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2009-11-17, 11:37 AM
I'm starting a classic Greyhawk campaign (in-person) and I've got a fair mix of players ranging from experienced to absolutely new. My game will focus more on roleplaying and fun rather than any mechanical supremacy, so in the end it won't really matter whether a character is overpowered or underpowered, as everyone should be having fun. However, I do take into consideration classes and class-combination to make sure the best player isn't a wizard and the worst player isn't a fighter.

A friend of mine, who is experienced at D&D, came to me with his character concept. For this game, I wouldn't normally accept a non-core race or a severely underpowered character, but my friend has his backstory very well-lined-up. I'm not going to say no, because he's put his backstory ahead of his mechanics, and I'm not about to penalize someone for not optimizing.

He was willing to take only 1 level of wizard and the rest into cleric, as the party cleric (level 6 campaign). However, I suggested that, in the spirit of "in for a penny, in for a pound", he should just go ahead and take another level in wizard for the ability to go into Mystic Theurge.

Simply because of the overall attitude and focus on non-mechanical aspects, I want to allow him this build and even help him out with it. Since he would be the party cleric, I was thinking of giving him some sort of custom item that would increase his healing power; something that would for example increase the level of his healing spells by 1 (so cure minor becomes cure moderate). This way he could fulfill his role and then do his other things.

This is quite an experienced player, but not even the smartest can mechanically optimize a 4 level differential (the Drow LA and the Mystic Theurge "trap"). I'm even thinking of lowering the LA to +1 for Drow.

What are your thoughts on this? Would my healing item be a good or fair idea? Obviously I'd cover it around some fluff, like some requirements from his deity that he must follow. What other comments do you have on the situation?

2009-11-17, 11:40 AM
LA + MT = ouch!

Just take away some SLAs, take away the SR and call it 'lesser drow' or something.

2009-11-17, 11:42 AM
LA + MT = ouch!

Just that away some SLAs, take away the SR and call it 'lesser drow' or something.

The thing I'm worried about is that SR alone is probably worth 1 of the level adjustment if not more. I'm thinking of doing something as light as taking away the +2 CHA and +2 Will saves for a +1LA, simply because of the situation.

2009-11-17, 11:44 AM
Well you could use lesser drow from PGF for no level adjustment.

You could always just let him take a standard elf, and let him refluff it as a drow. Especially since you seem to focus more on RP than mechanics.

2009-11-17, 11:48 AM
+1 LA for the standard Drow is fine, in my opinion. SR is more significant when you are on the monster end of things, less so, I find, for the PCs. Especially since you have to actively drop it in order to be healed and buffed.

I would, however, even go further in trying to get this down to +0, as others have suggested. However, it also depends on the makeup of your group.

As another extension. Changing the +1 LA to 1 commoner level works rather well as well.

2009-11-17, 11:49 AM
Definitely ditch the LA (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/sp/20040213a) entirely, making Drow elves with Darkvision, Dancing Lights, and Light Blindness (easily solved by Sundark Goggles, or whatever they're called, from Races of the Dragon).

Also, have you considered the Archivist (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/ex/20051007a&page=3)? With access to every divine spell (including domains), they can cast most of the sought after Wizard spells, without giving up spell progression.

2009-11-17, 11:51 AM
The +2CHA doesn't really effect this character, and the other effects aren't that strong to make it 2LA race compared to.. Say gray elf.. Compare to the lesser drow that has no LA and decide if +2 INT and CHA is strong enough for this character to make it a +2LA race choice..

2009-11-17, 12:08 PM
having played both a drow and a mystic thurge i would say drop the la the SR realy only helps at lower levels.. if you want to drop that and 1 or two of his sla's i would say that would be equal to his la...

also for your healing item

My sugestions are as follows.

1.+1d4 to any heal spell cast.
2. auto maximise healing 3/day
3. give him a meta magic rod of reach.
4. weaker of the ones above but just give his conjuration healing spells +2 CL

whats he going on his wizard side

also if hes not going to specialise have him take a look at elven generalist in Races of wild.