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2009-12-19, 08:13 PM
The following is a one shot dungeon created for a level 25 Fourth Edition party of five characters, classes so far unknown. Still not entirely sure how the CR system works for 4th, so I figured I'd post the encounters here so that people could look them over and give me feedback. This should be the first five encounters. Not going to give room dimensions, since I'm basically just using the maps from 3rd Ed. Starter Kit, Keep on the Shadowfell, and some of the Minis maps.


Encounter 1: The Temple Guardian

"You first heard the tale of Doresain's Prison from one of the Order's High Loremasters. He told of a long lost fortress to the north, which was said to hold a terrible secret: the final resting place of Doresain, called Ghoul King, Exarch of Murder and Cannibalism, High Priest of the Death God Orcus. He was sealed away within his tomb by the sacrifice of five of Bahamut's mightiest champions, and even now dark whispers tell of tributes brought to the trapped lich by the loyal followers of Orcus.

After several months journey you arrive at the location where you believe the temple to be. Ice locked pillars mark the entrance to the waiting dungeon, and you recoil in horror as you spot the temple's guardian, a massive white dragon rearing up before you! You draw your weapons hastily, only to sigh with relief as you realize the beast is as icebound as the nearby pillars. You begin to advance into the temple only to experience a fresh wave of terror as you hear the ice begin to crack...

Ancient White Dragon
HP 1,145 Bloodied 572, AC 38, Fortitude 43, Reflex 37 Will 38
Dragon's Fury, +29 vs AC, max 9d12+21
Icy Tomb, +27 vs Fort 4d12+9 and stunned
Breath Weapon, =27 vs Reflex, 8d6+9 and slowed, +27 vs Fort ends Cold resist on target
Frightful Presence +27 vs will and stunned

Treasure: 3 Potions of Life, Cloak of Survival +6


Encounter 2: The Whispering Hall

The dragon falls limply to the ice, even as its blood begins to stain the snow a rich crimson. Confident from your victory, you feel as if you have nothing to fear as you venture into the corridors of the temple. Foul black smoke rises from the dimly flickering torches as you move deeper into the halls. Your skin begins to crawl as the walls whisper in the voices of dead heroes who have come before you. There is an echoing boom as the temple's door slams shut behind, you and then the shadows attack!

4 Dreadwraiths

HP 124 Bloodied 62 AC 37 Fort 33 Ref 37 Will 37
Half Damage from attacks, Regen 20/radiant
+28 vs reflex, 2d10+9 and weakened, +3D6 combat advantage
+27 vs will, 4D6+9 when dead
Victims rise as Dreadwraith when slain
Always target sources of radiant damage first
Always try to flank

Treasure: 1 potion of life


Encounter 3: The Hall of Choices

As you defeat the last wraith the hall seems to glow as the torches get brighter. The other end of the hall is revealed to be a three way intersection. Which path will you choose?

Left Path: +30 vs Fort, 30 poison damage, ongoing 15 until save. Dead End.

Center Path: +30 vs will. 25 Psychic damage and dominated; attack closest with simple melee attack. Save ends. Dead End.

Right Path: +30 vs Reflex, 8d6 lightening damage, miss for half.


Encounter 4: The Meditation Chamber

As you exit the hall you find yourself in a large, well furnished room. Sitting in the room is a tall, dark skinned figure, who turns to look at you as you interrupt his thoughts. A blue aura of wailing souls surrounds him as he rises to his feet. He growls something in a guttural language as he draws a massive skull encrusted axe, and the room grows dark...

3 Dreadwraiths
(As Encounter 2)

1 Death Titan

HP 547 Bloodied 287 AC 39 Fort 42 Ref 38 Will 35
Aura 3, enemies take -2 to attacks
Axe. Reach 3, _28 vs AC, 2d8+10
+28 vs Fort, lose one surge
+26 vs reflex 2d12_6
+20 HP, 4 times only.

Treasure: Axe of Frost +6


Encounter 5: The Crypt of Fallen Champions

You spend half an hour marching through empty corridors until you eventually come to a pair of heavy doors held closed by thick iron bands. After a moment's struggle you manage force the doors, revealing three stone coffins. As one, the lids of the coffins shift sideways, smashing to pieces on the floor...

2 Dragonborn Death Knight Paladins
HP 373 Bloodied 186 AC 41 Fort 39 Ref 34 Will 37
Soulsword, +31 vs AC, 1d8+21, +3d6 crit
Divine Challenge
Unholy Flames, +27 vs reflex, 6d8+14, +2d6 until end of next turn

1 Kuyutha, The Fallen Exarch (Mix of Dragonborn Champion, Bluespawn Godslayer, Paladin Template, Deathknight Template)
HP 886, Bloodied 443, AC 44, Fort 47, Ref 41, Will 44
Regen 29
Greatsword +31 vs AC, 4d6+14+2d8
Furious Blades, Burst 1, +31 vs AC, 4d6+14+2d8
Dragon Breath, Blast 3, +27 vs Reflex, 2d6+6 (Encounter)
No Remorse, +2d10 vs prone targets
Shake it off, Automatically make saves
Unholy Flames, +28 vs Reflex
To The Abyss, Burst 5, +32 vs will, 6d6+19, ongoing 10/save (Encounter)
True Nemesis, +35 vs AC, 12d6+2d8+27 thunder and prone, secondary targets take 4d6+2d8+5 and prone (Encounter)
Resounding Smite, +32 vs Will, 2d10+19, and attack when target makes attack (Encounter)
Fortify Smite +32 vs AC, 12d6+2d8+19 and +16 to AC (Encounter)
Iron of Spite, 10 damage when struck in melee

Treasure: 2 Potion of Life, Iron of Spite, Lightening Blade +4


So, thoughts, questions, comments? There's at least 3 more encounters I need to write up, but does this so far seemed like a balanced challenge/treasure scheme?

Mushroom Ninja
2009-12-19, 08:28 PM
No offense, but it sounds a little boring. The entire dungeoncrawl seems to be both very linear and unwavering hack'n'slash. It would be nice if there were more variation -- chances to solve puzzles, use skills, etc.

Then again, it's a oneshot, so you don't need to worry about this too much.

2009-12-19, 08:29 PM
Yeah, the guys who this is for aren't very much the puzzle types. Short of pushing boxes on to pressure plates, they tend to become very, very suspicious of anything. I'm more worried about whether some of the fights might be over kill or not.

Mushroom Ninja
2009-12-19, 08:40 PM
I'm more worried about whether some of the fights might be over kill or not.

How's the party balance/optimization?

Aron Times
2009-12-19, 09:03 PM
Do you have a DDI subscription? If so, do a search for "hazards", and it should display a list of environmental effects that you can use to spice up the battlefield. To make things simple, Wizards used the same mechanics for traps for them. I'll post some of my favorites later.

2009-12-19, 10:10 PM
How's the party balance/optimization?

Healbot Cleric, Goliath Barbarian that I've got to build, a ranger, and two unknowns.