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Primordial giants, possessed of great strength and vast intellect, the Titans may be the Architects, the Celestials, that seeded so many worlds with life. They may have been the progenitor race the race from which all came; but all is merely conjecture more suited to armchair historians than actual study. All that is known as that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Sequestered in a dark corner of the galaxy, the Titans have fallen far from the greatness of their ancestors, content to rule their dark, resource-rich nebula away from galactic life. Those few who are encountered out in the wide spaces between worlds are those who are young, reckless or the very aged, who remember well the old days.

Forged in the heat of ancient stars, these statue-like beings tower over the typical species; a Titan child is to a Human what an Ewok is to the strongest mankind has to offer. Seemingly made of granite, the Titans have been a space-fairing species since long before any record begins, and may have ruled a vast galactic empire but knowledge is largely lost, as a terrible illness had fallen upon the Titan common ancestor; those who live now are but lesser visages of their former power.

The archaic starships that ferry those few who leave the protection of their dark nebula are a sight to be seen, for though they count the age of their vessels in millennia, the starships are always of higher caliber than the galactic standard; how they accomplish this is unknown to the wider community, as the Titans adamantly refuse to allow other species aboard their ships unless absolutely needed.

The Titans are largely unaffected by outside war. When the Empire came to power, the Titans did not notice: the imperial vessels never penetrated their perimeter and the Emperor never attempted to enact his will upon the nebula; whether it would have been successful regardless is a debate among xeno-scholars.

The culture of the Titans is stagnant: that is to say, it has changed very little. Their contentment with their own existence has lead to self-indulgent apathy. Having few needs that require significant work, the Titans exist in an unchanging world nothing significant has, until now, shaken up their governments to action, and there is little call to arms among the citizens.

Titans are not recommended as a player race due to their extremely powerful nature.

Personality: The Titans who do not leave their nebula are stone-like in their unchanging nature. They are arrogant, proud but are hard to rouse to action. Those Titans who have left the safety of their homeworlds run a wider gammat of personality, similar to a Human's, but tend to be slow to act. Regardless, once a Titan begins an action it is nearly impossible to stop them.

Physical Description: Titans are 6 meter tall humanoids who appear to be elaborately carved animated statues of granite. Their color varies, but most tend to be gray. Their bodies are extremely dense, weighing approximately 2,000 kilograms. Titans do not appear to bleed when injured, but treatments such as Bacta still function indicating they possess some actual biology beyond their stone-like appearance. They are very long-lived and age very slowly.

Homeworld: The true homeworld of the Titans is lost to history. Their home nebula, however, is a dark and richly dusty one; though many stars shine within it, the dust is sufficient that most sunlight does not pass the dust. The Titans live on multiple planets throughout the nebula, and mine asteroids and even the dust itself for resources.

Language: Titans speak Titan, a flowing language with an equally flowing script, in addition to Basic. Many are very long-lived and speak other languages.

Example Names: Sargas, Cronus, Uranos, Thantos, Manthos

Age in Years: Child 1 300; young adult 301 700; adult 701 2,000; middle Age 2,001 2,500; old 2,501 3,000; venerable 3,000+

Adventurers: The Titans rarely adventure, but those that do are often Soldiers for other militaries, Scouts, Tech Specialists, and very rarely Jedi the Force is uncommon in the Titans, and their seclusion has lead to few Titan children being selected. Most Titan Jedi are those from centuries ago. Titan bodyguards are not unheard of.

Titan Species Traits
Str +14, Con +10, Int +6, Wis +6, Cha +6. Titans are fantastically powerful beings comparable even to the legendary Star Dragons.
Huge-sized. While Titan children are Medium, and young adults are Large, adult and older Titans are Huge-sized beings who take a -2 size penalty to Defense, a -2 size penalty on attack rolls, and a -8 size penalty on Hide checks. They have a Face of 4m by 4m, and a Reach of 4m. Their lifting and carrying capacity is three times that of Medium-sized creatures.
Speed: 16m
Stone-like: Titans have DR 6 against all physical attacks. This only applies to WP damage. Titans heal half as quickly as a Human, and ordinary medpacs do not work. A full bacta treatment works as normal.
Natural Armor: Titans have +6 natural armor to Defense.
Survive in Vacuum: Titans can operate in a vacuum without a vacuum suit or oxygen supply.
Natural Weapons: A Titan has a slam attack that deals 2d6 plus 1.5 x the Titan's Strength modifier.
Apathy: Titans are naturally slow to act. They have a -4 penalty on Initiative checks. In addition, Titans take a -4 penalty on all Diplomacy checks due to their apathetic, arrogant nature.
Skill Bonuses: Titans are natural engineers, though their natures seem to hide that. All Titans have a +4 species bonus on Knowledge (Engineering) checks and a single Craft skill.
Bonus Languages: Speak and Read/Write Titan, Speak and Read/Write Basic.

Titan Commoner: Init -4; Defense 14 (+6 natural -2 size); Spd 16m; VP/WP 0/40; DR 6; Atk +6 melee (2d6+12, slam) or -2 ranged; SQ Species traits; SV Fort +5, Ref +0, Will +3; SZ H; Face/Reach 4m by 4m/4m; FP 0; DSP 0; Rep +0; Str 24, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 10.
Equipment: Datapad, miscellaneous gear.
Skills: Craft (any one) +7, Knowledge (Engineering) +7, Diplomacy -4
Feats: None.

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It is noted under its description that they are not player races. In addition, I even state in the topic that this species is for GMs.

In addition, take a look at the Star Dragon stats in Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds ... they are significantly more powerful.

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