View Full Version : Hordes of Undead Optimization

2009-11-15, 06:46 PM
I'm building an army based undead character, and I am looking for a good way to ammass hordes of undead.

Does the Epic Undead Leadership and Legendary Undead commander feats exist?

2009-11-15, 08:32 PM
Let him have undead corporals, each of whom commands a legion (up to whatever that maximum HD is) on his behalf.

Or create an artifact that allows him to command and army of undead, similar to Evil Ash and his Necronomicon in Evil Dead III.

2009-11-15, 08:38 PM
1) Make a wight
2) ???
3) Profit!

mabriss lethe
2009-11-15, 09:21 PM
Dread necromancers tend to do very well as undead commanders. potential access to every necromancy spell in the game, ability to rebuke/bolster undead. Snag yourself a few of the corpsecrafter feats.

Other options:

Ennervate a commoner to death, wait a day for it to rise as a wight, then rebuke/command it. congrats, you now have a trusted lieutenant. Have him snack on as many prisoners and conscripts as possible, order him to command his spawn to obey you without hesitation, and then lock him away someplace niice and safe with a steady diet of conscripts.

Take both leadership and undead leadership: Leadership to net you a caster to act as another lieutenant capable of creating and maintaining their own undead cadre. Undead leadership to net you something that can spawn

Max out Charisma and diplomacy to keep a horde of free undead loyal to you unto the end (not a bad option for a DN anyway)

Remember the waste-not-want-not strategy. If you're able, have an incorporeal undead capable of spawning kill off your foes. Then take that nice empty husk of a body and animate it as something corporeal. two for the price of one!