View Full Version : Test of Spite Exhibition: Claudius Maximus vs. Thelas.

Claudius Maximus
2009-11-06, 08:53 PM
Buff rounds? I propose all-days and 3, but this is up for negotiation.

As for the map, I'd like a map with large open spaces, if that's OK.

2009-11-06, 09:07 PM
... Large open spaces?
I can do the large, not sure about the open. How about the larger columns map?

All-days and... well, I'd prefer at least 4, preferably more, but I guess I can do 3 if it's absolutely necessary.

Claudius Maximus
2009-11-06, 09:17 PM
I'm down with 4 buff rounds and all-days.

Though I am not a minionmancer, there's a gargantuan creature involved, which would be completely unable to manuever in the new columns map. The forest map would suffice, as would an empty map. If you would prefer something else, feel free to propose it.

2009-11-06, 09:39 PM
New columns map, but double all sizes?
Triple, if you must?

Buff Rounds

AD) Mage armor, false life ([roll0])
1) Spell turning, greater mirror image ([roll1], [roll2])
2) Shield, new image
3) Fly, move 30 ft U, new image
4) Displacement, move 30 ft U if ceiling leaves room, new image

Initiative [roll3]


Since, iirc, spell turning is a "you must", not a "you may", I see no point in having an observer roll my levels secretly.

2009-11-06, 09:40 PM
Oops, mistyped a roll.
Temp hp, rolled correctly. [roll0]

2009-11-06, 09:41 PM
Ach. Same fail as last time, and leaving the post up for proof.


Claudius Maximus
2009-11-06, 09:49 PM
Some Buffs:
2-day Buffs:
Use Bead of Karma
Cast False Life [roll0]

1st Suffer the Flesh casting (+5):
Extended Energy Immunity: Cold on self and familiar
Lesser Restorations (using only as many as necessary):
1st: [roll1]
2nd: [roll2]
3rd: [roll3]
4th: [roll4]
5th: [roll5]
6th: [roll6]
7th: [roll7]
8th: [roll8]
9th: [roll9]
10th: [roll10]
2nd Suffer the Flesh casting (+5):
Extended Heart of Fire & Earth
Lesser Restorations (using only as many as necessary):
1st: [roll11]
2nd: [roll12]
3rd: [roll13]
4th: [roll14]
5th: [roll15]
6th: [roll16]
7th: [roll17]
8th: [roll18]
9th: [roll19]
10th: [roll20]
3rd Suffer the Flesh casting (+5):
Extended Heart of Air & Water
Lesser Restorations (using only as many as necessary):
1st: [roll21]
2nd: [roll22]
3rd: [roll23]
4th: [roll24]
5th: [roll25]
6th: [roll26]
7th: [roll27]
8th: [roll28]
9th: [roll29]
10th: [roll30]
4th Suffer the Flesh casting (+3)
Extended Magic Vestment +5 x 2
Lesser Restorations (using only as many as necessary):
1st: [roll31]
2nd: [roll32]
3rd: [roll33]
4th: [roll34]
5th: [roll35]
6th: [roll36]
7th: [roll37]
8th: [roll38]
9th: [roll39]
10th: [roll40]
False Life :: 2 1st level slots
Extended Suffer the Flesh x3 for +5 CL :: 6 2nd level slots
Extended Suffer the Flesh for +3 CL :: 2 2nd level slots
However many castings of Lesser restoration it takes to heal that :: 8 1st level slots, 9 2nd level slots, and 3 3rd level slots
Extended Energy Immunity: Cold on self and familiar :: 4 6th level slots
Extended Heart of Fire :: 2 5th level slots
Extended Heart of Earth :: 2 4th level slots
Extended Heart of Air :: 1 3rd level slot
Extended Heart of Water :: 2 3rd level slots
Extended Magic Vestment on shield :: 1 4th level slot
Extended Magic Vestment on armor :: 1 4th level slot

Sorc slots remaining: 7/1/5/6/5/5
FS slots remaining: 1/0/5/6/7/1 *Includes castings of Lesser Restoration*
Mage Armor
False Life [roll41]
Use Scroll of Anticipate Teleportation
Heart of Air on familiar
Heart of Water on familiar
Heart of Fire on familiar
Heart of Earth on familiar
Enhance Familiar

1st Suffer the Flesh casting (+3):
Imbue Familiar With Spell Ability, Energy Immunity: Electricity on familiar
Lesser Restorations (using only as many as necessary):
1st: [roll42]
2nd: [roll43]
3rd: [roll44]
4th: [roll45]
5th: [roll46]
6th: [roll47]
7th: [roll48]
8th: [roll49]
9th: [roll50]
10th: [roll51]
2nd Suffer the Flesh casting (+3):
Energy Immunity: Acid and Fire on self
Lesser Restorations (using only as many as necessary):
1st: [roll52]
2nd: [roll53]
3rd: [roll54]
4th: [roll55]
5th: [roll56]
6th: [roll57]
7th: [roll58]
8th: [roll59]
9th: [roll60]
10th: [roll61]
3rd Suffer the Flesh casting (+3):
Superior Resistance on both self and familiar
Lesser Restorations (using only as many as necessary):
1st: [roll62]
2nd: [roll63]
3rd: [roll64]
4th: [roll65]
5th: [roll66]
6th: [roll67]
7th: [roll68]
8th: [roll69]
9th: [roll70]
10th: [roll71]
Tyche's Touch on self and familiar
Divine Insight on self and familiar
Extended Heroism on self every 4 hours

Mage Armor on self and familiar :: 2 1st level slots
False Life :: 2 1st level slots
Extended Suffer the Flesh x3 :: 6 2nd level slots
However many castings of lesser Restoration it takes to heal that :: 6 1st-level slots and 5 2nd level slots
Imbue Familiar With Spell Ability CL 15: :: 1 6th level slot
-Wings of Cover heightened to 5th x2 :: 2 5th level slots
-Scintillating Scales :: 1 3rd level slot
-Righteous Might :: 1 5th level slot
-Mass Conviction Heightened to 5th:: 1 5th level slot
Enhance Familiar :: 1 3rd level slot
Superior Resistance on both self and familiar :: 2 6th level slots
Tyche's Touch on both self and familiar :: 2 2nd level slots
Divine Insight :: 1 2nd level slot
Divine Insight on familiar :: 2 1st level slots
Heart of Water on familiar :: 1 3rd level slot
Heart of Air on familiar :: 2 1st level slot
Heart of Earth on familiar :: 2 3rd level slots
Heart of Fire on familiar :: 2 4th level slots
Energy Immunity: Acid on self :: 1 6th level slot
Energy immunity: Fire on self :: 1 6th level slot
Energy Immunity: Electricity on Familiar :: 1 6th level slot
Extended Heroism :: 2 3rd level slots
Extended Heroism x2 :: 2 4th level slots

Slots remaining:
Sorc: 3/3/1/4/5/4
FS: 1/1/8/8/5/0 *Includes castings of Lesser Restoration*
I will need another post to continue my buffs.

Claudius Maximus
2009-11-06, 09:57 PM
More Buffs:
Round 1:

Me: Use Bead of Karma, activate Heart of Water
Familiar: Use Scroll of GoI [roll0], Activate Heart of Water

Round 2:
Me: Use Scroll of Arcane Spellsurge, Cast Shield on familiar
Familiar: Cast Righteous Might, Cast Scintillating Scales

Round 3:
Me: Greater Blindsight on Familiar, Activate Heart of Fire
Familiar: Activate Heart of Fire

Round 4:
Me: Use Scroll of Dragonshape on familiar, activate Heart of Earth
Familiar: Cast Mass Conviction, Activate Heart of Earth

Claudius Maximus
2009-11-06, 10:35 PM
New Ginormous Map:

{table=head]|A_|B_|C_|D_|E_|F_|G_|H_|I_|J_|K_|L_|M_|N_|O_|P_|Q _|R_|S_|T_|U_|V_|W_|X_

Arena is 60 feet tall. Material is worked stone. Constant and uniform lighting offers no mechanical penalties. The weather conditions are: 70 degrees F, no wind. If you would like to change any of this, suggest it.

