Everyone with Scent isn't showing up perhaps...))
[20:44] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((there aren't any skills named 'scent' on my character sheet either :/))
[20:45] <DracoGM> ((Not a skill, is in the section with the feats, if you have it.))
[20:47] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> nope :o
[20:48] <Spheniscine> So I guess we just go down one of the hallways then?
[20:50] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((*is slightly distracted going through a wall of text*))
[20:50] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon could scout ahead if you want o.o
[20:52] <Spheniscine> OK.
[20:55] <DracoGM> Anyone else got any thoughts on the matter?
[20:56] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon goes forward with the scouting... right door this time :o
[20:58] <Spheniscine> Not at the moment...
[21:00] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> 1d20
[21:00] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> roll 1d20
[21:01] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon facepaws
[21:01] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:01] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[21:01] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> dice 1d20
[21:01] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 17; Total: 17.
[21:01] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> dice 1d20
[21:01] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 10; Total: 10.
[21:01] <Spheniscine> !roll d20
[21:01] <Spheniscine> Oops.
[21:04] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> dice 1d20
[21:04] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[21:08] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:08] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[21:09] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> dice 1d20
[21:09] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[21:09] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ... ._.
[21:09] <DracoGM> Clem gets barely into the hall, before he slows down even more than he was before, he appears to be sweeping his tail behind him in a very odd motion.
[21:10] <DracoGM> Anyone OTHER than Clem who has ranks in survival can roll it.
[21:10] <Ruumis> ((nope))
[21:11] <DracoGM> Anyone else (other than Clem) can try a DC 15 Spot check for a lesser set of information.
[21:11] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[21:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[21:11] <Spheniscine> (8)
[21:11] <Ruumis> dice 1d20
[21:11] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 12; Total: 12.
[21:11] <Ruumis> ((17))
[21:11] <Spheniscine> (Eep.)
[21:13] <DracoGM> ((Please specify which roll you are making BTW.))
[21:13] <Ruumis> ((Well I don't have survival, and I rolled that after you mentioned spot.))
[21:15] <DracoGM> Zyborg?
[21:15] <WagzBot> Your friendly neighborhood robot spider.
[21:16] <Spheniscine> Oh, that was survival.
[21:16] <Spheniscine> This one's spot:
[21:16] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[21:16] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[21:16] <Spheniscine> Eep.
[21:16] <Spheniscine> Dice hate me.
[21:16] <DracoGM> Clem rushes back into the room.
[21:16] <Spheniscine> ( only saw Survival when I rolled mine. X3)
[21:17] == Hood [~webchat@Foxnet-dv8bbn.or.comcast.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]
[21:17] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon has a bit of white dust on him, and he wonders if anyone could examine it for him o.o
[21:18] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[21:18] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[21:18] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon also says that he heard some claw-like noises, and some people walking around with humanoid shapes
[21:18] <Zyborg22> ((15))
[21:18] <DracoGM> ((Well, those Spot/Survival rolls are probably irrelevant now...))
[21:20] <Spheniscine> (Knowledge: Nature on the white dust?)
[21:20] <DracoGM> ((You don't generally want to use E-motes for things that you are saying... also, all you saw were tracks in the dust, not actual humanoids... if you were an experienced player I wouldn't correct you on that second part.))
[21:21] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[21:21] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
[21:21] <DracoGM> ((What is your modifier to that?))
[21:22] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((*read that wrong ^^;;))
[21:23] == Hood [~webchat@Foxnet-dv8bbn.or.comcast.net] has joined #DracoD&D
[21:25] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon gets paranoid and does a listen check at the door where he came through (meaning the right door)
[21:25] <DracoGM> ((Hood: Clem has returned from a very chronologically long trip that seems to have taken him a very short distance in terms of feet.))
[21:25] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> dice 1d20
[21:25] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[21:25] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> wagz: whats with you and ones D:
[21:26] <DracoGM> ((What were you rolling for clem?))
[21:26] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> listen check :(
[21:27] <DracoGM> ((... you hear nothing different.))
[21:27] <Spheniscine> Wagzbot: The dice hate me is <reply>Hey don't blame me, blame Matsumoto and Nishi... blame those Japanese guys!
[21:27] <WagzBot> Spheniscine: Okay.
[21:28] <Zyborg22> ((How is it their fault?))
[21:28] <DracoGM> ((Spheniscine: That is a good enough result to know that it is some sort of dried and very finely crushed plant extract...))
[21:28] <Spheniscine> ((http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mersenne_twister))
[21:29] <DracoGM> ((Anyone else going to have a look at the powder, either on Clemaxgra, or that you can see through the door?))
[21:31] <Ruumis> ((don't think I have the skills required))
[21:31] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon actually turned back because dark against white background isnt a good thing for him ^^;;
[21:33] <Spheniscine> Hmm...
