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2009-12-22, 09:01 AM
Hi there. I decided to create a thread dedicated to Paranoia. Post the wildest stories you've ever had with this game, ideas of crazily convoluted setups, and whatchever you like.

Please notice that we are in an Infrared environment, with a Tension Level of 0. So whatever you might mention in this thread is protect from The Computer or IntSec.

I had an idea to really give a good startup for my game, with players who've never played Paranoia before. I don't want to be the one doing the killing, and I really want the players to get into the whole Paranoia theme, since they are used to cooperate.

4 players. 1 of them (Abel-R-GOD) will be the Team Leader. I assign him Secret Society X.

At the start of the game, Abel-R recieves a message from X telling that an agent for Secret Society X that infiltrated Secret Society Y has been assigned to his team. Since Secret Society Y is deadly ennemy to X, this mission is a good opportunity to pass along some information on Y, so he has to try to make (subtle) contact.

3 other players (Barn-R-USZ, Cal-R-WET and Don-R-SION) are all part of Secret Society Y. Here is the message they get:

"Abel-R-GOD is an agent of X, and your mission is to kill him during the mission. We have managed to have all the other team members to be part of our Clonehood, but beware! We have learned that one of your teammate is a double agent for X, so keep your eyes open for the traitor, and don't reveal yourself. Don't forget, you have to kill Abel-R!"

Off course, the double agent never showed up to the briefing, and thu isn't part of the mission. I was thinking of Anti-Mutant as Y and Psion as X. Or maybe Communist and PURGE?

PEACH this idea. Or share others. Or tell tales. The Computer isn't watching. The Computer is Blind.

Duke of URL
2009-12-22, 09:05 AM
Not Paranoia enough. That works for 2 of your party members, there's no need to make three of them on the same "side". Not to say that two of them can't be part of the same secret society -- just don't let them know that, and have their orders conflict.

Best gimmick I used to create intra-party tension was to have the briefing officer call each player by someone else's name, assigning team jobs as such. And (clumsily) passing a note (of gibberish) to player X while calling them player Y.

2009-12-22, 10:26 AM
Best Paranoia game I had was a one shot I ran where I neglected to tell the players what game we were running (I had my standard D&D screen up.) I told them it was a murder mystery game.

I started them in the briefing room and informed my players that the seventh team member had been murdered in training and they were under suspicion. It was strongly suspected that the Communist traitors were responsible and a 78% probability based on the condition of the body a mutant as well.

They were to go about several tasks they were going to be sent on tasks while a crack investigative team would observe their actions and try to determine the identity of the commie mutant killer and that being part of a secret society or an unregistered mutant was treason and would be evidence of their guilt.

I then shuffled the character sheets in brown envelopes and had the players choose one say that now no one would know who the traitor was but on the second page they would find information that only they would know and could use to flush the traitor out if they were careful. (A lot like a murder mystery game)

What I did not tell them was that they were ALL traitors AND mutants and they all had secret society goals that were mutually exclusive.

It took them about two hours before they finally figured it out and I mentioned the name of the game to them.