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Lord Magtok
2009-11-12, 06:26 PM
"Plans, plans, plans. They've always got their plans. But the problem with their plan, is that when you take an insane person to the asylum, you're just taking him home. The very place he knows best."-The Joker

{table=head]Player| Character
Boo| Dr Strange
Bushranger|Gray Ghost
Darkcomet| Batman
happyturtle| Robin
Jacklu| Clayface
Je dit Viola| The Flame Cape
KerfuffleMach2| Ventriloquist
KidKris| Riddler
Lex-kat| Batgirl
Magtok| Two Face
Moofin Bard|Catwoman
Moon_Called| Joker
Morty|Killer Moth
Saurous| Scarecrow
SeptAngel| Poison Ivy
Vespe| Harley
Earl of Purple| Killer Croc

PSSSSSHT!And here's TCCN's John Ryder, on site at the Asylum, where just last night, a large number of escapees had finally been rounded up and taken off the streets, thanks to the help of our new hero(es). Over to you, John.

Thanks, Vicky. Acro Asylum is a state of the art security facility and mental hospital for the criminal insane on the outskirts of Teutham City. Escapes were frequent, and those who are 'cured' and released tend to re-offend, but thankfully the City had its own vampiric Pale Knight to hunt them down and put them back in-

Oh what's that? Oh dear. In a shocking news update, it seems Teutham's own billionaire fanboy and celebrated philanthropist was caught in a freak accident three weeks ago. Due to a severe sunlight allergy his associates weren't aware of at the time, there's little more than ashes and an expensive suit to indicate anything even happened. Coincidentally, didn't the Pale Knight go missing around the same time. Huh, weird. Well, back to-PSSSSSHT!

The channel is changed over to 22, and a number of detainees groan and complain. Damn Chrome-Face and that Two and a Half Men show he's always watching. Scarecrow wrests control of the remote away after scaring Maggy Dent off with a sockpuppet ghost, and swiftly switches it back to TCCN.

Ol' John Ryder looks scared out of his mind, shaking and worrying as alarms and sirens blare in the background.

-terror, the Joker's just taken out two guards, and escaped his cell! He might try to hehe...might hahahaha, the Joker's going to BWAHAHAHAHA!

The news reporter's face turns a hideous white as he collapses in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Taking his place on-screen is the Joker, with a pair of handcuffs still dangling from one wrist.

"Give John Ryder a round of applause, everyone! He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot, but don't let that fool you, he really is an idiot.

The Pale Knight might have gone, but I sure as sunshine am certainly not, and it's time the whole town knew! Harley, be a deer in the headlights and shut down security so our nutty neighbors can join in on the party, would you?"

Sure thing, Mistah J!

Chrome-Face, Scarecrow, and every other crazy who's going to be played by someone finds their cell doors swinging open. Oh dear, things are going to get ugly in here, aren't they.

Elsewhere, our new caped crusader (whose name I dunno yet) is already on his way to the Asylum, speeding his way across a worn dirt road, determined to stop this madness before it even begins.

2009-11-12, 06:47 PM
Indeed, the Bat-pixie is speeding toward the Asylum as fast as she can.

It's not easy though. Her wings keep flapping in the wind, trying to pull her off the pixie-cycle.

And then there's the skirt issue. Why Alfred insisted on making it so short, she'll never understand. How am I supposed to fight crime looking like this? She wonders as she clings tightly to the machine with her legs.

2009-11-12, 07:18 PM
((Sorry for the upstage, but I believe it was agreed upon that that particular role [assuming you're trying to be Batman] belongs to me! :smallcool:))

A much larger (meaning normal-sized) vehicle roars past the pixie-cycle on its path to Acronym Asylum. It's a menacing, sleek, black hover-car, flames erupting from its tailpipe as a blatant emphasis on how fast it's going. One might call it a screaming black meteor, or a dark comet (whee blatantness), or something of that sort, if they had it rush past them like that. What was that? thinks the true Dark Knight as he passes by the diminutive impersonator. He would stop to see, but... the Asylum situation was far too dire to stop for something one might not have even truly seen.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-12, 07:22 PM
The Joker grinned to herself, striding through the gates of Aarkham Asylum, a straight black cane in her hand. As she walks, she hums a victory theme to herself, waving in the air infront of her and spinning it up in the air like a baton. Suddenly she stops, throwing her arms open to encompass the asylum's grounds, crying out a final, slightly-off-key note. "Finally back at Arkham, eh, Harley?" She says, perhaps a tad too loud. "It's like coming home, only this time, Batsy isn't here with me." Joker heaves a sigh, leaning against her cane. "Oh well. He'll be here soon enough." She leans back, licking her lips and giggling. "Oh, Harley, dear? Stop calling me 'mister' or I shall feed you to Penguin's pets."

2009-11-12, 07:29 PM
((No problem. I was bored and no one else was posting. :smalltongue:))

((Oh, and she's not dimunitive in this world. Think of her as Batgirl's replacement. :smallbiggrin:))

Bat-pixie stops as the Dark Knight passes her by, pelting her with dirt. Show off!! Least you could do is offer me a ride!

2009-11-12, 07:31 PM
Deck Grayson, aka The Robin, was in the Batmobile next to her partner-in-crimefighting. "Wheeeeeee!" :smallsmile: "It'll be good to see the old gang again, won't it?"

((Sorry, Lex, I thought you were in chat over the last few days when we went over roles, but I guess it happened too early for your usual time. The role of Batgirl is still open.))

2009-11-12, 07:34 PM
Inside one of the many cells within the asylum sits one Miss Sandi Fulton. One might wonder why such a stunning example of the female form is locked up with all the craziest, most dangerous villains to grace the city of Teutham. But like so many things within these insane walls, there is far more to her than meets the eye. Things which might explain why her cell has no openings that were not electrified and why her door was a solid piece of steel. As the door to her cell swings open, Miss Fulton smiled ear to ear and rose to her feet. Well well well. Looks like this little girl gets to spend a night on the town after all. With a seductive swing in her hips, she saunters from her cell into the halls of the asylum. A night on the Town indeed.

Vespe Ratavo
2009-11-12, 07:35 PM
Oh, right. Sorry, Miss Jay. Harley pauses for a moment, scratching his head. It's just that whole "gender" thing gets me mixed up sometimes. The Penguin's penguins are nice, though. Sometimes I play blackjack with them. He keeps walking to keep pace with the Joker. So, what's next, Miss Jay? Do you have a plan? Well, of course you have a plan. Unless you don't. Either way, I know it's gonna be lotsa fun. He smiles and starts humming a rather silly tune.

2009-11-12, 08:04 PM
Now it's time for a little fun. I'm sure my boys missed me. Comes the sultry voice of a particular red head in green. She gives a small gasp as she realizes she forgot something. Looking into a dingy mirror she quickly applies her bright red lipstick. Straightening her tight outfit, she smirks and walks out. Wonder if Harley is around... She muses to herself, running her hand along some nearby moss that is now expanding along the wall.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-12, 08:55 PM
"A plan?" Miss Jay looks at Harley with wide, blue eyes, and recoils in horror. "Harley, when have I ever had a 'plan'?" She whacks the man over the top of his head with her cane. "Of course there's no plan, what fun would that be?" She grins, and leans the cane against her shoulder. "Now then, forward!" She announces, pointing at the two tall, wide doors of the asylum, and marches down the path. "Our friends are waiting for us."

2009-11-12, 09:09 PM
Deck Grayson prepares to rappel out of the hover Batmobile, despite the fact that Batman will probably land somewhere sensible. It's just more heroic that way....


2009-11-12, 09:11 PM
Miss Sandi struts her way down the hall, ignoring the mental patients that go running past her to freedom. Idiots. They'll be back in their cages in days. One such criminal runs past her then stops. He turns to face her and sneers lustfully.

"Hello there pretty. Been a while since I got put in here. How about I have some fun?"

He lunges at her, grabbing her arms and forcefully kissing her. Sandi's expression is one of murderous annoyance. Suddenly the inmate's body jerks and a look of panic fills his eyes. He struggles against her for a moment before going limp. Sandi lets go of him and he drops to the floor, a stream of thick, brown clay oozing from his mouth. Miss Fulton wipes her lips off and looks down at the corpse. The first of her victims, and sure to be far from the last. She saunters for the front lobby of the asylum. She has business to attend to and she is fairly certain she will meet them there.

2009-11-12, 09:16 PM
There's a soft clapping of gloved hands behind Miss Sandi. I usually play with them a little longer. But I guess when trying to escape there isn't that kind of time. She grabs a nearby teen trying to run. He looks dumbfounded as she pulls him close. Sit. He does so. Good boy. She smirks. These are too easily controlled if you ask me.

2009-11-12, 09:21 PM
Sandi turns and eyes Ivy up and down. I have no interest in control. Only revenge. And right now the object of that revenge is finally within my grasp. A clenched fist is the only outward sign of her anger. She smiles cheerfully. I don't suppose you would like to help me with that? I'm sure we will get farther together than on our own. After all, you hardly look like the type who enjoys a long life in a madhouse.

Vespe Ratavo
2009-11-12, 09:22 PM
Harley rubs his head. Oh, yeah. Silly me. B-Man is the one who plans stuff. He runs ahead of Miss Jay, throwing open the doors. Introducing, the clown...crown? Miss Jay, are you the... He shrugs. Introducing the crown, clown princess of crime, Miss Jay! Yay! He steps to the side, clapping and bowing as Miss Jay walks in.

2009-11-12, 09:26 PM
Revenge has been my life's work. She practically purrs. They won't be able to keep me locked up here again. I can only guess who that object of revenge would be. The same that it is for most of the criminals here. Two who deserve a good kiss. She puckers her lips and drags her finger across her throat. The man she was toying with is now covered in moss, still obeying and sitting.

2009-11-12, 09:38 PM
Her smile turns to a smirk. Then I really should be going. Wouldn't want to miss my date. She turns and starts off for the front door, not checking to see if Ivy would be coming along with her.

2009-11-12, 09:41 PM
Ivy is indeed following her. Though her pace is more to her own liking. She doesn't seem to be in any real hurry. Possibly wanting to see who else walks out.

2009-11-12, 09:44 PM
Bat-pixie gets her sleek little crotch-rocket going again and follows the Dark Knight and Robin.

2009-11-12, 09:48 PM
Deck Grayson, aka The Robin, was in the Batmobile next to her partner-in-crimefighting. "Wheeeeeee!" :smallsmile: "It'll be good to see the old gang again, won't it?"

"Right. Fun."

The hover-Batmobile, which is in fact a hovercar and not quite a flying car, lands/parks outside the asylum gate, the corresponding Batman unaware of the villains about to come out the front door as he gets out, opening the gate and advancing toward the Asylum in silence.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-12, 10:16 PM
The Joker grins, a bounce in her step as she enters the building, waving a royal wave and cackling to herself. "Hello, hello, my people!" She cries, bowing deeply and grandly to whoever might be waiting for her.
When she straightens and sees only Sandi and Ivy, she looks a little dissapointed. "Oh, it's just you?" She looks around herself, and titls her head. "Where is everyone? I let you all out and no one shows up to thank me?" The girl crosses her arms over her chest, and pouts. "How rude."

2009-11-12, 10:19 PM
Ivy rolls her eyes and flicks her long red hair over her shoulder. You want to be thanked? Come here and I'll give you a big kiss. She smirks and blows her a kiss.

2009-11-12, 10:19 PM
Sandi continues towards the Joker, narrowing her eyes at her. Of course it's me. I wouldn't miss an opportunity to pay you back for selling me out and stabbing me in the back. She reaches out with her right arm with extends across the open ground between them, melting into a thick line of brown muck. She attempts to grab the Joker by the throat and lift her from the ground.

Vespe Ratavo
2009-11-12, 10:28 PM
Harley starts giggling. Sorry, that's neat, it really is. But you know who you're dealing with, right? He leans up against a wall, pulling out what looks like a pack of cigarettes. Just say the word if you need me, Miss Jay. He opens it, pulling out a lollipop. He puts it in his mouth, watching, looking rather bemused.

2009-11-12, 10:37 PM
The Dark Knight hides in a shadow by the front gate as he spots Harley outside. Luckily the Batmobile is far enough away so as to not be visible in the (presumed) darkness.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-12, 10:46 PM
"Meep!" Joker blinks as she's lifted off the ground by a rather angry looking Sandi. "Oh, Sandiiiii...! Well hello there, it's been a while, hasn't it? You look... good." The girl squirms slightly in the other girl's grasp, giggling nerviously. "Still bitter about that, huh? Well in my own defence... You were getting mud all over my car! Do you know how expensive it was to get it cleaned out?" Miss Jay whines, squirming a little more. "But hey, that's water under the bridge, right? I'm here to get you out, aren't I? You should be thanking me!"

2009-11-12, 11:04 PM
Sandi tightens her grip. Thanking you? If it wasn't for you I wouldn't even be in here! Besides, we both know you aren't here to bust any of your friends out. Just just like stirring up trouble.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-12, 11:36 PM
"Oh, please, Sandi, you'd probably ha- hurk!" The Joker's ramblings are cut off as her air source is slowly crushed. Her eyes go a little wide and she squirms some more, gripping at the clay girl's hand and trying to pull it off. "I'm sure we can sort this out..." She grunts, struggling for air. She tries to say something else, but it comes out in a garbled mess, with the only understandable word being "Batman".

2009-11-12, 11:45 PM
A batarang flies out of the shadows to attempt to thwap Sandi in the face. "You're being a big fat meanie! Stop that!" Robin says. :smallannoyed:

((What does everyone think about suspending anti-godmodding rules in the name of lulz and stuff?))

2009-11-12, 11:52 PM
Sandi continues to tighten her grip. Now, see, I thought I was sorting it all out just fine, personally. One more little- Aah! The batarang strikes her in the face and she turns her head away. Her grip on the Joker looses just enough and she slowly looks back at Harley, the batarang sunk deep into her face but otherwise not causing her too much discomfort. Wise little boys stay out of big girl situations.

2009-11-12, 11:55 PM
At this point, Arnold Wesker comes to join the group. He is carrying a puppet. The puppet looks like a 20's era gangster. Said puppet is called Skrall.

Well, isn't this a fine gathering? says Skrall. Seems he managed to nab one of the guards guns.

2009-11-12, 11:57 PM
((Never mind... silly idea.))

"Holy Genderbending, Batman! They think I'm a boy!" Robin says. She leaps from the shadows and tries to punch Sandi with a


Mr. Moon
2009-11-13, 12:11 AM
The Joker takes full advantage of this chance to worm herself free, slipping away and going to go stand behind Harley, rubbing her neck and gasping for breath. After a few moments, when she's caught her breath, she eyes young Robin and grins widely. Where the Girl Wonder was, her team-mate was usually close by. "Batman, come on in to my house!" She announces, spinning in a wide circle. "Don't keep me waiting, Handsome! I killed that man, don't tell me you aren't angry!"

2009-11-13, 12:19 AM
Robin's fist lands with a BIFF! and sinks into her face like a... a fist hitting something kinda soft and pliable. Her face reforms around it so as to trap the girl kid wonder. A girl indeed. Why don't you wait your turn. I kill you soon as I am done with this buffoon... She growls as the Joker slips free and her arm retracts back into its delicate form.

2009-11-13, 12:20 AM
"Ewwww... you got your face all over my fist! Gross!" :smallyuk:

2009-11-13, 12:23 AM
Hearing what the Joker said, Arnold starts looking around a little nervously.

Skrall, on the other hand, is smug. Mayge he's scared to come out. Eh? Is that it?

Mr. Moon
2009-11-13, 12:25 AM
((DC's asking for a little time to post. Slow it down, if you'd be so kind.))

2009-11-13, 12:27 AM
((Make me! HAHAHA!!!))

Everything happens and everyone is involved! Ker-pow! Bam-fizzle! Shika-shika-Ka-BOOM!!!

2009-11-13, 12:28 AM
It's about this time that a grapple gun is fired, latching onto a gargoyle above, as Batman rises into the air to quickly aim a batarang at Harley's gut and deliver a swinging kick to him in an effort to knock him straight into the Joker.

Vespe Ratavo
2009-11-13, 12:31 AM
Harley gets batarang'd and kicked in the gut. His lollipop goes flying. What a mean bat. :smallfrown:

Up to Miss Jay if she gets hit, though.

2009-11-13, 12:41 AM
Well darn. Looks like the backup has arrived. She throws a punch at Robin's gut, releasing her fist from her face at the same time. I'll be taking a momentary leave.

2009-11-13, 12:42 AM

Robin is slammed back into a batch of deadtime!

Tune in tomorrow, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel!

Mr. Moon
2009-11-13, 12:56 AM
"Ehehehehehe!" The Joker has to bend over, she's laughing so hard at Skell's joke. "Scared, my Batsy? Ooooh, I hope so! May-"
However, Joker is cut off by a sudden henchman to the face as Harley is sent flying into her, sending her flying into the wall, making a Joker-sized dent in the plaster.
When the dust finally settles, the Joker pushes Harley off of her, and stands, cackling to herself. "Eheheheheeeee! That's my Batsy, always entering with style!" She walks back to where she dropped her cane earlier, and picks it up, twirling it and proping it up against her shoulder. "Tell me, Darling, do you know why I called you here?" The woman asks, slipping a hand into her pocket.

((And with that, I'm logging off, after posting in the WW.))

2009-11-13, 03:42 AM
And thus the Strangers' nest is seen to be active as it once was. Perhaps it was the death of his father, but Mr Stranger had nothing more to say than "Let's have something!" which led, ultimately, to a bank robbery. This gang was once old, now taking members who spoke of their clear sanity. Anyone who was telling them they were insane were immediately shot by a man with one glazzy. The robbery was quick--it was started when sounds of insanity were heard. They say that noise can drive a world to it's knees, but Mr. Stranger had only the urge to run--run and run some more. He knew where he was headed; and only the police could come to stop him.

THUMP! "Heh... you's dead!" said the man with a fine top-hat. "Yes. Yes he is." agreed Stranger. "Now if you don't mind:..." They made their escape, not by car, but by having themselves a jog. One with an awkward smile asked "Why don' we jus' shoot'em?" "We have no guns! Remember? Unless you can fire something with your fingers." The smiling one tried, pointing at a light, cocking his thumb, then releasing. The street light exploded. He tried again, this time aiming at Mr Stranger. Nothing happened; and he was shocked by the lack of reaction.

They took their time walking down Memory Lane, just on the corner of Penny Lane.

Kris on a Stick
2009-11-13, 06:09 AM
The Reddler walked out of his cell, smoothing the crinkles out of his red jacket, as he searched for a suitable stick to call his own. The stick was an important part of his arsenal, y'know. Too many people underestimated the sti-
"You! Put your hands on your head and get back into your cell while this is sorted out. Now!"
"Hey now, let's not be hasty. I was just er... taking a nice refreshing stro- OH MY GOD IT'S MASTER CHIEF!"
"Huh? Wha?"
The guard whirled around with the practiced speed of a red shirted NPC, searching behind him for several seconds, before the realization hit him.
"Not my usual approach," said the Reddler, waving the pepper spray he had pilfered from the guard, "but jail... it changes you. Besides, you interrupted my train of thought."
He stopped spraying the guard, watched him flail around for a while, before shrugging and spraying him in the face again.
"Oh hey! Did you know they sometimes use this stuff in food, when they don't want the visible chilli bits? Weird, huh."
Spray spray spray.
"You know... most people would have fallen over by now."
Spray spray spray.
"You're... getting up. Okay, no, I just sprayed you in the face again. You're reaching for your stick, you've got your stick, oops, you've dropped your stick."
Spray spray spray.
Spray spray spray.
"Oh hey! A stick! I was just looking for one of those!"
The Reddler walked off, twirling the stick and tossing the empty pepper spray can over his shoulder, where it smacked into the groaning guard's head as he tried to get up, knocking him out cold.

2009-11-13, 10:38 AM
Sandi took several steps back from the knocked out Robin, then glanced at the caped crusader. She smiled faintly. Stretching her arm out, she attempts to pick up the annoying sidekick and make a hasty retreat back into the chaos of the asylum with her.

2009-11-13, 10:39 AM

Robin is sidekicknapped! :smalleek:

2009-11-13, 11:37 AM
Arnold looks nervous as usual. What should we do goss?

Skrall's arm swings up to smack Arnold in the face. What do you think, idiot? Time to regroup! Arnold takes Skrall and follows Sandi.

2009-11-13, 11:46 AM
Sandi carries Robin further into the asylum, turning into the large kitchen where all of their delicious meals are prepared. She drops him onto one of the large metal tables where food is prepared. She looks back as the strange little man and his puppet follow her in. Let me see... I'm guessing the little wooden fellow is in charge, right?

2009-11-13, 11:49 AM
Hey! Watch what you say, lady! The paint may look like wood, gut I ain't!

Arnold just stays quiet as he keeps running.

The Bushranger
2009-11-13, 12:05 PM
Suddenly, a figure swooops out of the darkness, landing next to the caped crusader.
A bit of white hair peeking out from under a gray hat, gray cape...
"Looks like I swung by just in time," the Gray Ghost observes, eyeing the Joker with a somewhat dubious gaze...

2009-11-13, 12:23 PM
Sandi narrows her eyes. Well, I guess my next question is why did you follow me in here, and will I have to kill you tonight? Because I am a bit preoccupied. She indicates Robin on the table behind her.