[21:33] <DracoGM> ((Alchemy would actually be the best...))
[21:34] <Ruumis> ((I can make an OOC guess, but otherwise no, don't have that skil))
[21:35] <DracoGM> Actually.... Spheniscine and anyone with ranks in Survival can roll Survival checks.
[21:35] <Spheniscine> I have already rolled mine... unless this is different?
[21:35] <DracoGM> This is different...
[21:35] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[21:35] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[21:35] <Spheniscine> (21)
[21:36] == Hood has changed nick to Roshack_Veres
[21:36] <DracoGM> Ok... you recognize it as one of the more "home made" and less effective varieties of flea-powder.
[21:36] <Spheniscine> Flea-powder?
[21:37] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> and it stings too >.<
[21:37] <DracoGM> Yep.
[21:37] <Spheniscine> Weird.
[21:37] <Spheniscine> How did you get the powder on yourself?
[21:37] <DracoGM> ((... he was walking through it.))
[21:37] <Zyborg22> Maybe he put it there on purpose and forgot.
[21:37] * Zyborg22 is joking.
[21:37] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> its all over the floor ._. lots of it
[21:38] <DracoGM> ((I want to repeat _THICK_ layer.))
[21:38] <Spheniscine> (Maybe a container containing the stuff rusted out?)
[21:38] <Spheniscine> (Oh, that should've been IC)
[21:38] * Roshack_Veres makes his way through the front door, a tall grey-and-white furred Sergal bedecked in full plate. He carried a halberd, and looked about curiously at the others who were already in the dungeon.
[21:38] <DracoGM> ((The coating looks much to even for that... like it was spread around intentionally over every part of the floor.))
[21:39] <Spheniscine> (What's a sergal?)
[21:39] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon had to turn back because he repeats, a dark dragon against a white background isnt much camouflage. and no, he didnt spot any wooden boxes, he probably missed it
[21:40] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon was trying hard trying not to leave any tracks, initially at least :/
[21:40] <Spheniscine> Ah...
[21:40] <Spheniscine> OK... should we check the other hallway?
[21:40] <Roshack_Veres> ((A sergal is an anthropomorphic creature, looking something like a wolf with legs and a tail like a velociraptor, and a face like a sharks.
[21:40] <Spheniscine> ((I see))
[21:40] <DracoGM> (( A really scary looking wolf thing with a mouth remincient of a long-snouted shark. He is a party member, but he wore himself out insisting on trying to proceed down the trail in full-plate by JUMPING everywhere... he told you to go on and he would catch up.))
[21:41] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[21:41] <Roshack_Veres> ((XD Alright... That works.))
[21:42] <Spheniscine> ((Either we should check the other hallway... or huddle and go through this one.
[21:43] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon aint going back in there without backup at least :/ not easy not to get spotted at least.
[21:43] * Roshack_Veres looks at the crew. "So, what's going on?" Looks down at the floor.
[21:44] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon would have voted for the other hallway, but the right door must be important that someone needs to set a 'trap' in it... o.o *wonders if anyone has a detect trap*
[21:45] <DracoGM> ((That would be Zyborg's department... not a spell, just plain skillz.))
[21:45] <Zyborg22> I might as well check it out...if you want.
[21:46] <Spheniscine> Sure, Zy.
[21:46] <Zyborg22> ((Disable Device, isn't it?))
[21:47] <DracoGM> ((Ok, I am not even going to make you roll anything (at least not yet, and if so I will probably roll in secret), I know you have yourself pretty focused towards Search and Disable Device.))
[21:47] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon meant detect traps in the other room, the one with all the flea-powder :P
[21:47] * Roshack_Veres clears his throat. "Excuse me, but what exactly is going on? I'm not sure why we're huddled here."
[21:47] <Zyborg22> Neither am I, but I'm not complaining.
[21:47] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> Roshack_Veres: we're wondering where to go to next :/
[21:48] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon doesnt think he has seen the sergal before, and admits the halbert is intimidating to him o.o
[21:48] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs46/f/2009/216/9/1/Sergal_Drawing_by_lunar_cat.jpg
[21:49] <DracoGM> ((The powder itself doesn't qualify as a trap per se... it is painfully obvious, requires no particular skills to disarm... the ideal tools would be a broom and dustpan, and the only thing would be to sweep carefully so as not to stir it up. You could also moisten it with water to temporarily keep it from getting stirred up.))
[21:49] <Spheniscine> ((Yeah, we need to move here <.<))
[21:49] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((was thinking the powder isnt the trap, but is HIDING a trap/trap door))
[21:49] <DracoGM> ((What it MIGHT be good for is hiding a pressure plate...
