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2009-12-16, 04:30 AM
I've had this class drafted out for a while now, but have never got round to creating solid rules for magic. This class is a wizard based on what you see in earthsea, although they are able to use direct damage spells if they need to.

A wizard is learned in the ways of name magic. He can have no power over anything until he learns its name in the lost language of Aranc, the language of the spell of the beginning. With these names one with a gift for wizardry will go far, while without this knowledge they will have no power. Every creature has one or more true names, all in Aranc. With knowledge of names a wizard may be more powerful than even the most gifted sorcerer.
{table]level|Attack| Fort| Ref| Will| Special
1| +0| +0| +0| +2| The arts of magic, Aranc, Wizards staff
2| +1| +0| +0| +3|
3| +1| +1| +1| +3|
4| +2| +1| +1| +4|
5| +2| +1| +1| +4|
6| +3| +2| +2| +5|
7| +3| +2| +2| +5|
8| +4| +2| +2| +6|
9| +4| +3| +3| +6|
10| +5| +3| +3| +7|
11| +5| +3| +3| +7|
12| +6| +4| +4| +8|
13| +6| +4| +4| +8|
14| +7| +4| +4| +9|
15| +7| +5| +5| +9|
16| +8| +5| +5| +10|
17| +8| +5| +5| +10|
18| +9| +6| +6| +11|
19| +9| +6| +6| +11|
20| +10| +6| +6| +12| [/table]
Hit die: d4
Skills: The wizardís class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Knowledge (all skills, taken individually) (Int), Profession (Wis), and Spellcraft (Int).
Skill points at 1st level: (2+intelligence modifier)x4
Skill points at each additional level: 2+intelligence modifier.
Weapon and armour proficiency: Wizards are proficient with the club, dagger, heavy crossbow, light crossbow, and quarterstaff, but not with any type of armour or shield.
The arts of magic: the wizard must study each art to gain proficiency with its powers. A wizard gains four art points at first level and one per level after that. To cast a spell a wizard needs to have a the spells level in Spellcraft and the revelnt art. Wizards can design spells as they need, the level is sorted by the relevant spell effects and the Aranc word level. The arts are as follows in alphabetical order:
Chronology: the magic of time.
Enchantment: the art of affecting minds.
Illusion: the art of creating images from light.
Invocation: the art of controlling forces.
Nature: spells that deal with the world. Examples include weather-working and light.
Summoning: the art of calling creatures/sprits and making objects.
Weaving: the art of creation protective barriers and effects.
Wizards staff: the wizard uses his staff as a focus for magical energy. If a wizard casts a spell with his staff in hand he may add +1 to the difficulty. It takes regents worth 100 gold to make this staff.

A wizard crafts spell using the language of Aranc, piecing together words to create powerful effects. What a wizard can do is limited only by his imagination, and the words he knows.

A wizard knows a number of words equal to this wizard level+hi ranks in spellcraft. In order to cast a spell he must decide what word he will use and what effect he wants the spell to have. A spells level is determined by either the damage inflicted (if it's a blasty spell), or by the amount of words used to craft the spell. A wizard can cast a spell with a level equal to or less than half their caster level (rounded up). The spell level requirements are given below.
3|5|1-10 (multiple targets)
5|9|1-15 (multiple targets)
7|13|1-20 (multiple targets)
9|17|1-25 (multiple targets)
The DM can adjust the spell level due to effects if needed. The DM always has the last say on spell level.

2009-12-16, 01:19 PM
Very awesome! I serious think this has potential. Mind if I adapt some of it to work with my campaign setting? (I'd drop you a line in the credits.) :smallsmile:

2009-12-16, 01:22 PM
Very awesome! I serious think this has potential. Mind if I adapt some of it to work with my campaign setting? (I'd drop you a line in the credits.) :smallsmile:

Adapt as you will. This system isn't going anywhere fast, so PM me with the finished work when your done. When this is finished it's going in Joturn or whatever the mag's called.

2009-12-16, 01:33 PM
Cool, I'll send you stuff when there be stuff to be had. :smallwink:

Dante & Vergil
2009-12-16, 03:38 PM
This is a neat little thing you got going on here. Though I want to ask how are spells going to fit under the new school system you have?

2009-12-17, 08:03 AM
Wizards can mimic current spells, but the fact is they make magic effects on the fly. I might get rid of invocation to keep it truer to the source, but wizards lobbing fireballs is such a cool image, even with this class. Anyone got any other rules that should go in the creating spells section?