2009-11-13, 12:27 PM
Why did I follow you? Cause I can tell you're at least somewhat competent. And I like that in a lady. The puppet lets out a laugh that sounds like a cliche mobster laugh.

Arnold looks at Sandi. Look, I really don't wanna have to fight you, so please, don't make him mad. He has a pleading look in his face.

Skrall talks again. Don't mind him. I only keep him around cause someone's gotta hold me.

2009-11-13, 03:35 PM
Ivy growls away her deadtime, having missed quite a bit of fun. Looks like my favorite man finally decided to make his entrance, flashy as usual. She claps her hand cheerfully as a vine scoops her up off the ground. I know we really need to get reacquainted but I just don't quite have the time for that. Maybe we'll do dinner later. I've always done great with herbs. She laughs cheerfully, rising higher into the air.

2009-11-13, 03:38 PM
There, in the shadows, at the end of the hall! A glint of light! As whatever it is approaches (And if you've been reading the OOC thread you'd surely know whom), it's apparent that it's a short fat little man! What a nose he's got, huh? all long and pointed like that. It must be a terrible curse. Oh, he's got a funny little top hat, and an umbrella he's using to help him walk! He seems pretty happy, whoever he is.Ah, now it can be seen, that the glint was in fact a monocle! Oh, that's what it was! And what can now be identified as the penguin walks into the light, identifying his friend acquaintance colleague associate the reddler.
Looks like I'm not the only one who got out. Shame, I'd've prefered my run of the building. Waugh waugh waugh.

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 03:52 PM
A slender shadow drops in from the ceiling. Whoever it is stealthily creeps along the wall until she gets to the action. When she hits the light, you can see that she's wearing a form-fitting black jumpsuit with sexy black boots and a hood with two cat ears protruding from the top of it. Oh, this must be Catwoman. Seems like I'm a little late to the party.

2009-11-13, 03:57 PM
Indeed. He tips his hat to catwoman, ever the gentleman. Seems like the gang's all here. Waugh waugh. We're just missing the Joker and Bats.

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 03:59 PM
A glint of mischief can be seen in Catwoman's eyes along with a slight smile playing on her lips. Oh but Batman's already here!

2009-11-13, 04:05 PM
Oh? He says. Well then, looks like he'll have his hands full. He says, grinning cruelly.

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 04:07 PM
Catwoman's whole face is full of mischief. She turns to face Penguin, claws unsheathed. Oh dear Penguin, have you forgotten who's side I'm on now?

2009-11-13, 04:12 PM
Penguin picks up his umbrella and similarly turns to face cat woman.
Well now, isn't that just a shame. He says, sighing. I thought your were better than that.

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 04:14 PM
Maybe I'm just getting rid of the competition. Too bad you'll never find out. Catwoman leaps into the air and flies for his face, claws unsheathed.

2009-11-13, 04:17 PM
The Penguin quickly brings his umbrella up, blocking Catwoman's claws, moving deceptively fast despite his round bulk.

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 04:19 PM
Catwoman bounces off of the umbrella and does a tumble roll onto the ground. She kicks out from a crouching position, hoping to trip him.

2009-11-13, 04:21 PM
Yeagh! The Penguin falls onto his face, before rolling onto his back, raising his umbrella up to block any incoming strikes.

((Deadtime for a bit))

2009-11-13, 04:22 PM
Killer Moth is waiting somewhere until a criminal calls him for help.

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 04:24 PM
Catwoman stands and smirks. But she'll wait for Penguin to get up. She's not the kind to strike while the enemy is down. But if someone else wants a fight, she'll leave.

2009-11-13, 05:01 PM
Meanwhile, deep within the Maximum Security Block...

Bane's head snaps up as the cell doors open. At first he stares in disbelief, but eventually he stands and moves over weakly to the entrance. He had to find his supply of Venom, and he knew exactly where to go...

Leaving his cell, Bane begins to make his way to the Personal Effects room.

2009-11-13, 07:09 PM
"Ehehehehehe!" The Joker has to bend over, she's laughing so hard at Skell's joke. "Scared, my Batsy? Ooooh, I hope so! May-"
However, Joker is cut off by a sudden henchman to the face as Harley is sent flying into her, sending her flying into the wall, making a Joker-sized dent in the plaster.
When the dust finally settles, the Joker pushes Harley off of her, and stands, cackling to herself. "Eheheheheeeee! That's my Batsy, always entering with style!" She walks back to where she dropped her cane earlier, and picks it up, twirling it and proping it up against her shoulder. "Tell me, Darling, do you know why I called you here?" The woman asks, slipping a hand into her pocket.

Well that wasn't supposed to happen. Henchman to the face is supposed to be a knockout attack...

Regardless of that failure, the Joker digging around in her pocket can't mean anything good...

A canister is tossed to the ground at the Joker's feet. It reads 'Bat-smoke grenade'. And it does as advertised, releasing a cloud of smoke into the air... Wonder where this is goi-oh. Batman is trying to tackle the Joker now.

Kris on a Stick
2009-11-13, 07:20 PM
There's a whip snap, as a question-marked cane tries to find its way to the Catwoman's shoulder and hold her back, wielded by a newly bemasked Riddler. Seems he found the Personal Effects room as well....
"Excuse me, would you mind not killing the Sphenisciform? I have business with him."

2009-11-13, 07:24 PM
Now now, battykins. Ivy tisks from a nearby vine. It's not nice to kill a joke. You have to wait for the punchline. He might find a vine trying to wrap itself around his feet.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-13, 07:51 PM
Oh dear, Batman.
You see, if you'd just let the Joker have her speech, this would have gone so smoothly.
She would have pulled, from her pocket, a little remote control with a suspiciously large red button in the center. She would have given Batman a speech, told him how to counter the effects of the button, and run off to wait to see if he could accomplish her game.
But noooo, you've gotta go the direct way.

The Joker blinks, coughing, and takes a step back, obviously surprised by this event. "Not one for words, eh, Beautiful?" She asks the fog, giggling. "Well, no matter, I ca-hurk!" Oh dear, looks like the Joker's been cut off again.The second time in two days. Not nearly close to her record, though.
She goes flying, her hand still in her pocket, as Batman tackles her. Normally, she'd be overjoyed with being so close to Batman, but this time, the force causes her to crush the little remote in her pocket - right after pressing the button.

With a clank, the doors close, and a sheet of thick, thick steel covers the front door. And then all the windows. And every other door, and every vents and ducts other than the ones too small for Batman to crawl through.
Oh dear, looks like the Asylum is sealed off.

The Joker, however, doesn't seem to notice this. Struggling under Batman's grip, she pulls her hand out of her pocket to stare in horror down at the remote, which is compleatly crushed and useless now.
"What? No! No, you broke it!" She screams, but after a moment, the screams turn into loud, loud laughter. After a moment, she catches her breath, and grins up at Batman. "Hoooo, Batsy, you've only just got here and you're already winning! Or losing... We'll see, won't we?" She says, and bursts out into laughter again.

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 08:01 PM
Catwoman is surprised by the surprise attack and is hit by the cane. She is not, however, pinned down and manages to right herself in a few milliseconds. She turns to face her attacker and scowls. Now who said I was going to kill him?

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 08:35 PM
The Cape, when her door flew open, charged the guards and knocked them out. (Of course. What were you expecting?) She's wearing a modified handcuff, which competely holds her hands together in fireproof materials, kinda like a chinese finger trap, and it requires two keys at the same time to open it.

Using her bare foot and her teeth, she picks up these two keys and contorts her body to twist the keys in their slots. Once freed from the cuffs, she grabs her trademark cape and hood, then jaunts out of the cell room.

...anybody that she can meet?

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 08:41 PM
Catwoman leaves the Riddler to find her love and help him fight whoever is trying to hurt him. She sneaks down a deserted hallway, hiding in the shadows. She might run into The Cape.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 08:45 PM
Although, The Cape's not looking in the shadows. She's looking for somebody to play with. Could easily be sneak-attacked by someone hiding in the shadows...

She's calling out as she skips down the hallway...Come on out...Bats, I know you're in this building somewhere...I have revenge I need to take... and so on.

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 08:47 PM
Catwoman hears The Cape but only faintly. Taking revenge on Bats? Surely not on her beloved Batman? She quickly finds the source and goes to pounce on The Cape from behind. The Cape might be able to hear Catwoman's claws unsheathing.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 08:52 PM
Nope, The Cape didn't hear Catwoman's claws, on account of her singsongy voice and skipping steps.

So she gets pounced. Oh, hey! You're not Bats. Do you want to play, anyway? she asks, her cape hood convieniently covering her eyes with shadow. Because it's been really boring in here with nothing to burn.

With her face on the ground from the pounce, and her hands behind her back, her hands ignite on fire, the fire roaring at Catwoman

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 08:56 PM
Catwoman does a back flip off of The Cape's back and lands behind her. She lands on one knee. Her face is in a permanent snarl. You can't burn what you can't catch.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 08:59 PM
Oh? Who said we were playing baseball? she quips, because comic books always have catchy word-plays.
The Cape rolls over and sits up.

I just wanted us to dance. She starts tossing fireballs at the floor by Catwoman. So start dancing!

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 09:03 PM
Catwoman dodges a few fireballs before deciding to take the offensive. She leaps up, kicks off the walls and tries to get The Cape from the side. You wanna play? Let's play.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 09:06 PM

The Cape goes down at the hit. Oh, yes. I like that idea. What should we play? she says, as her hands ignite again, with the fire racing up her arms and across her cape.

Her nose is bleeding from hitting the ground so hard.

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 09:09 PM
Catwoman jumps back and looks down. The left elbow of her suit is completely singed. She hisses. I don't know. Loser chooses.

2009-11-13, 09:10 PM
In a cell not all that far from the action...
Hey, guard!

*sigh* Yes, B---Miss Sionis? The newbie guard turns to the cell door.

What's going on out there?! I thought I was in an asylum, not a damned warzone!

I... honestly don't know. I've... um...

I thought your boss told you to stop listening to your iPod on the job.

Yeah, but... um...

Well, idiot, how about getting me somewhere safer than this cell? My anxiety's going through the roof again... I'm feeling a little... ugh...

Nah, your cell's as safe as you'll get.

If I believed you, would I have anxiety nausea... oh, guh---*retching sounds*

Oh, uh, crap, I'll get the bucket.
He grabs le bucket and opens the door to come in...
And slips on a puddle of vomit.

Kick. Bucket to the head. Door slammed on head.
... He's not moving.
An indistinct figure quickly loots his keys to the temporary-storage lockers nearby...
And returns in a dark three-piece suit and a damn nice fedora to match.
And a black mask over her face.
Thank you, guard.
I feel much better now.

Black Mask is back in the game.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 09:13 PM
Oh, does that mean I get to choose? Goody! she asks, the fire continuing to engulf her. I choose...cat and mouse. she says, winking before she's entierly engulfed in fire. The irony hurts.

