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2010-01-04, 01:39 PM
So my friend asked me if he thought I could make a Left 4 Dead tabletop game. Liking a challenge, I said I would try and see what I could come up with. Below are my current thoughts, and would like some nice critiquing on it!

Some abbreviations

SI = Special Infected
AI = DM (Artificial Intelligence Director)
NI = Survivors (non infected)
L4D = Left 4 Dead

The Board

This will perhaps be the easiest thing to do. What is needed is a map that can basically be split into 5 different parts, each of different length. There will need to be rooms where zombies, items, and SI can spawn. Each of the five stages could be based on the game, where stage 1 is the shortest, 2 is longer, 3 is the longest, 4 is a bit shorter but may have a gimmick, and 5 will be the finale where the survivors are rescued. 5 will be the hardest by far to make, but if done correctly will be the most fun. The flashlight mechanic will also have to be looked into, but thats something i feel i can worry about later.

The AI director

The DM is going to be the AI director of L4D, and his job will be to move the zombie hordes, control the SI, roll for items dropping, and overall be the *insert favorite swear word* of the game. Hence, he will be the most fun and most difficult to play. I'm thinking I will need to create a table that has all the possible drops from the game on it, and roll either a d20 or d100 to predict what items drop. More to be added to this section later.

The Survivors

The NI will be our players. They will all be the same character, have 100 hit points, move at say 20 feet a round (4 squares) and need to use a lot of teamwork to survive. When they drop to 40 hitpoints, they can only move 3 squares, and at 20 hp they can only move 2 squares. At 0, they are incapacitated, lying on the ground and only able to use pistols. They can be helped up by their friends, taking 2 rounds to pull them up off the ground. If they lose 300 hitpoints while on the ground, they die. They will get weapons, medkits, pills, and chest paddles which will be scattered throughout the level.

Special Infected

The meat of the game. They are the ones who nom nom on the NI, and boy do they love it. The SI if you havent played the game are:
Boomer: pukes on survivors, calling a horde of weak infected
Charger: Charges into the group, perhaps grabbing one and carrying them away from the group, only to slam them against the ground
Jockey: jumps on the NI, shorter jump range then the hunter, he can pull the NI into a different direction
Hunter: jumps on the NI, tearing at their health
Smoker: Think choker from DnD
Spitter: Spits a glob of green acid, which deals damage over time to the NI
Tank: To be discussed later
Witch: To be discussed later
As some of the SI prevent the survivors from shooting (smoker, hunter, jockey, charger) very rarely are all 4 spawned at the same time. Typically, it is any 3 of the above, plus a boomer or spitter spawned at the same time. A table will also need to be devised to figure out how they are spawned.

The Horde

Theses are the guys who are the meat and soul of any zombie game, the ones who swarm you till they've had their stomachs filled with your stomachs. Nom nom. Anyways, I was thinking of using Risk game pieces to represent the horde, where there are groups of 1, 5, and 10 that can be arranged any number of ways. The only problem with this is you don't necessarily get the fear factor (seeing 10 groups of 10 is not as scary as 100 of the little guys charging for your face). Common infected have only a couple hit points each (no more then 5), but their actual HP will have to be determined later when I figure out weapon damage more appropriatly.


The are several weapons to pick from in the game, and not all are available at once. On the first stage, the survivors will be able to use a single pistol, a weak machine gun, and a weak shotgun. Lets do the basics of each weapon first:
Machine guns: Longer range then the shotgun, unless they are the upgraded version (m4) they wont penetrate much material (walls) or infected.
Shotguns: AoE damage, can one shot all the SI infected at close range (except the charger, tank, and witch)
Pistols: Unlimited ammo, large range, limited damage.

Weapons Part 2

d20 Items
1 Second Pistol
2 Second Pistol
3 Lvl 1 mp5
4 Lvl 1 mp5
5 Lvl 2 mp5
6 Lvl 2 mp5
7 Lvl 2 mp5
8 Lvl 3 mac10
9 Pipe Bomb
10 Pipe Bomb
11 Molotov
12 Molotov
13 Medkit
14 m4
15 Ak47
16 Desert 3 shot rifle
17 pills
18 pills
19 Paddles
20 roll twice and combine

Ok thats all for now, I probably should do some school work :smallyuk:

npc revolution
2010-01-04, 01:53 PM
sounds like a good idea, spoilering is like this but removing the *marks
[spoiler*] text [/spoiler*]

2010-01-04, 01:56 PM
sounds like a good idea, spoilering is like this but removing the *marks
[spoiler*] text [/spoiler*]

Thank you so much :smallcool: