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Saint GoH
2009-11-11, 12:48 AM
Playing a 3.5 game. I got someone who wants to use the Obah-Blessed template, giving him basically 4 arms. 4 arms, 4 attacks. At higher levels, how do you resolve iterative attacks? Assign a main hand and the other 3 follow off-hand penalties?

If anyone knows a passage from a book that would be excellent.


2009-11-11, 12:50 AM
He doesn't get to use them without taking the feat line multi-attack.

4 arms, 1 attack. 1 feat invested gets him one more attack at -2. 2 gets 2, one at -2, the other at -4, and so on, if remember.

Iterative attacks are seperate.

Saint GoH
2009-11-11, 01:04 AM
So he takes Multi Attack, which allows the use of extra arms. Say his BaB is +14/9/4 (before minus'). Unless he has imp multi attack (or maybe imp 2 weapon fighting?) he only gets one attack per extra arm?

And if he did it would be +14/9/4 MH and +14/9 for each OH?

Lol I'm starting to confuse myself.

2009-11-11, 01:05 AM
Generally, assuming those arms are not granting natural weapons (ie, they don't have claws on them) you treat them the same way as dual-wielding. You just use the Multi-Weapon Fighting feats instead of the Two Weapon Fighting feats, and get one off-hand attack per extra arm. It gets a little odd with two-handed weapons, but not much weirder than dual-wielding a greatsword and armor spikes already is.

2009-11-11, 01:11 AM
At 14/9/4, he would get attacks ONLY with his main hand (well, offhand but they take extreme penalties - -6 mainhand and -10 offhand)

If he took Multiweapon Fighting and fought with light weapons in his offhands, he would get an attack with the main hand at 12/7/3 and a single attack with each offhand at 12. Improved multiweapon adds another offhand at 7, and Greater one at 3.

Note that he only gets a single attack at 14 no matter what if it's a standard action attack or charge (unless he has pounce).

Saint GoH
2009-11-11, 01:15 AM
Ok I think I got this under control haha. Thank you guys, its nice to figure this out now instead of in the middle of the encounter