[21:49] <DracoGM> ))
[21:49] <Spheniscine> Ah....
[21:50] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((see!! :o *hops about excitedly*))
[21:50] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[21:50] <DracoGM> ((But even for that, it doesn't make much sense, except as something so odd that nobody would think it was meant to conceal something... but you are smarter than that, and besides which you know that that sort of psychological trick would be more likely to backfire than to work right.))
[21:52] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((perhaps a large rune that won't be noticed unless most of the dust were cleared? :o :P *knows he is going overboard now*))
[21:52] <DracoGM> ((Sawdust or rushes or a carpet... all very normal floor-coverings would all make better ways of hiding it. The rushes might tend to spread out the force of the foot-steps, making the pressure plate not as likely to work right... but this powder is so fine that it if someone DID clear it off, it might stick in the space of the plate and make it show up better to visual inspection.))
[21:53] <DracoGM> ((You look at the walls and ceiling, in case the dust is meant to distract you from them... you want me to actually roll it, or are you going to take 10 or take 20?))
[21:54] <Zyborg22> ((We have a lot of time, right? I'll take the 20.))
[21:56] <DracoGM> ((Ok, Zyborg (or perhaps Clem since he wouldn't set off most mechanical traps, leads the way. I need a marching order, the passageway is wide enough that everyone except Clem should go single-file.))
[21:57] <DracoGM> ((Clem can be out front, on someones shoulder, or where-ever (but he should state explicitly, just like everyone else.))
[21:57] <Zyborg22> ((I'll be in front if Clem isn't.))
[21:58] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon assumes that zy is up front if clem isnt there, so he would be on the shoulder of the second person. (for a position to spot stuff)
[21:58] <DracoGM> ((Zyborg: Yes, I already said that... having you peering closely at the walls looking for trip-wires and such doesn't do any good if someone in front of you blithely steps on a pressure plate....))
[21:59] * Roshack_Veres takes the rear guard, his halberd held ready.
[21:59] <Zyborg22> ((I said it in case we all had to mention our places))
[21:59] <Spheniscine> I'll be behind Zy, carrying Clem?
[21:59] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon hopes so :3
[22:00] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders what sphen's hatchling flame's average damage is :o
[22:00] <DracoGM> ((Zyborg notices traces of grease in various places on the wall... no particular insight into its purpose, unless it is to make the wall harder to climb... which wouldn't make any sense for a corridor with a 7' ceiling.))
[22:01] <Spheniscine> (Clem: 2d6)
[22:04] <DracoGM> ((Clem has himself set up with fire resistance 10, instead of the Fire 5, and Acid 5 he used before he started working with you. IE you almost certainly don't have to worry about Friendly Fire.))
[22:05] <Spheniscine> ((OK))
[22:06] <Spheniscine> Hmm... continue?
[22:06] <DracoGM> So I have 1st Zyborg 2nd Spheniscine+Clem 3rd Ruumis 4th Roshack.
[22:06] <Ruumis> ((Seems like it ))
[22:06] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon does listen checks again? in case whoever made the footprints earlier are still nearby
[22:06] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> dice 1d20
[22:06] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 12; Total: 12.
[22:07] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (16)
[22:07] <DracoGM> You keep hearing them...
[22:07] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> :/
[22:08] <DracoGM> Doesn't sound like toe-claws to you... neither from a bi-ped nor a quadruped (or hexiped or octoped)...
[22:08] <DracoGM> Not QUITE like toe-claws.
[22:09] <DracoGM> The mystery is solved when a conga-line of scorpions the size of great danes makes its way into the corridor...
[22:09] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> .-.
[22:09] <DracoGM> We are now in intiative, but I am going to just have everyone take 10.
[22:10] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> may i do a sense motice first?
[22:10] <Zyborg22> Just pick his nails off, like I do.
[22:10] <Zyborg22> ((Sorry. Wrong chat room.))
[22:10] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> dice 1d20
[22:10] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[22:10] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> >-<
[22:11] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> wagz hates me
[22:11] == Zyborg22 has changed nick to Awayborg
[22:12] <DracoGM> ((Reading the emotions of BUGS is kinda hard...))
[22:12] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((especially when you roll a 1 ._.))
[22:13] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon was hoping they might be friendly ^^;;
[22:14] <Spheniscine> "Eh... what's up docs?" (Diplomacy roll?)
[22:14] <DracoGM> ((Wow... don't even have to bother with detailed initiative... the party goes (in any order you like, everyone just GO, except if you want to wait for someone else to take their action first, in which case tell them that. When everyone has gone, I will have the scorpions go.))
[22:14] <Spheniscine> (Ah, K)
[22:15] <Spheniscine> (So, do I have to do a diplomacy roll?)
