View Full Version : I sing, then I swing, sing, swing.. Oh god! Someone halp! D:

2009-12-19, 05:02 AM
I was just curious, if I started singing (as a Bard) and then the next round I start to attack... What happens? Does the music just stop? Are there ways I can keep it going?

2009-12-19, 05:06 AM
Aaam I ninja'd? Anyway, Inspire Courage says:

The effect lasts for as long as the ally hears the bard sing and for 5 rounds thereafter

So that's basically that. There's a feat called "Lingering Song" Which means your song lasts for twice as long, if you'd like that. Basic bard tactics (that I'm aware of) involve start singing, stop, and go do something else.

Edit: Aaaaand this all basically has to do with if you started singing, then stopped entirely. Sorry, misread the opening post.

2009-12-19, 05:08 AM
the music never stops...

2009-12-19, 05:09 AM
I'm pretty sure you can sing while attacking with a weapon, provided you're using a bardic song ability which doesn't specifically require you to concentrate. And the effects of some Bardic music tends to last for a few rounds after you stop singing.

2009-12-19, 05:19 AM
Note that you can't pick the song back up again, once you stop singing you'll have to blow another use of bardic music.

Check out the MiC(I think) for an enhancement that will allow your blade to carry on your song even longer than it already does.

Keld Denar
2009-12-19, 05:38 AM
Confirming that attacking does NOT break Inspire Courage, the most common bardic combat song. The only things that break it are casting and using magic items, along with being silenced, unconsious, or dazed/stunned. There is a feat in Complete Mage called Melodic Casting, which actually allows you to keep a song going while you cast or use spell trigger items. That leaves only using scrolls and being disabled.

Note that there is no limit on how long you can keep Inspire Courage up, as long as you don't break it. You could, in theory, stretch out one song ALL DAY, and with the Subsonics feat would even prevent the lack of stealth issue that normal singing would cause.

2009-12-19, 05:41 AM
Man. So I, for once, am not ninja'd, and end up misreading the OP rather thoroughly.

*Sighs and goes to edit* I feel silly. :P

2009-12-19, 09:37 AM
And as far as stopping goes, there is a feat in crystal keep that lets you pause a song, do something else, and pick up the song where you left off as if you had never stopped.

2009-12-19, 09:59 AM
Also there is the option for going with Perform: Illusion, with a programed illusion. Turn on the playback and let a giant sized version of you rock. If you feels like it, you could even keep all the bardic effects that you wish with a simple illusion. Then cast mirror image over you and go dancing into the fray.:smallbiggrin: