View Full Version : Free running skill check?

2009-12-19, 07:49 PM
what would be an appropriate skill check for wanting to free run? Example: run-jumping to the top of a row of barrels, continuing a few steps, kicking off the wall to land on/grab the ledge of a rooftop, and disappear into the night. Is this a blend of Jump and balance? I have considered the thought that it could be a house ruled enhancement that recieved skill points, but just lookin for input.
Thanks in advance!

2009-12-19, 07:53 PM
I would require a skill check of Tumble, DC 10 for the first square +5 for each subsequent action, and it slows down your speed by 5 feet.

Thus, it fits within the current rules and it slower than running on a flt surface.

Crafty Cultist
2009-12-19, 10:16 PM
Multiple climb, jump and tumble checks; one for each obstacle they traverse. the individual DCs would probably be low

2009-12-20, 12:24 AM
Plus Balance checks when running along wall tops.

2009-12-20, 12:28 AM
Jump, tumble, balance, acrobatics, I guess. All depends on the exact course.

I think it'd be an interesting concept to base a character off, come to think of it. Rogue, probably.

2009-12-20, 12:50 AM
I think that while they certainly shouldn't be necessary, skill tricks are very appropriate for this sort of thing. (They're in Complete Scoundrel, but you probably knew that already.)