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2009-11-17, 01:02 PM
"Too old... too young... too inexperienced... Argh!"

Arcadius couldn't help but grab at his beard. He would have much preferred to pull at his hair but alas, his age has finally caught up to him and his hair line had caught up to his age 5 years prior.

"Just one more... hm... mayhaps three be enough? No, no, no. Needs be 1 more least the chance be nigh" grumbled the ancient sage as he once again resumed the tedious task at hand of finding the fourth elite Seeker.

Just as the hour was to pass a great joyous shout was heard throughout the library quickly chased by gasps of beleaguered coughs.

"Your highness, I have excellent news!"

Solara stared up wearily from the most recent scout reports at his old friend and mentor. Arcadius is quick to excite these days but his broad half toothed smile and wagging long beard hinted that this time the news might really be worth listening to.

"What news do you have for me Arcadius. I pray it be about a sudden change of heart by Pylenxia? If not, let it at the very least carry a bout of mirth to ease my mind."

"No, no, it is actually neither. Rather, it can be both. Well really if you..."

Not having the time today to indulge his former mentor, Solara decided to redirect the sage's attention:

"I am sure it is of a thousand possibilities but for a lowly mortal such as I, please limit it to one form."

"Oh yes, of course. I wanted to inform you right away that we finally have found four worthy champions to complete the Seekers!"

Arcadius was beaming with such pride as if a toddler first learning to walk that the High King didn't have the heart to suggest that the champions are more likely to end up in the deep bowls of the Earth than to provide any real accomplishment.

"Excellent Arcadius! Please summon them immediately."
__________________________________________________ ____________

(A fortnight hence):

Two high guards whispered amongst themselves while stealing glances at the menage of individuals seated in the courtyard:

(The below is only for Vasily only as all others failed their listening checks)

"What do you make of those four over there?"

"Eh, from what I hear they be the new Seekers. By my eyes they look more to be a band of street rats and thugs."

"Hehehe, aye. A shame that there ain't a dame amongst the whole lot of them. Though that hafling may prove to be of some fun methinks."

"Bah, can't be trusting those non-humans these days! I bet 10 gold coins that we be hearing of their tombs in but two months!"

"Keep it down you gip. You want them to hear us. Hey isn't that one over there the same scoundral we threw in the dungeons not so long ago?"

"Aye the High King said he saw potential in the boy and this be part of his new reform program. I guess this be slighlty better than living in the streets or being sent to the Marshes."

"Shh... think they be noticing us."

(Please take the time to introduce yourselves to each other)

2009-11-17, 02:17 PM
A young halfling with short dark hair was leaning against the nearest wall and his brown eyes were lit with excitement. 3 feet tall and weighting only 32 pounds. He wears simple clothes, a white shirt and a brown vest on top with fingerless gloves and loose pants and simple shoes. Quite handsome, most would just see as an innocent child until they noticed the manly sideburns.

Cade Greenbottle, never had the occasion to come into such a fancy place before and this might proves to be the best place to prove his ability at becoming a hero. He whistled a tune that most people wouldn't be familiar with, a halfling folklore song.

Staying in one spot, was nearly impossible for a halfling and already, he was thinking where he could sneak around without getting noticed. He tapped his right foot impatiently on the floor.

The other persons who appeared to be wanderers or adventurers, like they come to be known caught his eyes of course but he wasn't sure how experienced they were and if he would appear foolish by saying the wrong thing.

"Hey guys are you here for the Heroes job? name's Cade Greenbottle!"

2009-11-17, 02:34 PM
Vasily lounged on a bench in the courtyard, scratching at his chin. Mama had always told him to be presentable to important people, so he'd taken the time to shave. It hadn't gone well. He'd nicked himself on the cheek once while shaving with his belt knife, and the stubble was already growing back.

Nothing for it though. He couldn't find a flint big enough to chip down to a razor.

He ignored the byplay of the two guards except to give the more nervous sounding of the two a brief stare straight in the eye. Then he looked at those around him.

What had he gotten himself into? One of the two big men looked tough enough, like he might have been in the army. The other though? That hair and those clothes didn't exactly scream "veteran". And then there was the halfling...

