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2009-11-11, 01:56 PM
I want to make sure I get Item Creation down correctly for the purpose of weapon that have charges per day & per week. I know the equation for per day but how would the cost be affected by a per week charge? This is reguardless of spell level yet. And after that, in reguards what chart equation do i use to evaluate the cost.

If its a +2 staff for example that can cast fireball once a day, do I use the Staff listing on chart 2-32 of the DMG or the Weapon listing with the added value from the chart on 7-33? Maybe both? Any help would be awsome.

2009-11-11, 02:29 PM
If you're adding a non-weapon or staff ability to a weapon or staff, then use the standard wondrous item rules to add it (In this case, it would 1200*caster level gp).

2009-11-11, 02:59 PM
The staff on 7-32 is a spelltrigger staff.

Normal weapon enhancements and custom magic abilities are two separate abilities combined on one item, so the cheapest ability gets a 50% increase (also a weapon is not strictly slotted, but it's pretty close so lets ignore the price multiplier for that).

So your +2 staff with 1/day fireball (CL5) would cost 1.5x4K + 1800*3*CL/5.

PS. they are guidelines for the DM, not rules :p

2009-11-11, 11:47 PM
Thanks guys, both help me out. I'm just leveling an npc/pc i play. The group was up against a Greater Abyssal Basalisiks and I knew some one was going to get stoned. So i had a caster random chance(d100) pop by. I was happy i got to stone the fighter but the druid and his pet kept making their saves. Grrr, lol.:smallannoyed:

2009-11-20, 01:31 PM
Another question, If I'm making a Mantle of Immoliation (Wounderous Item) what would be the apporate spell to use this is the specs of the Mantle.

Mantle of Immoliation: This mantle bestows the wear with added protection and engulfs the wearer in flames (Green, Red, Orange or a combination). Any person with 5 feet of the wear starts to burn from the intense heat and are not allowed a saving throw, but are allowed a energy resistence to negeate to reduce the damage. It was rumored that the Mantle was made by a Wizard in order to defeat a warlock and his army of grubby grappling rats.

+2 AC Bouns (Stacks w/Mage Armor and other Deflections)
Immoliation, Lesser: 1d6 Fire
Immoliation: 1d8
Immoliation, Greater: 2d6
(The wear does not take damage from the flames nor dose his gear passing through the field and he may suppress the flames at will.)