The fire that is her shapes itself as a wolf, and she faces Catwoman. Now run, little cat-mouse.

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 09:18 PM
Catwoman has another one of those mischievous glints in her eye. She winks at The Cape. She runs along the hall, leaping from side to side. Catch me if you can, wolf-mouse.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 09:28 PM
She pads down the hallway after Catwoman, deciding that it'll be much funner to catch old-school than breathing fire. 'Cause wolves can do that.

Run faster!

2009-11-13, 09:33 PM
Black Mask pockets the guard's pepper-spray and truncheon.
Sounds like somebody's having fun.
She pulls the guard's body into the cell and closes the door most of the way, but keeps an eye on the hallway.
Which might be in Catwoman's path...

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 09:33 PM
Aw but then the game would end too fast! says Catwoman as she slips down a side corridor. She's looking for something specific. In the ceiling.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 09:36 PM
Are you sure? says The Cape, chasing at Catwoman.

Then...she lunges, a leap at Catwoman, her flaming fangs glistening.

And...is that Black Mask up ahead? (I don't know)

2009-11-13, 09:37 PM
Well, there's a cell door left slightly ajar and a lingering odor of blood and vomit...

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 09:40 PM
Catwoman tucks and rolls under the lunging fire wolf. Missed me. She then smells the overpowering scent of blood and vomit. She pauses, which might make her falter her next move. What the?

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 09:42 PM
Oh. The Cape remembers that she's still looking for Bats.

She, after missing the leap, stops and turns 'round, waiting in case the Kitty will keep on running towards her.

2009-11-13, 09:43 PM
There's a groan.
A booted foot bumps the doorframe, pushing into view as somebody coughs.

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 09:45 PM
Catwoman looks from The Cape to the booted foot. She wants to play, Cats love to play, but...thise looks much more interesting. She frowns at The Cape. If this is a game, can I call a time out?

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 09:49 PM
The flames on The Cape flicker away until she's back to how she was, with her reddish cape blending in with her. Sure, a delayed win is still a win. she says, getting up.

And then she watches the bloody boot also.

Moofin Bard
2009-11-13, 09:50 PM
While The Cape is distracted, Catwoman leaps into an open air duct and out of sight. She deadtimes there.

2009-11-13, 09:51 PM
Hey, Newbie Guard survived!
He sits up, pushing the door open.
... Oh. Um, are you two... real? I hit my head really hard or something... and my chest hurts... I might be hallucinating you both...

... And one of you disappeared. Huh...

2009-11-13, 09:53 PM
Sandi rolls her eyes at the dummy and his puppet. Whatever. Just keep an eye on the door for me. She turns back to Robin and studies the girl for a moment. She pulls her mask off and frowns. No clue who this is. But it could prove useful. She binds and gags Robin with clay from her body and hides the girl in a cabinet. Now, to catch a bat. She grimaces and her form shifts, slowly turning into Robin's likeness. She puts on the girl wonder's mask. Holly impostor Batman, it's a lookalike out to kill you. She smirks and heads back out into the asylum, heading for the lobby once again.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 09:57 PM
Of course I'm real. says The Cape. Sometimes, though, I wish that I was hallucinating. It's so boring in this place. Not much to burn.

2009-11-13, 10:06 PM
Burn? Hey, you can't do that! I'll stop you, or, um--- He stands up and is duly brought down with a truncheon upon his skull.
... He was annoying.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 10:08 PM
Yeah. The Cape says, shaking her hair.

So who are you? And do you know where Bats is?

2009-11-13, 10:10 PM
You can call me Black Mask.
She exits the cell.
And as for the Bat... She growls.
Nothing yet.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 10:15 PM
Oh! I'm The Flame Cape...obvious reasons. she says. So do you want to take out some guards?

There's some guards in a room just right over. They're locked up, scared. And waiting for Batman.

2009-11-13, 10:16 PM
I think I'll be leaving that more to the people who are on fire.
Don't let me stop your fun, though.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 10:21 PM
But it gets a little boring that way. she says, tossing an exploding fireball at the door with the guards. You should just try it. Maybe they'll tell us where Bats is!

Or maybe they know the way out.

2009-11-13, 10:22 PM
She shrugs.
Oh, alright, maybe just one.
If the door's gone, she'll go for the nearest guard and try to drag him into the hall.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 10:25 PM
Yeah. The door blew in.


Nice pick, she comments at the guard the Black Mask chose. He looks pretty cute.

The Cape walks into the room with the other guards and makes a flame-wall in place of the door, afterwards. Just don't interrupt me for a couple minutes.
Inside...are some screams. And gunshots. Then...nothing.

2009-11-13, 10:26 PM
She throws the guard against the wall, stomping on his wrist and twisting cruelly. Bye-bye, hand-use.
Well, aren't you pretty?
Tell me, pretty boy, do you know the way out of here?

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 10:30 PM
The fire wall-door is still up, roaring...

and The Cape is looking at all the stuff in there. Supplies, disguises, computers (which don't work so well in heat), unconscious guards, ipods, and so on...it's all too good!

2009-11-13, 10:31 PM
I guess the guard just screams, then.
Ooh, and she takes his gun.
No no no. I don't want screams.
I want answers.
Where is the way out, pretty boy?

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 10:33 PM
The flame wall starts to die down...

The Cape comes out wearing a guard's suit, with her cape/hood still on. There's a lot of neat stuff in there.

Has he said anything yet? she asks.

Meanwhile, inside of the room, there's a guard stripped down, whose clothes she took.

2009-11-13, 10:36 PM
The hapless guard... well...
I... I don't know! I heard the Joker's got the whole place locked down, but I dunno if I believe itAAAAAAGGHHHHUHHHH---

His wrist is a bloodied mess.
There you go.
Finally told us something, huh, pretty boy?

Vespe Ratavo
2009-11-13, 10:37 PM
Harley stands up, clutching his head. Being used as a projectile is rather disorienting. The first thing he notices, however, is that Ivy is attempting to grab B-Man with a vine. Oh no. Miss Jay won't like that at all. He pulls a knife out of his pocket (the only other contents of said pocket being lint, of course), and does a completely unnecessary flip over to the vine. He lies on the ground, whistling again, and starts attempting to saw B-Man free.

The Bushranger
2009-11-13, 10:38 PM
Observing the Dark Knight being...fully involved with his own personal nemesis, the Grey Ghost decides that making sure nobody else tries to break up the party might be a good idea, and so heads past, humming a little to himself. "Just like old times, breaking up crime, headin' around and cleanin' up town..."

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 10:41 PM
Hmm, that was effective. The Cape says.

You can go change in to a disguise, if you want. Get out of those dreary prison garbs. She motions at the room filled with knocked-out guards.

The Cape takes off her trademark hood, but is still wearing her cape. Her eyes can be seen again.

2009-11-13, 10:42 PM
Bane makes his way a little down the hall until he finds a locked door. His slightly stupefied brain can barely make out the words telling him its the way out of Isolation. He shoves the door open, forcing it off its hinges. Bane curses his weakness.

He stumbles on...

2009-11-13, 10:44 PM
Hey, this here's all the clothes I need! She points at her black three-piece suit, matching fedora, and black mask.
It was in one 'a the evidence lockers. Guess someone got too lazy to put it in with the others.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 10:46 PM
Nice. she says, looking up and down the black costume. I...wasn't so lucky.

So where to now? Smile.

2009-11-13, 10:49 PM
Hell if I know... but I guess we'll have ourselves a Joker to deal with.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 10:51 PM
And Bats, too, right after that. 'kay? Sounds good. Bats and Jokie. she says, spinning around on one foot, letting her cape wave in the wind.

So...let's go this way! She starts skipping off that way down the hall.

2009-11-13, 10:55 PM
Bats is guaranteed to either punch us... or spray us with "Bat-Anti-Whatever" spray and THEN punch us.

J might kill us, recruit us, cut a deal with us, ignore us, invite us over for tea and biscuits...

I'd rather be not here.
She follows at a brisk walk.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 10:59 PM
Oh, I like biscuits. Not so much on the tea part, though. Let's do it anyway... she says, continuing to skip down the hallway.

Is there anybody else that they can run into, please?

2009-11-13, 11:12 PM
They could see Bane stumble out of a branching off hallway. He doesn't seem to recognize that they are there.




2009-11-13, 11:15 PM
... Whoa, masked goliath alert. She notices him.
For WB's convenience, she's a tallish thin woman in a black three-piece suit; she wears a matching black fedora and a black death-mask.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 11:16 PM
Oh, not as cute as the guards back there, though... says The Cape.

The Cape is actually an elf with dark red skin, looks teenage years, wearing a guard uniform and has a cape with a hood on. The hood is off of her head, though.

2009-11-13, 11:20 PM
Bane only pauses for a moment to read a sign on the wall before he starts making an unsteady path towards them.

2009-11-13, 11:22 PM
... Yeah, I'll leave you to determine every single person's cuteness, dearie.

... And here he comes.

*Ahem* Hey there, big guy! Nice to be outta the cell, isn't it?

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 11:26 PM
How do we know he's not a guard? Besides the obvious reasons, of course... she whispers across.

2009-11-13, 11:30 PM
Bane slams a hand larger than the Black Mask's face onto the wall next to her head. "Effects room...now..."

2009-11-13, 11:32 PM
... Uh, yeah, it's that way.
Right, Cape? She points down the hall in, luckily for her, the correct direction.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 11:36 PM
Yes, that's the right way! The Cape says, smiling at the new guy. Who isn't really that cute, because he's too muscled.

2009-11-13, 11:39 PM
Bane's fingers start to dig furrows into the brick as he clenches them a little, showering Black Mask's shoulder with powder. "Take me."

2009-11-13, 11:41 PM
Sure, sure, anything as long as you don't make me dead.
To the Effects Room!
She begins walking that way.
I have GOT to get out of this place.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 11:42 PM
The Cape skips after them, starting to hum something, and...looking for something to burn.

Oh, look! A rat! Now it's a roasted rat.

2009-11-13, 11:47 PM
Bane thunders along slowly, having to stop and lean against a wall occasionally to regain his balance. "Curse my weakness..."

2009-11-13, 11:52 PM
Ah, happens to everyone. What with being locked in a cell and all, it's kinda to be expec---she trips, falls headlong... but, to her credit, is up on her feet with remarkable speed.
*Sigh* Case in point.
And she deadtimes.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-13, 11:56 PM
But The Cape continues to lead him to the Effects Room, skipping and humming the whole way, and burning up anything that even was thinking about looking at her funny.

(assume that Black Mask continues with them and waits outside of the door?)

2009-11-14, 12:04 AM
As they near the room, Bane follows her, but a question nags at his foggy mind. "Who let us out?"

