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Duos Greanleef
2009-12-18, 10:19 PM
Good evening, Playgrounders.
I've recently wrapped up another session of adventuring in Eberron.
The party is: All level 5
-Human Fighter|Beast Ranger Dragonmarked member of House Vadalis pursuing a place to call home and a Vadalis-bred griffon to ride.
-Dwarf Cleric of Dol Arrah who recently donned a belt of gender swapping and is now questing to find his "man giblets."
-Elf Ranger who... doesn't really have character progression and is pretty much a statblock for the player.
-Eladrin Wizard the last surviving member of his village and seeking revenge.

I have something like writer's block and this is what I know:
-A retired, or maybe deserted, general of the Karrnathi military has been using the undead still under his control and Warforged mercenaries to pester towns on the border of the Talenta Plains. The PCs stopped him, but left him alive.
-The PCs have befriended a benevolent imp who has been doing them favors in return for the promise of favors. He's not good at teleporting though... He was aiming for Zolanberg in Zilargo and landed in the middle of Sharn.
-Oblanto REALLY wants his man giblets back.
-While riding the lightning rail from Sharn to Zolenberg, the car ahead of the PCs was being raided by a Succubus, a Human warlord, and a bunch of zombies. The PCs killed the warlord and the zombies, but the succubus got away with the body of the warlord.
-Upon arriving in Zolenberg, the PCs were going to be taken in for questioning. (fairly standard protocol considering that there are several dead bodies on board and the PCs were the only ones that were armed AND alive).
-The Elf and the Eladrin decided that they were going to run away because they didn't want to be taken in. I let them get away, (the elf threatening the police the entire time) but when they snuck back to the police station to attempt to break the rest of the party out, they were captured and locked behind bars.
-As the current situation stands, 2 of the PCs are in jail, 2 of the PCs are at the station where the others are being held and there is going to be an investigation.

This is where I kinda lose it though.
Zilargo is most densely populated by gnomes, but this particular station is manned by humans. I'm considering making the humans something like interlopers on The Trust's turf, and making The Trusdt have a particular interest in the Elf since he's obviously on the same wavelength with the whole hating-these-cops thing.

Does this sound feasible to you DMs?
Does this sound reasonable to you PCs?
What would you suggest that I do?
Thanks Playground!

Kol Korran
2009-12-19, 03:58 AM
i don't know the 4E books, but the trust doesn't have a turf really, and it doesn't deal with police work. it's a super secret KGB sort of organization, who is only rumored to exist.

i suggest you may take a different approach- since it's hard to explain's a human police force in Zilargo, make them part of the humans who can be everywhere- meaning, they are Orien hired police, especially investigating anything to do with the lightning rails. hey, there might even be a Deneith Sentinel or two. or maybe some hired investigators from Medani?

in any case, hae followers/ helpers of the succubi and warlord contaminate the scene/ charm the researchers against the characters. that should infuriate them.

once they tell the story with the succubi (which may sound ludicrous to the investigators) the Trust might hear, and then they might be approached by a trust member (maybe under the guise of a lawyer?) offering them to get them free, if they'll deal with a small demonic/devilish presence they have been detecting (to which the succubi and the warlord belonged). heck, they might even have a way to getting the dwarfs Giblets back.

hope this helps, would love to hear what you've ended up doing

Zen Master
2009-12-19, 05:32 AM
i don't know the 4E books, but the trust doesn't have a turf really, and it doesn't deal with police work. it's a super secret KGB sort of organization, who is only rumored to exist.

That's funny - that's not at all how I see The Trust.

Now, this may all be simply my interpretation - it's been a long time since I read up on Zilargo. But - I consider The Trust to be like China Mievilles Militia in Perdido Street Station. Which is a book I assume no one knows, so I'll just expand on that a bit. The militia is the only force of any kind in New Crobuzon - they are police, secret police, military, all rolled into one. With unlimited powers, and very little restraint. The identity of every Militia member is secret - except for the leader himself, who is publicly known. In New Crobuzon, public transportation is via trains (steam driven, but it might as well have been lightning rail), while the Militia has their own rapid transit system, consisting of cable cars connecting their Militia Towers. They also have a fleet of zeppelins.

My idea of The Trust is an almost exact dublicate of that. Anyone could be a member, everyone knows and fears them, and their presence is enough to make other organisations of control, investigation or justice unnecessary.

It's .... tinted slightly darker than the more common view of gnomes - which I like very much.

Also - should you happen to enjoy dark stempunk, you really should read Perdido Street Station. It can also give lots of inspiration for Eberron games :)

Duos Greanleef
2009-12-19, 01:41 PM
Kol Korran, thank you.
You have saved me from a sticky situation.
What you said was a mass of ideas floating around in the back of my head. You have given it form.
Thank you.

And Acromos, I see where you're coming from with The Trust, mostly because that's kind of how I see them as well.
Actually, a healthy mixture of both of your interpretations actually.