[22:15] <DracoGM> Spheniscine attempts a hasty diplomacy check as he sees the first claw come through the door at the far end of the hall... no visible result, but it is POSSIBLE they are just very slow to react.
[22:15] <DracoGM> ((Don't bother rolling at the moment.))
[22:16] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon jumps forward right in front of the leader of the line and stares at him for a moment o.o (attack then?)
[22:16] <DracoGM> Zyborg takes Full-Defense...
[22:16] <Roshack_Veres> ((Alright, well, pretty simple. I'm leaping over their heads and coming down on top of one of the scorpions, blade downwards))
[22:16] <DracoGM> ((Unless you are away from everywhere BUT this window?))
[22:16] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((you don't want me and sphen to weaken them with a fire damage first?))
[22:17] <Roshack_Veres> ((Sure. Go ahead. I'll wait.))
[22:18] <DracoGM> ((I will assume you stayed as far back as possible... the hall is long enough that you BARELY qualify as having a running start...))
[22:18] == Awayborg has changed nick to Zyborg22
[22:18] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon is waiting for the bugs to react to the diplomacy check, and is ready to dodge a quick blow specifically from both front claws. The tail is out of his sightrange though.
[22:19] <DracoGM> ((Tail is probably the part you can see over Zyborg the EASIEST....))
[22:19] <DracoGM> ((I will call that taking full defense.))
[22:19] <DracoGM> ((Do we know what Ruumis is doing?))
[22:19] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((i jumped off sphen to the front of zy))
[22:19] <DracoGM> ((Oh... move action, then full defense...
[22:19] <DracoGM> ))
[22:19] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon is the kind who likes to know what may happen before he gets to it :P))
[22:19] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((yup, kinda :3))
[22:20] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((or more towards a dodge ^^;;))
[22:20] <Spheniscine> ((Hm?))
[22:20] <Spheniscine> ((Yeah, if it goes hairy (like it seems it's gonna be) I'll do hatchling's flame))
[22:20] * Ruumis will attempt to shoot one of the scorpions with a crossbow
[22:21] <DracoGM> Clem lands badly (GM fiat) and gets dust in his mouth and nose... he sneezes and spits (this has absolutely NO mechanical effect...).
[22:22] <DracoGM> ((Which one, the one in front would make the most sense I should think... or you could do the one behind that, or the one just coming through the door behind THAT....))
[22:22] <Ruumis> ((First one, sure))
[22:23] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wanted to check the powder on how easily combustible it is (since its so fine and stuff)) but is too busy spitting them out
[22:24] <DracoGM> ((Ruumis's shot glances off the monsterous scorpions caraspace(sp?).))
[22:25] <DracoGM> dice 2d20
[22:25] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 14:15; Total: 29.
[22:25] <Ruumis> (( Carapace?))
[22:25] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> o.o
[22:25] <DracoGM> ((Probably))
[22:26] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon isnt sure his bite would get through much either, would be pretty grateful for someone with knowledge on nature to tell him of a weakspot or softspot for scorpions.
[22:27] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:27] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
[22:29] <DracoGM> The lead scorpion strikes out with both claws and its stinger at Zyborg... all the blows glance off his rare, super-high-quality Peanut-Brittle construction.
[22:29] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[22:30] <Spheniscine> (Knowledge: Nature check? So glad I got that)
[22:30] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[22:30] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[22:30] <Spheniscine> (8) =/
[22:30] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:30] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 12; Total: 12.
[22:31] <DracoGM> The second scorpion in the conga-line scrabbles at the wall next to it, without effect (trying to climb it).
[22:32] <DracoGM> The third does nothing of particular interest.
[22:32] <Spheniscine> OK... our turns again?
[22:32] <DracoGM> Yep.
[22:33] <Spheniscine> If my knowledge check doesn't turn up anything contraindicative I douse them with Hatchling's Flame.
[22:34] <DracoGM> ((You will be hitting Zyborg too if you do that... of course, he DOES have pretty good reflexes, and ought to be able to dodge the streamers of flame... Proceeding?))
[22:34] <DracoGM> ((Nothing counter-indicative about it... from a Knowledge(Nature) POV.))
[22:34] <Spheniscine> OK.
[22:35] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> Draco: im still in front, but does my cold breath attack cancel out his hatchling's flame? if done separately?
[22:35] <DracoGM> dice 2d6
[22:35] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3:4; Total: 7.
[22:35] <Spheniscine> (7! Move the Robber! Oops... wrong game)
[22:35] <DracoGM> Clem: You would both have try REALLY hard to make that happen...
[22:36] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((to make what happen? cancelling out the damage?))
[22:37] <DracoGM> ((So no, you don't have to worry about canceling him out... and if you wanted to cancel it on Zyborg, you would both have to be standing on the same side of him... as it is, Spheniscine would cook his back, while you froze his front, and it just wouldn't work.))