Vasily had HEARD of them, of course. Just as he'd heard of elves and dwarves and other near-men. It was another thing entirely to see them in person. It was hard not to think of the "man" as a child. He had to be here for a reason, but all Vasily could think about was how much of a liability the halfling would be in the wilds.

Well, he mumbled softly to himself, At least he won't eat much.

2009-11-17, 02:40 PM
"Hey guys are you here for the Heroes job? name's Cade Greenbottle!"

[OOC note: I see you and I chose the same color for dialogue. I'll change to Red]

Uhm, well met Cade. says Vasily awkwardly. The Halfling's constant motion was making him nervous. Vasily couldn't help thinking of a child waiting for the adults to look away so he could commit mischeif

My name is Vasily. It is a pleasure to meet you.

He held out his hand for a handshake.

2009-11-17, 03:29 PM
Yeah noticed your post after I made my post for the color.
Cade smiles quite excited to see the hand tends toward him and he walks forward and shakes Vasily hand with both his little hands.


The halfling is genuinely excited of being here.

Der Arbol
2009-11-17, 03:53 PM
Tythe stood in the courtyard staring off into space, having already sized up the other Seekers. He was an intriguing sight with his polished armor, snow white cloak, and unusual hair color. Tythe was well prepared and anxious to complete his mission, which would ensure that he finally rose to prominence in the guard.
Thinking to himself he wondered why he had accepted this dangerous assignment, to serve beside mercenaries no less. The guard certainly had more experienced paladins they could send, in fact the king could send a whole battalion if this threat was so serious, but no one else in the guard had even considered volunteering for this mission. No, Tythe thought, the danger must be exagerated, and though he did not question its importance, he still wondered why this small group was the king's only response to the threat.

Tythe looked up as he heard the halfling's greeting, pausing briefly and responding after Vasily.
And I am Tythe Marchand of the king's guard, it is a pleasure to meet you both. As Tythe shakes hands with the two he continues speaking.

If I may ask, what has led you two to accept this potentially dangerous mission?

2009-11-17, 04:03 PM
Vasily shook Cades hand gently, as he would a young child. He was worried about breaking the bones in the halfling's hand.

Vasily looked at Tythe dumbfounded.

I am here for the money, of course. Why else? he said.

2009-11-17, 04:16 PM
Cade shook back the hands of Tythe as well. he pointed a his thumb toward his face and gave a big smile.

"Heroes just don't sit on the sidelines, they appear where they are needed and ya sir Tythe?"

Quite the optimistic, like many halflings, fear wasn't part of their vocabulary and they were actively looking for thrills wherever they might find them. He found it interesting that Vasily mentioned gold. Maybe this guy needed money for something? guess he'll find out.

Der Arbol
2009-11-17, 04:51 PM
After seeing and hearing Vasily's response, Tythe raised his eyebrow and frowned ever so slightly, but he didn't reply. He then turned to the halfling.
I will expect great things of you then. As for me, our motives are much the same. I took this assignment because no one else in the guard would.

2009-11-17, 04:59 PM
Wonderful, Vasily thought, a pampered rich boy AND a fool. He expected something like that from the ch...halfling, but a grown man? He made a note to let the rich boy go first. Always.

It didn't matter that it looked like Tythe had half a decade on him. Anyone who dressed like that and volunteered for a dangerous missions because others wouldn't was a boy.

Might as well complete the set, he thought.

He turned to the other man, who had yet to speak.

What about you? he asked. What has brought you to this mission?

2009-11-17, 06:23 PM
(OOC: I have the next part ready but will hold off until our 4th has introduced himself).

(Sent him a PM so if I don't hear from him soon I will write him off and either proceed with three or recruit a fourth).

2009-11-17, 11:31 PM
Gabriel looks at Vasily considering his question carefully before answering. I'm here to see a dream come true. he says, albeit what dream, only he knows. He has a smile on his face and holds out his hand to Vasily.

He may seem intimidating at first with his hulking fram, standing at 6' 2'' and well toned muscle showing. But he has a twinkle in his eye that matches that of a child. I'm Gabriel.

