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2009-12-16, 05:36 PM
This is based on a discussion a couple friends and I had. I humbly request feedback and your own ideas.

Combat Tactics (AKA the Fighter's Christmas present)

Combat Tactics are specific maneuvers that warriors devise, based on combinations other techniques they have already mastered. To learn a Combat Tactic, a character must have the prerequisite feats, and must have a Combat Tactics slot available. These slots are gained as follows.

One slot costs 4 Tactics Points

EDIT: Forgot about this. Alternative to points system, is that oyu can do them automatically, if you meet the prerequisites.
Class | Tactics Points
Fighter | Begins with four as a first-level character, plus two per Fighter level

Other Full BaB Class | One per class level

Monk | One per Monk level

Other 3/4 BaB Class| One for the each of the second and third of every three levels

1/2 BaB Class | None

Combat Tactics:

Powerful Strike
Prerequisites: Improved Bullrush, Power Attack
Benefit: Any time you successfully hit with a Power Attack, you may make an opposed strength check to knock your opponent back 5ft, or, if you exceed their result by 10 or more, also knock them prone.

Two-Weapon Sweep
Prerequisites: Two-weapon fighting, Improved Trip
Benefit: You may make trip attempts while fighting with two weapons. As a standard action, you strike at the legs of your opponent with both weapons, doing normal damage, and making a trip attempt. If you fail on this attempt, the enemy cannot attempt to trip you back.

Prerequisites: Improved Grapple, Improved Disarm
Benefit: Any time you successfully grapple an opponent, they are disarmed, as well.

Opportunist's Shot
Prerequisites: Point Blank Shot, Combat Reflexes
Benefit: When wielding a ranged weapon, you are allowed a ranged attack of opportunity against any foe within 30ft of you performing an action that would provoke an attack of opportunity. (Should this include leaving the 30ft “threatened space?”)

Vicious Arrival
Prerequisites: Two-weapon fighting, Leap attack
Benefit: You may use Leap Attack to strike foes in the spaces ahead of where you land. For a medium creature, this results in one attack by each of your weapons on a creature directly adjacent to you, and one attack with your off-hand on the target to its right, followed by one with your main hand on the target to its left.

Lucky Bastard
Prerequisites: Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword
Benefit: You may use a light shield, strapped to your arm, while wielding a Bastard Sword two-handedly.

Overwhelming Disarm
Prerequisites: Improved Trip, Improved Disarm
Benefit: You disarm your opponents with such force that they sometimes lose their footing. Any time you successfully disarm an opponent, there is a chance they are tripped, equal to the amount by which you beat them in the opposed strength check x10.

Crowd Control
Prerequisites: Cleave, Weapon Focus in a two-handed weapon
Benefit: You are adept at fighting large numbers of foes. When you are Power Attacking, with a two-handed weapon, for at least half of your Base Attack Bonus, you may follow through on your attack, dealing half the damage done to the first target to another adjacent target that you threaten, and one-quarter damage to a third target you threaten, adjacent to the second. No foe may be targeted more than once in the same attack.
Special: If you have both this Combat Tactic and Powerful Strike, you may use Powerful Strike on the second and third targets, as well as the first, at a -4 and -8 penalty, respectively.

Horse Archery
Prerequisites: Ride-by Attack, Point Blank Shot
Benefit: You are highly trained in hit and run calvary archer tactics. When mounted, you may use a ranged weapon to make a full attack at any time during your move.

Surprising Fist
Prerequisites: Stunning Fist, Combat Reflexes
Benefit: When you catch an opponent off-guard, you knock their block off. Any time an opponent fails the save against your Stunning Fist on an Attack of Opportunity, or when they are Flat Footed, they are knocked prone.

Iron Fist
Prerequisites: Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack
Benefit: You know how to put your weight behind your unarmed strikes. You may power attack with unarmed strikes as though they are two-handed weapons.

Prerequisites: Improved Critical with a ranged weapon, Precise Shot
Benefit: Any time you hit a foe that has been denied its Dexterity Bonus to AC with a ranged weapon you have Improved Critical with, it is automatically a critical hit. Confirming this critical hit further increases the multiplier of your critical hit by two.

Defensive Feint
Prerequisites: Improved Feint, Combat Reflexes
Benefit: Any time an opponent you threaten attacks one of your allies, you may expend one of your Attacks of Opportunity in order to make a feint at them. If you succeed, for one round, they take a penalty to their attacks equal to the difference by which you succeeded.

2009-12-16, 05:56 PM
Sooooo... more bonus feats? The difficulty is that these still don't scale enough, or give enough play-time options.

2009-12-17, 05:21 AM
Looks great. More options are always nice.

But my opinion is that they should be class abilities to some classes, instead of letting everyone choose them. Under current system, Barbarian can get Sniper at 4th level, Rogue gets it at minimum 6th level. ?!?!