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Count Dravda
2009-11-10, 05:54 PM
There are some times when being the nice guy won't do, and you have to get out the "bad cop." Then there are other times, when you need to tear the souls of both cops free in an agonizing ritual, sacrifice the blood of their children, and bind the resulting flesh, bone, and blood into a terrible engine of death and terror.

This is a thread about solutions for problems, resolved in the most evil way possible. We're not talking about picking pockets here. We're talking about your character doing something so foul, so creative, and so over-the-top that the DM is left gaping.

I've got a couple to start. These can either solve problems that PCs may encounter or just be for the hell of it, but either way they should be able to be accomplished with resources available to PCs (although NPCs could use these as well).

1) If you need a distraction in a city, sneak into someone's house in the dead of night. Preferably a commoner. Cut his throat. He's a commoner: he has no chance of resisting you. Now, cast Create Greater Undead to create a wraith from the corpse. Rebuke it or cast any spell you need to in order to command it. Now tell it to feed indiscriminately. The majority of people will not have magic weaponry, but instead simply clubs or improvised weapons and thus pose no threat to the incorporeal horrors. Since they are utterly silent and move in the dark, they will get several hundred kills easily, and move on to take the rest of the city with overwhelming numbers. No matter how well prepared and armed the rest of the city's defenders are, they will not be able to withstand the onslaught of 10,000+ wraiths. Within hours, the entire city will have devolved into chaos as the silent wraiths slaughter and swell their ranks with each kill. You don't have any control over these new undead, but you don't need it. Assuming you are warded against them, you can now move about your business, assuming you do it quickly and efficiently. And you only had to sacrifice a city to do it.

2) This one is just for the hell of it. Cast Cloudkill on a windless night in a small town or a hamlet. Watch and laugh as it silently kills everything in its 20x920 foot (minimum!) path. If you feel the need for practical application, this one lays waste to resting armies. Laughing maniacally from a hilltop as lightning flashes around you is a bonus.

2009-11-10, 09:52 PM
The city of Ingotville is one of the chief producers of silver in the world. They produce so much silver that silver is relatively cheap. You are in possession of a large quantity of silver, but since it's so cheap it's hardly worth anything. You need the money for gaining an audience with the duke/buying a candle of invocation and ending the world/getting more wands, but the only thing you have to sell is silver.

To make a long story short, what you do is use a Locate City bomb on Ingotville and starting the wightapocalypse. Ingotville stops producing silver, so the value of silver goes up remarkably. Congratulations! Through the destruction of an entire civilization you have gained enough money to gain an audience with the duke/buy a candle of invocation and end the world/get more wands!

2009-11-10, 10:20 PM
My favorite evil act is the use of Greater Consumptive Field in urban areas. Save or die everything around you with 9 or fewer hp AND get +2strength, 1d8temp hp, and +1caster level for each? Thankyou!

2009-11-10, 10:28 PM
My favorite evil act is the use of Greater Consumptive Field in urban areas. Save or die everything around you with 9 or fewer hp AND get +2strength, 1d8temp hp, and +1caster level for each? Thankyou!

Do it during a church service of some kind. Unless you're in a market for a particularly large city, that's the place that will probably have the most people crammed into the smallest place. Plus, I mean, major evil points.

2009-11-10, 10:38 PM
Filling a moat with molten iron or lead, while traditional, is expensive and takes a lot of energy- it has an extremely high melting point, and radiates a great deal to the atmosphere, making a bridge above it unusuable. It also requires a constant energy input. Sodium, while it melts at a much lower temperature and takes less energy by mass to heat up, will explode during your first rainstorm. These are all Very Bad Ideas.

Mercury comes pre-melted at room temperature, though it poses a health hazard if you intend on keeping your henchmen long-term. It may be best to merely use lukewarm water with red colored bulbs in it. This has the added benefit of being able to store your sharks in it.

Though, gold is surprisingly cheap to keep in a liquefied state, should you find a sufficient volume.

2009-11-12, 12:52 AM
Here's one.

Go, disguised, to a very small town that still gets some travelers regularly. Find a child. Cast Mind Control, give them a decent weapon to help them out, and set it loose on the people. Leave for a few days (don't bother hanging out for the results).

Return, use on several npcs of indiscriminate age, send on a killing spree. Leave for a few days.

Return, use on the captain of the local guard/ militia. Command him to kill, and work his way to [insert Tavern name here] in an hour or so. Remove your disguise, and go to the tavern.

When the captain reaches the tavern to start killing, lo and behold, there is a traveling "exorcist" at one of the booths. You. Free the man of his "demons" with fake ritual, gain support of local people, decide to help with their recent possession problems.

With each npc that goes insane, each person they kill, and each person you free, the town's favor of you will increase. And, if a benevolent leader or a certain noble you wish to kill happen to die, well, that's quite a shame. You'll just have to settle for the goods and fame you've gotten so far.

Move to next town. More towns, more fame, bigger towns.... Mix it up some, maybe some curses or minor images at night of ghosts, demons...

As long as you act smart and make sure any who could pin blame on you are accused in your stead, you could have an entire country eating out of your palm, and thanking you all the way.

2009-11-12, 03:04 AM
Have maxed out diplomacy and perform skills (or go exemplar) and use it to turn everyone into your loyal fanatics.

For extra nastiness, be a lich or warforged or any sort of character that doesn't need to sleep or rest. Then get a lyre of building, as long as you can keep up the skill checks you can use the lyre to cut down forests and make buildings, or just mess up whatever environment you are in. Plus, since you are performing you can still be converting people to follow you.

Walk into town, start playing, make everybody helpful or friendly to you (or turn all hostiles indifferent), and then destroy the town and rebuild the material into your own giant castle!

you could be the Music Master! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19DxJDp9Oro)

Just figure out a way to broadcast your music across the world and you're set!

2009-11-12, 03:23 AM
Heh. I needed a good laugh.

Just remember to exterminate any deaf races while you're at it. Don't want 'em figuring out a way to break your control and having your servitors rise up against you.

2009-11-12, 04:25 AM
I had a friend who made his bard with that giant horn from...whatever the name of the bard 3.0 book was. It was audible from 10 miles away. Make an epic skill check with it, eventually gain fanatical worshippers. Ascend to godhood, with an army at your hands.