(I see no harm in it, but its up to Bean)

Je dit Viola
2009-11-14, 12:06 AM
I think it was...the Jokester. she says. Of course, she also trapped us all in here by locking the doors or something. With Bats. That's what the guards said, anyway... she says, still skipping towards it, almost here.

(Yeah. Totally)

2009-11-14, 12:18 AM
Bane doesn't speak until the Effects Room appears in sight, with its half-dozen guards inside their control booth. "Leave if you wish. This will get...ugly." He begins to tear a mass of brick and mortar out of the wall. With his hands.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-14, 12:22 AM
Oh, no. I'm really bored right now, so I'd rather stay. The Cape says, in her guard uniform, leaning back against the opposite wall.

Then, she tosses a fireball at a wastebasket down the hall. Score!
Before watching Bane do whatever he's going to do.

2009-11-14, 12:40 AM
Sandi rolls her eyes at the dummy and his puppet. Whatever. Just keep an eye on the door for me. She turns back to Robin and studies the girl for a moment. She pulls her mask off and frowns. No clue who this is. But it could prove useful. She binds and gags Robin with clay from her body and hides the girl in a cabinet. Now, to catch a bat. She grimaces and her form shifts, slowly turning into Robin's likeness. She puts on the girl wonder's mask. Holly impostor Batman, it's a lookalike out to kill you. She smirks and heads back out into the asylum, heading for the lobby once again.

Skrall laughs maniacally at the joke. When Sandi leaves, the pair follow. The Skrall looks up at Arnold. Hey, genius! Why don't you make yourself useful and glock the door with something?

Arnold nods, gives a mumbled response, and slams the door shut to the room. He then finds a heavy desk. He sets Skrall on it, then pushes the desk against the door. Then he picks Skrall back up. There. That'll hold her. They take off down the hall.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-14, 12:41 AM
One of the guards shouts as the wastebasket suddenly caches fire, and as one, the group of guards stands, their chairs scraping behind them. Another guard spots the trio of inmates headed towards them, and cries out a warning.
"Oh my God, is that Bane?!"
"How did he get out of his cell?!"
"Someone sound an alarm, if he gets his Venom..."
"Shut up! Just shut up, shoot them!"

That seems to get them snapped out of their fear. The guards draw their guns, and two of them draw tasers. While the four guards fire at Bane with pistols, the two armed with tasers aim and fire at Cape and Black Mask.

2009-11-14, 12:44 AM
Bane steps into the hallway in front of the guards for only a second, flinging a piece of wall with all his might at one of the ones with guns before ducking behind the corner again. He doesn't seem to notice that his left shoulder has been shot.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-14, 12:45 AM
Cape, who is not deadtimed yet, upon hearing the guards, gets ready a fireball. Wait, no. A fire-snake. Even better.

She gets tazed, but only moments after she tosses the snake. Bzzt!

To their point of view: She tossed a flaming hoop at them, and it landed short.
Until it uncoils. Then hisses at them. Then slithers quickly towards the one that tazed her.

...she's still wearing a Guard uniform.

2009-11-14, 12:48 AM
About this time, The Ventriloquist comes down the hall behind Cape and Bane.

Are you sure agout this, sir? I really don't think-

I know you don't think! That's why I do it for you! Now, get me over there!

Arnold starts jogging to catch up to the pair.

It should be noted that Skrall, the puppet, is holding a gun that was taken from an unconscious guard.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-14, 01:00 AM
The orange-text guard screams as he gets hit with what is essentially a giant boulder. There's a sickinging crack as he collapses under it's weight, and, slowly, a pool of blood trickles out from where the peice of corner that's crushed his torso.

The first guard with the taser looks in horror at the stream of fire that flies through the air at him, and when it lands on him, he bursts into flames. The man screams as his armor melts onto his skin, burning clothes and hair and skin.
The smell of burnt meat penetrates the air and the fire alarm goes off, showering the hallway with water as a high-pitched tone rings throught the asylum.

While this is happening, the guards remain surprisingly unphased, although several of them look like they're about to lose their lunches. They continue firing, the second guard with a taser... pretty much stuck until Dark Mask gets on, I suppouse.
((Who we should probably wait for before we keep going.))

2009-11-14, 01:04 AM
Bane flings his second boulder at another guard with a gun before ducking back around the corner again. The new graze on his right arm bleeds into deadtime.

(Should wait now for Bean)

2009-11-14, 01:12 AM
Another bank. "That fellow doesn't look to be progressing well." Mr Stranger remarks. "I still hear them." "Hear who?" asks the one with a hat. "Them." "Oh." The group soon finished their second robbery, two great, big bags now hanging over the one with the hat's shoulder. "The police are rather disorganized, aren't they?"

2009-11-14, 02:05 AM
There's a whip snap, as a question-marked cane tries to find its way to the Catwoman's shoulder and hold her back, wielded by a newly bemasked Riddler. Seems he found the Personal Effects room as well....
"Excuse me, would you mind not killing the Sphenisciform? I have business with him."

Thanks. Says the penguin, righting himself. He picks his hat up off the floor, dusts it off, and places it with some ceremony back on his head. So, what do you want?

2009-11-14, 11:55 AM
While this is happening, the guards remain surprisingly unphased, although several of them look like they're about to lose their lunches. They continue firing, the second guard with a taser... pretty much stuck until Dark Mask gets on, I suppouse.
((Who we should probably wait for before we keep going.))
Black Mask is tazed with a shuddering scream; she falls against a wall and crumples.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-14, 12:28 PM
Cape, in her guard outfit, is still tazed. Unless the guard she burned up let go of the tazer and it shut off.

The fire snake slithers to the next target, the other one with the tazer of Black Mask.

2009-11-14, 04:12 PM
Guards at the Asylum where so untrained. They should've expected something like this happening. Too bad ol' Batsy has to ruin the fun.
"Guard. How come everyone else is loose, but I'm still stuck in my cell?"

"Because you actually have competent guards here!" the guard exclaimed.

"Well, looks like an inmate's coming your way. You might wanna get in here and take cover."
The extremely foolish guard comes in the cell, seeing a few inmates that are armed.

"Hey, thanks for that." Suddenly, purple-text guard's head in slammed into the wall. Repeatedly.

"No, thank you." Deadshot (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_B49rvfQPG60/SIm7-Ul_9SI/AAAAAAAAAsg/oeTC92kluQ4/s400/Deadshot.jpg) says, looting a gun from the corpse. "I honestly thought he would shoot me. Oh well."
He quickly retrieves his mask, after opening his cell. "I'm back, Batman."

Mr. Moon
2009-11-14, 04:54 PM
This time, the guards are prepared for Bane's rock-hurling assault - the boulder arcs towards the third of the four remaining guards, but he manages to jump back. However, he doesn't clear the boulder compleatly, and it lands on his left leg with a sickening crunch. The guard falls, screaming in agony and trying to lift the boulder off his crushed leg.

I imagine the sprinklers would have, at this point, reduced the size of the fire snake, although it's still a string of freaking fire, so it's rather effective against the guard, lighting him aflame in cloud of smoke, steam, and agonized screams. Both of the taser guards have let go of their weapons, but... the tazers have now caught fire, and the little coil thingies that connect the gun to the pads? They've caught fire too, and it's running down the coils right towards the two girls.

The remaning guards continue firing at Bane, sheer terror in their eyes.

2009-11-14, 05:09 PM
Bane quickly reaches out and grabs the two girls, dragging them to safety, even though he leaves the chords in. "Put away your weapons and those of you remaining will not be hurt. All I want are my items."

Je dit Viola
2009-11-14, 05:17 PM
Oh! Cape gets dragged to safety.

The flame snake, as said, fizzles, hisses, and dissolves into steam, disappearing. No more flaming snake.

I think its safe to say that the shock is no longer running. So Cape tears the hook/wires off of her (ouch) and sears the wound shut with fire. Goody! Scars.

She then tries to cut Mask's wire to stop her from burning up. Although, the sprinklers might put out the fire. Are you okay?

2009-11-14, 05:23 PM
I've learned to accept pain.
She tears the prongs out of her shoulder.
((And GONE again.))

Mr. Moon
2009-11-14, 05:40 PM
Considering that the only surviving guards have either been severly burnt, had their leg crushed, or had to watch as his team was destroyed, Bane's offer is a rather convincing one.

The final standing guard stops firing, looking at the two other guards - the one on the left, let's name him Moe, has rolled the boulder off his leg and is looking down in horror at the strange angle his leg has taken on. The one on his right, he'll be named Sam, is badly burnt - his hair is scoarched, his skin is black in some places, and bright red in others, and he's on the floor, moaning in agony.
The standing guard drops his pistol and slowly raises his hands, eyes wide in fear - he's shaking vissibly. "I... I surrender..." He whimpers, not trusting the trio of super-villians, but not seeing another option to get out of this alive.

By now, the floor has a thick layer of water on it, and the clothes of the guards are soaked. Although, for convinience's sake, the sprinklers are only active in this floor, in this hallway.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-14, 05:43 PM
I say we let them go, because he's cute. pipes Cape. And, besides, she can't burn anything in this flood of water.

She glances at the water. Then back at the cute guards. I'll see you later.

2009-11-14, 06:00 PM
Bane wanders out and bends down, straightening the guard's bent leg, ignoring the screaming. He turns to the standing guard. "Open the effects room, then get out of here. If anyone gives you trouble, tell them Bane will... take care of them."

Mr. Moon
2009-11-14, 09:14 PM
Shaking from head to toe, the guard opens his mouth to speak, and has to try several times to get the words to come out. "I, I, I can't, Mister Bane." He says, finally, as water soaks his hair and runs down his face. He has to squint as the water is getting in his eyes, and he's too busy keeping his hands above his head to wipe it away. "I... don't have the, um, well... key. The, um... Warden is the only one allowed a copy..." He takes a step back as he delivers this news, and flinches if Bane moves at all, fearing that his life was about to end in a very squishy manner.

2009-11-14, 09:18 PM
I say we let them go, because he's cute.
... What is it with you and the apparently "cute" guys?

Masky looks at the hapless guard who just spoke.
Alright then. How 'bout you tell us where the Warden is?

Je dit Viola
2009-11-14, 09:20 PM
Hello...I'm a teenage girl... she says, rolling her eyes.

If it wasn't for the water, she'd use fire to intimidate the guards to tell stuff quicker. Instead, she just listens to how the guards answer. And splash a bit in the water.

2009-11-14, 09:28 PM
Bane looks at the guard and nods. "Go." He strides to the locked door to the effects room and kicks it off it's hinges before going in.

2009-11-14, 09:30 PM
... Or, yeah, Bane could do that.

She looks over at Cape.
Hey, when I was your age I wasn't totally obsessed with guys and their looks.
Mostly because I despised everybody.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-14, 10:14 PM
"Well... he's usually in, in his, um..." The guard trails off as Bane interupts him, and flinches as the hulking wall of a man walks past him, and breaks down the door. The guard winces, not even wanting to think of what tools, weapons and gear would be open to whoever wanted them...

He knows he should probably leave now, but something had to be taken care of... "Um... Mister.... Mister Bane...?" he stammers, and looks neviously down at his friends laying screaming or dead at his feet. "What's... what's going to happen to...?"

2009-11-14, 10:23 PM
Bane looks out at the injured guards. "I'll carry them out if you lead the way. The layout has changed since I was last here." He finds his box and smiles to himself. "Ahh...Venom. How much I missed you."

2009-11-14, 10:50 PM
A figure abruptly drops down from the rafters above, a soft rustling sound being the only warning of his arrival. Which probably isn't even audible over the fire alarm. He aims for the guard, attempting to land on or near the poor guy.

2009-11-14, 11:02 PM
DC-the-player is poked one too many times and says 'screw it' to the waiting.

Batman manages to avoid Poison Ivy's entanglement due to the smoke grenade and tackling the Joker and such. Why wouldn't said Joker just pass out already after getting minon-faced and tackled?

Regardless, there is a punch aimed at the monster clown's gut now, trying to knock her out already.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-14, 11:19 PM
The guard nods to himself, still keeping his hands up in the air - they were starting to fall asleep. "Right. Lead the way. Yeah, I can do that." He stands in place, waiting for for Bane to finish up in the PE room.
That was the plan.

Instead, the guard has someone land on him. The already freaked out guard shrieks, falling down. Adrenaline surges through his body, and he attempts to grab the figure and roll him over to pin him.


Back at the entrance, Joker's high pitched laughter suddenly stops as the clown takes a hit to the gut. Her eyes go wide and she gasps for breath a little while, before grinning up at Batman. But that doesn't seem to do it, because she starts talking again.
"Oh, that's right, Beautiful, you know I just love it when you treat me rough!" Her voice is a hoarse whisper - she was just punched in the gut, I'd imagine that'd make it rather hard to talk. "But we can't play now, not when I haven't taught you the rules."

Je dit Viola
2009-11-14, 11:23 PM
Cape shrieks when the man comes down on the guard. Oh, no! It's Bats! Or...not. The woman in the guard outfit with a cape glares at the newcomer, trying to see if she knows him from somewhere.

If it wasn't for all this water, she'd burn the newcomer. Instead...just *ssssss* steam where the fire goes.

2009-11-14, 11:25 PM
Seeing the figure fall onto the guard, Bane momentarily forgets about the Venom and aims a bone-crushing blow at the newcomer on instinct.

2009-11-14, 11:28 PM
Crap! Black Mask hisses in surprise, drawing the stolen truncheon.

2009-11-14, 11:46 PM
Sadly, it isn't going to be that easy for the guard. The figure, which Cape should see is a rather wiry and thin man dressed in a ragged brown cloak and tunic, raises a small canister filled with a golden liquid. How he managed to hold onto that after falling several feet onto another person, I don't know. He presses down on a valve at the top of the can, spraying the stinging mist in the guard's face. I would assume that this would be very distracting.

However, how this affects the guard's ability to throw his attacker off is not tested, as the man is knocked away by Bane's punch. He skids across the floor, coming to a halt by a wall on the other side of the hallway.

((...and straight into deadtime, it seems. Bane and his silly super punches.))

2009-11-15, 12:06 AM
Arnold watches this whole scene with a slight look of fear.

Skrall, on the other hand, laughs. Oh, this is gonna ge great!

2009-11-15, 02:44 PM
The Dark Knight rolls his eyes under the cowl, standing and trying to lift the Joker into the air (by the neck) in Harley's direction. Oh dear. "Talk." It's unclear whether this is directed at Joker or Harley. Perhaps both? Either way, it sounds almost like a threat. Probably is, considering Joker could very well be about to get choked.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-15, 03:28 PM
The guard cries out as the golden mist is sprayed into his face, and, when the figure has been punched off of him by Bane, his hands immediately fly up, trying to rub the stinging liquid out of his eyes. Which will probably just rub it in further and make it worse.
After a moment, presumably when the stinging sensation fades off, the guard pulls his hands from his face and sits up.
Take it away, Saur.


Oh, my, Joker's held up by the throat and suspended in the air a second time in ten minutes. She's having quite the day today, isn't she?
As she hangs there, the Joker maintains eye contact with Batman, smirking even though she's having a pretty hard time breathing. Fortunately, this also means she can't talk, which means that Batman doesn't have to listen to her rambles... but also means that she can't talk.
She does, however, try to kick Batman in the shin.
Whether this is to get him to let him go or just get him angry is up for debate.

Moofin Bard
2009-11-15, 03:32 PM
Catwoman watches the interaction between Batman and Joker from the air duct she's currently in. She's working on silently pulling the grate off.

2009-11-15, 03:56 PM
Since the guard looks fine after a moment, Bane returns to attaching his Venom dispenser to himself. After shoving the tubes into their sockets to his brain, he slides a vial into the wrist control. The green fluid fills the tubes and when the Venom reaches his brain, he takes a sharp breath of air into his lungs. Bane chortles as his muscles swell and his fur, claws and fangs grow back. "I am BANE!" He releases a bloodcurdling howl, celebrating his returned strength.

2009-11-15, 03:59 PM
Black Mask runs a gloved hand under her collar.
Well, that's one problem solved.

Vespe Ratavo
2009-11-15, 04:08 PM
Well, B-Man, it's very simple. Harley produces a remote from his pocket (not the one that had knives and lint in it, by the way), and clicks it. A nearby security monitor changes to show an image of a young girl, tied to a chair, in a room sealed off by the same kind of metal doors currently sealing off the asylum. An LED timer near her is currently paused at 12:00:00, said timer being hooked to stupidly large amounts of explosives.

Recognize her? It's the warden's daughter. There's a button somewhere in this madhouse, and it's gonna open a lot of doors for ya, including that one. And if you want to find the button, you're gonna have to play a game with Miss Jay. So I'd recommend letting her down now.

Harley then drops the remote, and crushes it. The timer starts ticking down. He giggles.

2009-11-15, 04:17 PM
'B-Man' doesn't seem to be too harmed from getting kicked in the shin by a near-breathless Joker. Though he does rather nonchalantly toss her a bit towards Harley, though not too much, in that she should just land on her back a bit closer to him than now.

2009-11-15, 04:30 PM
The man remains where he is, lying in the growing pool of water. Someone should really do something about that fire alarm.


The liquid doesn't seem to have any major effect on the guard (who could really use a name at this point), aside from a light burning sensation in his eyes and throat.

Oh, and the previously dead guard lying under the boulder is now groaning and writhing. That's rather odd. He yells at his friend to come and help him get out from underneath the stone.

2009-11-15, 04:52 PM
Thanks. Says the penguin, righting himself. He picks his hat up off the floor, dusts it off, and places it with some ceremony back on his head. So, what do you want?

*pokes KK*

The Bushranger
2009-11-15, 09:16 PM
It's entirely possible that Harley just might find his continued giggling being interrupted by a boot to the head.

From behind.

As a grey-cloaked figure swings down, feet first, aiming said boots at said head...

Vespe Ratavo
2009-11-15, 10:21 PM

Harley gets...a boot to the head. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFldBVWFgWo) He falls to the ground, beside Miss Jay, but promptly springs up again, in a fighting stance, and turns to face his assailant. Hey! What was that for?

2009-11-15, 10:25 PM
Arnold takes a couple steps back from Bane.

Skrall laughs. Now that's what I'm talking agout! His head turns to look around at the others. Hey, any of you need anything else outta here? Cause I ain't waitin for ya! With that, Arnold heads into the personal effects room. Him and Skrall start looking around for a moment.

I found it! Arnold points to a shelf on his left.

Then get it! Skrall barks at Arnold.

Arnold goes to the shelf and grabs what looks to be a sort of battery pack. He leans the puppet forward and opens a small panel. He places the pack in it, then closes the lid. After a moment, Skrall's eyes glow red. He starts laughing again.

The Bushranger
2009-11-15, 10:26 PM
Harley finds himself facing...the Grey Ghost!
"For being a general no-good crook who really should be dragged back to his cell?"
The Grey Ghost grins, and takes a defensive stance.
"The only question is, will it be me or Batman who drags you there? Your choice."

Mr. Moon
2009-11-15, 10:35 PM
Oh, yes, a name. What a wonderful idea. How about Gary? I like Gary.

Gary rubs at his throat, groaning, and starts to stand, but freezes as a sound catches his ear. Slowly, oh so very slowly, the guard turns his head, and his eyes go wide as sees the other guard is, dear God, still alive!?
"H-hang on, hang on, I'm, I'm coming!" He almost shouts, stumbling to his feet and rushing to the man's side. He tries to get his fingers under the boulder and get it off the poor man - likely a futile effort.


"Ooff!" Joker hits the ground next to her side-kick with a thud. Once again, it takes her a moment to catch her breath, and for a few moments she lays there, tenderly rubbing her rather abused throat.
However, this, like all things, passes, and soon enough, Joker jumps to her feet, cackling.
The fact that her side-kick has been knocked to the ground as well hardly seems to phase the crazed clown - but then, a lot of things don't seem to phase her.
"Aww, Harley, I wanted to tell him. Ah well, what's done is done, isn't that right, Handsome?" She winks at Batman. "I'm sure you're just itching to find out what the first part of the game is, aren't you?" She grins, and throws open her arms. "C'mon, don't be shy, Darling, time's running out."

Vespe Ratavo
2009-11-15, 10:38 PM
Hmm. Well, if I had to be dragged back by someone, I'd pick B-Man, but he's busy at the moment. And I'm bored, so let's fight! Harley grins and throws his knife at the Grey Ghost.

The Bushranger
2009-11-15, 10:46 PM
The Grey Ghost spins away, the knife making a nice cut in his coat but nothing more.
"Ah, it's been awhile since I fought, so you'll excuse me if I'm rusty."
He throws a grappling hook at a handy beam, then jumps, pulling on it!
Intending to soar over Harley's head...while firing a tranquiliser dart down at his shoulder on the way past!

Vespe Ratavo
2009-11-15, 10:50 PM
The tranquilizer dart hits. However, it doesn't seem to knock Harley out. Oooh. Pretty colors. He reaches out to grab a nearby floating blob of purple, which incidentally is in the same spot as the Grey Ghost's leg. If successful, he will then attempt to pull down the blob/Ghost.

The Bushranger
2009-11-15, 11:07 PM
The Ghost is grabbed, and finds his trajectory altered to come down rather sooner than he'd hoped.

He does go to kick Harely in the side of the head on his way down, though, his intent being to break free and roll to his feet...

((BR is being kicked off in ~2 minutes, so his next post may be delayed))

Vespe Ratavo
2009-11-15, 11:24 PM
The Ghost's kick is successful, and he breaks free. Harley rolls with the hit, tumbling away from the Ghost. He stands up, rubbing his head. Oww. That's the second time you've kicked me in the head. That's not very nice, you know.