Starting position:
The Familiar is in E47-H50. I am in E47.
I suggest we both start in the top or bottom 4 rows. I am on the bottom side.

2009-11-07, 07:48 AM
I said double all sizes... that includes height.
Other than that, I'm fine.
Starting position:


Claudius Maximus
2009-11-07, 04:41 PM
The height is doubled, from its original 30 feet. Do you want it to be higher, or are you satisfied with a height of 60?

2009-11-07, 05:09 PM
It was 30? I thought it was originally 60... I'd prefer 120, but I don't really care.
In any case, it's your turn.

Claudius Maximus
2009-11-07, 05:50 PM
What are your vision modes? I have niether See Invisibility nor True Seeing.

The Familidragon moves from E47-H50 to A47-D50. Its move is not yet finished.
I have moved in such a way that I have LoS to columns A, B, C, D, and E. Keeping in mind my aforementioned vision modes, do I see you?

If you are in one of those squares, you gain LoS to me:
You see a gargantuan Red Dragon. It is on fire. Its scales have a strange sheen to them. Roll two spellcraft checks. Also, make a K: Arcana check. On its back rides a Kobold with a bit of a coppery color to its scales. It is also on fire.
My turn is not over. I want to know if I can see you.

2009-11-07, 06:42 PM
No LoS, and no vision modes (other than standard.)

Claudius Maximus
2009-11-07, 07:02 PM
You see a Gargantuan Red Dragon move to A1-D4, 10 feet above the ground. It has just finished a wide turn to the east. Riding it is a Kobold with coppery scales, wearing a mithral Shirt, a Buckler, and a cloak. Both of them are on fire, and the Dragon's scales shimmer. Make 2 spellcraft checks and a Knowledge (Arcana) check.

The Kobold has standard senses. The Dragon has 60 foot Blindsight and 60 foot Blindsense. What do they see?

On the chance that you are in columns A-E, and the dragon's Blindwhatever picks you up from 60 feet away, it may have a different move.

Turn is not finished.

2009-11-07, 07:57 PM
A human wizard is standing in F4, wearing somehow not one but two backpacks and carrying in one hand a single shuriken.

Know Arcana: [roll0]
Spellcraft 1: [roll1]
Spellcraft 2: [roll2]

Claudius Maximus
2009-11-08, 01:28 AM
Your skill checks reveal that the creature is indeed a Red Dragon. Its proportions, colorations, and other such details place it in the Mature Adult age category, but it seems nearly twice as large as a typical dragon of such age.

You know that Red Dragons breathe fire, and are immune to fire and vulnerable to cold. Red Dragons of this age can typically cast spells, including Cleric spells and spells of the Evil, Chaos, and Fire domains.

The shimmering energy surrounding its scales is the result of the spell Scintillating Scales. The fire surrounding both the Dragon and the Kobold are the result of Heart of Fire spells.

As the Dragon reaches A5-D8, it sees you. It descends in a turn as it moves north, eventually reaching ground level when it hits A1-D4. When this happens, you become subject to a Globe of Invulnerability. All spell effects of 4th level or lower are suppressed. Spells cast before GoI are not affected, so your all-day buffs are safe. However, the GoI was cast on the first buff round, and the Dragon won initiative, so all your round buffs are suppressed.

The Dragon moves one more space to the east, ending adjacent to you. It lands when it finishes its move. When it does, the Kobold on its back (occupying A1) casts a spell at you. You recognize it as Wings of Flurry.


The DC for the reflex save for half damage is 26. If you fail, you are dazed for one round.

End Turn.

Observers only:
That casting of Wings of Flurry is heightened to 6th level.

