View Full Version : Death Variant, Feat Points, LycanWildShape, Aboslutes, Magic Variant. [Sharing]

2009-12-23, 05:40 PM
Please comment, and give opinions on these systems. Would anyone like to cooperate with me on a feat point system for Pathfinder.

Hey guys, I found these recently, and thought that I could share them with people, aside from sharing. Why not get some comments on them as well.

So yeah, here they are.

Lycanthropic Wild Shape.
Reducing Absolutes.
Magic Piece System.
Slow Dying Variant.
and something I think that I like a lot.
Feat Point System.







Personally, I really like the reducing absolutes, but I was thinking that a +10 Resistance for say a paladin, or elf would be maybe a little too lower. Or am I mistaken.

I was thinking a +15 or 20, but would a 10 work well??

As for the elemental resistances.. I've gotta go on a system of applying them to the various creatures of the world. -Frowns- lol.