Meanwhile, the timer continues ticking away...with the better part of 11 hours left, but still.

Kris on a Stick
2009-11-16, 07:15 AM
*pokes KK*

"Well, I was going to suggest a team up, using my genius and your underworld connections to RULE GOTHAM, but since the Joker's apparently just locked us in this cesspool, that sort of breaks my plan."

Earl of Purple
2009-11-16, 04:17 PM
When the cell doors open, Killer Croc exited her cell. There was a guard post not too far away, and the food she'd been eating was horrible, so the sleeping guard was the first victim of her freedom. He tasted nice, too; and supplied her with a gun. She's not good with guns; hasn't got the fingers for trigger-pulling, but it gives Killer Croc some ranged capability. She headed towards the sound of fire-alarms and sprinklers, her tail dragging behind her.

A description: a tall woman with scaly skin, an elongated, crocodilian snout filled with sharp, pointy teeth. Behind her drags a tail, flattened and rudder-like. She's wearing the remains of a smart business suit; smart clothing and rough scales don't mix too well.

2009-11-16, 06:48 PM
Gary should find that the mass of stone moves easier than expected, and he is able to push it off of his fellow guard. (I mean, Bane managed to pull it out of a wall without making the room collapse. It can't be that big.) Whether this is a good or bad thing is up for debate, however, as the guard seems to have lost any semblance of life, the color drained from his skin and his eyes a milky white color. He reaches up with his horrifically crushed claw of a hand and attempts to grab onto Gary's arm.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-16, 06:51 PM
The Cape shrieks at the sight of the zombified man...if it wasn't for all this stupid water, she'd burn it up.

Stupid water.

Stupid sprinklers.

Stupid smoke detectors.

2009-11-16, 06:54 PM
Not good.
Very not good.
Black Mask grips her truncheon.

2009-11-16, 07:06 PM
Bane looks at the guard hallucinating and sighs. "Damned Scarecrow..." Squeezing his immense bulk through the doorway, he pushes the guard into the water, trying to wash his eyes out. Normally this wouldn't matter to him, but he didn't know the keycodes for locked doors. "Hold still!"

The Bushranger
2009-11-16, 07:06 PM
The Ghost's kick is successful, and he breaks free. Harley rolls with the hit, tumbling away from the Ghost. He stands up, rubbing his head. Oww. That's the second time you've kicked me in the head. That's not very nice, you know.

Meanwhile, the timer continues ticking away...with the better part of 11 hours left, but still.

"If you were a nice person, I'd consider not doing it. Alas, the right thing to do is to subdue you and put you back in your cell." The Ghost pulls out a rope, swinging it around over his head. "And that's exactly what I plan to do."

And he throws the rope, his aim to let the loop in the end of it settle around Harley...

2009-11-16, 07:11 PM
((Aw, crap. I knew I forgot to mention something. Only Gary can see the zombie guard. Everyone else just sees the crazy things that Gary tries to do.))

2009-11-16, 07:51 PM
Batman glances quickly at the wonderful time Harley and Ghost are having. Then back to the Joker. A batarang is aimed with great precision at the Joker's right shoulder, in a manner that suggests it was a deliberate misinterpretation of the Joker's 'game'-'catch' instead of hug.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-16, 07:55 PM
(Oh. Okay. That makes more sense.

The Cape's previous thoughts didn't happen.

Problem solved)

Vespe Ratavo
2009-11-16, 07:59 PM
"If you were a nice person, I'd consider not doing it. Alas, the right thing to do is to subdue you and put you back in your cell." The Ghost pulls out a rope, swinging it around over his head. "And that's exactly what I plan to do."

And he throws the rope, his aim to let the loop in the end of it settle around Harley...
You could have asked nicely, you know. And may I ask where your badge is? Are you a duly appointed officer of the law? As far as I can tell, you're just a nutjob with a propensity for violence. I could sue you for assault, you know. You have no physical proof of any wrongdoing that I've done. Face it, you're no better than I am.

This, of course, is just a distraction as Harley wriggles his way out of the rope.

2009-11-16, 08:03 PM
"Robin" rushes into the front room at the moment. She looks around in surprise. Holy fight Batman! Looks like I missed out on a big brawl! She runs to Batman's aid, throwing several bat smoke pellets into the combat area, probably screwing up everything and giving the bad guys a chance to escape. Oops?

2009-11-16, 08:32 PM
Arnold steps out of the effects room carrying the puppet. Skrall turns his head and sees Bane holding the guard's face in the water. The puppet is still holding a gun he took from one of the guards.

Hey! What're you washing his face for?

Mr. Moon
2009-11-16, 09:33 PM
Poor Gary recoils in horror as the rock is rolled off his friend to show the pale, twisted ghoul. He starts to leap back, but that's about the time that Bane sends the guard fast first into a puddle of water. Thinking that the giant brute of a genius was trying to drown him, the guard screams, flailing and trying to get up, splashing about in the water.


Joker gets hit with the Batarang and is forced a step back - although she doesn't seem to make much of an attempt to dodge the attack. She sighs, rubbing her shoulder, shaking her head and tsking.
"Oh, Batsy. Batsy, Batsy, Batsy." She sounds horribly disappointed. The Joker scoops her cane up off the ground where she had dropped her cane, twirls it between her fingers, as she speaks."I offer to play a game but you just want to dance. Well, I'm sure young Pearl wouldn't mind, she's got plenty of time left. Eeeeeeeeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!"
Robin's smoke bombs have the great sense to show up as she speaks, and the last thing Batman sees of the Joker is her ghostly white face wrinkled with laughter, painted-on red grin disfiguring her already too-wide laughter, before the smoke envelopes her.

Vespe Ratavo
2009-11-16, 09:38 PM
The smoke envelops Harley as well, and the Grey Ghost will find his rope abruptly losing tension and falling to the ground. Almost like it had been cut. Crazy, isn't it? Harley's laughter joins his boss's, as he disappears.

The Bushranger
2009-11-16, 10:08 PM
"Why don't you tell that to Bats? Seeing as he's doing the same thing..."

Scowling, the Grey Ghost yanks his rope out of the smoke cloud.

"I hate it when she does that."

2009-11-16, 10:13 PM
Robin charges into the smoke. I'll stop them Batman!

Greyghost might find himself being hit with a fist considerably larger and harder than it ought to be. Unless he can dodge things obscured completely in smoke.

2009-11-16, 10:39 PM
Batman turns on the infrared vision in his cowl (what self-respecting super-prepared costumed vigilante who happens to use smoke grenades wouldn't have it?), seeing the Not-Robin attack the Grey Ghost. "Ghost! Look out!" He fires his... grapple gun? at 'Robin''s face. Huh.

The Bushranger
2009-11-16, 10:42 PM
The Grey Ghost, hearing the shouted warning, dives for the deck as a massive fist just avoids taking his head off! ...the heck is that? he wonders.

"Robin" might just trip over him...

2009-11-17, 12:11 AM
The grappler hits with a wet thud. Slowly the smoke lifts to reveal Robin, stunned look on her face, with the Bat Grappler lodged deep inside a bloody wound in said stunned face. She gargles out a pained "why" and collapses to the floor in a bloody heap.

2009-11-17, 01:07 AM
"Well, I was going to suggest a team up, using my genius and your underworld connections to RULE GOTHAM, but since the Joker's apparently just locked us in this cesspool, that sort of breaks my plan."

Maybe later, Riddler. Right now, we're killing Batsy, his little sidekicks, and anyone who happens to annoy me, and we're getting out of here. Waugh waugh waugh waugh waugh.

Kris on a Stick
2009-11-17, 06:06 AM
The Reddler winces at the criminal mispronunciation and distinct lack of a definite article in his name, but saves comment for later.
"What an excellent idea. I mean, what chance does a genius-level (though of course, not as genius as me) gadget toting, armor wearing superhero who can kill you in 15 different ways with his bare hands stand against an minionless mastermind with a stick, and a short, pudgy mutant with a fancy umbrella (who, by the way, really needs to work on his laugh).
The sad fact is, The Batman has a distressing tendency to smash through even our best laid plans, and from this I deduce, a more instinctual, intuitive approach is needed. And my instincts are telling me to get the **** out of the building before The Batman finds us, beats us up before we can blink, and puts us back into a cell. Again.
I don't know about you, but I'd feel much better defeating an outsmarted The Batman, confounded with a clue or trap to brilliant for him to punch his way through, with a dozen mooks with machine guns."

2009-11-17, 07:37 AM
The grappler hits with a wet thud. Slowly the smoke lifts to reveal Robin, stunned look on her face, with the Bat Grappler lodged deep inside a bloody wound in said stunned face. She gargles out a pained "why" and collapses to the floor in a bloody heap.

Well, the collapsing thing puts a damper on that plan. "Cut the act, Clayface." I don't know if she's actually called that, so assume he said her name if not.

2009-11-17, 01:17 PM
Robin lies on the floor for a moment longer before her face heals itself and the grappling hook is "spit" out. She gets to her feet and grins. Clayface? It's me, Batman, your loyal companion!

Mr. Moon
2009-11-17, 11:36 PM
By the time the fog fades, Joker and Harley are long gone. Young Pearl is still up on the security monitor, the LED timer having already counted down to 11:42:56...55...54...
The poor child looks terrified. Gee, I wonder why?

Up on the next floor ((I've been imagining the one with the personal effects room would be on the second floor. *shrug*)), an elevator pings and the doors slide open with a sigh. Two pairs of booted feet step out of it, Joker leading the way, Harley right behind him. Joker walks with her straight black cane leaning against her shoulders with one hand, and investigating a thin, black object in the other, the tails of her bright, purple suit trailing behind her. "It really was nice of Batsy to give me this little gift." She says, holding the little Batarang between her fingers and waggling it. "It reminds me of the first present he ever got me. Did I ever show it to you, Harley? Eheeheeheehee, I guess he really does care!" She giggles madly as her booted feet click against the hall.
It won't be much longer until she gets where she's going.
Right to the Personal Effects room. In fact, the little crowd in front of it should be able to see her now.

2009-11-17, 11:48 PM
Bane picks up the guard and growls in his face, showing fangs. "Calm. Down." He blinks a but when he sees Joker entering the Personal Effects room and decides to let go of the guard. If she was loose and running about, then most of the doors would have to be open. He looks at the Joker. "Which way out of here?"

Vespe Ratavo
2009-11-17, 11:50 PM
Harley follows his boss out of the elevator, holding the elevator's control panel, wires jutting out. He tosses it aside. Ah, no, Miss Jay, I don't think you ever did. He starts idly jangling the bells on his costume. We're generally busy trying to...do whatever it is we're trying to do to B-Man.