Remaining slots:
Sorcerer: 2/3/1/4/5/3
Favored Soul: 1/1/8/8/4/0

2009-11-08, 08:43 AM
I'm being stupid.
Please allow me to specify a few things.

I'm 60 ft up, at least until the globe hits. Will you move the dragon up because of this?

If you do, and the globe does hit, I will feather-fall downwards, as per what happens when a flight spell is dispelled, I believe.
However, if I do end up taking falling damage... [roll0]
EDIT: {As I leave the globe, I become invisible.
If my invisibility is seen through:
Displacement and 8 mirror images
Also, not ALL my round buffs are supressed, only the 4th level or lower ones.
If your spell still hits considering all the above: Spell Turning, thank you very much.

Claudius Maximus
2009-11-08, 02:02 PM
You said you were "standing", so I assumed you were on the ground, sorry.

I know that only your 4th and lower buffs are affected, though I should have made that more clear.

I can move the Dragon to +40 from the time I see you, but it is otherwise in the same orientation and space as before. Since it is 20 feet tall, this gets you in the globe. You do fall, but the Dragon tries to nab you with an AoO.


If it gets you, you end up at altitude +55 and grappling the Dragon, and the Kobold casts WoF on you as before. If not, your flight recovers when you fall out of the globe, and you end up floating in F4 at altitude +35.

Edit: The Dragon says something in Draconic as soon as it sees you. Read if you understand that language:
"I found one! It Blinks!"
Edit 2: I realized that the Dragon can not be in the same orientation and position as before. It ends up in A1-D4 at +40, having completed an ascending turn to the east. From here, it attacks you for falling and either stays there grappling you or misses and stays there, having used up all its movement.

2009-11-08, 05:10 PM
Did you really think that would miss?

Obligatory automatically failed grapple check: [roll0]
So I end up grappling... just great.

Also, spell turning.

My turn?

Claudius Maximus
2009-11-08, 06:12 PM
Wings of Cover is an area spell that lets you choose who is affected, as opposed to a targeted spell. Spell Turning does not affect it. The good news from a metagame standpoint is that none of my spells can be turned, so at least the fact that I know about it doesn't cause a problem.

I was always unclear on one thing about grappling: can the Dragon try to do damage right now, or is that a separate check it has to make later?

Once these things are resolved, it is your turn.

2009-11-08, 06:37 PM
Does it have attacks left over? If it does, it can.

Also, reflex save. [roll0]

Claudius Maximus
2009-11-08, 10:43 PM
It does not, as it used its actions.

You are presumably dazed, so may I take my turn?

2009-11-09, 07:32 AM
And this message will be too short to post without this.

Claudius Maximus
2009-11-09, 10:50 AM
Dragon bites you while you're in its grasp, then tries to pin you at the end if you are still alive.

[roll2] Edit: Should be 44.
[roll4] Edit: Should be 44.
[roll6] Edit: Should be 43.
If it pins you, it prevents you from speaking.

If you are alive at the end of that, the Kobold casts Wings of Flurry again. The save DC is once again 26.


If you're still alive after that, the Kobold casts Greater Dispel Magic on you, which I think reflects. I'll roll that up later if necessary.

Edit: Those attacks are supposed to be iteratives that go down. Stupid copy+paste.

2009-11-09, 11:26 AM
I believe Celerity has a S component (AFB), so if it does, I lose.

If not... well, I think I still lose.

/me should have prepped FoM.

Good game. Now I'm off to remake the character with less fail.

Where do you have the dragon from?

2009-11-09, 11:31 AM
Actually, Celerity only has a verbal component.

2009-11-09, 11:35 AM
Well, I just went through my spell list and everything that might save me has somatic, so Celerity won't help. -> I still lose.

Claudius Maximus
2009-11-09, 06:06 PM
You are still flat-footed since you have not yet acted, so immediate actions are out unless you have a way around that restriction.

Freedom of Movement is no match for GoI, so it would not have saved you.

You may inspect my spoilers if you want. This character has some rather weird buff routines. The dragon thing is actually not very impressive at all. The real trick is playing with buff eligibility.