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2009-11-18, 04:48 PM
I watched one of my favorite Lucas Studios films, Willow, recently and it got me to thinking that it could be an interesting world to build a campaign in, ala Midnight in a way as a world that fell into darkness at the hands of Bavmorda, one of the few magic types in this otherwise low magic world.

Race-wise, we basically have Humans (the Daikini), Halflings (the Nelwyn) and a smattering of other races, like the fey and Bavmorda's wardogs, which look to be Worg to me.

Class-wise, we're looking at martial types for the most part, so Fighters, Rogues, Scouts, Barbarians, possibly non-magic Rangers and Bards, Knights and Swashbucklers. Warblades might also make the cut, though they may be a bit much. Maybe they should be only available as a prestige class, putting them in reach of warriors like Mad Martigan, General Kael and maybe even Eric. For the rare casters of the world (all 4 or 5 of them, depending on whether you count Willow or not), they seem to be some combination of Wizards and Sorcerers, though probably more Sorcerer, given the only spell book we see in the movie is at the end, when Fin Raziel gives Willow one, which could very well just be a treatise on Knowledge(Arcane).

Speaking of important characters, I'd say the highest level characters are probably around 10th or 11th. For actual characters:
- Willow is probably Expert 4 or 5 with ranks in Slight of Hand, Bluff, Profession(Farmer) and Sense Motive. He gradually works his way into levels of Sorcerer, though probably only 1 level by the time they storm the castle, gaining a few more in his travels homeward with that spell book he got at the end.
- Mad Martigan is around 9th level, with levels in Fighter and Warblade, maybe a dip in Barbarian for rage.
- Sorsha is probably 7th and all Fighter.
- Eric probably similar to Sorsha but 8th level or so.
- General Kael has gotta be pushing 10th or so, with more level of Warblade than Fighter and really using a bunch of Iron Heart and White Raven maneuvers for what he does in the film.
- Fin Raziel is probably all Sorcerer and somewhere between 9th and 11th. She is throwing around Cones of Cold and Telekinesis, after all, though Cherlindrea's wand is probably giving her a CL boost of some sort. Probably an artifact, given Cherlindrea is a powerful fey of the woods of almost god-like proportions, which nets her at least demigod status, if not higher.
- Bavmorda is all Sorcerer and definitely at least 10th, if not higher, as her battle with Raziel was a close one that she just nudged her out of by grappling her into unconsciousness. Too bad she didn't put any ranks into Spot or Sense Motive, though, to be defeated by a Halfling Expert.:smalltongue:

So, thoughts? Anyone want to put up further remarks on how to flesh this out into something remotely playable? Should I just pull out my copy of Iron Heroes and run with that, as that seems more and more like it would fit Willow than classic D&D does.