And then he notices Bane. Meep. He scoots a bit behind the Joker. He's on our side, right, Miss Jay?

Je dit Viola
2009-11-18, 12:09 AM
Okay, I'm back for now.

Cape gets out of the puddle of water on the ground, still wearing a guard outfit and cape, and looks at the Joker, and her accomplice, then says to them, "You the Jokie? Are you the one who locked the doors and trapped us in here with Bats?"

Then she looks at the insane guard on the ground.

Man, she hates this water. And whatever was done to the guard with the liquid (I know, she doesn't know), she hopes it wasn't too bad.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-18, 12:52 AM
Time Remaining: 11 hours, 41 minutes.

Gary's eyes go wide as he looks up at Bane's large, sharp, pointy teeth. The man gives one final whimper, before passing out, completely limp in Bane's clutches, the smell of soiled pants wafting from the poor, poor abused man...
Should have stayed in Metropolis.

"Really, never? Remind me some time and I'll - oh, hello Bane! Mask, Cape, you two lovely. Might want to get a new costume though, m'girl. Deary me is it terribly wet here. Had fun, did we? Harley, hand me my umbrella, my paint's starting to run. Ah, thank you. Batman's downstairs if you must know, although you'll have to take the stairs. I always hated the music in that elevator, Harley did the world a favour. Oh, Bane, did you open this for me? How very kind of you." Joker wades right past the crowd, and peers into the Personal Effects room. Whatever she sees must have pleased her greatly, because a huge smile grew over her face, spliting into a wide, childish grin. "Oooh, I got here right in time, didn't I? Come, Harley, time to do a little shopping."
If she's even heard either of the questions regarding "out" and "doors", she completely ignores them.

2009-11-18, 01:03 AM
Bane picks up the drugged guard and leaves the way Joker came, looking for the stairs and the man he once thought was his brother. "I'll see you soon, Batman." The others may hear him speak.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-18, 01:09 AM
She's would to throw a fireball at the Joker for not answering her question, but the flames 'fsssss' out before they even appear.

...I'm going to dry off. Cape says. She walks away from the Effects room and everybody else towards the nearest empty room that's not swamped.

2009-11-18, 01:18 AM
The Reddler winces at the criminal mispronunciation and distinct lack of a definite article in his name, but saves comment for later.
"What an excellent idea. I mean, what chance does a genius-level (though of course, not as genius as me) gadget toting, armor wearing superhero who can kill you in 15 different ways with his bare hands stand against an minionless mastermind with a stick, and a short, pudgy mutant with a fancy umbrella (who, by the way, really needs to work on his laugh).
The sad fact is, The Batman has a distressing tendency to smash through even our best laid plans, and from this I deduce, a more instinctual, intuitive approach is needed. And my instincts are telling me to get the **** out of the building before The Batman finds us, beats us up before we can blink, and puts us back into a cell. Again.
I don't know about you, but I'd feel much better defeating an outsmarted The Batman, confounded with a clue or trap to brilliant for him to punch his way through, with a dozen mooks with machine guns."

Oh yeah? Says the penguin. I don't see you coming up with any ideas. Besides... we aren't exactly the only criminals in here. The penguin says.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-18, 01:20 AM
The Joker does a double-take at this, stopping mid-step and leaning back to peer around the hallway at Bane. "Whoa, hey!" She calls, racing to get ahead of the furred man, and step in front of him to block his path. Not that he can't just keep going through her, but at least this way he might stop. "Heyheyheyheyhey! Just what do you think you're doing? Are you going to go fight him! But you can't! Why, the game's only just begun!" The Joker realizes she's holding her cane like she's about to attack, and drops it, quickly. She was strong and fast enough, but Bane... well... he was Bane.

2009-11-18, 01:29 AM
Bane does stop, and looks down quite a ways at her, still carrying the guard. "Oh no...Joker, I promise I won't hurt him." He's thinking the opposite in fact.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-18, 01:30 AM
Cape, in one of the closets, wrings out her clothes and drys it up using fire.

She's humming while doing so, of course.

And then...oh! A mop! She catches the end on fire.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-18, 01:40 AM
"Oh." Well, that was somewhat... anticlimactic. The Joker stands there for a moment, before she grins and shrugs. "Well, that's good. Have fun, then, Bane, say hello to Batsy for me. Tell him it's gonna be a blast." Joker's voice cracks as she makes that rather predictable pun, and she marches off, cackling to herself as she returns to the Personal Effects room.

2009-11-18, 01:43 AM
Bane nods and continues on, powerful tail swishing through the air as he goes.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-18, 01:45 AM
Cape, fully dried now, dons the guard-suit again, and walks out of the closet with the flaming mop.

Now...she needs some way to turn off the fire sprinklers...Oh. She throws something at it and one of them breaks off, clattering to the ground. Then, she goes on to the next sprinkler.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-18, 01:48 AM
"Ah, very good, Cape, all this dreadful water is meeeep!" The Joker is suddenly thrown against the wall mid-sentence as she gets hit by Bane's tail - which probably longer than she is, all things considered.


2009-11-18, 07:30 PM
Dr. Krane stirs, slowly pulling himself out of the puddle of sprinkler water. He glances about, wondering where the freight train that slammed into him earlier went.

Vespe Ratavo
2009-11-18, 08:21 PM
Harley starts to help the Joker up, when suddenly he sees something inside the Personal Effects room. He yanks her to her feet and dashes inside. He kneels next to a cage, where two rather vicious looking hyenas suddenly begin to act like puppies, wagging their tails and whining. Aww, my poor babies, did they lock you up? Just let me... He picks the lock, and lets them out. They knock him over, and start licking him. He pets them. Aww, yes, daddy missed you too, yes he did, yes he did... He grins, quite happy.

2009-11-18, 08:57 PM
Another escapee approaches the effects room, looking somewhat distracted. It seems that he has already managed to make some molotov cocktails.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-18, 08:59 PM
Cape glances at the new escapee, her eyebrow raised. She's still wearing a guard outfit and a dark red cape. Which, coincidentally, matches her skin.

She's still taking out those fire sprinklers. Almost done.

2009-11-18, 09:05 PM
The newcomer nods at Cape, grinning, and continues toward the room.

2009-11-18, 09:17 PM
((And we're back!))

Joker may have noticed a man holding a puppet. Maybe.

The puppet looks at the Joker with glowing red eyes. Game? What game?

The man looks slightly worried.

Inigo Montoya
2009-11-18, 09:36 PM
Lord, this is going to be another long night...
Commissioner Gordon drives quickly through the foggy night, sirens blazing. The Asylum had been out of contact for several hours. Not even a 'Prisoner missing, be advised.' Batman had gone to see what was wrong, and he wasn't back yet. Gordon started to slow down; he had reached the entrance, and there was the Batmobile, but no Batman...He pulled to a stop and and stepped out, looking around.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-18, 10:45 PM
Joker is pulled to her feet with a grunt. She wedges her toe under the cane, and kicks it up into the air, catching it and tucking under her arm - and wrinkles her nose in distaste. "Ewwwww, I'm all wet." She shakes her arm, and the the purple suit she's wearing sticks to her arm.
The super-villianess looks up at the Puppet and grins widely when he asks her about her game.

"Well, my dear, dear little wooden boy, we find ourselves with a new playmate." She explains, and it's an effort not to collapse into giggles once more. "Don't worry, m'boy, all will be explained in due time... First, however, I have some things to get and some friends to meet." She looks down at her wet suit. "And some dry clothes to find, if you don't mind waiting out here...? Great, thanks."

The wet suit is easily remedied, as the Joker strolls into the PE room, shutting the half-busted door as far as it'd go, before turning to scour the room. She glances down at Harley and his pets while pawing through a closet for her spare suit, and grins. "Oooh, you found our puppies." She leans over, rubbing one on the head, before quickly changing into the fresh suit. "This just keeps getting better! Look at all the toys I have here!" She spins, cackling to herself at the supply of goodies.

2009-11-18, 10:52 PM
I didn't think the paint looked that realistic.

Uh, Skrall, sir, um, I'm not sure if what she has planned is gonna ge good.

Skrall turns his head to face Arnold. Again, that's why I'm doing the thinking!

Vespe Ratavo
2009-11-18, 11:09 PM
Harley turns to look at something. Ooh. He stands up. The hyenas follow him as he walks over to it. He picks up what appears to be two large pressurized containers strapped together, and sticks it on his back. He grabs a ketchup bottle, made to look like a gun, attached by a tube to one of the containers. Cower, before the uncanny Condiment King! He shoots a stream of ketchup at a wall. It is now covered in ketchup.


The hyenas start licking it up. D'aww.

Mr. Moon
2009-11-18, 11:16 PM
Joker cackles at her side-kicks discovery, before setting about doing some looting of her own.

First she grabs a few canisters of some strange looking, bright purple liquid, and connects the cannister to a tube that leads up to a gaudy fake flower tucked into her jacket.
Secondly, she picks up a chrome box - the box consists of two rather shiny guns, and several long tubes that glow blue. "Keeheeheehee, I wonder if Batsy's up for a game of freeze tag?" She quips, slinging it over her shoulder and returning to her search. Another few minutes of searching provides her with a number of weapons that I'm not going to describe, simply because I want to be able to give Joker weapons as the story goes along.

She also finds a silver coin, scarred on one side, clear on the other. She holds it up in the air between two long pointed, bright green nails. "Oooh, Harley, look what I found." She croons, watching the coin sparkle in the light. "I think Chromey might be missing this."

((Who, me? Changing her text colour? Don't be silly. >>))

2009-11-18, 11:20 PM
If Skrall had eyebrows, they would raise at Harley for his condiment weapon.

Still not used to how weird you two are.

Skrall turns around to face Arnold. Alright, we're gonna be stickin' with them for a while. Got it? Arnold nods quickly.

Je dit Viola
2009-11-18, 11:22 PM
Cape has finally finished taking out all of the sprinklers. Now she can burn in peace. If it were not for all of this water on the floor.

She creates a fireball in each hand, glad to have the warmth back. Then, she looks into the Effects room at the hyenas. Fun.

2009-11-19, 04:04 PM
Dr. Krane pulls himself up to his full height, now sure that this hallway is not, in fact, a rhino crossing. He quickly shuffles over the dead bodies of the guards and into the Personal Effects room, just in case that fact changes at any point in the near future.

Earl of Purple
2009-11-19, 04:46 PM
Killer Croc also arrives at the Personal Effects room. She's carrying a pistol in one scaly, reptilian claw. Her tail drags behind her and she's wearing the ragged remains of once-smart clothing.

2009-11-19, 07:07 PM
((Okay... Sorry guys, but I don't think I can do this. I don't know enough about most of the villains here to know how to fight them without being an idiot, much less effectively, and I'm certain I've been doing a rather lackluster job so far. And with so many enemies around, well, I can't do this, allies limited as they are.