[22:37] <DracoGM> ((And by "try really hard" I mean it MIGHT even require a feat or something...))
[22:38] <Roshack_Veres> ((XD! Catan...))
[22:38] <DracoGM> ((Zyborg: Roll a Reflex save against the Hatchling's Flame))
[22:38] <Spheniscine> (Er, yeah Hood, I'm hooked)
[22:38] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[22:38] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[22:38] <Zyborg22> (25)
[22:39] <Roshack_Veres> ((Sphen, I'd play you sometime. Also, you guys forgot me last round.))
[22:39] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon waits for sphen's hatchling's flame before doing his cold breath attack, to slow the leader down.
[22:39] <Spheniscine> ((Cool... is there a way to play online?))
[22:40] <Roshack_Veres> ((Yar, I'll tell you about it later.))
[22:40] <Spheniscine> ((K))
[22:41] <DracoGM> ((That should be plenty... with your Improved evasion, you duck under the fire flying over your head, then do a split to neatly jump catch yourself for a split second with 3 feet on one wall and three on the other... to allow the powder on your section of the floor to burn out.
[22:41] <DracoGM> 1d3
[22:41] <DracoGM> dice 1d4
[22:41] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[22:41] <DracoGM> ((Clem is unharmed...))
[22:42] <DracoGM> The Scorpions each take 9 damage if they fail their save, or 5 if they make it (the 2 damage from the powder is unavoidable for them...)
[22:42] <DracoGM> dice 3d20
[22:42] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15:5:2; Total: 22.
[22:43] <DracoGM> The one in front avoids the worst of it.
[22:43] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon does a cold breath attack on the leader
[22:44] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> dice 3d6
[22:44] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1:4:6; Total: 11.
[22:44] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> dice 1d4
[22:44] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[22:44] <DracoGM> It gets an AoO as you move into its space...
[22:44] <DracoGM> Dice 1d20
[22:44] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[22:44] <DracoGM> But misses.
[22:45] <DracoGM> It falls to the ground.
[22:45] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> :3
[22:45] <Spheniscine> Yay!
[22:45] <DracoGM> Now for Roshack's Jump check...
[22:45] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:45] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[22:46] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((to get things straight, the 1d4 is to get the number of turns before my breath attaack right? so does getting 3 means it would take 3 turns? or 4-3 = 1 turn? ))
[22:48] <Roshack_Veres> dice 1d20
[22:48] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5; Total: 5.
[22:48] <DracoGM> The Roshack's armor limits the travel of his legs, slowing him somewhat... but only to the speed of a human or elf... he half flies, half scrambles (due to lack of space above Ruumis and Spheniscine and the ceiling) forward spear first.
[22:48] <DracoGM> ((3 turns... but Do you have the feat that reduces it by 1?))
[22:49] <DracoGM> ((In which case it would be 2 turns.))
[22:49] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((nope, only says '1/4 breath-holding duration.'))
[22:49] <DracoGM> Rolling a balance check for Roshack
[22:49] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:49] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 17; Total: 17.
[22:50] <DracoGM> ((That is completely different... that just means you don't to try to swim to the bottom of a swimming pool...))
[22:50] <DracoGM> ((Don't want to...))
[22:51] <Spheniscine> ((Super drowning skillz!))
[22:51] <DracoGM> Roshack manages to land, but is noticably off balance.... ((-3 to AC for that charge, instead of -2, and no bonus to hit... rolling to-hit))(
[22:51] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> '~'
[22:51] <DracoGM> 1d20
[22:51] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:51] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
[22:53] <DracoGM> Roshack is, however a master of his weapon, and such minor setbacks are as nothing, although the angle is a bit off, his mighty thews power the point of his spear into the second scorpion killing it (no need to roll... the d10 would have to come out to -3 or something for you not to drop it to unconciousness.))

Begin PMs With Roshack
[23:02] <DracoGM> You can see one more, uninjured scorpion in the room beyond...
[23:02] <DracoGM> In addition to the injured one in their (which actually fled over top of the one that is not right in front of you).
[23:06] <DracoGM> Or in your case, perhaps attack the last uninjured one...?
End PMs

[22:54] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> X3
[22:54] <Roshack_Veres> X3 Nice.
[22:55] <Spheniscine> ((lol))
[22:55] <DracoGM> Zyborg and Ruumis left to go this round, then it is the last Scorpion's go...
[22:56] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> aim for de eyes!~ :o
[22:56] <Ruumis> ((oh. sorry. kind of distracted. <.<))
[22:56] <Spheniscine> (("I'm so unlucky I once rolled a -1!"))
