View Full Version : trying for a new modern zombie survival game

Z day junkie
2009-12-31, 07:05 PM
Ok I'm making a modern zombie survival horror table top game... I know this may be a dead horse but I really like the concept but havn't found one that I really enjoy, so instead of complaining about it I'm making my own. I'm looking for ideas and further input to rough out the edges I want to be play testing this thing in a couple of weeks.

First off, the zombies picture a dawn of the dead zombie that can still use simple tools....like a giant chimp that craves human flesh. If shut in a room it can eventually figure out a doorknob. I guess more like the creatures from I Am Legend, crafty sneaky zombies that can figure out that hey if I run down this street I will get shot in the head just like the first 5 zombies...maybe I should try a different route.
The infection was viral, an accidental release from a government program to keep the body from going into shock from blood loss or massive internal damage by fortifying the brain with this viruses byeproduct. Oh and they can communicate with each other...like a pack of wolves some kind of subvocal ultra low frequency sound that others nearby can pick up...that is were the zombie moan comes into play

Society, there is none to speak of really. Large groups of uninfected people tend to draw large numbers of zombies. So there are the scavengers, the communities and the raiders. The scavangers are small bands that travel the ruined mostly abandoned cities looking for things to trade or use themselves, generally they live in small defensible areas of the city, houses with panic rooms stuff like that. Other groups operate from outside the city or are just scavengers from the small communities still intact. Others have become nomads traveling around in vehicles that have been upgraded and kept running using the know how of the group. The raiders are just communities of bad people who take what they want. They kidnap people to provide skills they donít have, they extort for food and supplies or just outright kill for them. They do scavenge a bit but why risk a zombie ambush when there is a soft human settlement just around the corner. Because of this outsiders are treated harshly in communities and they try and stay well hidden.

No classes no levels there are experience ranks I took this idea from Savage, you start out as a rookie survivor with zero xp to spend at 20 spent xp you are a novice so on and so forth, I am also wanting to do a fame/infamy rating for the party. it is a skill based system using % to determine success and what not. No special powers or high technology. What Iím really looking for are ideas for communities or input from other home grown % based skill systems oh and skills lots of ideas for skills, I know they can be thought up by the players and run by the GM during character creation but I want as complete a list as possible to start with. If you want to know I can give a list of skills I already have. Love to hear your input. I believe that it is the input of other gamers that make games truly unique and generally wicked sweet.