2009-11-17, 11:45 PM

"Danged carts, not sure why we even be using these damn contraptions. Ugh... if not for the infernal ban on the magics of old, we wouldn't have need of such clutter and over sized toys..."

Far preceding his actual presence, Aradius' usual muttering could be heard echoing throughout the courtyard.

A few moments later, a disheveled and highly annoyed old man appeared from the archway. Well, "old" might have been too modest a term for the individual. Bent over and under at least thrice, the man must have been well over 6 feet in his prime but is now standing as tall as his 4 foot beard that seems to have taken up the role of the royal floor sweeper.

"Ah, finally here be the four champions of the land. Quite the bouquet of warriors we have here but I know all of ye to be unquestionably reliable and honest. Eh, most of ye as far as honesty goes anyways.

Now then if you masters of adventure would kindly follow me, we have an assembly with King Yorigal that we are late for."

As the group rose to follow the snail shuffling of the sage, all couldn't but wonder if the trip to the meeting chambers would include a dinner on the way.

Five minutes later, the group has managed to cross the archway. To the side of the inner corridor rested a monstrous cart. Any other individual would not have bothered to pay an extra second of attention to the potpourri of miscellaneous discards and junk sitting amongst the three metal golems surrounding it, but Vasily couldn't but help notice the jutting of a leather armor amongst them.

(If no action is taken by Vasily, you guys will be moved on).

2009-11-18, 07:03 PM
Vasily moves over to investigate the leather.

What is this? he mumbles.

2009-11-19, 11:26 AM
As Vasily was just about to get onto the wagon to investigate, a loud creaking sound could be heard.

Startled, he sprang back just in time to see one of the golem stir as if some mischievous artificer has decided to turn on the brute just for laughs.

Occupied by the first golemn, Vasily was caught by surprise and just narrowly turned in time to avoid being smashed into a blood stained pulp by the metallic fist of the second golem.

The clatter was loud enough to even catch the attention of the old sage.

"What in Altab is this now? Stupid golems, more trouble than they are worth.


Though the rest of the party was surprised that such an energetic phrase could come out of the living walking bag of dust, the golems seed to pay no heed.

"That's not the right phrase... Now what was it again. Impris contraptions desist in your stupidity? Or was it..."

Witnessing the danger that the elf was in and the stir of the third golem, the rest of the party had no time to wait for the sage to remember the command phrase.

Looking around desperately, they party was able to collect a pile of rusted weaponry from amongst the rubbish littering the corridor.

Turn Order (* = who has not gone yet):

Golem 1
Golem 2
Golem 3

2009-11-19, 11:37 AM
Time to fight! Vasily will grab a weapon from the scrap heap. If he can grab a shield from the pile as well he will, otherwise he'll wield whatever weapon he grabs two-handed.

2009-11-19, 11:43 AM
Cade looks around after grabbing a piercing weapon and looks at the "golem" from the wagon.

"Oh my...what the hell is this?"

Ready action attack if golem get within range.

2009-11-19, 12:52 PM
Turn Order:

Vasily (moved, grabbed weapon)
Cade (grabbed weapon, readies attack)
Golem 1
Golem 2
Golem 3

Der Arbol
2009-11-19, 01:18 PM
Tythe mumbles to himself: Just had to touch it...

Tythe draws his sword and stands ready to defend himself.

Tythe readies an action to attack any golem attacking him, using combat expertise to gain a +1 dodge bonus and a -1 to attack rolls.

OCC: I'd assume Tythe would be wearing his armor (chain shirt) and would have his longsword on him. If not, he picks up the biggest weapon he can get instead.

2009-11-19, 03:02 PM

(indeed, might i ask what, if any weapons, I started with). No matter, he'll go the weapon and grab some sort of heavy weapon (what weapons are there?) and then turn to face the golems.

Turn them off! he shouts to the guy who can't remember the right words.

2009-11-19, 06:52 PM
(It's a bunch of rusty or old generic weapons, axes, swords, etc...)

2009-11-21, 10:03 PM
I'm sorry but I am going to have to close this game. I thought the situation might change but it has turned out not to be the case.

Please see the OOC thread.