[22:56] * Ruumis reloads his crossbow and shoots at the same scorpion as before
[22:56] * Zyborg22 shoots at the same one Ruumis is.
[22:56] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
[22:56] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[22:58] <DracoGM> ((Ruumis: Err.. that one is both fried on top, and frozen on the bottom... it might or might not have fallen under your PARTICULAR auspices yet, but it is probably only an academic difference at this point.... you shoot the only one still standing that you can see...))
[22:59] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[22:59] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[22:59] <DracoGM> Ruumis misses again.
[22:59] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> :P
[23:01] <DracoGM> The badly burned scorpion turns and flees... it seems to have some difficulty with this halfway through the door, and the reason becomes obvious as another scorpion of equal size manages to make it into the room, and up to Roshack... but does not quite have time to attack
[23:02] <DracoGM> PCs GO!
[23:03] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((my turn?))
[23:03] <Spheniscine> I zap that new scorpion with greased lightning!
[23:04] <Spheniscine> dice 3d6
[23:04] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5:6:4; Total: 15.
[23:04] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ouch o.o
[23:04] <Spheniscine> Woo nice roll.
[23:04] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[23:04] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 11; Total: 11.
[23:05] <DracoGM> Full damage
[23:05] <DracoGM> It goes down.
[23:06] <Spheniscine> Yay!
[23:06] <DracoGM> Anyone going to pursue the injured one immediately?
[23:07] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon runs forward past the door and does a spotcheck for where the injured scorpion is headed
[23:07] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> dice 1d20
[23:07] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
[23:07] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> :/
[23:07] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (12)
[23:07] <Spheniscine> (I imagine it zaps in a cartoonish fashion with... exoskeleton and all)
[23:07] <DracoGM> (probably true))
[23:09] <DracoGM> ((No spot check needed... you see the injured one clearly... about 10 feet behind the last uninjured one...
[23:09] <DracoGM> AoO...
[23:09] <DracoGM> Dice 1d20
[23:09] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[23:09] <DracoGM> Auto-hit...
[23:09] <DracoGM> Confirming Critical...
[23:09] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[23:09] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[23:09] <Spheniscine> Awr.
[23:09] <DracoGM> Not a chance...
[23:10] <DracoGM> The scorpion gets a claw on Clemaxgra and squeezes hard.
[23:10] <Spheniscine> Wait... that's their roll? I awred the wrong guy then. X3
[23:11] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> (counted as a grapple?)
[23:11] <DracoGM> ((Yep...))
[23:13] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[23:13] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
[23:13] <DracoGM> Wow...
[23:13] <DracoGM> Umm...
[23:13] <DracoGM> Ok.
[23:13] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon bribes wagz with
[23:13] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> muffin!
[23:13] <WagzBot> yays! Omnomnomnom! *looks up with muffin on her whiskers*
[23:13] <DracoGM> Good thing for you I am NOT using the rules for how this is SUPPOSED to work...
[23:13] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon hopes his score wont be ones now :(
[23:14] <DracoGM> The scorpion gets a good grip on Clem with both claws...
[23:14] <DracoGM> dice 1d4
[23:14] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
[23:15] <DracoGM> Clem takes 4 points of damage (Not a big deal for him).
[23:15] <Spheniscine> OK... if it's my turn...
[23:15] <DracoGM> Nope... don't think so...
[23:15] <Spheniscine> OK.
[23:15] <Spheniscine> Just let me know.
[23:16] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> *cant find his armor points*
[23:16] <DracoGM> You zapped with lightning, then clem ran in to try to nom the one that he discovered right in front of him...
[23:16] <DracoGM> And got grabbed.
[23:17] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> twice x_x
[23:17] <DracoGM> ((it is near the top.... long list of things adding up to something on the left-most of the list...))
[23:17] <DracoGM> ((Mostly zeros in your case, but one 6 for dexterity, and a 4 for natural armor.))
[23:19] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((AC? fortitude?x_x))
[23:19] <DracoGM> ((Oops... that is someone else... you have a 3 for armor, 2 for shield (actually you have 2.5 for armor and 1.5 for your shield, but that wouldn't get it to do the math right, 5 for dexterity, 4 for being so small (size), 4 for natural armor (scales), and 1 for deflection))
[23:19] <Spheniscine> ((Oh, right, I used my turn, and that was an AoO))
[23:20] <DracoGM> ROSHACK
[23:20] <DracoGM> !
[23:20] <DracoGM> (Going to assume Ruumis moves up and shoots at it... -4 for making sure not to hit Clem...))
[23:20] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[23:20] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[23:20] <DracoGM> ...
[23:20] <DracoGM> Dice 1d20
[23:20] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 16; Total: 16.
[23:20] <DracoGM> That is better...
[23:20] <DracoGM> dice 1d8
[23:20] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[23:21] <Roshack_Veres> ((Yes?))
[23:21] <DracoGM> ((Your go again...))
[23:21] <DracoGM> Ruumis nails it in the back, the bolt sinking to the middle of the vanes.
[23:21] <Roshack_Veres> I'll attack the last one.
[23:22] <Roshack_Veres> roll 1d20
[23:22] <Roshack_Veres> dice 1d20
[23:22] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[23:22] <Roshack_Veres> XD
[23:22] <Roshack_Veres> Ok.
[23:22] <DracoGM> Not the last one... is still the one that ran away after getting burned...
[23:22] <Roshack_Veres> Doesn't matter.
[23:22] <Spheniscine> Wagz is being evil today.
[23:22] <Roshack_Veres> My dice hate me, so I'm not able to do much.
[23:22] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> saame :(
[23:23] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> same*
[23:23] <Spheniscine> Someone cast detect evil on that otterfairy <.<
[23:23] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon had he thinks, 3 natural 1s out of 9 rolls :(
[23:23] <DracoGM> You both basically did pretty major damage to one... Roschack probably would have killed the one he hit even if it hadn't already been hurt...
[23:24] <DracoGM> One EACH.
[23:24] <Spheniscine> (Hey! Don't ruin our moping! lol)
[23:25] <Roshack_Veres> Wait... When did I get hit?
[23:25] <Roshack_Veres> ((Oh, read that wrong.))
[23:26] <DracoGM> Roshack a very good line to drive his spear into one of the scorpions larger eyes... Unfortunately, the scorpion keeps just so HAPPENING to interpose Clem in front of that line... bad luck.
[23:26] <DracoGM> *in that line
[23:26] <DracoGM> And... I think that makes it the Scorpion's go...
[23:26] <DracoGM> Opposed Grapple checkes Clem please...
[23:27] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[23:27] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
[23:27] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> is that under 'escape artist'?
[23:27] <DracoGM> You can use escape artist if you like...
[23:27] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> dice 1d20
[23:27] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 13; Total: 13.
[23:27] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> if its under escape artist, its +5
[23:27] <DracoGM> And that would, in fact, be the better choice....
[23:29] <DracoGM> ((Although, for its grapple checks I don't think you actually have that option....))
[23:30] <DracoGM> In any case, Clem's struggles mean it can't squeeze him very well, and the darting tail does not actually stab at him (although it makes several motions in his direction.
[23:30] <Spheniscine> Hmm...
[23:30] <DracoGM> Ok... now back to the PCs... Clem attempts to escape... the scorpion resists...
[23:30] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ((*cant find anything under 'opposed grapple' :/*))
[23:30] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[23:30] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 4; Total: 4.
[23:30] <Spheniscine> "Hey! Let go of my cuddly dwaggin!"
[23:30] <DracoGM> Clem gets a 9 total on his escape artist check.
[23:30] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[23:30] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 14; Total: 14.
[23:30] * Spheniscine bonks the scorpion with his mallet
[23:31] <DracoGM> Spheniscine:Roll damage.
[23:31] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
[23:31] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 18; Total: 18.
[23:31] <DracoGM> Clem is still grappled.
[23:31] <Spheniscine> dice 1d12
[23:31] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[23:31] <Spheniscine> Eep.
[23:31] <Spheniscine> (2)
[23:31] <DracoGM> Spheniscine: I said damage, not to-hit... right.
[23:32] <DracoGM> Spheniscine strikes it a glancing blow.
[23:32] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> giant muffin!
[23:32] * WagzBot looks up with tears in her eyes, "It's so beautiful!" Wagz dives in and gets lost in the muffin. All that is left is nomming sounds.
[23:32] <DracoGM> Ruumis: Going to shoot it again?
[23:32] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> wags is so evil against me today ;~;
[23:32] <Ruumis> ((Well, if I'm close enough I'll just draw the +1 mace and whack it))
[23:32] <DracoGM> ROSHACK! (That is how I always call initiative))
[23:33] <DracoGM> ((Ruumis: Unfortunately, Roshack and Spheniscine have the wacking spots...))
[23:33] <Ruumis> ((Then let the shooting continue))
[23:33] <DracoGM> ((Roll it...))
[23:34] <DracoGM> ZYBORG!
[23:34] <WagzBot> Your friendly neighborhood robot spider.
[23:34] <DracoGM> ((I think I may have been forgetting Zyborg...))
[23:35] <DracoGM> Bleh...
[23:35] <DracoGM> Ruumis crossbow:
[23:35] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[23:35] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
[23:35] <DracoGM> Miss.
[23:35] <DracoGM> Roshack's attack
[23:35] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[23:35] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
[23:35] <Zyborg22> I'll go with the crossbow again.
[23:35] <DracoGM> Hit.
[23:35] <DracoGM> Roschack finishes it off.
[23:36] <Zyborg22> Or not.
[23:36] <DracoGM> Zyborg moves forward and fires at the fleeing vermin.
[23:36] <DracoGM> dice 1d20
[23:36] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
[23:36] <Spheniscine> Boooooo! *throws stones at Wagz*
[23:37] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> ;~;
[23:37] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon creates a c program to do dice rolls
[23:37] <DracoGM> Zyborg SLIGHTLY gets tangled up in the all the unconcious/dead scorpions...
[23:37] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon doesnt trust wagz anymore :(
[23:37] <Spheniscine> I don't trust C ;.;
[23:37] <DracoGM> Just enought to knock his shot wild...
[23:37] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> its less evil than wags ;-;
[23:37] <Spheniscine> As in, the C randomness function.
[23:37] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> its less evil than 30% getting '1'
[23:37] <Spheniscine> lol
[23:38] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon wonders if wags is out to get him ;~;
[23:38] <DracoGM> The last scorpion flees down a hallway across the room...
[23:39] <DracoGM> ------END SESSION-----
[23:39] * clemaxgra-pocketdragon expects us to be in plenty of trouble next round :/
[23:39] <DracoGM> So... Hood, what did you think?
[23:40] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> no surviving minion is better than one surviving minion, he provides the intel of our abilities. Its better for the boss not to know what we are able to do :/
[23:40] <DracoGM> And, everyone else... but especially Hood, since this was his first session with us...
[23:41] <DracoGM> The only information it could give anyone would be forensic in nature... IE seeing it had been burnt...
[23:41] <DracoGM> Monsterous Scorpions are Int -... which is one step below INT 1.
[23:41] == Ruumis has changed nick to Hyperion
[23:41] <DracoGM> There isn't even a spell to talk to them, like their is for animals.
[23:41] <Spheniscine> Ah.
[23:41] <Hyperion> right. vermin.
[23:41] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> and arrows, and a description of the guy with the halbert:/
[23:41] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> oh o.o
[23:42] <Roshack_Veres> Halberd.
[23:42] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> *Halberd D:
[23:42] <Roshack_Veres> But yeah, I'm not sure yet. I enjoyed IRL D&D, but it could just be that I'm new to this.
[23:43] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> because of the evil wagz @-@
[23:43] <Spheniscine> lol
[23:43] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> so many ones >.< and 2x20? :(
[23:44] <Spheniscine> Yeah I dunno...
[23:44] <Spheniscine> dice 100d20
[23:44] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6:5:3:9:15:10:11:12:14:4:6:17:15:10:19: 5:11:6:5:18:3:3:7:3:5:15:18:19:10:17:12:4:14 :2:19:16:16:7:13:7:9:6:11:7:19:1:17:12:19:11:7:12: 7:20:1 :6:4:6:8:10:6:19:1:14:1:17:17:20:1:17:10:2:11:18:1 1:11:3:12:12:14:13:17:1:14: 19:3:3:13:15:15:20:4:11:4:20:10:16:19:5:16; Total: 1059.
[23:45] <DracoGM> If the Scorpion had made its grapple check, it would have done damage for one claw, plus 1d4 Constriction, and would have gotten a Dex-Denied attack with is stinger as if the stinger were its primary weapon... and about a +10 additional bonus...
[23:45] <DracoGM> The damage would have been trivial, but the poison might have done something.
[23:45] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> @-@
[23:46] <Roshack_Veres> *yawns* I'm headed to bed.
[23:46] <Roshack_Veres> See you folks.
[23:46] <DracoGM> Because, as I understand it, Scorpions basically use their claws so they will get a good...
[23:46] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> cyas :o
[23:46] <DracoGM> Before you go!
[23:46] <DracoGM> Could you tell me your impression of how I did?
[23:46] <DracoGM> I am always looking to improve...
[23:47] <Roshack_Veres> The major issue I had was that I kinda wanted to roll my stuff.
[23:47] <clemaxgra-pocketdragon> with real dices?
[23:47] <Roshack_Veres> *shakes his head*
[23:47] <Roshack_Veres> Draco rolled for me.
[23:47] == Roshack_Veres has changed nick to Hood
[23:48] <Hood> I don't know if that was because I was slow.
[23:48] <Hood> It could very well be.
[23:48] <DracoGM> Ah... well, we were running late, and you weren't jumping on things ASAP... anything earlier than about an hour ago I appologize for.
[23:48] <Zyborg22> Well, I'm off. See you later.
[23:48] <DracoGM> Right... exactly.
[23:48] <Hood> Ah, that fine.
[23:48] <DracoGM> See you.
[23:48] <Hood> God bless.